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Name (State full name and any former names used)

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis

2. Age
49 (2-15-1968)

3. Education (List schools, years attended, and degrees received)

Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law Houston, Texas

Illinois State University Normal,
Majors: Political Science and Speech Communications

Whitney Young, High School, Chicago, Illinois 1985

4. Current occupation and employer

Office of the Chief Judge
Cook County Circuit Court Judge, Vacancy of Hon. Marjorie C. Laws. (ret.) Second Judicial Subcircuit.

5. Current hometown, and neighborhood if Chicago. If subcircuit candidate: How long have you lived there?

My Hometown is South Holland, Illinois. I have lived in my home in the second subcircuit for 13 years.

6. Work history (List with years)



Appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court March 2017- Present

Assigned to the First Municipal Division presiding over traffic violations; driving under the
influence cases, misdemeanor cases; and felony preliminary hearings.

Cook County, Illinois
EMPLOYED (1995- MARCH 2017)

Homicide Task Force 2008 – March 2017

Attorney assigned indigent clients charged with homicide and other felony offenses.

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis

Felony Trial Division 2001-2008
Attorney assigned indigent clients charged with various felony offenses ranging from
burglaries, predatory criminal sexual assaults and homicides.

First Municipal Division 1995-2001

Attorney assigned indigent clients assigned various misdemeanor clients charge with offenses
such as domestic battery and criminal sexual abuse.

Loyola University Chicago School of Law – Adjunct Instructor​ Spring 2014- Present

7. In what areas of law do you have experience?

I practiced criminal law for over 22 years in the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defenders’
Office. Additionally, over that same 22 years I regularly worked in my father’s family law practice and I
have extensive experience in divorce, probate and real estate law.

8. List your bar association memberships.

Cook County Bar Association​ – ​Member

Chicago Bar Association – ​Member

Presenter/ Resource – Law Day Know Your Rights Seminar

Illinois Judicial Council​ – Member

Illinois Judicial Association​- Member

9. List all professional, business, fraternal, scholarly, civic, charitable, or other organizations to which you

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

January, 2016- December, 2016 Fundraising Chairman- Led a committee in fundraising over $180,000.00
January, 2012- December, 2013 Legal Counsel – Theta Omega Chapter and AKArama
January, 2006- December, 2007 Legal Counsel – Theta Omega Chapter and AKArama
January, 2002- December, 2003 Corresponding Secretary – Theta Omega Chapter

Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated

National Legal Counsel 2016- March 2017
National Parliamentarian 2016 – Present
Lincoln Park Chicago Chapter –Top Teen Advisor June 2017 - Present

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis

Lincoln Park Chicago Chapter -Assistant Top Teen Advisor July 2015- June 2017
Lincoln Park Chicago Chapter -United Negro College Fund Chairman 2012- 2016
Lincoln Park Chicago Chapter -Membership Chairman 2010- 2011
Lincoln Park Chicago Chapter -Status of Women Chairman 2010-2011

The Links, Incorporated

Recording Secretary 2016- Present
Corresponding Secretary 2012- 2015

Democratic Women of the South Suburbs - Member

10. Describe your civic involvement.

As listed above I am very active in all of my organizations. I hold or have held office in almost every
organization of which I have been or am affiliated.
Additionally, ​upon passing the Illinois Bar Examination, I began tutoring Bar Candidates enrolled
in Minority Legal Education Resources (MLER). MLER is a supplemental bar preparation
program in the city of Chicago. I served as tutor and program coordinator for many years and
spent ten years on the MLER Board of Directors.

11. Describe your current and former political involvement.

I am a candidate in the Cook county Democratic party. I regularly attend Chicago ward meetings in the
9th, 21​st​ and 34​th​ wards. Additionally, I regularly attend the Thornton Township Regular Democratic
Organization meetings and the Bloom Township Democratic Organization meetings.

12. Have you run for judge before? When and for which seat?
I have never before run for Judge.

13. List your published writings, with dates and with links if available.
While I have done no publications I have made the following presentations.

