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On the cover: Greater Alarm Structure Fire in Sun Valley - By Mike Meadows

Inset LAFD photo by: Harry Garvin

Greater Alarm Structure Fire - Industrial Eastside DTLA

2 November 2017

20th Annual LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament
Firefighters and supporters of the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund dusted off their clubs and took to the fairways at the
stately MountainGate Country Club for the 20th annual event .....06

Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride

The LAFD Fire Hogs and a couple hundred of their closest friends
took to the streets in August for the 19th year to honor those lost
in the line of duty ..............................................................14

Presidents Message .........................................................................05
Annual IAFF Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Rudy Santiago rides out to Colorado Springs .............................17
Battalion News .....................................................................................19
LAFD Handball at Venice Beach
The 2017 9/11 Memorial Tournament .........................................33
The Retired Guys ...............................................................................35
Department in Action .........................................................................36
Memorials ...........................................................................................40
9/11 Ceremonies
At FHMTC, FS 88 and the Hollywood Museum .............................41
LAFD Air Operations
Take a look at the workings of Air Ops ...........................................42
The Partners Championship
LAFD Golf Clubs annual event at Sycuan Resort ..........................44
Station Fridge .......................................................................................47
Mailbox ...............................................................................................48
LAFD History
The Bel Air Fire .............................................................................50
Firefighters First Credit Union .............................................................53
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................54
Classifieds ...........................................................................................57
Fire Station 16 Then and Now .....................................................60

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November 2017 3
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HealthSCOPE Benefits
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4 November 2017
As we move toward the holidays I think its more important now LAFD CEREMONY HONORS FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS
than ever to take time to stop and smell the roses. As firefighters, we deal The LAFD Annual Memorial Ceremony was held Saturday, Oc-
with a lot of death and destruction, and through us, so do our families. tober 14, 2017, at the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum & Memo-
But shocking events like what took place at the concert in Las Vegas last rial in Hollywood. The ceremony was moving and if you werent able to
month, the hurricanes and their aftermath, and the wildfires all around attend this year, Id strongly encourage you to find a way to be at next
the state have no doubt left many of us wondering how to best deal with years event. Those of us in attendance were able to pause to remember
it all. I encourage everyone to seek answers from professionals. We have members of the LAFD who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
an excellent medical plan which includes mental health benefits. You There are 266 names of those who sacrificed their lives engraved
can seek assistance from experts and learn about coping skills which can into the granite wall on the monument and more are being added. Take a
help when things get tough. minute to go online to to view
the New Fallen Firefighters Memorial Wall Interactive Digital Exhibit.
Next month I will provide more details from the Ad Hoc Com- INTRODUCING THE NEW HEALTHSCOPEBENEFITS.COM
mittee and Pension Commission pertaining to the retiree health plans. You may have noticed a new look when accessing the Health-
For now, rest assured, both the committee and the commission have SCOPE Benefits (HSB) website in recent weeks. As part of HSBs con-
agreed that the LAFRA PPO Medical Plan shines. Work continues on tinued investment in customer care excellence, a newly redesigned web-
this front and LAFRA members should know your Board of Trustees, site has been introduced.
our advisors, and your president have your backs and were doing every- The new highlights the unique phi-
thing we can to stay on top of this issue. losophy and approach for delivering custom healthcare solutions, To-
tal Health Management, that has made HSB the leading independent
2017 LAFD INVITATIONAL GOLF TOURNAMENT BRINGS IN $100K third-party administrator in the country.
Once again I want to thank the sponsors, vendors, trustees, vol- If you havent visited the site recently I recommend you do so.
unteers, staff and everyone who participated in this years golf tourna- Access educational information you can use to stay up to date on your
ment held on September 25, 2017, at Mountain Gate Country Club. The benefits, monitor your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), request ID cards,
20th Anniversary event brought in $100,000 and proceeds benefit the and even sign up for electronic transactions.
Widows & Orphans Fund. It was the perfect opportunity to honor Den-
nis Mendenhall, a fallen trustee, someone who was so influential with LAFRAs Open House will be held on Saturday, November 4,
investments and with the time he gave the organization. It was a great 2017 from Noon 4:00 p.m., A Shift. This year Larry Hoerner and Bill
day all the way around - Dennis would have been proud. Bringas, two of the most dedicated, hardworking volunteers this organi-
zation has ever known, will be honored. Larry and Bill have devoted so
ANDY KULJIS HONORED WITH LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD much of their lives to making the organization a huge success. Tour the
The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation honored our own building and enjoy good food and company. No RSVP is required and
LAFRA Secretary Andy Kuljis with a Lifetime Achievement Award on parking is free.
November 2, 2017. The ceremony took place almost 61 years to the date Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
Andy started at the Drill Tower as a new recruit. The ceremony was 7470 N. Figueroa St
held at The Weston Bonaventure Hotel & Suites where many of Andys Los Angeles, CA 90041
family members, friends and co-workers were able to be there to
honor him. For more than three decades, Andy has worked for the LAFD SAVE THE DATE because its not too early to start planning for
and his body of accomplishments make for quite a distinguished ca- this years LA Firemens Relief Association Holiday Party. The theme is
reer. Andy officially retired from the LAFD in 1988 but he has contin- Bringing Back Camaraderie and the event will be held at the JW Marri-
ued serving our members to this day on a full-time basis at LAFRA. ott, LA Live, in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, December 9, 2017
Congratulations Andy! C Shift. Dont miss the festivities.

SUCCESSFUL OVER-THE-LINE TOURNEY Be safe and be kind to each other!

I enjoyed having the opportunity to stop by the 2017 Firemens
Over-the-Line Tournament on October 3, 2017, at Santa Monica Beach.
Thank you Sean Millet and all who helped him put on a great event
which raised funds for the Widows & Orphans Fund. Thanks too to all Robert D. SteinTalker Steinbacher
those who participated, attended and contributed to the fun and worth-
while event. 323.259.5200

November 2017 5
6 November 2017
Ive been writin about and tryin to drum up as much
support as I can for the annual LAFD Golf Tournament that takes
place at the beautiful Mountain Gate golf course. Its really a great
opportunity to come out, enjoy the great weather, meet up with old
friends and help support the Relief Associations Widows, Or-
phans & Disabled Firemans Fund.
As usual, the Relief Association has been kind enough to
let me use a golf cart to drive around the golf course and harass
as many golfers as I can. My favorite target has been Ken Buz-
zell, whos usually known for slicing and dicin the ball, verses
just hittin the ball straight down the fairway. However, this year I
witnessed Kens swing and I have to admit hes either takin some

November 2017 7
8 November 2017
powerful medicine or hes been takin lessons from a golf pro. In
fact, he was lookin a lot like Phil Mickelson! And since Ken was
just voted in as the retired Fire Department representative on our
pension board, I want to ensure my pension checks keep showin
up on time.
So, instead of takin a plethora of pictures showin golfers,
golf carts loaded with beer and snacks to keep those on the course
well hydrated and full of nourishment, I thought the most important
picture, to entice all of you to come out to this event, would be
the accompanying photo of the lunch area. These are TWO In N
Out mobile hamburger trailers that supply you, the golfer, with
unlimited free burgers, soda, chips and some of the best dang choc-
olate chip cookies that will ever pass through your lips enroute to
your stomach.
As always, this event is open to everyone. Whether youre
retired, active or someone who just enjoys swingin a club, you
should come on out and enjoy the experience.
Theres also a number of sponsors, who help support this
great cause. Firemens Brew, Healthscope Benefits, Lewis &
Marenstein, Bradawn Insurance Services and Southwest Value
Partners, plus many, many more. The hole-in-one sponsors were
Hamer Toyota, Vista Ford and Andorra Investment Management.
And even though there were no holes-in-one, Andorras Kurt Stabel
donated the $1000 prize to WODFF.
Many thanks to our Relief Association, the many sponsors
and the host of volunteers that helped make this another successful
event. Also, many thanks to all of you golfers that sacrificed your
day to chase them little white balls around the golf course for an
extremely worthwhile cause.
Remember, mark this event on your calendar for next year
and join in on the fun and camaraderie. Also, if youre real lucky,
Ill mention your name and comment on your game to all those
that read the Grapevine. The negative or positive comments will
be done with the ultimate goal of improvin your game. Look what
Ive done for Ken Buzzell.

November 2017 9
10 November 2017
The fifth hole on the Lake Nine is pretty tough. Its a long
527 yard par five with a water hazard about mid-fairway. Funny
how most every team was able to score birdie or better?!?
Actually, Lake 5 was the popular Beat the Pro hole, where
everyone had a chance to improve their scores with the help of our
in-house pro Chubby Fowler.
Many of you may be familiar with the PGAs Rickie Fowler,
who, on the final day of a golf tournament wears orange in honor of
his alma mater Oklahoma State University. Well, LAFRA Trustee
Mike Sailhammer was only too happy to dress in orange for the day,
to the benefit of the Widows & Orphans Fund.
Heres how it worked: Trustee Dave Peters acted as the
Carnival Barker and rounded up the golfers as they approached
Lake 5. For a mere $20 donation to WODFF, he barked, you can
take our golf pros drive instead of your own, and lay zero. And to
top that, Dave said he would double the donation if any golfer could
beat Cubbys drive
What a deal! Mike AKA Chubby Fowler can really ham-
mer the ball! Many of the duffers were gaining two or three strokes.
While Carny Peters lured them in, his able assistant Hil-
ary Sailhammer swooped in and grabbed the cash. With the combi-
nation of the big fellow in the orange outfit, the carnival clown and
the lovely hostess, the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Fund was the one that really scored!

