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“Our mission is to know and ex-

perience Jesus Christ and share
Him with all others in the power
and love of the Holy Spirit”

Volume 31 Issue 8

San Marcos United Methodist Church AUGUST 2010


“Summer vacation: Where are you going?”

What are your plans for this summer? Are you planning on spending extra time with your family and
friends? Are you planning a vacation to have fun in the sun? Where are you going? This summer I
want us to think about preparing for a summer. Where does God want you to go during this summer
break? What journey does he want you to take that you may discover his grace and power more
now than you ever have?

John the Baptist in Matthew 3 was preaching and proclaiming the message of preparation. He knew
what his destiny was for this season in his life. He knew where he was going. If you do not settle in
your heart the direction that the Lord has for you then you will wander during this summer with aim-
less direction. If you do not aim for anything, you will be guaranteed to hit it every time. You need to
get in a place where you can hear from God and discover where he wants to take you. Maybe he
wants to take you:

a. to a deeper place of understanding grace

b. to a place of developing self-control
c. to a place of loving your enemies
d. to a place of developing your integrity
e. to a place of sacrifice and holiness
f. to a place of better friendships and closer family ties

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him." (Psalm 62.1)

Where are you going? No matter where you are going, I hope and pray that you may find the place
that you rest upon the love and grace of the Lord. May your soul rejoice with God this summer! Have
a great summer!

Pastor Tae Kim

Building on blessings bestowed on us in recent
In these times of our lives, it is often easy to ob- years, what if we could now express these bless-
serve only problems and concerns and to forget ings by expanding our youth education program to
quickly our blessings and opportunities. No an evening Christian education program centered
matter how many problems and challenges are on a children’s choir, which would permit expanded
presented to us, we all receive blessings and youth learning opportunities other than those of-
opportunities from God. What we often overlook fered at each weekly Sunday School session? But
is that with each blessing we receive, we also this would take additional resources and your com-
have a responsibility to use this blessing as an mitment to provide the funds and help for this to
opportunity to enhance God’s people and God’s occur. Your increased financial giving this year can
world—and that is what this year’s stewardship also serve to enhance the blessings of additional
campaign is all about. opportunities we can provide to our youth and
young adult ministry .

We are all thankful or the myriad blessings be-

stowed upon us by God’s grace and love for us. It is up to us to capitalize on our blessings—just as
It extends from our own personal lives, to those God intended—and in so doing, glorifying Him.
of our family, to our church family, and to our God does not give us ideas for worship and service
greater world family. But as Christians and dis- without also giving us the resources and will to
ciples of Jesus Christ we are called to do much achieve them. We need your financial expression
more than simply count or be thankful for our of blessings to achieve our opportunities this year.
blessings; we are called to mission and to the
opportunities to express our
Counting our
blessings by proclaiming Do you feel blessed enough to generously express
God’s Word, showing his love your blessings?
for others through our efforts, Responding
and providing service and to God’s Grace
educational opportunities for and Goodness (borrowed from Parkville, Mo.)
ourselves and our community.

Our church’s children and youth ministry has

received a number of blessings this year; in-
cluding an active and thoughtful church school
program, a very successful Camp Program and
an inspiring ministry program. Still much more
is needed to fulfill our obligation to respond to
these blessings from God.

Memorial Day is over, graduations and
the fourth of July are over and Labor
Day is coming. Each of these celebra-
tions is becoming more and more associated with
alcohol. ♦ August 5 at 6:00 pm– Worship
7:00 pm-Finance
Following the Memorial Day weekend, the CHP re-
ported an increase in the number of DUI arrests
from 1,465 in 2009 to 1,541 this year. They also ♦ August 7 at 8:00 am—UMM Breakfast
reported an increase in the number of DUI related at IHOP

Seeing our children graduate makes us beam with

pride. However, many are also concerned that lives ♦ Sundays at 6:30 pm – Bible Study
are ruined by some alcohol-fueled tragedies asso- (Hosea)
ciated with graduates.

Holidays are a time to celebrate. Maybe that ♦ Wednesdays—9:30—Bible Study

should also include our freedom from alcohol de-
stroying families.
♦ August 10– at 2:15— Welcome/Care
When will we learn that alcohol does
not need to be a part of our holidays or
celebrations? Set an example—
Celebrate Alcohol Free!
♦ August 14 –9:30 - Craft Club
Happy Birthday!

