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The Howrah Municipal Corporation Act, 1980

Act 58 of 1980

Adulterated, Building Line, Bustee, By-Law, Carriage, Property Tax,
Corporation, Corrupt Practice, Dangerous Disease, Drain, Drug, Elected
Member, Erection of a Building, Food, Howrah, Hut, Land or Building,
Market, Misbranded, New Building, Occupier, Private Street, Public Street,
Slaughter-House, Street Alignment

Amendment appended: 5 of 2000

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West Bengal Act LVIII of 1980
ACT, 1980.


I. Short ~irle,applicalion and cornmcnccmenl.
2. Definitions.

Constitution and Governn~ent


The Municipal Authorities -

The rnunicipnl nurhorilics.

The Corporariou.
Conslitution of the Corporalion.
On~hof allegiance to be raken by Councillors.
Consti~u~ian of Mayor-in-Council.
Term of office or thc member of [he Mayor-in-CounciI.
Elcc~ionof Mayor and Chairnlan.
- .
Term of orfice of Mayor or Chairmiin.
Mu~~icipnl Accoun~sComtnillze. . .
Borough Committee. .
. ,.... .
. .
Ward Cornmi~ree.
Remuneration and faciliries ofMayor, Chairman. Dcpuly Mayor, members of lhc Mayor-in-
Council. Lcadcr of the Opposilion and rnembzfi of Cornmi~ees.

A. Officers and olhcr employees of lhc Corporatian

13. Officers of thc Corporalion.

14. Salary and other condi~ionsofscrvice of Co~nmissionerand other officers ilppoin~edby 111e
Stale Governmcnl.
15. Caqual vacancies in [he office 01Commissioner. Contrt~llerof Finances and C h i d Auditor.
16. Establis hme~uof thc Corporalion.
Tile Ho\vr-rrli M~tr!ici/~(r/ Art, 1980.

[Wcst Bun. Act

17. Appointmenl.
17Ak Co~npulsoryr c ire~lienr
~ of oriiccrs and ernployces of Corlmmtion.
18. Tcms and conditiol~sO ~ S C ~ V ~ ol'olficcrs
CC and cmployccs.

B, MunicipaI Scrvicc Commission

9. Conslitulio~~of Municipal Service Commission.

30. Payrneni o l salaries :tnd allownnces of [he Chairman and othcr ~nemhcrs,officers and
employees 01Ihe MunicipaI Service Commission.

C. Powers and functions of lhc Rlunicipal authorilics and thc

Omccrs or Ihc Corporalion

Po~vcrsof thc Corporalion.

Powers and rtlnclions of the Mayor-in-Council.
Powers and functions of thc Mayor.
The Depury Mayor 10 acl as Mayor or Cliairn~anor lo dischnrgc the ri~nctionsor Mayor or
C h a i r m ~ ~during
n casual vacancy in [he office, or durii~g[he absencc, of Mayor or Chilirnian.
Po~vcrsand functions or the Commissioncr.
Powcrs and func~ionsof Lhe Secretary-
Fit~ancialpowers or rhz Corporatiolt. Mayor-in-Council and Comrnissioncr.
Dclega~ianof powers and funcliu~~s.
Doubrs as lo powers or functiolis of ~nunicipalauthori~ies.


Election or Cauncillors

30. Election ro Corporation.

31 10 39.-(Ott1illed)
40. Tcrrn of office of Councillors.
40A. Disqualificu~ionfor bcing a Councillor an changc of polilical pmy by 111eCouncillor.
31 and 42.-(011iit1ed.)


Conduct or Business

43. Nomination or n panel or presiding officers.

44. Meerings.
45. Firs1 mecling of rhc Corpora~ionarrcr generat election.
46. Notice of mee~ingand [is[ of business.
47. Quorum.
48. Presiding officer of a meeting of the Corporation.
49. Discussion on urgent public matters.
50. Qucslions or) Inalters rclilling LO ildrninis~ratio~t.
5 1. , Statements oil m;liLcrs rclntinu, 10 adminislralion.
52. Circulation o f minu~csand inspcc~ionof minulcs and reporis ol'proceedings.


53. Power 01 the Stale Government lo dissoIve be Corpornrior~.

54. Cousequences or dissolu~ion.
51A. Special provisions in the casc 01prohibitory clrdcr from courr.
5413. Mcmber, orIicers and employees lo be public scrvnnls,
54C. Stale Governmenl to place officers and employees a1 the disposal of 111e Corporalion.



T l ~ cMunicipal Fund, Budgel, Loans, Accounts and Audit

Municipel Fund.
Applicalion of Municipal Fund.
Expendilurc on physical nssels ou~sideHowrah.
Operario~lof bank accounts.
Approval of Sla~eGovernment in respect of work erc. estima~ed10 cost Inore rllan rupees
~ w e n ~ y - f i vlakhs.
Paymcnl no1 LO bc madc out of ~ h Municipal
c Fund unless covered by n budge[ grant.
Procedure when money not covered by a budgct grant, is paid.
Annual Budget.
Financial ilssisrilncc by Statc Govcrnrncnl.
Power or thc Corpora~ionlo F : ~ ~ S Cloan.
Limit lo the power lo raise loan.
Power of [he Corporalion to open a credil uccounl with n bank.
Repayrncnl of loan.
Form and elfc'ecl of debentures.
Sinking Funds.
ln'vestrnenr ol the amount or rhc Sinking Fund.
Applicarion 01 the Sinking Funds.
S ~ i ~ ~ e r noef ninves~menrs.
Annual cx;m~ina\ionof Sinking Funds.
Powcr of the Corpora~ionlo borrow money rrom the Slalc Govcmmcnr.
Tlze Howmlf Mu~licipnlCorpuratiort Acr, 1980.

[West Bcn. Act

Altachmenl of Municipal Fund (or securing paymen1 inlo Sinking Fund.
Audit 01 accounrs by the Chief Audilor.
Rcpor~by Ihe Chief Audilor.
Power of the Chicf Audilor to call lor vouchcrs, eic.
Appoinrmcnt of Audirors.
Repofl and inlbrina~ionto be furnished by auditors.
Mayor-in-Council ro remcdy defects and repon to ~ h Slale
c Governmcn~.
Reference of reports 10 Municipal Accounrs Comrniltcc.
Powers or the auditors LO disallow, surcharge and chnrgc.
Rights of appeal Lo a Civil Court or Lo the Stale Governmcni.
Paymen~or cerlified amounl.
Cosrs payablc out of Municipal Fund.
Eflect of non-payment o l ccnified umoutll.
Power or the Slale Govemmcnt \o make rules.

Taxation and application fee for enlistment


A. Levy of Taxes and Fccs

87. Taxes and fees lo bc levied by the Corporalion.

S7A. Levy OF lees, charges. clc.

B. Propcrty tax on lands and buildings and surcharge

88, lmposilion af propeny lax.

SSA. Excmplion or properlies of ex-se~.vicemen.
88B. Levy of surcharge on transfer of lilnds.

C. Deicrminatian or Annual Valuation

89. Determination o f annual value.
90. Municipal Assessmenl Code.

D. Assessment
91. Periodical assessment.
92. Municipal Assessment Book.
93. Applicnljon Ibr review.
94. Revision. of assess~nent.
94A. Dislricr Regisbar to furnish panjculars regarding uansfer of imniovablc properlics.
94B. Amendment of Municir?nl Assessmcni Rnnk hrl M?vnr-in-filrnr;l
'I716 Howralr Mrrt~icil~nl
Corl~orrrrionAct. 1980.

E. Incidence and payment of propcrty lax on lands and buiIdings

95. Incidence of properly t:~xon la~tdsand buildings.
96. Apporrionmenl o f liabili~yfor properly lax.
97. Property tax on lands and buildings horn occupiers.
98. Paylncn~of property [ax in quilr~crlyinslalmen~s.
99. Propeny lax in a brrs~cc.
l(H3. Person liable lo pay surcllarge lo recover i t Cron~rhe occupier.
101. Penally in case of default in paymcnl or propcrly Lax or surcharge.

F. Appliwlion fee ror enlistment or professions, Lradcs a ~ callings

~ d

102. CerliIicale o f enlisrmcn~for prorcssiun, ~radeand calling.

102A. (Ottlirferl.)
102B. (Ott1irrc8)

G . Tax on advcrtiscmen&

Tax on. and license For, zldvcrtiscmcnw.

Prohibi~ionor advznisernen~swi~hautpayrncnl or Lax.
Presumption it1 case of conlravcntion.
Porvcr af Commissiouer in case or conlravenlion.

H. Tax on carriages and animals

Tax on carriages and animals.

Rarc o f lax.
Tax on whom leviable.
Power of Mayor-in-Council 10compound fur l u x .
Power OF Corporalion 10 make regulalions providin~Tor manner orimposilion. erc. of tax.

I. Toll

Toll on roads.

Levy of special conservancy charge.

[West Bcn. A c l

-4. Paqmcnl and recovery of laxcs

Manncl- of rucovcry u l wxes under ~ l i i sAcl.

T i m e and manner al'paymelu of taxes.
Prcsenration ol bill.
Narice or demand and nolice fee.
Penally in case or deraull orpayme~ltof taxes.
Recovery or tax.
Disposal of dis~raiocdproperly and :~tracI~mel~( and sale or irn~novabIcproperly.
Recovery from n person nbout lo lenvc Huwrsll~.
Recovery under Ben. Acl 111 of I9 13.
Dislrnint no1 ut11awlul lor want of form.
Occupiun; may be requircd lo pay renr ruivarcl!, sa~isriclion01properly !%cs.
Rccovcry orpropcrly r2.x 011I;~ndsand buildings or any orhcr rax or charges when ownerof
land or premies is unknown or owncrship is dispurcrl
Tamesrlor il~villidTor d e i t c ~01Torln.
Crmccllmion of irrecover;lblc ducs.

B. Recovery nf prnperly lax by pcrson primarily liabIc to pay l o the


130. Appoflionmenl of propcrty lnx by [he person primarily liable t~ pxy.

131. Mode of recovery.
132. The properry lax on lai~dsand bai[dings to be firs[ chnrgc 011prc~tiises.

Civic Services

Walcr SuppIy and Drainage

Public wa~cr-workselc. rt) vesl ill Lhe Corporalion.

Rights over sub-soil Ivatcr resources.
Supply of fillercd and unfilrercd water.
Powcr ol Commissioner 10allow owner or occilpier oT premises 10 lay down service-pipes.
Private conuec[ions ICIpremises.
Regularion of consumplion of water i ~ n dprrbvision lor niercrs.
Ba~liingplarforms and pubIic urinals. Inlriaes, stand post.
Power 10 cut off or [urn off supply o f wnier LO premists.
Culpnrarinrr Act, 1980.
T11e Howrull Mruricip~~l

- , , -.-
140. Public drains and drains in, alongside or under public streels, to vesl i n Corporation. ., . ...
. .

131. Dmins, etc. constructed elc, at charge or Municipal Fund on privillc premises ro vest in
147,. over rnu~ticipald n i n withaul permission.
Private streets, etc. not to be cons~ruc~ed

Right of owncr or occupicr of prcmises [o enlply his llouse-dririu into municipal drain.
Connection with municipal drain no[ 10 he made rxccpt in conlonni~ywith scc~ion143.
House-drain, closed cesspool, elc.
Grouping or combinillion of house-drains and enforcemetlt o i drainage to undr~incd
Municipal drains may comnlunicate wit11 public drains, clc.
Cenain inrrtters no1 to be passed inlo municipal drains.
Placing or carrying any pipe, erc. ovcr. unrlcl-or across any i~nmovableproperty.
Placing and rnuinlcnanct: olarlueduc~s,zlc. over, u ~ ~ dor
e rncross any immovitblc property.
Maps OF underground urilities.

D. Privies, rtirirrtrls n~rrlb ( t ~ h i r ~allcl

g ~ : n . ~ h iplaces

152. Power of Corporalion to providc and ni:~iiitainpublic privies and urinnls.

153. Licedcc Tor public !oilc~sand urinals.
154. Conversion of service privy inra sani~arytailct etc.
155. Privy, urinal and o~hcraccommodatianat preniises fortwenty ormore lilbourcrs orwork~nen.
156. Provisio~lTor privy nnd irriniil i i ~ c ~ n ~ r n o d a it ni nprelilises
i~ intended Tor human hnbirarioil.

E. L'L.sspouls urtrl nllfei-filrl~rcc~y~!acks

157. Posilion o r cesspools.

158. Housc-drains, etc, lo be subject to survey and con~rolof the Corporalion.
159. Power or Corporar ion ro grant licence to pliimbcrs.
159A. Prcvenrion of ~l~osqiiilobreeding.

Streels and public places

160. Vcsling o f public slrccrs in thc Corporarion,

161. Functions of the Commissioner in respect of public sLrccls.
162. Power to makc ncw public sweels. elc.
163. Power arCorporalio~~ lo removeor alrcr vcrnndah, erc. or fixtures allached lo buildings which
projecl, elc., over public strcc~.
163. Power to moidci~nyil~in:erecled, deposited or hawked i n cou~raveotiol~ of this Act.
3 85 Tltu Ilnwmk M~rr~icipoI
Cflrporafioj~Acr, 1980.

[Wcst Ben. Act

165. Proliibilion of re~heringoI' a~iimillsand milking of cauic. .
. .. .
. .
166. Power or Corporation to specify building-li~~e and srreet nligrlmcnt.
7 Power 0 1 the Comnlissioncr to authorise temporary construction or lernporary closurc of
p;~rlsof public streets.
168. Righk of way for u~~derground ulililies.
169. Clasurc of public sireels inr parking purposes.
170. Owner's obliga~ion10 mnkc a slrccr ~vhcrcdealing rvirh land as building site.
171. or making new slreels.


172. Provisioll for lighting 01public slreets, squarcs, gardens, markefi and buildings.

Firc prevention and Iirc sareLy

172A. Arrangen~enlfor rirc prcvcnrioii and fire sarcly.


Usc o f land Tor erectioil of new buildiug.

Applicarion Tor sauclion for crectian of buildiug.
Soncrion or provisiot~alsar~clior~ or rcl'usal orereclion 01 building.
Bar lo construclion of building in certain cases for a limired period.
Period for comple~ionof buildin$.
Order of demoiiiion or sloppage of buildings and works.
Consrrucrion OF building in contravention o f Ibe provisions o r [he Acl or the rules made
Comp lelion cerlificate.
Prohibition on cl~angeof usc of building.
Power Lo order removal of dangerous buildings.
Municipal Building Tribunal for Howrah.
Licensed Building Archilect an J Licensed Building Surveyur.
Municipnl Ruilding Codc.

Preservation and Conscrvatiun of Hcritagc Buildings

183A. Owner lo mainlain, prcservc and conserve herilagc building.

I 83B. Power or Carporiliion to declare a building as a hcritage building.
I S3C Gradation of her1tagc buildi~~g.
I83D. Heritage Conservnlion Commirlcc.
183E. Powers and functions of Heritage Conservation Commi~ree.
183F., Power of Corporalion to rcquire, pufchasc or take on Icase herilage building.
I S3G. l purpose or acquisirioo by agrrcrncnl.
~ i tlic
Trarlsfer of right o l d r v c l ~ p n ~ efor
183H. Right of ncvess to llerirage building ncquircd by Corporalion.
1831. Sub-[ease of heritage building.
I83J. Permissio~~ of concerned depar!mcnl of Srarc Government bclorc ncquisi~ionof hcri~age
1S3K. Ibwer to exelnpr rales and taxes, elc. o n Iieri~agebuilding.
183L. Agreement with onbncra l herirage buil~lirlgpending iicquisilion.
1S3M. Vulunrary con~ributionand agreement with any volunlary organisatiou. person or company.
183N. T:ll;ing ovcr rnanagelnent and con~rolof hcrilage building.
1830. Whct) htritage building ceascs rD be hzrirugc building.
183P. Penally.


184. Power of Corporation to define and d ~ e lri [nit or bvsrrcs.

185. Power o f Corporation Lo prepare and execuie improverneol schemcs of b~rsrees.
186. Powcr or Corpora~ionlo i~cquire(he right of user in 1:lnd i l l or around i~b~i.~ree.
187. Sanclion of building plans submitled by t h i h lenanls.

Solid Wastes

188. Collection, removal and disposal o f solid wasles.

Inspuction and regulation of prcrniscs and of faclorics,

work-shops and places of public resorl

Procc~lurein cases of buildings decmed u~lfilfor hum;ln habitation.

Warehouse, godowns, ctc. no1 Lo be ch~ablisliedwilhoul pertnission.
Faciory, clc., no1 lo be cslablished. elc., wi~houtpermission of the Commissioner.
Eaci ng-houses, etc., not Lo he used w i d ~ o ulicence
~ Tiom Comn~issioner.
Licensing and control of ihcarres, circuses nnd pl;~cesof public amuselnent.
Power of Commissioner LO slop use of premises ~vhetluscd wiihoul or orherwise than in
conforrni~ywith Lcrtns of liccncc.
Premi~csnot 10 b t used for keeping animals. birds, etc. w i ~ h o liccnce.
Seizure orcenain ;min~alsor birds.
Regisrrarion and con~rolo f dogs.
Power lo deslroy dog and oiher animals.
Power lo stop nuisal~cehorn m~imals.
Tftc HmvruA Mruiicipal Corl)orariotr Acr, 1950.

(Wesl Ben. Act

Markct.5 and Slaughter-houses . . .. , .

.. .
195. Powcr of Corporalion to provide and maintain municipal markels, slnughrcr-houses and
196. Power of Commissioner to license privalc markets. elc.
197. Licensing of bulchers and of sale of menr, ctc. outside markct.
198. Lcvy of slallage, renl and Tcc.
199. Depols for salc of essential cornmodiries.
200. Licence for hawking, clc.
201. Licence for sale of fish. poulrry or flesh.

Prohibition of sale, erc. or adultcrated or misbranded food or drug.

Regislrnlion of manuhctory.
Prohibition of aduIkrnnrs in place whcre butter, gl~ee,erc. are manuf;lclured or stored.
Place of manufacture, preparation, erc. for sale of any drug or food to be open lo inspeclion.
Licensing aP shops and places for retail snlc of drugs.
Manuracrory or place of storagc or sale of rood kepi in con~avcndonof provisions of this
Chap~crmay bc closed.
Corporation lo take measures lor prcvenlion and chccking of dangerous diseases.
Obligation to give inrorrnation of dangcrous diseases.

2!0. Power of Commissioner LO inspect places and lake measures to prevent spread of dangcrous
211. Power of Comrnissioncr lo disinfec! building, lank, pool or well.
212. Measures lo prevznl sprcild of dangerous disease.

Registration o i births and dcatl~sand disposal ol the dead

212A. Regisifation of births and deahs.

212B. Informn~ionabout birth.
21 2C. Infonnaiion respcc~ingfinding of new- borri child.
212D. Informalion regarding death.
212E. Medical praclitioner 10 certify cause of death.
2 12F. Duiics of police in regard lo unclaimed corpses.
212G. Sexlons elc. no1 to bury etc. corpse.

771~.Horvmlr Mirrriciprrl Corl~oro~ior~
Acr, 1960.

Rules, regulations and by-laws
2 15. Power ro mabe rules.
1_ 16, l b w c r 10 milkc rcgularions.
2 L7. Powcr to m:tkc by-laws.
215. Power of State Government lo cancel or modiry regularions and by-lakvs.
219. Sclicdules.
Punishme~uTor orrcnccs ils given in Schcdule V.
Acquisilion of property.
Tnvcntory of properly.
Disposal of property.
Enlry and inspection.
Police Officers to assisr thc Corporation, Mayor-in-Coutlcil. Commissioner, etc.
Saving as to cenaiu suils ilnd proceedirlgs.
Respo~tsibiIi~ies or Corpomlinn.
Saving as lo holding 01ccr~ainoffice.
Removal of difficully.
Notices erc. to fix rc;lson;lble lime.
Signahre on nolicrs ctc. 10 he sramped.
Nolices etc. by whom to be served or isaued.
Service of notices ctc.
Cognizance a i oflzncrs.
Limiia~iodof timc Tor prosecution.
Adrnissibjliiy ol docunienrs or etitry as cvidcnce.
Councillors and officers and olhcr cniployees of rhc Corporalion to be public servanu.
Execu~ionor work by occupier on fitilure o f owner.
Prohibition o l nuisances.
Power lo rcquire buildings. walls, clc. to be re~idercdsafe.
PIan11ing and DcveIopinenl
239. Prcparalion o r Drafi DeveIopment Plan.
240. Financial slnremenr it) regard ro Draft Developmcnl Plan.
24 1. Modificarion of Drafr Development Plan.
242. Annual Uevelopmcilt Plan.
Schedule I.
Schedule 11.
Schedule 111.
Schedule IV.
Schedule V.
West Bengal Act LVIII of 19801
ACT, 1980.
W c a ~Ben. ACLXXIX or 1983.
Wcsr Bcn. Acl VIII of 1989.
W e s t Ben. ACI I1 or 1990.
Wesl Ben. Act XXIX of 1990.
Wesr Ben. ACLX of 1992.
Wcsr Bcn. Acl XXXVI of 1994.
Wesl Ben. Acr XL of 1994.
Wesr Ben. ACL U I of 1994.
W c s ~Bcn. ACLXVTI or 1995.
West Ben. Act XI or 1999.
West Ben. Act V or 2000.
West Ben. Act VI of 2001.
, West Ben. Act XVIII n T 2001.

An Act 10pr-o\iduJor b c t ~ c racl~rri~rist~~t~ior~

oJ ~ h ~rru~iicipul
c nfiirs
01a M~uiiciprrlCorporation.
of Hu~vrrrfrby tlrc ostalrlisl~n~e~i~
WHERUSi[ is expedienl lo provide for berrer ndminisrrarion of the
municipal affairs o i Howrah by the establishrnenl of a Municipal
I t is hereby enacted in [he Thirty-First Ycar of the Rcpublic of India,
by the Legislalure or Wcsr Bcngill, ns Iblluws:-


1. (1) This Act may be called the H o w n h Municipal corporation Shon titlr,
A c ~ ,1980. application
(2) 11 shall apply lo Howrah as defined in [his Act. mcnt. .
.. . . .
. ,

(3) I t shall come inro force on such date as [he Stale Government
may, by nolification, appoinr.

'For Srarcmcnr of Objccrs and Kcnsons. SCL. he Cnlcrrrrn Gnr~rrt,,LCvtmorcfi~~a~,Rn

I V of lhc 3U1hApril. 1980. pnycs 1 153. 1 1.W:lor thc rcpn of thc Sclccl Comrnil~cc,scc
Ihc r c p m 01 thal Cornmiucc prc.~cnrcdlxlorc rhc Asac~nhlyon h e 3rd Scl)tcnilxr, I9RO;
for procccdinps PI Ihc Wc.rt Ucn:nl Lpislativc Asscrnbly, scr thc pr~cccdingsof rhe
mcclin~sor rhal Asscrnbly hrld vn thc 6rh May. 1980. 3rd Scptcmbcr. 1980 and 4th
Crnrnn.C,. l Ub'll
[Wesl Ecn. Acl

(Purr I.-Cirop~cr I.-PrclirrrDln~.-Secfiot~ 2.1

2. In [his Act, unless [he conrcxt ollierwise requires,-

'(1) an article shalI be deemed to be "adulterated"--
(a) in the caw of drugs, if ils s1rcn;Ih. qualily or lluriry
I;llls below the prarcssed standard under which il is
sold or exposcd for snlc;
(b) in ~ h case
c o r conrectioncry, if il contains any mincrnl
subslance or poisonous colouring or flavouring tnatrcr
orolhcr ingredients delelerious or dz~rjmentillto Ilealth;
(c) in lhc case o r food,-
(i) if any substance has been mixcd or packcd will1
il s o ns to reduce or lower or harmfulIy nflccl
iw qualily or stre~lgth.or
(ii) if any subsranut! has been substilu~edwholly or
in parl Tor the article, or
(iii) if any norm;ll consrituent of thc ariicle has bccn
\vholly or in par1 abstracted, or
(iv) if ir is mixed, colourcd,.powdered, coated or
s~ilinedin n manner whereby delerioratiou or
inleriorily is concealed, or
(v) if il docs nor comply with Lhe slnndard prescribed
lherefor by or under this Act o r under any olhcr
law for the lime being in force. or
(vi) if ii conlains or is mixed or diluled with any
substance in any quanriry lo [he prejudice of the
purchaser or consumer or in any proportion which
dirniuishcs in any manner its food valuc or
nulrilive propenies as compared wilh [he snmc
in il pure or normal srzlre and in an unde~erionled
and sound condilion, or
(vii) if i t conrains any addcd poisonous or olher addcd
deleterious ingredienr which may rcnder such
arliclc injurious to Iienllh, or
(viii) if i t is r~otof rhc nature, subsrance or quality
which j~ purpods or is represcnred to be;
'(IA) "Annual DeveIopmenl Plan" means the Annual
Development Plan prcpared under seclion 23 1 ;

'Original cliluse (1) WJS rcnunlbcrcd x clausc ( ] A ) and bcforc ulausc ([A) a!: LO
renu:nhcrcd, claux: [ I ) war inscned by s. 2(2)(a) ofthc Wcsr Ucngal Municipal Corpomlion
LAWS (Anlcndmenr) Acr. INS(Wcsl Bcn. Acl XVIl o f 1995).Thcrcd~cr,clausc ( I A) rvns
rcnurnbcmd as clausc (ID) and bcrorc clausc ( 1 8) .u so mnurnbcrcd, clausc ( I A ) wx~
inscncd by s. ?(I) of rhc Howr;lh Municipal Corporarion (Amcndmenl) ACI, 1 W9 (IVcsi
Bcn. Acl XI of 19W1
"building" includes a house. ouihousc, stable, privy, urinals,
shed, hut. walls (other lhan a boundary wall not cxceeding
lhrec meues in hcight) aud any other such structure. whethcr
of masonry, bricks, woad, mud, melal or any olher material
whalsoever, but does no1 include a ho*qlflor other similar
kind of temporary shcd erecred on ceremonial or feslive
"buiiding line" means thc line which is in rear of the strcel
nlignmcnl and up to which Ihe main wall of a building of
a land abutting on a slrcct or projected public slrecl may
lawfully exrend;
''b~~stee"means an area con~ainingland nor less than seven
hundred square melres in area occupicd by or Ibr (he
purposes 01any collecdon of hurs or other struclurcs used
or inlcnded 10 be uscd for human habilalion;
E,~plrrrraiion.-If any queslion arises as lo wlielher
pariicular area is or is nor a bmree, the Corporeiioa shall
dccide the question and ib dccision shall be final;
"by-laiv" means a by-law made by [he Corporation under
[his Act;
"carriage" means any wheeled vehicle, wilh springs or
olher appliances acting as springs, which is ordinarily used
for the conveyance OF human beings, and includes a jin-
rickshaw, cycle-rickshaw, bicycle or lricycle, but does not
include a penrnbulnlor or other form of vehiclc designed
for lhe conveyance of children:
"cart" mcans atly cart, hackney or whecled vehicle wilh or
wirhoul spring, which is not a carriage as defined in [his
seclion, and includcs a hand-cart, but does not include any
wheeled vehiclc which is propelled by mechanical power
or iLs lrailcr:
S[proper~ylax1 includes rhe surcharge levied on the
31properiy lax1 under this Acl;
"corporate scclor" means a financial inslitution.
E.rylat~a~ion.-"Financial insri~ution"shall mean-
3 bank lo which the provisions of the Banking
Companies (Acquisi lion and Transfer of Undenakings)
Act, 1970, do not apply,

'Sce rmt-norc 1 on pngc 394, unit.

'Clauscs (4A) and (48) tvcrc inscncd by s. ?(I) 01- he Hownh MunicipaI Corpurd~ion
[Second Arncndrncn~)ACI, 19W (IVcsr Bcn. Acl XXiX or 1990).
T h c words within rhc souarc brackcrs wcrc ~ubslilu~ed for thc words '%onsolidalcd
I " by s. Z(1) of he 1Vcvc.r~Ekngal Municip~lCorporalion L i v s (A~ncndmenl)Acl, 1995
(W551 Bcn. Act X V I l oi 1995).
Clause (SA) WE, inscncd by s. 2(2)otlhc Howmh Municipal Corpon~ion(Amcndrncn~)
[Wesl Ben. Act !

(b) linnncial i ~ ~ s ~ i t u l iwhich

il on is no1 maintained or
managed by rhc Ccnrral Governmcn~o r thc State
(c) a privare company, or a limiled company (bcing a
public company), as dcfincd in the Companies Acl. 1 .f lq56,
1956, no1 being a public financial instilution wirhin the
~neaningof seulion 4A of [hat Act, or
(d) a co-operalivc sociery, by wl~ntevername cnlled,
regislered or deemed to have been rcgislcred under the
Wesl Bengol Co-operalive Societies Acl, 1983: West t3cn.
4cl XLV or . .
(6) "Corporation" means the Horvrah Municipal Corporatiun 19~3.
eslablished under h i s Act;
(7) "corrupl practice" means nny act decrned LO be a corrupt
praclice under rules ro bc ~n;~deby the Sratc tiovernmenl
in this behalf;
'(7A) "dairy" includes any Ihrrn. clrrrle-shed, cow-house, milk-
store, milk-shop ar alher placc-
(a) from whicl~milk is supplied on ar for salc, or
(b) in which milk is kcpi for purposes of sale or used For
rnanuIac~urcor preparation Tor salc of-
( i ) huller, or
(ii) ghec, or
(iii) cheese, or
(iv) curd. or
(v) dricd, sterilized, condensed or toned milk, but
does no1 include-
(a) n shop or other place in which milk is sold
lor consumplion on the premises only, or
(b) a shop or olher place from which m i l k js
sold or supplied in hermetically closed and
unopened rzccptnales in the samc origi~~al
condition in which i t was firs1 receivcd in
such shop or other placc;
'(7B) "dairyman" includes any o c c ~ ~ p i eofr a dairy, any cow-
keeper who rrades in mi l k, M any whalesale or rerail seller
u i milk.
(8) "dangerous disease" means-
(a) cholera, plague, small-pox. ccrebrospinul meningities,
diphrhcria, ruberculosis, leprosy and syphilis, and
7 - - - - - - - - --
'Clauses (1A) md (78)rvrrc inscrlcd by s. 2(2) i l T rhc Huivmh Municipal Curpori~~ion
(Sccand Amcndmcni) Act, 1490 (\Vcs~Bcn. Act XXIX of 1990).
LVIU of 1480.1

(6) any othcl- epidernic, endemic, or inr:lctious disensc

which [be Srn~eGovzn~mcnrmay. by notificalion,
dcclarz lo be a dangerous disc:tsc for [lie purpuscs of
[his Aci;
'(8A) "dcpor" means n plncc where ar~iclcsare stored, whclher
for salc or for any other purpose. bul nor for domcslir:
c o ~ ~ s u ~ n p ror i o nuse, in qoilnrilies exceeding two ~ l ~ o u s a n d
'(BAA) "Dislricl Pliinning Co~nmi~tcc" mearu thc District Planning
Cornrni~~er: consriiuted iindcr sub-secrion (1) or section 3
' Wcsr B C ~ . of thc West Bengal Disirict Planning Conl~nittccAct, 1994,
- ACIX S ol and i tvludcs ~ h Siliguri c Sub-Division Planning Co~r~mittec;
' ( S A M ) "Draft Development Plau" mcikos rile Draft Dcvelopmenl
Plan prepared nndcr seclion 228;
'(8B) "dnmeslic building" includcs a dwelling house and nny
orhcr masonry buildii~gwliich is neiher n building o f tlie
wnrehouse class nor rr public building as defincd in this
seclion nor a pIace esclusively uscd for private worship;
(9) "drain" includes n scwer, a liousc drain, a d r a i n of any other
descriplion, a lunncl. a cuIverl, il ditch, a clianncl and any
olher dcvice for carrying off sulluge, sewage, olrcnsive
matter, pollured rvaler, rain waler or suh+soil water:
(10) "drug" mcaiis any subslance uscd as niedicine or in (lie
c o ~ n p o s i l i ~ornprepara~ionof n~edicinc,whel her Tor intcrnal
or ex~emnluse, bul docs not irlclude a drug williin [he
meaning 01 clause (b) of sccrion 3 01thc Drugs and
Cosnictics ACI. 1940;
.'(iQA) "dwelling house" rnear~sa masonry building constructed,
used or adapled to bc used wholly or priacipally fur humnn
' ( 1 OB) "ediblc fat" means ghee or vegelablc fa1 like vunnspn~i,and
j~~cludcs beef fa1 or suet, mutlon far, goat fa[, l ~ r d cocoa ,
bulter '[refined srrlsecd fal, kukum fat, mango kcrnel fat,
dhupn Tat, phulwarn fnl, or any o h c r I;lr which ~ h Ccntral c
Govrrnmenl may, by nolification, declarc In be an ediblc
under the provisions or tlie P r e v c n l i o n or Food
Adulleralion Acr, 1954, or lfie rules made ~hereundcr;]

lClauscc(8A1 and (8B) wcrc inscncd by s. 1 ( 3 ) of ~llcH o r m h Municipal Corpnralion

(Sccond Arncndmcm) Acl. 1990 (IVcst Bcn. ACL XXIX or 1930).
'Clnuscs (SAA) 3 n J (SAAA) wcrc inscncd by s. 2(3) of dlc Hn\ur;~h Municipal
Coqmr~tion(Amcndmcnl) ACI, 1999 ( W C ~Bcn. Act XI n i 1999).
'Chuscs (IOA), (10B)and { I W ) lvcrc ~nscrtcdby s. 2(4) nT khe H o w r ~ hMunioip;d
C n y n l i n n (Sccond Amcndrnen~)Act. 1990 ( W c s ~Dcn. ACI XXIX or 1990).
C ~ thc original by s. 2(1) or thc H o w n h Municipal
Clnusc [lUB) w;ls S U ~ S I ~ I U I Cnr
Corporaricln (Sccond Arnendmcnr) Act. 1994 (Wcst Ren. ACI Lll nT 1994).
"lhc word.. :if3 ficurcs within lhc squnrc hr~ckcrswcrc suh.r~i~ukcd lor 11icworcls "or
rclincd salsccd fat:" h) <. ?(.I\ rlh. IJonr.rh hlun~cipalCurponlio~l(Amndmcnf) ACI,
1999 (\Vcsr Rcn. ACLXI rd I'ltl'j!
Act, 1980.
The Holvrali M~rrriciprrlCurporit~ior~

