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Word Smart-1

All Words only
1. Prodigious
2. Prodigy
3. Prolific
4. Proliferate
5. Plethora
6. Munificence
7. Squander
8. Aggregate

Nothing words
1. Paucity
2. Dearth
3. Nominal
4. Frugal
5. Parsimonious
6. Attrition
7. Miniscule
8. Penury

Table 1: "ALL" Word lists and meanings

SN Words Meanings Sentence use
1 Prodigious Enormous or extraordinary To scale the Mount Everest would be a prodigious
2 Prodigy An extremely talented child This prodigy has prodigious talents.
3 Prolific Producing a lot of A prolific writer writes a lot of books.
something; fruitful
4 Proliferate Spread or grow rapidly Bees proliferated during spring season
5 Plethora In excess Poverty brings for plethora of problems in a country.
6 Munificence Generous; lavish The munificent millionaire gave money to all charity.
7 Squander To waste Squander millions on ping pong ball
8 Aggregate Collection; sum total Aggregate of words

Table 2: "ALL" Word list meanings and synonyms
SN Words Meanings
1 Prodigious
2 Prodigy
3 Prolific
4 Proliferate
SN Words Meanings
5 Plethora
6 Munificence
7 Squander
8 Aggregate

Table 3: "Not ALL" Word lists and meanings

SN Words Meanings Sentence use
1 Paucity Scarcity; insufficiency Paucity of cash
2 Dearth Lack; scarcity Dearth of food
3 Nominal Insignificant or small The rain has nominal effect on football game; nominal
4 Frugal Economical or penny Her frugality annoyed her husband. Be fugal when you
pinching have no cash in your pocket.
5 Parsimonious Stinginess; too much frugal He is so parsimonious that he used to reuse his tea bags.
6 Attrition Gradual loss or unexpected Attrition of students from AIT
decease in numbers or size
7 Miniscule Very tiny Her skirt is so miniscule that it has hardly a path for a
belt. Miniscule effort to clean the room.
8 Penury poverty After losing job, he is reduced to penury.

Table 4: "Not ALL" Word list meanings and synonyms
SN Words Meanings
1 Paucity
2 Dearth
3 Nominal
4 Frugal
5 Parsimonious
6 Attrition
7 Miniscule
8 Penury

Love Words only

1. Prodigious
2. Prodigy
3. Prolific
4. Proliferate
5. Plethora
6. Munificence
7. Squander
8. Aggregate

Table 5: "Love" Word lists and meanings

SN Words Meanings Sentence use
1 Revere To respect highly; to honor Picaso is revered as one of the greatest painter of the
modern era.
2 Narcissistic To love oneself excessively
3 Predilection Natural preferences for His predilection for sports
4 confluence Flowing together Confluence of ideas regarding certain issues
5 affinity Attraction; kinship; Ducks have an affinity for water; magnets and iron has
sympathy; similarity affinity for each other.
6 alacrity Cheerful eagerness, The children went in to the car with great alacrity
briskness, or readiness to
7 adulation Wild or excessive admiration There is a lot of insincerity in adulation as there is in
8 prudent Having foresight; being It would certainly be prudent of you. He is a prudent
careful or wise money manager

Table 6: "dislike or unhappiness" Word lists and meanings

SN Words Meanings Sentence use
1 acrimonious Feelings of bitterness and Acrimonious arguments
2 acrid Bitter;
3 antipathy dislike I feel antipathy towards your attitude
4 bane Poison; torment or cause of He is the bane of my every waking hour
5 deride To ridicule or laugh at Your boss is so awful that he unjustly deride your work
6 derogatory Disapproving or degrading All his comments were derogatory
7 Nihilism A belief that there are no A nihilist does not believe in any objective standards of
values or morals in universe right or wrong. Nihilism is a combination of pessimism
and skepticism taken to its farthest extreme
8 annihilate Complete destruction
rancor Bitter, long lasting ill will The mutual rancor felt by the two great nations
vilify To defame

Table 7: "naughty" Word lists and meanings

SN Words Meanings Sentence use
1 belligerent Combative; quarrelsome
2 caustic Corrosive or burning like an A caustic comment. Caustic criticism. Caustic remarks
SN Words Meanings Sentence use
3 cynical One ho deeply distrust
human nature
4 contentious Quarrelsome; argumentative
5 acerbic Bitter; sour and severe Acerbic comments about Johns driving abilities
6 Pejorative negative Pejorative comments; pejorative connotation
7 Chicanery Deceitfulness; trickery;
8 insidious Treacherous or sneaky The spys insidious plan to steal the information. Winter
was insidious. Other insidious things are the destruction
of the environment, the decaying quality of life in the
9 Creepy It had been a creepy section

Table 8: "nice" Word lists and meanings

SN Words Meanings Sentence use
Word Smart-5
Inert : unmoving, still or in the case of chemicals, something with no active compounds.
Phlegmatic : Sluggish; lacking energy; unable to be stimulated
Languorous : Still in a sleepy or dreamy way
In-situ : In-place or in its original position.
Caryatid : A supporting column in the shape of a woman
Cunctation : Procrastination
Quagmire : A swamp or bug thats easy to get stuck in; or any Predicament
Coffle : A group of people or animal chained together in a line
Word Smart-4

Autonomous : Acting Independently

Celibacy : Abstinence from sexual intercourse
Ascetic : Hermit like or practicing self-denial
Reclusive : Withdrawn from society
Polarize : Break in to opposing factions
Chasm : A deep gaping hole
Complacent : Self satisfied
Sequester : set or keep apart

I made a fortune when I discovered ancient treasures in my backyard. For a while I lived a high life, indulged
in all the luxury that money can buy. Trying to please myself, I became too complacent. Money gave me
independence and control over my life. Being autonomous financially could not protect me from a broken
heart. Ever since Daisy duped and left me I have withdrawn from the society and sequestered myself in my
old country cabin. I have st

ripped down my existence to simple, spiritual pursuit devoid of ordinary comforts and this ascetic lifestyle
suites my current move. There is no woman here to remind me of Daisy or tempt me within pleasure. I live
like a monk taking a vow of celibacy. My very best friend does not understand why I have left town and living
alone, be recluse. There is a great gap with him now and this chasm is hard to breach. He and I do not agree
on the best way to mend a broken heart and this differences polarize our relationship. I am totally alone now.