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Batches B/o Larvae Actual Actual ERR ERR Wt Yield / 100

III rd Yield yield (kgs) No. (Kgs) dfls
Moult By No.
SLD breeds 06.05.200 8262 5777 9.112 6992 11.028 44.115
CSR breeds 4 3220 1696 2.686 5267 8.341 33.366
GPB races -do- 2495 1528 2.632 6124 10.549 42.196
Hybrids -do- 18250 17211 36.188 9430 19.829 79.316
Common / -do- --- 1062 1.598 --
others -do-
Total 32227 27274 52.216 8463 16.202 64.810


Cocoons utilized for Cocoons sent for Cocoons kept for Excess cocoons
assessment reeling test grainage marketed

By No. By Wt. By No. By Wt. By No. By Wt. Wt. Amount

(Kgs) (Kgs) (Kgs) (Kgs) realized

2028 3.626 980 2.124 1323 2.306 44.160 Rs.5514.00


Race No. of cocoons kept for grainage Date of Pairs Dfls

emergence obtained prepared
Male Female Total

SLD Breeds 296 345 641 16.06.04 to 291 187

CSR Breeds 193 213 406 16.06.04 to 173 140
GPB races 111 165 276 15.06.04 to 137 97

Total 600 723 1323 601 424

No.CSB/SSBS/CNR/MS-SERI/2006-07/ Date: 10.12.2006.


The Assistant Director,

Govt.Cocoon market,

Sub: Marketing of cocoons – reg.


With reference to the above, I am herewith sending the following quantities of excess
experimental cocoons reared at this station during Nov/Dec, 2006:

Batches Spun on Quantity (Kgs)

Hybrid / Oval Cocoons 01/02.12.2006 30.760
Dumbbell Cocoons -do- 9.330
Double Cocoons -do- 2.790
Melt cocoons -do- 1.540
Total 44.420

I request you to kindly arrange for the marketing of the above cocoons.

Yours faithfully,

No. CSB/SSBS/CNR/MS-SERI/2004-05/ Date: 02.07.2004.
The Deputy Director,
Silkworm Seed Production Centre,
Central Silk Board,

Sub: Supply of FC1 and FC2 cocoons – reg.
Ref: Telephonic discussion had with Dr.Mallikarjuna, AD, SSPC, Mysore
on 26.06.04 & 02.07.04.

With reference to the above, I am herewith sending the following quantities of FC1 and FC2 seed cocoons reared at
this station during June, 2004:

Batches Spun on By Number By weight (kgs)

CSR2 x CSR27 24.06.2004 25085 46.140

CSR6 x CSR26 25.06.2004 15936 24.770

Total 41021 70.910

I request you to kindly arrange to take possession of the above cocoons and necessary follow up actions thereof.
Yours faithfully,

No. CSB/SSBS/CNR/MS-SERI/2004-05/ Date: 02.07.2004.


This is to certify that a quantity of 71 kgs of live experimental silk cocoons of this station is
being transported in the vehicle No.TN 43 A 9293 to Central Silk Board, Mysore and the same is for
research purpose only and not for sale.

These are the live materials and meant for research purpose. Hence, it should not be detained /
delayed in the transit.
(A Unit of Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore)
POST BOX No. 21, COONOOR – 643 101

Tel. (0423) 2230413 (Off.) Grams : SILKBOARD

(0423) 2230891 (Res.) Fax : (0423) 2231710

No.CSB/RSRS/MS/2003-04/ 77 Date: 20.06.2003.

The Assistant Director,
Govt. Cocoon Market,

Sub: Marketting of Bivoltine cocoons – reg.


With reference to the above, I am to send herewith the following quantity of excess experimental cocoons obtained
from the batches reared at this station during May/June, 2003, and request you to arrange for the marketing of the

Particulars Spun on Cocoon weight

Good cocoons 12/13.06.2003 63.100 Kgs
Double cocoons -do- 2.280 Kgs
Melt cocoons -do- 1.230 Kgs

Total 66.610 Kgs

Yours faithfully,

Senior Research Officer,
No.24, TYPE III Quarters,
Central Silk Board,
Corn wall road,
Coonoor- 643 101.

The Inspector / Sub-Inspector of Police,
Upper Coonoor Police Station,

Sub: Domestic LPG cylinder – missing – lodging of compliant – reg.