♦ August 15– 5 pm—Summer

Eugene DeLeon, Jr. 6 Concert and Dinner
Rebecca Potts 15
Tony Colace 16
♦ August 19- 6:00 SPRC & 7:00– Ch.

♦ August 24– 5:45 am-Soup Kitchen
at Interfaith in Escondido
Happy Anniversary!

Tae & Sophie Kim 25

The federal government encourages gifts and bequests to the church by allowing an unlimited
tax-deductible charitable donation.
To make a bequest to San Marcos UMC, the following language will be helpful to your lawyer:
“I give, devise and bequest to San Marcos UMC, located at 800 W. Mission Rd.,
San Marcos, CA 92069 the sum of _________ (or otherwise describe the gift or specify
a percentage of the estate) as a Mission Legacy Gift”
Here are five possible ways you can make a Mission Legacy Bequest:

Fixed-Dollar Bequest
Leaving a Percentage
Residual Bequest
Bequest of Property
Designation as Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance or Retirement

We are extremely grateful to our donors who have chosen to support our church with a lasting leg-
acy through their estates. Through your commitment of support, you reach beyond time and help
carry on the spiritual, cultural, historical, and educational presence of San Marcos UMC for genera-
tions to come.

The tax ID number for San Marcos UMC is 95-2465598.

Tae Kim
Life is full of reversals, and we as Christians are
The next United Methodist Men’s not excluded from disappointments that make us
breakfast will be on August 7, 2010 at want to give up. But in the race that is the Chris-
IHOP in San Marcos on Restaurant tian life, Paul challenges us to keep running. He
Row. All men who told the Corinthians, “Do you not know that those
who run in a race all run, but one receives the
wish to have fellowship with other prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain
Christian men are welcome. Bring a it” (1 Cor. 9:24). We are to run faithfully, Paul is
friend or neighbor! saying, spurred on by the knowledge that we run
to honor our King and to receive from Him an
eternal crown.
If we falter in our running-if we quit
In the award-winning film Chariots of Fire, one of serving God or give in to sin because
the characters is legendary British sprinter Harold of our difficulties-we risk losing a rich
Abrahams. He is obsessed with winning, but in a reward we could have received had
preliminary 100-meter dash leading up to the 1924 we run our best.
Olympics, he is soundly beaten by his rival, Eric
Liddell. When his girlfriend, Sybil, tries to encour- Sybil was right. “If you don’t run, you
age him, Harold angrily declares, “I run to win. If I can’t win.”
can’t win, I won’t run!” Sybil responds wisely, “If
you don’t run, you can’t win.” by Bill Crowder
August 2010

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
9:45 Prayer Time 9:30 Bible Study 1:30 Fitness 8:00 am UMM Men’s

10:00 Worship 6:00 Worship Breakfast

10:15 Sunday School
7:00 Finance
11:15 Coffee Fellowship

6:30—Bible Study

8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9:45 Prayer Time 2:15– PM Welcome/ 9:30 Bible Study 1:30 Fitness 9:30 Craft Club
10:00 Worship Care Team

10:15 Sunday School

11:15 Coffee Fellowship

6:30—Bible Study

15 9:45 Prayer Time

16 17 18 19 20 21
10:00 Worship
10:15 Sunday School 9:30 Bible Study 1:30 Fitness
11:15 Coffee Fellow- 6:00-SPRC
ship—Lunch Bunch
5:00 Summer Con- 7:00– Church
cert & Dinner Council

22 23 24 25 26 27 28
9:45 Prayer Time 9:30 Bible Study 1:30 Fitness
10:00 Worship

10:15 Sunday School 5:45 AM -Soup

11:15 Coffee Fellowship Kitchen at Interfaith
in Escondido
6:30—Bible Study

29 30 31
9:45 Prayer Time

10:00 Worship

10:15 Sunday School

11:15 Coffee Fellowship

6:30—Bible Study


Below is the text from the Andy Rooney segment

on 60 Minutes, May 16, 2010.

“I have good news for you tonight. According to an

American Gaming Association report, revenue from
casino gambling fell by almost two billion dollars
last year.

