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Solved: Windows 10 File Recent Posts - Knowledge


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April Cai, Last Updated: 1 week ago in Common error Tags: Windows
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the Synaptics Pointing Device

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Many users complained that File Explorer

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Crash frequently on their Windows 10. Thats really an Storage Device (EASY FIXES)
annoying problem. But as it had occurred, the
important thing is to stay calm to learn how to solve it. [Solved] Synaptics device not
Right in this article, we are going to tell you how to solve found!
Windows 10 File Explorer Crash easily and quickly. Just
take a few minutes to go on with the easy steps with
How to Fix NETIO.SYS Blue
pictures below.
Screen Errors on Windows

1. Clear File explorer history

2. Launch Folder Windows In A Separate Process
3. Run netsh and winsock reset
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hardware device because its
configuration information (in
the registry) is incomplete or
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3) 10
On the pop-up window, click Clear to clear File Explorer
Then click OK. Support Catalog
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Fix 2. Launch Folder Windows In A Separate Process

Open quick-access menu by pressing Windows key
+ X key together.
Then click File Explorer to open it.
Click View > Options on File Explorer window.

Tap on View pane.
Then scroll down on Advanced setting to find and tick
on Launch folder windows in a separate process.
Click OK to save changes.
Fix 3. Run netsh and winsock reset

Open quick-access menu by pressing Windows key
+ X key together.
Then click Command Prompt(Admin) to run it as
Click Yes when prompted by User Account Control.
Type netsh winsock reset in Command Prompt window
and hit Enter to run it.

Reboot your Windows 10.

Fix 4. Give your account full permission to access the

folder content

Follow step 1) in Fix 2 to open File Explorer.
Select to right-click on a file folder in your File Explorer.
Then choose Properties.

Tap on Security pane.
Then click Advanced.
Click Change on the pop-up window.
Then enter your account name in the box and then
click OK.
If you arent sure your account name, follow the steps
On the same windows, click Advanced.
Then on the pop-up window, click Find Now.
Find and double-click your account from search results.
Then click OK to on the previous window.

Now it will automatically back on Advanced Security
Settings window.
Tick on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
Then click OK.
Again on File Explorer window, this time right-click on
the file folder which you want to set full access to your
account to choose Properties.
Then click Advanced > Add on the pop-up windows.

Click Select a principal.
Then select your account as the previous steps you set.
Once you had set your principal, set the Type to
be Allow.
Tick on Full Control under Basic permissions.
Then click OK.

Click OK when it back on each previous window.

Thats all there is to it.

Fully hope with the methods here, you can use File
Explorer on your Windows 10 properly now.
Just feel free to leave your comment below for any
questions, thanks.

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