● Exploring the Legal System Prosperity House, Chicago, Illinois - February 2016
● False Confessions Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago, Illinois - January 2016
● Cyber Footprints and Legal Consequences AKArama Foundation Scholarship Recipients, Chicago, Illinois -
December 2015
● Exploring Legal Consequences National Conference of Negro Women, Youth Explosion, Prairie
State College
Chicago Heights, Illinois – April 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
● How to Represent a Misdemeanor Client Cook County Bar Association – Spring 2000
● Law Day – Know your Rights seminar Chicago Bar Association- Young Lawyers Division, May 2017
● Women of Distinction Luncheon Young Ladies At All Times – Harvey, Illinois, May 2017
● Commencement Speaker Metcalfe Elementary, Chicago, Illinois June 2017

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis

14. Why do you want to be a Cook County judge?

After 22 years in the Law Office of the Public Defender I realized that I have the skills
and the knowledge to serve a larger segment of the community than merely my own
clients. My years of service have prepared me to provide even great service to the
community by becoming the neutral, yet firm and compassionate arbiter of justice.
My years in practice have given me the tools and the wisdom to fairly and
compassionately adjudicate issues from either side.

I realize that I have the ability to treat defendants and witnesses with fairness, respect
and compassion. Additionally, I have the opportunity to train young lawyers to
become great lawyers.

15. What are the most pressing issues facing the justice system and why?

I believe the lack of diversity in the judiciary is the most pressing problem in the
justice system. I would make the Illinois court system more diverse with more women
and people of color. The Illinois court system should reflect the community which the
court system serves.

16. How will your experiences help you serve as a good judge?

I bring to the bench 22 years of legal experience as an attorney in the Law Office of
the Cook County Public Defender with the last eight years in the homicide task force
at 26​th​ and California. I have extensive criminal litigation experience and was certified
lead counsel qualified by the now defunct Illinois Capital Trial bar in death penalty
litigation. I am currently working as a judge in the branch courthouse located at 111​th
and Ellis hearing misdemeanors and felony preliminary hearings treating all the
citizens with compassion, dignity and respect. I have been found qualified or
recommended by all bar associations.

My years of work give me a thorough knowledge of the current law and the energy to
keep up the updates and changes to the law. I bring the energy and the technical
knowledge to handle the most complicated cases that may ever be brought before me.
Finally, I come to the bench with compassion and fairness for all parties who come
before me.

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis

Finally, my community service helps to keep me in touch with the community that I
serve. I am currently a “Top Teen Advisor” in Top Ladies of Distinction a civic
organization. I mentor and supervise over 50 young people in acts of civic and
community service. Working with young people helps me to understand so very many
of the young defendants and witnesses who come before me.

17. What do you wish voters knew about you?

In 1995, I became an Assistant Public Defender in the Law Office of the Cook County
Public Defender. I was a member of the Law Office of the Cook County Public
Defender for 22 years. In 2007 I was certified as a lead attorney in what was
previously known as the Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar. During my years in the
Public Defender’s Office I defended indigent individuals charged with misdemeanors,
felonies, homicides and capital homicides. In 2007 I was certified as lead counsel
qualified in the now defunct Illinois Capital Trial Bar. In 2008 I was promoted to the
illustrious homicide task force in the Cook County Public Defender’s office. As an
assistant Public Defender I represented at least 10 death penalty eligible defendants;
completed 36 homicide jury trials; felony jury trials; and over 100 felony bench trials.
Upon passing the Illinois Bar Examination, I began tutoring Bar Candidates enrolled
in Minority Legal Education Resources (MLER). MLER is a supplemental bar
preparation program in the city of Chicago. I served as a tutor and program
coordinator for many years and spent ten years on the MLER Board of Directors.
Currently, I am an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago, College of Law,
and teaching Bar Writing to students preparing to take the bar examination.
As an attorney in the Law office of the Public Defender I was active in outreach to
schools and regularly conducted workshops in schools helping young people to
understand their legal rights and the consequences of their decisions. Additionally, I
mentored many law clerks and young lawyers.

In March of 2017 after an extensive investigation and interview I was appointed to the
Bench by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill the vacancy of the Hon. Marjorie Laws
(ret.). After only 4 months in traffic court I was began hearing misdemeanor and
felony cases in Branch 35 and Branch 38 where I am currently assigned.

As the Judge in a misdemeanor courtroom I do a great deal of mentoring and training

young prosecutors and defense attorneys. I firmly believe good young lawyers
become great lawyers when they are trained and mentored by good judges.

I have given various presentations to youth groups throughout the Chicago Area on
internet safety and avoiding becoming a defendant in the criminal justice system. As

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis

an active mentor and advisor to young people Judge Davis continually shows her
commitment to young people throughout the Chicago land Area.

I strive everyday on the bench to treat people with fairness and compassion. Finally, I
have been found qualified or recommended by every bar association.

Judge Adrienne Elaine Davis