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Farmingdale State College Student Newspaper November 2013

G o i n g G r e e n b y S t a y i n g C l e a n C h i l d r e n ' s C e n t e r

A b o u t t o G r o w
By Eric Foltrauer
U p
By Jessica Kristoffersen

F S C is ready to w e l c o m e a m u c h younger
class of students. A s the end of October
nears, the n e w Children's Center will open
its doors to a w h o l e n e w world of care.
The current center, held in two trailer-
5 I B 3 S - S
like structures, was initially meant to
be temporary. H o w e v e r the temporary
structures remained until N e w York State
granted $7.5 million to the center's budget
in 2012 to fund a m o r e permanent location.
In July 2012, campus architect D o u g
Dargis oversaw construction of the 11,200
square foot L E E D Certified Silver building.
The "Green " house is located on Melville Road Southwest ofLaffin Hall The building w a s designed to b e spacious,
offering a cleaner, healthier place for
Students at F S C have noticed the n e w that are composed of layers of semiconductor
house on campus. The environmentally materials. Then to absorb photon?, bundles "Size is key, each individual age can
responsible green-vinyl house is of energy that constitute light and convert have its own space anxhrtorfbcl like they are
emblematically green as well. their energy. The incoming photons from on top of one another," said Dargis.
The three-bedroom ranch with all the the sun knocks electrons loose from the The building offers a gross motor room,
amenities of a fully-functioning suburban atoms of the individual cells. This effect a space designed for play, and activity w h e n
h o m e is actually still in the making. A allows the electrons to be pulled into the weather doesn't allow for going outdoors.
modular h o m e that w a s put together in a flow of the current of the electrical circuitry Large w i n d o w s in r o o m s provide m o r e
matter of daysafter a foundation w a s put within the panel. natural lighting and energy efficiency.
in p l a c e h a s b e e n the talk of the campus. Another cutting-edge technology is In addition to rooms for staff and camp
Installing an intricate, revolutionary its hydrogen fuel generator w h i c h uses services, 10 r o o m s are dedicated to different
electrical system is all that is left to do. hydrogen to p o w e r the house. W h e n the sun age groups with each r o o m opening to its
One of the three state-of-the-art isn't shining, the hydrogen fuel cells will be o w n outdoor play area.
technologies that will b e featured in the in use. They are like batteries in that they "It's just phenomenal, this building,"
house is its photovoltaic solar cells devices said Sue Defreitias, daycare staff m e m b e r
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On Campus F a r m i n g d a l e Spotlight Student Life

Fall Fun Pinterest

N e w Business School Ideas p. 2
Breaks G r o u n d p. 3
Artist Matt Mahurin
Dr. C i p r i a n i is H o n o r e d Exhibit p. 4
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Senior Art Projects
Gleeson Gets a Facelift p. 5
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B i g Sister Night for New Children's Center at the Route 110
Larkin Swings Into S D T p. 7 entrance
a Great Season p. 8
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The Rambler Student Newspaper Farmingdale State College