With reference to the above, I am to inform your goodself that

1) I am a consumer of LPG at M/s, Nilgiris Gas Agencies, Dealer for Indane Gas, Coonoor –
Consumer No.18017. I have booked a cylinder on 12.04.2004 and though the delivery boy from
M/s, Nilgiris Gas Agencies, Coonoor has came to my residence on 13.04.2004 , I was away to
School to pick up my daughter and hence, the cylinder was not delivered on that day. However,
on 15.04.2004, I received the cylinder at my residence from the above agency.
2) As my wife is also working, I told the delivery boy on 15.04.2004, if my quarters is found locked
for the first time when he comes for delivery of a cylinder, he may come again on the next day
also, so that I can make arrangements to receive the cylinder.
3) In my quarters, there is a small room / space available in front wherein I used to keep the
cylinder along with shoe - stand. However, this place is also secured one provided with half glass
and half wooden door and from outside it will not be possible to see the cylinder from a distance.
Hence, only the delivery boy from the Gas Agency (and my colleagues working in the campus)
have the knowledge on where the cylinder is kept, other than my family members.
4) On 19.04.2004, I left from my quarters by 8.30 AM to office. Usually the wooden door leading
to the hall only will be locked and the half glass paneled door after that small area where the
cylinder was kept, is only latched. On 19th also, I did only latched the front door. By morning
the cylinder was very much available at the same place. Again by 11.10 AM after completing
technical work in the rearing house which is nearby to my quarters, I am sure that the door
remain latched.
5) But my colleagues who crossed by my quarters around 11.50AM, found that the front door was
open. As the other wooden door is locked they didn’t bother. The servant-maid who came by
12.45 PM also, didn’t notice that the cylinder was missing. When I came back from office by
1PM, then only it was found out that the cylinder was missing.
6) My quarters is placed inside the campus and there are twelve quarters placed in a row
continuously and family members of other occupants are available in all other quarters through
out the day and hence, it will be difficult for an outsider to steel the cylinder.
7) My suspicion first goes to the delivery boy who knows about where the cylinder is usually kept
and he also knows that it is a recently refilled cylinder. On 19th, I came to know that the Gas van
has come to our area / nearby houses for delivery.
8) Other than him, I don’t have any body in mind who could be able to do this.

In this connection, I request you to find out the missing cylinder and render the justice.
Thanking you, Sir.
Yours Sincerely,
Copy to
1) The Deputy Director, CSB, SSBS, Coonoor for kind information.
2) M/s, Nilgiris Gas Agency, Gray’s Hill, Coonoor. This has reference to the personal & telephonic
discussions had on 19th,20th and 22nd, April, 2004.


Sri.R. Bharathi Raja,

Amman & Co.,
Tirupur – 641 601.
Phone: 2204894.

The Principal,
Saint Joseph Boys School,

Sub: Authorisation of local guardian – reg.

With reference to the above, I am to inform your goodself that my son, Sri.B.Saran Raja, is
studying in VIth standard in your school – Boarder and as my Co-Brother Sri.V.Lakshmanan is
working as Senior Research Officer in the Central Silk Board, Coonoor itself, I wish to authorize him
as a local guardian. Further, he may be allowed to take my son out as per your rules., ie, during second
Saturdays etc. Hence, I request you to do the needful.

Yours Sincerely,

Date: 31.05.2003 (R.BHARATHI RAJA)

The Branch Manger,
Bank of Baroda,

Sub: Joint Savings Account – Change in operation – request – reg.


With reference to the above, we are to inform your goodself that we have a joint savings
account at Pasteur Institute Counter of Baroda Bank – Account No.13199 and it is being operated by
Sri.B.T.Sreenivas SRO and Sri.V.Lakshmanan, SRO. Now, Sri. B.T.Sreenivas, SRO has been
transferred to REC, Chitradurga. We have opened this joint account for a common purpose – a charity
purpose connected to our station. Since, one of the operator, Sri.B.T.Sreenivas is transferred, we
wish to replace him with another official, Sri.T.K.Manivannan, UDC of our station and request
you to do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Instar Day Quantity Total Cumulative

(Kgs) Total
I 1 1.0
2 2.0
3 1.5 4.5
II 1 4.0
2 10.0
3 3.0 17 21.5
III 1 10.0
2 19.0
3 20.0
4 6.0 55 76.5
IV 1 40.0
2 52.0
3 64.0
4 52.0 208 284.5
V 1 76
2 124
3 152
4 224
5 176
6 176
7 124 1052 1336.5

Note: 1) Above estimate may fluctuate in different seasons depending on

leaf moisture and the details given above are for the optimum
moisture / quality mulberry leaves and for the productive bivoltine
pure races.
2) In case of bivoltine hybrids, add another 100 – 120 kgs for 40,000
3) In case of experimental rearings, i) in composite / Cellular
populations, additional leaf is required to rear excess population
which are rejected after counting after 3rd moult. Such
requirement in cellular population is more than for composite
population. However, it will not exceed a kg per each dfls up to
3rd moult.

