New Features in MicroStrategy 9

The following list contains over 50 new and enhanced features: a small collection of the huge assortment of new features available in MicroStrategy 9. These features are each specifically designed to support all levels of BI, from workgroup, to departmental, to enterprise.

Major architectural changes and new products in MicroStrategy 9
As part of the over 8,000 enhancements that were made in the MicroStrategy 9 release, three improvements greatly changed the landscape of business intelligence from MicroStrategy:


MicroStrategy MultiSource Option ² With the MultiSource Option, business users can surf-and-save across multiple databases and seamlessly access data from any source. Completely transparent to both end users and report designers, the MultiSource Option enables a unified model of an organization¶s data that spans the many, individual data warehouses, marts, and departmental databases within the BI environment. Any user can create and analyze reports and dashboards that contain data from any and all sources in the enterprise. Learn More »


MicroStrategy OLAP Services and In-Memory Capabilities ² MicroStrategy OLAP Services 9 provides the enhanced Intelligent CubeŒ, a dynamic in-memory cache that leverages the strength of the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Security and Personalization Engines, and provides analytical flexibility by leveraging the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Analytical Engine. Users can analyze the full depth and breadth of their data warehouse with OLAP Services, since no limits are set on data scalability, analytical scope, or drill-through capability. In-memory operation delivers faster overall performance, improves performance for the most time-consuming queries (from hours to seconds), and shifts the load onto MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, freeing up database capacity. Learn More »


MicroStrategy Distribution Services ² Distribution Services provides high-volume, automated distribution of reports, documents, dashboards, and business performance alerts via email, file servers, and networked printers. Distribution Services enables greater user self-service for all report distribution and business monitoring needs ± reducing reliance on IT. Learn More »

More BI / Less IT Effort: Enhanced Web Interactivity
Continuing to improve the end-user experience via the MicroStrategy Web client was an important focus of the work that went into MicroStrategy 9. Specifically, engineers focused on adding more features to the Web and making the Web faster.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Page 1 of 13

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2010 Page 2 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . y Multi-select Filtering and Drilling ± Select individual rows and columns on a grid to quickly and easily format. ribbon toolbars. y 64-bit Web Server Support ± Maintain far more concurrent user sessions and run much larger reports. y Prompt and Filter Creation ± Create stand-alone. or Flash modes. interactive Web experience for business users. y Complete Subtotal Control ± Calculate the exact subtotals you need for all of your reports using an improved Subtotal Editor that enables the definition of more advanced subtotals. processing is shifted from the Web server to the Web browser. all within the same server. control-click multiselect capabilities. including folder-tree navigation. y Flash Content in DHTML ± Display and interact with Flash content. With Extreme AJAX. August 17. y Extreme AJAX Code Structures ± Leverage a re-engineered Web server that adheres to an ³Extreme AJAX´ model. resulting in a lower cost of departmental and enterprise BI. More BI / Less IT Effort: Enhanced Dashboard and Enterprise Reporting Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards were an important breakthrough for MicroStrategy 8. and better performance. pivot. y Threshold Creation ± Quickly apply predefined thresholds ± such as the top 5% performing products±or define your own detailed thresholds and conditional formatting using new editors. The expanded memory available in 64-bit JVMs allows for optimal Web performance across the enterprise. y Link Editor ± Easily define connections between one report or document and another report or document while passing parameters to answer any prompts in the target object. such as widgets or flash-enabled selectors. in Interactive. reusable prompt and filter objects directly from Web. View. freeing up Web servers so they can support additional user Web Servers. and context-sensitive right-click actions. In Extreme AJAX. y Full Function Library ± Instantly create complex derived metrics using the Function Wizard. they become even more useful. Improvements include an easier design experience.y More User-friendly Web interface ± A re-designed Web user interface that leverages many familiar. using intuitive interfaces. userfriendly paradigms. drill. This is achieved via full support for 64-bit Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) in both J2EE Web servers as well as ASP. more interactivity. delivering a much more responsive. and perform other tasks on-the-fly. Tuesday. and in MicroStrategy 9. accordion controls. which includes a documented library of functions available for any calculation imaginable. MicroStrategy Web supports more users with faster performance using the same web servers.