November 2017 11
Kevin Wright, Gary Gatena, Dale Gant and Terry Manning


Jim DeZallar, Ruben Navarro, Marc Rossello and Mike Monroy


Keith Bandy, Brian Malinofsky, Chris Lavalle and Gabe Lopez


Gary Klasse, Ryan Chance, James Meacham and Hector Amaya

Men Ryan Chance
Women Kate Freeman


Kevin Wright 124

Kevin Rennie

Jim DeZallar, Ruben Navarro, Marc Rossello and Mike Monroy 20 seconds

1ST PLACE - $2500 - Jim Morrow

2ND PLACE HD TV - Jim Dolan
3RD PLACE FitBit & GoPro - Etham Eller
4TH PLACE Amazon Echo - Steve Robinson

12 November 2017
Firefighters First Credit Union
Samer Alaiti, M.D.,
UBS Financial Services, The Princeton Group
OakBrook Investments, LLC
Jeffrey Hirsch, M.D.
Robert F. Meth, M.D., A Medical Corporation
Ronald Carlish, M.D.
Symons Capital Management
Whitmor-WIREnetics & Michael Weiss
Lazard Asset Management Co.
L.A. City Councilmember Joe Buscaino
COR Medical Group, Inc., Jeffrey Caren, M.D.
Alexander Latteri, M.D.
St. James, Inc.
Timothy C. Reynolds, M.D.
U.S. Bank Institutional Trust & Custody
Arnold L. Gilberg, M.D., Ph.D., AME-QME in Psychiatry
Mitchell Silverman, M.D.
Portfolio Advisors, LLC
Arthur E. Lipper, M.D.
Paletz Agatstein Urology Medical Group, Inc.
Los Angeles Police Revolver & Athletic Club, Inc.
Capri Captial Partners, LLC
ABRI Dental, David Abri, DDS
Robert Davidow
Chester Hasday, M.D.
City National Bank
Burbank Podiatry, Dr. Franklin Kase
Laura Wertheimer Hatch, M.D., Inc
Fisher Investments

November 2017 13
14 November 2017
On Saturday, August 26, 2017, a blis- What a day and into the wee hours of Thanks to the major sponsors of the
tering hot summer weekend, close to 300 the next morning we had. From the ceremony Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride including:
participants showed up to honor those lost at the Fire Museum, to the ride along Sunset Carrington Charity Foundation
in the line of duty and their family members. Blvd to Gladstones, along PCH and through the Tom Lindstrom RV of Moorpark
People came from all over California includ- canyons to the Sagebrush Cantina for a Tex- Pelican Products
ing those that came to ride, those that came to Mex buffet, libations, and dancing to the heart Independent Settlement Services
assist, and those that made it to the Sagebrush thumping music of Engineer Jimmy Comos Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services
Cantina for the food, music, comradery, and band - Fullhouse - for their re-union just for us! Consolidated Analytics
great raffle prizes. With more than 80 packages for the raffle and Sagebrush Cantina
What a day and what a successful event live auction. very few walked away without Sam Brown Shields
this was! Successful in the grandest terms: something. I think I had the most fun auction- Anza Hotel
Giving back to our Widows, Orphans, & ing off those live items, what a blast! Thanks Russ Brown Attorneys at Law
Disabled Firefighters and making sure they are to Karen Maga for baking her award winning Rescue Wipes
not forgotten, giving back and showing pride Carrot Cakes which went for almost $100 Straussner & Sherman IOD Lawyers
in the community and fire service family, and each!! Another unsung hero is LAFD Fire Conejo Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
most importantly, the comradery we all share Hog, Jim Vels, who custom painted two of the
within the Fire Hogs and fire service. most beautiful and cherished Fire Helmets that I wanted to also acknowledge those that
LAFD Fire Hogs President Jack Wise I have ever seen. The bidding for those two worked the months leading up to this event for
was the M/C and introduced the LAFD Honor items alone was so intense that the bidders their dedication and hard work without which
Guard as they brought in the Colors. In atten- themselves lost track of who was raising who. we would be lost. Ted Kalnas and Vedamay,
dance at the podium were the board members I wont say how much they went for, cause Taylor and Debbie Gaskin, Raul and Terry Mi-
from all three chapters of the Fire Hogs: The ya had to be there! But its more than this randa, Kurt Williamson, Bob Surgeon, Scott
LAFD Chapter, The LACOFD Chapter, and retired guys makes in a month. Darrel Smith Gill, Jay and Cheryl Freeman who work all
our newest Fire Hog Chapter - the SGVFD was the other winner as the highest bidder for year to improve this event, Anita McKeown
Chapter!! the Fire Hogs Fire Nozzle. Also up for grabs who organizes the LAPD escort, and especially
Retired FF John Lee stepped up to were two FDNY style fire helmets with a Fire Wendy for putting up with me dealing with this
the plate at the last minute and sang the Hog twist that. The competition for these live ride almost daily without one complaint. Jim
National Anthem a cappella as a true profes- auction items was so intense, my voice is still Finn and his staff of the LAFD Historical Soci-
sional. Department Chaplin George Negrete recovering! ety who once again opened up their doors at the
led us in prayers. Jack gave a brief history of Gary Stamison was the lead force in Museum for us. Bagpiper John Keyes, Singer
the 10 Bells, then introduced the widows in motivating fellow Fire Hogs to collect sponsor- extraordinaire John Lee, Chaplin George Ne-
attendance and their families: Amy Moore- ships and was the creator of the Member Chal- grete, Shannon Saffo and his Honor Guard,
man (Dave), Karen Prosser (Darrel), Sylvia lenge. This was a contest that recognized those and FS 27 with their cadets, The LACOFD and
McKnight (Matt), Jeanne Urquiza (Ralph), members that brought in the highest sponsor- SGVFD Chapters of the Fire Hogs, who came
Sandy Marquez (Willy Dunn), Melanie Allen ship each year. Stami won that challenge many in with strong numbers to support this event,
(Glenn), and Valerie Lawrence (John). Each years in a row and as a tribute to him, after his we are so glad you are a part of our Club.
of the wives were presented a flower bouquet. untimely passing, the Member Challenge was Thanks also to shutterbugs Terry Mi-
The Honor Guard then escorted the Mooreman renamed to the Stami Challenge in his honor. randa and Adam Van Gerpen. Theyspent all
family to the podium where they collectively I am happy to say that once again Kurt Wil- day taking pictures and then created photo al-
rang the 10 Bells honoring those lost. John liamson and Bob Sturgeon where the hands bums for all to see at
Keyes finished the 10 Bell part of the open- down winners of the 2017 Stami Challenge! Most importantly thanks to the widows
ing ceremony with his bagpiping skills leaving Thanks to each of you that donated, sponsored, and family members of those lost that showed
nary a dry eye among all these hardened Bikers or purchased items. up to our event. After all it is to their honor we
and Fire Eaters. Between the auctions and raffles, the enjoy this day!
Dignitaries who spoke included Den- dance floor was packed with dancers showing Additionally, a shout out to the Rocky
nis Zine; past City Council Member and police their best moves while the Full House Band Mountain, Old Road, and Top Rocker Chap-
officer, and Robert Steinbacher; LAFRA Presi- kept everyone on their feet with their Rock N ters of the HOG, Iron Spartans, Bella Gypsies,
dent. Missing this year from the dignitary role Roll sets. The staff of the Sagebrush Cantina 911 Riders, and numerous other riders with
was recently patched member of the Fire Hogs got involved by decking themselves in Fire and without Clubs for once again supporting
- Ralph Terrazas. Funny how I made it this year Hog attire and even won some of the raffle our rides.
but Ralph didnt. You never see us in the same prizes during the course of the event. Noth- Our next event is the Hogs Breath
place together . . . makes you wonder? During ing can compare to the Sagebrush Cantina on BBQ and Biker games on October 21, 2017.
these ceremonies, the Fire Hogs presented the a summer afternoon and this day proved no For more info on the Fire Hogs, go to www.
Historical Society a $500 donation to carry on exception, drawing many of their patrons into, or Facebook @ L.A.F.D. Fire
their good work. our event. Hogs, M/C.

November 2017 15
Team Buzzard Bait
21 Annual

Hwy 10

We invite you, your family & friends to Palm Springs



VEHICLE AREA.which is located in EAST SAN DIEGO CO.

WIN C ASH AND PRIZES, in an off-road :::

adventure ride. Bring motorcycles, quads, buggies
or four-wheel drives.
CAMP Blu Inn
LOOK for red and black "B" signs ON HIGHWAY
78 South Side between Split Mountain Rd and the
Blu Inn. Follow green course markers. January 12 - 15, 2018
The family ride will be on Saturday the 13th.
(MLK Holiday weekend)
Raffle starts at 3:00 PM sharp. The ride should MIKE REITMAYER FS 29-C OR CELL 760-822-1641
take about 2-4 hours, figuring out the clues ?????? DOUG WEBER FS 17-C OR CELL 951-453-2520

Fee for the ride will be $20.00 PER PERSON.

All proceeds benefit the

16 November 2017
cious Italian dinner provided by Rose, a mother That evening, when everyone gathers
of an FDNY 9/11 firefighter. Friday we all did downtown to watch the Pipers & Drummers
our own thing but met up again in the evening march down the street, I met a lady who had
for dinner hosted by the IAFF for all firefight- her only brother put on the wall as she told
ers and their families. me. He was a brother from Canada.
Saturday morning arrived with the I gathered up a couple of pipers &
threat of possible showers. But the weather drummers I know and they honored her, her
held and it was a great day for the Fallen Fire- brother and another widow from Canada by
fighter Memorial ceremony. Two of our own, playing Amazing Grace. With tears in our eyes,
Wendy Cummings and Darrayle Prosser, were my brother Fire Hogs, Wind & Fire Brothers
honored by having their names engraved on the and others sitting around gave her hugs and
Jay Freeman, Bill Hazard, Rudy Santiago, comfort.
Rick Semsch and Bennie Orrantia Wall along with 193 others.
Although it is a solemn occasion, it is a Yes, there is beer drinking, music and
beautiful one that all firefighters should attend laughter - isnt that what a wake is about. But
wOn September 12th, a clear and very
at least once. With 354 Pipers & Drummers it is also about remembering those that have
hot day, I climbed on my Harley and headed for
playing Amazing Grace, the line of flags from given the ultimate sacrifice in doing what we
the Annual IAFF Fallen Firefighters Memorial
all of the departments and the many presenters, do.
in Colorado Springs. In three days of travel, I
it gets to you. If you ever travel through The Springs
saw some of the best of the southwest. I rode
In front of me sat a family with their in Colorado, be sure to stop at Memorial Park
through the breathtaking country of the Tonto
young son. He wasnt too interested in the pro- at the corner of E. Pike Peaks Ave and N. Han-
and Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. In
ceedings and was told to behave a few times by cock Ave. You cant miss the towering figure of
Holbrook, AZ I stopped at an old A&W Root
his dad. I looked at his tag and saw that he was a firefighter climbing a ladder. The Walls with
Beer for a frosty mug. Heading up Route 66,
there for his uncle. After the ceremony, I spoke the names are right there. It is a beautiful site.
I passed some of the old, yet still open Native
with the father and mother, and offered my On the 30th of September, our own
American stores that lined the old road before
condolences on their loss. I asked the young state Fallen Firefighters Memorial ceremony
the Interstate opened up.
boy if he was going to grow up to be like his is held in Sacramento. I will be there to honor
Arriving in The Springs (what the lo-
uncle. He smiled shyly and nodded his head. those of our City and State. Hope to see you
cals call Colorado Springs), I met up with my
His parents looked at me and smiled. there too.
fellow Fire Hogs at the host hotel for a deli-

November 2017 17
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Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
18 November 2017 Contact your plan provider to verify.
The crew from FS 3-A trains at landmark Angels Flight

Chief Phillip Fligiel congratulates Donald Dillenberger

on his promotion to Captain at FS 10-A

Hollywood Chamber of Commerces 23rd Annual

Police and Fire Fighters Appreciation Day BBQ

November 2017 19
20 November 2017
Honoring the work and dedication of
Sirens Java & Tea in San Pedro hosted
a Hands-Only CPR event in 112s district.