R.Bharathi Raja,
F/o, B.Saran Raja,


The Principal,
Saint Joseph Boys Higher Secondary School,


Sub: Request for leave – reg.


With reference to the above, I am to inform your good self that B. Saran Raja, my son studying in
VI A (Boarder) at your school requires one day leave to attend a family social function – Engagement
for his Maternal Uncle - on 18.08.2003 and hence, request you to kindly grant one day leave on the
above day. Further, as 19.08.2003 is a holiday, he may be permitted to avail that day also and he will
be put back to the hostel on 19.08.2003.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
16.08.2003. (R.BHARATHI RAJA)
The Deputy Director,
SSBS / RSRS, Coonoor.

Sub: Requirement of Refrigerator in the Sericulture section –
Reminder request – reg.
Ref: Monthly meeting minutes/ decisions taken.

With reference to the above, I am to invite your attention on the decision taken to provide a
standby refrigerator for sericulture section during the monthly meeting as early as March, 2003. The
same matter was discussed in the recent monthly meetings also. However, till date no standby
refrigerator has been provided to the sericulture section. Since only one refrigerator is available in the
sericulture section, I once again wish to emphasize that a standby refrigerator is essential to cover up
for the excigencies. Hence, I request you to look in to the matter and make necessary arrangements for
the supply of a stand by refrigerator, immediately.

Coonoor. Yours faithfully,


The Deputy Director,
SSBS, Coonoor.

Sub: Electrical Rewiring for the Rearing House – Reminder
request – reg.
Ref: Discussion / Decisions taken in the monthly review meetings as
early as May, 2002 / 2003.


With reference to the above, I am to invite your attention to the discussion / decision taken in the
monthly review meetings as early as 2002. It was proposed to attend the electrical rewiring works for
the rearing house with CPWD earlier and as there was no response from them inspite of several
reminders (personal and written), the same matter was discussed with the Director, CSR&TI, Mysore
during his visit made to this station during and as per his advice efforts are to be taken
for getting the work done locally. However, till date, the same was not attended. Hence, I request you
make necessary arrangements to attend the same at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,
23.09.2003. (V.LAKSHMANAN, SRO)
F/o, ……………….,
Senior Research Officer,
Central Silk Board,
Coonoor – 643 101.
The Principal,
Sub: Request for leave – reg.

I am to inform your goodself that my daughter …………………………

studying in ……………………. at your school is suffering from ………..
……………… Hence, I request you to kindly grant her …………………...
days leave to her.

Coonoor, Yours Sincerely,


F/o, ……………….,
Senior Research Officer,
Central Silk Board,
Coonoor – 643 101.
The Principal,
Sub: Request for leave – reg.

I am to inform your goodself that my daughter …………………………

studying in ……………………. at your school is suffering from ………..
……………… Hence, I request you to kindly grant her …………………...
days leave to her.

Coonoor, Yours Sincerely,



Pay (including arrears) Rs. 1,02,875

DA ( -do-) Rs. 59,839
HCA Rs. 3,600
NSC interest accrued Rs. 9,649*
Total Rs. 1,75,963


Standard deduction Rs.30,000

Professional Tax Rs. 1,200
HCA Rs. 3,600
NSC Interest Accrued Rs. 9,649*
Total Rs.44,449

TAXABLE INCOME (A-B) Rs.1,31,514

C. TAX 60,000
Rs. 1000 + 71,514 @ 20%
Rs. 1000 + 14,302.80
Rs. 15,303.00


GPF Subcription Rs.28,000

GSLIS Rs. 1,200
LIC premia Rs. 18,182+
NSC int. Accrued Rs. 9,649*
Tution fees Rs.
ICICI / IDBI Rs. 10,000
NSC Rs. 10,000
Total Rs. 77,031 @ 20% Rs.15,406.20

C-D = - 103.20 or Nil Tax.

