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Practice for Group Interaction

You and your friends are having a chat about X (Theme e.g. Travelling). The topic is

In your conversation, you talk about the following:

i) Probable/possible reasons for the issue /problem
ii) The best solution or step to overcome the problem

You have two minutes to prepare and another 20-25 minutes for the discussion.

l. Theme:Negative Traits of People & How to Overcome it

1. ‘There have been complaints that men sometimes board the pink coach (reserved for
ladies only) of the commuter train’.

2. ‘Some people park at parking bays which are reserved for ladies only’.

3. ‘Some drivers in the cities have poor driving etiquette’.

4. ‘Many Malaysian drivers do not stop at zebra crossings even though there are
pedestrians trying to cross the road’.

5. ‘Some people pile their plates with food at buffets but are unable to finish eating it’.

6. ‘Some people tend to envy others’.

7. ‘Some people always criticise others but seldom see their own weaknesses’.

ll. Theme: Socialising

1. ‘Many young people today lack social skills’.

2. ‘People nowadays spend too much time on the social media’.

3. ‘Cliques are common in schools across the country’.

lll.Theme: Travelling

1. ‘The preference of many people for overseas travel has resulted in an outflow of our
foreign exchange to other countries’.

2. ‘Some friends who travel together end up not speaking to each other after the trip’.

3. ‘People sometimes make a faux pax (an embarrassing social mistake) while visiting
another country’
IV.Theme: Feelings

1. ‘The number of divorce cases has been increasing’.

V. Lifestyles

1. ‘A lot of money is spent on health supplements nowadays’.

2. ‘Many university students are addicted to their smart phones’.

3. ‘Some students do not study until the last moment before their exam’.

4. ‘Many people prefer driving everywhere rather than walking, even if their destination is
within walking distance’.

Vl. In the News

1. ‘Some advertisements on health and slimming products in the electronic media have
cheated many consumers’.

2 . ’Many advertisements are illegally plastered on lamp posts, walls and road signs’.

3. ‘Many people’s life choices contribute to the increase in carbon footprint’.

4. ‘Some senior citizens are abused by their children’.

5. ‘Some senior citizens feel isolated in their own homes/ communities’.

Vll. Careers

1. ‘Some people do not dare to change job although the prospects in their present job are not

Vlll. Pop Culture

1. ‘Many children are exposed to songs with inappropriate lyrics’.

2. ‘Many celebrities are unable to have any privacy’.

3. ‘Many movies focus so much on the digital effects that the story line and character
development are not emphasised’.

4. ‘Many people spend a lot of money on the costumes for cosplay’.

5. ‘Some young people idolise pop stars whose lifestyles may not set a good example to

6. ‘In pop culture, the talent of the artists is not given as much importance as their looks and

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