Task Force 88 after a greater alarm on Tuxford

in Sun Valley. Photo by Kelly Seidel, EPN

November 2017 21


Over 40 years of experience successfully assisting

firefighters in navigating the complexities of modern
workers compensation and personal injury adjudication.
We champion the rights of injured firefighters suffering
from amputations, severe burns, head trauma,
posttraumatic stress disorder, smoke inhalation, cancer
and various orthopedic injuries. This also includes
assistance in maintaining a balance between work
restrictions and work duties.

(818) 830-1910

15545 Devonshire Street, Suite 205

Mission Hills, California 91345


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12521 El Dorado Place,

Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
Fax: 1-800-971-4809

22 November 2017
TF 39 extricated one victim at 13749 Chandler
on 10/8/17. Photo by Kelly Seidel, EPN

On 9/3/17, firefighters found two autos on fire

exposing a commercial bldg. Photo by Rick McClure

Eric Goodwin promoted to Captain I at FS 11-B Daniel Sankey promoted to Captain I at FS 26-B

November 2017 23
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24 November 2017
Jon Patterson promoted to Captain II at FS 11-B Roof fire at a KFC restaurant

The Board of Fire Commissioners recognized Capt I Christopher Stine, Eng Sean Roden, FF Sarah Halpenny,
FF Jaime Perez, FF/PM Timothy Cascario and FF/PM Christian Gunzel of Engine & Rescue 6 for outstanding
performance at an incident. LAFD photo by Jerry Ryba Capt Chris Stine at Harvey

E 475 pulled two people from this fully involved auto

on the 405 Fwy on 9/3/17. Photo by Kelly Seidel

November 2017 25
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phone: visit:
P.O. Box 41903
(800) 244-3439
Los Angeles CA 90041
26 November 2017
Engine 77 handled an auto on 9/8/17.
Photo by Rick McClure

Garage fire at 7865 Denivelle Rd on 9/1/17.

Photo by Rick McClure

Two acres of grass and brush above the Oakridge Mobile

Home Park on 9/14/17. Photo by Mike Meadows

LAFRA volunteer Carrie Konjoyan delivered

pizzas to the crews in Lopez Cyn

November 2017 27
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Sleep & TMJ Disorders 818-300-0070
Michael Simmons, DMD, MSc

Encino Palmdale

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041
phone: visit:
(800) 244-3439

28 November 2017
On 9/21/17, firefighters responded to a T/A
at Vernon and Central. Photo by Rick McClure

Don Green celebrated 34 years on the job with a retirement bash on 8/11/17.
Photos by Yvonne Griffin

November 2017 29
Light Force 78 picks up after a physical rescue

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& Insurance Services Inc.

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need to be RESCUED?
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ready to help while taking on risks that most civilians will never experience.
West Coast Financial & Insurance Services understands this and has solutions for two primary planning issues
that are on the minds of every firefighter:
Contingency Planning
Making sure your family has a defined game plan for any workplace hazards that you may incur.
Retirement Planning
Helping you retire on your own terms with the confidence, resources, and understanding to truly enjoy what
you worked so hard to accomplish.
DROP Planning
Designing your exit startegy, and executing your tax and legacy plans.

Debbie M. Cavanaugh Registered Principal
(949) 766-0887
Securities and Advisory Services offered through Independent Financial Group, Inc. (IFG), a Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC
and Registered Investment Advisor. West Coast Financial & Insurance Services Inc. and IFG are not affiliated.

30 November 2017
On 9/20/17, companies responded to an explosion in the 7500
blk of Sale Ave that damaged five homes. Photos by Steve Gentry

Multi-Agency brush on La Brea on 9/24/17.

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

November 2017 31
Promotion ceremony at FHMTC for 36 members on 9/28/17 held its 18th Annual Public Safety

BBQ on 9/28/17. $5,000 was raised and given to
LAFRAs Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.

The Board of Fire Commissioners recognized Captains Martin Enriquez, Richard Moody, Keith Douglass, Ryan
Ogorman and Adrian Vasquez for their work on the World Police & Fire Games. LAFD photo by Jerry Ryba

32 November 2017
was sponsored by UFLAC, BAMKO, Venice All champions and finalists received
Beach, United States Handball Association, embroidered backpacks, and all players re-
Southern California Handball Association, ceived a shirt with a memorial to the 343 FDNY
West Coast Handball, The City Employees firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice on
Club, and Far West Meats. There was a collec- September 11, 2001.
tion taken to support the victims of Hurricane The annual Turkey Burner Handball
Harvey, which netted $239. LAFD Handball Tournament will be held on the Saturday fol-
matched the collected funds and a donation of lowing Thanksgiving at Los Caballeros, in
$478 was contributed to Direct Relief. Fountain Valley. This tournament is a collabo-
There were 32 teams participating in ration between the United States Handball As-
four divisions: Open, A, B, and C. Captain sociation and LAFD Handball to support youth
Light Force 63 presents the colors Freddie Escobar (UFLAC), with his civilian handball. It is a one day event on November
partner George Mayoral, won the A Divi- 25, 2017, 8:30 4:00. Contact Roy Harvey or
On Saturday, September 9, 2017, sion, which made him the only LAFD player Richard Ramirez for details.
LAFD Handball hosted the Annual 9/11 Me- to win a Division. Escobar made the most im-
morial Handball Tournament. This event was a portant shot of the day, hitting a game winning
huge success, which could not have been possi- ace serve against John Libby in the match that
ble without the support of Fire Station 63. 63s determined who would make the finals.
continued the tradition of cleaning the courts Retired LAFD players Craig Nielsen,
and stands Friday evening, which improves the Gary Maga, Ron Bruno, and Andy Gutierrez
playing surface for the athletes, and makes the played in the tournament, and Tony Wynne
viewing stands sanitary for the families and made a guest appearance for the opening cer-
friends supporting the event. emony and early games. Special thanks to Ge-
This tournament has become very dina Bergstrom of the City Employees Club,
popular with the southern California hand- who sang the National Anthem, and John Libby
ball community including several 3-Wall Na- who lead the flag salute after Light Force 63 Champions and finalists received
tional Champions, who participated. The event members presented the colors. embroidered backpacks

November 2017 33
34 November 2017
In todays world, I dont believe said that while sittin in the chair I would COWBOY HUMOR
theres a right or wrong about anything. absorb, through conduction, the wealth of A guy ridin his Harley
Our actions, good or bad, have now been knowledge needed to be a Capt. II. Really, along the California coast was
categorized as politically correct or po- you mean all that baloney about hittin the suddenly surprised when the
litically incorrect. A recent article in the books and gettin good work assignments sky clouded above his head
Los Angeles Times brought this to my to gain knowledge and experience was a and in a boomin voice God
attention after I read the news about the fairy tale? And even goin to Weck Tech, said, You have tried to be faithful to me
decision of the Los Angeles City Council err, POSCORP, was a waste of my money? in all ways. I will grant you one wish.
to eliminate the name Columbus Day from Say it aint so. The biker pulled over and said,
the City calendar and from the memories I sat in every one of them dang Build a bridge to Hawaii so I can ride
of those livin or workin in the City of Los chairs. Almost fell asleep in one too. Still, over any time I want.
Angeles. Now, if you have plans to move I was never told which one was the magic God replied, Your request is mate-
away from the politically correct environ- chair. It was like I was chasin after Black rialistic; think of the enormous challenges
ment thats made Los Angeles what it is Beards chest of buried pirate gold, but for that kind of undertakin. Think of the
today and you think a move to Seattle, Al- different. supports required to reach the bottom of
buquerque or Denver would clear youre Well, fast forward a few years and the Pacific Ocean and all the concrete and
sinuses, well, dont bother. These cities them old hand built chairs have been re- steel it would require. God continued,
have also done the same. placed with comfortable Lazy Boy Take a little more time and think of some-
So, over the objections of Italian chairs. One of the current Captains at 14s thin that would help all mankind.
American civic groups, the City Council got in touch with Bob Munoa and had one The biker thought about it for some
made the second Monday in October a day of them torture racks sent to his house for time and finally said, God, I wish that I
in Los Angeles to commemorate indig- a keepsake. and all men could understand women. To
enous, aboriginal and native peoples. And wouldnt you know it, the chair know how she feels inside, what shes
The next day, stuffed inside my sent to Bobs house is supposedly the one I thinkin when she gives me the silent treat-
newspaper, I found a Macys ad an- didnt sit in. I thought I was done with this ment and how I can make a woman truly
nouncin a ginormous Columbus Day treasure hunt. happy.
sales event. I knew my wife would be ex- God replied, You want two lanes
cited to read all about the big sale items or four on that bridge?
but I didnt want her to be reminded about AC
or saddened by what Chris had done some KEEP SMILIN!
500 years ago. So I quickly grabbed my
spray can of white out and retitled the
Im sure youre aware that Hill- Seeking applicants for the position of:
ary Clinton has a new book out titled FIRE CAPTAIN Part-Time Paid $15.50 hr.
What Happened. That got me thinkin
that maybe I should write a book about Studying For Promotion to Captain? Retired? Retiring?
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Dont just study the books, do the job!

my failed attempt at my Captain IIs in- As a volunteer Fire Captain, you will gain valuable experience mastering all aspects of managing a
terview and share that disaster with the Fire Station and Incident Command. You will be in charge of responding to 911 calls on a Type I
world. However, my book title will be just Engine, Incident Command and personnel management. You have a successful Firefighting career,
this is an opportunity to give back to those who are trying to establish their career. You will be
a bit different. My book will be What responsible for training the next generation of Firefighters.
Happened?(with a question mark) The Department consists of 90 volunteer Firefighters and Firefighter Paramedics providing the 911
Bill Finn told me the key to success service to the community. 70% accomplish their goal of becoming a professional Firefighter each
in passin the Capt. IIs interview was to
Five (5) years of experience as a Fire Officer, Engineer, Firefighter or Firefighter Paramedic
simply sit in one of them back breakin required.
TV chairs at FS 14. In fact, it was told to Continuous Hiring Phone: (562) 694-8283 x326

me so often that I actually believed it. He Fire Chief Doug Graft, LAFD Ret. & Assistant Fire Chief Ron Myers, LAFD Ret.