[West Bcn. Act

[(IOC) "edible oil" rncans coconur oil. co~!onsecd oil, ground~~ut

oil, linseed oil. mahuaoil, repeseed oil. olive oil, poppyseed
oil, safflower scrd ail, [aramira oil, ~ i oil,
l niger secd oil,
sayabeen oil, maize (cam) ai I, refined vegelable oil, almond
oil, waterme1011seed oil. imported rapeseed oil, paIm oil,
palmulcin, palm kernel oil, sun-flowcr seed oil, rice bran
oil, or mustard oil, in pure slate, imporrcd scaled oil lilbelled
as such, ally vegctilble oil, prepared by hardening pmccss
such as hydrogenation and labclled as such and bex'ing in
the InbeI in English and Bcngnli [he names of h e oiIs
entering inlo i ~ cornposilion,
s '[blended cdiblc oil, partially
hydrogenaled and winterized soyabean oil, ur any orher oil
which the Cenlral Govcrnmcnt may, by norificarion, dcclarc
[a bc an cdible oil under the provisions o f lhe Prevenrion
of Food Adul~crarion Acl, 1954. or rhe rulcs made 3 4 o i 1954.
hereu under;]
-'(I I) "elecled member" mcnns an elected Councillor;

(13) "crcclion of 3 building" or "LO crcct a building" means-

(a) to erect ;lncw bui Iding on any sile, whchcr previously
buill upon or nut,
(b) Lo rc-rcccl-
(i) any building of which Inore than one-hair of the
cubical conlcnis above the level of plinth and
within the exlernitl surfidce o f its walls and roofs
have been pulled down, burn[ or des~royed.or
(ii) any building o f which more than one-hulTuT~he
superficial arca of the exrernal walls abovc thc
Izvel of plinrh has been pulled down, or
(iii) any frame-building 01 which more rhan half of
the number o f posls or beams in thc cxternal
walls have been putled down; or
(c) LO make any addi~ion10 u building including roofing
or covering an open space between walls or buildings,

'Clause (10C) was subsriturcd Tor rhc original by s. 2 ( 2 ) of thz H o w r ~ hMunicipal

Cuipor~tinn(Sccond Amcndrncnr) ACI, IWJ ( W u \ Ecn. ACI L11 of 1WU.
T h c words and figures within rhc squuc bnckcu were subslirurul lor thc words "or
any other oil which thc Statc Govcrnrncnt may, by notificuion. dcclm lo bc an cdiblc
uil for thc purposcs of tliis Act;" hy s, Z(5) of the Hoivnlr M u n ~ c i p lCorpor~tion
(Amcndmcnr) Act, 1999 (WUI Ben. Act X I o f 1999).
TCusc ( 1 1) ~vassubslitulcdrnr ~ h original
s by s.3(1)(a) 01thc Wcrt Bcngal Mnunicipd
Corpor~ricmLaws (Third Arncndmcn~)Acl. 1994 (!Vut Rcn. Act XXXvl of 1994).
'Cla~~sc( 12) w a omittcd by s. 2(6)orrhc Hownh Municipal Curpurarion (Arnendrncn~)
Acl. 1499 (IVcqr Bcn. Act X I or 19991
or closing permancnrly any door or window in any
exlernal wall, or removing or reconsrruct ing the
principal srilir-case, or
(d) ro make such conversion, including conversion from
one occupancy or use group ro nnothcr. ils may bc
delermined by rhc Corporn!ion by rcgutaliun:
(14) "hod" includes every arlicle i~sedfor rood or drink by man.
other than drugs or warer, and any article which ordinarily
cntcrs into or is uscd in the composi~ionor preparation
of huo~anfood,and aIso includes conreclionnry, flavouring
and colauring matrers, spices and condin~cnls;
'(14A) "habitable room" means a room cons~ructedor adapled Tor
human habitation:
'(148) "heriwge building" means any building or one or more
premises. or any parl thcreof, which rcquircs prescrvntion
and c o ~ ~ s e r v a r i o nFor hislorical, nrchilecrural.
environmenral or ecologic:il purposc, and includcs such
portiol~o f h e land adjailling such building or any par1
thereof as may bc rcquircd for fencing or covering or
o~hcrwiseprcscrving such building, and also includes the
areas and buildings requiring presewalion and conservalion
Tor thc purpose as aforesaid under sub-clause (ii) 01
clause (a) of sub-secriou (4) o r sec~ion31 of the Wesr Wc~?Bcn.
AcL XI11 or
B e n g ~ lTown and Cauntry (Planning and DeveIopnienr) 1974,
Act, 1973;
'(14C) "Heritnge Conscrvatian Cornnlil!ce" means [he Heritage
Conservation Committee consiim~edunder sub-sec~ion
( 1 ) of section I83D;
'(14D) "hotding" mcnns land held under one rille or agreemen1 and
surrounded by one sct o f boundaries:
Provided that where two or Inore adjoining holdings
rorm par1 and parcel of the site o r premises of a dwelling

'Clnuscs ( 1 4 ~ (14B)
) ~ and (14C) wcrc inscncd by i.2(5) of rhc tiownh Municipal
Corpon~iun(Sccund Arncndmcnl) Acl. 1990 (Wcsl Bcn. ACIXXIX of 1590). Thcrcahcr
clauscs (14B) and (14C) werc rcnumbcrcd as clauscs (13E) and (t4F) rcipcc~ivclyand
arlcr clauscs (14E) and (14Fj as so rcnumbcrcd. clause (14G) w;ls in.rcrtcl: by s. 38)
of thc Howrah Municipal Corpornrion (Arncndlncn?) Acr, 1'199 ( ~ V C S I Bcn.
Acl X1 of 1999).
'Clnuqc (14A) which w x i~lscncdby s. 2(2)(h) of rhc W u l Rcngal Municip~lCurpr~~iun
LWS (Amcndnlcn?) Acl, 1995 (\VCF~Hen. Acl XVll of 1995) was rcni~rnbcrcdns clavsc
(13D) and belorc clausc (14D) as sn numbercd cl;~uscs(14U).and 14(C) wcrc inscncd by
s. 2(7) of 11ic Hnwrilh Municipal Corpornrion (Amcndn~cnl)Acl, 1999 (Wcsl Bcn.Acr X I
or 1999)
[Wcst Ben. Act

housc, manuracrory. wilrel~ousc o r place or trade or

business.such hoIdings sliall bc deemed to be one holdingfor
rhc purposcs of his Acr.

F,\plrarntiorr.-HuIdi~~gs scparaled by a srreet or other

mcnns of communicn~ionshall bc dee~nedLO he adjoning
holdings within rile m c a n i ~ gor this clause:

'(14E) "house drain" meaus any drain of one or more premises

used for rhc drainage of such premises;
'(14F) "house-gully" m c m s a passage or skip oi land cons~rucled.
ser apnn or utilised Ibr lhe purpose of scrving as il drain
o r affording access ro a privy, urina[. ccsspoal or other
ruccptacle Tor Filrlly or pollulcd lnaller Lo niunicipill
employees or to persolts employed in rhe cleaning rhertor
or in thc removal o f such marizr thcrcrroni, and includes
[he air-space above such passnge or Innd;

(a) a rural Itouschold or urban household.

E.rpln)~ationI.--"Rural household" shall mean a
household within a rural area us defined in [he W e s ~ \vcslDcn.
Acr XX of
Bengal District Planning Commil~ceAct, 1994. I n?.

E.rplonntiort 11.-"Urbi~n household" shall mean a

household wirhiu an urbari arcn as defined in [he Wcsr
Bcngal Dis~rictPIanning Cornmitree Act, !994,
( b ) a busincss undertaking, whether proprietorship or
partnership, no1 bcing a body corporntc as defincd i n . .

thc Companies Acl. 1956, or 1 uf 1956.

(c) a lrusr Ibr a public purposc or a charirnble nature

within lhr meaning of the Charitable arid Religious 14 or 1920.
Trusls Acl, 1920;
(15) "Howrah" mans the area described in Schedule I;
(16) "hul"mea~ls any building, no subs~~nlial par1 of which
excluding he willIs u p ro n height or fifty cenlirne~rrs
above thc floor or noor level is conslruc!cd of masonry,
reinforced concrete, s ~ c e l ,iron or olher metal;
Tlrc Holilrnlr ~\lirtriciprrlCorl~nrofiotzAct. 1980.

I(16A) "infectious disease" or "comrnu~iicabled i s c a d ' means an

i Ilrless due to 21 spcci fic inreclious ngenr or iu loxic producls
capable of being dirccrly or indircc~lytransmiled horn
man Lo marl or fram aninial 10 animal o r from euvironmcnr
(through air, dust. soil. waler, or rood) ro man or animal,
and declared as such by rile S l a ~ cG o v e r n o l e ~ ~by r
I(1GB) "it~hnbitcd raoni" Inenns a roo~nin which some person
passes 1112 night or which is used as a living room, and
includes a raorn with respect LO which [here is a reasonable
presumption (unlil lhc conlrary is shown) [ha1 somc
person passcs \lie night herein or thnl il i s used as a living
(17) "land or building" includes n brnlec;
'(17A) "Leader of [he Opposilion" means [hat Councillor who is,
for lhe limc being, [he Leadcr in [lie Corporation of-
(i) any recogl~isedpolilical party, or
(ii) any group uf rccognised political panies or Councillors
clccled as indcpendenr candidates,
in opposilion ro [he recognised poIirical pnrry, or group or
recognised p ~ l i l i c a l parlics or Councillors clected as
independen1 ci~ndidates,having the grealesr numerical
strength, and rccognised as such by [he Mayor;
( 1 8) "markel" shall be deomcd la be synonymous wirh thc
expression "bnznr" and shall mean-
(a) a place where persons nsscmble for rhc sillc of meal,
fiqh, fruir, vegcrahles, livesrock, or any other arricle of
rood of a perishable nature, whctheror nor [here is any
collec~iono f shops or warehouses or stalls for the snlc
of orher iir~iclesin such place. or
(6) any place or irade, olher rhan o place r e f e r ~ dto in sub-
clause (a), \rrhcrc [here is il collection or shops or
\biachouses or sialls exceedins such number us [he
Corporalion nlnp dctcrniine.
declorcd and licenscd by lhe Corporariol~as a merkcl;

' C l ~ u s c s( I b A ) :)nil (I6U) rrrcrc inscrrcd by s.2(6) or thc Hoarah Municipal

Corponlion (,\n\cndrncnt) Acr, IYYU (\trutDcn. Act X X l X of 1B9D). Tlicrcafrcr, C ~ ~ I U S C
( I bA) w.usubrtitutcd bys. 1(3)orthc H o l r n h M u n i v i p ~Corponrion
l (Scuond Arncndnlcnl)
Act, 1994 (Wcst Bcn. Act L!1 01 1993).
'Claucc [17A) u m inhcncilx by s. 219) nfthc flownl, Municipal C o p m i o n (Amrn~lrncnr)
Acl. 1999 (\Vt<I Rcn. ,\CI XI 01 1999).
Acr, 1980.
Tflc Ilo\i~mlrMvnicipol Curprm~tiot~

[West Bcn. Acl

'(18A) "masonry building" mcans any building orher rhan a hul,

and includcs a n y struclure, a subslanriel p a \ of which is
made oi'masunry, reinIorccd concrele, sieel or irml or 0111er
I(18B) "mcmbcr" rneans ;In elecled Councillor. and includcs a
person tlon~inaledby thc Srslle Governmcnl under clausc
(b) or sub-scclion ( 1 ) of scc~ion5;
'(1 8C) "Metropoli Ian Plnntling Cornini~~ee" mcans [he Me~ropolit;m
PIanui~~gC o m m ~ l ~ econstiluled
e under sub-scclion (1) or
seclion 3 of the Wesr Bcngul Merropalilnn Planning
Commitre Act. 1994; iw.
'(18D)"rnilk" mcaiis the secretion derived from complele milking
o r healthy milch animals, free from coloslrum, atld includcs
ballalo milk. cow milk, goat or sheep milk, n~ixerlmilk,
s~andardizcrlmilk. recombined milk. toned milk. doublc-
toned milk. or skinuned milk-raw. pasteurized, boiled,
flavoured, or srcrilized;
(19) "misbranded" includes all drugs or ardcles of food which
enter i u ~ oIhc composirion of food, h e packngc or mark
or label of which bears any statemenl, design or device
rcgnrding such drugs or articles of rood or the i n g r c d i e n ~
or subslances con~aincd~liereitlas may be false or may
mislead in any par~icular,and a drug or an ar~iclesor food
shall also be dccnied lo be misbraiided if il is olle~,rdfor
S ~ under
C [he namc o f another drug article or rood;
3(19A) "Municipal Assessment Book" means thc municipal
asscssmenr book lor enteriug thc annual value of lands and
buildings x determined under this Acl, and includcs any
book subsidiary rhercro;
'(19B) "municipal dmin" meatls a drain vesled in the Corporrrrion;
'(19C) "~nuaicipill market" means a markcl belonging 10 or
mainlained by rhz Corporation;

1Claurcs(18A)and (IXB) tverc inscncdhy s. ?(?)ofthc Howrih Municipll Corponlion

(Second Anicndrncnl) Acl, 1990 (\Vthl Acn. .4cl XX1X or 1990).l'hcrcafrcr. elausc ( I 8U)
WYI subs~itu~cd by s. 7 ( 4 ) or fllc Hoivr~hMunicipal Cnrponlion (Sccond A~ncndmcnr)
Act, 199.1 (\'rlurBcn. Acr L1I oC 1993). Finally. llic same clausc w.u rcnumhercd as clausc
(18D) and bclorc clausc ( IHD) as so rcnurnbcrcd, clausc ( I RC) wru inscncd by s. Z( I I )
nf the Huwnh Municipll Curgoniio~i(Amsndrncnl) Acl. 1999 (\VCSI Den. Acl X I nC
'Clnusc (IXA) which wns inscncd hgs. 3(l)(b) ofllic Wcsi Bcngnl Municipal Copmrion
Laws (Third Amcndlncnl) Act. 1994 (Wtrr Bcn, Acr: X X X V l nC 1994) w x i ~nu~tikn-d
clause (18U) by I;. ?(lo) UT thc Howiah Municipal Corpr~liun(Amcndnlcm) Act. 1'399
( \ V C S ~Bcn. Acr X I ell 1999).
!Clauses ( l g h ) . (19W and (14C) wcrt inscrlcd by s. 3(R) or thc Howrah Mun~cip:d
Corpvntion (Succlnd Arncndnlcnll Act. 1990 (\Vcsi Bvn. ACI XXlX of 1990).
The Holvrali MI#[I icipal Corporatioll Acr, 1980.

(20) "ncw buiIding" mcnns and includcs-

(a) any building construcled or in the process o r
conslruclion aficr [he commencement or this Act,
(b) any building which. having colIapscd or having bcen
demolished or burn1 down for more lhan onc-halr o r
its cubical extenl of [he space conlained within the
cxternal surface of irs walls and roof and [he upper
surrace of the floor or ils lowest or only srorcy, is
recoastrucled wholly or partially afler the
commencemenl of this Acl, whed~erthe dimensions or
the rcconstrucled building are the same as [hose of [lie
original building or not.
(c) any building no1 originally consrructed for human
habilalion which i s conveded inlo a place for human
habilarion aRer rhc commencement o f (his Acl.
Exl~lm~a~ion.-Sub-clause (b) applies whell~ermore
than onc-half or the cubical exrenr of any building has
collapsed or bccn demolished or bum[ down ar the
same lime or at dirfcrcnl rimcs;
(21) "notification" means a nolifica~ionpublished in the Oficinl
'(21A) "nuisance" includes ally ncl. omission, placc orthing which
causes or is likely to cnt~seinjury, dnngcr, nnnuyunce or
offence 10 the sense of sigh[, smelI or hearing or disturbnncc
ro rcsr or sleep, or which is or may be dangerous to liCc
or injurious to heitllh or propeny;
(22) "occupicr" includes any person for the lime being paying
or liable 10 pay lu the owner [lie rent or any porlion of the
renl of the land or building in respect o f which the word
is used or for damages on account of [he occupn[ion o f such
land or building, and also a renr-frcc tcnant:
Providcd that an owner living in or olherwise using his
own land or building shall be deemed ro be the occupier
'(22A) "afficc-bcarcr"means [he Mayor, the Depuly
. .
Mayor, thc
Chairman. ar a member OF the Mayor-in-Council;

'Cl~use(21A) w ~ inscrhcd
< by s. 2(9) or Ihc lforvnh Municipal Corporalion (Sccond
Arncndmcnl) Act. 1990 (iVcsl Ucn. Acr XXIX 01 t9W),
'Clnuqc (22A) w;rr first insencd by s. 2(10), ibirt. Thcn, ulausc (27A) w;u renumkred
a<clausu (22U) and lxfarl: clausl: (23B) a so rcnurnbercd, clausc (22A) was inscncd by
s. 2 of IIIC Howmh Municip~lCorponrion (Alncndrncnl) Acr. 2001 (Wcsr Rcn. Acr V1
ur 2001).
TIw Ho\vruii hfl I rlicipnl Corpot.r~~iun
Act. 1980.

[Wcsl Ben. Act

'(22B) "owner" includes 11ic person Inr lhe limc bcing receiving
ally renl of :lily land or building or par1 uf an). InnJ or
building, whtther on liis own ncuounl or as ngcn1 nr lruslcc
lor any person or socie~yor for any religious or charitable
purpose or as ;I rcceiver who ivould rcceive such relit
if h e land or building or arly par1 of the land or building
were Ier lo 3 lenanl:
(33) "prcscribed" with its :r;~rnalical vnriilrions means prcscribed
by rulcs made under ~liisAcl;
(24) "private strcc~"nienlls any street, road, lane, gully, nllcy.
passage or square which is 1\01 a public scree[, and includcs
any passage sccuring acccss l o ruur nr ~nort:pre~~liscs
belonv,iiiy, lo thc same or different owners, bul docs 1101
includc n passage provided in effzc~inga partilion o f any
masoury building ; ~ n ~ o ~ joint
i g s t o\v~ierswhcrc such p:esa:e
is lcss Ihnn two luelrus atid fifty ccll~itnctrcs\vide:
?(24A) "public building" nicans il masonry buildins co~islrucled.
irscd or adi~ptcd10 bc used-
(a) as a pl:~ceof public worship or as a school, collcge or
~ i o nbeing a dwelling house
other plncc of i ~ ~ s ~ r u c(no1
so used) or as a hospiial, workhouse, public thcatre,
public cinema, public hall, public concert-ron~n,public
ball-room, public lcclure room, public library or public
exhibition room or ns a public place o r ilsse~nbly,or
(b) lor any olhcr public purpose. or
(c) as a hotel, lodging-house. home. rdugc o r shellcr,
where the buiIding cxceeds, in dubicn~cxreuL, scvcn
rhousa~~dcubic lnelrcs or has slceping nccom~-~odalio~l
Tor more then one I~undredpersons;
(25) "public streer" means any slreel. road. lanc, gully. allcy,
piissage, pathway, square or courr, whether a ~horoughfare
or nut, over which thc public hnve a right of way and
(a) thc roadway over any pubIic bridge or causeway,
(b) the Footway ahached to any such skeet, public bridge
or causeway. and

' S t i s loot-nt~ic2 a11papc 403. mrte.

'CI~urc{?4A) \va1; inwncd by s,?(II ) or 111cI~owraliMunicipal Corpt~ralio~i
An~cr~dmrln~) . XXlX o f 1990).
Act. 1990 (West B ~ I IAci
(c) [he rlr:~insa ~ ~ : l c h etod any such srrcct, public bridgc or
and, where [here is no drain alrached ro any such srreer.
shalI, unless lhe contrary i s shown, be decmed ro include
all Imds up io Ihe oulcr waII of the pretniscs hulling on
has bcc~ifixed and
[he slrect, or, where a slrcer align~ncn~
[hc area within such alignmenl lias bcc~iacquired by Ll~e
Corporation and rhc alignrnen~has been dernarci~~ed o r is
capablc o f being denlurca~ed,up 10 such nlignmcnr;
I(25h) "rare-payer" means a person liable a pay any mlc, lax or
licence-rcc undcr [his Arl;
'(25AA) "rzcognised polilical party" menns a Nn~ionalparry or n
S l a ~ eparly recognised 21ssuch by rhe Eleclion Commission
or India by rloiificaiion for Lhc timc being in forcc;
('26) "regulalion"mcalis a regulalion mnde by he Corpbra~ion
under lhis A c t
){%A) "rubbish" means any dust, ashes, broken bricks, morrar,
brokcn class or rcfuse of ally k i d which is no1 a[\ aflensive
(27) "rules" mcnns rules mode by [lie Sra:e G o v c r ~ l r n z nundcc
lhis Acr:
"(27A) "servicc privy" means u fixed privy rvt~ichi s cleansed by
hand, bul does not include a movablc commode;
4(27B) "servicc urinal" rncnns a fiscd uritrd which is clransed by

(23) "slaughtcr-housc" menns aay place used for the slaugll\zr

of certle, sheep, gnnrs, k ~ d so r pigs for the purposc OF
selling [he flcsh ~hercof3s meal;
$(28A) "Stale Elec~ionCommission" mcans rhc Wesl Bcngal Srirte
Elec~ionCommission referred 10in sub-scc~ion(1) n f s e c ~ion
\Vcsl Bcn .
ActVlII nf 3 of the W e s ~Rengal Slale Elcction Comrnjssion Act,
1994. 1994;
- - -
lClausc (25A)wac inscncd by s. 2(12) or 11ic Hoxvrah Municip.ll Clorpnr;~t:on (Sccond
Amendm:ni) Acl, I9TJ (Wcsl Ucn, Acr XXIX or 1990).
'Clnusc (25AA) stas i n x n c d h j s. 3 1 2 ) or thc I tawmh blunicip~lCorpurntion
(Amcndmcn!) Acl. 1993 (Wcst Bcn. Acl X'1 of 1999).
'Clautc I26A) was insencd by s. ?(13) o f thc Hownh Municipal Corporalinn (Sccond
Amcndmcnt! ACI. 1990 (Wca Rcn. XXIX (I? 1 Y W )
'Chuscs (27A) and (27U) wcrc inscrkrd by F . Z(1-l). ibid.
'CLusc (28A) ~ v v inscncd
j by s. 3(l)(c) o i thc \Ycsl Uc~lgalMunicipirl Corpun~ion
L;LWW rJhird Arncndrnml) 1994 (iVr<u R r n hrr Y Y Y q r l - c l n l l q \
Mwrzicipnl Cflr/)orntiwr Acr, 1980.
[West Ben. Act

(29) "strcc~ align men^" means thc line dividing thc land
comprised in and forming pnrlora streel from [hc adjoining
'(29A) "Urban Developmcn~Sub-Committee" mcans lhe Urban
Developmcn~ Sub-cornmi ~ r e econstilutcd under -sub-
section (4) 0rstclion 10 of [he Wwt Bengnl D j s l r i c ~Planning Wcst Bcn.
ACLxx or
Commitlee Act, 1994; 1Y93.

(30) "year" means a fiuaiicial year bcginning on Lhe first day

or ~ p r i i .


Conslilulion and Govcrnrnent


The Municipal Authorities

7hc 3. The following shall be the muuicipal authorities Tor thc purposes
auaori,5CS,of carryi~igout the provisions of Lhe Acl, namely:-
(a) thc Corporalion.
(b) the Mayor-in-Council, and
(c) the Mayor.

TIIC 4. (1) With cffcct rrom such dare as Lhe Stale Governmcni may,
by notification, appoint, there sllall be a Corporalion charged with the
municipal govcmmenr oEHowrah, lo be known as the Howrah Municipal

(2) Thc Corporalion shall be a body corporolc wilh perperual

succession and a comrllon 'seal, and may by its name sue and be sued.

(3) All properties, along wilh all rights therein of whatever nature,
used. elljoyed or posscsscd by rhc Commissioners of he Howrah
Municipality conslituled under the Bengal Municipal Act. I932, or by Bcn. Act xv : - ,- .:
any Gnrn Panchayat or Panchayor Svrni~icot~slilu[edunder the West
Bengal Potlcha~ntAcl, 1973, as [he case may be, included within Howrah
Acr XLI or
. . .
. .
. ..

immcdiately berore Ihe date of consri~urionof the Corporalion. shall, on 19'3-

and from that dale vesl in [he Corporation.

'Clausc (79A) w i c inrcricd by s. 2(13) o f thc Howrah Municipal Curpunri~m

(Amcndrncnt) Acl. 1999 ( W e s ~Rco. Aci XI ni 1999).
Tire Fiolvru11M ~ r r ~ i c i p Corl~orntiotl
ul Act, 1980.

(4) All rights, liabililics and obligatior~so r the Commissioners

and the Gram Panchayats or Punchaya~Samiris rercrred to in sub -seclion
(3) subsisring imrncdiateIy before rhc date or cons~ilutionof the
Corporation, in relation ro any matrer provided for in lhis Act, shall be
enhrccnblc by or against Ihe Corporation.
(5) Subjrci LO [he provisions o r l h i s Acr, he Corpora~icnshall bc
entiiled to acquirc, hold and dispose of properly.
. -

5. '(1) The Corpor;lriou shall corlsisi of the followin: members, Consti~u~ion

(a) fifly elected Councillors, and
(b) s ~ c hpersons having special knowledge or cxperiencc in
municipal adminis~rarionns the Stare Government may
norninare from lime ro iimc:
Provided thal such persons shall nor have [he righi to
vote in thc meetings of the Carporalion.
(2) The f i r ~ yCauncillors referred lo jn cliluse (a) of sub-seciion (1)
shall be eleclcd by the cons~ituencics,each ccnsr ituency clccling onc
Council lor, and lor this purpose each ward of thc Corporation described
in Schedule U shall consli~utca consriluency.
l* =$ * * * Sr

lOof 1873. I5A. ( I ) Nolwithslanding anylhing conlained in the Indian Oarlis Oarll or '

Act, 1873, every person who is clecled lo be u Councillor shall, before ~ ~ ~

raking his scat, make and subscribe beforc an officcr appoinred by the Councillors,
Stare Govemrnen~an oath or arfirrna1ion of his nllcgiance ro [he
Consliluljon of India in the following form:-
"I, A.B., having been elected a Councillor OF the Corpontion. do
swear in the namc of God (or sole~nnlyaffirm) [hat 1 will bcar lnie railh
and alIegiance to h e Constjturion of India as by law es~ablishedand
[hat 1 will rai(hfuIly discharge \he dulies upon which I am about lo
(2) Any person who, having been clectzd a Councillor fairs to makc
and subscribe, rvilhin three months of thc date on which his lemj of office
commences, 111eoalh or afirma~ion.undersub-section (L), shall cease
lo hold his office and his seal shaIl be decrned lo hove become vacant:

'Sub-scclion (I)\VL< subslilu~cdInr lhc original by s. 3(2)(a) or llir West Bcngal

Municipal Corporalion h r v s (hird Arnvndmcn~)Acl, 1993 ( ~ V E SBen. I Act XXXVl or
1991).Prior ro h i s subsliri~rionsuh-clausc (ii) olclausc (h) of original sub-seciion ( I ) was
subs~ilutcdby s.2 or B c Hownh Municipal Corpnmlion (Amcndrncm] Acr. 1992 (Wmr
Bcn; Acr X of 1932).
-Sub-scc~ion(3) w u ornirtcd by s, 3(2)(b) n l lhc II'csI Bcngal Municipal Corponlinn
h w s (Third Amcndmcnr) Acl, 19'34 ( ( \ V c s ~Ben. Acl XXXVl ni 1991).
'Scc\ion 5A r v a ~inwncd by s,3 of klic Howr,lh Municipal Corpmrion (Amcndmenr)
Acl. ls9Q 1Wcsl Rcn. A r t Xl r>T l W s l
[West Ben. Act

Provided [hat [he Srare Govcrnnlcnl may,for reasons lo bc rccarded

in wiling, cxlcnd in cach case or class olcascs he above period o r thrcc
1no11thsby such pcriud as it ~liinksIll.
(3) Any Councillor nomillaled by thc Mayor as llle Depu~yMayor
or a member or lhc Mayor-in-Council unJcr sub-section (2) of scction
6, sliall assume oIlicc forlhwi~ha r ~ e rlaking 1l1c oath of secrecy before
Ihc Mayor in llie following rurn1:-
"I, A.B., do srvear in Lhc name of God/solcmnly artirni tlmi I will
no1 direclly or indirec~lycommunicale or reveal ro ;myperson o r persons
any nialter which shall be broughl under my consideration or shall
bccomc kilown ro me as Depuly M a y o h Meutber of [he Mnyor-in-
Cou~lcilcxccpr as may he required Tor lhc due discllarge of my dulics
as such Depuly Mayorhfcmber of the Mayor-in-Council.".

Consriruri~ln li. (I) There stiall be a Mayor-in-Couucil consisring o f the Mayor,

of M ~ F D I - ~ ~ -
C,uncil, ~ h t Dcplrry
: Mayor and such nurnbcr a f olt~erelecled mcmbers of the
Corporalion. rlot exceeding five. as rhc State Governrnenl may Iiom lime
10 time determine.
(2) Tlie Deputy Mayor and ollier elecled mcmhers referred lo in sub-
seclion (1) shall be nominnled by [he Mayor '[wilhin 21 period of [hirry
days horn thc d n ~ cnT his eutzring inro office:]
?Provided thal [he SI:ile Government may, on an applicnrion by the
Mayor and for reasons to be recorded in wri~ing,extend rbe period 3 s
aforcsid not exceeding lhirry days, as [be Stnlc Govcrnrnenl may ~ h i n k
(3) Any causal vacancy in the oFFice or thc D c p u ~ yMayor or athcr
membcr rcrerred lo ill sub-scclion ( I ) by reason or dcuth. resignarion,
removal or othcnvise st~allbe fillcd up by the Mayor:
Provided lhat no acr or proceedings or rhc Mayor-in-Council shall
be cnllcd in rlueslion or sl~nllbccorne invalid merely by rcason of any
vacancy in lhe office o f [he Depuly Mayor or other members referred
lo in sub-secrion (I).
(4) Thc munncr of rral~saclionor business of [he Mayor-in-Council
shall be such us may be derermincd by [he Corporation by regulation.
(5) Thc Mayor-i n-Council shill[ be colleclivcl y rchponsible Lo the

'Thr II'u~L~ w i ~ h i ntllc squnrc h m c l c l ~aerc s~bstitutcdfur thc wor& ";15 soon ns
pnyiblc hirer Iic nssulncs oClivc." by s. 3 0 ) or thc Howr;~l~ Municipal Corpon~rnn
(Amcndmcnt) Acl. ?001 (IVcsl Bcn, Act VI of 2UOI).
Acl, 1980.
Tile I-lon't-nl;Mruticipr~iColpot~urior~

A mcmbcr of the Mayor-in-Council olher rhan rhc Mayor s11a11 'I'crrnof

to the Mayor-in-Council
hold o f i c e rrom ~ h cd:ltc o f liis ~~orninntioii
until-- 1hc
(a) he ceases to be a inember o r rhc Corpora~ion.or Mayur-in-
(b) he resigns his office by wri~ingunder his Ilnnd addrcssed
'LO tlie Mayor in which case [he rcsignatio~~
sllall lake cfrcct
from the date of ils ncceptallce, or
(c) he is removctl from orfict: by a wnllen order o r ~ h Mayor,
'(d) a nc;vly elccled Mayor cnters upon his d h c e in [lie case
01any casual vacaucy in rhc office o r [he Mayor caused
by death, rcsignalion, removal or oll~errvise.
2* + 1: 3 9; < :i:

8. Tile elected mcn~bersof the Corporaliou shall elect from arnongsl Elcclinn or
themsclvm,- Mayor nnd
(a) a[ [he first rnecting of [he Corporation after a gcncral
clcciion,-(i) one mcmber 10 be thc Mayor, and (ii) one !
member ro be [lie Chnirn~an,and
(b) so olren as a vacancy in thc office-of rl~eMnyor or the
Chairman, as the case may be, occurs by reason or death. I
resignation. removal or olherwise and within one month o f
thc occurre~lceof such vacancy, onc member to bc [he
Mayor o r the Chairman. as tlie casc may be,
who shall assume office fonhwirh after taking such oath of secrecy as
may be prescribed.

9. (1) A Mayor or a Chairman. as the cnsc may be,-

(a) shall ccase lo hold omcc as such lorthwith if he ceases lo
be a membcr of [he Corpuraiion;
Tern1 or

(b) may, at any time, by _eiving notice in writing to the
Corporation, rcsigii tiis o r k c wd such resignalioll sIiall
take effecl from such date as may bc specified in thc nolice
or, if no such dale is speci tied, rrom !he date of its receipt
by [he Corporation;
(c) may bc rernovcd from orficc by a rcsolulion carried by
a rnajoriiy o r thc rota! numbcr of elecled mcmbcrs OF the
Corporation at a special meeling o f the Corporation 'alled
for [his purpose upon a requisirioa madc in wiling by nor
less lhan one-third or he elecled members of the

'Clausv (d) \F;L\ subs~ilu~cdh r I ~ Coriginal by s. 4(1) of rhc Holvnh Municipal

Corporalion (nrncndmcnr) Act, 2001 (\Vcs~Bcri. Act V1 or 2WI).
-Clause (c) was oniitkcd by s. 4(2), ihid.
The ffolvral~Mrr~licipalCotporatiotr Acl, 1980.
['CYesl Ben. Act
(Purr 11.-Co~u~i!;riioncrrrrl G o ~ ~ u n l r ~ r e ~ i ~ - C 11.-The
ArrtAot-itics.-Sccriorr 10.)