A lot of people are out of work and it turns out that

when people are unemployed, they gamble less.
You’d think they might gamble more but they don’t.
There’s some goo things about everything, I guess.
There’s only so much money in the world and if it’s
lost at a gambling table, it’s money that isn’t spent
on things America makes. I mean who’s best for
this country—a machinist at an automobile plant in
Detroit or a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas?

The gambling casinos keep something like 20 per-

cent of everything bet for themselves, so there’s no
chance of anyone but the casinos willing over a pe-
riod of time. They make billions—and where do the
billions come from? They come from all of us be-
cause we’re the losers. I mean, suckers is what
In 2008 the casinos earned $32.5 billion. Last year we are.
they earned only $30.7 billion. I use the words
“earned” and “only” loosely but casino income was
down a lousy little two billion dollars last year. It’s If I write as though I was above all this, I’m not writ-
enough to bring tears to your eyes. ing right. I’ve gambled half a dozen times in Las
Vegas and even though I know how dumb it is, I
think I can win. I’ve never won but that doesn’t stop
It’s a law for people to protect themselves by wear- me from thinking “maybe next time.””
ing seat belts for their own safety when they’re in a
car. How come the government doesn’t protect
citizens from losing their money by making
gambling in casinos illegal? There should be a
sign in front of every casino that says “enter at your
won risk…..of losing your shirt.”

The thing that bothers me most about gambling is

that people fritter away money so they don’t get to
spend it on things that someone else has been
paid to produce. Gambling produces nothing.

THE WELCOME MAT There are also antique shows, gem fairs, RV
shows, boat shows and during the winter holiday
We’d like to welcome new season, an electric light show to delight children.
guests to our area , our
town and our church!
Our church has worship at There are many hiking trails and parks
10:00 am on Sundays, Sunday School at 10:15 in the area and Balboa Park is a terrific
and 11:15 am you will be welcome to come and place to spend the day . There are
meet other Christians in the Fellowship Hall and many museums and free programs in
have free coffee and treats. Once a month we have Balboa Park. There is a program called
“Lunch Bunch” with a group from the church going “Free Tuesdays” in the park and each month one
to an area restaurant for lunch, (everyone pays or more of the museums is featured on a Tuesday
their own way). All are invited. We have a Christian with free admission. There is a “Welcome Center”
Women’s group and Men’s group, both meeting in Balboa Park and most of the towns in the area.
monthly. Check the calendar for dates and times. For example, Carlsbad, Escondido and San Diego
where you can obtain free informative magazines,
maps and information on the area. There is a 3000
acre city owned park in Escondido (Daley Ranch)
There are sign-up sheets on the
which has free admission and at least 50 miles of
rolling bulletin board if you would
hiking trails. Many of the area towns have “Farmers
like to sponsor flowers for our chan-
Markets” and this information is also available from
cel (only $25 for 2 arrangements), or you can sign-
each city or welcome center. During the summer,
up to be liturgist or also check out the sheet by the
Escondido, our neighbor to the east has “Cruisin’
kitchen if you want to bring snacks on a Sunday for
Grand” every Friday night from 6 to 9 pm, where
Coffee Fellowship. We have a very active
you can stroll down the sidewalks and view classic
“Missions” group and they have Pot-Lucks, Lunch-
vehicles (cars, motorcycles) and there are usually
eons, Fashion Shows, Sales and meetings. Your
several live bands. Most of the res-
help and participation are always welcome.
taurants and antique stores are open
for eating and browsing and it is fun
and inexpensive even for the whole
This is a wonderful place to live family.
and raise children. The average
high is between 70 and 89 de-
grees and the average low is be-
There are area lakes for fishing and
tween 42 and 63 degrees, so the
many camping areas. Palomar Moun-
weather here is nearly perfect!
tain is about an hour drive and has a
200’ telescope and several camp-
grounds and hiking trails. Sometimes
San Marcos is about 10 miles in the winter you might even find
from the Pacific coast and there snow.
are beautiful beaches all down
highway 101 (coastal highway).
Del Mar is about 15 miles away
Julian is a lovely mountain town about an
and there is always
hour drive east on highway 78 and in fall
something going on at the Fairgrounds
you can buy fresh locally grown apples,
(right now is the racing season).
pies, cider and there are many shops and several
museums there also. It is a great day-trip summer
or winter.