such as formatting a metric or changing the graph type. attributes. such as the simplified browsing of available dimensions. y Instant Document Creation From Reports . A dashboard template is a predefined structure that can contain datasets. automatic table of contents generation. y Linked Formatting ± Link a Grid/Graph to the original report by adding it to the document as a shortcut. panels. and a formatting control for report formatting that is intuitive to Microsoft Office users. 2010 Page 3 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . which is displayed as a Grid/Graph on the document.y Out-of-the Box Statement Printing ± New Report Services features that allow business users to develop complex enterprise reporting and customer statements. such as horizontal repeating sections. directly on grids and graphs contained within dashboards. drop zones that provide visual cues to users as to where to drag-and-drop these building blocks. and away from requiring IT support. y Streamlined Report Design for Business Users ± Assemble reports more quickly and easily via intuitive. such as titles. August 17. multi-layout reports. such as drilling. y HTML Containers ± Add depth and perspective to your dashboards by incorporating live web content such as stock tickers and real-time feeds. and controls. y Dashboard Drilling ± Perform OLAP manipulations. and metrics. and panel stacks. dynamically-selected images. made to a report are passed to the Grid/Graph in the document. self-service features. y Multi-layout Documents ± Combine all of your frequently-used dashboards into a single convenient ³dashboard book´ that can be run once and quickly referenced throughout the day. Or. Any changes. include multiple document layouts in a single document to simply provide an integrated view of business data.Instantly create a document or dashboard from an existing report. Tuesday. y Dashboard Templates ± Create or use out-of-the-box dashboard templates to decrease document design time. automatic pagination. without programming. layouts. y Document Autostyles ± Employ a varied collection of new autostyles to quickly apply a set of fonts and colors to an existing dashboard. vertical text layout. automatic formatting features. This is achieved through flexible. and watermarks. More BI / Less IT Effort: Enhanced Business User Self-Service Empowering business users at the enterprise and workgroup levels is always an important focus of MicroStrategy engineering. The MicroStrategy 9 release includes many enhancements that extend even more functionality to the end user.

directly on graph reports and more. and OLAP functions. Elements of an attribute can be combined on-the-fly to create and save reusable filters. lists. categories. and many different forecast models for the same metrics. y Complete OLAP Analysis ± Freely investigate data and ³surf´ through the data warehouse without having to design a new report for each new combination of data you want to see. and series zones. statistical predictive. MS PowerPoint. Drag and drop elements into metrics. through a seamless integration with MicroStrategy Web. report and dashboard designers will be pleased to find even more options in the analytic libraries and even more options for interactivity and connectivity. and more. saving time and ensuring efficient prompt handling while running documents and reports. use right-click options to quickly format graph elements. y Derived Elements ± A new feature of MicroStrategy OLAP Services 9 that can be used to enhance the analysis on Intelligent CubeŒ reports and Report Service documents. delivering vastly improved performance for both the display and use of prompts. innovative ways. Tuesday. y Personalized Prompt Answers ± Store personalized answers for a prompt and reuse them wherever the prompt is present. 2010 Page 4 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . more effective forecasting metrics. with details on who left the note and when. as well as improved metric grouping capabilities. August 17. y Create and Edit MicroStrategy Reports and Documents in MS Excel. y Collaboration and Notes ± Add notes and comments to reports and documents to provide instructions to other users.y New Graph Report Designer ± Interactively build graph reports with dozens of visualization options using a new and intuitive graph design tool that makes it easier for designers to visualize the final output of their graphs. y New. such as pivoting and drilling. Improved Widgets ± Analyze and control advanced visualizations such as the Heat Map widget in new. groups. and quickly apply a variety of colors and styles to graphs. and calculations. Every report and document can maintain and display a set of notes. Faster Prompt Interface ± More user friendly and responsive prompt interface. and MS Word with MicroStrategy Office ± Edit and create reports and documents directly from MicroStrategy Office. y New. share information. y Greater Range of Analytics ± Leverage a wide range of new data mining algorithms. Perform OLAP manipulations. Integrate with these analytics to develop complex statistical calculations. More BI / Less IT Effort: Improved Analytical Capabilities With the release of MicroStrategy 9.

