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BODYView Series
WEARABLE - Live, First-Person-View Surveillance
The AgileMesh BodyView Series WEARABLE
surveillance solutions are designed for easy
mounting to tactical apparel and helmets.
WEARABLES operate together with any
CommandMesh compliant equipment or
other devices integrated with a
CommandMesh Connector. WEARABLES may
be purchased as standalone units or as part of
a convenient deployment-ready kit.

Incident commanders can view entry points,

hallways, obstacles, threats and everything
their team members see as it is happening.
WEARABLE solutions are lightweight, and do
not obstruct access to an officers handgun,
Taser, baton, OC, radio or handcuffs.

AgileMesh total on-scene, portable

surveillance systems enable incident
commanders to provide an enhanced level of
officer safety, valuable post-incident training
tools, incident action evidence gathering and a
new level of liability protection. All video
transmissions are secure and if one AgileMesh
unit is disabled or destroyed other on-scene
units continue to operate.

AgileMesh solutions include the proprietary

CommandMesh software platform which An On-Scene Force-Multiplier thats Easy to
optimizes video signal processing and
communications. Deploy, Set-Up and Use with No Special
Technology Skills Required.

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WEARABLE - Components and Specifications


Designed for full interoperability with any 802.11s standard based key generation
CommandMesh compliant wireless network AES-SIV Network
system, the BodyView Series WEARABLE units RJ-45 connector
support virtually any analog or IP video camera. 10/100 802.3 Ethernet
While other AgileMesh products provide a 360
degree view of an incident or event, the BodyView TX Power: Up to 1W EIRP USB
Series products enable entry teams to provide a 2.4 GHz spectrum: 2.410-2.497 GHz 2.0 Type A Jack
first-person view of what they are seeing to 4.9 GHZ spectrum (Public Safety only)
incident commanders. 5 GHz spectrum: Power Input
o 5.150-5.250 GHz Threaded 2.5mm Jack
o 5.250-5.350 GHz
o 5.725-5.850 GHz Camera Power Input
Simple error-proof configuration
900 MHz ISM (optional) Threaded 2.1 mm Jack
Standalone solution - no network or cell
infrastructure required Video Input
Supports diverse video sources, including BNC
Composite In (BNC); NTSC/PAL
existing robot vision systems, throw phones,
Simultaneous Dual Encoding RJ-45 for IP Cameras
sniper scopes, pole cameras, eyeballs, and
mast cameras o MJPEG Encoding; Resolutions 640 x
480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120: 1 - 30 fps Audio
Proprietary Control Panel ensures full 3.5mm jacks (In/Out)
o H.264 Encoding; Resolutions 640 x
interoperability and integration with other
480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120: 1- 30 fps
RJ-45 for IP Cameras
Built-in deployment aids further simplify RP-SMA
reliable set-up every time
Multiple encryption levels ensure highly
secure network communications Line level In/Out
Terminal Block
Ruggedized and weatherized for the
harshest environments DIGITAL INTERFACE
Entirely self-contained/ easily scalable. Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control: RS-485
Wearable CommandMesh Node
Provides commanders on-site real-time Alarm input (Hi=12vdc)
Antennas: 5.X GHz Paddle; 2.4 GHz
visibility and off-site officials full visibility Relay contact output (NO)
Rubber Duck
over secure internet connections Color Bullet Camera
Self-powered POWER INTERFACE Microphone
Can be worn with the included pouch or 12 VDC (1 amp) Head wearable camera mount
deployed covertly in minimal space Video Adapters
PHYSICAL 12VDC 3 AH LiFePO4 Battery packs (2)
PROPRIETARY CONTROL PANEL Weight 2 lbs. inc. battery Battery charger
Channel selector and indicator Dimensions 5.7 (14.4cm) x 4.0 Pelican Case w/Custom Foam Cutouts
Deployment aid (indicator for correct (10.2cm) x 1.7 (4.3cm)
Node identity selector and indicator

AgileMesh CommandMesh Protocol
(standards based)

A g i l e M e s h , I n c . / 1761 International Parkway, Suite 113 / Richardson, Texas 75081

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