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2005 Division Orals Metrobank-MTAP-NCR Math Challenge Grade 3

A. 15-second questions – 2 points each

____________1. How many ten thousands can be taken from 97, 856?
____________ 2.What is 8/11 of 77?
____________ 3. How much heavier is 2000 grams than 1 ½ kilograms?
____________ 4. How many 25¢ coins are equal to 45 pesos?
____________ 5. Three-fourths is equal to how many twelfths?
____________ 6. What is the value of the Roman numeral XXXIX?
____________7. Subtract the product of 8 and 9 from 100.
____________8. The perimeter of a square is 52 cm. What is its area?
____________ 9. How many centimeters longer is 2 meters than 120 cm?
____________10. What is the remainder when 98 is divided by 11?
____________11. Round 1450 to the nearest hundred.

B. 30-second questions – 3 points each

____________1. What is the perimeter in meters of a square carpet if each side is 65 dm?
____________2. Luz skip counts by 4 beginning at 7. What number does she say at the 12th
____________ 3. Nora has 28 stamps. Ana has 6 less than three times as many. How many
do the two girls have together?
____________ 4. Mang Tomas gathered 8 baskets of eggs. Each basket contained 3 dozen
How many eggs in all did he gather?
____________ 5. I am thinking of a number. If you add 15 to it and then subtract 17 from the
sum, the result
is 36. What is my number?
____________6. The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 114 cm. What is length of one side?

C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each

____________1. A barangay meeting starts at 5:45 PM and ends after 3 ½ hours. What time
does it end?
____________2. Bea and Yoly have P286 together. If Bea has P28 more than Yoly, how much
does each girl have?
____________3.A garden has a length of 7 ½ m and a width of 5 1/3 m. What is its perimeter?
____________ 4. Norman has 120 marbles. If 18 marbles are red, 25 are blue, 37 are yellow
and the
rest are white, how many white marbles has he?
____________ 5. How many cards, 8 cm by 6 cm, can be cut from a piece of cartolina 8 dm by
3 dm? ____________6. I am a 2-digit number. My ones digit is 3 more than my tens and the
sum of my
digits is 13. Who am I?

Clincher questions
____________1. Subtract 25 from the product of 12 and 8.
____________2.Mother has 6 ¾ m of cloth. She used 5 ½ m. How much cloth remained?
____________3. Mother bought ½ kg of pork at P140 a kg, 1 whole chicken for P125, and 2 kg
of rice
at P23 a kg. How much change did she get from a P500-bill?

Do-Or-Die question
____________1.In a marathon race, Ferdy is at the 5th position while Ricky is at the 15th
position. What is
the position of runner who is exactly in the middle of the two?

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