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1- My wife said : Ill come with you as soon as Im ready. (Reported speech)

2- I started living in Madrid in 2009 and I still live here. (Tenses)

3- I dont sudy French and I cant pass the subject. (Conditional)

4- An ambulance is going to take him to hospital. (Passive)

5- My son has gone to Manchester. He wants to study English there. (Link)

6- She doesnt earn enough money to live on her own. (Wish)

7- Show me your driving licence, the policeman said to him. (Reported speech)

8- Peter has a swimming pool in his garden. (Question)

9- Someone will service my car next Monday. (Causative)

10- I last saw your brother an hour ago.

11- That car is our fathers. (Question)

12- Who wrote Shakespeare ? (Passive)

13- That blouse costs 9 . (Question)

14- Did you go to the cinema yesterday, he said. (Reported speech)

15- My daughter smokes too many cigarettes. (Wish)

16- Lets light a fire and cook our sausages over it, said the children. (R S)

17- You should open the wine about three hours before you use it. (Passive)

18- He doesnt earn enough money to live in his own. (Conditional)

19- In spite of her sadness, she was playing with her son for an hour. (Link)

20- He advised me to buy some shares then. (Direct speech)