project ODBC driver allows users to seamlessly create and run BI reports and dashboards using Salesforce. With improvements in Internationalization and distributed administration. y Multi-lingual Metadata and Data ± Deploy a single project in multiple languages. the release of MicroStrategy 9 includes important enhancements that make the design and architecture process faster and easier. a Salesforce. as well as their own reports. groups. and data in their own language. Each development team can independently submit updates. August 17. update packages enable multiple and independent development teams to coordinate the inclusion of their new developments into the global operational BI system. Tuesday. Business users can view MicroStrategy interfaces. This enables central IT groups to relinquish routine administrative duties. y Update Packages ± Available in Object Manager. ensuring that employees and customers all over the world can always access essential business information in their own language. allowing them to manage the BI system from anywhere. Global Applications and Distributed Operations As business intelligence applications grow in size and in user base. to other administrators in the system. and manage users. enabling more convenient and collaborative analysis across the enterprise. attributes. y Repository Translation Wizard ± A component of Object Manager. the Repository Translation Wizard facilitates the translation of metadata objects by copying the object strings into a translation repository to assist with the translation process. 2010 Page 5 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . y Distributed Administration ± A new administrative capability that allows the sub-setting of administrative duties and the distribution of administrative responsibilities to business units and departments. Time-to-Value: Rapid Project Design As part of the emphasis on enabling business intelligence at the workgroup and departmental level. metrics. and security roles from MicroStrategy Web. additions. and changes to an existing operational system. y Web-Based Administration ± Administrators can ± Available as part of MicroStrategy MultiSource Option. The new update packages are then used to incrementally install each team¶s updates and reconcile all overlaps or conflicts that might arise. modify. at any time.y Report directly against Salesforce. such as user administration. MicroStrategy 9 continues to make extending and growing applications easier. and user security administration. it is inevitable that many business users will be in different geographies with different language and administration data.

to all business users in the enterprise. Distribution Services²are now supported on the Microsoft Windows 64-bit Operating System. encryption. Report Services. and out-of-the-box single sign-on capabilities.y Graphical Architect ± A new version of MicroStrategy Architect that allows users to map their business model into a MicroStrategy metadata from a single interface that can be used to build metadata objects through simple drag-and-drop and right-click operations. The new MicroStrategy Architect streamlines the project modeling experience. The enhanced security integration significantly speeds up user configuration. y Support for 64-bit Windows ± MicroStrategy Intelligence Server and its integrated technologies²OLAP Services. 2010 Page 6 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . supporting Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP and Kerberos). Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: Administration and Performance MicroStrategy continues to push the boundaries of enterprise business intelligence by developing even more intelligent software that enables you to get at your data and operate more efficiently. Tests with real data warehouses and reports have shown dramatic improvement with the new SQL optimization. August 17. and recommending and creating Intelligent Cubes that can provide data to reports using dynamic sourcing. with as much as a 55% query time reduction for complex queries. thereby drastically reducing the time required to build and deploy complex project models. y SQL Engine Optimization ± A new level of SQL optimization designed to improve performance by eliminating unnecessary SQL passes and optimizing multi-pass SQL generation. Cube Advisor helps achieve this by analyzing reports to determine if their report definitions can support the use of dynamic sourcing. making it interactive and visual. y Security Enhancements ± Ensure enterprise-wide data security and login flexibility via improved password strength requirements. y Cube Advisor ± A new tool that allows users to create and support a dynamic sourcing strategy that can best support the reports in their projects. This is a major feature of object versioning that will ensure that companies successfully complete audits and remain Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Tuesday. Administration and design have never been easier with MicroStrategy. This delivers the fastest report performance at all times. at any scale. y Change Journaling ± A new change journaling feature in MicroStrategy Object Manager. and SiteMinder. Tivoli. designed to track and audit changes made to any metadata object in the BI system.

