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Questions to NSW EPA concerning the dumping at Spencer, NSW.

Response from NSW EPA received 2 August 2017, 5.45pm:

The EPA was made aware of potential illegal landfilling at Spencer in December 2015 via a report
from a RID Squad inspector to the EPA. At this time, Gosford Council was the Appropriate
Regulatory Authority for the site, and in this capacity was investigating the site for unauthorised

Independent of the Council investigations, other EPA surveillance revealed a truck travelling from
Revesby to Spencer. This led to the EPA conducting covert surveillance of the Spencer site in
February May 2016. Based on evidence gathered, the EPA and the NSW Police raided the Spencer
site and the Enviro-Recycling facilities office on 10 May 2016. We are not able to provide any further
detail, as this may compromise what is already a complicated and dangerous investigation.

It is important to note that the EPA has been actively investigating the parties involved in the illegal
landfilling. It is a complex process as it involves investigating a number of companies and
approximately 71 waste transporters; assessing a large volume of seized material and the eight
source sites it came from; and excavating 80 test pits as part of an environmental assessment of the
site. The investigation has been hindered by a number of parties refusing to cooperate with the
EPA, and as such the EPA has taken regulatory action including issuing penalty notices for failing to
comply with EPA directions. Further, the EPA has had to extend workplace health and safety
measures to protect staff given the violent histories of the parties involved in this matter.

Follow -up response from NSW EPA received 2 August 2017, 6.19 pm

EPA received a report on 14 January 2015 /REDACTED/. The report was closed on 21 January 2015
following confirmation that Gosford Council was taking action. Gosford Council continued to be the
Appropriate Regulatory Authority throughout this time - this means they had full responsibility for
the investigation of the site.