Provided [ha[ no sucb resolution shall be moved bclorc rhe expiry

of six months from the dale of assumplion of offict: by n Mayor or a
Chairman, as tIic cils2 may be:
ProvideJ rurther rhal if sucb resolulion is no1 carried by a majoriry
o f ;hc [oral numbcr of clccled members of the Corporation, no funher
rcsolution Tor [he removal or [he Mayor or the Chairman, as [he case
may be, shall be moved berore lhc expiry of a period oFsix rnon~hsrrom
lhe date on whicl~[he former resolurion was movcd.

Mun~cip~l 10. (1) The Corporalion sball, ar irs first meeting in e x h year or
,-nmmirlcc, ![in ils nexl meeliog which shall be held wirhin a period of rhiny days
from !tic dare or irs first meeting in l h a ~year.] cons~irulea Municipal
Accounls Commillcc:

'Provided 1ha1 thc State Governmenr may. on an application by the

Mayor and Tor reasons 10 bc recorded in wriliug. es~ertdt l ~ eperiod as
doresaid by such ppriod no1excccding thirry days m lhe State Government
may think fil.
(2) Tbe Mu,~icipalAccounrs Cornmiltce shall consist al-

(a) suctr ~ ~ u r n b of
e r persons, no1 being less than three and more
than five, as [he Corpora~ionmay determine, to be elecred
by thc mcrnbcrs or [he Carporrtion from arnongst themselves
i n nccordancc with the system of proportional represenladon
by means of the singlc ~ransfcrab;evorc by secret ballot, the
nle~nbersof the Mayor-in-Council not bcing cligible Tor
election; and
(b) such number of persons, nor bcing more than rrvo and no1
being members or officers or other cmployees or thc
Corporation, liaving knowledge and experience in financial
mailers, as may be nominated by rhe Mayor-in-Cauncil.
(3) The members of the Municipal Accounls Committee shall elecr
from amongst hemse elves one member lo be its Chairman.
(4) Subject to rhz other provisions of [his Act, hc mcmbcrs of the
Municipal Accounls Cornmiltee shall hold office lill a ncw cornmitree
is cons~iruted.-

'Sub-scc~iun(2) w ~ omiltcd
q hy s,5 of rhc Hotvnh Municipal Corponrion (Arncndmenl)
Act, 2UU1 (Wcsl Bcn. ACI VI o i 2M11),
T l i c words wi~liinthc squarc hmckcls-rvcre subs~itufcdlor the words "xs soon as may
bc a1 any nitcling slibscqucnl thcrclo," by s, 6(1). ibid.
'Proviso was lddcd by s, 6(2),ihid,
(Pnrt 11.--Cotis~itrrrint~
c111d G o ~ ~ c r r r ~ ~ ~ o r r . - C
Miaiicipal Arr11ruritics.-Stclion 1I . )

(5) Subject to the provisions of this ACI and Ihe rules and thc
regulations madc hereunder, i t sliall be rhc duty of the Municipal Accounw
(a) lo examinc thc nccouars of [he Corporation showing the
appropriation of sums gra~lrcdby rhc Corporarion for its
expcndiiure and ttie annuill liri~ncinl accoiinls o f thc
(b) ro cxamine and scrulinise rhc reparr on thc accounts of the
Corporalion by llie auditors appoinled under secrion 77 and
to salisfy ilsclf rhz monies shown in rhc accounts as
having been disbursed were avai lablc for, and applicable lo,
the services or purposes to which [hey have been applicd
a ~ t drhal the expcndilurc was incurred in accordancc wirh
the aurhorily governing [he same;
( c ) to submil a repor1 ro the Corporation cvcry year and ironr
time lo lime on such examina~ionand scrutiny;
(d) to consider ~ h crcporl of the audilor in cxes whcre [he
Corporation requires him to conduct a spcciul a u d i ~or any
receipt OF expenditure of the Corporalion or 10 examine rhe
il<counts of slores and stocks o r the Corporalion; and
(e) to discharge such olher funclions as may be prrscribcd.
(6) The Municipal Accounls Commirtec may call for any book or
document relaring l o the accounts of rhc Corporalion under exzrnination
and may send for such olficcrs of Ihe Corporarion as it mdy consider
necessary for explaining any mavrer in connection wilh such
(7) The manner of transaction of business of the Municipal Accounls
Cornmilkc shall be such as may be determined by h e Corporation by
Provided that lhe persons nominated under clacse (b) of sub-section
(2) shall have no right of voting ar (he mccling of rhe Municipal Acccunts
Commiltee. '

11. (1) The Corporalion shall, a[ ils iirsl meeling aRer the elcclion Borough
of members [hereto or as soon as may be [hereafter, group thc wards CommiL1cc-

of the Carporzlion mentioned in Schedule I1 inlo five boroughs so lhat

cach borough consisrs of Len contiguous wards, and consrilule a Borough
Commiltee Tor each borough.
(2) Each Borough Committee shall consist of Ihe Councillors '* *
* * elecled from the wards constiluting the borough.
'The words ". othcr lhan Ihc rncmbcn o l h c Mayor-in-Council," wcrc omilrcd by
) ~ h \VcsI
5 . 3 ( 4 ) ( ~or c Bcnkal Municipal Corponlion h w s (Third Arncndmcnt) Act, 199-1
(Wcsr Bcn. Act X X X V I or 1994).
Act, 1980.
Tile Holvrcrh M~ftriciljrrlCo~por.afiur~

(3) A niembcr of the Borough Commiuce reprcsenting a cnnslirt~enr

xvxd shall hoId oifice \ill hc ceases 10 be the Councillor reprcsenting
such wartl.
(4) Thc me~~lbzrs of c;lch Borough Uolilmi~teeshall clecl from
amongst rhcmselvcs onc member to be i i s Chairman '[who shall no1 be
;I member of the Mayor-in-Council ur ~ h Clinirnian
c of rlte Corporation].
(5) The Chairma11[nay a[ any lime r e s i ~ nhis officc by giving noiicc
in writing LO he Mnyor and Lhc resignalion shall take elrccr Irom ~ h c
date of its acccptoncc by the Mayor.
(6) A Borough Commirtze shall, suhjecl IQ [he general supervision
aird conrrol of thc Mayor-ill-Council, discl~nrse,within [he local limils
or the borough, ~ h cfunc~ionso f rhc Corporarion rclaling LO collectian
and removal of garbage, I~ousecon~~ezlio~is Tor ibfatersupply and se wcngc,
removal nT n c c t ~ m u l a t c d\v:l!er on srrccts n ~ l dpublic places due ro rain
or any othcr causes, health i~nrnurlizationservices, improvemen1 of
brrsrcc and such other lunctians as l l ~ eCorporation may require it to
discliar~cor as may bt: specified by regularions, and [bc ofiiccrs and
employees of thc Corporalion working wirhin [he local limils of the
borough sbnll carry our lhe direc~ionsof Ihe Borough Com~nilrcegiver]
in this behalt

(7) The manncr oT~ransac~ion

of business of thc Borough Cornmitree
shall bc such 3s may bc dcrcminecl by 1112Corporarion by reguladons.

Ward '11A. (1) Each ward of tht Corpor~tionshall haveaward Cornmiuee.

C@rnmillcc. (2) The co~npositionand Funclions of the Wards Cornmiltee shall
be such as 'lmay be prescribed.]
( 3 ) The Clal~ncillorclected from a ward shaII bc ifie Cl~airpcrsonof
W.ud Cornntittcc for [hat ward.
~ h c

12. Thc Mnyur, 1l1c Cl~:~irn~an,

I~CII~UIIC~J- the Depuly Mayor. the members of
lion and the M:~yor-in-Council5 [ , [he Lcader of [he Opposirion] and the members
Isctlitics uf
Mnyor. or the Committee constiluted in accordance wirh rhc provisions of this
Chnim~an. Chapler "[, exccpr the Ward Cornmike consliluted under seciion 1 1A,1
Mayor, shall be given such remuneration and Iacilit~esas may be prescribed.
rncn~bcaor --
r h Mayor-
~ 'The words rvi~hin111.: sqtiarc hnckca rccrc inscncd by s. 9(4)(b) or khc I V s t Bcngal
'1.Lcadtr Municipl Curponlion h w s (Third Arncndmcn~)Acl, 1'391( W mBen. ACI XXXVl of
vr ihc
-5cclion I 1 A IYX inscnrtl by s. 3(5), ;bid.
7 .

"nlc words withi11 thc squarc bc~clic~:~ wtrc subsli~utedTor lhc tvods "thc S131c
and Govcrnmcnk m:ty by notiliclrian dctcnninc by h . 7 olQc HurvrahMunicipB Corponrion
members ol
(Arnendmcn~)hcl. 2U01 (\Ycst Rcn. Acl VI uf ZM1I).
'The \or& wilhin ~ h sqvnrc
c hnckcls wcrc iuscrtcd by s. 4 ( 1 ) oCthc Howmh Municipl
Curpornlion (Arn:nd~ncn~)Acl. I V Y 9 (\Vc\i B:n. Acr XI ul 1999).
>The words within thc .qu.uc brackcr~u-crc inscncd by s. 4(2j, ihilj.
'Thc wortlc, figurns nnd lclrcr wilhin rllc squnrc bnckcts wtm inscncd by s. J(3), ihi,f.

A. Officcrs and olhcr umployees of Ihc Corporatinn

13. (1) Thc Corponrion shall have the following officers, namely:-- 0ficci-s of
(a) the Commissioner, Coqwnrian.
(6) the Controller o r Finances,
(c) the Chicf Audilor,
(d) [he Chier Engineer,
(e) the Chicf Architect.
(f) the Healrh Officer, and
(g) the Secrerary.
(2) The Cornmissioncr, rhe Conlroller of Financcs and the Chid
Audilor shall be appojnlcd-
(a) by [he Slate Governmen1 in consultalion with [he Mayor-
in-Council, by norifrcalion. from amongst pcrsons who are
or have been in thc service or the Governmenl, or
(b) if so directed by thc Slare Government by [he Mnyor-in-
Council in-consultalion wirll rlle Sinle PubIic Scrvice
Providcd that [he appointmenl of officers undcr
clause (a) shalI be on such krms and conditions and for
sucli period, nor exceeding five years in [he firs[ instance,
as ~ h cSrate Government may derermine:
Provided further that the Sialc Governmenr may, in
consulrarion wilh rbe Mayor-in-Council, exlend Ihe period
from lime rt.l time. so, however, lhar rtle rolal period of
extension does no1 exceed five years.
(3) Thc o ~ h e officers
r refcrred LO in clauses (d), (e), (f) and (g) of
sub-seclion (1) shall be appointed by the Mayor-in-Council in c o n s u l ~ ~ u o n
wil'h the Stale Public Servicc Commission.
(4) The merhod of, and the qualificnlions requircd Tor, recruirment,
and the terms and conditions of service including discipline, con~rolnnd
conduct, of the ofFicers appoinrcd by llle Mayor-in-Council shall be such
as may be prescribed.
(5) Nolwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing provisions
o r this secrion, the State Govemolen~may, at any ~ i m cin rhe case or
any orricer appoinred under clause (a) of' sub-sectinn (2) as the
Commissioner or as [he Conlroller of Finances or as the Chief Auditor.
Lerminate his appointment as such:
The Holvraf~Mrrtiicipal Corporn~ionAct, 1980.
[Wcsl Ben. Act

Provided [hat if, ill rhecasc of any such orliccr, thc Mayor-in-Council
so decides, the Srnte Governmcn~shall terrninale the nppoinrmen~of such

Salary md 14. (1) The Commissioner, [he C o n ~ q i n a n c e and

s the Chiel
condirions or Auditor shall be paid oul o r the Municipal ~ u n dsuch salaries and
scrvicc o f nllorvanccs ;ls may. from lime 10 time, be dcrermined by [he Srate
sinncr and Government:
olliccrs 'Provided r h n ~if any officer rercrrcd to in this sub-sec~ionis an
llic Slalc officer in [he service or the Srale Govemmcnt, the Corporalion shall
Govcmrncnr. makc such contribution lowards his s?laries and allowances as may be
required by or under [he conditions OF his service under the S ~ a r e

'Provided fufiher thar thc Mayor-in-Council may, wilh [he prior

approval of thc Stale govern men^, sanclion remunerauon to any officer
referred to in this sub-section in addilion lo the sularies and alIowilnces
rcrerred lo in this sub-secrion.
(2) If any of d ~ officers
e rcrerred to i n sub-section (1) is in the servicc
of Government, the Corporation shall make such conL-ibution towards
his passagcs, Icavc allowances, pcnsion and providenl fund as may be
required by or undcr he condilions of his service under Governmeni or
the terms and conditions of his service under [heCorporalion, as the case
may be, ro be paid by o r for him.
(3) If any of [he orIiccrs referred io in sub-section (1) is not un
ofhccr in the service of Governrnenl. his leavc allowances, reriremenr
benefils and contribulion to provident Fund shall bc such as may be
Provided rhat-
(a) the amount of leave and leavc illtowances or re~ircrnen~
benefib shall in no case, excepl with [he special sanction
of the Slate Govcrflment, exceed [he amount admissible to
Government servaots of equivalent rank; and
(b) [he condirions of granl or such leave and [he conditions
or retiremen1 shall in no case, cxccpl wilh the special
sanclion of lbe State Government. be more favourable rhan
lhosc for the lime being applicable LO such Governmenl

'Provisos wcrc addtd by s. 5 olthe Ho\vnh Municipal Corponrion (Amcndmcnl) Act.

I999 (IVcsi Bcn. Acl XI of 1999).
Tlre Ho~vralzM~ulicipalCorporaliot~Act, 1980.

15. If any vacancy occurs in thc office of any o r the officers rererred Casual
ucancitc in
10 in clausc (a) or sub-section (2) of scciion 13 by reason of dearh. r hc orficc or
resignation, removal or otherwise, h e Slare Government may appoinl Commis-
anorher person to officiate in his place for a period not exceeding six Conlroller or
mcnrhs. finnnccs and

16. (1) The posls of officers and e~nployeesof [he Corporation, Ei~ablish-
mcnl of thc
other than [hose referred lo in clauses (a) 19 (g) of sub-seclion (1) o f Corponrion.
section 13, shall conslitute the establishment of the Corporation.
(2) The Corporarion shall, by regularion, classify rheposrs of officers
and empioyees conslituling the eslablishrnent of the Corporation inlo
such categories as il may consider ncccssary and shall mainrain &schedule
o r p s l s jndicaring the designaijon. grade and number of sancrioned posts
wirhin such calegory.
(3) Thc Mayor-in-Council shall consider any proposal for revision
in thc schedule of posts and pIace the same wirh iu recommendation,
if any, before [he Corporation for approvai before the presentation of
[he budget estirnare to the Corporation by [he Mayor:
Provided that no upward revision of [he size of [he establishment of
[he Corpora~ionshall bc made wirhout Lhe prior sancrion oC the State
Governmenl if the number of p o s ro ~ be creared in a year is more than
one per c t ~ r fof. the toral number-of pos[s comprised in ihe eslablishment:
Provided fuurlhcr that no post carrying a monthly salary of more than
one lhousand rupees or a salary rising by periodical increments to more
than one thousand rupees shall be created wirhoul h e sanclion of the
S r ~ i eGovernment.
'(4) Nolwithslanding anything contained in rhc foregoing provisions
of [his seclion or elsewhere in this Act, and subjecl to the provjsions
of sub-seclion (2). [he Corporation may, by resolulion, decide to engage.
on conrracl basis wilh the prior approval of [he State Government,
offirers and other employees of the Corporation against such posls of
officers and other cmployees as may be created under this seclion:
Provided that the remuneration for, and the other terms and conditions
or, such engagement shal l be such as rhe State Government may approve.

17. (1) The mtlhod or; and Ihc qualilicnlions required for, recruihnent
lo posts of differen[ categories conslituling the eslablishment of the
Corporaeion shall be such as may be prescribed.

'Sub-sccrion (4) waq inserred by 5 . 8 of Ihc l4owrnh Municipnl Corporo~ion

(Arncndmeni) ACI, 2001 (Wcsl Elcn. Act VI oi 2001).
T f ~ Hoivrirh
r Colporarior~Act, 1980.
[Wcsl Ben. Acl
(Part If.-Cotrsrirrrrio~~nr~dGo\lcrt~~l~etir.-CI~upier 111.-
A,-Officers nr~dorhcr errrploj~eesnJrhc Corl)ora~iorr.-Sccrim 17A.
18.-B.-~~raticiyui S c n ~ i c eCotnrrrisiun.-Scctiorr 19.)

(2) Subject to provisions of Illis Act, appoinlrnent ro all the posts

of orficcrs and e~tiployeesconsliru~ingLhces~ablishmcnlorrhc Corporation
shalI bc made by the Commissio~terwiih r l ~ eilpprovitl o f the Mayor-in-

Compulsory '17A. (1) Not~vi~hstauding a n y l h i r ~conrained

~ io this chapler or
rctircmcnl or
glficers and
clscwhere in this ACLor the rules made d~ereunder.a11 officer or o!her
clnployccs employee of \he Corporarion stlall rctirc from scrvice compulsorily with
ellcct from the arrzrnoon of the last day of \he month in which hc altains
~ h cage of s i x ~ yyears.
(2) No afFicer or olhcr empbycc of the Corporati011 sllall bc re-
employed al'tcr rerirc~nenlin any posl of the Corporalion ivithout thc
prior sanction or the Stare Govcrnmenr.

T C ~ Sand 18. Thc Corporntion mily, by regularion, proijidc for the lerms and
cundirions or
service condilions or service including discipline, conlrol and conduc~
of officers
omccrsand g establishmcnr of lhe
and other e m p l o y e e s c o n s ~ i l u ~ i n the
crnployccs. Corporation.

3. Mlrrricipal Service Cotrr~rlissio~r

Cons~itution 19. ( 1 ) The Corporaiion ?[may] constitule a Municipal Service

or Municipal
Scrviclr Commission to be known as the Howrnh Municipal Servicc Cornmission
Commir- consisling or-
(a) a Cllairman, and
(b) L W O other niembcrs.
(2) The Chairman and one or the olber members shall be nominated
by the Mayor-in-Council and onc member shull be nominated by the
Srale Governmed.
(3) The Municipal Service Comn~issionshull perform such duties
and in s u c l ~manner as may be prcscribed.
(4) Thc Slate Government shall also prescribe-
(a) ~ h cl e r ~ nof office, salaries, allo\v;lnces (if a l l y ) and
condi~ionsof service, of the Chairman and othcr members
of [he Municipal Service Commission,
(b) h c number of officers and olhcr cmployees orthc Municipal
Servicc Com~nissionand [heir saIaries and ailowances, and

'Sccrion 17A {cat inscncd by s. 2 (3) or thc WCSL

Bcngal Municipal C o r p a n ~ i ~b ni v s
(Arilcndmcnr) ACI, 1995 (\Vcsr Rcn. ACI XVll UT [995).
Tor hc words "shall, as soon
T h e word wirhin ~ h cs q u m bnckcu rvns s~tbs~iru~crl
a, may bc nltcr ~ l i vcommcnccmcnt of his AcI," by s, ? (a) a[ the Howmh Municipal
Corporalion (Amcndmcn~)ACI, 1989 (Wcst Bcn. ACI V l l l ni 19t19).
LVIII of 1950.1

(c) the lerms and condilions of ~ c r v i c eincludina discipline.

conrrol and canducr of ol'liccrs and other employees or thc
Municipal Servicc Commission.
l(5) Notwithstmiding [he rorcgoing provisions of this secrion, [he
ivcsr B C ~ . Municipal S c r v i c c Commission consti~utedunder sub-scction (1) of
AclLIX seclioo 16 o r thc '[Kolkaia] Municipal Corporation Act, 19SO. shall, by
virtue of sub-section (5A) or scctioii 26 o l rhr: said Acr, selecr such
pcrsonncl for thc Corporalion as may be delermincd by the Stale
Government by norificarion under sub-scction (5A) or section 26 of [he
said Act and il shall bc binding 011 thc Corporatio~~ to appoint [he
personnel selecred by the said Cnnunission.

20. Thc salaries and allowances, I T any, of rl~cChairman and orher Pagrncnr or
salarics and
niembers of the M ~ ~ n i c i p aService
l Commission and thc orficers, and nllowanccs
olhcr employees rllereor shall be paid rrom the Municipnl Fund: or lllc
'Provided that any amount al'conlri b u l i ~ npayable by the Corporation Chairman
and orhcr
ul~ders~~bscclion (2) of sec~ioa27 olthe ?[Kolk;ltn]Municipal Co~poralion nicmbcn,
ACI, 19X0, shall, in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (2) oificera and
of the said seclion, bc crcdited by !he Corporation lo [he Municipal Fund o l thc
of the ?[Kolkatil] Mu~licipalCorporal ion. Municipal
C. Poivers ntrrl f111rncIiowsoJtbc Mrrnicipal arrrltorilies alrd lire
Officers of tlrc Curporatiorr

21. Subject lo he provisions o f rhis Acl and the rules and the Po~vcsol
regulations rnilde thereunder. thc municipal government of Howrah shall :&nlion.
vesr in rhc Corporalion.

22. (1) Subjecl to 111e provisions of this Acr and lhe rulcs and the PowcrsunJ
regulations made thereunder, ihe executivc power of the Corpors~ion
shall be exercised hy the M:~yor-in-Council. in-Cou~ici~.
(2) All executivc acrions o f the Mayor-in-Cou~~cil
shill1 bc cxpressed
ta be ~ a k c nin [he name or ~ h cCorporation.

23. (1) The Mayor shall exercise such powers and discharge such Pnlrcn and
funcrions 3s are conferred 011 him by or under [his Acl. rhc Mayor.
(2) Thc Mayor shall preside over a metling of [he Mayor-in-Council
which shall meet a! such place and at such timc as the Mayor may direcl.

'Sch-sccrion (5) W L S inscncd by s. ?(b) of tl~cH o w n h Municipal Corporalion

(Arncndnlcn~)Act. I989 (WCSLBcn. Aut Vltl or 1999).
'Thc word within [lie squnrc bmcktts r\*as subsli~ulcdfor [he word " C a l c u l ~ ~by
s. 5 of thc Wcsl Uc~igalCapihl City (Clmngc of Name) Acl, 2001 (\Vest Bcn. Act XVIll
oi 200 I), w.c.f. h c Is1 Januarv, 2uOl.
'Prnviso added by s. 3 nrlhc I-townll Municip;rl Ccrponlion (Amcndmcnt) Act, IYXY
(IVcsr Ucn. AcL Vllt of 1989).
Corpnrario~iAcf, 1980.
The Holvrafr M~~tlicipal
[West Ben. Acl

(3) Thc rnarters Lo bc discussed nt n rneering of the Mayor-in-Council

shall bepreparcd under the direction orihe Mayor and shall be circula~ed
to [he members' or the Mayor-in-Council in such manner as the Mayor
may determine.
(1)The Mayor shall all01 among [he mcrnbers or Lhc Mayor-in-
Council such business oriheCorpora~ionand in such manner as he thinks
(5) Thc Mayor may, if he is af opinion t h a ~irnrnedinre execution
of any work (which ordinarily requircs the approval of lhe Corporation
or t h e Mayor-in-Council) is ncccssary, ditccl the execution of such work:
Provided rhar the Mayor shall repon fonhwiih 10 the Corpdra~ionor
the Maycr-in-Council. as the case may be, the action raken under this
sub-section and the reason therefor.

'Thc Dcpuiy '24. ( I ) In the evcnts or [he occurrence of any vacancy in the office
May 01 to acr
as Mayor or of the Mayor arldfor rhc Chairman, a? the casc may be. by rcason of his
Chairman or death. resignndon, removal or otherwise, the Deputy Mayor shnII ac! as
ro discharge
Ihc runclions the Mayor and/or [he Chairman, as the case may be, unril the date on
or Mayor or whidl a new Mayor and/or a Chairman, as Ihc case may bc, elecled in
during accardancc wirh rhz provisions of Lhis Act to fill such vacancy, enrers
casual upon his orfice.
vacancy in
thc o f k c . or (2) When the Mayor and/or [he Chairman, as the case may be, is
during h c
nbsencc, of unablc to discharge the functions o f [he Mayor andlor the Chairman, as
Mayor or the casc may be, owing to absence, iIlness or any other cause, the Depuly
Mayor shall discharge his funcrions until the dale on which [he Mayor
andlor the Chairman, as the case may be. resumes his dulies.
(3) Subject to rhc other provisions of this ACI, [he Deputy Mayor
shall, whilc acting as, or discharging the functions of, the Mayor andl
or the Chairman under his section. have all [he powers of thc Mayor
andlor the Chairman. as rhe case may be.

Powcrs and 25. '(1) The Commissioner shalI be the principal executive officer
runciions or
lhc OF rile Corporalion and shall, subjecr to the supervision and control of
Commis- thc Mayor,--
(a) esercisc the powers and perform [he funcrions specifically
conferred or imposed on him by or under this Act or by
any other law for the time being in force:

'Sccrion 25 war rmumbcrcd a sub-scchnn ( I ) of rl~atstc~ionby s. 2(4) of illc W c ~ t

Bcngl Munic~pal Corporaion L w s (An~cndmtn~) Acr. 1995 (Wcsl Ocn. Act X V l I oC
The Ho\vrall Mrrtr icipol Corporaliotl Acr, 1980.

(Port l I . - C o n s t i ~ ~ r l i oflt~d
~ ~ Goilenirrle~~t.-Cl~np~er III.-C. Powers
or~dfirrrctionsofthe hf~rr~icipnl urrrlion~riesatrd rlre Officers of the
Corporatioti.-Sccrio,rs 26-23.)

(b) assign the duiics, and cxcrcisc supervision acd conlrol over
thc acrs and proceedings, or all olficers and employees of
[he Corporalion I* * *:
(c) shall be responsible for thecustady of all records other than
papcrs and documcnts connccrcd wirh rhc proceedings or
thc Corporation and the Mayor-in-Council and h e Accouurs
Committee and shall preserve [he same i n sqch manner and
for such period as may be determined by regularions;
(d) shall be responsible for the prepmiion of h e anrlual repon
on [he working of the Corporation and such report shall be
prepared m soon as may be afier the first day of April each
year and not later than such dale as may bc tixcd by the
Slate Govcmmcn~and shall k placed bcfore h c Corporation
befort [he same is forwarded ro the Slate
for co~~sidcrarion
' ( 2 ) All officers and employees of the Corporalion shall be subordinale
to Ihe Commissioner.

26. (1) The Secretary shall be Secretary 10 the Corporation and rhc P o w ~ and
Accounls Commirtcc and shall exercise such powcrs and discharge such 2;lions

funclions a s are conrerred on him by or under h i s Act or as may be S C C ~ C ~ ~ .

assigned lo him by rhe Commissioner.

(2) The Secrclary shall be responsible for [he custody of all papers
and documenls connecred with [he proceedings of the Corporation and
Lhe Accounts Committee and shall preserve the same in such manner
and for such period as may be determined by regulalions.

27. Thc Lnwcial powers orthc Corporalion or [he Mayor-in-Council Financial

~ W C Kor
or the Commissicner shall be such as may be prescribed. Bc
Council and

28. (1) The Corporaljon may by resolul~onilelcgate, subjecl ro such Delegalion

of porvcrs
condi~ionsas rnay be specified in the resoluljon, any of its powers or d
runctions to ihe Mayor-in-Council. runc~ions.

(2) The Mayor-in-Council may by order delegate, subject lo such

conditions as may be specified in the order, any oiils powers or functions
lo the Mayor or to the Commissioner.

IThc words "orhcr l h ~ n~ h Chicl c AudiIor" r v u ornitlcd by s.2 ( 4 ) ( i )orrhe \VcsL Bcngal
n s (Amcndmcnl) .4cr, 1995 I\Vchr Rcn. Acl XVII or 1995).
M ~ ~ n i c i p aCln r p ~ r ~ ~ il jol w
'Sub-rectign ( 2 ) ur.uinscrtcd by s. 2(4)(ii). ibid.
The H o w r d ~Mro~icil)alCorl)orariot~A el, 1980.
[West Ben. Act

(Purl 11.-Constit~rriotr atrd G o ~ + ~ n ~ n r e ~ ; r . - CI//.--C.

l ~ n ~ ~Pol~~ers
andJurciiorr.~o f ~ h M~tttic-ipnl
c arrllraririrs mrd the Oficers qfrlle
Curporn~ion.-Sec~io~i 29.-Ciinpler IV.-Elcc~iori
nf Cu~ulcillurs.-S~.c~iot~ 30.)

(3) Subjecr Lo such standing orders as tnay be made by the Mayor-

in-Council in this behalr,-
(a) lhe Mayor may by ordzrdcIcgate, subject LOsuch conditions
as may be specificd in thc order, any of his powers or
functions to the Depuly Mayor or lo the Commissioner;
(b) ihc Colr~missionermay by order delcgate. sl~bjcctLo such
condirions ;~smay bc speciricd in thc order. any of his
powcrs or lunclians to ally oiher officer or any cmpbycc
of rhe Corporation; and
(c) ally officer of the Corporarion other rllan the Commissioner
may by order delcgale, subject 10 such conrIiliol~sas may
be specihed i n [he order. any of his powers or funclious
to any olher orricer subordinate lo him.
(4) Notwithslnnding anyrhing contained in rhis section, the mayor-
in-Council, the Mayor, the Commissioner, or ihe other Officer referred
to in clause (c) of sub-seclio~l(3) shall nol dclegare-

(a) any of ils or his powers or rur~clionsdelegnlcd lo it or him

under this seclion, or
(b) such orils or his powers or func~ionsas may be prescribed.

DOubE ~ ~ 1 29. If any doubl arises as lo whether any particular power or [unction
powcrs or
iuncriansor apperlains to any municipal authority or the Cornrnissioflcr, he Mayor
municipal shall reler the mattcr ro thc Swte Governmcn~and the decision [hereon
or [he Stale Governmenl shall be final.

EIediw of Councillors '* * *

Elcclion to =30. The supcrintendcnce. direction and conlrol of the preparnlion
oCelecloral rolls Ibr, and thc conduc~of, all elections to the Corporalion
shall vesr in the Slate Election Commission.

hrading, wcrc orni~rcdby s. 3(6)(a) or d ~ cWcsl

"Thc words ".and Aldcrmtn". in ~ h c
Bcngal Municipal Corporation h \ v s (Third Amcndrncnt) Act. 1944 (Wcsr ncn. Acr
XXXVl or 1993).
'Scc~ion30 was subsiilulcd Tar h e origiml by s. 3(h)(b).ihicl. Pririr ro this subs~i~uliun
n proviso \vzs addcd lo original ~ccrion30 by s. 3 afrhc Howah hlunicipal Corpor~iion
(Sccor,d Amcndmcnr) Acr. 1990 (Wcsl Bcn. Acl XXlX 01 1990).
31. [Lli.~qrllral$cntiot~ i~zclccrornl roll.-Orjii~lcd by
for regisrrario~~
s. 3(6)(c) of 111c West Berigrrl Mrrriicipal Colporafiotl L n l v . ~(Third
~ r ~ ~ e n r / ~ ~Acr,
r c r l1994
l ) (Wtsf Berr. Acr XXXiJI uf 1993j.1

32. [Bur of regislroriotl jor r~lnl-erlrali o!lcc.-Oszirred by s. 3(61(c)

of rlle Wesf Betlgul M~rrlicipalCorporarinr~ h l v s {Third A~~ietldtr~errr)
ACI, 1994 (Wesf Burr. Act XXXVI of 1994).]

33. [Arr~hurivfurprepnrntio~~ arrd revisiorl ojelectorol roll.-Ot11irred

y 3(6)(c) of rhe Wesl Ber~gnlMrrr~icil~nl
i ~ s. Cnrporarior~L a l v s (Third
~ Acl XXXVI oJ 199$).]
Act. 1994 ( W L JBerr.

34. [Condifiwrsfor regktru~ions.-0111iued by .s. 3(6)(c)oJrlle Wesf

Berrgai Mrrrricbcrl Corporolioti Luws (Tl~irrlAnre~irlrrre~r~)
ACI,1994 (\VCL'SI
Berr. Acf XXXVI of 1994).]

35. [Mealling of ordir~arilyre.~ider~l.-Orrritled by s. 3(6)(c) of /he

We.71 Bellgal Mrr~licipalCurporatior~h l v s (Tl~irdArn~errril~~er~f)
Acl, 1994
( W a r Bur. ACI XXXVI of 1994).]

36. [Prepara~iotl.revkior~a d correcrior~oJelecrorn1 mlb-Orrliffed

by s. 3(6)(c) uf fire Wcsr Betlgal M~ulicipalC o q ~ o r a ~ i oh rl ~v s (Third
Aslerrdrtrenf ) Acr, 1994 ( Wcsr Br.11. Acr XXXVI uf 1994).]

37. [Apperrb-O~rritrcd by s. 3(6)(c) of rile IVe.vr Bellgal Mrrllicipol

Acr, 1993 (Wesf Bell. Act XXXVI
Corpornfion Laws (Tlrirtl Anrc~rd~~~etrr)
0J 1994).]

38. [Bar ru jrrrmisdic~iorr

of civil corrrfs.-Orrrirted by s. 3(6j(c) of tlie
Wesr Uengal Mruiicipal Corporaliorz La11's (Third A I I I C ~ I C / I ACI,
I I C I1994
(Wesr Ben. ACI XXXVI of 1994).]