Where no graphical user interface is available. SAP NetWeaver Portal. XML. y Flexible History List Management ± Store History List messages. Command Managerµs new text-based interface allows script creation and execution. and also improves scalability since there can be an "infinite" storage of history lists in the database. Portal integration enables greater User Scale and Easier User Adoption for Your Business Intelligence Using Your Existing Enterprise Portals. along with their entire caches. and a large number of usability enhancements result in a rapid script development experience. and includes new Java programming capabilities.y Intelligent Clustering ± Improved job distribution and Intelligence Server clustering delivers higher throughput. August 17. loops. looking to customize their environments and applications to ensure seamless integration to their existing applications. With MicroStrategy 9. including conditions.. CSV. in a database. as opposed to a file system. y Improved Caching ± Experience minimal report and document wait times as a result of a new. 2010 Page 7 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . automatic report caching level and the caching of Report Services documents in their final formatted output. including PDF. Tuesday. and variables. y Improved Integrity Manager ± Take advantage of the improved prompt resolution functionality in Integrity Manager by prioritizing prompt resolution strategies or specifying report-level prompt answers to be used in each Integrity Manager test. Integrity Manager also enhances your integrity testing by comparing the PDF output of reports and documents. and prompt answer statistics. Distribution Services. better asset utilization. This flexibility improves the reliability of retrieving the messages and data. even more capabilities are possible. Scheduled jobs can now be shared across clustered Intelligence Servers and are distributed by job load. Excel. Integrated your BI easily with Microsoft SharePoint. New procedures allowing for the creation of custom extensions. y Improved Command Manager ± Command Manager now runs on all supported platforms. and report on In-Memory ROLAP cube usage. and IBM Websphere. Oracle WebLogic. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: Easily Extend Your MicroStrategy BI to More People MicroStrategy customers have always been the most demanding in the industry. y Portlet-to-portlet Communication ± Portal Integration is available Out of the Box and included FREE with Every Web Server. and HTML. and enhanced system performance. y Improved Enterprise Manager ± Take advantage of new operating system performance counters.

called plug-ins. building upon MicroStrategy¶s industry-leading. Benefits: Optimal report performance and query times. and monitor data across multiple sources through a single business model. allows users to seamlessly report.Improved integration with Flex 3 and Adobe's Air Engine eases the development of fully-functional and fully-disconnected flash-based applications that can download and store all necessary data. Fewer servers and IT support required. With MicroStrategy 9. analyze. a new and fully integrated add-on component of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. What are the significant new features available with MicroStrategy 9? MicroStrategy 9 provides the following significant new features. Sample applications such as the External Security Sample Application are now available as plug-ins. and more. Adobe AIR applications.NET files. selfservice features and the most flexible BI technology in the industry. Eliminate the need to manually modify default configuration files such as the Page Configuration file. so that compilation or modification of the source code is no longer required. but run on the desktop without any web connectivity. streamline. y Improved Composite Applications and Mash-Ups . companies will be able to easily deploy and maintain BI at any scale. 2010 Page 8 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . August 17. leading to Tuesday. These plug-ins can be easily installed and deployed in MicroStrategy Web. accessibility. and scalability of the platform even beyond its already high levels. y Integration with FlexBuilder IDE ± Create a variety of Adobe Flash-based RIA Applications. world-class BI architecture. What is MicroStrategy 9? MicroStrategy 9 is the latest release of the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence (BI) Platform. or presentation files such as JSP or ASP. y Eclipse READYŒ Web Configuration Editor ± Organize. and enhancements: Multiple Data Source Support Feature: MicroStrategy MultiSource Option. via a tight MicroStrategy integration with Adobe Flex. 2. thanks to a wealth of intuitive. products. and simplify customizations in MicroStrategy Web. 1.y Plug-in Architecture ± The Customization Upgrade Wizard facilitates the management of customizations by creating portable pieces of software. and significantly enhancing the performance. the Style Catalog Configuration file.