November 2017 35
Sun Valley
Photos by Mike Meadows, Rick McClure and Kelly Seidel

Nearly 100 firefighters battled a greater alarm fire

that ravaged a 14,000 square foot building in the 11600
block of Tuxford Street on September 25, 2017. The inferno
caused caused $4 million damage to a deluxe door and hard-
ware business and sent one LAFD firefighter to the hospital
with non-life threatening injuries.

36 November 2017
November 2017 37
Industrial Eastside DTLA
Photos by Yvonne Griffin, and LAFD Photos by Harry Garvin

38 November 2017
It took 14 companies less than two hours to squelch
flames at a paper recycling firm just off South Santa Fe Ave.
The fire erupted in densely stored bales of recycled paper
stacked tall within and near a 14,000 square-foot industrial
building in the 2400 block of Porter Street on October 5, 2017.

November 2017 39
Richard D. Dickens, Engineer. Appointed January 24, 1949.
Retired on a service pension February 1, 1976 from FS 13-A. Passed away September 11, 2017.

Jack Vander-Laan, Firefighter II. Appointed March 10, 1962.

Retired on a service pension July 2, 1982 from Arson C. Passed away September 14, 2017.

Wayne A. Havron, Captain I. Appointed June 3, 1989.

Actively on duty from FS 51-B. Passed away September 23, 2017.

Herbert M. Bruin, Captain. Appointed April 18, 2059.

Retired on a service pension May 15, 1994 from FS 8-A. Passed away September 28, 2017.

Jack C. Baxter, Captain. Appointed December 19, 1955.

Retired on a disability pension June 29, 1980 from FS 24-C. Passed away September 30, 2017.

Ralph G. Nelson, Captain I. Appointed March 10, 1962.

Retired on a disability pension April 12, 1996 from FS 48-A. Passed away October 4, 2017.

Richard E. Gault Jr., Engineer. Appointed December 2, 1947.

Retired on a service pension January 1, 1978 from FS 3. Passed away October 9, 2017.

William D. Rose, Captain. Appointed February 4, 1961.

Retired on a disability pension January 18, 1979 from OCD A. Passed away October 9, 2017.

Ray L. Johnson, Engineer. Appointed September 23, 1957.

Retired on a service pension July 24, 1983 from FS 93-B. Passed away October 10, 2017.

Anthony Lapalio, Firefighter III. Appointed April 2, 1975.

Retired on a disability pension October 12, 2000 from FS 40-B. Passed away October 11, 2017.

Kimberly K. Kjorpien, surviving spouse of Robert L. Kjorlien, passed away September 19, 2017.
Virgina E. Nelson, surviving spouse of Theodore M. Nelson, passed away September 19, 2017.
Mary E. Tolley, surviving spouse of Don T. Tolley, passed away September 21, 2017.
Sidette Havron, spouse of Wayne A. Havron, passed away September 23, 2017.
Doris E. Gilliland, surviving spouse of William Gilliland, passed away September 27, 2017.
Doris A. Nash, spouse of John W. Nash, passed away September 28, 2017.
Louis Gault, spouse of Richard E. Gault Jr., passed away October 5, 2017.

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40 November 2017
A 20-foot column from the World Trade Center stands outside
FHMTC. Here once again, Department members joined with the com-
munity and local officials to commemorate the attacks that occurred on
September 11, 2001.
In Hollywood, members of the LAFD Historical Society and fire-
fighters, both active and retired, raised the stars and stripes during the an-
nual 9/11 memorial program at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Plaza.
In Sherman Oaks, Fire Station 88 held a public memorial cer-
emony in observation of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
The site houses a 750-pound piece of the World Trade Center rubble and
100-pound piece of limestone from the Pentagon.
The years continue to pass since our nation was savagely at-
tacked. But while time moves forward, it in no way lessens the resolve
of firefighters who loudly pledge: We Shall Never Forget!

November 2017 41
The Air Operations Section started in tion of safer operations as having pilots flying PILOT PROGRAM
1962 with one Bell 47 helicopter and has grown too many different types of aircraft was a safety Pilots endure a rigorous 4 year train-
to the robust operation it is today. With a daily concern. The AW139 offers safety margins and ing program to become a Pilot III. Any LAFD
staff of 14 members on platoon duty and four power that supersedes that of the Bell 412. If member with four years on the job that has 100
special duty staff, the section responds to wild- one engine fails on this twin engine aircraft hours of experience flying rotorcraft and hav-
land fires, hoist rescues, air ambulances, major during an operation, it can most likely com- ing a private pilot certificate can apply for the
incidents requiring command/recon from the plete the operation on the last engine and safely Pilot I exam. f promoted to Pilot I after an in-
air, and aircraft emergencies at Van Nuys air- make a landing. terview and three whole score, the member will
port. Utilizing not only our state of the art he- begin up to one year at LAPDs flight training
licopter fleet, but technologies such as night vi- at Hooper Heliport (Piper Tech). This is state
FLEET sion and scene illumination, air operations can of the art training that teaches the member ev-
The LAFD currently flies two different assist ground operations and enhance safety. erything from basic ground school aerodynam-
aircraft. Our medium (Type II) water dropping For a command and recon platform the ics to emergency procedures in the Bell 206 Jet
aircraft are Augusta Westland 139. We just took LAFD utilizes two Bell 206s (Fire 6 & 7). Ranger.
delivery of our fourth AW139 and retired the While Fire 7 is primarily for training, Fire 6 is After successfully completing the
last Bell 412. This was a huge step in the direc- often utilized as the HLCO ship, offering criti- LAPD training the member will be assigned to
cal information to incident commanders.

42 November 2017
B Platoon Pilot IV Lance Messner members. The crew consists of a Captain I,
C Platoon Pilot IV Dan Child A/O and FF on CRASH 114, and an engineer
and FF on Foam 114.
Air Operations has four flight para- HELITAC
medics assigned to each platoon who rotate be- Members assigned to FS 90 pull dual-
tween the Air Ambulance and Rescue 90 duty as helitac crew members for Air Opera-
as the back-up flight crew. They operate tions. These members will respond to Air Op-
with an expanded scope of practice and erations for brush fires and high-rise responses
with additional life support equipment. with the Airborne Task Force. All members as-
Most incidents require the flight para- signed to FS 90 are expected to become Level 2
medic to be inserted via hoist cable from helitac certified. Some go on to obtain Level 1
the helicopter and perform medical as- certification and are able to be part of the crew
sessments/treatment while packaging the during a hoist operation.
patient for transport without support. In Obtaining your Level 2 certification can
addition to all helicopter rescue and inter- take up to one year as you must have opera-
facility transport of critical patients need- tional knowledge of all City and some County
ing higher levels of care, helitac operations helispots. These members will be dropped off
are also performed. Diversity of incidents at a helispot by one of the helicopters and will
include river and hoist rescues, high-rise then set up all the hose for a filling operation
firefighting, and animal rescue. supported by an engine company. If the opera-
tion goes on long enough, other members from
AIRCRAFT RESCUE & FS90 will then bring out a fuel tender for the
FIREFIGHTING (ARFF) aircraft and conduct hotfuel operations to
Crash and Foam 114 started as RIV keep the aircraft going.
90 and Foam 90 at Fire Station 90 in the
1956 when the firehouse was built to COMMAND STAFF
provide ARFF service for the Van Nuys The Air Operations Section is led by
Airport. RIV 90 was staffed by a CI, A/O a three command staff and one support staff.
and FF. When an alarm came in, Foam On, July 9, 2017 B/C Rick Combs and Cap-
90 would respond with the engineer tain II Adam Knabe took command of the sec-
from E290 and a FF from 90s, and the tion. They work closely on a daily basis with
rest of Task Force 90 would respond as long time experienced Pilot V Scot Davison.
well. Together they administratively run the overall
In May 2008, newly built Fire Station operations for both the helicopter program and
114 was opened and became the home the ARFF. Assisting them in their administra-
of LAFD Air Operations. The station tive duties is Administrative Clerk Priscilla
also housed Crash and Foam 114. LAWA Letona. During emergencies requiring a heli-
(Los Angeles World Airports) fully fund- copter coordinator (HLCO), Chief Combs or
ed Crash & Foam 114 to service the Van Captain Knabe will be filling that roll from one
Nuys Airport with two apparatus and five of the command helicopters.

a platoon duty assignment at Air Ops where he/

she will continue their pilot training and also
become certified as a Level I Helitac member.
The member will then continue with another
200 hours of LAFD training in three phases
which will teach the member mountain flying
and water dropping. After the pilot completes
their Pilot II training, they will be sent to
AW139 school and go through the certification
process to fly the medium helicopters. Once a
member is fully capable to fly both helicopter
platforms on every type of mission, they are
promoted to Pilot III.
Each platoon has a Pilot IV in com-
mand of flight operations. Today the Pilot IVs
leading their commands are:
A Platoon Pilot IV Dennis Ward