Date of purchase Maturity / Amount in Interest Date of
interest Thousands accrued Maturity
21.03.1998 6th year 10 Rs. 2240 21.03.2004
(1997-98) Rs.224
18.11.1999 4th year 30 Rs. 4962 18.11.2005
(1999-2000) Rs.165.40
16.02.2002 2nd year 10 Rs. 1067 16.02.2008
(2001-2002) Rs.106.70
20.01.2003 1st year 15 Rs. 1380 20.01.2009
(2002-2003) Rs.92
Total Rs. 9649

+ LIC :

P.No. 761892737 : V.Lakshmanan : Rs. 5,439.00

P.No. 732349620 : L. Kaaviya : Rs. 5,965.00
P.No. 762304549 : L.Madhumitha : Rs. 5,523.00
P.No. 762350000 : P.Punithavathi : Rs. 1,255.00
Total Rs. 18,182.00
1) In-charge of Sericulture section
2) Planning and execution of all experimental rearings of the station
3) Principle investigator in three projects
i) Improvement of productivity through bivoltine breeding in Indian breeds.
ii) AIMSGEP- Collaborative project with CSGRC, Hosur and
iii) Shuttle breeding approach for development of bivoltine silkworms with better plasticity
– Collaborative project with SWBL-JICA, CSRTI, Mysore.
4) Maintenance of silkworm genetic stocks, evolved breeds etc available in the station.
5) Preparation of all technical reports pertaining to sericulture section
6) Maintenance of technical registers, data analysis and presentation of progress in various technical review meetings pertaining to
sericulture section.

1) In-house testing of three SLD hybrids, SLD4 x SLD6, SLD4 x SLD8 & SLD4 x SLD9 along with CSR2 x CSR4 as control at RTI lab
of CSRTI, Mysore was undertaken during the year 2003-04 and successfully completed.
2) Combining ability studies of CSR and CNR breeds was successfully completed with final hybrid test undertaken during the year
2003-04 and identified one bivoltine hybrid, CSR13 x CNR3 which meets out all target characters.
3) All India Mulberry Silkworm Evaluation Programme given by CSGRC, Hosur was completed as envisaged in the project.
4) Formulated one new project on shuttle breeding concept in consultation with Dr.H.K.Basavaraj, DD (Seri), CSRTI, Mysore and
initiated as a collaborative programme.
5) As this station has been renamed, proposed various programmes in four broader concepts / area of work that are to be carried out , for
the consideration of experts (of which the shuttle breeding is finalized).
6) Consequent upon the transfer of Sri.B.T.Sreenivas, SRO (M), shouldered the additional responsibilities of Moriculture section charge
for six months as instructed by superiors as stop-gap arrangement.
7) Carried-out onfarm trial of new HT hybrid, 8HT x 5HT.
8) Under revenue generation, against the target of Rs.20,000/- on sale realization of excess experimental coccons, Rs.28,538/- was

As a result of utmost sincerity and dedication in the various research programmes and as a principle scientist & sectional in-charge, I
consider that the following achievements are significant and I believe my contribution is immense:

1) All three SLD hybrids subjected for in-house testing have performed better than CSR2 x CSR4 and one hybrid SLD4 x SLD8 out that
has been proposed for Race Authorisation Programme of CSB.
2) The superior BV hybrid CSR13 x CNR3 identified has shown excellent quantitative characters (Raw silk >19.5%, AVFL >1100m)
along with very good cocoon uniformity.

Though the objectives and goals envisaged in the programmes are realized positively, I wish to mention few general constraints faced:

1) Though the station is blessed with semi-temperate / cooler climate which undoubtedly helps in handling productive bivoltine silkworm
breeds, the quality of mulberry has been fluctuating more.
2) Infrastructural facilities to carry out silkworm breeding programme such as plastic trays, quality electrical appliances, rewiring of
rearing house etc ., may be provided.
1) Presented a poster paper entitled
“ Identification of productive bivoltine hybrids of Bombyx mori.L” by
V.Lakshmanan,, E.Rajalakshmi, H.K.Basavaraja, B.K.Kariappa and
S.B.Dandin. In National Conference on Tropical Sericulture for Global
Competitiveness on 5-7th, November, 2003 at Central Sericultural
Research & Training Institute, Mysore.

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