and dashboard design. 2010 Page 9 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . graph. multi-layout documents. Rapid dashboard response times MicroStrategy Distribution Services Feature: New product. pagination. vertical text layout. HTML containers. Dashboard Design and Analysis Capabilities Features: Out-of-the box dashboard templates. supporting departmental BI by delivering more BI with minimal costs and resources. prompt and filter creation. August 17. and more intuitive MicroStrategy Web interface that includes innovative self-service features. quick report-to-document conversion. Expanded library of advanced visualizations for both DHTML and Flash. complete OLAP and drilling. dashboards. reducing server workload and freeing capacity for other applications. unified enterprise BI. Easy grid. Reduced server workload. Easy to gradually migrate from disparate departmental islands of BI into fully integrated. and print.low BI costs. self-service dashboard design for novices. Benefits: Rapid response times. dashboard autostyles. file. New Web Interface Features: A re-engineered. Time-saving personal distributions and personal alerts. and more. ribbon toolbars. Benefits: Minimal query times and eased peak reporting times. Ability to work within analytic ³sandboxes´ autonomously without impacting enterprise-wide performance. a dynamic in-memory cache that identifies and streamlines the complex queries that typically take a long time to process in the database. multi-layout reports. automatic table of contents generation. such as horizontal repeating sections. ³smart placement´ assistants. Benefits: Intuitive. tree and accordion-style navigation. Minimal need for new report designs and support via the high self-service and easy-to-use interface. and watermarks. dynamically-selected images. In-Memory BI Feature: New Intelligence CubeŒ in MicroStrategy OLAP Services. and business performance alerts via e-mail. Benefits: High-volume. faster. easier formatting. a high-volume automated distribution system for reports. Off-loaded peak-hour interactivity lowers BI costs. MicroStrategy Distribution Services. and more. Tuesday. proactive information delivery. a new grid and graph designer. New Enterprise Reporting Features Features: Automatic formatting features in MicroStrategy Report Services.

and more. invoices. graphical MicroStrategy Architect allowing users to visually map the business model. and at any scale Internationalization Support Features: Ability to translate MicroStrategy objects and data. easy production of enterprise reports. Benefits: Enhanced collaboration and analysis. URL detail: http://www. attributes.microstrategy. without requiring programming or IT support. with more flexibility and support for all components within the BI ecosystem.Benefits: Quick. Enhanced SQL Engine Features: Several levels of intelligent SQL generation that eliminate unnecessary SQL passes and significantly improve multi-pass SQL generation. Benefits: Fast report and dashboard performance. enhanced Adobe® Flex Builder integration for quick data visualization deployment. and more. graphical editing of the MicroStrategy Web interface via Eclipse and other plug-ins. August 17. Improved Design and Administration Features: New. reports. and data in their own language. 2010 Page 10 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary .asp Tuesday. maintenance. least amount of administrative overhead. Benefit: Rapid and streamlined object and application development. and upgrades. and deploy a single application in multiple languages. seamless object migration via MicroStrategy Object Manager. and lowest BI costs at any scale. metrics. enabling users to view MicroStrategy interfaces. delivering fastest time to value. as every business user around the world can access essential business information in their own language. Please contact your account representative for more details. MicroStrategy 9 includes thousands of enhancements across all products in the MicroStrategy platform. More Flexible Extension of the Platform Features: Industry-leading support for portals and ³mashup´ creation. other metadata objects. and customer statements. Benefits: Easy In addition to these major new sets of functionality. at any time of the day.