November 2017 43
We had 93 of the LAFDs finest active came out on top. In the C and D flight, the I would like to thank the board mem-
and retired golfers, plus five guests meet at the team of Mike Proffitt, Joe Zabalza, Jeff Haas, bers for all of their help during the tournament.
Sycuan Resort in El Cajon for the LAFD Golf and Bill Aaron were the winners. As you can Also, I would like to thank Dale Gant, Joe
Club Annual Partners Championship. As per see in the final results below, Bill and Jeff had Castro, Gary Mannan, Andy Vidovich, Gary
the usual we had our LAFD Golf Club Annual quite a tournament. Klasse, and Mark Zizi for their assistance with
membership meeting following the first day of Congratulations are in order for two of the HorseRace Derby.
golf that included a great barbeque lunch. our Senior members. On Tuesday at the Oak The club would like to thank Jason
We play two-man teams playing three Glen Course we had two players shoot under Schneider of Sycuan Resort and Kevin Wright
different formats, on three different courses, in their age. Gary Klasse, age 76, shot a smooth of Morgan Stanley for their generous donations
four handicapped member flights and one guest 73 and Pat Conlin, age 77, had a great 75. for our raffle at the annual membership meet-
flight. This year we stayed on campus all three This year we made a bit of a comeback ing.
days. The three formats played were: scramble with the number of players. I think we lost of Congratulations to all the winners and
played on Willow Glen, best-ball played on the few players due to injury, but heres hoping that thank you to the members for supporting this
Oak Glen course, and Pinehurst (modified al- those that couldnt make it this year will make tournament that celebrated its 46th year. A
ternate shot) played on the Willow Glen course. it back next year. Also, if you active members good time was had by all and I hope to see you
It is a true team format in that you are really had as good a time as I think you had, I hope again next year.
relying on the good play of your partner. For you spread the word and get more players next
those of you that are prospective members, this year.
is considered by the membership as our best
tournament of the year.
In the A flight, the team of Todd Shi-
raiwa and newly elected Tournament Director
Ryan Chance squeaked by the 2nd Place of
Paul Gamez and Dan Costa by .3 strokes to win
Low Net. There was a three-way tie for first
Low Gross at 215 with Todd Tsujimura and
Falo Tiumalu winning on a card off.
In the B flight, the team of the Mike
Monroy and Brad Grossman easily won both A Flight Gross Champions A Flight Net Champions
the Net and Gross Flights. Todd Tsujimura and Falo Tiumalu Todd Shiraiwa and Ryan Chance
In the C flight, the team new mem-
bers Ray Gallegos and Lee Jabbora were sur-
prise winners as Net Flight Champions, and
Joe Luna and Buddy Pacheco won the Gross
In the D flight, Bill Aaron and Jeff
Haas won both the Net and Gross flights.
This year is the first time weve had a
guest flight. Three teams consisted of one mem-
ber and one guest, and one team of two guests.
B Flight Net Champions C Flight Gross Champions
Our hope is to grow the guest flight. Winning
Mike Monroy and Brad Grossman Joe Luna and Buddy Pacheco
the Net Flight was member Leo Leon and guest
Bruce Clark, and member Bill Thost and guest
Felix Padron winning the Gross Flight.
The second day of the tournament pro-
vides some real entertainment at the Horserace
Derby. This format is made up of the six lead-
ing teams in each flight. The remainder of the
field, and the participants, then make pari-
mutuel bets on their picks of the best teams.
This year the A and B flight and the C and
D flight played in four-man teams. In the A C Flight Net Champions D Flight Net Champions
and B flight, the team of Mike Monroy, Todd Lee Jabbora and Ray Gallegos Jeff Haas and Bill Aaron
Tsujimura, Falo Tiumalu and Brad Grossman

44 November 2017
1st Place AB Flight Horserace: Mike Monroy, Brad Grossman, 1st Place CD Flight Horserace: Tournament Chair Noel Murchet,
Todd Tsujimura, and Falo Tiumalu Joe Zabalza, Jeff Haas, Mike Proffitt, and Bill Aaron

November 2017 45
On September 15, 2017, the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation held a breakfast honoring the women of the LAFD. The following were
honored as LAFD Female Pioneers: Rosa Mercado, Kristina Kepner, Kris Larson and Kristin Crowley. The M/C was Wendy Burch of KTLA and the key-
note speaker was Christine Simmons, President and COO of the Los Angeles Sparks. LAFD Photo by Gary Apodaca

The Aesthetic Center and Medical Wellness
24554 Hawthorne blvd., Torrance, California 90505

We are proud to announce The Aesthetic Center and Medical Wellness services

The Aesthetic Center provides In-Network Preferred Providers for those with
Anthem Blue Cross PPO insurance
Los Angeless Firefighters with Accepting most PPO insurance plans
fully integrated medical and Family Medicine and Concierge Services
wellness services. Complete wellness and executive physical exams
Male and Female hormone balancing
Lab draws and Boston Heart blood testing
Evaluations for Sleep Studies
Full service skin care and aesthetic services
(Botox, Fillers, laser treatments, peels and facials)
Free consultations

All Firefighters and their families will receive a

10% discount on all Aesthetic Treatments.

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46 November 2017
November 2017 47
cue. They used whatever they could find
Send your letters & comments to the editor at: to move people blocks away to staged
ambulances. People drove up in pickups,
SUVs, Uber cars, luxury cars - ignoring
the PDs orders to stay out. Why? All to
help save the lives of complete strangers.
Once we were all reunited, we
could take a deep breath of relief again.
After all the emotions had settled, I real-
ized something that Ive always known.
My dad, my hero, put complete strangers
Dear Mayor Garcetti, to rest in peace. before himself. But this is nothing new, as
Thank you for your public service a veteran captain of the LAFD for over 30
My wife and I were at the Route 91 and being a true friend. years, he just snapped into action. I can
concert last night in Las Vegas. You have a only feel incredible pride for what they did
LAFD hero named Michael Mandahl who Larry Lecuyer, LAPD (ret) in those moments. Instead of running from
was at the event. We were hunkered down the danger, they stayed to help in an act of
during the shooting. Michael dove under pure heroism.
the bleachers with my wife and me with Dear Juliet:
his girlfriend. He kept saying that he had Justin Kalnas
to go help. He placed the care of his girl- The LAFD Invitational Golf Tour- LACoFD, FS 26-C
friend with us and walked into the heat of nament was a lot of fun and one of the
battle. He left with nothing but blue jeans, best run/managed golf tournaments Ive
boots and t-shirt to protect himself. While participated in. And thats saying a lot LAFRA-
others were running away from the bul- since Ive played in tournaments all over
lets hailing down on us all, Michael ran the country. Lastly thanks for putting Dick [Gault] was a wonderful cook.
into the hailstorm to help others. We were Gayle [Sonoda] in our group! Good per- I have pleasure of working with him at old
lucky to be reunited with this amazing son, fun to be with, and really good golfer. Fire Station 3 under LAFD headquarters
young man before the night was over. He Juliet if I won the $2,500 dollars for the in the late 60s. I remember one time he
no longer had his belt or his t-shirt . . . they ball drop, Im donating it to the cause! made this wonderful dessert in a giant pan
were used to save peoples lives. Michael for our crew of 24 men. Somebody cored
is an American hero who saved lives in Las Thanks again, the dessert and when Dick saw it, he im-
Vegas on October 1, 2017. Please honor mediately dumped all of it down the sink.
this young man. The rest of the world Rudy B. Medina I dont remember anybody else ever mess-
demands it. President, SoCal Market, US Bank ing with his cooking again.
He was also a great bricklayer on
Love, his days off and built a fireplace for me. It
Dear Grapevine Editor: is sad to see him go because he was one of
Scott Moreland the good guys and everybody liked work-
Carson City, NV My wife received a text from my ing with him.
dads girlfriend that they were OK. Not
knowing what she was talking about, we Dal Howard
LAFRA- turned on the news and realized there was
a mad man shooting at the Route 91 Fest.
Richard Dickens and I were neigh- We later found out that once the Dear Relief Assn,
bors in Simi Valley. We shared a valued shooting ceased, they did something I
relationship, as I was on the LAPD. I im- didnt want to believe, but expected, Richard Dickie Gilmore and I met
mediately recognized him as being a true, they stayed to help. In the moments after in 1973 when I promoted to Auto Fireman
seasoned firefighter. He had my utmost re- the shooting they stayed in the hot zone at old 17s on the C, aka the Fun Shift.
spect as a firefighter. to treat over 30 victims. They pulled to- Little did I realize what a cast of characters
The passage of time and both of our gether whatever supplies they could find I would get to work with. Dickie was a big
relocations at retirement to out of state ar- and made it work. The LVPD wouldnt let guy and strong as the proverbial ox, along
eas, separated our companionship. I have the ambulances inside to transport because with being a skilled truckman. His nick-
thought of him and his wife many times of the active shooter, yet these individu- name was Mongo from the character in
during our separation. The time has come als came together as one to treat and res- Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles.
48 November 2017
While 17s wasnt that busy, when
we got a fire it was a big one. The one that
stands out is the Star Truck Warehouse
that started with the detonation of unstable
chemicals. The explosion was so large,
33s responded on a still alarm. Dickie
was talking with his wife on the Grapevine
and just dropped the phone and got on the
truck. What must have gone through his
wifes mind?