39. [Getreral disqrral;ficotio~~s for bcir~g elccrcd Councillor or

Aldcrr~~arr.-Orrri~lby s. 3(G)(c) uf the IVP.T~Uerrgal Mut~icipnl
Act, 1993 (West Bctr. Act XXX V l
Curpornriot1 La lvs (Third Ar~~cndrrorr)
of 1994).]
[ W W Ben. Acl

*rc:\11 of '40. A Councillor shall hold ollice lor ;I period ol'five ycars Iron1 he
, - - , ~ ~ + l l ~dale firs1 meeting or rhc Corpora~ionunder secliun 45 or Tor the
~ ~ . or ~ I i e
c di n ~ l i sz e c t ~ ~pi rdo v i s a ro sub-
period lor w l l i c h the ncw Board r l f e ~ ~ !o
sccrion (2) o f s e c l i o 1 1 5 3 shall conlinuc r h e r t u n d e r or for lhc period for
which a m e m b e r chosen ro fill a ciuual vacancy sElaIl bc chosen LO servc

(:I) thc B o a r d is dis~olvztlc.,ir I'

ler. or
(1,) 111: resigns his ofl-ice by tvriring ur~dcrhis hand addressed

lo 11ic C h a i r m a n a ~ I~h c dresignalion i s acccp~edby [lie

Board a[ a n l c c l i ~ i gin t v h i c l i case l h e resignalion shaIl rake
effecl fro111 lhc dale of its ncceplnnce, or
(c) his election is vo\d nndcr sub-seciion (! ) of scciion 3 1 of
rhc Wesl B e n g n l M u ~ ~ i c i p Ea llc c r i o r u Acr, 1994, or
(d) the cnlire arca of [he ward rrorn w l i i c h hc has bccn elected
t rhis A c t or is included
is w i t h d r a w n from the o p e r i i [ i o ~ of
in zln existit~gGrd~tlPc~rrdir~j~rrt. or i s consliru~edone or
~norrlGt,rrrn Prrticlqbats,under sub-sccrion (1) of secriotl wt5t B C ~ ,
GA o f the Wcsl Bcngal Patzchj;uyarAcr. 1973. o r ~ of
(c) tic is declllrcd u ~ l d e rseclion 40A ro bc disqunlitied far
being il C o u n c i l l o r .

'Scc\ion 40 wassub~~i~u\c;lI~~rthcoriginalbyr, hUor~hcllowmhFlunicipalCorpom~ion

(Anlc~idrncni)Act. 2001 (Wcsl Bcn. .4cL V1 uf M O I ) . Prim lo ljlis subglilullon rhcrc
occnrred 111c rollowing cllnngcs, nn1ncly:-
(il \hc xords "and AIdcnnan" wcic onlilicd by a. 3[6)[d)(i) OI ~ h c\Vc&t Bcngsl
M u ~ ~ i c i pCorpun~ion
;~l L:IWS(Third A~ncndmcnt)Acr, 1944 (\Vcsl Bcn. Act
by s. 3(6)(J)(ij)(A), ;Lid,
(ii) lh\: w0rdh "or an AldcrlrlmL' ucw r>mi~\rd
(iii) 1l1c rvonls and figures "Suhjecl 10 thc provisiuns o f sccrion 83 u l thc \'rlesr
ncngal ltunicipal Elcc~innsAct, 1994, o Cuuncillor sh;\lI" wcrc substitu~dfor
rhc -KOT& "A Cmncillor hh31(1' by S. 2(5) o l h c W r a k n p \ Municipal
Corpmtion Laws (A~ncndr~rvnl) Aci. 1995 (WcFr Rcn. Acl X V l I 01 I595),
(iv) ~ h carords. fi~iircsand Icftcr "'and scciion 40A or this Act" wcrc inscncd aner
thc words and figu(ts "scccinn 83 olrhc Wcn 9cngal Municipal Elccrions Act,
1 !)44" by s. 6 or lhc Howr.~hMunicipnl Crlrponliun (Anlcndmcnl) Acl. 1 9 9
(IVcst Bcn. Act X I of 1999).
(vl thc word> "ham the ddnrc appinlcd Cur rlh: Ln\rnccling uf rkcCrrqmm~ionand
no longcc" wcrc ~ u b s ~ i t u ~Toer dthc words "lmm thc datc or his clcclion a$
Cou~:cilluror Aldcrnmnn, x+ ~ h cnrcc mny bc:" by s, 3((i}(d)(ii)(B) oT thc lVcst
Mcrlgal Lluniuipdl Corponiion L3lvs (Third Alntndrncn~)Ac:. 19Y3 (\Vcs~Dm.
ACI X X X V l 01 1994).
!vi) thc word5 "or XI in 11uproviso wvcrcolnir~edby s.3(6)(d)(ii)(C)( I),
ih ill.
(smii)' ~ h cnods "or an Aldcorlnn. as thc c;lrc may k." in lhc provisr, wcrc o m ~ r ~ c d
by s. 3(6)(d)(ii)(CX2), ibid,and
(viii) thr: wnrdr "or an ,\ldc.rrnnn" ~n sub-scctic~n(2) wcrc olnitlcd by s. 3(6)(dJ(\ii).
Tile Ho~vrrrhMrolicil~alCorpot-crrio~rAct, 1980,
LVIII cF 1980.1

'40A. (1) Norivilhsranding anything to the conuary con~ainedin DiWualific~-

lion Tor
[his Act or in any other law for rhc time being i n force. such competent hinF,
aulhori~yIbr [he Corporalion ns may bc appoinred by the Slate Governmenl C"uncillur
on chnngc of
by nolifica~ionin this behalf (hereinaficr referred to in this secrion as polilical
~ h ccompclcnl uuthorily), may, subjeci LO the o ~ h e rprovisions or this panY
section. declare, Tor reasons to be recorded in wriring, a Councillor LO
be disqualified for being a Councillor [hereof, ii--
(a) hc is nn elecred Councillor scl up by a recognised polilical
parly and has-
(i) volunrarily given up his membership oFsuch reco~niscd
p01ili~'iiIpLr[y, or
?(iA) joincd anothcr recognised poliricnl parly, or
(ii) exercised ~ h cvoling right'conlrarp to the manner of
voling of the majoriry o f [he Councillors who are the
members of such rccognised polilical parly in !he
Corporatiou, or
(b) '[hc is an elec~edCouncillor no1 set up by a recogniscd
political party] and he has joincd a recognised polilical
parly on the expiry or six months fromihe date of election:
Providcd rhor the compe~rnlnuthori~yshall not decIare
any Councillor lo bc disqualified under Lhis section witboul
giving LO such Councillor a reasonable opportunity to
represent his case and, lo be heard in person:
Providcd rurther [hat an eleclcd Councillor "[referred
LO in sub-clausc (iA), or sub-clause (ii), of clause (a)] shall
no(,on rhe comperent authority being salisfied in this bchal f.
bc declared LO be disqu:dificd, if-
(a) he action oF.such Councillor was loken on obraining
prior permission of, or was condoned by, such
recngnised polilical pnny, or
(b) suchCouncillor claims lhal he and any olhcr Councillor,
who are rhe members, of such recogniscd political
parly, constilule in h e Corporalion a group represenring
n fi~ctionconsisring or na less than one-lhird o r the

'Scclion 40A was inscflcd hy s,7 or thc Howrah Municipll C o r p r ~ l i o n(Amcndmcni)

Acr. 1999 (Wcsr Bcn, Acl X1 of 1999).
'Sub-clause (iA) wu inscned by s. I !(l)(a) or lhc Hownll Municipal Corponrinn
(Arncndmcn~)Act, 200I ( ~ V C SBcn. L Act V1 or 2001).
'Thc words within lhc squ.m b n c l i c ~wcn:
~ subs~itulcdTor ~ h words
c "hc is nn clscrcd
Councillor scl up by a rccogniscd plilical p m y " by s. I I(l)(h)(i), il~id.
'Thc \rvorrLs, hgurcs, lclrcrs and hmckcb within thc squlrc hr~ckctcwcrc subsiiiuicd
Tcri.~hctvurds. figures, lctrcr anA bnckefs "rcfcmcd to in sub-clausc (ii) o f clausc (
a)' by
s. I l(l)(b)(ii). ibid.
7--7:- .. .... . . . ..
..-..-----,.'--.'.'........I.. . .,. .
' - . ' . I ** I . .... ..-"-"I'I". . ..... . -
I . . " " . " '

. -

[West Bcn. Acl

toritl nurnbcr nf Cou~icillors sei up by sucll rccognised

political llnrry in tlir Corporariorr 3 t d th'a~allthe Councillors
cons~ilu!i~ig such group have volun~arily given up their
~nembcrshipor ~;uclirecogniscd ~)oliliciltparty, a<
(c) Mt: former recoyised polirical pnny of he Councillor
mergcs wiif~itnothcr rrcognised polilical parry. and he
claims that he iuld llle athcr meltibers of his rormer
recog~lisctlpoliiiu;il parly-
(i) have bccnmr 1ncnlhel.s o r such olller rccognised
pulilical p:iny of n nzrv rccogniscd political parry lormed
out of Inrrycr. 3s iht ~ : i w]nay bc, or
(ii) have nor nccep~edthc merger, :uld from Ihc tilue or
snch I nerger, Iic and such oilier Councillors consti t ut iug
no1 lcss than anc-thirdofrhc oral 11urnbcrof Councillors
set up by !he rorrncr rrcognised politicnl pany in lhc
Corporation, have o p ~ e dto rcrnai~~ rnelnbcrs of rhe
l o ~ n ~recogniscd
er political party or have formcd a new
reuog~lisedpolitical p;tr\y.
(2) On bring dcclared to he disqualified under sub-scclio~l(I),a
Councillor shall. subjec~to rile provisio~isof sub-seciion (12). stand
removed from 111t Corporation li-on1 thc date of such declar;~tinn.
(3) As soon us may be within onc rnonth rrum the datc of il~eIirsl
meeting o f lhe Corporarion or wi~llillonc rnonth from !he dalc on wllich
this seclion comes into force, ns lhe case may be, thc clccied Councillors
set up by lhc recogniscd political parties shall, by i~dopril~g
a resolulion,
select one Couricillor from amongst lhemselves to be the Ledcr atld
such Leader shall, wilhin fifteen dnys from the dale or such se[cction.
furnish 10 lhc compelear euthorily rcfcrred lo in sub-secriol~(1)-
(i) n copy o r ~ h cresolulion,
(ii) a signcd sratemcnt co~~lniniiig 1111: names. addresses and
consri~urnciesor himself and olher Cvu~~cillors sct up by
such recogniscd political P311y. and
(jii) n copy o r n set of rulcs a i ~ dregula~ions.if any. by wha~evei
name called, of such rccogniscd political parly:
Provided Lhat all office-bearer may aIso hold the office
of thc Leader:
Providcd further illat [he uompelenr aulhority shall nol
rcluse 10 acccpl, or to rcly on. the documcnls furnished by
ihe Lcader ~ ~ l r r eon
l y h e ground lhal the rzsolutio~~
tile Lender was no[ adopled wirhin one month [rum the date
of the lirsr meeting nF the Corporation or wilhin one rnonth
Irom [he dale on which rllis section conlcs inro force, as
thc C:ISC nlay tx. or rh;~t he tlocufncn~sas aforesaid were
no1 fun~isticdro hi111tr,irliin firtcen days horn Lhc date of
such sclccricln.
(4) Where lhcrv i s only one elcctcd Cou~~cillor sel up by it rccognised
poli~icalparty in rhc Corporation. he s11:jI I rurnish the documenls rcfcrrcd
lo in sub-sec~iou(3) in rcl;~rion\o Iiimsclf:
Provided r l n t in 111ccvcnl o r n t ~ )i ~icrcasci n rile number O ~ C O U ~ C ~ I I O I S
who are lhe nizt~~bzrs o r s ~ ~ rcrognicerl
ch polilical parry. the provisions
of sub-sccrion (3) shall apply as i T rhc t'irst meciing of the Corporalion
was held or [his scclion came i ~ ~ rorcc, r o as lhe case may be, on Lhc dare
an which sucti increase look place,
(5) A Councillor 1101 bclwging lo any rccognised political paay
shall furnish a slalelnznl lo I l i i ~ tclfcct ro tltr compctcnl authori~y\r,ithi~~
onc month rroni 1111: dale of ttlc firs1 \ncelilig o r lhe Corpornlion.
(6) It) tbe cvrnt o r :my change or tllc inlbrmn~ionrilrnishzd under
sub-seclion (3), sub-seclion (4) or rub-scclion (5); (he leader or Lhc
Councitlor, ar lhe case Inny bc. hI~all,as soon as m;ly bc within firteen
days from the date of such cliiinge, rurnish ill writing such clia~igeof
iaformation ro [he comprtca\ aulhorily.
( 7 ) The Leader referred lo in sub-sccrion (3)- who is a member o r
n c a pe~ilioncndorscd by
a recognised political pirrly, ]nay at ;In). ~ i ~ file
[he General Secrclary. or, i f [here is no Ccncral Secrelary. [he Sccrctary,
of the dislricl unit o f such recognised politic:~l party to [he compctenl
authori~y.slaling that-
(a) onc or more C o u ~ ~ c i l l owho
n are lbe members of such
recognised political parLy haw-
(i) voluutarily givcn up liis or their nlcrnbcrsllip of such
rccngnised politind parry, or
'(iA) joined anorher rccogniszd poli~icnlparry, or
(ii) have zxerciscd the \,or ing right contrary ro [lie manner
OF 'olillg of Ihc m:ljorily or thc CounciIlors seL up
by such recognised polirical parly in the Corporation,
(b) the Councillor rcferred lo in sub-scclion (4) has volun~arily
given up his rncmhcrship of Ole rccognised political pany
that sel him up. or

"Skth-clausc (in) inscflcd by s. 1 l(2) o l rhc Hnwrah hlunicipal Corpnmlion

T ~ ~ ~ ~ o A HI ~Tnnj
F ~ ~ \ I~I - , . ~# ~ T iI p ! -r - r a y \
[Wcst Ben. Act

(c) Councillor
111~ rcferred to in sub-section (5) has joincd J.
recogniscd polirical parry on ihc cxpiry of six monlhs Tram
rllc dare of electiun, a ~ t dthat such Councillor or Courlcillors
should be declar~dlo be disqualified uadcr sub-section (1)
and should he rcnloved from thc Corporalion.
(8) Every p c l i l i o ~rercrred
~ lo in sub-seclion (7)-

(a) shall conlain a concise slatemcnl o f [he matcrial facts on

wllicll thc pcrilioner rclies, and

(b) shall be accompal~ied by copies or the documenlary

evidence, if any, on wllich [be peritioner rclies and, whcre
the pctitioner relics on any inhimalion furnished LO him
by any person or pcrsoas, n sreremenl con~ainingIhe nnmcs
and addresses of such person or persons and the gist or such
d such person or each of such
informalion 3; i ~ ~ m i s h eby
(9) On reccip~OF pctilio~~ rzfcrred ro in sub-sec~ion(7), Lhc
compcrcnt aulhorily shall, as soon a5 possiblc within six wccks from rhc
dnrc OF the receipl or such pelitioii, proczcd ro nlaae an cnquiry lo snrisry
himself, among others. as IP-
(a) thc common decision i n regard to [he manner of voting to
be exercised by Lhc mujori~yo r the Councitl~rssel up by
the recogniscd poli~icalparly, nnd
(6) whcrher lhe Councillor or Cwncillors, against whom such
right in a meeling of
pelirion 1s filed, exercised ~ h voli~lg
the Corpornrion conlrary lo such manner of voling.
(10) For r he purpose 01enquiry under sub-section (9),h e compelen1
authorily may summon such members of [he recognised polilical parry
or other persons, and may require such signed sIalemenL from, and
produclion or such document5 and records by. Lhe members or other
persons as aforesaid, as he mny deem necessary.
(1I) As soon as possible within eight rvecks from the dnlc of receipr
of the pclition rererrcd lo in sub-scction (7). h e competcnl aulhority
shall, in considerauon of [he slalemenrs, docurncnls and records before
(a) reject the perilion, or
(b) admil rhc petition wholly or in part aod declare any rnembcr
or members of such rccognised political parly to be
disqualified under sub-secriotl (1) lor being Councillor or
Councillors o r the Curporarion. ,
LVIII of 1980.1

(12) Aay Councillor declnrcd disqualiCied under sub-sectiun (1) or

rile Lcader o f rhc recogl~iscdp o l i ~ i c dp x ~ rcl'errell
y ro in s u b - s c c ~ i o(71,
if aggrieved by [he decision of rhc compelclrt authori~y,may. within
lhirry days lrurn lIie d:ilc or he ordcr, appeal to sucll au~hori~y as Ihc
Sralc Government may nppoirlr i n this bcllnll'and, thcrrupon, rhe nu~hority
so appointed may stay [he opera~iunof 111e ordcr till [he disposal or rhc
appeal and Inay, aftrr giving norice o f ~ h cappeal lo [be counpclent
nuthoriry. a ~ i dilrtcr giving t l ~ cal)pell;tnt and [he opposite pnrrics an
opportunity ol'being bcard, se1 asidc or confirm I ~ order C or declare any
Councillor or Councillors ro t ~ cdisquaIified under, and in accordnncc
wit!l ~ h cprovisions of, sub-sccrion ( I ) and, upon such declaration, [he
Councillor or CouncilIors shall slnnd removed from the Corporil~ion.
( 13) The order passed by Ihe nurhority referred iu in sub-sactiou (1 3)
on he appcal sl~allbc Iinal.
(14) Noiwithslanding anyhing lo the contraly conraincd i n lhis Ac!
or in any orher law Tur the tinic bcing iii forcc, no court shall liavc any
jurisdicrion i n respccl of any mauer arising out of a Councillor being
declared to be disqualified urlder sub-sectiol~( 1) Tor- bcjag ct CouncilIcr.
Evpla~~rrrior~.-For llie purposes of lhis clecrzd Councillor
shall bc deemed 10 be set up by a rccagnised political pafly i T he 113s
con~csledeleclion with rhc sy~nbolrcscrve for sich recognised pol i ticill
party or i T hc has con~csledeleclian wirli a lrce spn~boland joins o
rccognised political pxry and furnishes a declfimlion to thnl effecl lo the
competenL mrihori[y before the expiry o f six moalhs from the dalc of

41. [Bnr 10elurriot~rn Alrlcrrtmrr.-Ort~irrcd I)? r. 3(6)(e) of tlre Wcsr

Be~rgulMrrrticiprr/ Corl~orrrriotrLn1v.7 (Tl~ircl
ACI, 1994 (\V~SI
&err. Act X X X V I 011994).]

42. IProcedrn-eJur lrolclirts r~lr.crior~s.-Ollrirrrd by s. 3(6)(e) uf tile

West U e ~ ~ ghft{t~iciprnl
ul Lnws (Third Attientlrrrc~lt)Acr,1991
(\Vest Bclr. Acr XXXVI of 1994).]

Conduct or Business

' 43. (1) The Chairman shall a! r l ~ cbeginning of each calendar ycar Nomination
or a p:~ncloC
nominate from amongst thc elccted members of he Corporadon a panet presiding
of no1 more than three presiding officers and spcciry a sequence in which olficcn.
any one or [hem may preside over Ihe ineetings of ihc Corporation in
1 1 7 ~n h w n r r nf r h Chairman.
Cor7>nrurio11Act, 1980.
TIlc IYo;\,rrr/~M~r~iicillnl
[Wcsi Rcn. Act

(2) A member nominated under hub-section ( I) shall hold olfice

u n ~ i al new pnncl ol presiding oificers is noniina~cd.

Meetings. 44. (I) The Corporalion sh;ill meer no1 less ~ h a nonce in every
mon~hfor the vnnsxtion of business.

(2) The Chairrni~rimay, whcr~evcrhe rhiriks fir, and sl~nll,upon a

rcquisi~ivniu writing by no1 lcss Ihnn Icn electcd members or [he
Corporation, convene a nlccli~lgof lfic Corpuri~iol~.

(3) Any rnccrillg may bc adjourned u l ~ l irhe

l next orany subscqienl
dnlr, and ;in adjourned meeting may hc f ~ ~ r i h cadjounled
r in he like

Fin1 3 . ( I ) Thc first meeling or Ihe Corpornlio~lnftcl- a gcnernl clecliuri

; r ~ c c ~ i nor
he sh;~llbe hcld as early as possiblc a h e r the publicmion of the resulls
after gcncnl
t[thercofl and sl~nllbe convened by the Secrelary.
(2) Noluithslanding a n y ~ l ~conlailied
in~ in rlljs Acr lhc Firs[ meeling
or the Corporalian For [he clcc~ionor ~ h Mayor
c and the Chairrnan shall
be presidcd over by a rnenlbcr ro hr. iiomina~edby rhc Srare Govcrnmcrlt
in this behalf:

Provided rhnr such mernbcr sl~allnor hirnselr be n candidate for such

(3) In the cast of cqualiiy d voles abnincd by the c ~ n d i d ~ for
clccrion as Milyur u r Chairman, Ille cleclion shnIl be made by lor ro be
dmwn in prescnce or the candidales in such rnanncr as Prcsidir~gOfficer
may delemine.

(4) The Presiding OfIictr shall repod lo [he Siule Governmen1 Lhe
narncs of lhe persons electcd as M a y o r or Chairmall and thc Stale
Government shall publish such name5 in [tie OJjicciul Guzelre.

Noiicc a i 16. A Iisl of rile busincss l o be Lransacled at every meering or the

rneciing and
kc at C o r p o m ~ i oexcept
~i n~ an adjourned meeling shall be scnt by the Secrerary
bu"ncss. lo the regis~credaddress of each mcrnber of the Corporalion a1 least
sevcnry-lwo hours belore [he time fixed for such mecling: and no business
shall be broughl before, or transacted a[, any rnecling o~herthan rhc
business o f which notice has been so given:

'Thc word wirhin ihc square bmckc~swiw sub,~ilu~cdfor ~ l i crvords "ul dlc c l t c i ~ o n
of Aldcrnicn undcr ~hcrules nude undcr i l i i s Aci'. ky s. 3 7 ) u l ~ h cWest Bcngal Municipal
Corponlion L x v s (Third .4rncnd1ncni)Acr. 1994 (\Vcsr Ben. Acr X X X V I o i 1P91).
LVIII of 1980.1

Providcd l h n ~any member of the Corp~rilrinnmay srnd or de1it.e~

la the Secrelary notice of any rcsolution su 3 s ro reach him at least '[roily-
eight] hours bcrore the tinlc fixed Cor ~ l i cnireril~giind lhe Secrc~aryshall
with all possiblc despa~chlake sleps LO circulate such rcsolution lo cvery
mcmbcr OF the Corporation in such mallner as he may think fil,

E.~~)lonario~r.-Inlhis secrion, "~.egisterzd:~ddress"means lhc address

lor llie lime bcing entered in the regis~crof addresses nf inen~bcrsof
the Curporation ro be m;tintai~iedby lhe Secrcrnry.

17. (1) The quorum necessmy for thc ~ransacrio~l clT busi~iessnl e
rneeling of the Corporation shall be onc-fourth or lhc lnnl rlumbcr of
members of the Curporaiion.
(2) If a\ any time during n rneeling of rhe Col'pora~ion[here is no
quorum it shall he thc duty or thc Chairman or [lie person presiding ovcr
~ u c hmeering cilher to adjourn Llle mecling or ro suspcnd il kill thcre is
n quorum.
(3) Whcrz a meeling has becn adjourned under sub-section (2), [he
busincss which would Lave bccn brougbr before such mccling if lherc
had been a quorum, shall h broughl bcrare and may be trat~sactcdat
an adjoumcd mecling, whether thcre is a quorum or not.
(4) Ali rnauers requircd to be dccided by Ihc Corporalion a1 a
meeting shall, save as otherwise providcd in [his Acl, be de~erminedby
n majorily or the ~~lernbcrs of the Corporalion present and vating a1
such rnccling.

48. (1) The Chairman or. i n his absencc, a member of the pane1 of
Presiding Orficcrs nominalcd under scctian 43 shall preside at every
nieering of ihe Corpomiion:
Providcd [hat when o meeling is held la consider a motion lor the
removal of the Chairman, [he Chairman shall nor presidc at such meering.
(2) In the absencc of the Chairman and all nle~nbersof (he panel
of the Prcsidillg OILcers as arorcsaid from ii inczting or thc Corpornrion.
the elecled members preset)! shall choose rrom amongst themselves onc
member 10 preside over [he meeling.
(3) Thc Chairman or lhe person presiding over a mce~ingor thc
Corporalion shall have and cxercise only a casling vole in all cnscs of
equali~yof votes.

'Thc word within t h t squmc bn<l;cL WLS sirbsii~utdfur [ l ~ cword ".;cvco~y-~wo"by

s. 2(6) or lhc WCSIUcngal hlunicipnl Corponiion L a w (Amcndmcnl) Aci. 1995 (Wcsr
Btn. Aci X V I I o f 191)51.
The Ho~vrollM~rrriciprdlCorpnmlifltl Act, 1980.
[West Bcn. Act
(Port lI.-Co~i$rit~~ffot~ O I IG~ o ~ ~ ~ ~ r t ~ ~ t ~ t r ~
V.-l . - C l ~ u p ~ ~ ~ r
Corrtlrrct uf Blr.~ines,r.-Sefliorrs 49-52.)

on urgtni
49. ( 1) Any Councillor '* * * may give notice or raising discussion
public on a mnucr of urgcnt public irnporlancc lo the Secre~aryspecirying thc
Inntler to be raised.

(2) Such nolice supported by Lhe signalure of aL lens1 two other

elecicd members shall reach [he Secrcrary ar leas1 '[forry-eighl] hours
before [he date on which such discussion is sough1 and the Secrelary shall
promplly place i t before thc Chairman or, in his absencc, any member
or the panel of Presidiug Officers and circulate the same among the
members in such manner as he may tfiink fil.

50. A Councillor I* * * may. in such mnnncr as l n a y be prescribed,

ask [lie Mayor-in-Council ques~ionson any milrrcr reIating to the
adrninislrarion of [he Corporation on the municipal government oTHowrah
and all such ques~ionsshall be ansivcred by the Mayor or any other
nltnlber of Mayor-in-Council.

51. (1) Any Councillor '* * * may ask for a staternen1 from ~ h c
Mayor-in-Council on an urgenl Inalter relaring to the adminisrrarion or
[he Corporation otl thc municipal governmen1 o r Howrali by giving a
nolice lo [he Secrdary al least one hour bcforc the commencemet~lo r
the silling on any day.

(2) The Mayor o r h member of the Mayor-in-Council may

accordingly make a brier stilremenr on the same day or fix a date for
the same.

Circularion 52. Minutes of Lhe proceedings of cach meeting of [he Corporation

o f ninura
and shall be circulaled Lo ill[ the members or [he Corporarion and shall a1
inspeclion all rea~onablclimes be available a1 the office or chc Corpora~ionfor
or minurcs
and rcpons inspection by any member of ~ h cCorporation. rree of cost, and by
fir procce-
dings, any other persons on payrncnt of such ree ns thc Corporation may

'?he words "or Alderman" wcrc omiried by s. 3(8) of the West U c n ~ a lMunicipal
Corpon~ionLaws mird Aw,cndrncni) Acl, 1994 (Wcsr Bcn. Act XXXVl or 1991).
T h c word within il~csquarc hrdclicrr was subs~iiutcdfor lhc word "scven~y-1u.o"
s. 2(7) or rhc \Vest Bcngal Municipal Cvrponuon h w s (Amcndmcnt) Acl, 1995 [WcsI
Bcn. Acc XVII of 1995).

T h c words "or an Alderman" wcrc orniktcd by 6 .3(9) or rhc W a r D c n p l Municipnl

(Third Amcndrneni) Acl, 1994 I\-vcsr Bcn. Aci X X X V l or 1993).
C o p n l i o n LIXVS
'Thc iordr "or Alderman" icrc omirtcd by s. 3(10). ibid.
The Holvrufr Mroricipnl Cnrl~ornliorrAcr, 1980.



53. (1) If i n the opinion of the Stake Govcrnrnen~.[he Corporatiotl Porvcr of I ~ C

has shown its incompelencc, or has persis!ently madc del'aul~,in 111e s;'~~nlnlcnr
performance of the duties or in [he excrcise or ~ h cfunctions imposed m
on it by or under [his Acl or any othe; law, or has exceeded ur abused :pi'"'IVcl
ils powers. [hc Starc Governmenr may, by an order published. with thc C o r p n ~ i n n .
reasons for making it, in the O/ITc;uI Guzene, declare [he Corporalion
to be incompeleut, or in dcFault, or Lo have cxcccdcd or abused its
powcrs, 3s the case may be, '[and dissolve il for such pcriod, not
cxcerding six monrhs,] as lnay bc speciticd in the order:

Provided ilia: no scch ordcr shall be made by thc Slate Governmen1

(a) a notice has been given to the Corporation specifying
therein a period wilhin which the Corporntion may
submit represeniat ion. if any, againsl the proposed order;
(b) such reprcsenrarion has bccn considered by [he Stare
Government '[ar~er giving Ihe corporarion a reasonable
opporlunity o i being heard].
4(2)Whcre the Corporation has been dissolvcd under sub-
section (I), an clcction 10constilure the Corporation shall bc completed
before [he expiry of six rnonrhs from the date of its dissolulion:
Providcd lhal where [he period For which h e dissolvcd Corporalion
would have con~inucdis less chan six months, i r shall no! bc necessary
ro hold any election lo conslitule the Corporalion for such pcriod:

Provided runhcr that the Corporation consti~uredupon [he dissolutiorl

thereof before the expiration of the ~crm"ofoffice under scction 40
shall con~inueonly Tor the remainder or !he period Tor which lhe
dissolved Corporalion would have continued had i~ no1 been s o

'Thc word wilhin rhc squm b n c k c l ~tcac subrrirurcd for IIic word "supcrsedc" by
s. 3(l l)(n) oT11ic iVcs1 Bcngal Municipal Cnrpomrion Lmvs (Third Amcndrncnr) ACI, 1994
(IVcst Bcn, Acr XXXVI of 1991).
-mewords within thc squarc brackca wcrc ~ ~ b s t i l u t cford IIic ivardq "and supcncdc
it, cithcr cn~irclyor in rcspccr of such fiuncrions as may bc spccificd in the order, Tor such
p c r i d nor cxcccding lwclvc months." by 5. 3(1 l)(b)(i), ;bid,
'Thc words within the squarc bnckcls n c r z inscncd by s. 3(1 l)(b)(ii), ibid.
'Sub-scclion (21 was subslirurcd for rlie nrieinnl hv F, 3II IWc). i!lirl.
Tlrc Howrnf~Municipul Corytlrrltiotl A cr, 1980.

5 4 B . All the membcrs, ofriccrs and other employees o r lhe htcrnbcr.

Corporation shall, while acling. or purpofling lo a c ~ .in pursuance of, ~~~~~~d
or in exercise o r any power conferred by ar under, any or lhc provisions 10 hc public
or this Act or rile rulcs or rhc rcguladons nude tbcrcunder. !o be public
servanls within 1 1 mciliiing
~ of scctiou 21 o f the Indian Penai Code.

'54C. (!) Nolwilhs~andinganylhing to lhc c o ~ ~ t r a rconrained

y in S V ~ I C

this ACLor in any other law for the lime being in force,- lo placc
(a) upon the issue ornny direclion to the Curpwalioa lo exercisc officcrs and
any powcr or lo perrorn~any function or 10discharge ally crnploycu a\
lhc disposal
duty, or or lllr:
(b) upon the rransrer ro ~ h cCorporation o r any funciion, or
conlrol :~ndnlanagemeni of 111y propcfly,
under any of the provisions of [his ACI, the Sratc Govemmen~shall,
subject 10 such condi~ionsLLS i~ may deem 151 10 impose. place at the
disposal or Ihc Corporalion the scwices o r sucli officers and a~her
employees as may be necessary to cnabIe il lo exercisc such power or
perform such function or discliarge such duly, as the case may bc.
(2) The officers and olhcr employccs, rvhosc services ure so placcd
nt the disposal of [he Corporation, shall conrinue 10 be [he officers and
olher employees or thc S m e govern men^ and [hcir salary, nllowa~lces
and olher benefits shall he rnel horn l l ~ eConsolidnrcd Fund 01the Stare:
Provided [hat where any discipIinary or other k r i o n is required l o
be takcn against any such officer or other employee. the Cnrporilrion
shall make a rerercnce Lo ~ h Sme
c Governrncnt for appropriate action.
(3) Where any power o r fu~lctiunor duly as canlcrred or imposed
on [be Corporalion by or under any other law lor the timc being in force,
such Iaw shalt hnvc effecl as if this sccriorl had fonned n par( of such
Inw, and thcreup~nsuch law shall be dcerned lu have bccn an~endcd

Thc Municipal Fund, Budget, Loans, Accounls nnd Audit

55. (1) There shall be a Municipal Fund hcld by thc Corporation Munifipnl
in [rust for thc purposcs of this Act and all moneys realised or realisablc Fund.
under this Act and all moneys othenvisc receivcd hy the Corporation
shall be crediled to this iund.
[West Ben. Act I

'(3) A11 iiloneys rcccivcd on account of the Municipal Fund shall

rorthrvicli bc paid illto a Governinent Treasury or in10 the Srare Bank o r
India or any other aationalised bank or Lhc State Co-operalive Bank to
the crcdir o r one or more accounts, and each such accounl shall bc called
[he ilCCOUnt of [he Corporation to which the money bclongs:
Provided [ha[ the Mayor-in-Council may inves~money, no1 required
for immedinle use, eithcr in Govcmmenl securities or in any olhcr f o r ~ n
orsccurity which may be approved by [he Slate Govcmmenl, or in fixed
dcposir in the Stare Bank of Iirdia or in any orhcr nationalised bank or
[he Starc Co-operalive Baltkor in any olher ior~nas the Slate govern men^
may direct.
E.~plrrrrrr~ior~.-"StnteCa-operarive8ank"shall rncnn [he West Betigal
Slate Co-operalive Bank Limited, and shall include any co-operativc
bank arfilialcd ro the West Bengal Slate Co-operarive Bank Limiicd.

Application 56. Subjec~to'~heprovisionsorsectiol~55, [he moncys crediled frotn

or Municipal
Fund. time to ~ i m eto ~ h cMunicipal Fund sllall be applied for paymenl of all
sums, chnrzes and costs ncccssury for cclnying out thc purposes o r [his
Acl and lhe rules and [he regulations made rhcrcunder or for payment
of all sums paynblc oul of [he Municipal Fund under any other enactmenr
for [he limc being in force.

Expcndi~ure J56A. Expe~lditureon physical assels ourside I-iowruh may, for

on physical
carrying out the purpose? oof this Act, be made if a resoluiion lo thal effect
ou~idc is carried out by r ~ o tlcss Lhan one-half o f the [otal number of elected
Hownh. members o f the Corpora~ion.