Green House Continued from p. 1

A r t i s t M a t t M a h u r i n
store energy but they also produce it. " T h e
future has to start at some point and w h a t ' s the
best place to do this? A college to influence
F e a t u r e d i n H a l e H a l l y o u n g people to m o v e in this direction and
promote clean energy," said Dr. Shahrabi,
D e a n of the School of Engineering Technology
and leader of the project.
By Corinne Dodge
The house sits on Melville R o a d near Laffin
Hall and is directly facing south for the solar
If you love your work, your w o r k will love viewers to pull on certain emotions b y using panels to have optimal exposure to sunlight.
you back. Artist Matt M a h u r i n is a prime shocking and almost disturbing images. " T h e house will have smart appliances
example of doing w h a t he loves. F S C had Mahurin describes himself as a "Story controlled by a smart meter so that the owner
the honor of displaying some of M a h u r i n ' s teller, whether it's through film, illustration, will be able to monitor the house's energy use
artwork at Memorial Gallery in Hale Hall. at any time, in any location," said Kathy Coley,
or a Time magazine cover. I m a k e images to
Mahurin grew up in Los Angeles, and m o v e d tell a story," said Mahurin. director of Communications.
to N e w York after graduating from the Art Gallery Director and Associate Professor But there will be an official opening for
Center College of Design. Since then Mahurin Phillip Simone is delighted to have the the house probably in D e c e m b e r after every
has expanded opportunity to sophisticated detail is in place. Kimberly
his career to w o r k with Mahurin. Gleason, a sophomore studying psychology,
writing, directing, "Matt is a true artist. said, "It is a very noble effort to take on such
cinematography, You can see it in an endeavor to m a k e m o r e people conscious
photography, and the w a y he thinks," about protecting the environment. Plus, since
more. His career said Simone. He the house d o e s n ' t use oil it will help show
has not stopped describes Mahurin A m e r i c a h o w to be independent from foreign
since his first Time as d o w n to earth. oil, w h i c h is very important for our future,"
magazine cover H e ' s excited about said Gleason.
straight out of what he does and The Smart H o u s e a s it is being calledis
college. enjoys doing this " g r e e n " and 100 percent independent from the
Mahurin spent work. grid; that is, it is self-sufficient with respect
over 25 years G e o r g e to energy production. The technology that
doing illustrations F e r n a n d e z , has been integrated into this house can be
for Time, Rolling Assistant Professor integrated into any presently standing home.
Stone, Esquire, and Chairperson H o m e - o w n e r s no longer need an oil burner
and numerous of the Visual or natural gas burner to heat the water in their
other ' premier Communications homes. This h o m e V s o l a r thermal heater will
publications. Department was produce hot water using the sun. It implements
H e has designed enthusiastic about mirrors and lenses to strengthen the rays of the
album covers having Mahurin sun to reach temperatures as high as 3,000
for musicians featured in the degrees. S o m e of the houses w i n d o w s which
around the world gallery. Aware of face the sun will have louver blindswhich
including U2, Mahurin's work are automatic shutters that adjust with the
Metallica, Sting, for m a n y years, changes in luminosity outside.
and Peter Gabriel. Fernandez saw his The Smart H o u s e proudly stands campus
He's released achievements build to represent the ability to build earth-friendly
books, films, and over time. h o m e s on L o n g Island and its addition to the
photographic school and c o m m u n i t y helps popularize the
"Students need
essays throughout use of these avant-garde and indispensable
to be well rounded,"
his career. innovations.
said Fernandez.
M a h u r i n ' s Mahurin is certainly
focus in much well rounded Children Center Continued from p. 1
of his artwork and has lots of
is controversial, experience in m a n y
focusing on different fields. for 17 years.
subjects like His advice for F S C student and parent, Ashley Rosen,
rape, abortion, students looking has used the children's center since 2011. Its
censorship, and oil One of Matt Mahurin s featured illustrations, convenience and flexibility is what prompted
to pursue a
consumption. "Corruption In Iraq " Rosen to enroll her n o w 2-year-old daughter
career in Visual
Creating a m o r e Communications is there. Both are excited about the opening of
than g l o o m y look, M a h u r i n creates intense the daycare center.
to experience M a h u r i n ' s work.
shadowing in his w o r k to enhance a dramatic "It's time for t h e m to have a n e w center,"
M a h u r i n held a lecture and digital d e m o
look. M a h u r i n ' s desire w h e n creating his w o r k said Rosen. "This one has definitely seen its
for students at the gallery opening. H e spent
is to share with others. There's not m u c h fair share of kids."
the evening speaking t o students about his
separation between the w o r k he gets paid to do Raffles and fundraisers are currently
path and love for art.
and the w o r k he does on his own. Sharing the being held to support the opening of the n e w
w a y he perceives the world, he forces others to center in the hope of expanding services to
contemplate his ideas. His intentions are to get offer programs such as " M o m m y and M e "
and holiday care. While m u c h excitement is
involved, leaving the daycare building that has
been h o m e for so long is a m o m e n t that will be
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