Rick Watters
Agoura Hills Protect Those
LAFRA- with Special Needs
I am sorry to hear of the passing of Firefighter Justin Mendence set up a special needs trust to ensure his
Larry Thomas. He was a mentor to me in
my early years with the LAFD. He was the son and entire family is taken care of in the best manner possible.
backbone of Truck 98 for many years and
I learned a lot from him. You want to think everybodys going to take care of your kid because
I enjoyed his sense of humor and
the many fishing trips we went on togeth-
er. Our condolences to Caroline and the
If I handwrite a will,
everybody loves him, but unless you have a plan in placeyoure planning
to fail. Leaving it to chance is not in me and my wifes vocabulary.
Bruce and Debbie Galien
isnt that
A Special good
Needs Trust enough?
Helps You:
LAFRA- Set up long-term funding for living expenses & care
Jack [Gamrat] was my running Determine who will be the primary caregiver
mate for the past 40+ years and we were
pretty much inseparable. We did it all: raft- Create an advisory group of experts to help caregivers make
ing, skiing, hunting, clamming, dirt bike sound decisions
riding, Harley riding, sailing, auto rac-
ing, boating, dune buggying, fishing and Ensure your childs assets are protected & well-managed
MANY other adventures.
I worked for and with Jack at many Ensure your child maintains eligibility for special services
assignments. I will always remember the
Drill Tower. He was a natural leader and a
role model for many.
I sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that my son is set up for his
I would like to thank his son Mark entire life, Justin said.
and his wife Ione for taking an important
roll in his later life. Jack was an older
brother for me and will be missed very

R.I.P. Mi Amigo

Randy Laur
Whether you care for a child or adult with special needs or not,
everyone should consider setting up an estate plan. Ask for a
Getting Started Kit today by emailing Relief Association
Development & Marketing Director Marlene Casillas at or calling (323)November
259-5217. 2017 49
Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

The Bel Air Fire 56 Years ago November 6, 1961

Franks note: If you have been reading my No- gusting up to 100 mph in the midst of the blaze, structed San Diego Freeway. The fire spread to
vember Grapevine articles for the past years, while the Santa Ana winds were averaging 65 Brentwood and down Kenter Avenue, extend-
you know I write something about the Bel Air mph. The fire moved southeast from Mulhol- ing into Mandeville Canyon and through the
Fire and add some of my personal experiences. land Drive, moved down Stradella, and then Santa Monica Mountains.
Those of you who have been on the LAFD for whipped its way down Roscomare Road. The In the early hours of Nov. 7, all off-
30 plus years have had many memorable ex- fire front had not arrived, but the 65 mph winds duty Los Angeles City firemen were recalled.
periences both good and bad. Most of us re- were carrying burning brands for miles, and as The LA County Fire Department provided six
member those incidents that had a significant they landed on the then- common wood shake engines, six camp crews, and provided addi-
impact on us. This one is certainly one of mine. roofs of the 1950s-era homes, they ignited. tional resources to staff empty City stations,
Sunday, Nov. 6, 1961, was hot and Chief Henry Sawyer, division com- as did many other surrounding fire agencies.
windy in Los Angeles. The notorious Santa mander of the Mountain Patrol, knew it was vi- 250 National Guard soldiers were put into ac-
Ana winds were blowing, and the cold that tal to get a good overview of the massive blaze. tion to support the LAPD, as looting became
most of the country was feeling was notably The LAFD had ordered its first helicopter, but a concern. The city put into effect the recently
absent in the City of Angels. At Fire Station it had not yet arrived. Undaunted, the chief re- passed State Disaster Law that permitted on-
92 on Pico Boulevard, four bells noted the ar- quested the use of a local news helicopter and the-spot arrest of any unauthorized person in a
rival of a teletype from headquarters, noting the flew above the fire the first use of a helicopter disaster zone. The massive evacuation that took
day would be considered a high hazard day as a command observation platform. place was the largest in the citys history. 300
in the Santa Monica Mountains. In the Santa Within a few hours, the flames jumped police officers helped guide 3,500 residents out
Monica Mountains on the morning of No- Sepulveda Boulevard and the newly con- of Bel Air.
vember sixth, the Santana winds were ranging
between 25 and 50 miles per hour with even
stronger gusts. Relative humidity had dropped
to four percent. A fire Danger Index employed
by the U.S. Forest Service which integrates
wind velocity, temperature, and relative humid-
ity with a measurement of vegetation moisture
indicated an extreme 98 on a scale that ranges
from zero to one hundred.
At 8:15 a.m., the Van Nuys Signal Of-
fice received a telephone call from a construc-
tion crew about burning brush at the northern Actor Robert Taylor evacuating his home in Man-
end of Stone Canyon on the Sherman Oaks deville Canyon. Taylor and neighbors donated a
side of Mulholland Drive. Within a few min- Service Utility to the LAFD in thanks for saving
utes, additional calls came into the West Los the homes. That vehicle now belongs to the LAFD A ridge top road after the fire had passed
Angeles and Westlake Signal Offices. As the Historical Society and is located at Old FS 82. with total destruction. LA Times photo
first fire companies left quarters and headed
up toward Stone Canyon, the Van Nuys Signal
Office received a radio report of a significant
loom-up. Within minutes, the first battalion
chief had arrived on scene. The fire was already
cresting the top of Stone Canyon and moving
west at great, wind-driven speeds.
At 0830 a major emergency was de-
clared. The fire had by now overrun the upper
Stone Canyon reservoir and was moving un-
controlled into the expensive community of
Bel Air. Incoming companies were deployed
along Chalon, Chantilly, and Roscomare Road,
several of the more populated streets within the
Bel Air community. Within five hours, the en-
tire A Platoon of the LAFD had been recalled A desperate battle in structure protection by
to duty (it was a B Platoon day). The wind was Engine Company 28 Crown Hi-Pressure rig.
50 November 2017
Firefighters trying to cut the fire off LAFD HISTORY BEL AIR REVISITED
Some 40 years later, after an article in
the Times written about the fire by Cecilia Ras-
mussen, I received a call from a man who lived
in the house Engine 92 was trying to save on
Roscomare. He saw a picture in the article of
Engine 92 in front of the house (I was inside in
the attic with a hose line). The man who called
was Rob Barry and he invited me to meet his
family and to see the house 45 years later. I
took him up on the offer and with great antici-
pation drove up Roscomare to the house. It was
amazing! For one thing we saved more of
the house than I thought. Robs father had the
house rebuilt with minor modifications and it
looked much the same as it must have before
the fire hit it. Robs brother John and mother
were there, she was 91 years old when I visited.
The boys were both in grade school on the day
of the fire. They all had unbelievable stories to
tell of what they went through.
Today the LAFD Historical Society
(LAFDHS) has the original Engine 92, the
1958 Seagrave that engineer Hopkins drove to
the fire. I took Hopkins to see his old rig, and
Actress Zaza Gabor digging E 92 fighting the fire at Roscomare and Anzio. he told me that when he was moving the rig at
through the ruins of her home. Photo by LAFD photographer Frank Manwarren the fire by himself that day, a hot power line
fell on the front of the rig. He knew not to get
By the middle of the day on Nov. 7th, LAFD) discussed a plan. The plan was to drive out and he needed to relocate fast, so he drove
2,500 firefighters were battling the blaze and through the fire, which we did. When we got through the wire as it arced and sparked. He
were finally making progress. By 3 p.m. the out the other side, our hose had dozens of small showed me the crease on the front of the rig
winds began to die down. Occasional bursts of smoldering burn holes from the embers and the that is still there today as a mark of the battle.
wind blew hotspots upslope back toward Mul- leg of my dungaree pants was on fire. The fire Two of our LAFDHS volunteers, retired engi-
holland Drive. With bulldozers, backfires, and was moving very fast when we met the chief neers Mark Howell and Tim Griffin, have been
borate drops, firefighters worked to contain the on the ridge, and it seemed like night as the sun working on the rig for many months making
blaze. Not until the morning of Nov. 8 did they was covered by heavy black smoke. We were repairs, installing new and rebuilt parts, paint-
reach containment. told to try to get ahead of the fire and protect ing and polishing to get it in running condition.
the structures, the majority of which had wood
REMEMBERING THE BEL AIR FIRE shingle roofs and were burning blocks at a time.
FRANK BORDEN, LAFD RETIRED Many of the streets had no water so we used
On Nov. 6, 1961, I was a two-year fire- our tank and a few times our axe and hayward
man working at Fire Station 92 on Pico Boule- to pull burning shingles from the roofs that
vard in West Los Angeles. We had a beautiful had just ignited. While we were on one roof,
1958 Seagrave engine, Shop No. 60013, at the we and even the rig in the street were hit
time. It was already warm that morning, with with a borate drop from a low flying air tanker.
a Santa Ana wind blowing from the northeast I still have my old helmet with some borate in
one of those days when you knew you were it. We traveled from block to block and house
going to have some action. We were about to to house using the hit and run technique, sav-
have our 8 a.m. lineup at the front of the ap- ing many homes from total destruction. One
paratus floor when we looked up and saw the of the houses we tried to save was located at
huge loom-up coming from the Santa Monica Roscomare and Anzio. The wood shingle roof
Mountains right in front of us. We didnt wait was well involved and the fire was in the attic.
for the dispatch as Capt. Jack Skinner told us to Each of use took a line to protect exposures and
suit up and respond. Engineer Gene Hoppy I went in with a line to work on the attic fire.
Hopkins started the rig as Vince Cortazzo, Bill After several minutes in the attic crawl hole,
Stephens, and I jumped on the tailboard for one engineer Hopkins came in and told me to get
of the most memorable shifts we ever had on out because the roof was about to collapse. We
the Department. Fireman Jack Holman would both ran for the front door when the roof came
respond and join up with us later. This was the down. We had made it to the entry way and a
day of the Bel Air fire. large chandelier came crashing down between
As we approached the fire we encoun- us. I still thank Hoppys spirit today for coming
tered flames blowing horizontally across the to get me. That evening we wound up some-
road in front of us. The rig stopped and we where in Brentwood putting out roof fires and John, one of the brothers, sifting through the smol-
watched from the tailboard as Skinner and structures after the burning embers had landed dering ruins of the house finding his Bingo game
Hopkins (both experienced veterans of the west and south of the Sepulveda pass.
November 2017 51
CONCLUSIONS with nearly 60 attendees made up of Marines
As a result of the Bel Air Disaster, the and friends of the Corps. This will be the 26th
City of Los Angeles was able to initiate a series year that the LAFD members who are former
of fire safety policies and several laws, includ- Marines have put on the program and it will
ing the outlawing of wood shake/shingle roofs. be bigger than ever. There will be people from
The Brush Clearance program was initiated the Corps, members from the other branches
and today, the City of Los Angeles has one of of the military and other friends of the Corps
the most stringent policies designed to create there along with combat veterans sometimes
defensible space around homes. from as far back as WWII. Many military items
Most importantly, the disaster that was will be on display. Breakfast will be a special
Fire Station 71 hosted the 50th Anniversary
November 6, 1961 could occur again. A wind- treat of military style fresh made S.O.S on mili-
Remembrance of the Bel Air fire
driven wildfire is unique when it comes to fire- tary trays and a raffle will take place with some
fighting. It is a co-conspirator with the weather EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS great gifts. Sgt. Major Bill Staples will again be
and fuel, and is difficult to predict relative to the MC along with Master Sgt. Dave Navarro.
direction, speed, and intensity. Only with con- MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY Program starts at 0800 hrs.
tinuing cooperation of homeowners, following The LAFD Historical Society has the
the law with regard to brush clearance, defen- honor of hosting the U.S. Marine Corps 242nd
sible space overall, and understanding the con- Birthday at the Hollywood Museum on No-
cept of Ready, Set, Go to evacuate when a vember 10th. Last year was a great success
disaster strikes, can the tragedy of the Bel Air
fire be avoided in the future.