Opcnrion o f 57. Subjccl lo the olher provisions o r lhis Acl, payment from lhe
Municipal Fund shall be made in such manner as may be dctcrmined
by regulations, and the accounls rcrctted lo in section 55 shall be operated
by such officcrs of h e Corporation as may bc orrthorised by the Corporation
by regulalions.

Approval or '57A. No cxpendi~urefor any work or for purchase of any material

Govcrnmcnr as may be ncccssary for ihe purposes or [his Acl shall be made without
in rcspcct of the approval or the Corporation at a mceting, if [he estimated cost of
work crc.
csrinlnrd 10 such \pork or purchase exceeds rupccs Eve thousand but does no1 cxceed
COSI morc rupees rwenty-five Inkhs:
than lupccs
ldh.5. d s. 2(8)(n) or thc WL~!BcngaI Municipal Carpr~lion
'Sub-hcclion (2) tvas o ~ n i t ~ cby
LAWS (~i~ucndrncnr) ACI. 1995 (\Vc<t Bcn. Acl X V l l of 1995).
'Suh-sstion (3) was subs~i~u~cd Tor lhc uriginal by s. 2[8)(b), ibid
'Seclion 56A w,u inscncd by s, 2(9) 01llic JVcst Bcngal Municipal Corponlion L w s
(Amcndmcnt) Act, 1495 (Wcs~Ucn. Acr XVlI of 1995).
'Scction 5714 was inscrlcd hy s. S or thc Howrah Municipal Cnrpor~~ion (Amcndmcn~)
Acr. 1999 (IVcsr Bcn. Acl XI of 1999).
Provided' [hat wherc he estimaled c o s ~of such work or purchase
exceeds rupees ~wcnty-livelakhs, approval of [he Srute Governmcn~
shall be ablilined.

58. No payment ofany sum oul o r ~ h Municipal

e Fitnd shall be made R y m c n r nor
unless Ihe expenditure is covered by a cum111budget grmr and a suflicien~ ra k
c made
out aT rlic
balancc or such budgel &ran1 is available nolwilhsta~tdinpatly rcduclion Municipal
or uansfer thcreol under the provisions or this ACI: Fund i~nlccs . .
. .
covcrcd by a
'Provided [hat h i s section shaI1 not apply 10pnyrnen~in the rollowing gmni. . , , ., ,
, , .-
(a) refund of ~ a x c sand olher moneys which arc aurhoriaed by
this Act;
(b) repayment of moncys belonging la contac!ors or other
persons and held in rleposit and all moneys collecled or
credited to the Municipal Fund by mistake;
(c) tempordry payments for words urgently rcquired by thc
Stale Governmenl in the public inrcrest;
(d) sums payable as compensation under [his Act or he rulcs
or [hc regulations made thereunder;
(e) expenses incurred by the Corporalion on special measurcs
on Ihc oulbrcak of dangerous discaes;
(f) sums payable-
(i) under ordcrs of the S [arc Governmenr on failurc o f lhe
Corporalion to take any action rcquired by the Srale
Governmenl; or
(ii) under any olher enaclmcnt in force for the time being;
(iii) under the decree or order of a civiI or criminal courl
againsl rhe Corporarion; or
(iv) under a compromise of any claim, suil or othcr legal
proceedings; or -
(v) on account of the c o s ~incurrcd in taking immedialc
aciion by any of the municipal audtorilies referred lo
in section 3 to avert a sudden threat ar danger ro rhe
properly or the Corporalion or to human life;
(g) such olher cases as may bc prescribed.

' P ~ a v i ~i vox i addcd by s. 2[10) of the Wcs~Bengal Municipal Corporalion Laws

(Alncndnicn~)Act. 1995 (Wcsr Bcli. ACI XVlI or 14951.
Proccdurc l58A. Whenever any sun1 is paid in ally o r [he cascs referred 10 i n
whcn n1uncy
nnr covcrcd Lhe proviso lo sccrion 58, the Cornmis.cioner sliall lorlbwi~hc o m ~ n u i ~ i c a ~ e
bj. 3 hudgcl (he circumstanws o l ~ l i c hpeymenr ro thc Mayor-in-Council, and thereupon
grant. 1s
paid. the Mayor-in-Cou~~cil may take. or reco~nlncndlo h c Corporation lo
take. such action under [he pravisions of this A d as may appear lo it
lo be rc~~sibleand espedicnt lor covering the amounl of such paymenrs.

59. [ I r is~ e s - l t s. 2(12) of rile W P ~ I

i by
B e ~ ~ g 'Mirrricipol
al Corpurmrr;ir~~l J C I19Y5
Laws ( A I I I P ~ I ~ I IAct, I I ) (\Vc.rt Berr.
Act X V I I of 19951.1

Annual (iO. ( I ) The Corpomliorl shall, on or before 1hu'(3Ist] day of March

in wch year, :~doplTor the el~suiilgycar a budgcl eslirniltc o l the income
and rbe cxpenditurt: of the Corporation ro bc receivcd and incurrcd on
account or 111e~nllnicipalgovcrnmenl of Howrah.
>%. * * * * * *
(3) The budger cstinlale shall slale he rales at which various taxes,
ccsses and fees ~ 1 ~ 1 1bc
1 levied by ihe Corpomtion it1 Ihe year ncxt
shall srarc the arnounr or money lo be raised
(4) Tile budgel es~irn:~lr:
by the Corpora[ioii a s loan during lhc year next following.
(5) The Muyor sliall prcscnl the budge[ estirnatc lo [he Corporalion
OII the 15lh day of February in eacli yearor as soon as possiblc thereafier.
(6) The budgel estirnaic shall be prcpared, prescnied and adopled
in such rorm and in such nlanner, and shall provide for such rnarters,
as [nay he 4[prescribed.]
$(7) T t ~ cCorpomtion sllall prcparc the reviscd budge1 cslimnre for
a year along wirh the budget estimate Ibr [he next year in such mnnncr
as may be prescribed.

Financial %OA. (1) Thc Goven~rncnlmay, from time to limc, give granu or
assisinncc byfinancial assislance to ~ h Corporation
c with or withoul direction as lo
Govcrnrncn~. the manner of a p p l i c n ~ i oo~f ~such grants or finanan1 assislance.

'Scclir~n58A w a inscncd by s. 2(l I ) oC lhc \VCSI D c n g ~ Municip;~l

l Cnrponiion L w s
(A~ncndmenr) Acr. 1995 (\Vcsc Bcn. Aci XVlI o l 1995).
- I hc l i g u r ~ sand Icllers wilhin thc sqvarr: h r ~ c k wcrc
c ~ sub~!iiu~cdfor Lhc figurc and
Icllcs '2nd" by s . 3 1 3)(n). ihid,
'Sub-section (2) w.m orniiicd by s. 2(13)(b), ibid.
'TI:c $r*urdwirhin i h t square braclrcrs wa* suhst~lulcdlor thc words "dclcnnincd by
rc~ula~ions" by s . 2( 13)(c), ibid.
'Sltb-slclion (7) w a subslilu~cdlor ihc onginat by s. 1 ( 1 3 ) ( d ) , ibid.
'Scclion 60A w ~ inhcrtud
s by s. 9 of rhc Howdl Musicipal CorpunIion ( A ~ ~ ~ c n d m c n i )
ACT. losrl (Wcsl I3cn Acr XI of 1YVY).
(Purr 1II.-Fitlcrrlcc. -CIiupler V11.-The Murr icipal F~rrid,
Budg~'~, h a l l s , Accorrt~rsnrrd A1rdi1.-Secliorrs 61, 62.)

(2) The Stale Govcrnmcn~may also lay down [he pattern or

dinribution of such granrs o r financial nssis~aiiceand the condilions or
release of [he grants for tlie purpose or such dislribution.

(3) l'he Slate Government shnll,give grants to the Corporarion Tor

implementation in Full or it1 parr of any scheme included in the Annual
Developmenl Plan.

61. The Corporarion may, by iI rcholulio~~ passed a1 a meeting. from power 11,~
time lo lime raise ;L loan, by Ihe issue ofdcbcnturcs or orhenvise on the Cflp"1i0n
10 n i s c loan.
securi~yof thc '[properly [ax] o r of all or my or lhr raxcs. fccs and dues
under this Act, or on thc guarantee by 11ieS l a ~ eGovernmen!. of any sum
of money which may be requircd-
(a) for the conslruction OF w ~ r k sunder ibis Acl, or

(b) Ibr the acquisition or land or building Ibr the purposcs o l

this Act, or
(c) ro pay off any debt due ro the S I ~ I Governmcnt,
C or
(d) to repay a loan raised undcr this ACL or
(e) Tor the acquisilion uTa public utility concern which retlders
such services as thc Corporalion i s aulhorised ro render
under this Act, or
(f) for the purchase of vehidcs, locornorive engines. boilers,
plants and machineries necessary [or carrying o u ~the
purposes of this Acr, or
(g) .for any orher purposc for which the Corporatio~~
is aulhorised
to borrow by or undcr [his Act or any other law in force
Tor the lime being:

Provided [hat no loan shall be raised wi111ou~lhe previous sanction

a l the State Governmenl and that terms and conditio~~s (including the
period) of repaymen1 of the loan shall bc subject to the approval of [he
State Government.

62. Nalwirhstanding anything hereinbefore conrained, the power of Limit (0 rhc

h c Corporation LO raise a loan shall be so limited 1ha1 [he sums payable
undcr this ACLduring any year For inlerest and for the maintenance or
Sinking Funds esrablished undcr [his Acl shall not exceed fifteen pet.
cenr, of ~ h annual
c value of land and buildings as dererrnined under this
TIICH olvrah Mro licil~rrlCorpcrrurio~rAcl, 1980.
[West Bcn. Act

Powcr of thc
- 63. Nolwithslanding anything contained in seclion 6 1, whenever the
lo opGn a raising of any loan has been sanctioned by h e State Govcrnmcnt undcr
accnunl with lhar secrion [he Corporaiiou may. insicad or raising such loan or any pan
a bank.
thcreof from Ihe public, take credit, on such ternls as may be approved
by ~ h Statc
c Govcmment, rro~nany bank on a cash accounl lo be kept
in [he name of the Ho~vrahMunicipal Corporalion Cash Accounl ro the
extenr of such loan or any par1 thcrcol and, wirh [he sanclion of Srare
Gavernrnznl, may grant mortgages or nil or any or the properties vested
in the Corporalion by way or securing the repayment of [he amount or
such credit or of [he sum advanced tram time ro rime on such cash
accouul wilh in~erest.

Rcpay mcor 64. Every Ionn raised by lhc Corporation under seclion 61 shall be
af loan.
rcpaid within [he pcriod approved under that section and by such of [he
f o l l o w i ~ ~methods
g as may be approved by the Srate Govcrnmcnt,
(a) from u Sinking Fund established under sechon 66 in respec1
of such loan, or
(b) p a d y from such Sinking Fund and partly from thc loan
raised for [he purpose undcr sccrion 61.

Form and 65. All dcbenrures issued under [his Cliapler shalI be in such form,
clrccr or
dc ben~urcs. and shall be transferable in such manner, as [he Corporalion may by
regularion derermine, and thc right lo suc in respect of the moneys
secured by any of such debentures shall vesr in [he holders thereof far
the time being withoul any preference by reason orsome such dcbcnturcs
being prior in datc to orhers.

Sinking 66. (1) T h e Corporalion shall cstublish n separale Sinking

Fund in rcspccl of each loan raised under section 61 and shall pay inlo
such fund every six monlhs a sum so calculu~cdthat iC regularly paid
such sum together with [he compound interest accrued thereon would
be sufficienr, nrrer paymcnr of all expenses, to pay off [he loan wirhin
Lhc period approvcd by [he State Governmenl under [he proviso 'ro
seclidn 61.

(2) The rate of interest a1 which the sum referred lo in sub-

seclion (1) shall be calculated shall be such as may ,be prescribed.
Tlrc Holvral~Mirrricipnl Corpom~iotrAcr, 1980.
LVIII of 1980.1

67. (1 AI l moneys paid inlo a Sinking Fund shall soon as possible 2;;mcnI
be invesred by the Cotpora~ionin- m ~ u m
rhc Sinking
(a) Govenlmcnt secirritics. or Fund.

(b] sccurilies guarnntccd by [hc Central or any State

tiovcrnrnenl, or
(c) debentures issued by Ihe Corporilrion. or
(d) deberllures issued by !hc Truslccs for lhc Irnprovemen~of
Howrah, or
(c) any public securi[ics approved by the S ~ a l eGovernment
and shall be held by'lhe Corporation for the purpose of
repayi~~g from rime to time the loans raised by it by the
issuc of debcnrures or uthenvisc.
(2) All dividends and olher sums receivcd in respcct of any such
invesrmcnt shall. as soon as possible, bc paid into the appropriate Sinking
Fund and invesled in he manner laid down in sub-seclion (1).
(3) Moneys paid into lwa or tnorc Sinking Funds may, ill die discrelion
of the Corporalion, be invcsled together as a common-f11nrland ii shall
not be necessary for rhe Corporalion to allocarc rhe securities held in
such jnvesrme~lrsamong the several Sinking Funds.

(4) Any invcslrnent made under rhis secliali may from lime to
time, subjecl LO the provisions of sub-seclion (1). be varied or

68. Until any loan is rvhoily rcpaid, [hl: Corporalion shall no1 apply Applicaion
any Sinking Fund eitablhhed under ~ h i Acl
r in respeci of such loan lor
any purpose othcr than the purpose of repaymeill or such loan.
69. ( I ) T h e commissioner shaIl. nl [he etld OF each year, prepare Srarcmcnr or
rr starcmen\ showing- tnvcsrmcn~.

(a) the nmaunt which has been invesled during ~ h year

c under
section 67.
(b) the date o f the Ins1 investment madc during h e year,
(c) lhc aggregnle arnoun! of securities hen in [he hands of [he
Corporatiun, and
(d) the aggregate nmounl which has. up to rhc dale of [he
slaremenl, been applied for the purpose or rcpnymenl of
lonn under section 65.
(2) Every such stuLernen1 shall be laid berore a rnec!in,n of the
Corporalion and shall be published in ~ h cOficiul GarPlrr.
Tile Horvrnlr Mrrnic+ol Corporn~iorrAcf. 1980.
l W u t Ben. Act

Annual 70. (1) All Sinking Funds cslnblishzd under 1l1is Aci shall bc subjecl
of Sinking to annual examinalion by the audirors appoinled uildcr seclion 77, who
Funds. slii~llnsccrlain whelher Ihe cash and [lie valuc of thc securities belonging
[hcrclo are equal to the amouii~which should be at tlic credit or such
runds had invesrrnents u~lrlcrscction 67 bcen regularly mudc and had
the inlerest accruing on : ~ c . c o ~or
~ nsuch
~ inveslmcnts bcen re~ularly
(2) The amounr which should be a1 h e c r e d i ~of a Sinking Fund sllall
be calcularcd on Lhe basis of [he sunis credilcd to such r ~ n duridzr sub-
section (1) of seclion 67.
(3) The valuc or sccuri~iesbelonging to a Sinking Fund shnll be lheir
current valuc, unlcss such securilies becomc duc Tor redempiion at par
will1 or above [heir race value b e f o ~maiurily in which case [heir currcnt
value shnll be taken as [heir redemption vnll~e.except in the cnsc or
debcnrures issued by the Corporation which sllall always be valued nt
par wilh their face vuluc, provided rllat h e Corpor~tionshall make good
immediately any loss owing to r he sale of such dcbenlures For repay men[
o f the loan raised uuder section 61.
(4) Thc Corporalion shall forrhwith pay in10 any Sinking Fund such
anlotlnr as the audirors nppoinlcd under section 77 may ccrliry to be
delicii unlcss lhc Slnte Govertlrnen~specially sanctions a gradual
readjus[mcn~of such defici~in respec1 of such fund.
(5) I f ~ h cash
c and the value OF the sccurilies at [he credit of any
Sinking Fund are in excess of the amaunt which should be at ils crcdil,
lhe audilors appoinled under section 77 shall cerlify the slrnounr of such
exccss sum and the Corporation may lhereupon transfer the exccss sum
to [he Municipal Fund in lhe General Account.
(6) IF any rlisputc arises as lo [he accuracy or any deficit or exccss
referred IU in the crrtificale under sub-scction (4) or sub-scction (31, the
Corporation may,after payment of such deficit or aflcr tnnsrer of such
cxccss, as ttie case may bc. refcr the lnatler to thc Stale Government
whose decision thercon shall be final.

Powcr of [he 71. (1) The Corporalion may borrow money from the Srale
io b o m w Governmcnr for carrying out oCthc purposes of this Act, olher than [hose
moncy frum rcfcrred ID in sec~ion61, on such terms and conditions as the Stare
ihe Srarc
Govcrn~ncni. Govern~nenrmuy dc~crmine.
(7) If any mancy borrowed by the Corporu~ionfrom the Slate
Government bcforc [he comn~eiicementof his Act or under sub-scction
( 1 ) is not repaid, or any intcrcsr due in respect thcreof is no1 paid.
according ro the lcrms and condirions OF such borrowing, he Slate
Governmenr may arlach the Municipal Fund or arly portion rhcreoL
(3) After such a~~aclimenl no pcrson nther than an officcr i~ppoin~ed
ill thisbehalf by rhc 3131~Govcrnn~cnlshall in any way dcnl with [tie
or purlion thereor. Such ollicer lnay do a l l acls in rcspccl
a~lacliedF u ~ i d
[hereor which ;In). municipal aull~orilyor an officer or e~nployecof thc
Corporalion migllt huvc dune under [his Acl ilsuch allachmear had no1
laken place. ;uld niay n p ~ l ysuch ri111dor portion rhcreor Tor paymenr
of 1t1earrcar and rhc interes~duc in rcspecl of such burrowing aiid o f
all cxpcnscs on accclunl ol' [lie ar~:~clmicnrand subsequenl procccdings:
Provided thar no such :~tr:~chmcnlshall dcfcnl or prejudice any deb1
for wllicli the fund aitacbed was previously chargcd undcr any law in
li>rcc lor ~ h c~ i l n cbeilig a11d all S I I C ~ prior charges shall bc paid out
a f the fund berorc any par1 IhereoT is applicd for repaymen1 of the
barrowil~g under sub-srclion (1) and payment oTinleresl accruing [hereon.

72. IT he Corporalion Ikils lo mnkc ally pnyfnenl or to rfilnalcr any Arlnch~ncnt

sum undcr sub-seclion (4) o r sub-scclia~i(5) o r secrion 70. thc Slate. FL,"d"z,"i~nl
Government may attech [he M ~ n i c i f n Fund
l or ally ponion [hereof and sfcuring
~ provisions of scslion 71 shall, will1 all necessary
l h e r e u p o ~liic ~~~F~'inla
rnodilica~ions,apply. Fund.

73. Thc nccounls or all receipts and expcndi~ureuf tlie Corporarion A~~uunls.
l kepi in such manlier :u~din such rorm as the Slale Government
s l ~ a lbe
may Frorn rime 10 lime prcscrihz.

74. (I) The Chief Audiror sh;lll conduct a rnonlhly inremal audit o f
the accounls or the Corporalion and shall repon [hereon 10 [he Mayor-
in-Couucil who shall cause all abslrnvl o f thc receipb and expenditure
of the month last prcccding 10 be pubtishcd.
(2) The C t ~ i c Ar u d i ~ o rsliall also corlduc~from rime ro timc such
o ~ h c iludil
r o f [he nccot~ntso r rhe Corporalion as the Mayor-in-Council
may dirccl.
(3) For ~ h purpose
c of audit o f rhc nccounls o f h e Corporalion the
Chief Audilor shall have access to all occounl5 of the Corporarion and
rccords and correspondences relaling thcrcro I * *.

75. (1) The Chirf Auditor shall- k c p a n by

rllc Chicr
(a) rcport to rhz Mayor-in-Council any rnatcrial impmpriery or AudiLor.
irrcgularily r v l ~ i c lhc
~ nlny at any lime observe in the
expendilure or in the recovcry o f moneys due to thc
Corporation or in the accounts o f he Corporatio~i:

'Thc \curds ", and llrc Commisioncr sliall ronhwith furnish 10 thc Chid Audi~orsuch
cxplannlion co~lccming;my rcccipr or capndirurc as hc n13y call lor" were ornilred by
s. 2(14) orthc WL%\Bcng;ll Municipal Corpmlirln Imws (An~cndrncni)Acl, 1W5 (Wcsr
Bcn. Acr XVll nf 1905,
Tlre Ho\vmh M#tricipal Co~porariorrAct, 1980,
[ W a l Ben. Act '

(b) rurnisll to [he Mayor-in-Couucil such inrnrrnalion as ir may

from time to lime require concerning the progress or [he
(2) The Mayor-in-Counci I shall cause to be laid M o r e the Corporalion
every repon made LO i~by rhe Chief Auditor togcthcr with ;I slalernenl
of ordcrs passed thcrcon by rhc Mayor-in-Council and [hereupon [he
Corporation may rake such acrioo as i r may deem f i t .
(3) As soon as may be ailer [he commetvemenl of each financial
year the Chief Auditor shall deliver ro he Mayor-in-Council a rcport
on [he enlire accounls of [he Corporarion For the preceding yczlr.
(4) The Secretary shall cause sucll repon to be prin~edaiid circulared
among lhe Councillors '* * * *.
(5) Thc Commissioner shall ronsard to [lie Stale Government as
many copies or such reporl as may be required by the Srare Governrncnt
logether wjlh a brief sraremeni of acrion takcn or proposcd !o bc rakcn

Pnwcr of lhe 76. The Chief Audilor sliall nudil [he accounts of the Corporation
Audilor lo with [he sssisrance of officers and olher employees subordinate to him
cail for and. for he purposc, may call for such vouchers, slatcmenis, relurns and
ttc. explanalions in rclalion lo such accounls as he may think Fil, and sl~all
bc compelen1 Lo frame standing orders and lo give directions on all
malrers relaling to audi~and particularly in respect or [he method and
the extenL of a u d i ~and the raising and pursuing of objections. ,

77. ( 1) The accounls of [he Corporalion shall be audiled horn time

io time by auditors appoinred in [hat behalf by rhe S ~ a t cGovcmmcnt.
(2) The Commissioaer shali submit accounts lo [he auditors as
required by them:
Provided ha1 the Commissioner shall not be bound lo submit accounts
o r conneclion wirh any auli-corruplion work b u shall,
~ if
so required by rhe auditors, furnish certificate under his signature of it11
such expenditure.
(3) The audilors so appoinled may,-
(a) by wri~[ensummons, require [he producrion bclorc thcm or
before any officer subordinale to thcm of any doc~~rnent
which thcy may considcr ncccssury Tor the proper conducl
of audit;

'Thc words "and Ihc Aldcrmcn" \lmcrcurni~ttdby L. ?[ 15) o l ~ h Wcsr

c Bcngal Municipal
Corponlion LAWS (Arndndmcnr) Au1.1995 (Wtkt Bcn. Acl XVlI or 1995).
Ciwpora~ionAct, J960.
The Howr.rzli M~r~licil~ol

(6) by writ~ensummoas,-require any person accounlablc for or

having the custody or control of, any such documcnt to
appear i n person bcfore ihetn o r before any oirictr
subordinate to them: and
(c) require any person so appearing bclorc lhem or before any
officer subordinarc to them lo make or sign a declaralion
wilh respect to such documenl or LO answer any queslion
or prcpare and submit any statement.
(4) T h t provisions or sub-section (3) shall no1 apply to the accounts
of expenditure incurrcd in co~uieclionwith ally anti-corruption work.

78. Thc auditors appointed under section 77 shall.- R c p n and

(a) reporl to he Mayor-in-Council any malcrial impropriely or lo bc
jrregulnrily which they may observe in [he expenditure, or
in Ihe recovery OF moneys due lo the Corporation, or in he
accounts o r the Corporation:
(b) reporl lo the Mayor-ju-Council any toss or wasle ormoney
or other propcrly owned by or vcsled-in [he Corporation
wbicli has bccn caused by neglccl or misconducl and may,
if they ltlink l i l . rcport the names of [he persons who in thcir
opinion are directly or indireclly responsible for such Loss
or wwte;
(c) furnish lo the Mayor-ia-Council such informalion ns the
Mayor-in-Council may from limc to time require regarding
the progress 01nudil;
(d) as soon as may be afler the completion o r audit, deliver lo
the Mayor-in-Council a reporl upon the accounts of the
Corporalion and submil a duplicate copy thereof to the
(c) conducr a spccinl audi~.when so directed by the State
Govcmrnenl or the Corpomtion, on any reccipt or expendimre
of lhc Corporalion or examine any accounts of slores and
S L K ~ Sand submit a reporl upon the same 10Ihe Mnyor-in-
Council and thc Corporatioil;
(f) submit to [he State G~vemmcn~copies of all reports rcrcrred
to in clauses (a), (b), (d) and (e).

79. The Mayor-in-Couflcil shaI1 forlhwilh reniedy any delecis or Mayor-in-

irregularilies lhal may be painted out by the auditors and shall report Council m
to the Corporalion and the State Government [he action taken by il: dcfccis and
reporr lo ~ h c
P ------
Ti~cHolvrfll~hftr~ricipnl Corpumlio~I Acr, 1980.
[West Bcn. Aci

Provided th:tt if thcrc is a dilicrciice of opinion bcrlvecn the Mayor-

in-Council and the audi~orsthc Mayor-in-Council. or il' thc Mayor-in-
Council ducs nor rctilcdp :Ins dcl'lcr or irregularity wirhin a reasonable
pcriod rhe nudiiors sbi~llrcicr ~ h nxlttcr
c LO he Srate Cjovcr~~rnenrwithin
such timr: and in such nlanner, 3s )nay he prescribed, and i t shall be
within rhe comperence of lhc S l n ~ cGovern~ncn~ to pass such orders
thcrcon as i~ thinks fit.

RcCcrcnL'cor 80. (1) Thc Corporation shall refer all reporrs rcceived under seclio~i
-porn ro
Municipal 78 10 (he Municipal Accounrs Commi~lcclor thcir cx;lminntion and
.4ccoullls rcporr undcr scclion 10.
(2) The reporl 01 thc Municipal Accoun~sCommi~tccshall bc
discussed aL a m e e r i ~ ~ogr rlle corporation for si~clidecision us thc
Corporalion may rllink l i ~ :

Provided that i f no report is received rroti~thc M~nicipiltAccounts

Cornmiltee, the CorporaBon shall be compererlt ro discuss [lie audilors'
reports under secrion 78 for sucl~decision as il rhinks fir.

(3) Thc CorpornLion shall puhtish the nudi~ors'reporls referred lo

in section 78 together with Ihe reports of 1l1e Municipal Accounts
Commiuce, if any. ;uld ~ h cdccisinn of the Corporatio~~ lhereon i n
accordnncc wirh such mtes as may he prescribed.

81. (1) The nudirors shall. el'lcr giving 111e person concerned an
opporluni~yto submil an explana~ionand a k r considering such
explanauo~i.i l any, disallow cvcry item o f accounls coiltrary to [he
provisions of this Acl. aud surcharge the amount of any illcgal pnymcnl
on the person rnakilig or authorising ~ h making
c OF such payment. and
charge agains~any perso11 responsible therefor the amount of any
deficiency or loss incurred by thc ncgligcncc or misconduct of such
person or any aalount which oughl LO have bccn. but is no! brought into
accounl by such person, and xh:lll in cvcry s u c l ~case certify the amouul
due from such person.

(2) The auditon: sh;ill rccord the r e u o n s for every disallowance.

surchergc or charzc undcr sub-scc~ion(I) and shall serve in [he manner
prescrikd a cerrilivare or thc amount due under thal sub-section, and
n copy of such reasons, on the person against whom the cerlificale is
made, and shall incorpomlc such cases of disallowauce, surcl~nrgeor
charge in their report to rlle Mayor-in-Council, (hc Corporation and !he
St!+rp P . n ~ ~ p r r ~ n , iindpr
~nl c p r l inn 7X
(Part Ill.-Fii/utrce.-Cli~~p~c'rVI1.-Tiic M~rt~icipulFIIIZ~,
B~rdget,Loans, Accortnts nrrd Arrdi1.4r.criorrs 82-85.]

82. Any person from whom any sun] t l i w bee11 ccrlified by ~ h r : nppcal rn a
. , ,

audi~orsunder seclion 81 to bc d u e may. within one mnnlh afler hc has civil coun
received or hiis been served wit11 ihe certificate, either- or 10 I ~ C
(a) apply to a Civil Cour~of compc~cnljurisdictior~LOser asidc GOvcnlnlcnl.
or modify such disellowancc. surcharge or charge and upon
such applicuiion Lhe C o u r ~may, after taking such cvjdence
as ir consitlers necessary. callfirm, scr aside or modify thc
disallowance, surcharge or charge. ihnd rhc cct.tificalc w i ~ h
such order as 10cos~sas i t may [link propcr, or
(b) appeal to [he State G o v e m m e l l t and rhc Stale Govcrnmen~
shall pass sucli orders ;IS il thit~kshi. The decisions of he
Stale Governmen~Or) S I I C ~ Ia p p e ~ lstlall be final.

83. Whcrc an amounl is ccrlified undcr sub-seclion (1) of scclion

81 to be duc [corn any person. such amourlt, or where such pcrson
proceeds under section 81, such amounr as ~ h cCourt or the Stale

Governmenl. as ilw case may be, mily decide lo bc due from such person.
shall bc paid wilhin three months horn [he dulc orcerlificare under sub-
~ or as the case may be, within such period not
section (1) of s c c l i o ~81,
lcss than thrcc months rrom [he dale of suc11 decision as the Court or
the Slate Government, ilS ~ l l ecase nlily be, may illlow and in the case
of defiult of paymcnl, the amount shall bc recovernblc by rhe 1
Cornmissjot~eras an amounr clccreed by Lhe Court of the District Judge,

84. (1) Any cosi allowed by the Court undcr clause (a) of secBon cosrs
82 shall be paid out of the Municipal Fund within such period as ihc S;~~~i~$~
Slate Govcrnmcnl [nay fix in this behalf. Fund.

(2) If the Corporati011 Tails to pay such c o s ~within the period fixed
by the State Government under sub-scction (I), the Slare Governmehl
may alpach the Municipal Fund or any portion lhereol and the provisions
of sub-scc~ion(2) of scclion 71 shall, with all ncccssary modilicarions,
be dccmcd 10 apply in respecL or such arlachmcnl.

85. Where (i person from \vhom an nmounL js uer~iliedl o be duc E K ~ ~ L ~ ~

under sub-section (1) of section 81 is a mcmber of ~ h Corporalion
c or "On-
payIncnl of
of a comrnittec thereof or is an officer or cmpjoyee of h e Corpomlian cEnificd
and wherc such person has no[ paid such amount within ~hreemonths ""1OUn'-
from thc dale of such cerlificale, or where an arnounl declared 10 be due
From such person undcr clause (a} or clause (b) or seclion 82 has no1
been paid by such pcrson wirhin suct~period no1 less than lhrce months
e of such declaration as may be allowcd to him under sec~ian
horn d ~ date
P.7. such person shall be deemed to have vacated his seal or 10have been
Tllc Holvralr M~rnicipalCurporution Acr, f 980.
IWest Ben. Acl
(PflrrIIl.-Fir~oncc.-Clrupter VIl.-Tl4c Mur~ic-ipalFul~d,
U~rdget.Lunns, Accnrrtrrr alld A~rdir.-4ecr1011
Pnrt / ~ - T ~ u ~ i o opplicatiotr
r ~ ~ r ~ dfecfur er11isrt1iet11.-
Cimz~pwrVIM-A. L C Io~ 87.)
f Tu~e.sorrd Ft~s.--Sec~iurr

dismissed from the service of the Corporatio~~, xs the case #nay be, wirli
efreci Fmn~the dale of mi order lo be made by the Srilte Government
in rhis behalf and shall no1 be cligiblc for rc-elzctior~oi rc-ilppoinlment.
as [he case may be, until the amount as aroresnid has been paid by

86. (1) Thc Stare Govcrnmeni may make rules Tor IJIC purpose of
carrying into eficcc [lie provisions of this Chaprcr.
(2) In paniculur and withoui prejudice to the generality of thc
foregoing power, such rules may provide for all or m y of [he lollowing
(a) thc manncr and the forms in which !he accounls of [he
~ o r ~ o r a t i oshall
n be kcpr undcr secrion 73:
( b ) [he time within which. and [he manncr in which, rhc matter
rcferrerl to in rhe proviso to sectio~l73 shnll bc rcrcrred 10
rhc Stale Govcrnmedt;
(c) the publicarior~of [he i~udilors'reports together with [he
rcporl or !Ele Municipal Accounts Commitrcc u~idcrsub-
section (3) of secrion 80:
(d) any olher matter which may he or i s required lo be prescribed
undcr the provisions o f rhis Chapler.


A. LFvy of Tuxes arrd fee^-

Tancs and 87. (1) The Carporalion shall, for [he purposcs of [his Acl, h a w the
lccs lo be
lcvicd by ihc power to levy the Ibllowiog laxcs and fees:-
Corponrion. (a) a '(properly lax] on lands and buildings,
3* C * *
(c) a tax on advenisernen~sother i l ~ a nadver~isemcnrspublisIlcd
in newspapers.
(d) a lax on carriages and aiiirnals,

'The Ilmding wirhin ~ h squm

t hncltc~$rvns subsrilutcd lor lhc hcading ' T u a ~ i o n "
by s. 3(n) o i ~ h cHownh Municipal Corponli~n(Amendment) Acl, 1992 (West Bcn. Act
x or 19921.
'Sec loor-norc 3 on pngc 395. u~tfr.
lCl;rusc(b) WaF o ~ n i ~ ~byc s,
d 3(b) orlhc Howmh Municipal Cotprariun (Amcnlimcnt)
Act, 1992 (West Bcn. Acl X o f 1W2).
(Purr 1V.-'[Tmaliotl t r ~ r r lapl)licorio~~jecfor cx~lisr~l~errr.
VIi1.-A. Levy of Turr*sorld Fcc..~.--Secfiolr $7il.-~. "lPropcrry
j [ar~(Is
t r ~ r 011 lsrrrrd b~~ildixlgs

?(c). Loll on-

(ii) bridge, and

(iii) hcevy lruck ~ v l i i c hshall bc a tleavy goods vehicle. and
bus ivhich shall bc n henvy pmsenger motor vehicle,
wj~hinlhe mcaning of the Motor Vehicles Ac!, 1988,
plying on u public streel,
(f) a k c Tor grant of pcrn~issionro erect I building,

(g) a fee on vcssels moved wilhin the lirnils of tlic Corporalion

a[ ghuis or landing places construcled and mnin~ained] / b y
the Corporalion,]
'(h) a special conservancy charge on commercial und induslrial
(2) The levy, assessment and collec~ionor taxes and fees mendoned
in sub-section (1) shill1 be in accordance with theprovisions or this Acl
and Lhe rules and the regulations made thereunder.

