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Assalamualaikum and very good morning tom my lovely lecturer, Puan

Syafidzah bt Noh and my fellow classmate. On this glarious morning I, Nurul
Syahadah the student from course Technology Electric will give talk about How to
Protect the Enviroment

First of all, each one of us can start by not littering. We should throw our
rubbish into the rubbish bin instead of anywhere we like. Once I went strolling at a
park nearby my house but was disappointed at the sight of rubbish.I saw many empty
cans and plastic wrappers lying around.They do not only spoil the beautiful park but
they are the best breeding place for aedes mosquitoes.

Another way of protecting our environment is by keeping our rivers clean. We

can play our role by not throwing rubbish into the rivers. Meanwhile the factories can
stop dumping their toxic waste into them. Plastic wrappers which made up 80 percent
of the rubbish can endanger the fish and other aquatic lives while toxic waste can kill
them. We, human will consequently suffer as we rely on the rivers for food and water.

Moreover, farmers should avoid open burning in their farming practice because
it polutes the air.Open burning can lead to haze which contains poisonous gases such
as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. These gases can cause many serious diseases.
Children who breathe the polluted air may suffer from asthma and some people may
even suffer from rashes and eye-diseases.

Finally, we can practice the 3R; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Every household
should aim at reducing the amount of rubbish thrown.To achieve this aim ,each
member of the household can refuse plastic carriers when he goes shopping.He can
bring a recyclable carrier or a special shopping bag.The household members can even
reuse some items like glass jar as a vase and cans as coin box or as a pen holder.Old
newspapers can also be recycled into new papers or reused in paper crafting. If
"Reuse,Reduce and Recycle" are put into practice ,the amount of rubbish thrown and
the amount of energy used to produce some of the recyclabe items can indeed be

Clearly, each one of us can contribute towards the conservation of our

environment and our efforts should be continuous.Protecting our environment means
ensuring the existence of our future generation. With that, thank you.

Assalamualaikum and very good morning tommy lovely lecturer, Puan

Syafidzah bt Noh and my fellow classmate. On this glarious morning I, Nurul
Syahadah the student from course Technology Electric will give talk about Effect of
Video Game Addiction.

Video game addition is a serious problem in many parts of the world today and
deserves more attention. It is no secret that children and adults in many countries
throughout the world, including Japan, China, and the United States, play video
games every day. Most players are able to limit their usage in ways that do not
interfere with their daily lives, but many others have developed an addiction to
playing video games and suffer detrimental effects.

An addiction can be described in several ways, but generally speaking,

addictions involve unhealthy attractions to substances or activities that ultimately
disrupt the ability of a person to keep up with regular daily responsibilities. Video
game addiction typically involves playing games uncontrollably for many hours at a
timesome people will play only four hours at a time while others cannot stop for
over twenty-four hours. Regardless of the severity of the addiction, many of the same
effects will be experienced by all.

Another unfortunate product of the isolation that often accompanies video game
addiction is the disruption of the users career. While many players manage to enjoy
video games and still hold their jobs without problems, others experience challenges
at their workplace. Some may only experience warnings or demerits as a result of
poorer performance, or others may end up losing their jobs altogether. Playing video
games for extended periods of time often involves sleep deprivation, and this tends to
carry over to the workplace, reducing production and causing habitual tardiness.

The causes of video game addiction are complex and can vary greatly, but the
effects have the potential to be severe. Playing video games can and should be a fun
activity for all to enjoy. But just like everything else, the amount of time one spends
playing video games needs to be balanced with personal and social responsibilities.


Assalamualaikum and very good morning tommy lovely lecturer, Puan

Syafidzah bt Noh and my fellow classmate. On this glarious morning I, Nurul
Syahadah the student from course Technology Electric will give a speech entitled
'How to manage stress'. as all of you know, without proper stress management
techniques, the consequences can be devastating. the consequences of stress can be
expressed in 3 ways which are physical symptoms, feelings and behaviors.
Spending time with family is one of the ways to manage stress. By spending
time with our beloved family members, we can stay relaxed and avoid stress as we
forget our work and all the problems in life for a while. However, some people take a
shortcut by using alcohol and drugs. This may be a good solution but only for a while
whilst the long-term effect can be devastating. Drugs for example are very dangerous
to one's health. People who use it for the first time will only become addicted to it and
they will do everything they can to get more doses of drugs. This is not only bad for
their health, but also a waste of money and time.
Holding positive thoughts, rather than succumbing to a negative one can help in
maintaining a positive attitude. we must think positively about ourselves. Surrounding
ourselves with positive and inspiring people can help elevate our mood and talking
with someone about intense feelings when distressed can be helpful to reduce stress .
Share feelings with a trusted friend, family member, health care professional or clergy
because, when we share the stress problem, it will helps ourselves to lessen the
feelings of distress. Some counselors find that participating in a support group with
others who have experienced similar situations or events can also be helpful in easing

This can really help in a great way. When you take a walk, you can watch the
sky and get relaxed. If you do not feel like walking around your house, or feeling
boring of the same scenery, you can take a ride and go to the lakes or beach.
In a nutshell, people do get stressed up. However, it is just a matter of how we
manage stress and tension. As long as we can manage it properly, we can prevent the
consequences of having too much stress than we can handle. as the saying goes 'It's
better to prevent than to cure'. oh my.. looks like time is not on my side. so, I will end
my speech here. Thank you for lending me your ears. I hope that my speech today
will be of use to all of you. Thank you.


Bahan untuk kuah:

1 senduk minyak masak

500 g daging, hiris nipis

500 g keledek merah, anggaran 2 ketul kecil

2 sudu besar taucu

5 ulas bawang merah*

4 ulas bawang putih*

2 cm halia*

1 sudu besar udang kering yang direndam*

2 sudu besar serbuk kari daging

6 cawan air

1/2 cawan serbuk kacang tanah ( kacang tanah digoreng tanpa minyak dan kisar

2 cm lengkuas, dititik

1 biji tomato, dipotong dadu

Garam dan gula secukup rasa

Cara Penyediaan:

Cara untuk memasak kuah:

Rebus keledek sehingga masak, dan lenyek halus.

Kisar halus bahan bertanda (*)

Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan kisar halus sampai wangi, kemudian masukkan
rempah kari daging dan taucu. Masak hingga pecah minyak. Masukkan daging dan
kacau sebati

Masukkan air dan keledek yang dilenyek tadi. Masak hingga mendidih.

Kemudian masukkan lengkuas, serbuk kacang dan tomato. Didhkan sehingga kuah
menjadi pekat. Perasakan dengan gula dan garam secukupnya.