Marine Corps Major Rusnock was a testpPilot

Old Engine 92 restored by Mark Howell and Tim in the F35 Lightning. He is now a Lt. Colonel
Griffin. It actually still runs and drives well with his own command of aircraft.

The Hollywood Museum is

Calendar for NOVEMBER 2017 located in Old Fire Station 27 at 1355
No. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90028.
The Harbor Museum is located in San
Pedro City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San
Pedro CA 90731.
Anyone interested in joining our
great cause by becoming a member, or
volunteering to work, or make a donation
of money or an LAFD item may contact
us by mail:
LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we
are currently staffed part time, so leave
a message and we will return your call.
The fax number is 323-464-7401. Our
E-mail is: Web
site at If you want
to look at some great LAFD history check and check the LAFD
web site for information and events at We look forward to
hearing from you and seeing you at the

The Los Angeles Fire Department

Historical Society is a non-profit 501 (C)
(3) organization.

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat
52 November 2017
Fraud continues to be on the rise tentially impacting approximately 143 What does all of this mean to
from ID theft, cyber-criminal activity, million U.S. consumers. Criminals you? Unfortunately, due to the infor-
to network intrusions. Recently, we exploited a U.S. website application mation compromised from the data
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nounced a cybersecurity incident po-

November 2017 53
September 6, 2017

CALL TO ORDER Peters led the flag salute. that Gayle Sonoda, Steve Domanski and
Steve Ruda will be attending.
President Bob Steinbacher called the RATIFICATION OF MINUTES
meeting of the Board of Trustees of the EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Bob Steinbacher stated that the minutes
to order at 11:00 a.m. for July and August will be ratified at the 1) Todd Layfer referred to the Golf
October Board meeting. Tournament and indicated that sponsorship
ROLL CALL revenue is currently at $155K.
MEMBERS PRESENT: 2) Todd Layfer informed the Board
Bob Steinbacher, President 1) Bob Steinbacher referred to the that LAFRA staff attended a Business
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President nominations for President and Vice Writing Seminar and indicated that it was
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary President and indicated that they will successful. He indicated there will be one
Trustee Rick Godinez need to ratify them at the October Board more staff training in October.
Trustee David Peters meeting.
Trustee Gene Bednarchik 3) Todd Layfer referred to the Code 96
Trustee Craig White 2) Bob Steinbacher provided a brief update letters being sent to retirees regarding the
Trustee Tyler Tomich on the current medical plan discussions assessment increase and indicated that
Trustee Steve Ruda with the Pension Department. they were sent last week. He indicated that
Trustee Jim Duffy the active member letters will be sent by
Trustee Mike Sailhamer 3) Bob Steinbacher indicated that Jeff September 13th.
Trustee Tim Larson Pension Cawdrey will attend the Drill Tower 40
Trustee Steve Domanski - Pension graduation ceremony since he will be EXECUTIVE SESSION
Todd Layfer - Executive Director attending the Pension Ad Hoc committee
Liberty Unciano Controller-Treasurer meeting. The Board entered into Executive Session
at 11:21 a.m.
MEMBERS ABSENT: 4) Bob Steinbacher referred to the LAFRA The Board adjourned from Executive
Trustee Chris Hart Holiday Dinner Dance on December 9th Session at 11:58 a.m.
Trustee Chris Stine and indicated that an ad will appear in the
Trustee Steve Berkery October Grapevine. One legal matter and one personnel matter
Trustee John Jacobsen was discussed during Executive Session.
Trustee Frank Aguirre 5) Bob Steinbacher indicated that the No actions were taken.
Trustee Gayle Sonoda Board Offsite will be September 24th
Trustee Danny Wu at the W Hotel. He stated that they will INVESTMENT COMMITTEE
Trustee Joe Vigil have dinner with some Golf Tournament REPORT
Trustee Tim Freeman sponsors later that evening.
Trustee Doak Smith Pension John Jacobsen informed the Board that
VICE PRESIDENT REPORT an Investment Committee meeting will
GUESTS: be held on Tuesday, September 12th to
Bob Olsen, L.A. Retired Fire & Police 1) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Colorado discuss manager performance and making
Lee Kebler, L.A. Retired Fire & Police Springs Memorial and indicated that changes. He mentioned that he and Jeff
Bill Quinn, L.A. Retired Fire & Police rooms have been booked for those Trustees Cawdrey will be visiting Cohen & Steers
attending. and Lazard
INVOCATION & Flag Salute 2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Sacramento
Tim Larson led the invocation. David Fallen Firefighter Memorial and indicated

54 November 2017
ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE The Life & Accident Withdrawals in the The committee recommends and I so
REPORT amount of $5,795 move to advance funds for both active and
The Relief Death Benefits in the amount retired members. There was no discussion
David Peters presented the following of $27,000 or objections.
There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to advance funds for both
The committee recommends and I so active and retired members.
move to pay the usual and customary bills Motion carried to pay the above Relief
in the amount of $935,040.64. There was benefits. SECRETARYS REPORT
no discussion or objections.
Tim Larson read the names of members Andy Kuljis stated that he attended the
Motion carried to pay the usual and who recently passed and asked for a L.A. Retired Fire & Police Association
customary bills in the amount of moment of silence from the Board. meeting and indicated that they thanked
$935,040.64. LAFRA for providing an accessible van
MEMORIALS for a member.
The committee recommends and I so John E. Knierim
move to approve $500 for the LAFD Robert C. Story SETTING OF DATES
Fallen Firefighter Memorial Ceremony. Dennis R. Jarvis
There was no discussion or objections. Roy D. Ward 1) Colorado Springs Fallen Firefighter
Spencer L. Thomas Memorial September 16th
Motion carried to approve $500 for Harley W. Rust 2) LAFD Golf Tournament
the LAFD Fall Firefighter Memorial September 25th
Ceremony. ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE 3) Sacramento Fallen Firefighter Memorial
September 30th
MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT Tim Larson presented the following 4) LAFRA Open House
motions. November 4th
David Peters presented the following 5) LAFRA Holiday Dinner Dance -
motion. The committee recommends and I so move December 9th
to accept the donations in the amount of
The committee recommends and I so $3,953.24 to the Widows, Orphans & RETIREMENT DINNERS
move to accept the applications to the Disabled Firemens Fund. There was no
Medical Plan. There was no discussion discussion or objections. 1) Joe Moreno Saturday, September 30th
and no objections. C @ Private Residence (Steinbacher)
Motion carried to accept the donations in 2) Dave Peters Saturday, October 7th @
Motion carried to accept all applications the amount of $3,953.24 to the Widows, Private Residence (Steinbacher)
to the Medical Plan. Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.
RELIEF COMMITTEE REPORT The committee recommends and I so
move to approve the financial assistance Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion
Tim Larson presented the following applications for surviving spouses, active to adjourn. David Peters so moved.
motion. and retired members. There was no John Jacobsen seconded. There was no
discussion or objections. discussion and no objections.
The committee recommends and I so
move to pay: Motion carried to approve the financial Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
assistance applications for surviving Trustees meeting adjourned at 12:19 p.m.
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount spouses, active and retired members.
of $53,831.65 Bob Steinbacher, President
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE
of $8,370, REPORT

November 2017 55
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund - September 2017


Dave Peters Retirement Dinner
TODD J. SANDS from the
GOLD LEE, ATTY. AT LAW from the Dave Peters Retirement Dinner ANDREW HUNT
Dave Peters Retirement Dinner
MARC S. BOWMAN from the GARY MAGA in memory of Larry Thomas
KIRK P. BINGHAM from the Firemens Dave Peters Retirement Dinner
Breakfast at Mimis Restaurant KIBERLY MCMAHON in memory of
in Thousand Oaks PETER M. BENESCH from the Billy Johnson
Dave Peters Retirement Dinner
MARCIA L. MORROW in memory of NIDHY MISTRI in honor of Luke Kim
Frank Spendley, LACoFD Engineer FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ from the
Dave Peters Retirement Dinner JAMES NICHOLSON in memory of
ROBERT A. ENNIS in memory of Jim Salazar Larry Thomas
JAMES J. EBERLE from the
ANONYMOUS DONATION in memory of Dave Peters Retirement Dinner MATTHEW THALET in tribute to Beverly Kalus
Jack Gamrat
JOHN L. PECEL in memory of John Gamrat Dave Wallace
SCOTT A. LENZ in remembrance of Robert Ewert HOLLY WOESNER in honor of Luke Kim
SCOTT L. AMES from the
ADAM W. KNABE from the Antelope Valley Breakfast Club JOHN & MARGARET BENTS in memory of
Dave Peters Retirement Dinner Harry Gradi
EDWARD H. MC ADAM in memory of
RODOLFO SANTIAGO from the Robert Ewert JANIS K. CONKLIN in memory of Shirley Rook
Dave Peters Retirement Dinner
PAUL T. SEMERJIAN in memory of CHRIS DOTTS in memory of Shirley Rook
GARY T. SHELFORD from the Simi Valley Larry Thomas
Breakfast Gang at the Firehouse Cafe DAVID KUEBLER in memory of George True
KAY M. FOLTA in memory of Bob Ewert TIMOTHY MCKEON in honor of
K. NOELLE CORRAO in memory of RH Peterson Company/Fire Magic Grill
TORRANCE LADIES OF THE ELKS in memory Billy Johnson
of Captain Robert Looney NICOLE RASOR in memory of Charles Doyle
JAMES & DONNA GARRETT in memory of
HENRY . MEDINA Jim Salazar SHERRY ROOK in memory of Ralph Rook