587A. (1) The Corpora~io~l may. from rime lo lime, lcvy Tee Tor ~ c ~ y ~ , r i c c s , '

licences issued or permissions granrcd under Ihe provisions or this ACL ChMsCsoCFI-
and also impost charges for any spccific services rendcred in pursuancc
of 111eprovisions of this Acl.
(2) The Stare Governmenl may. from time lo lime, prescribe [hc
scale ;lr which such fees may be levied or charges imposed. , ., .. .
- , .

B. 6[Properiy far] or1 larmds arld brtiidirrgs and srlrcl~arge

'88. (1) For the purposes or this Ac!, properly tu on the annual Imposi~ion
value of lands and buildings comprised in a holding, as dclern~inedunder p,f,rUw"y
Lhis Chapter, shall be imposed by rhe Corporarion.

'Scc root-nolc I on paFc 446,arrtc.

Ihc original by s. lo(]) o f thc Huwrh Municipal
:Clau<c (c) was s l ~ b ~ r i ~ uC~orv d
Corpurniion (Amcndnlcni) Acr, 1999 (Wmr Ben. ACI X1 of 1999).
I'lhc rvurds wi~hin i l ~ csquare tirackcis wcrc substirulcd for ihe words "by rhc
Corpo~ili~~n by. "s. LO(?).ibid,
'Clausl: (h) rvas inscrled hy s. IU(3). iM.
A inscncd by 5.1(1h)oCrhc Wcst I3engnI hfunicipal Corpanlion L w s
'Scclion S ~ was
(Arncndrncnl) A ~ L 1995
, (\Vcsi Rcn. Act X V I I or 1995).
"See fool-norc 3 on page 395. orrrc.
'Scc~ionSR wx suhstiluicd for ~ l l coriginal by s. 2(17) of thc \Vcsi Ucngal Municipal
Corpur.~rionLaws (An)cndmcni) AcI. 1995 ( W u i Ucn. Aci XVII or 1995).
Tlze Holvrah Mrltr icipnl Corporarion ACI, 1980.
[West Ben. Act
(Pnrl 1V.-' [Tasarior~nrld applica~ionfee fir ertIi.cilrnenf.]-
Cltnprer VIII.-B. ' I proper^ tavJ on lands lsncl buildings
rrr~ds~trclrurge.-Sr.criotr 88.)

(2) Such propcrly lax shall be dcterrnined as follows:-

(a) where the anuunl value o r lands and buildings does no!
exceed nine hundrcd and ninety-nine rupees, [he property
tax sliall be dctermincd in accordance with thc foIlowing
(-- annual value + 10) per ct,rr. of the aanunl value. ar
( b ) where the anual vduc o f lands and buildings exceeds nine
hundred and nincry-nine rupees, thc properly lax shall bc
delemined in accorda~~ce wirh the following formula:-

' ' !+ 22) per- cerlt. of rhe annuaI value:
Provided rhar the properly lax shall not exceed 40 per
catt.of thc annual villuc of lands and buildings:
Provided further 11~11while calculating Ibe percenlngc
of properly tax, the dccifnal Iigure below 0-5 shall bc ignored
and the decimal figurc of 0.5 or above shall be roundcd off
10 1:
Provided also thal thc State Govcrnrnent may, from time
to lime, by notilicn~ion.rcvise the formula refcrrzd 10 in
clause (a) and clause (b) or h i s sub-sec~ionand upon such
revision. lhis ACL shall be deemed 10 hilvc been arncnded
Provided also thal no such revision shall be made more
l h m once in iivc years.
(3) A surcharge at such rale. no1 exceeding lifiy per ce11f.of Lhe
properly tax calcubred under sub-seclion (2). as {he Mayor-in-Cauncil
may, from time lo time, determine a1 a meeting convened ror he
purpose, may be imposed on any land and building uscd wholly or
pmially for cornmcrcial. industrial or any olher nan-residentid purpose.
(4) Nolwi~hstandinganything contained i n this Chapter, lands and
buildings which are [he properlies or the Union shall bc exempl from
the property tu:
Provided thal nothing in [his subseclion shall prcvent Ihe Corporation
from Ievying on such lands and buildings a property [ax Lo which
irnmcdialely before Ihc commenccrnenr of this Acl lhcy were, or were
[reared as, Iiablc:
Providcd furihcr thar thc Corporation may levy a service charge on
such buildings on the basis of annual value. and at such rate. as may
be dcrermincd by Lhc Cenlml Government from time to ~imc.

'See loot-norc 1 on page 446. I I I I I ~ ,

'Scc h~r-nolc3 on page 395. o~rte.
T ~ IHolvrah
P Mlulicil~nlCorporarion Ac!, 1980.

(Par! 1V.-'(Trcrorion und aj~plicationfee for er~lisrrrrcttr.]-

Clrrrptcr Vl1I.-B. ?[Properryrar] 011 Irrrr~Isualrd brrildings n~rd
~ i s 888.- C. Dcterr~litloliotlof
s r ~ r c l ~ a r ~ r . - S e c / i o88A,
Arrrrrral Vui~rurion.-Secriorr 89.)

%8A. Nolwiihslanding anything conlaincd in h e foregoing provisions Ewcmpiion

or pmpcnics
of this chapter, the Corporation may, by o rcsolution. exempt 25 per cenl nC cx-
of the properly lax in respectof any holding belonging lo an ex-sen'Iceman,
' scrviccrnc~i.
or family of a deceased soldicr or ex-serviceman, who has no olhcr land
or buiIding in any par1 of lhe State of W e s ~Bengal and who is residing
in t h a ~holding.

%8B. (1). The Corporation shall lcvy a surcharge on [he ~ransfer

o f immovable property si~ualedwithin Howrh. in the lonn of addilional
stamp duty.
(2) Thc rule or the surcharge. and lhe manner or-
(a) collec~ionof the surcharge.
(b) payment of the surcharge 10 the Corporation, and
(c) deduciion of the expenses, if any, incurred by thc Statc
Govcrnmenl in course of collection OF the surcharge.
shall be such as may bc prcscribed.

89. For [he purpose 01 delermination of [he '[property lul on any Dcrconina- i
land or building, lion rrr !
annual raluc. i
(a) the annual value o r land. and Lhe annual valuc of any
building erected for I e ~ i n gpurposes or ordinarily let, shall
be deemed to be the gross annuill rcnt nl which the land or
building might a1 hc timc of assessmen1 be reasonably
expected lo be let From ycar lo year, less, in the case of n
building, an allowance of Len ptr cetit, for the cost or repairs
and for all olher expenses necessary lo maintain Ihc building
in a slale to command such gross rent; and
(b) the annual value of any building nor erected lor letling
purposes and not ordinarily let, shall be deemed to be five
per cenr. on the sum oblained by adding Ihe esumated
present cost of erecting [he building, Icsi ;Iresanable amount
lo be deducled on accounl or dcpreciaroin (if any). lo rhe
estima!ed present value of [he land valued wilh lhe building
as part of the samc premises:

'See root-noic 1 on pagc 446. mtrc.

'See fool-nole 3 on pogt 395. arrlr.
'Sccrions 88A and SSB ivcm inscncd by s. I I of ~ h Holvnh
c Municipal Corpontion
(A~ncndmcnl)AcI, 1999 (Wcsi Ilen. ACI X I of 1999).
The ffolvrah Miirriciprrl Corpurniinr~Acr. 1980.
[West Ben. Act
(Purr IV,-1~7'uratior~
mid a ~ ~ p ~ i c u ~ i o ~ ~~Jt ~~lc~Jsuf tr~ i e t ~ r . ] - C l i Viii.--
of Ar,rrrml Vnlriri~io~l.-S~~u~ioli

Providcd Ihat-
(i) the zlnnual value of a hut in brrsiee shall bc the gross
annual rent ar which rhc h u ~may rca\onrrbly bc expecrcd
lo let fforn year lo year less len ycr retzr, of such annual
rent to mainlain Ihe said hut in a slnrc to com~na~ld
such gross rcnt; and the land u p n which such huts in
a brrsrec are erected roge~hzrwith the remaining lind,
excluding thc 1n11d uscd for roads and other public
uses. shall be assessed scpararely u~lderthe provisions
of this Chapter;
(ii) in calculaling Ihc value or any land or building under
[his secrion, [he value of any nlncllincry OII such land
or in such building shall bc excluded. but all lix~ures
including lirts and cleclric and other fillings which add
to rhe convenience o f r11e building shall he valued.
subjccr in thc case of a lift ro such deduction from he
valuation, as the Commissioner may think proper, on
accounl of the cosr of repairs to, maintel~anccof, and
attendance on. such lill:
(iii) if in the case or 3 building valued under clause (b), thc
annual value or which does not rxcccd five hundred
rupces, any exceptional circumslanccs exisrs which
render a valua~ionof five per cerri. on [he cost of
erecring the building Icss deprccialio~~. cxcessivc, a
lower pcrcenlilgc may bc taken:
(iv) when any building has bccn vaIucd at a special
percenlage [lake11under clause (iii) of Lhis proviso, jL
may be re-valued a1 any rime arter rhe exceplional
circ~lmsrancesreferred Lo in [hat clause have ceased lo
Municipal 90. (11 Thc State Governmen1 may by rules povide for the detailed
Code. procedure for deler~ninationof the annual valuc of lands or buildings
in Howrah and for other maners connected therewith and such rules
togelher with any regulations lnadc under his Acl shatl constitute the
Municipal Assessment Code.
( 2 ) Undcr the rules as aforesaid-
(i) evcry building logether wirh the sile and the landappurtcnan~
thcreto shall be assessed ns n singlc unit:
provided that where ponions of any building logedler
with thc s i ~ eand h c land appurlenaru thereto are verlically
divisible and are scpan~ely'owncd so as to be entirely
dependent and capable 01 separale enjoyment notwith-
s~andingthe iacl thnt access 10 such separate porlions is
made through common passage or a swircxe. such separalely
owned porlions may be assessed separately:
Provided further t h a ~the righiof such accessis protecled
by II registered deed of agreement;
(ii) all lands or buildings, lo the extent lhere are contiguous or
arc within [he samc curlilagc or arc on the same Foundation
and are owned by [he snmc owncr or ceorvncrs as an
undivided properly, shall be Lreated as one unit for thc
purpose of assessment under [his Acl;
(iii) cilch rcsidcnlial unit with i l s percentage o f the undivided
intcrcsl in the common are* and Facilities const~uctedor
purchased and owned by o r under the control of any housing
co-openrive sociely regisrered undcr Lhe W c s ~Bengal Co-
operalive Societies Act, 1973. shalt be assessed separately;
(iv) each apanmenl or i b percenlage or [he undivided interest
in thc common areas and the faciliries in a building wilhin
\Vwt Bcn. the meaning of lhc Wcst 13engal Apannlent Ownership Acl,
Act X V I or 1972,declaralion in respccl o r which has been duly execuled
and registered uuder the provisions o r this Acl, shall be
assessed seperalely;
(v) cvcry h u in ~ n brrslec shall be assessed separately.
(3) Notwilhs~andingthc assessments made before the commencement
of his Acl, the Comrnissioncr on his own motion may arnulgsmale or
separate or c o n h u e 10 assess as such. ~LF [he case may be, lands or
buildings or portions thereof so as to ensure coniormity wilh ihc provisions
of this seclion.
(4) If.the ownership or any land or building or a portion thereof is
sub-divided into separate shares or iT morc than one land or building or
portions thereof by amulgamnlion cvmc under one ownership, the
Commissioner may on an applicalion from thc owners or co-owners,
separatc or amulgamak-as [he case may be, such lands or buildings or
porlions lhereof so as to ensure corliormily with the provisions o f this
(5) A newly consmrc~cdbuilding shall become assessable from h c
date of its occupation.
(6) The Commissioner shall, upon ;In application made in [his behalf
by an owner, lessee or sub-lessee or occupier of any land or buiIding
and upon payment of such fees as tnay be dclermined by lhc Corporation
by regulalions, furnish information Lo such person regarding the

'See fool-no~c1 on pagc 446. orrrc-

~ ~ 1980.
The Hu\vmlr hff~tricipnlC u r p o r ~ u t i nAct,

[West Ben. A d I

apportionment of he ?[property Inxl of such la~ldor building among the

several occupiers within such land or building for the current period or
the period immediately preceding:
Provided lhal nothing in this sub-scc~ionshall prcvenl h e Corporarion
horn recovering the dues from any such person.

Periodical 91. (I) Thc annuill vnluc or any land or building situa~edill any
ward of lhe Corporittion which has been derermined before and in force
on the date o f commcnccmenl o r this Acl shnlI remain in force a ~ t dshall
be deemed 10 bc thc annual value for [he purpose of =sesslnenl o f
?[propcr~y13x1 on s u c l ~land or buildil~gunder rhis Acl. unlil a frcsh
annual valuarion is enforced under this Acl,
(2) The annual value and nssessmcnt under this Chapier.-
(a) shall be made by the Commissioner or, if lhe Slale
Govcrnn~cntso Jirccls, by the Cenrral Valuadon Board
eslnblished utlder the West Rengal Cenlral Valua~ionBoard Wcsl Urn.
Aci LV11 01
Acl, 1978, 1478.
(b) shall have effect from t h e beginning o f [he quartcr of a year
ending on rhe thirtieth June or lhir~icthSeprcmber or thirty-
Erst Dcccmbcr or thirly-firs1 March, as h e case may be,
rollowing [hat in which an assessment is made,
(c) shall, subjecr to the orher provisions of this Chapter, remain
in force in respect o r each ward of the Corporalion Tor a
period or six ycars and may be rcviscd on the expimion of
cach such period.

Municipal 92. ( I) The annual value of lands and buildings as determined under
lhis Acl sllall be etuered in the Municipal Assessmenr Book.
(2) The Municipal Assessmen1 Book shall be mainmined in such
form and in such rnatlner as may be prescribed.
(3) The Municipal Assessmenl Book duly aulhenticated in the manner
prescribed shall be kepl in lhe office of the Corporalion and shall be open
for inspection free of charge ahd extracts rherefrom shall be made
available on paymen[ or such Tec as m;ly bc prescribed.
(4) The Municipal assess men^ Book may be printcd and published
for every ward of thc Corporalion and mudc ;~vijilnbIefor sale lo rhe
public jn such rorm and in such manner as may be prescribed.

'Scr fool-nolc 1 on pagc 436, nrlrr.

'Sce hnnor-nnlc 3 on pagc 395. mrtc.
!93. (1) Any person who is dissatisfied with Ihe assessment as *PPlim"nn
lor revicw.
appearing in [he assessment Iist referred LO in section 92 may prefer an
application for rcview before the Corporation within a period of one
month horn [he dale of publica~ionof such assessmenr l i s ~or service
of writlcn notice, as [he case may be.
(2) No such applicalion Tor revicw shall bc entcnaincd unlcss the
amounl of properly tax on the previous valuations of any land or building
has been paid or deposiled in thc orficc or lhc Corporadon bcfore such
applicarion is filed and cvcry such application shall srand rejec~edunless
such amount of lax is continl~edto bc paid or dcposi~edin the officc
of the Corporation till such application is finally disposed of.
(3) Every applicatian undcr sub-section (1) shall be heard and
derermined by a Review Cornmiltee as may be conslilured by the
Corporal ion:
Provided rhat no Councillor of the ward from which the applicalion
Tor review is made shall be a member or thc Review Commiltcc:
Providcd fnnher Ihat na decision of the Revicw Commiltce shalt
invalid or called in quesrion merely by reason of any vacancy in the
composirion or the Commit tcc or abscncc of any rncrnber, orher than [he
presiding officer, From a meeting thereof.
'Provided also that where h e Review Committee rcduces thc valuation
or any land or building, such rcduc~ionshall nor be mare than [wenty-
five per cenlrrlli of the annual valualion or such land or building, except
i n the case of gross atihmcticirl or technical mistake and the Review
Committee shall, in every such case, record in wriling lhe reasons Tor
such reduction.
(4) The Review Committee shall give notice to [he applicanl of the
time and place at which his applicalion will be heard and rhc C o m m i ~ ~ c c
shall dispose of the applicadon in such manner u may be prescribed:
Provided that in rhc case of equality of voles, the person presiding
shall have a second or cnsring votc:
Provided furthcr that when the Corporalion is dissolved, the Slate
Government shall, by notification, appoinr the Review Commirlce
consisling of such number of member or mcmbcrs including ib President,
i f any, as may be specified in the nolification Tor the purpose of hearing
applicalion for review under sub-section (1):
Provided also rhat the member or members. including (he President.
if any. u aforesaid shall be appoinled by h e Srale Government from
ammg Lhc persons residing in the wards olher b a n the w x d s lo which
, the matter relales. and the Review Commiltcc shall PXSLFS such orders in
each case as i k lhinks fit.

'See fool-notc I on pagc 446, urlfe.

'Seclion 93 was subslilulcd lor rhc original by s. 2(18) of thc Wcsl Bcngal Municipal
Corpontiun L w s (Amcndmcn~)Acr. 1YY5 (Wcst Bcn. Acl XVIl of 1995).
Tmviso added by s. 13 olrhc Houmh hiunicipal Corporalion (Arncndrntnl) Acl, 2001
(Wcsl Bcn. ACI V1 of 2001).
{West Ben. Act

(5) Thc dccision or [hc Review Cornmitree shall be final and no suit
or proceedings shall lie in any civil court i n respect of any mattcr wltich
has been, or may be. rzrerred 10 rhc Review Cornmiltee or has been
decided by the Rcview Cominillee.

Rcvlritbn or 94. Nolwithstanding nnyrtiing conlained in this Cliaprer, thc Mayor-

in-Council tnay cause revalualion of lnnils and buildings or valualion of
ncw buildings in any ward of the Corporation during he period [he
annual \aalualion rcmains in Ibrce in such ward.

Dis~ricl :93A. On a written requcsl by the Commissioner, Ihe Regisrrilr of

ii~rnish the dislric~of Howrah. appointrd as such by the Stale Governmenr undcr
paniculsm sec~ion6 of thc Regiskition A d , 1908, sliall rumis11 such parliculars 160f 1408.
- or
rcgarding transfer of immovable prnperlies i n Hoivrah as the
imovnblc Commissioner may, from lime 10 rime. rcquire.

*mcndincnl :94B. Notwithsranding any thing contained in [his Ch~pter.the Mnyor-

of hlunicipxl
n55cssmcnr in-Council may, at any lime, amend the Municipal Asscssrnent Book in
Rookby the rollowing manner:-
Council. (a) by inserli~lgthcrein the name of any person whose name
ou[gh[ to be jnscrlcd; or
(6) by dctrting h e name of thc pcrson whosc name has been
inscrrcd erroneously or oihcnvise; or
(c) by inserting [herein [he particulars of any land or building
previously omitted together wilh the delails of valualion and
assessrneut thercol; or
(d) by striking out [he name of any pcnon nol liable Tor the
payrnenl 01'[properly Lax]; or
by aItering the valua~ionand asscssrnenl of any land or
building which has been crraneousIy valued, as may be
palpably apparent, or assessed through fraud, mislokc or
~nisrcpreseniaiion,and such nllcntio~lshall lake effect horn
the dalc of coming into force o r such erroneous assessmen[
or valunlion.

'Scc loo{-noic 1 on pagc 446.t r r ~ r ~ . .

'Sccrinns 74A nnd 94B were inscncd by s. 7 of Ihc Howmh Municipal Corponticln
(Sccund Arncndmcni) Act, I990 (\Ycsl Ben. Acl YXIX or 19W).
'See for-notc 3 on p3gc 395, arlir.
Tlrc Ho~vmhMlitliciprrl Corl~or-rrrior~
ACI, 1980.

LVIII of 1980.1
(Port IV.-'JTa.i.crriotl arrrl upplico linlz lee for-er11ist11ror1.l- CI~nprerVI1I.-
L I I I C ~ ~ C I I ~CILI I' Ipay)rrenl
I of 2{prupn.fyrnrl nn lnndx
urrrl Irvi1dir1g.s.-Secrivrrs 95, 96.)

95. (1) The ![properly tax] on lands and buildings shall bc primarily lncidcncc or
leviable,- raxl on lands
(a) il the land or building is let. upon the lessor; and
(h) iT the land or building is sublet, upon thc superior lessor;
(c) if the land or buildilig is unlcr, upon the person in whom
the right lo l e ~ such Iartd or building vests;
"d) if thc h o l d i u ~coines within lhe purview of h c '[Kolkata]
Tfiikl~Tenancy (Acquisilion and Regulation) Acl, 1981.
upon thc rllikl~tenant or the tennnl. as the case may bc.
(2) The '[proper~ylax] on any land or building. rvhic11 is [he propcrty
or [he Corpontion and the possession of which has been delivcrcd under
any agreement or licensing arrangement, shall be levioblc upon h e
~ansfereeor thc licensee, as the c x e may be.
(3) The Iiabilily of the several owncrs of any-building cansli~uting
il si~igleunit or assessment, which is or purpons to be scvcr:llly owued
i l l park or flats or rooms, for payrncnl o12[property lax] or any ius1aIment
thercor payable during ~ h periodc of such ownership shall be join1 and
Provided that thc Commissioner may apportion lhe nnlount of
'[properry rax] on such buildi tlg anlong ~ h co-owners.

96. (1) IT [he annual valuc or any land or building exceeds the Appunion-
ilmounl olrent of such land ar building payable lo the pcrson upon whom mtnl of
the ?[properly tax] on such land or building is leviablc under seclion 95, IP'~P~''Y
such person shall bc eniilled to receive Irom his tenant the difference I ~ t l .
between thc amount of the ?[property tax] on sucl~land or building and
the amounL which would be leviablc if ihe ?[properly tax] on such land
or building were calcula!cd on the basis of the renr payable to him.
(2: I F the annual value of any land or building which is sublel
exceeds the amount of renl o r such land or building payablc to the renant
by his sub-[enant or to thc sub-[enan[ by the person holding under him,
rhe tenant or [he sub-tcnunt sha1I be entilled to rcccive [ram his sub-
[enant or thc pcrson holding under him, as thc casc may &. the diffcrcncc

'See rook-nolc I o n pagc 446, nrlre.

Xcc foal-no~c3 on pagc 395. UIIIC.
'Clilux Id) wu illscflcd by s. 8 of thc liowrlh Municipll Corporation (Second
Arncndn~cn~) Acr, I990 (iVcst Azn. Act X X l X or 19W).
'Sce loo!-notc ? on p;lpc 317. ur~rc.
[Wcsl Ben. Act ,

(Part IV.-'ITaxotion and applicutio~~ fcc lor enlisrttrrtzr.]-CI~upfer V1Il.-

E. Incidetrce and payr~~etrr of '[properg rar) on lar~ds
and b w i l d i n g s S e c ~ i n r ~97-99.)
s ,. .,.
, .

between any sum recovered under this Acl from such lcnnnt or sub-
tenanl and the amounl of2(property lax] on such land or building which
would be leviable i f rhe annual valuation of such land or building werc
equal to rhe difference klween the amount of rent which such lenanr
or sub-ten an^ receives and Ihe amounL OF renr he pays.

'IPropcny 97. (1) On Lhe failure 10recover any sum due on accoun~of '[property
~cix]on lands tax] on any land or building from the person primarily liable thereror
buildings mdcr section 95, the Commissioner shall recover from the occupier OF
Ira m
mcupicrs, such land or building. by almchmenl of thc rent payable by such occupier,
a ponion of the 10131 sum due which k w s , as nearly as may. be the same
propodion lo that sum as \he rent annually payable by such occupier
bears to the 101al amount of rent annually payable in respect of the whole
or such land or building.
(2) An occupier, from whom any sum is recovered under sub-
section [I), shall be entitled to bc reimbursed by [he pcrson primarily
liable for thc paymenl of such sum,and may, in addition lo having
recourse Lo o h e r remedies that may be open lo him, deduct the amounl
so recovered irom the amount of any rcnl becoming due from time to
lime horn him to such person.

98. Save as otherwise provided in this Acl, lhe ?[property tax] on

any land or building under this Chapler shall be paid by the person liable
for the paymenl [hereof in quarterly jns~alrnenls.

99. ( 1 ) Notwithslanding anyrhing contained clsewhere in this Act,

the ltproperry [ax)on lands and buildings in a b~rsreeshall, after deducting
herefrom a sum equal to one-eighth o l such rare. be paid by the owner
of the land in the buszee.
(2) Whencver a 2[propercy ~ mon ] land and building in n busree is
leviable, [he owner of Lhc land in such brrsrec may recover from the
owner of each hut standing thereon-
(i) half o i the '[property tax] on the land on which the hut
stands; and
(ii) the 2[properly lax] on the h u ~standing on the land.
(3) The sum deducted under sub-secdon ( 1 ) shall be retained by the
owner of the land in the blisree-
(a) as n set-off against thc expenses which may be incurred in
colIecling he porlion of the :[properly lax] on lands and
buildings recovcmble under sub-section (2),and

'SEECool-note 1 on pagc 446, d~rie,

'Src fool-nolc 3 on pagc 395. arlre.
The Ho~vraflMlrnir-ipol Corpora 1io11Act. 1980.
LVIII of 1980.1
(Part ~ V . - ' / T ~ r a l i o ~and
i applicarion fee for eritistr11~111.]-Cf1a~~rer
E. blcidcncc artd pnlrtlet~fof '[properry ~ar] on lands atrd bsi1dings.-
Secriotrs 100, fO1.-F. Applicariotr fee for etllistnlenr of professions,
~rntfcsatrrl ua1litl~r.-Sccriotr 102.)

(b) as a commutation of all refunds in respec1of Ihe huts which

are vacant or which may be rrmoved or destroyed during
the period the ?[property lax] on lands and buildings remains
in force.

0 If any surcharge is levicd on the '[property lax] on any land or Peson liablc
building under su b-scclion (2) of section 88. the person liable lo pay such
surcharge, may recover [he same from [he accupier of such land or
rccovcr it
building who uses i t for non-rcsiden~ialpurpose: Imm the
Provided lhal ifthere is more rhan one such occupier, t'he amount
of surcharge may be rateably apporlioned among h e m by such person
Tor [he purpose of recovery under this seclion.

101. When a person liable for he payment of h e '[properly lax] on Pcnalry in

lands and buildings or surcharge on thc %ropefly lax] delaults to pay
[he sum due within [he prescribed period. a sum no1 exceeding Iwenry- paymcnr ar
live per cent. o f lhe amount of lhe '[property lax] or L e surcharge, as
may be determined by the Corporation by reguIa~ions,may be recovered
S I J X ~ ~ ~ C .

rronl him by way of penally, in addition to the amounl or !hc :[properry

lw] or Ihe surcharge payable by him.
(2) The amount due as penaliy under sub-seclion ( 1 ) shall be
recoverable as an amear of tax undcr his Act.
?IF.Application fee for eniktmenf of profess ions,
trades and callings.]

4102. (1) Every person engaged or intending to be engaged in Ccnihcmc

any class of profession. wade or calling in Howrah, as specified in ~~~n'islmcnl

Schedule In, either by himsell or by an agenL or representalive. shall prorcssion,

oblsin a cenificate of enlir~menlfrom, or, as [he case may bc, get Ihe :yfzind
same rcnewed annually . by,. the Commissioner upon- prescnrillion
- of an
application togerher with such application fee, no1exceeding rupees five
hundred, as may be delemined by the Corpontion ?by regulation]:

'Scc loot-nutc L on pagc 446. rrrrrr.

'See hot-nolc 3 on pagc 395, arrrr.
'Sub-hcading F. was suhstirured lor the sub,hmding "F. Tar 011 prufes~io~~s. rradcs
and cullitrg~"by s. 3(c) OF thc Hownh Municipal Corpanrian (Arncndmenl) ACI. 1992
(WCSI Bcn. ACI X 01 1992).
'Setion t 02 wassubstiru~cd by s. 2 o f thc I l o w n h Municipal Coqmnlion (A~ncndmcnt)
ACI, 2MM ( W a r Bcn. ACI V o f 2000). Prior lo [his svbsri~ulioofislly, Ihc same action
w u subsli~ulcdby s. 3(c) or lhc H o w d Municipal Corponlion (Amcndmen~)Act, 1992
(\Vest Ucn. Act X o i 1992). Sccondly. scclions 10.2, 102A and 1028 were substirutcd by
a. 12 or lhc Hoivmh Municipal Curpornlion (Alncndmcnl) Acl, 1999 (Wrst Ben. Acl X1
of 1499).
'Thc words within the square bnckcrswcrr in.icflcd by 5. I4 ofrhc Hobvrah Municipal
r ~ - . - , ;IA~ ~I ~ hrr ~
W W I I t~ ~ . o.
~ .... \
4 -- 7 V, -r
The Holvrcrh Mrr~licil~nl
Cnrporariotr Act, 1980.
[Wcsi Bcn. Act
(Part IV.-'[Tmrivn urirl r~pplicrrrio~l Ice for orli~.rnrart.]-Cfrap~rViI1.-
?IF, Ai~plicntiat~ of pru/L.ssiorrs. fwrlcs atzd collitlgs. I-
fciJur errlisrrrrcr~f
S~criorrs102A, IU2B.-G. T0.v or1 od~urtisnne)~rs.-Scc~io~~.s 103, I0Q.I

Provided lhnl sticb enlisrmenr or renewal thereof shall not absolve

such person rrom any 1i:tbility ro ~ n k coul any liccncc under this Acl or
any other law for thc rime being in rorce.
(2) The Co~nmissionershall, al'ler niaki~lgsuch enquiry :is ]nay be
nccessnry and wiibin thir~ydays o r 111ereceip~of [he applicalion, g n n l
him such cerrificale il Ihe nppljcarioti is in order, or shall reject the
application if il is not in ordclm.

102A. (Et~lisrtnsn I for I I ~ ~ I I I L ' I o

I f~ 1n.r 011 prnfe.~.~ion.~ r a d eatld
cnl1itrg.-Osiitrerl by s. 3 oJ tire fiu\vrall Mrrrricipcrl Corporation
n ~ ) 2000 (We.71 B P ~Acr
{ A m e n d ~ ~ l eAcr, . V of 2000).]

102B. [Fitlc for rlor payit~star ~rrlri~r

.FL'CI~OII102.-011~itredby s. 4
01fire Holvrnh M~rt~icil~nl
Corpni-urio;~(At~lwdtnetzt)Act, 2000 (Wesf
Bell. Acr V of 2000).]

Tax on, and 103. (1) Evcry pcson, who crccts, cxhibi~x,fixcs or rctilins upon or
liccnsc for,
advcnisc- over any land, building, wall. hoarding, Crame, post, kiosk or strucrure
mcnK, on, upon, or in any vchicle any advcnisenient, or who displays any
advertisement LO public view in any tnanner whauoever visible from a
public srreel c r olber public place. shall pay for cvery advertiscmcnl
which is so erecred, exhibi~ed.fixed, retained or displayed to public
vicw, a lax at such ralc no1 cxcccding rhc rntc mcn~ioncdin Schcdutc
lV, 'as may be derermincd by the Corpora~ion.
(2) Whcn any pcrson pays any tax Ibr any advertisenienl under sub-
sec~ion(1). r11e Commissioner shall grim1him n liccnac in respect nf such
adverlisemcnt specifying the period-Tor which i t is valid.
(3) Thc Corporalion may by regulatioi~determine [he condi~ionsfor
[he g n n t of licence under [his section and the timc for, and rhc manner
of, payment of [lie lax under 111issecrjotl.

Proliibition 104. No adverlisement lor which rilx is payable under scction 103
advcnisc- shall be erected, exhibired, fixed or relained upon or over any land,
nicn& building, wall, hoarding or slruclurc or shall be displayed to public view
payrncn! or in any manner whatsoever in any place unless the lax is paid.
'Scc fool-note I on pnEc 446, nrtfc.
:T,-,. Cnnr-nnrr 7 nn n l n r r1<7 n r r v . -
Tlic Ho\vrall Mlrrr icipol Corporntiun Act. 1980.

(Par1 I l! --'/Tmario~zand ol~l~licrrfio~r

jice for e~i[isrrrrt.rr~.~-Cf~ol~rer
G. Tar otr rrdv~~-~iscrrrer~~s.-Sectiu~~s

. 105. Wllerc any advertiscrncn~has been erected, cxhibired, fixed or

rztaincd upon or over any 1:ind. building, wall, hoarding or struclurc or
within a public slrcct or n public place in coatravention or thc provisions
of [his Acl or ;my rules or reguli~lionsmade [hereunder, ir shall be
prcsumed rhnl Lhe contraveiilio~~ has beer) co~n~nirted by the person or
pcrsons or their agenls on rvhosc behalf rile ;~dver~isemeur purporls to
be so crccted, exhibited. fined or relniiicd.

106. If any advertiscmcn~is crcc~rd,exhihilcd, fixed or retaincd in or

con~ravcnlionof rhc provisjot~sof i l ~ i r ;Act or any rules or rcgulnrions Conimis-
sioncr in
madc thereunder, thc Con~rtlissiorlcrmay rciluirc [lieowner or lhc occupier C i L ~ Cor

or [he Iand, building. wall, honrding or slruciurz upon or over which the cpnrnvcn-
same is crccied. exhihircd, fixed o r relained, to take down o r removc
such itdver~isemcntor may enler any building, land or propcny and have
thc ndvefliscrncnr d i s m a ~ ~ l e~da, k c ndown or removed or spoiled. effaced
or screcncd.

