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Duration of Class

Title English 45 minutes 30

lesson Size
Topic and Focus Paragraph structure- writing information reports Year Level Grade 6
Learning intentions:
We are learning to write a well-structured information report
Students are to write an opening paragraph including a sizzling start and Three body paragraphs and a conclusion using the TEEL paragraph

Curriculum (please refer to the preferences of the school)

AusVELS Key elements of standards to which lesson is
Domains Dimensions
Level focused

Expressing and developing ideas

Investigate how complex sentences can
be used in a variety of ways to elaborate,
extend and explain ideas(VCELA350)

Plan, draft and publish imaginative,

informative and persuasive texts,
Expressing and developing ideas choosing and experimenting with text
6 English Creating Texts structures, language features, images and
digital resources appropriate to purpose
and audience(VCELY358)

Reread and edit own and others work

using agreed criteria and explaining
editing choices (VCELY359)
Assessment Strategies:
Roving conference, ensuring students are on track.
Reading examples
Reading out helpful examples to get other students on track
Pair and Share
Resources and Materials:
ICT Considerations:
HTMI cable and connection needs to work as we have to play some youtube videos.

Stage of Student Action /Tasks Time Differentiation Teacher Action


Introductio Students to sit at their desks 10 - Teacher to explain that students who have finished their reports
n and wait for hand over to minutes are to traffic light their own reports
me from Emma. - (show on board what that means)
The purpose
of the - Tell students to re write any paragraphs that need major changes
introduction as opposed to drawing arrows everywhere.
is to - You can use white out or rub out corrections.
and concepts
for the
lesson. The
goal is to
interest in
the lesson
and help
access their
Body of Students to get into pairs, go 30 Teacher to perform roving conference, checking students are on track.
lesson to their desks and complete minutes
the task. Read out some good examples for inspiration as students are working.

With 15 minutes left give the students 10 mins to read what they have to
other students in the class (in table groups)

Conclusion Students to sit at desks. 5 minutes

Ask a couple of the best ones to read out to the entire class.

Closure Students to pack up and get 5 minutes Teacher to wrap up and tell students to pack up for home time
ready for home time