RUBEN A LOPEZ from the JOHN & MARGARET BENTZ in memory of DELE VARGA in memory of Jim Salazar
Fire Extinguisher Fund Larry Thomas

56 November 2017
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CATALINA BEACH COTTAGE laundry, gas BBQ, launch ramp, pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - ex- Summer $60/nite. Plus $120
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block gated community, grocery ept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. cleaning & linens. Jeff & Lisa
to beach, view, fully equipped store, hardware store. No pets, Winter $125/night. Weekends Moir (661) 254-5788.
housekeeping unit. Marci (818) no smoking. Email Kathy at and Holidays $110 midweek.
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510- or call Summer $95/night. $495/week. MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
2721. (760) 858-4470 No smoking. No pets. Jim John- Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio
son (818) 992-7564, FS 80C. loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full
CATALINA CONDO - HAM- LAKE HAVASU LANDING RE- kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking,
bed, 1 1/2 bath, sleeps 4. Steps with boat mooring. Swim, ski TO THE GONDOLA VILLAGE Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/
to beach, pool, gym, putting or fish from front yard. 4 bed/2 Fully furnished, three bed- nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non
course, tennis and more. Newly bath, fully furnished. DirectTV/ room, two bath with towels and smoking complex. Joel Parker,
refurbished, fully equipped. DVD/WiFi, pool table, laundry, linens, newly remodeled kitchen, LAFD retired.
Includes golf cart, WiFi. Contact BBQ. Gated community with ca- internet and cable TV, pool and email:
Bart @ (310) 510-0190. Ham- sino, groceries, marina, launch Jacuzzi. Walk to the gondola, or (213) 399-6534. Ask for LAFD ramp and off-road trails. No shops, restaurants and ski in on
8-89 discount. Owner active pets, no smoking. $350 Bowen/ the new comeback trail. Parking MAMMOTH CONDO- SEA-
LAFD. Garner email: at the front door. Winter: $250/ SONS FOUR RESORT. night. Summer $150/night. Charming and cozy furnished
DESERT CONDOS, RANCHO Holidays $300/night. Cleaning is 1 Bedroom sleeps 5. Updated
MIRAGE (near Palm Springs). 2 LAKE NACIMIENTO. Oak included. Call Mike Whitehouse, unit with amenities including
bed, 2 bath. Fully furnished condo, Shores gated community. 3 Retired, 805-987-6122, email: wifi, sauna, jacuzzi, phone,
TV, internet, pools and spas. bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large loft. rec room, 2 flat screens , DVD
Gated community from $115/night. 3minute drive to main marina in or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661- players. W/D on site. Shuttle
3 bed from $125/night. No smok- Oak Shores. Large flat driveway. 645-7448, email: luvbaja2@aol. stop. Walking distance to village.
ing. Barbara (626) 798-2484. Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, com $120/night + $80 Cleaning fee
washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No Bobby@310-350-5552.
JUNE LAKE CABIN - 2BR/2BA cable. No pets/smoking. $185/ MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy 2
cabin with Carson Peak night. 3 night minimum. Call Ben bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully fur- MAUI BEACH FRONT CONDO
view. Close to fishing & ski- (805) 444-2264. nished, WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from
ing. Furnished, wood deck, walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth water. Studios and 1 bedroom.
equipped kitchen, wood burning LARGE LAKE HAVASU HOME area. Winter $115, Summer Luxury furnishings + full kitchen.
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/ FOR RENT 5 bedroom, 3 $90, plus cleaning fee $139 and All the amenities! Mauis best
phone. Garage/ample parking. bath, 2900 sqft home with ame- 14% city tax. Includes linens. snorkeling/beach. All island
$100/night plus cleaning fee. nities & pool that easily sleeps No pets, no smoking. Call (310) activities & Kapalua within 4
Email for pictures. Jeff Easton 14+ people. Centrally located, 540-4648. minutes. 5-day minimum, from
LAFD retired (805) 217-5602. 1 mile from the lake, close to $150 per night (regularly $310/ downtown shops and restau- MAMMOTH CONDO AT MAM- night). Call Sherrie or Bill for
rants. Check out home at MOTH ESTATES, 4BR/3BA, info/reservations (805) 530-0007
LAKE HAVASU LANDING- sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2 or email:
Waterfront, steps to the water. Call Julie 818-268-7906 for spe- TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens, or visit:
Boat mooring out front, off-road cial firefighter family rates. fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to
desert behind house. 3 bed/3 Gondola Village and shuttle.
bath, fully furnished w/linens. MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Sum- Complex has pool, spa, sauna, MAUIS MOST BEAUTIFUL
Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Casino, mit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient laundry. Winter $335/night, Sum- BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful
Grocery/Meat Market, Launch underground garage parking. Ja- mer $215/night, plus cleaning. furnished condo that sleeps 4.
Ramp, Marina with Boat House, cuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in sum- Includes city bed tax. No pets, Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king
Gated Community. No pets/ mertime), shuttle right outside! no smoking. Dory Jones (310) bed, flat screen TVs/DVD, ACs
smoking. $350 Dan Cook 310 Across from Eagle Lodge, Win- 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran free WiFi (internet), complimen-
418 1577. ter $110 per night, Summer $80 (310) 619-5355 tary maid service, complimen-
per night plus $65 cleaning fee tary coffee every morning and
LAKE HAVASU BEAUTY FOR and 13% tax. All linens included. MAMMOTH LAKES - One breakfast on Fridays. Special
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) bedroom, extremely charming firefighters discount - Best value
sq.ft. Fully furnished with all 513-2000 or mammoth241@ wildflower condo. Full amenities, in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ
amenities- Laundry & BBQ. close to shuttle. Antiques, art, area - Close to beach! (800)
13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4. 336-2185
garage. 3 miles from launch MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
ramp. Close to downtown shops & large loft, 3 full baths, sleeps 8. cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark Don Sprenger - retired LAFD
& restaurants. View of the lake. 5 minute walk to Canyon Lodge. (818) 371-6722 (949) 929-0989
Quiet street in good neighbor- Fully furnished, TVs, VCR/DVD, Email:
hood. No pets. No smoking. pool, spa, rec room, sauna, lin- MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BED-
Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661) ens included. Winter $175 week- MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: ROOMS. Centrally located on
510-6246 days, $195-weekends/holidays; Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed, beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent
summer $125, plus cleaning. No sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR, swimming and snorkeling; white
LAKE HAVASU LANDING smoking; no pets. Craig Yoder DVD. Garage parking. Walk to sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
RESORT. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, (909) 948-3659. Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail. tennis, fishing, shopping, airport
58 November 2017
and resort areas. Marsha Smith Desert. $175 Dan Cook 310 418 books available for purchase.
or Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800) 1577. or call Nick Davidson If you would like one, they are
367-6084. (424) 237-4121 available for a $35 donation
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Ro- to the Widows, Orphans &
PALM DESERT - Gated mini mantic Chalet Family getaway. Disabled Firemens Fund. Send
estate on half acre. Multi-family 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps
VACATION a check made out to LAFRA
friendly. Spacious 4 bedrooms 810. Cable TV, washer/dryer,
VEHICLES WODFF, along with your name
with game room. Come relax microwave, woodburning stove. and mailing address to: 2006
and enjoy the large pool with 7 minutes to casinos and Heav- Yearbook, 7470 No. Figueroa St,
Several Class Cs & Class As for
jacuzzi and built-in BBQ. Game enly. Located in Tahoe Paradise. Los Angeles, CA 90041.
rent. Serving family and friends
room has a pool table, ping $115 per night plus cleaning.
for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD,
pong table, pinball machine and Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at
bar. Patio areas with seating for (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476-
all. Walk to El Paseo dining 6288.
Visit us at
and stores. Pet friendly. No
or call 661-297-2398 as for Jeff.
smoking. Email: lilinoecastro@ SUNSET RANCH PALM DES-
Make money with your mo- or text (562) 895- ERT. 163 acre ranch private ski
torhomes to offset your payment.
8263. lake. Perfect for Family vaca-
We sub-lease RVs.
tions. Ranch house accommo-
PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath, dates large groups. Amenities:
one level. New re-model, fully pool, AC, billards, TV, fishing, pet SPECIAL
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/ friendly. Nearby golf, casinos, ANNOUNCEMENT
DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laun- ATV riding. Also, Premier lodging
dry, Garage, Gated Community, for Coachella music festivals. 2006 LAFD Yearbook Available
two (Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis *Seasonal duck hunting club.
Courts). Near College of the See website for rates and info: There are a limited number of
the 2006 LAFD/LAFRA Year-

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years! Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve DensonFleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry MillerFleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621
15505 Roscoe Blvd Specializing in hassle-free car buying
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

November 2017 59
Left to right: Captain R. Krause, R. C.
Beal, S. C. Foster, J. H. West, O. Garcia,
C. McCowan and W. A. Thompson, Jr.
September 5, 1948

Left to right: Firefighter Duc Nguyen,

Firefighter Roberto Tecate Tafoya,
Engineer Stephen Colombel, and Cap-
tain Norman Scott Circa 1988, photo
by David Blaire

Fire Station 16

Engine 16 was housed at 139 North Hope Street in downtown LA from 1904 until 1962. Fire Station 16 was
relocated to 2011 N. Eastern Avenue in El Sereno on March 8, 1962.
60 November 2017
We have devoted ourselves Workers Compensation
and our staff to providing Employment Litigation
the highest level of personal Personal Injury
services to our clients Disability Retirements

Please contact our firm for Located in the Van Nuys

a free consultation Historic Library Building
Phone (818) 788 1700 14555 Sylvan Street
Fax (818) 788 1705 Van Nuys, California 91411

Making a false or fraudulent workers compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine up to
$50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine
November 2017 61
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

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