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History of hero honda

The Company was Incorporated on 19th January, at New Delhi. The

Company Manufacture motor cycles upto 100 cc capacity. The Company
promoted by Hero Cycles (P) Ltd. (HCPL).

- The Company entered into a technical-cum-financial collaboration

agreement with Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan (HML). As per this
collaboration agreement, HML was to furnish complete technical
information and know-how and trade secrets and other relevant data.

Their first roduct was cd-100,it was first bike with ffour stoke engine,light weight,
some of the good features like uel efficiency and its light weight. CD-100 will be equipped with
electronic ignition system, illuminated speedometer, 4 speed gear
neutral and flasher indicators, etc.

November, 119,99,985 No. of equity shares issued

its stake holders were hero grou wt 31,19,998 shares , honda motor comany ltd wt 31,20,000
shares , 9,59,987 shares to friends and association of promoters.
2,40,000 shares were reserved for
subscription by the employees of the Company and 96,000 shares by
business associates. The remaining 44,64,000 shares were offered at
par for public subscription during November.

exanstion of roduction caacity 1,20,000 to 1,50,000 vehicles per annum
u to1990
- The Company was planning to launch a new model motor cycle-CD 100
sutiable to semi-rural conditions. In the domestic market the
was reported to have a market share of 46%.

u to1995
The Company alloted 39,79,500 No. of Equity Shares of Rs. 10/-
each. The Company's production and turnover increased to 1,83,490

motorcycles and Rs.483.85 crores respectively due to growth in

for two wheelers and declining inflation.

U to2001
Hero Honda Motors Ltd. has launched a new 100cc motorcycle named

-Becomes the world's largest two wheeler company by selling 1.3

million vehicles in 2001

aun2002-03 ches its cheapest 100cc motorbike 'CD Dawn'

then they Launched their 223-cc, 16.8 BHP Karizma at Rs 79,000
-The company has bagged two Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS)

-Hero Honda rolls out 150-cc motorcycle Achiever
-Hero Honda launches CBZ variant X-treme
-Hero Honda announced the launch of two new variants the new
'Glamour' and 'Passion Plus' limited edition.

Hero Honda has been the largest two wheeler company in the world for eight
consecutive years.

Hero Honda's bikes are sold and serviced through a network of over 3500 customer
touch points, comprising a mix of dealers, service centres and stockists located
across rural and urban India.

ET Awards for Corporate Excellence - Hero Honda is the winner of the " Company of the Year"
award for 2008 - 09.
NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award 2008 - Hero Honda Wins the Coveted "NDTV Profit
Business Leadership Award 2008"
TopGear Design Awards 2008 - Hunk Bike of the Year Award
NDTV Profit Car India & Bike India Awards - NDTV “Viewers’ Choice Award” to Hunk in Bike
IndiaTimes Mindscape and Savile Row ( A Forbes Group Venture ) Loyalty Awards - “Customer
and Brand Loyalty Award” in Automobile (two-wheeler) sector

Asian Retail Congress Award for Retail Excellence (Strategies and Solutions of business innovation
and transformation) - Best Customer Loyalty Program in Automobile category

NDTV Profit Car India & Bike India Awards - Bike Manufacturer of the year

Overdrive Magazine - Bike Manufacturer of the year

TNS Voice of the Customer Awards:
• No.1 executive motorcycle Splendor NXG
• No.1 standard motorcycle CD Deluxe
• No. premium motorcycle CBZ Xtreme


Winner of the Review 200 - Asia's Leading Companies Award (3rd Rank amongst

Advertising is the promotion of a company’s products and services carried out primarily
to drive sales of the products and services but also to build a brand identity and
communicate changes or new product /services to the customers.
Increasing the sales of the product/service
• Creating and maintaining a brand identity or brand image.
• Communicating a change in the existing product line.
• Introduction of a new product or service.
• Increasing the buzz-value of the brand or the company.
Tyes of advertising

Print Advertising – Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Fliers

The print media have always been a popular advertising medium. Advertising products via
newspapers or magazines is a common practice. In addition to this, the print media also offers options
like promotional brochures and fliers for advertising puose
leasure –just for her
CD DELUXE jo chalaenge naye india ko wahi chalaate hain CD DELUXE

Outdoor Advertising – Billboards, Kiosks, Tradeshows and Events

The billboard advertising is very popular however has to be really terse and catchy in
order to grab the attention of the passers by. The kiosks not only provide an easy outlet
for the company products but also make for an effective advertising tool to promote the
company’s products. Organizing several events or sponsoring them makes for an
excellent advertising opportunity.
Advertinsig in events such as: Sports, Product Launches, Rallys, Dealer Meets and
Musical & Cultural Festivals.

Broadcast advertising – Television, Radio and the Internet

Broadcast advertising is a very popular advertising medium that constitutes of several
branches like television, radio or the Internet.
Adds of hero hoda.
e.g. Hero honda sponsored various television programes such as
In this type of sponsorship hero honda gets indirect publicity.

Covert Advertising – Advertising in Movies

Covert advertising is a unique kind of advertising in which a product or a particular
brand is incorporated in some entertainment and media channels like movies, television
shows or even sports. There is no commercial in the entertainment but the brand or the
product is subtly( or sometimes evidently) showcased in the entertainment show.
Rodies- karizma
mhujhe kuch kehana hai-cbz
gavaskar-border trophy-hero honda bikes as man of the match.

Public Service Advertising – Advertising for Social Causes Public service advertising is a
technique that makes use of advertising as an effective communication medium to convey socially
relevant messaged about important matters. Oglivy once said, "Advertising justifies its
existence when used in the public interest - it is much too powerful a tool to use solely
for commercial purposes.".
Jo chalaaenge naye india ko,wahi chaaleyenge nayi hero honda deluxe,

Celebrity Advertising a section of advertisers that still bank upon celebrities and their popularity
for advertising their products. Using celebrities for advertising involves signing up celebrities for
advertising campaigns, which consist of all sorts of advertising including, television ads or even print
Karizma- hritik roshan
pleasure-priyanka chopra.

Personal selling Personal selling is oral communication with potential buyers of a

product with the intention of making a sale. The personal selling may focus initially on
developing a relationship with the potential buyer, but will always ultimately end with
an attempt to "close the sale"
Personal selling is one of the oldest forms of promotion. It involves the use of a sales force to support a
push strategy (encouraging intermediaries to buy the product) or a pull strategy (where the role of the
sales force may be limited to supporting retailers and providing after-sales service).

What are the advantages of using personal selling as a means of promotion?

• Personal selling is a face-to-face activity; customers therefore obtain a relatively high degree of
personal attention
• The sales message can be customised to meet the needs of the customer
• The two-way nature of the sales process allows the sales team to respond directly and promptly to
customer questions and concerns
• Personal selling is a good way of getting across large amounts of technical or other complex product
• The face-to-face sales meeting gives the sales force chance to demonstrate the product
• Frequent meetings between sales force and customer provide an opportunity to build good long-term

For hero hond

− Experience as a proof for quality and reliability.
− First 6 servicing are free.
− Once in a year free check up for hero honda bikes from authorised comapany service
− Good resale value.
− Various scheames for goverment and miliatry employees.