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Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) Mexico is a country that is distinguished by having a large number of treaties and trade agreements with several countries, which are not one hundred per cent used, we are going to talk about its relations with Asian countries and the advantages and disadvantages that these relationships have given to our country, as well as some of the actually scenarios in the relations of these countries, economically speaking, also we are going to show relevant data from the economies that make up the Asia-Pacific region and Mexico. We know that Mexico is a country that focuses its interests on foreign investment and in economic diversification, and also is currently in search of new opportunities for expansion. On the other hand the Asian countries with which Mexico has close trade relations, as they are, mainly Japan and China are countries that are distinguished by having a skilled workforce and low costs due to the wide availability of worke rs exists, which together can generate a great relationship as business partners. I find it very important that these countries are still interested in expanding and maintaining trade relations since the Asian market is a market of great weight in the world and one of the main benefits they can derive these countries, or at least Japan is the Our country's geographical proximity to the U.S. and Latin America, for them it represents a great opportunity to get their products to different locations in Latin America with which Mexico is currently treated and also Mexico represents a great opportunity to position Mexican products in the Asian market and opening up new destinations, w hich means large sales volumes and market diversification. The fact that Mexico can maintain this kind of relationship with first world countries that are positioned between the first world economies benefit substantially to the economic development of our country as well as society as it will generate more economic activity, resultin g in more work, more jobs and better quality of life for people. China and Mexico have forged a strong bond business since 1972 and as expected, today China is Mexico's second trading partner after the United States, that we can extend a little vision and make us understand why it is so important China as a trade partner for Mexico, and we know that these Asian countries belong to several international organizations, which adds even more importance to this relationship, as well as its technological and fin ancial capacity represents great opportunities for development countries that are entering every day but in the global economy.

and in general. which does not mean that Mexico should stop in its integration process and signing of treaties. We know that Mexico can obtain great benefits by becoming business partners with asia-pacific region because there are many foreign markets opotunidades. electronic products. which accounts for 55 percent of Mexico's total exports. mainly Chaina. this is because Mexico sells to Japan and China. as mentioned a Mexican economist who may be affected relations between Mexico and Asian countries by the slow recovery of the developed countries that were strongly affected by the recession of 2009. the Asia . all with the aim of strengthening relations and the interests of both governments to strengthen their economies. leaving us clear that the benefits can be favorable to our economy.9% of the total FDI was recorded in that period.Pacific can be wound to have more weight because of the great expansion of these countries have had and will continue.sells Mexico high technology products.6 million (md). they have to be forcing the relation everyday Usually at the end of the years. Mexico always ends with a trade deficit with these countries. although it mention that also exports fruits and some raw materials with low value added. It is also important to note that when the agreement was signed Japan-Mexico Economic Partnership. Although it is noteworthy that among the countries of Asia -Pacific. Japan is the largest investor in Mexico and according to the Bank of Mexico in the decade 1999 . as they have sought new ways to stay in touch. which on the other side. The most important thing or rather one of the greatest benefits to be gained by diversifying trade relations of Mexico will no longer to depe nd on trade relations with the United States. that even our closest partners. culture. mainly manufacturing products. exchange students. an example to illustrate this is that the only treaty that Mexico has used almost entirely is the Free Trade Treaty ( TLC) with the United States and Canada. which can explain the deficit that lurks in Mexico over time. which spent 85% of its total trade and the remaining 15% divided among 200 other countries. if not simply to be very cautious in their operations and . although. Japan. this was the first agreement that Mexico sign ed with a country in Asia which included the agricultural sector and since then have strengthened relations with this and the other countries of the West. Asian countries are seen as an opportunity for diversifying the external sector. high value added goods. as well as diversify the diplomacy and have new trading partners and allies as a strategic region is Asia Pacific. which represents 0. from aspects of education.ERIKA KRYSTAL SAENZ AGUILAR ANI 7ª BUSINESS SIMULATION In the words of President Felipe Calderón. . geographically speaking. automobiles and auto parts.2009 Japaneseenterprises established in Mexico invested by 2058.

Finally. South Korea and North Korea. andMexicansmustalso be open tonewopportunitiesthatariseeveryday. the European Union and instead benefit China has agreements with Mexico and Latin American countries. as well as seek new markets for expansion in Asia such as. which may represent a risk to Mexico and at the same time a great opportunity for expansion. who is our largest trading partner. Just as it is also important to know that China is about to be considered the first world power. as China needs the support of this Country and some of its resources to secure the expansion process and positioning.ERIKA KRYSTAL SAENZ AGUILAR ANI 7ª BUSINESS SIMULATION CONCLUSION. as well as suggestimprovements. I think this period of recovery of the power countries for Mexico can be a time to reflect on their current situation and define what are the business relationships that will provide a greater benefit to our economy and in-depth analysis of trade relations with Asia that. and at the same time has not found ways how to exploit them completly. which can be wound to break companies that are not 100% ready. however. as was proposed in the previous test can significantly help the Mexican economy. I think the Mexican government should encourage the Mexican businessmen to take advantage of agreements with those who already have and support. competitor. Mexico is a country that lacks a for eign trade policy. which clouds their course towards the expansion of its national and international economy and although it is undoubtedly one of the countries that has too many trade agreements signed. advice and confidence in them. as well as gofortheoportunidedesandnot be afraidtogrowth. helpourgovernmenttostrengthenthose traderelationswithcountriesoftheregion Asia Pacific.S. It is worth mentioning that if Mexico signed a free trade agreement with China could give a positive spin on the national economy and opened the door to other business alliances with which this Country has such as. as this market represents large sales volumes. India. China has seized the countries where the United Sta tes had a spectacular presence and has been moving slowly. so is becoming the main U. Singapore. .

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