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18, 2017
Issue #2 The 4/5 Newsletter
(More exciting title to come!)
Just a reminder that we
MOSAIC Forms Due Wednesday!
would greatly appreciate Go to
supplies for the school
year if you have not
already turned them in!
Please remember Language Arts
to donate $15-20
for additional This week in writing, we will begin a unit on opinion writing. Students will read The Giving Tree and
will formulate an opinion as to whether the tree is strong or weak. They will work with others who
supplies we have
have the same opinion to find evidence in the text to support their opinion. We will then plan out a
purchased for all
persuasive paragraph using a graphic organizer.
students. Thank you!
This week in Readers Workshop, students are continuing to analyze characters in fiction books. We
MOSAIC FORMS will be looking for repeated details in books and determining what the author is trying to tell us.
DUE Students are writing down their significant ideas on post-its. We will be refining the post-its using
Wednesday, Sept. 20. more precise language. Finally, we will begin to formulate opinions about books, looking for evidence
to support our opinions.
Friday, Sept. 29th. As a reminder, ALL students should be reading 30 minutes per night. Please make this part of
their nightly routine!
Monday, Oct. 2nd.

Sat. Oct. 7th, 12 to 4 pm.
In fourth grade math, students are completing their first unit on place value. They will be taking their
PROFESSIONAL first assessment this week.
DEVELOPMENT- NO In fifth grade, students are also finishing up the first unit on place value. They will be comparing and
SCHOOL! ordering decimals and reviewing the concepts in preparation for our assessment on Friday.
Friday, October 13th

October 16-20 for all
fourth graders and new
fifth graders.
Social Studies
We have begun our exploration of U.S. history from the perspective of Native Americans. Today,
WEEK- EARLY students completed a form asking What Do I Know About Native Americans. The idea of this form
DISMISSAL is to uncover stereotypes of Native Americans that exist in popular culture. We will begin breaking
October 23-27
down these stereotypes by studying the many nations of Native Americans and their varied cultures.
WALK-A-THON Students will be assigned one area of North America. They will be looking at information about the
Friday, Nov 3 cultures of four or five large nations in these areas. They will first determine what commonalities
these cultures have. They will then determine how the geography, climate and landforms have
influenced the cultures of the nations. They will present their findings to the rest of the class, rounding
off our understanding of how vastly different the nations were and in turn destroying any stereotypes
we have about indigenous peoples.