107. The provisions of sections 103 lo 106 shall no1 apply to any
advertisemen[ which-
(a) rclales Lo a public ~ncctingor an e l e c ~ i o ilo the Parliamelit
or the Stale LcgisluLure or the Corpora~ionor any candidature
in respccr or such elecrion; or
(b) is exhibited wirhin ~ h cwindorv of any building if [he
ndverrisement rclalcs lo ally rrade, prorcssion or business
carried on in such buitdilrg; or
(c) relates lo any lnde, profession or business cxried on within
the land or building upon or over which such adverliscmenl
is exhibilcd or lo ally salc or lctling of such Iand or building
or nny eFtects illerein or to ilny sale enleriainmcnr or meeling
to be hcld on or upan or i n such land or building; or
(d) relales to the same of any land or building upon or over
\vliich rhc udvenisement is exhibiled or to [he name of the
owncr or the occupier of such Iand or building; or
(c) rclales to any r ~ i l w a yndminislnlion and is cxhibired within
any railway station or upon any wall or olher p r o p l y or
a railway ildrninislralion; or
(f) rclalcs 10 any activity o f rhe Government or the Corporation:
(g) is no1 exhibired for ~ h purpose
c of any rradc and retales to
(i) public chilritable inslilution, or
(ii) public cducalio~~al insri~ulion,or
A cr, 1980.
lWcst Ben. Act
(Par-rIV.-'[Tarufiur; n ~ ; d a p ~ ~ l i c n r i o rfur
~ Jetllis~nre~~r.
c~c I-Cl~nprer ViII.-
H . 7hv 01;c.urr;nges and nr;it~~als.-SectionsIOS- I I I . )

(iii) public hospiial, or

(iv) free dispensary, o r
(v) place or worship, or
(vi) in Fonnalion or dirccrian given 10 the public for their
convenience or guidance.
ti. T m on crrrriuges ar~dat~irrrals
Tax on 108. A [ax shall be imposed by the Corporalion on all carriages and
and animals. animals kepl in Howrah, excepl-
(a) carriage kept for sale by borrnfirIe dealers in such camages
and nor used for any other purposc:
(b) carriages and animals mainrained by any authority Tor the
purposc of a fire brigadc;
(c) carrjagcs and animals belonging lo Government and
rnainraintd for police or milimy purposes; and
(d) such olher classes of carriages and animals u s may be
i5plu1rn1ianI.-Tlie expression. carriages includcs hackney-carriage.
rickshaw, cycle-rickshaw, four-wl~eclcd or two-whet led carriage, jin-
rickshaw. bicycle or tricycle. car drawn by animals. p~ishcarlor rhela
bul does dot include children's perambulalors or tricycles.
Erplar~ution11.-The expression "animals" includcs horse, donkey,
mule. pony, cow, buffalo, goat, pig, bhccp and dog.

109. The rate of tax on carriages and animals shall be such as may
be de~errnincd by regularions and different rates may be fixed for
di fferen~classes of carriages or animals:
Provided thar h c rile of such lax shall not exceed one hundred rupees
annuully in the case of n camage or an animal.

Tax on 110. The IU on,carriage and animals shall be leviable upon the
Icviahlc. owners or Ihe pcrsons having possession or control o f rhe caniages or
he animals:
Provided [hat in [he case of an animal generally uscd or employed
in drawing any carriitge, the tax in respccl of such animal shall be
leviablc upon the owner or the person having possession or conlrol of
such carriage, whether or not such animal is owned by such owner or
such person.
Liccncc. 111. (1) When thc owner or ~ l persoh-having
~ e possession or c o n m l
or any camage or animal pup to ihe Corporation [he lax payable by him
under (his Acl. the Commissioner shall €ran1 him it licence.
The Howral~M~rnicipalCorporarior~Act, 1980.
LVIII of 1480.1
(Parr 1V,-'[Tax-oliori and appiica~ionfec for r.nlisr~tretrr.]-Chup~rr Vll7.-
H. Tax otl curriagcs U I Ianirnuls.Sectioru
~ 112. 113.-1. Tolb-
Sectiorl 114.)

(2) Thc Commissioner may require [he owner or [he person having
possession o r conlrol of any carriage or animal or the occupier of
any land or building on or in which any animal is kcpt lo furnish
such sratemcnL in relalion lo such carriage o r animal as may be
(3) The Commissioner may, by a writlen nolicc, require any
person who cmics on tmdc or busincss of a livery stable-keepcr to
produce Ibr inspcclion all books and accounls relaring lo such lrade or .,

112. The Mayor-in-Council may compound, for any period not Powcr or
exceeding onc ycilr ar a Lime, with any livery srable-keeper or olher Council 10
person keeping vehicles for hire or anirnals for sale or hire, for a lump
sum lo be paid by such livery slable-keeper or other person in respecl
of h e vehicles or animals so kept in lieu of ihe (axes which such livery
stable-keeper or other person would orhcnvise bc liable to pay under [his
113. The Corporation may by regulations dc~erminc~ h cmanner of Powcr or
imposition. pilymenr. refund and remission of tax on 'amages and animals, lo rnakc
the rime for payment of such lax and the condilions under which a licence rcgulario~is
may be granted. for manner I
YAposition, i
ClC. or In.

-. .
114. The Corporation may, w i l h [he sanclion of [he Slale Tollon
Governmenl- mads.
. .
(i) establish n toll-bar on any public srrect (except a X-~rrcha
road), wherher situnled in o r wilhout Howrah, vested in thc . .

Corporadon and conslructed or reconsmcred by or on behall

of the Corporalion: and
(ji) levy lolls at such loll-bar on persons. vehicles and animals
passing over such street:
Provided thal no roll-bar shall be es~ablishedor rolls
levied otherwise lhnn for thc purpose o r recovering-
(a) the expenses incurred by Ihe Corporalion in consrrucring
or reconstruclit~gsuch sweel,
@) inleresl on such expenses,
(i) a1 the rare o r four per cetlf. per annlurl; or
(Wfit Ben. Act
(Pnrr I V.-'[Tarat iotr rtrrrl applicnlisln fie for c t ~ l i s o ~ ~ e-Cl~upfer
~lr]. VIII.-
J. Special Cotl.scn.rr~tcyC11crrge.-Sectiu/i ~ I ~ A . - C / I U I J IX.-IL*~
A. Pujasenr a11d recowl? uf rrrres.-Sectio~rs 115. 116.)

( i i ) when such expenses are delraycd wholly or in

part I'rom n loan, one and a hair per cerrl, pcr
rrnrrran above the rate of interest chargeable on
such loan: :md

( c ) thc capi~alised vnlue of the estimarcd cosi or thc

Corporiltion Tor main~ainingsuch strcc~.

L C V nr
~ '114A. ( 1 ) The Corporalion !nay Icvy a special cor~servancych;lrge
crlnrcPancy on thc commercial and industrial establishments for providing municipal
chngc. serviccs in conneclion wilh rcmoval of solid wnslcs.
(2) Thc c h n r p for the purposc of sub-section ( 1 ) shall' be such as
may be delermincd by the Corporalion Iron1 lime lo iimc.
(3) The Corporation oiuy make regu1:uions specifying the occasions
on which such charge may bc imposed as weIl as the rate of chargc. the
mode of collection and olher m-ittcrs incidental ~hcrclo.

A. Pajttrent arrd recovety of taxes

Manncr o f 115. Save as orhenvise provided in [his Acr, any tax lcvicd under this
rccovcry of
taws under
Acl may bc recovered in accordance with the followi~~g procedure and
this Act. in such manncr as may be prcscribed-
(a) by prcsenling a bill, ur
(b) by serving a notice of demand, or
(c) by distraint and sale uT a defauI~er'smovable properry, or
(d) by the auachment and salc of a defaulrer's immovable
pmpefiy, or
(e) in the casc of J[properly tax] an lands and buildings, by Lhc
due in rcspcct of [he land or [he building,
arlachrnent o r r e n ~
(I) by a certificaie under the Bengal Public Demands Rccovery ncn.ACL 111
Act, 1913. or 19 15.

Tirnc 2nd 1 1 6 ( I ) Save as olhcrwise providcd in this Acl, any levied urtder .. .
lnanncr or
pnymcnt uT this Act shall be payable on such datcs. in such ~iilrnberor inslalmeots
I.WCS. and in such manner as*mhy be prescribed.

IScr rotj~-norc I on pagc 446. ar~rc.

'Heading nnd scclion I 14A wcre inscncd hy s , 13 d l h c Ho\vr.~l~
Mcnicipal Corporation
(Amcndrnrn!l Act. 1999 (\Vcsl Ren. Act X I 01 1993).
>Stc fool-now 1 (In p:lee 395,rrrrrr
(Part lV.-LITarution m ~ day~plic~~tio~r Jr.e/or e n l i s t t r r e n r l . - C I ~ ~ ~IX.-
A. Payrtrozt a ~ i dt.eco1)et.yof ! 117-119.)

(2) If any amounl duc is paid on or bcfore the dalc dclrrmined under
sub-section (1). a rebate of five per cetrf. of such amount shall bc

117. (1) Whcn any lax hns bccorne due, ~ h cCornmissioncr shall Prcscnu~~oa
cause to hc presen~ed10 thc pcrsori liable Tor lhe payojcnt lherzof a bill bill-
for lhc amount due:
Providcd thal no such bill shall be ncccssary in rhc cnsc 01-
f* * * *
- (b) e tax on advcrtiscmenls;
(c) n roll.
E.~~~lanu~io~r.--A bill shall he dccmcd lo be prcscnlcd under lhis
section if i t is sent by post under ccr~ificateof pos~ingto the person liablc
for paymen1 of rile alnount included i n the bill, and in such cast, the
dale bornc on such ccrtilicale of posting ahall be deelllerl 10 be thc dale
of prcsenration or the bill lo such person.
(2) Evcry such bill shall spccify h e particulars of [he lax and he
period for which chilrgc is made.

L18. (1) Suvc as olherwise provided in illis Acl, -if lhe amounr or thc Nolicc or
lax for which a hill has hccn prcsetlied undcr sccriorl 117, i s no1 paid ~ ~ ~
wi~liin~hirlydays from lhc prcsenlalion thereof or if the lax on professions,
lrarlcs and callings or ~ h ctax on advrr~iscmenlsis nor paid nrter il has
become duc, the Commissioner may cause to bc scrvrd upon,thc person
liable for lhe payment aT the same notice of demand in such lbnn as
mny be specified by lhe Cbrporalion by regulations.
(2) For evcry nolice of denland which the Commissioner causes to
be served on any person under this secljon, a fee of such amounl, no1
exceeding twenly-five rupccs. as [he Corporatiun may determine by
regular ions shall be payable by rhr: said person and shall be includcd in
[he cost 01 recovery.

113. (1) IF ~ h cpreson liable [or ihc payment o f ilny lax does nor, PtnaI~yin
within thiny days or lhe service of [he nolice of demand under section c=cOf
dcr;lillr or
!18. pny thc sum due and i f no appeal i s preferred ngitins~sucll lax, he Paynlcnl or
shall be dccmcd ro be in del;lul~. IIXC A

(2) When the person liable for the payment or any taw is deemcd
lo be in dehull undcr sub-seclion (I), such sum,not exceeding fil'teen
per L'UIII. of thc ilmounl of tax, as may bc delermined by ~ h Corporarion
by regulations, may bc recovered from him by way ofpenalry, in addilio~l
to the an~ounlof Ihe lax, [lie nolice rccc payable ur~dcrsub-secriou (2)
or sectior~118, and simple interest in i~ccurdancewilh sub-section (3).

IScc r o o l - ~ l o ~Lcon 4.16, r r r r r r .

'Clausc (3)w.73 omiltcd hy s. 5 01 111cHownll Mi~nicipalC o p n r i o n (Anicndrncnl)
Arr 1097 1Wo.rr Roe hrr Y n f ICII))I
The Ho wrah Municipal Corpnraiion Act, 1980.
[West Ben. Act
(Purr IV.-'/Tmrion ar~dapp/icalio~lfee for ctrlis~~aet~r].-CIiapter
A. Paywart rrrld rccuvrry ofrares.-Sectio~~s120, 121.)

(3) Simple inkrest a1 such rale as may be derermined by Ihe State

Governmenr from rime lo time shall be payable on any m o u n l or lax
remaining unpaid with eCfecr rram the date from which lhc person
rcfei-red to in su b-seciion (1) becomes ii dehuller undcr thal sub-section.
(4) The arnounL due as pcnalty or inlcrest under h i s seclion shall
be recoverable as an arrcar of lax under this Act.

Recovery or 120. (1) If any pcrsan liable Tor paymenl or tax does not, wilhin rllirly
days arter the expiry o r thiny days referred 10 in sub-section (1) of
section 119, pay rhe amount due. such sum togelher wilh all costs,
in~erestdue and pcnalty may be recovered under a warranr, issued in
such form as may be specified by the Corporation by regulations, by
distress and sale of the movable properly or (he atlachmcnl and sale of
the immovable properly of lhe defaulter:
Provided l h a ~the Commissionershall not recover any sum [he liabilily
of which has been remilled on appeal under the provisions of this Act.
(2) Every warrant issued under this seclion shall be signed by the
Commissioner or any olher officer authorised by him in lhis behalf.

Dis1m.s. 121. (1) Ti shall be Iawful For any officer or olher employee of ~ h c
Cotpora!ion lo whom a warrooL issued under [his Chapler is addressed
ID dislrain, rvherevcr i t may be found in any pIace in Howrah. any
~novablepropeny belonging to h e person therein named as deraulter,
subjecr 10the followjng conditions. txcepuons and exempiions. namely:-
(a) [he rollowing property shall not bc disrrained:-
(i) thc necessary wearing apparel and bedding of rhe
defaulter, his wife and children and lhcir cooking and
eating utensils;
(ii) tools o f arlisans;
(iii) books o f accounts;
(b) [he distress shall no1 be excessive, ihat is l o say. the properly
dislriined shall be as nearly as possible equal i n value lo
the mount recoverable undcr warrant, and if any property
has been distraincd w h i c h , i n Lhe opinion o f the
Commissioncr, should no1 have been disirained, il shall
Ibnhwith be released.
(2) The person charged with Ihe execution of a warrant shall in the
presence of two wilnesses forthwi~hmakc an invenlory of h e properly
which he seizes undcr such wamnl, and shall, a[ the same dmc, give
a written notice in such form as may be specified by the Corporation
by regulations to the person in posscssion [hereof at the Lime of seizure
that 111e said properly will bc sold as lherein mcn~ioned.
The Hmvrafl M~micipnlCorpornrior~Act, 1980.
LVIII of 1980.1
(Purl IV.-'[Tarariotl and upplica~iolifee for enli.~tttfet!t].--Chaprer 1X.-
A. Puynrent atid recovery of ~res.-Section 122.)

(3) If [here is reason to believe thal any propeny seized under a

warrant of distress issucd under section 118, i F left in the place where
i t is found is likely lo be removcd by iorcc, thc officer cxecuting the
warriint may take it lo the office of the Corporation or to any place
appojnled by the Commissioner.

122. (1) When thc property seized is subject 10 speedy and natural D i s ~ ~ of
decay or when the cxpcnse or keeping it in custody is, when added to prDpcny
the nmounl lo be recovered, likely to cxcccd i[s value, the Commissioner altachmcnt
shall give notice lo the person in whose p ~ s s c s s i o nh c properly was at
h e lime of seizure that it will be sold ar once. and he shall sclI it
accordingly by public auction unless he amount menlioned i n [he warram
is forthwith paid.
(2) If the warrant is no[ in the meantime suspended by the
Commissioner or discharged, the prapcny scizcd shall, after [hc expiry
of [he period mentioned in the nolice served under sub-sec~ion(2) of
section 121, bc sold by public auclion by order of the Commissioner.
(3) When a wamnt is issued Tor thc attachment and saleof immovable
property. the at~achmentshalI be made by an order prohibiting the
defaulter from transferring or charging the property in any way and all
persons from laking any k n e f i ~irom such lransrer o r c h a r g md dccIaring
thar such properly will be sold unless the amounL of lax due with all costs
of recovery is paid into the Corporation office within Fifteen days from
the dale of attachmen~.
(4) A copy of h e order under sub-secdon (3) shall be arlixed on a
conspicuous par1 of the property and upon a conspicuous part of rhe
Corporation office.
(5) Any tnnsfer of or charge on the properly attached or any interest
herein made without written permission or [he Commissioner shall be
void as against all claims of the Corporalion enforceable under the
(6) The surplus of [he sale procccds, if any, shall, imrnedia~elyafler
the sale of Lhe properly, be crediicd LO the General Account of the
Municipal Fund, and nolice of such c r e d i ~shall be givcn at the same
lime to he person whose propeny has been sold or his legal rcprescnmdve,
and if h e same is claimed by wri11en application to [he Commissioner
within one year from thc dale o f rhe norice. a refund thereof shall be
made to such person or rcprcsentn!ive.
(7) All sales of propeny under (his section shall, so far ~LS may be
praclicable, be regulated by the procedure in force for the time being
in [he Courl OF the District Judge, Howrah with rcspect to a sale afier

'See roo[-nore I on nmc 446, rrrrrr.

iI u ~ ~ Jee for c ~ i l i s i r t r e t i t ~ . - c ~ ~1X.-
(Par/ ~ ~ ~ , - l / T u ~( uI f~ npl~/icirfint~ ~]~~er
A. Pny111etlrrrtrd rccutucnof raves.-Scctions I 2 3 - 125.)

(8) No orficer or ernployec of he Corporalion shall dircclly or

indirectly purchusc any properly at i\ny such sale,
(5))Any surplus rial claimed within Due year as aroresnid shall be
the property or ~ h cCorpontio~l.
(10) For cvery distrain1 and a l ~ a c h n ~ e nmade
l in accordance ~ v i l l l
the rotegoing provisions, a fee or such amounl not exceeding l w o and
a hall per ceut. of !he amount of the [ax due as shall in cuch case be
fixed by [be Commissioner stinll be chargcd and i~icludedin the costs
of recovery.

Itccovcly 123. (1) lr the Cor~imissiorier has reason lo believe rhal a n y

Iron1 a
pcrson nboui pcrsoi~from wl~omany sum i s due or is aboul to bccome due on nccounl
Hou ~ l h .
of any tax is about lo move from Howrah, hc may direct the immcdiare
payment by such pcrsan a i (he sum so due or about lo becon~edue and
10 causc a nolice of demand for die same lo bc scrved on such
(2) 11. on the service of such notice, such person dues no1 forlliwitt~
pay [he sum so duc or about to becomc due, 111ealuourli sllall bc Icvinble
by distress or atlachrncnt and sale in Ihe rnnnncr hercinbefore provided,
and the warranl or d i s ~ c sor~ al~acl~menlrind salt may be issued and
execuled tvithoul any delay.

R C C ~ J ~ T T ~ 124. Aflcr zl defauller has been proceeded ngainsl unsuccessfully

undcr Dcn.
Acr If1 of under [he rorcgaing provisions of lhis Chaplet or with parliat succe-ss,
1913. any sum due or tllc balance of any sum due may be recovcrcd by ilie . .-
. . .
Commissioner by certificate under the Bengill Public Demands Recovcry B ~ ~ 111. - - .'

Act, 1913, together wilh interest and cosl of recovery. of 1Y13.

U i s ~ n i nno!
~ 175. No dislress under this ACIshall he deemed lo be unlawrul nor
unlnwful for
want o r shall any person making he same be dccmed to be a lrespasscr on
ram. accounl of-
(a) ally defecl or wanl of forrn in Lhc notice, summons,notice
of demand. w a r i n t of dislress, inventory or other proceeding
rclnling lt~erelo,or
(b) any irregularity cornmitied by such person:
Providcd lhal ally' person aggrieved by such dcfcct or irregulnrily
may. by order of a courl or compcrenl jurisdiclion, rccover the Ti111
satisl3c1ion of any special damage sustaiaed by him.
(Part I V.-'[T~~rurior~ a ~ i ruppl
l icarintl fee for crllis/tnc~~f].-CI~n~~ier
A. Paytrrcrrr nr~drccuvely of ~ ~ T C S . - ~ L ' C I ~ O126,
H S 127.)

126. (1) For thc purposes of recuvcry or any [properly lax] from any
occupicr under scction 97, he Cornmissiol~ershnll causc lo be served rcquircd 10

on such occupicr it norice requiri~ighim to pay to [he Corporation any

rent due or falling due from 1li11-1in respcct of the land or builditig to
~~~' ~~
the errenr necessary to sarisly ihc ponion of the sum due for which he ~ ~ x ~ ~ ~ "
i s liable under [he said ~ection.
(2) Such notice shall operare as an ettachmeni o f sucl~rulr unless
the ponion of the sum due shall have been paid attd scldsficd. imd the
oucupicr shall be cniitlcd to credil it1 account w i ~ h[he person LO whom
such rent is duc for any sum paid by him lo the Corporation in pursuance
af such noticc:
Provided Ihal iT lhc pcrson to wtiom such reaL is duc is no1 [lie person
primarily Iiable ror payrnenl or [lie '[properly tax], lie shall be entillcd
ro rccovcr lrom [he person primarily linble For lbl: paymenl o r such tax
any amounl Ior which crcdir is claimed 3s aroresnid.
(3) I f any occupier rails pay ro rlle Corporation any rcni due or
fa1ling due which he has been required to pay in pursuance o f a notice
served upon him as aforesaid. (he atnounl of such renr may be recovered
Irom him by thc Corporation as an amear of tax under rhis Act.

127. (I) If any money i s due under this Act rrom the owner of any Rccnbtry o f
[and or premises on account or '[propcny [ax] oa lands and buiIdings 12x1 'IP'OF~Y
on lands
or a n y other tax, cxpenses on charges recoverable under rhis Act and and
buildings or
if the owncr OF such land or premises i s unknown or the ownership any nrhcr [ax
lhcreof is dispu~ed.the Commissioner may publish Lwicc, a[ an in~erval or char~cs
whcn owncr
of not less than two months, a norification of such dues and of sale of allnnd or , . . ..
such land or premises for realisxian thcreof and afler lhe expiry or no1 prcmiscs i s
unlmwn or
less than one month from the dn~co F l a s ~publication of such noriftcation. ownership is
unless thc amount recovenblc is paid, may sell such land or premises dispu~cd. . .

by public auction to rhc highest bidder, who shnll deposit, r r ~the rime
of sale, iwenry-fivc per cent, of rl~epurchase money, and ~hl:balance
thereor within thiny days o r ~ h dale
c of sale. Such no~ilicalionshall be
published in [he Oflcinl Gazetrc and in local newspapers and by displaying
on the land or the premises concrmed.
(2) Artcr deducting the amount due to [he Corporarion as aforesaid,
he surplus sale proceeds, if any, shall be credited to thc General Accounr
or he Municipal Fund and may be paid, on dcrnand, to any person who
csrablishes his righl [hereto to the sa~isfactionof !be Commissioner or
a coun of competent jurisdiction.
r ~ 1980.
The Flowral~Mlr rlic-;pal C o r p o r ~ t i o Acr,
[West Ben. Act i
(Purr IV.-'/Tru.a/iut~ atrd applicario~rJet for o i l i s ~ t ~ ~ o r r ] . - C I1X.-
A. Puytrrenr and rccuuery oJrrcre.s.-Secriotis 128, IZ9.--
3. Recovery oJ2/propc.rryrrrr] by persoti prim or fly liab1c ru II, ." . . ..
pay ro the Corpora~ion.Secrion130.) L..
,. -.

( 3 ) Any person may pay the amount due a[ any timc bcfore the
completion of the sale, whereupon the sale shall be abatldoned. Such
person may rccover such amounr by a suil in a courl of compelenl
jurisdiclion from any person beneficially inrerested in such land or

Tmcs nor 128. (1) No assessment and no charge or demand of the ?[propeny
invdid lor
dtfcc~o r tax] on lands and buildings or of any orher [ax made uttder this ACLshall
form. bc called in question or shall in any way be affected by reason or-
(a) any clerical o r arilhme~icol mistake arising from any
accidenlal slip or omission-
(i) i n thc name, residence, place or business or occupation
of any person liable to pay such lax, or
(ii) in \he description of any propeny or thing liabtc to
such tax, or
(iii) in ~ h camount of assessment or such tax, or
(b) (i) any clerical error, or
(ii) any derect of form. no! bcing o f n suhslan~ialnalure:
Providcd that the Commissioner may. cither of his
own molion or on the application of any aggrieved
person. correct any clerical or arithmetical mislake or
clerical error or dckct of form as aforesaid.
(2) It shall suffice for the purpose or levying any under this Act
or of any osscssrnenl of value of any property under this Act, if the
propeny taxed or assased is so described as 10 be generally known. and
i t shall not be necessary to name the owner or [he occupier thereof.

129. The Corporation may by ordcr strike off the books of thc
Corporarion any sum due on accounl of he '[prapcny-Pix] on lands and
buildings or any other rax or on any other accounl, which may appear
to it to bc irrecoverable.

D. Rccovcry of '[proper0 t a d by person pritt~arilyliable to

pay to tlre Corporaliot~
Appninn- 130. Save as olherwise provided in [his Act, the person primarily
rncni or
liable lo pay the ?[properly !ax] in respecl of any land or building may
r.wl by thc recover-
liable to pay.
TIie I I I ~ I v I - b11111icil)nl
~~~I Act. I98O.

(Pn1.1 iV.-l[Ta~-c~tio~~ C ~ I I P~ IUI I~ I~ . s I ~ ~ I L ~ I I I ] . -1x.-

o t ~ d~ ~ ~ J ~ I ~ ~fiejor ~~IO~II~~~
B. Kec-uvcr! of 2/l)r~operty-~~~.t1 ~ r i i y.
I)? I)tr.w)tI ~ ~ r i r t ~ ~licrble
IV /)rlJ lo rhc C U I ~ ~ I ~ ~ I ~ ~ O I131,
I .132.)

(a) if rhcrc bc bul one occupicr or the land or building, frotn

such occupier hall'oT 1l1c ralc so paid. and rn:ly, i T lllerz be
morc Lhan one occupier, rccovcr Fron~each nccupicr half of
such sutn as bears to ~ h allire
c n~nounlor rule so paid by
~ e proponion ;IS ~ h vnluc
rllc owrlcr ~ l snlrle z or thc portion
of itle land or building in thc occupalio~lor such occupier
bents ro the cntirt: v;~lue01' s u c l ~latd or buildil~g:

Provided t h a ~i f rhcrc be more ~ h a nonc occupier, such

h;llrof the amount may be apportioned and recovered from
each occupier. i l l such proporlion as lie annual v:~tueor the
porlio~inccupicd by Iiim benrs to the roli~lannual value OF
such land or building;

n ~lhc surcharge on [he !\propurty u x l on

(b) lhc cnrire a o ~ o u of
any land or building from the occupier of such I:md or
building who uses i~ for cornmcrcii~lor non-resideiilii~l

Providcd t h a ~i T there is nlorc rllan onc such occupier.

[he arnounl of surchnr_~eou thc :[properly tax] inay be
apporrioned alld rccovcrzd frotn each such occi~pierin
such proponion ;is thc ilnnual value of ~ h poriion
c occupied
by liiln benrs ro the lorn1 aluiurrl valuc or such laud or
bui Iding.

f 31. [r :my person is primarily li:tblc 10 pay any ![properly lax] on Mrldc
any land or building ant1 is enrilled lo recover any slim rronr an occupier rc"'""~
of such Iiind or building, he shill1 h a w , for recovery (hereof. ~ h csame
righrs and remedies as ilsuch sum were renl payable to him by the person
fro111 whorn he is cnlitled to recover such sum.

132. Thc ?[properly tax] on lands and buildings due from any person I'he
shall. s u b j e c ~lo [he priur p:Iyrnenl or land rcveiiue (i lany) due lo tlic ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gavern~nen~ thereupon, bc a firs1 charge upon [lie land or [he building and
buildings lo
belonging [o such person :~ndupon rhe movable properly (if itny) fo~rnd hrsl
williin or upon such land or buildiug. chirgc rjn

'.kc Cool-rmlc I on pagc 446, nllrc.

'Srr ror~l-now3 rln pagc 3'15, OII~L'.
[West Bcn. Acl

Mr'alcrSupply i ~ n dDmin;~gc

133. All public ~ a ~ i krestrvoirs,

s. cisrzrns, rvelIs, ~ubcwells.;~crlucduc~s,
conduirs, liuinels, pipcs. raps a11d orher walcr-works. whcrher m;~Jc.laid
c of 111chlunicip;~lI:iuul or o~hcrwise,;lnd all bridgcs.
or crccted n l ~ I i cost
buildings, enaincs. u~orks,materials :untl ~ l ~ i r ~conneclzd
gs, ~ ! i c r e \ v i l or
apprr~aiiiingttltrcir). illid idso any adjacenl land (no1 being privarc
propcr~y)apperlaiiiing io a n y public ~ n n k .which i s silualcd in Howrith,
shall vcst in thc Corpornlio\i:

Providet-l Ihxt the C o r p o r a ~ i oniay. ~ ~ wirh lie approval of 1l1c S l a ~ e

G o v e r n ~ n c i i l , m:tkc over he ii~alcr-\r~o~.ks for deveIopnie111 rind
r n a i n ~ e n n ~to~ ~a lsep:irale
: and i n d e l ~ e r v I chgelicy
~i~ :lnd il slinll hc lawrirl
rur sucli agency l o consll-ucr ur irquirr: new w~lrr-works.

134. (I) All rigIils ovcr I l ~ esub-soil walcr rcsourczs in Howrah shall
v e u i n llie Corporalion.

(2) Wo pcrson slinll sink ;I lubewell ill Howrah except wid] LIIC prior
permissio~ior thc Co~nmissiniier.
(3) Tliz Commissioncr may grmt siich pcrnlission or1 such tcrnls and
by ~ x g u l a l i o ~ ~ ,
condi~ionsas may be dctcr~nir~ed

135. (1) The Curporn~ionsI1a11, w i l l i i ~ lrhc limits or iLs capacily,

provide lor lhe supply of-
(a) filirrcd water i u :I\! parts o r Ho\vrah Tor domes~icpurposes,
(h) unril~cl-ed{vilitr Tcnr [he purpose ors~rcct-wacring,Hushing
o f iuunicipal dciius. public privies and urinals, gully pits
wtl cxringi~ishingIirc.
orsub-szclion ( I), the Carpornlion.
(2) N o t w i ~ l ~ s l i m r l~heprovisiorls
may supply fil~crcdwnler ;uid unliltcrcd water fur any olhcr purposc 0x1
such lernls n ~ l dcondiiions ns mny be provided by rcgulnlion ~ n a d rby
i~in this bzh;ill-.
136. Subject to sticli conditions :a thc Curparalio~tmay from tirnz LO Power of
time in~pose.[he Co~nmissioncr may ullniv any person owning or sioncrrr,
occupying any premises ro lay down acl-vicc-pipes from the mains or ;~llow~wncr
ur occi~picr
r l ~ eCorporalion For l l ~ epurpose or brinzinp illto lhc prcmises n supply ,fpTCIIl,SL'S
o f riltcrcd and unfil~credwaer Tor iisc illcrci~iundcr thc provisions o f
Lliis Acr or lhc rcguli~tionsmxde ~Iiereu~iJrr. pips.

137. A11 privn~cconncclir,ns 10 prerijises fro111ttie r~iainsor llie Priv:irc

Corporalio~~ Tor the supply or w;11cr rticrein 31it1 all pipes. taps 31ld ~ ~ h, , s ci , , ,r, ,
fillings used for sucli stipplp shiill bc m:~de,ti~ai~ilai lied aild ~ ~ g ~ l i l t ~ d
in accordance wilt1 sucli reguInliotls as miiy be madc ill h i s behalf.
- ,

138. N o 6wner );; &cupicr of any premises sllall sulrer watcr ~o hc Kugulnlion
wasred. The Corporation may establish hlnck rnerer For any area or cnusc L,,~,,,,,,,,inn
meters ro be arrached to prerniscs Tor recording ilie supply of fi][errd v l e a l c r nlld
provision Tor
waler for regularion o f co~isumplionof ~valcrand prevcii~iono f wastage l,,,l,,s,
o f wa~erin such manner and may imposc rccs at sucli rates Tor consu~nprior~
beyond such lilnir, as lliny be determincd by rcgi~lelions.

139. Tile Corpora~ioutnny erccl ballling plillrorms, urinals, Inrrines R:~lhin~

plnr Corrrv
and public sraud posls Lo be rni~inlaincdin such manner as may be nlldpuhliv,
dctcrniined, and niay levy such user lccs Tor reillisalion o f cosl of ilrin;!ls.
m a i n ~ c n ~ n cdiereof
e as tnay be specilicd. by regulations. sral~dposr.

'I39A. (I) Notwiths~a11diug

anything conlained in this Chilplcr or
poiwr ru cur
o i l or [urn
elsewhere ill this Act, thc hhyar-incouncil tiny cul o f f [he conncc~ion rlrr5upply of
o f wnler supply lo Any prcmises, or may 1u1.nerr such supply. iT- wnlcrlfl
(a) he prcn~isesi s iinoccupicd or prohibi~cdTor lluniaii
h:tbitation: or
(b) any laxcs or ril~csor rccs or char~esin rcspecr or thc
prcmiscs, arc in arreal- for payment for lnorz thim wlc year;
(c) afier receipl or n ~vriltcnnr~licefrom [lie Commissionrr
requiring him 10 rcfrnin from so doing, rhe owner or tliz
occupier of r l ~ epremises conlinucs LO use rhc nt;ller, or
permils rlie waier 10 be used. in contraucntion of [he
provisions or this A c l or the rules or [he re_culntioasmadc
thereunder: or
[West Bcn. Acl I
(Pnrr V.-Civic S~~n~ic-r,s. X.-
--Cli(~l~rer W r i ~ oS~rpply
, crt~rl

(d) ally pipe, lap, works or fittings conr~ectcdw i ~ h11ie supply

o f water 10 rhc prcrnises be found. on exnmin~tinnby any
officcr or ~ h cCnrporaliorl duly aulhoriscd in [his behalr, LO
bc out nf repairs LO such cxtcnl 3s may cause so serious e
waste or conrnmina~ionol'water that, i t ) lhe opinion or the
Commissioncr. irnlnediale preveiuion is ncccssary; or
( e ) there is any waler-pipc situalcd witliin the premiscs to which
no lap or othcr crricienr m e a ~ ~ofs turning the wnLer off is
nrrached; or
(f) by rcason o f a leak in the scrvicc-pipe or the fiuiogs, damage
i s caused l o any public strcel, and immediale prcvcntioi~i s
Provided that 110 action l~ndcrclause (a) or clause (b)
slrall be rokcn without giviug a 1101ice01no1 lcss [hart three
days l o ~ h owner
c or the occupicr. as the case may be. 01
~ h premises.
(2) The expcnscs o l culting oTT the conncc~ipn,or rurning off rhe
watcr, undcr sub-seclio~~ (1) and or rcstaring Ihe same, as delcrmincd
by he Mayor-in-Council. shall hc paid by liie owner or rhc occupier.
as 111e case may bc, of the premises.
(3) Nothing in [his secliorl stlall exempl :my pcrsoil From any penally
or liability wliicli 11e may olhcrwise have incurred under any orher
provision or this Act.

