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David Walker’s The Appeal to Colored Citizens…

David walker stated that other people do not equally treated colored people. When he was
traveling around some part of America, he still saw some of whites treated colored as the lower
classes people. David also doubted that President Jefferson, who such an educated people, would
allow the racism issue exist in America. Whites refuse to accept them as a family, instead, the
only function of them is to be a slave. Although the declaration of independence states that “All
Men are Created Equal”, whites still treat the colored people like animal, and making them
salves. Therefore, David Walker says that the problem of racism will slow down the
development of America not only in a physical way but mentally, it will destroy the human
mind. In short, David emphasized that the issue of racism should be stopped and erased right
now, and no one should sacrifice themselves to enrich someone else’s right because human
should be treated equally.
After reading this article, it totally influences my imagination of the establish of United Stated.
Through his words, I can feel that the life which those colored have lived in is so difficult and
panic. Fortunately, the issue of racism is gradually solving in today’s generation with some
certain law. Human were born equally, and no one could be discriminated due to the different
cultural back ground or skin color. Respecting to everyone is the only way to keep the world
being peaceful.

The Confession of Nat Turner
Nat turner, a smart slave that was exchanged between a few bosses throughout his life. When he
was suffering from being treated brutally, he found out that the life is meaningless if he does not
do anything. Therefore, Nat decided to against his boss with his partners Henry and Hark for
pursuing freedom in August 20th in 1830. The article started from the interview of Nat turner.
Nat turner described the situation that how they killed his bosses and the white people in the
village in the beginning of the riot. Other black people was attracted by his action so that the
scale of riot became bigger and bigger. Hence, the army noticed that and started to against back.
After several fights, some of his partners betrayed him, and Nat started to escape. He found a
cave and hide in it for six weeks. However, he was found by a dog because of the smell of the
meat he brought, and he switched to another place to hide. In the end, Nat was eventually caught
by Mr.Phipps, and He gave up and accept the fate that was death.
I was shocked and surprised by reading his description. Black people have lived under the
discrimination and suppression by whites for a long time, and it is really hard to image that how
much the black people hate their bosses. Though the action of protest was not success, it shows
us that how raged and sadness they were. Additionally, the rebellion let the whites take serious
about racism issue even though they made more law which is unfair to the black people. I still
believe that this rebellion let this this country start to think about how hard they are treated.
Indian Removal Packet
Cherokees, a tribe living in Georgia have their own land, but was asked to move out from their
hometown by Congress. For the government, they thought that Indians were willing to move out
from their land. Government wants to let the whites move into Georgia. Therefore, the
government try to convince Indians that the removal of Indians would make the life of both
Indians and the states better. In fact, Cherokees did not want to move out, and they think that
they have the right to stay in the original place. Additionally, the Cherokees were treated terribly,
and they were forced to move out without packing their own properties in time. Many of
Cherokees became homeless and end up dying on the street because of the lack of resource, and
the government still believed that the way they deal with the immigration is generous and
In this document, I can see many different perspectives which are from the Cherokees’,
government, and even the journalist. it seems normal because different people grown up in
different culture. However, the most important thing is to make a consensus with many
differences. Obviously, the government did not communicate with the Cherokees well.
Additionally, government do not have the right to ask people and their family to leave their
homeland, or even take over their properties. After reading this document, I feel like the
development of a democracy society was more brutal in different way.
The Liberator by William Lloyd Garrison
This document is published by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831, who devoted to anti-slavery.
William says that he visited many place and sent the message to people. However, he got ignored
for many times by public. William knew that it was easy to achieve the goal. Therefore, he
applied the rule from the declaration of Independency to strengthen his argument which basically
says that slave should be treat equally since they are human which is the same as us. In the end,
William hoped that his action could make some changes to the situation in the future.
I am touched by the action he did to those slaves. I think that no one wants to stand out to protect
the slaves’ right under that kind of atmosphere, but William was not afraid, and he was willing to
scarify himself to achieve other people’s goal. Additionally, Williams choose an appropriate way
to promote his idea instead of going to fight or riot, which gives us a good model for us to learn.