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I am a writer and editorial manager, and video-editor currently living in Manhattan.

I am a

ARIANNA graduate of the University of Edinburgh and NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional
Studies. I have had a diverse range of experiences in editorial, production and management

REICHE roles internationally.

Professional Experience

Theatre Editor, Fest Magazine Edinburgh, Scotland, UK May 2010 - September 2010
tel (646) 300 3384 (duration of the Edinburgh festivals)
Edited the Theatre section of Fest Magazine. I commissioned, edited, and composed reviews
for the section, and designed layout, collaborating continuously with our lead designer.

Video Intern/Continuing Contributor, Gawker TV New York, NY January 2010 - present

Gathered video and produced/edited content for Gawker’s video site, Gawker.TV
James Knight, Features Editor, Vice Runner/Administrative Assistant, Picture Production Company London, UK April 2009 -
Magazine,, October 2009
Provided administrative assistance for the development of trailers and television ads for spring,
Chris Scholz, CEO Shaba Games, summer and fall wide-release films in the UK. I assisted Head of Strategic Marketing and Head
Activision Ltd, (415) 595 4094 of Interactive Online Marketing during campaigns for summer blockbusters, and worked red-
carpet at premieres.
Dan Light, Head of Interactive
Marketing, Picture Production Runway Reporter, London Fashion Week Daily London, UK February 2009
Company, Reported on shows and exhibitions at the London Fashion Week for the London Fashion Week

Assistant Online Editor/Editorial Assistant, Vice Magazine London, UK December 2008 -

March 2009
Compiled, commissioned, and produced online content for (UK), and worked
closely with both editorial and sales/advertising teams to create effective online advertorial
content. Employment with Vice followed an editorial internship, in which I composed all copy
for a 2008 Nissan Qashqai advertorial, assisted styling, and performed a variety of editorial
tasks, both for print and online.

Editorial Intern, McSweeney’s Publishing San Francisco, CA July 2008 - October 2008
Wrote copy for The Believer magazine, acted as a research assistant to Stephen Elliot and Dave
Eggers, and designed content for the McSweeney’s postcard collection “Greetings from the
Ocean’s Sweaty Face” with graphic designer Brian McMullen.

Editor-in-Chief, University of Edinburgh Student Newspaper, Edinburgh, UK Spring 2008

Acted as Editor-in-Chief of the UK’s oldest student publication, Student, a position previously
held by Robert Louis Stevenson and Gordon Brown.

Production Intern, Activision Ltd, San Francisco, CA June 2006 - September 2006
Assisted the production team of Activision studio Shaba Games during the development of two

University of Edinburgh — Bachelor’s HSS - Linguistics, 2008
NYU (SCPS) - Certificate in Digital Film-Editing, 2009

Professional Skills
Copy-editing (AP and Guardian styles) and copy-writing
Proficiency in video and audio editing software (FinalCut Pro, Avid, ProTools, After Effects)
Proficiency in graphic design software (Adobe Creative Suite)
Extensive experience in administrative software (Microsoft Office)
Familiarity with all major blogging platforms (Movable Type, Wordpress, Tumblr etc.)