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A committee consisting of citizens from Kentucky and around the nation have come together to demand Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell confirm President Trump’s judicial nominations who have not been voted on by the full
senate. According to Founding member and spokesperson, Jeff Crouere, “Senator McConnell touted having con-
firmed a ‘record number’ of judges to the bench, that isn’t the case now. There are over two dozen nominees out
of 80 nominated by the president who have been approved by the senate Judiciary Committee but not voted on by
the full senate. Some of these nominees have been out of committee for weeks and some for months.”

In February 2017 there were 117 federal judicial vacancies and today there are over 140, according to the Ad-
ministrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Senator McConnell has the power to clear this backlog as he controls the
senate calendar. The Committee for a Commonsense Judiciary is urging citizens from Kentucky and around
the nation to contact Senator McConnell and have him commit to scheduling votes on all the nominations that
have been languishing. Founding member of the committee Dave Ralph of Grant County, Kentucky said, “We
need judges who respect the Constitution and our basic rights, such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
That is why I strongly urge Senator McConnell to swiftly confirm all of the president’s judicial nominees and that
is also why I am happy to be a founding member of the Committee for a Common Sense Judiciary. Stalling the
confirmation hearings and votes is just not acceptable.”

Crouere added, “There are too many important issues decided in our courts not to have the president’s nominees
voted on by the senate. Kentuckians and most Trump supporters have been bamboozled into thinking that McConnell
has done a good job confirming judges, when in reality there are 147 vacancies today, compared to 117 when the
president took office. That means we are losing ground. People should join us and contact Senator McConnell.”

About the Committee for a Commonsense Judiciary: The committee was born when patriots from Kentucky and
around the nation realized nominations for the federal judiciary were not being confirmed as was announced in
media reports. The committee’s volunteers are spending their own money on this. Three of our founders are from
Kentucky. The first two are church ushers and family men. One, from Cynthiana, is a member of the American
Legion, the father of four and the grandfather of three. The other, from Bowling Green, teaches Sunday School.
Our third Kentucky founder is very active in his community in Grant County. All of our Kentucky founders are
committed to organizing their fellow citizens to achieve this goal. Another founder, from Pella, Iowa, is in the
construction business, spends plenty of time on civic activities and is a church volunteer. Another founder is a
retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. Another of our founders, from Louisiana, is an author and political columnist
who used grass roots activism to help pass legislation that improved the Right of Self Defense for honest citizens
who are attacked by criminals. And one more of our founders is a retired attorney and businessman,, originally
from New York, who has very active in getting commonsense laws passed.

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