PRAYING THE PSALMS IN THE GAP That’s it: open our Bibles to the book of Psalms
and pray them—sequentially, regularly, faithfully
By Eugene H. Peterson
across a life-time. This is how most Christians for
Mine is not the latest thing on prayer, but the old- the most of the Christian centuries have matured
est: the Psalms, obvious and accessible as tools in prayer. Nothing fancy. Just do it. The praying
for prayer in the work of faith. itself is deliberate and leisurely, letting (as Bene-
dict of Nursia directed) the motions of the heart
come into harmony with the movements of the
I do not explain them: commentary lips.
is not the primary need. I want to
provide a kind of owner’s manual. I
don’t mean to suggest that the
Psalms are easy: prayer is not
easy. But the practice of millions of
Christians through centuries of use
is adequate proof that we do not
have to acquire expertise in the Psalms before
we use them; they themselves—prayers that train
us in prayer—are the means to proficiency. We
don’t have to understand a crowbar before we put
it to use. Understanding comes with use.
“So I sought for a man among

The practice of Christians in

them who would make a wall,
praying the Psalms is and stand in the gap before Me
straightforward: simply pray
through the Psalms, psalm on behalf of the land, that I
by psalm, regularly. John
Calvin expressed the con- should not destroy it . . .”
sensus of the praying church
when he wrote that the Psalms are “the design of - Ezekiel 22:30
the Holy Spirit . . .to deliver to the Church a com-
mon form of prayer.” Liturgical traditions have
prayer books to guide them
through a monthly cycle of
praying the Psalms daily.
The rest of us can easily
mark the Psalms into thirty
or sixty daily sections to
guide an orderly monthly or
bimonthly praying of all the


by Dianne Collier
There is something to be
Give me a space in time where I may see you Lord.
excited about coming up on
August 15th, at 5:00 pm! A gift of your amazing Grace,

Our last concert filled the In a moment of my searching,

Sanctuary with visitors and May I see you face to face,
members and was a wonderful night for music,
fellowship and great food! This one promises to
be just as much fun, so plan to bring a friend or And in that moment, Lord, please listen,

neighbor to enjoy it with you! Let’s fill the church! As I share my broken heart.
There will be piano, singers, guitar, flute and a Give me reason to know You are with me,
piano trio. Dinner will follow the Concert. And dear Lord, vision for a brand new start.

The Program is as follows:

Through all the years of questioning,

Piano: Song Pak Trace each step with love divine,

Soprano: Leila Borchardt For You are the hope I long for,
Pianist: Margaret Larsen And the peace I know I shall find.
Baritone: Peter Yoo

As I let go of all my dreams,

Barbershop: “Guys & Dolls”
Merry Williams, Bruce Radder, And come into that place of perfect peace,

Esther Mendenhall and Ray Story Knowing that You have brought me here

To be reborn in sweet release.

Guitar: Anthony Cutietta
Flute: Joyce Hayutin
Trinity Piano Trio: Violin—Youn Lee,
Cello—Jinne Kim, Piano—Jenny Yun

Most of us have had a broken heart at some

point in our lives. God comes to heal the bro-
TED CAN FIX ANYTHING! kenhearted and to set the captives free. When
we allow God to reach down and release us
from sin, we will truly experience the healing of
our broken heart. The heaviness from the bur-
dens we carry will be gone the instant we allow
Christ to touch our heart and soul and deliver us
from sin. May the space in time God has
brought us to be a time of release and receiving.

"AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE" We all can and will answer this question in
different ways. Perhaps there are many things God
has yet to reveal to you concerning the changes
by Dianne Collier that needs to take place in your life.
Dare I say, we all probably need an atti- I would like to share something
tude adjustment. Circumstances and situations with you that has changed my life even
produce change in our life that often times brings this night. Let me begin by confessing that
us to our knees. But therein lies the choice, do we I'm a fixer, a worrier, and a procrastinator.
sit and sulk, or stand and fight. Do we run from our And, Yes! I know all these things and
problems or meet them head on, trusting Jesus to more are very prevalent in my life. But, as I talked
make a way? Yes, life comes at us hard but we with our daughter tonight she pinpointed one word
have the strength of our faith to see us through that describes each one of them. "Idols." Some-
and give us confidence, not in ourselves, but in how I had never realized this before. By the way,
what Jesus can do, when we let go and trust Him. learning to say no is not in my vocabulary. This, by
Evelyn Christenson wrote a little the way, has gotten me into a lot of trouble over
book years ago titled, "Lord, Change the years. This verse seems to say it all!
Me!" That is my prayer tonight as I wrestle We must realize that anything that keeps
with things in my life that need change. Per- us from truly trusting God can quickly become an
haps this is at the center of all change idol. At the same time when we realize that God
when each one of us individually realizes that if longs for us to trust Him in all things, we are able
change is to take place in our life, it must first be- to lay everything at His feet knowing that our heav-
gin in us. enly Father Knows Best.

In the difficult times in which we live idol

ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE TO CHANGE worship can become a real problem.
Many people are out of work, unable to
Let me ask you a question, imagine how they will make it through.
which will take us to the heart of the The world is changing at such a fast pace that
matter. How many times have you heard a sermon most folks just don't know which way to turn. Sick-
or witnessed change in a life, and said, I know ness has befallen many of us and we don't seem
someone who really needs to hear this? This is to have the faith to trust God to be our Great Phy-
the problem we find in recognizing the challenge in sician and healer. As we continue to read in Mat-
life to change. If we are busy trying to change thew 6 we are given the answers, which again
someone else, we are way off track. When we fi- turns us from worshiping the idol of fear and fail-
nally are able to realize that change must ure, to living by faith.
first begin in us, then we can move forward, in

But before we can make that first step of faith we

must understand that we can only change, when
we say, "Lord! Change Me!"

Saturday July 17th a group of 18 met at the
church for a fun and competitive night of games.
Ongoing Interfaith Food Drive Along with all the games we enjoyed pizza, na-
chos and snow cones! If you missed this time,
Interfaith still needs help plan on attending the next game night and see if
with their food pantry. Canned
and packaged soups, non-perishable canned & you can become the Jenga
packaged dinners, rice, rice mixes, pasta and champion of the night!
pasta mixes canned meats, baby food, baby for-
mula, dry beans, peanut butter, jelly and canned - Nicole Jones
vegetables. Please pick up extras to
donate when you are shopping! Many
have lost jobs and times are hard.
Leave your donations in the Narthex
and they will be transported to Inter-


On Sunday, July 25, 2010 Pastor Tae Kim baptized and

welcomed three children who are fifth generation descen-
dents of Sue and Bill Jones, who attended this church
along with Nancy Thompson Pate and her three children,
Sydney, Florence and Clare. Clare’s three daughters,
Stefanie, Samantha and Phylicia baptized their children.


Preparing for baptism on
July 25, 2010 The month of September there
Katelyn Clare Lancaster
will be a month long prayer
vigil. We will pray for our pastor, our church
and our nation, as well as our own personal
needs, among other things. This is a time
when you can draw closer to God and nourish
your spirituality. Pastor Dave will organize this
event, so talk to him to volunteer or call him at
(760) 752-1409. You may come to the church
or pray at home or wherever it is convenient
for you. There will be a sign –up sheet as in
Tyler David Phillips
years past.
Charles Woods
SAN MARCOS United Methodist Church
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SAN MARCOS, CA 92069-1428 Marcos. Postmaster send address changes to 800 West Mis-
sion Road, San Marcos, CA 92069-1428.
Phone (760) 744-0170

Office & Prayer Room open Mon-Fri 8:30—2:30

PLEASE, feel free to submit items of interest,

prayers, autobiographies, biographies, short
stories, poems, recipes, or church happenings to
the office for KAIROS. I would love to print
more about our members in the KAIROS and
people love to read it.—Jean

Bishop………………………………………………………………………………………….Rev. Mary Ann Swenson

Superintendent…………………………………………………………………………………….Rev. Myron Wingfield
Pastor ……………………………………………………………………………………………….Rev. Dr. Tae K. Kim
Church Secretary……………………….……………………………………………………………………...Jean Isam
Custodian………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Bong Pak
Ministers…………………………………………………..…………………………The People of the Church (YOU!)