2010 Page 11 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . Breakthrough Functionality Corresponding Products Support for Multiple Data Sources MicroStrategy Intelligence Server MicroStrategy MultiSource Option In-Memory BI MicroStrategy OLAP Services New Web Interface MicroStrategy Web Professional & Analyst Distribution Services MicroStrategy Distribution Services MicroStrategy Desktop Designer MicroStrategy Web Professional & Analyst New Dashboard Design and Analysis Capabilities MicroStrategy Intelligence Server MicroStrategy Report Services MicroStrategy Desktop Designer & Analyst MicroStrategy Web Professional & Analyst New Enterprise Reporting Features MicroStrategy Report Services MicroStrategy Desktop Designer & Analyst MicroStrategy Web Professional & Analyst Enhanced SQL Engine MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Internationalization Support MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Repository Translation Wizard (included with MicroStrategy Object Manager) MicroStrategy Desktop Designer MicroStrategy Web Professional & Analyst Tuesday.1. August 17. How does the new functionality in MicroStrategy 9 map to individual MicroStrategy products? The table below shows the major new functionality by MicroStrategy product.

upgrading existing reports to MicroStrategy 9 is seamless. How do I upgrade my customizations to MicroStrategy 9 from MicroStrategy 7. Also. August 17. caching. 3. Customers can upgrade their projects by simply pointing their existing metadata to the MicroStrategy 9 Intelligence Server. VLDB changes. 4. A small number of customizations may need to be manually converted. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can automate the regression testing of any or all reports before and after the upgrade. database platform changes. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager can also be used to ensure report integrity after other system changes. This can potentially reduce upgrade time from several months to just a few hours by eliminating the labor-intensive and errorprone manual testing that most companies perform. What is the performance and scalability impact of upgrading to MicroStrategy 9? MicroStrategy 9 inherits and improves upon all the scalability. In addition. usage patterns and other factors). security and other enterprise class-IT features of the MicroStrategy platform.x and 8.5 or 8. 2010 Page 12 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary .x due to the backward compatible nature of the underlying web architecture and parameter driven customization files. How do I upgrade my reports to MicroStrategy 9 from my current version? Although MicroStrategy 9 represents a significant breakthrough in functionality. Customers should experience improved performance and scalability levels for existing applications after upgrades (exact performance depends upon hardware. Sizing and performance for new applications follows previously published guidelines. and ETL script changes.5.Improved Design and Administration MicroStrategy Architect MicroStrategy Desktop Designer MicroStrategy Web Professional More Flexible Extension of the Platform MicroStrategy SDK 2. the Web Customization Upgrade Utility within MicroStrategy's SDK facilitates customization upgrades. MicroStrategy 9 introduces several key features that further enhance the high performance of the platform: Tuesday. upgrading MicroStrategy to 64-bit operation. such as database design changes.x? MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy SDK customizations can be easily migrated from MicroStrategy 7. clustering. scheduling.

CSV. statistical predictive. as well as improved metric grouping capabilities. Excel. HTML o o VLDB drivers for new database versions leverage database-specific optimizations Report archive management. Data Mining. August 17. Financial. OLAP. MicroStrategy 9 introduces a wide range of new data mining algorithms. Date and Time. Mathematical. Null/Zero. Rank and N-Tile.o New Intelligent Cube (in-memory) architecture in MicroStrategy OLAP Services eliminates a large amount of the repetitive and expensive processing that would normally burden database servers by creating in-memory ³cubes´ for the most expensive and time-consuming queries. Companies Tuesday. and OLAP functions. o o Multi-pass SQL generation optimizations and SQL consolidations minimize query times New report caching level and the caching of MicroStrategy Report Services documents in final formatted output: PDF. XML. Arithmetic. String. potentially to infinite History List messages Easier backups and administration 64-bit support for Microsoft® Windows What enhancements have been made to MicroStrategy¶s world-class analytics? MicroStrategy contains over 270 built-in functions in the following categories: Standard. Logic. and Statistical. Greater scaling. Comparison. 2010 Page 13 of 13 L&T Infotech Proprietary . enabling the storage of users¶ personal report archives in a relational database o o o 5.

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