B. Druirrnge Sewerage

Public drains 140. (1) A l l public drains, and all drains in, alougside or undcr any
and dnins
i n , alongsidc public slreer. whcrhcr made a1 [be charge o f thc Municipal Fund or
or undcr
public olhcrwise, and all work, malerinls and things apperlairiing [herelo, which
SlTCCLS. I0 are silualz ar Howrah, shall vest in tlie Corporation:
vcsi in
Corponlion. Provided rhal lhe Corpomtiot~[nay. with the approval o l the State
Governmenl mnkc over [he tru~lk-se\rrers,sc wagc [reatmen[ plants,
pumping s~zltionsand orher urililies ro a stpitrare and independeni agency
Tor maintenance and developmcn~and il shall be lawful l o r such ilgency
to construcL ncrv Irunksewers, sewage lreatmenl plants, pumping stalions
or othcr utili~ies.
(2) For he purposes or enlarging, deepening or olherwise repairing
or maintaining any such d r ~ i nso ~ r l u c o
t ~f [he sub-soil appcnaining to
the drain as may he ~lecessaryfor the said purposc shat l also be deemed
to vest in Lhe Corporalio~t.
Corpnratio~lAcr, 1980.
The M~r~iiciprrl

(Pnrr V.- Civic Stn~ici,.~.-Cli[~p~ ~ *,V.r -\ V ( I I LS!tppIy

~~ cittd
Druirrrrg~*.--U.Drrri11n.y~Sr,rr~r~t-crge.-Sccfio~ls IQI, 132.-
C. Dmirloge ofpr~vrlism.-S~iorr143.)

141. All drains and vcnlilation-sh:)fl. pipes a11dother applianccs and Dnins. c ~ c .
firrings conncc~edwith drainage wtlrks r o l ~ s ~ r u c ~erected
cd. or s t 1 up a l , , of
thc cl~argcof lire Municipal Fund in or llpon prcmises no[ belonging ro
lhc Corporation whcthcr For lhc use o r [he owncr or the occupier of such ~~~d~~
prrlniscs or not shall. unless the Corporalion o~herwiscdctem~ines,vcsl priv3'~
prclniscs 10
and bc deen~cdalways ro have vesrcd iu rhe Corpori~tiot~. V C ~ in

142. ( I ) Without ilie wril~enpermission o r the Can~missionergrantcd Privalc . .

S I ~ C C L ~CIC.
in i~ccordancewid1 such regularions as may be nlarlc by [he Corporarion , , . .
, . . . .

in lhis bchnlr- cons~ruc~cd

(a) no privatc streel shall be construcrcd over any municipnl fi~~nicip"l
drain, or wi~houi
(b) no wall or othcr stnlclilre shill1 be uewly crccled, over any
municipal drnirl, or
(c) ao wall, fcncc or srruclurc shall be erecrcd on 111ebed, bank
or embzlnkmen~ur ally municipal selvage or slorm-wa~er
channel, nor any ponion [hereof shall be interiercd wilh,
cncroachrd upon, altered or occupied Ibr lishcry, agricul~urc
or any olher purpose.

(2) I f any private strccl is cotlslructcd, or any wall or other structure

is crec~edovcr any n~unicipnldrain, or if any wall. Ience or strucrurc
is erected on the bed. hank or ernbankmen1 of any nlunicipal scwnge or
slorm-warer channel or irnny poriion thcreof is intcrfcred with, encroacl~ed
upon. liere red or occupied wirhaul the wrir~cn permission of the
Commissioner, the Com~nissioncrmay removc or othenvisc deal with
thc same in such manner as hc may lhi~ikI?l and lhe expenses incurrcd
by (he Corporalion in so doing shall be paid by h e owncr orsuch privntc
slrcei, wall or other st~ucturcor by the pcrson who jntcrreres with or
encroaches upon or alters or occupies, as rlle case may be.

143. The owncr or Lhe occupicr 01 any premises sliall be cntilled ro Iligh~
c:hlise his housc-drain to eniply into a municipal drain. provided that.
bciore sa doing, hc oblains thc writlen permission or [he Commissioner premiscs lo
and complier wilh such condilionr us ihe Cornnlirsioner may delermine
as lo [he n~odcin which, and l l ~ esuperintcndetlce undcr which,
munici p d
communications between house-drains w d mi~nicipaldrains are to bc drain,
[Wcsl Ben. Act I

; Ctrnnccrion 141. (1) No pc~'so~i slioll, withour ccltilplying wirll tllc provisions o f
wi ~h ,.
n~uliicijll sccrion 143. milkt or cnusc !o hc mark. :my conliccrion or ;Ihnuse-drain
drniri nnl lu
bc tii3d$ with ;I municipal drain.
uxccpr In
crmCorlni\y (3) Tlie Cornmissio~iermay in nccordalice with sucli rcguln~ionsas
\ v i l l i SCUI~OII may hc made by llic Corpora~ionill l l i i s hchalr closc, dcsnolisli. itlter or
rzmakc :my cnn:~rction lnade ia cnntravcntion or sub-scclion (1); aorl
lhc expenses incurlrrl in so doirly sh:~ll be pilid by ~ h cowner cr tliz
occupicr or [lie przmisus Tor thc hcneiit or wl~iclisuch cnn~iecliontitas
made or by the person who n~adr:or causzd i u bc made such col~nccrion.

Hmc-dclin, 145. Where any prci~iiscsis ill 1\12 opillion or thc Ca~nmissioi~zr
will~outsurLcie~il1uc:ins of crrccrive drainage, rhe Cornn~issioncrmny
CIC. by written nolice requirc he olvncr of llie prclnkes lo corlstn~cra house-
drain u p ro a poinr t r ) be spccifictl in ilic norice or iu conslnlcl :I closed
cesspool and drains cmptyins inro sucli ccsspool in such marlncr as may
he determined hy reg~1I3tio1i.

Grtlupingor 146. The Corpomrio\~nuy. if it considers Iieczssury, ninke rcguln~ions

hossc- lor grouping ur combir~a~ion uf Ilousc-dr~insTor ccoiiomic or operation:h
drairls and advanlages and Tur cr~forccrnc~~t o f dritinage or ul~drainedprc~nisesand
ordr~inagc for any orher ~ n a ~ t cill
r s corincctio~~ wit11 draillngr.
lr, u n d r a i ~ d

Municip;~l 147. Su bjecr lu tlm approval of the St:i[c Government, 1l1eCorl>oralion

ctlmmuni- may, i f necessary, mnkc (lit muriicip~ldrains comluunica~ewith, or
talc rvilh
empty into, any public drain, lake, canal or ucalcr course ol~lsideHowrilh
drain%c ~ c . a11dmay. in doill: so, esercise throi~ghourihe l i n t ourside Howrah along
wliich thc rnunjcipiil drains iirc lo run :dl the powcrs exercisable by i t
under [his Acr i f 111c said lnunicipal dnins were to run enrircly in

Ctnni~~ 148. (1) No person shall IIironb,cnlply or o~herwiscdiscbnrgc into

mnllcrs nor
r a hc pnsscd Any waler sourcc, cl~alunclor nulniuipal drnin williin or ou~sideHowrah
any rnatler. rcfi~se,rrndc c r f l u e r ~or~ waste so as rocaiisc pollurioa, hcalrb
drains. haz;i~.clor ~ ~ u i s i ~ nprejudicial
cc lo cnriro~itncnt.
(2) Subjcc-t Lo the prov!sior~suC ally othcr law [or rhl: lime bcing in
lorcc, h e Corporariou [nay by rqulatioll provide for lrcalmcnl slantlard
to bc mai~ilainedhcfclre discharge oT 311yi l ~ d ~ ~ s tw
r i ai llle or Ibul waler
or refuse into nay river, w;ller Source, cl1n11ncl01-
~ i l t i ~ ~ i cdminage
ipd and
sewerage sysicni.
LVIII of 1980.1

149. IT 11apptilrs !o [he hl;iyor-ill-Council 1lln1i t is llcccssnry ID placc

or carry any pipr or drai~ioivcr. unrlrr or ac~~oss the immovable prciperly
of any person ro ~unintainrhc oiily or tllc luos~co~lvcnicn~ ~l~uliicipal
nro~cr-supplyto. n ~ i drlr;~in:yz of. nliy ~~rcmiscs. Ihe ;\~i~yor-in-CounciI
may, after giving lhe otvlirr ol' Ihc irnnlovi~hlzpropcrly a11opporlr~uily
aT being heard. authorisc the oivncr or occupier. or [he prell~iscsLO place
or carry sucli pipcur drai11ovcl-, ur~tlzror acrohs sucll imrnovablc property
ill such nlanncr as il may lhink t i 1 lo allow.

150. Thc Corpor;~~ion m:iy pl;~cc :und ~ n n i u ! n i;~rlucdiicls,

~~ conduils P ~ ~ ~ La. I~I iId~
:~ntllincs olmailis or pipcs or dl-;iins ovcr. illider or :lcruss any irnrnnvk~blc
propcfly within or withour lhe local l i n ~ i ~o sf ~ h cCorporalion wirhou~ xqucduc~s.
acquiring such propcrly l u ~ may
d cnlcr on ally propcrlp for a ~ c purposes:
h :fiLyr':.
ncmhs :In).
Provided rhnl Llic C u r p o r a ~ i
~ ~ not acquirc any rig11t o h c r 111arl ;,l,,,,,i,~lc
[lie righl of user i n {tic proprny m c r , uruler or ncl-osswliicli ;III~arll~cducls, p r o F n y .
crr~lduils,lines uf ~nnir~s, pipcs or drains :~rcplaccd.

151. Thc Co~i~inissioner sllnli c31isu(U be 11iai111aincd complctc survey Maps or

maps, drit~tingsslid dcscriplions 01. ;!I1 a ~ l d s r ~ m u nl~lilities
d ill I-I~jo\\~ral~ ::::ld
including wn~er-supply ~niiiris.sul~plypipcs. senbcrs nlid c o n n c c ~ i o ~ ~111iIi:its.
tiierclo in such fur111 :ind in such ni:mllrr as may hc prescribed and sllnll
ensurc the secrecy of the same in co~lrorri~i!y wilh ~ l provisions
~ e or ille
19 of 1923. Orlicinl Secrcrs Act. 1923.

D. Privies, rrrirm1.r- trtrd brrtl~i~rr

rrrtrl wnshirrg plrtccs

152. The Corpor:1tio11shall- Powcr r l f

(3) provide and ~ i l i i i u ~ n i i i 11 , proper : ~ n d collvenicnl 10prilvidc

s i ~ ~ ~ n ~ i o ~cluse!r ~ o i for 111c use o l d ~ public.

i s . \ ~a~~ ~i di~ril~illr e
and ~ l r i v i c sand
(b) cause such rvntrr close~s:ind urin;lIs to be constn~ctcdanti
kept sr, i w no[ 10 bc a public ~lujsn\lucor iriurious 11) public

153. (I) The Corpora~ionnl;\y 2mnl liccnsc l o n privalc individllal I . i v c n ~lor

puhllc ~ o i l c h
or organisalion for mainlc~~ilnccslid rcguleliorl of use of piiblic loilcls urinals,
imd urinals conslruc~edby ir arid no s11~l1rcrlus and co~~dilions as n n y
be delermined by rcgulurions.
(2) Such licensez shall bc c~llitledlo rccover from thc users such
rcc Tor thc usc OF Ihe public !oilers and urinals SI; mny be deterlnincd
by reyi~la[ions.
[Wcsl Ben. Act

(3) No person s11;lti keel) or m;iinr:~in 3 loilel or ~lrii13Iinr public usc

withour lhc specilic permission 01- thc Corporarion iifld the Corpora-
tion nlny impose such c o n d i r i o ~ i s thcrcrur as ii n u y consider

'151. (1) No persoli, eithcr owrler or occupier OF any prcmiscs, sliall

bc allowed to niniiilaio srrvicc privy within rhc area of the Corporatio~~.
(2) Thc Commissionc~- s l ~ dissue
l r ~ o ~ i ru
c c!lie owner or ~ h occtipier
of every prcnliscs having scrvice privy. dircciing h i m to coilvert [tie
service privy by c v ~ ~ ~ i e c l ieither
n , o will1 ilic scivcrage systzru or illto a
sanitary loilel. as he case may bc.
(3) The owuer or rhc occupier of the pre~niscs.ns ~ h case
c !nay bc,
shall, on rcceipl o f thc notice. converl rhc service privy by c o n n c c t i ~ ~ _ ~
either with rhe scwcrage syslcn~or inlo a sanitary toiler. as the case
may be, within 90 days from thc date of receipt of thc noticz undcr sub-
section (2).
(4) No person shall be allowctl 10disctinrgc 1Jgh1-soild i r e c ~ l yin the
municipal d r a i ~ ~ .

Privy, urin31 155. (1) There shall bc provided in evcry tlew buildin3 ;II or in nrbich
and o ~ h c r
nr.c<~rnmdn- not less than rr\?cnty labaurcrs or w o r h n r n nrc likely ro bc cmployed
lion nr such privy and uri~lalacco~timoda~ion anti s u c l ~accommotla~ionfor
tircnly ur bathing or washing or cluthes a\#] donicslic ulensils 3s Lhe Corporalion
lnorc may decide.
luhnurcrs or
workmcn, (2) Where any prcmises at or in which nor less rhan trvenly lnbourcrs
or rvarkrne~~are employed are ~ v i l t ~ oprivy,
~ t l urinal, bathing o r washing
plncc rrccom~nodationor will1 inaderluurc nccommodation. llie Mayur-
in-Council ruay by w r i ~ c niiotice requirc [he owner or such premises
ro providcsuch privy urinal or batl~irlgor washing place i~ccommodadon
as i t may dctcrmine.

Prnrisinn l o r '156. (1); IT any prcmises, i ~ ~ t e ~ l dfor

c dhuman hnbitntion, is withour
privy and
urinal privy or urinal accotnmodn~inn,or the existing tlcco~n~nodation is, i u the
acconunda- opinion orlhe Mayor-in-Council, i[isui'ficienl, iiiefficien~or objcclionable
tion in
prc~riiscs lor sanitary rcasoiis. the Mayor-in-Council may, by n wriilen notice.
inlcndcd Tor dirccr the owner or he occupier, as the cast may be, of sucll prcrniscs
habitation. ro make sucll strucrural or othcr altcrario~lor tlic cxistiug privy or uririal
accomrnodalion a s may be specified in Ilie ~lotivl:iVithiii OU days I-rani
the date or issue of [he notice.
' S c c ~ i o n 154 suhstitutcd Car thc original hy 3. 15 or 11ic Hnnnl! kli~nicipnl
Corporation (r\mvndrncn~)Act, 1'1'19 ( W c s ~Ucri. A c l SI of IF!!J).
u r c[hu
'Sccrion IS6 rvns s ~ ~ b s ~ i ~ far d uriginal by 5. 16, ibirl.
Tile How,-uli M ~ ~ ~ ~ i cCol-l~r~l-rrrir~r~
ipn! Act, f YSO.

(2) IT the owner or lhe occupicr or Ilie prcrniscs. as Lhe C:ISL: may
bc. fails lo comply w i ~ h[he dircc~ionsof [he M:i>~or-il~-Cv~~ncil\4lill1iti
h e rimu specilicd in sub-section (1). 11e sh;~llhe punished wilh fine in
nccordnucc wilh lhc prnvisions of sccriun 220.

157. (1) No pcrson shall cnnsrruc~a cessllnol- Pos~rionof

(a) bcnci~lhany par[ or any building o r \ t l i l l ~ i n Ill'lccn mrtrcs
or any mnk, rcscrvoir. water source or ivell: or
(h) upou any silc or in any posi~ionin Ho\vral~which 11ns not
been approvcd in wriring by llie Cornmissianer; or
(c) upon ;ray site or in any position rrutsidc Howral~which has
no1 bce11 so approv(:d ~ I T isI ~s i ~ u a ~ c\vi~llili
d mclrcs
~ I ~ I I C I ~
or any rcscrvuir usril for siara2c or hl~ercdwatrr lo be
supplied lo I-Toivrati.
(2) Tile Commissioner may at any rime by a wri~tcnnolice requirc
lhe owner of llic prcrnises in which any cesspool has been consIructcd
in conlravenlion or [he provisio~isor sub-seclion (1) !o removc such
cesspool :~nd lo 1711 11p ~ h ccesspool wirh such ~naterialsas may be
approvcd by tii~n.

158. All I~ause-drains,\villlin as ucll ns without rhe prcnliscs 10which tlousc-

[hey bclu~lg,and all ccrrpools, privies and urinals sholl, as rerpccts their
sire, canslruclio~~.
malcrinls anti dimension and arrangemcnls for Huslling
lo aurvcy
~ h csame. be undcr thc slrrvey and ~ h conlrol
c of the Corporarion and ;~nduonlml
or I ~ C
aubjccl lo such rcgula!ions as the Corporalion may makc in this behalf. C,rpc,rA,inn,

159. (1) Ttie Carpornlion may, iroin timc ro lime, grdnt to any person Powcr or
il thinks fil a liccnec Lo r c i as o plumber Tor [lie purpavs or [his Act. ~~l;liOn
(2) Every such licence s1i;lll tlc gnmred in such manner and in such Liccncc to
rorm and on such rerms and condilions as may bc dclermined by thc p'Umkfi-
Corpora~ionby rcgula~ions.

'159A. (1) IT. iu the opinion o f ~ h cMayor-ill-Council, ;my pool, Prcvcnliun

dieh. lank, well. pond, swwrnp, quarry. hole, drai~i,cesspool, waereaurse. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i f i ~ $ l ~
pil, cistcm. drscrt or air-coolcr. ground. or undcrgruund. or ovcrhcad
ibnk OF any collectiun o f wntcr, or m y land on which itbntcrrnay, :I[ :my
limc, acciimuln[e, is or lilicly to beco~ilea hrccding plnce o f inosrluitoes
or, in any orher respecr. hccomes n uuisancc, thc Mayor-in-Council may
by norice require ~ l i coi\oiIcror [he person having control thcrcof ro lake
all or any or rhc following ac1ions;-
(a) tu clea~i,or drain-orf or remove walcr therefrom, or to
provide covcr lhcrero: .or
'Srclion 159A w;cc irlscflcd hy s. 15 ofthe H < ~ ~ r . rMunicipal
~lr Corpt-r;ition (.-i~ticnd~ucni)
Aci. 7001 ( W c s ~Bcn. Aci \'I crT 70nS).
[Wcsl Bcn. Acl

(6) to Iinvt: :my cour~yard.I;liie. pnssegc or ope11 spnce pnvcd

with such mo~erial.and ia sucli manner. 3s lllay be ilircc~ed
by the Mnyor-iu-Coutlcil. to keep sucli paving in proper
repair. or raise lhc lcvcl o f s u c l ~courryartl, Innc. passage,
ope11 spilcc, etc: or
(c) 10 fill up sucli u ~ i ~ v h o l e s o w:~lcrhody:
Providcd 11131 any whoIesome w;ircrhotly can the fiIled
up nnly nlrer complinncc ol the provisio~iso r section 4C or
he 1Ves1Bcngnl Lalid Rciarms Aar, 1955, by lhc owner ur ""flcn.
Act X or
lllc pcrsoli having con^ rol thcrcof. 1956
(2) N o person shall kcep, t>r pern~iltcd to be kept or rnai~i~;dncd.
w i r h i ~ iany prcmires or land ally cullccrion of sragnant or f l n w i ~ l g
rv;IIcr ivhich, ill the o p i n i o ~oi f rtlc Mayor-in-Council, is, or i s likely 10
bc, breeding place Ibr rnosrlui~nes.uulcss such collcctior~or wnter i s
[rcn~etlin such mantler 3 s 111ny cffcc[i\~eIy prcvcnr (lie b r c c d i n ~of
mosrlui b c s .
(3) All borrow pirs dug io tlic course of consrruc~ionand rcpairs or
buildings. roacls. 01,e m b n ~ i k ~ n c n ~slinll
s , bc deell n l ~ dconnected wirh
cish orlier i u ~ h formrrcion
c or a d m i l ~clircc~ed~ow;)rclsthe lowcst level
rind l~roperlyslopcd t'or discharge illto n river. slrcilm, c l i n ~ ~ n corl . drain,
and no person shall ct.enle any isolnlcd horrow p i t wliicll, is likcly l o
cause n c c u r n u l ~ ~ i uouf wnter which may again. ill turn. may brrcd
(3) The oivncl- or occ~ipicror nuy prctnises shnll 1101 kzcp llierein
ally botlle. lyrc: (old or ncw), vesscl, can, conl:liner or rcccptacle in
such m:mner as may allow i~ to collcc~.and/or to retain. waler which
Inay brccd rnosqt~itu,aod sllall clclrli and dry such borllc, lyre (old or
ncw), vcssel. can, c o ~ l l a i ~ t corr reccp1;lcle nl thc interval of sevetl
( 5 ) The o\rpncror occupie~-ol'any prcmises shnll wrap rhc o p e n i ~ ~ g s
o f the ventpipes and llie outlets of seplic Iilnks wilt1 prupcr ~tiostluitc~-
proor ncls mid shall mainlain covering slabs of sep~icranks l o prcvent . .

enlry :~nde x i l of mosquiloes.

(6) The owiler or occupicr of any prc~nisesshnll sci~l[lie ovcr-
head laqks, cistznis or watcr receplaclcs In prevent mosqui[o breeding.
nnd s t ~ a l lprovide safe ladder Tor making thc overhead ranks or
cisterns or rvaler rcccptacles :~pproacl~ablcill order la facilitate
n thc irtuler in rhe cotllnincr by lllc authori~ies o f 111e
i ~ ~ s p c c r i o01
LVIII of 1980.1

(7) Forcoiis~ruclionofpeniia~ien!w a c r colIcc[ions such as s w i n ~ m i i ~ g

pools. artificial l o u ~ ~ ~ a i nors . water rcscrvoirs, c o n s ~ r u c l e dTor
beauti lica~ion.-
(a) an applicarion shall be suhrni~tcdto the Corporr~~ion,
stating Ll~erzir~ [lie an~i-l;rrv:~lmcnsurzs. \vliicli shall bc
rakcn by t l ~ eapplicnn~to kccp rllc wnler free or 11105rlui~o
(b) rhe Corporation. ;1Ttcr cunsirlurilig [lie applic;~lion,shall issue
3 license tn the ~lpplici~nl:

(c) ~ h applicant
c shall reccivc thc said license on payme111 of
such fee ;Ir nwy hc dc~crminedby the Corpornliorl. and the
license <halt hc rcnc\ n~lnunll
(X) The OIVII~~ or occupirr or ally priva~epond or water reservoir
shall keep such pond or w l e r rescrvnil- free rrom ivaler Iiyaci~lrhor :rllictl
weeds to prcvcnl r~iosquitobreeding.
(9) If any pcrson contmvelies any of ~ h provisions c of [his scclion
or fails 10 comply w i l h any requiremeiil undcr this seclion, he shall bc
punislied wirh f i i ~ ci v l ~ i c hmay esrend to one thousand rupees, and n daily
Iiue of firty rupccs in h e casc o f con~inuanccor s u c l ~conlravcnlion
commences r r o n ~~ l l day c on which such r o n ~ n v e ~ i t i oi snbrougb~ro Ihe
n o ~ i c co f siicll person by [he Corpor~~tion.

Slrccls and public placcs

160. (1) A l l public streers, squares. parks and gardens (nor being vcsring or
[he p r o p m y of, nlid Aepr u ~ ~ dIhc
c r conrrol of, Government or 11ieBwrd
o f Truslees f o r the Iniprovcmcnt o f Howrah) including thc soil.
!i:f~in ,hc
sub-soil and the side-drains. Ibo~~vnys. pavenienrs, rrees, stones and other
lna~erials,implemenls a i d orher things provided Ibr such slrccls and
orher public places, which arc siluared i n Howmh. shall vcs! ill (tie
(2) Whcnevcr [he Corporatio!i proposcs l o de~erinincllle name by
w h i c l ~any public slrczl or public placc i s to be known or 10 change lhc
name o f any public srrrel or p~thlicpl:~ce,i~shall rcrcr Llle proposal lu
an Advisory Cornmiltee c o ~ ~ s r i t u t cid~ n t l e rsub-scclion (3) for ils
(3) Thc S t a ~ cGovcrno~enishall, by notilicarion. conslirute a n
Atlvisory Comrnil~ccIbr naming, or changing Ihe nailic or. any public
slrrrl or square i u Howrah. The Advisory Comrnit~ccshal! co~isislor
such nuniher o f persons, no1 cxcccding eigtit b u nut
~ less tliaii livc. as
rhe Srate Govcrnmeiil inay rhink l i l .
[Wcst Bcn. Act
(Purr V.-Civic Scn.ircs.-Cl~nljicr XI.-Sir~>crs nrld prrblic placi~s.- .
S L , ~ I ~ U161
I I S-164.)

Funclirlns l h l . Thc Corpor:l~ion shall U;IISC all public slreets vesled it1 ii under , .. ... .
o i Ibg , .
, ...

Colnmis- secrion 160 10 be main~aincdby thc Coni~nissionerwho shall for rhis

sioncr in purposc do 311 ll~ings1icccss:iry Tor ~ h cplthlic sarcty :~ndconvelticnce
rcspcci or
public including [he construclion mid ~nain~cnanct: or the bridges. cause\vays
SlIIICL5, ;111d cuIvefis.
Powcr lo 162. The Corpor-:[tion mily lay oul :uid make new ppl~blicsrrcers,
r ~ i a k cnc\rr
puhlic construcl bridges illid sub-ways. classify puhlic slrccw inlo dilTcrcnt
hlrcclq, crc. catcgorics, turn or divcr~any exisring public strcel. prescribe a regular
liiic for srrcca or buildings 011 one or bntli sides o f any public srreer and
iakc stcps in punuancc o l e plan ror improvzn~cnlo f strcers and srreel
aligninc~~ts artd may. by rzguletion. makc provisions in h i s rcgard.

163. ( 1 ) N o pcrson shall cxcepl with [he permission of [he

Com~uissionci'[:~nd on paymcnr or such rces as way be derermined by
causc :my obsiruc~ionronr cncroaclime~~l t~poilor projection
over or oilterivise occupy any porlion oi ;mypublic strccl or othcr public
( 2 ) Whcn any vcr;~nd:th, pla~lorln.building or ollier s~ruclureor any
sogas lo form par1uT rhc building (wherher
fixturc nt~nclirdto a b u i l d i ~ ~
erected before or after IIICcommencement orthis Act) causcs n projecrio~i.
encroachment or obs~ructionover or 011any piiblic strcct or othcr puhlic
place vcslcd in ~ h cCorporarion, [lie Co~i~missioaer, in accordance with
such regulnlions as may bc made by Ihc Corporatiail. inay, by n wrilien
notice, require [he otvner or the occupicr n l rhc huildin, u LO relnove or
alrcr such ~rerrrndati.plalfonn. building or ollicr slrucrurc o f fixlure.

164. Thc Commissioner may, wirhou~nolice. cnuse to bu rcmovcd-

(a) fitly wall, rcncc, rail, post, slep. boorh or olher slruclurz or
fixture w l l i c l ~may bc ertclcd or sct up in or upon any streel.
foorpalh or 11po11or over any open ~ h i ~ n n cdrain,l. well or
lank conrrary ro 11ie provisions or this Act:
(b) any stall. chair. bench, box, Iaddcr, billc, hoard or shelf. or
any olher 111illg whatsocvcr pleccd, clcpnsited, projected.
arrached or suspe~~ded in, upon, rrom or to ally place in
conlravenrion of the provisions or this Acl;
(c) any article wha~soeverI~awkedor exposed for snlc in ;my
public placc or ill auy puhlic slreel or footpath in
con!rnvcntion of thc provisions o f this Act and any vehicle,
package, box. bo;~rd.shclf or any urhcr rhing in or on which
such aflicle is placed or kept Tor the purposc orsalc, display,
or o~hcrwise.
'Thc \ v ~ ~ r rwirhin
l\ l l l c square bnckca wcrc ~nscncdby s. 9 or rhc Hihvr~hMunicipal
Corpnrnlrnn ( S r c r l n ~ lArncntlmcnl) Ac!. 1'JOU (\Vesl UCI. Acl X X l X of 1490).
, 165. (1) No person shall [ether any animal or cause o r permit Prnhibi~ion
or lclhering
any animal lo be te~heredor strayed in any public areel or olher public or anininls
place. and illilking
or cn~rlc.
(2) No person shall milk nr cause or per~nirlo be rnilkcd any cow
or burfalo or orhcr animal in any srrccL or orhcr public plnce.
(3) Nolwilhsranding anything conrained in any orher law Tor l l ~ rime
being in force, rhe Commissioner may cause lo be removed or impounded
any animal telhered or being milked or Found slraying in ally weer or
other public plnce.
166. (1) IT the Corporalion co~lsidersir expedient lo prescribe a Powcr o l
rcgular line for sireels or buildings on one or boll1 sides of any public Curpr)r~linn
ro spcciiy
streel or ponion [hereof, it shall give a public norice of ils inlention lo building-lint
do so. and sirccr-
(2) Every such nodceshall specify the period wirhin which objeclions
n a copy of ~ h cnotice shall he
will be received by the C o r p o ~ l ~ i oand
sent by posr to cvcry owncr of thc prcmiscs aburling on such public s t r c e ~
who is regisicred in respec1 01 such pre~nisesin ~ t l ebooks of lhe
(3) The Corporalion shall consider all objec~ionsreceivzd by il
wilhi~lthe specified period aud make an order specifying a building-line
or a slreet-alignmenlor both for such public streel. Every such order sllall
be pub1 ished in the OJficial Gnze/[c and shall rake effecl from rlle dale
of such publica~ion.
(4) A rcgistcr or book with plans a~~nchccl shall be kcpl by Ihc
Corporarion showing all public srreers in respecl o r which n building-
line or a skeet-alignmen1 has been specified and such regisler shall
conlain such pmiculars as may appear 10 the Co~nmissioner10 be
necessary and shalI be open to inspection by the pirblic on paymenl or
prescribed fee.
(5) Whcncver il is proposed 10 repair, re-build, remove, consirucl
or re-conslrucl any building or porlion hereof rrburling on a public areel
in respecr or which n building-li~leor streel-alignn~enthas been specified
by an order, the Commissioner may give dircclion lor s e t ~ i i ~back
g or
setling fonvard all such buildings or porlions thcrcor in such milnncr :IS
may be determined by regula~ion.
167. The Commissioner may authorise remporary cooslruclion on. or Po\\,cr or rhc
remporary closure of, any part of a public sweet on such occasioos and SlOnCr 10
on such conditions and for such period as rile Corporalion may provide nutlinrisc
by rcgulilrion made in this behalf. conslruclion
or rclilponry
clo5urc r,r
pans o f
[Wesl Ben. Acl

llighh or 168. Subjccl LU [he provisious of :my othcr law Cor llie rime being in
undcr- rorcc. 111c S13tt Gclvernu~e~i~ may, by rules, providc Ibr-
(a) sanc~iouby I l ~ eCorpor;\iio~~ or specific righrs or rvuy in thc
sub-soil of public and privalc slrccls i n Howrali Tor diikrcnt
public ulililics iricluding e l c c ~ i supply,
c tclcphone a11doll~er
tclc-communica~inii racilitirs. 2;)s pipcs. wnlcr-supply,
sewerilgc ;md dr;~in;~pe, prdrstrii~nsub-ways, shopping
plazas, warehousing f3cililies aiid [he appilrnlus and
appurtelialices rel:~tcd ~ h c r c l oprovided by thc Statc
Govcmmenr. any srntlrtory body or any liceusee under ally
I :1\v;
(b) levy or any Cce or charges pzr~~lissible
undcr law:
(c) I'ur~~istiiligLO tile Corporalion or maps, drarvings and
stalclncow tvliicl~sliall eoable il lo compile and m a i n ~ a itlie
prccisc rccords nf !he placeme~~ls or rl~euadcrground utilities
in Ho\vrah.

Closurt o r 163. T l ~ cCommissioner ~uay,wi111 rile prior approval of the Mayor-

public s!rr.cL
for p a r k i n ~ in-Council. close any porlion o f a public streel and dcclarc il ns n parking
pllqmscs. area and chargz parking rccs ar diCrc~c111 ra~esfor different vchiclcs Tor
dilTercn~are= and Ibr dirrerent pcriods in ;~ccolrla~ice
tvih sucb regulation
I; may bc ~nildcin lliis behall'.

Owl~cr's 170. (1) If 111e owncr of any land ulilizes. sclls. l e ; w s or olherwise
mdkc a disposes of such land o r any p o r ~ i o ~ as p l o ~ sFor ~ t l econsrruclio~l
srrccl rvhcru of buildings lhereotl, he shill[ lay dolv~imid make srrzel or slrccls
dcaling wilh
land as giving access lo the plols inlo which the land rnay be divided i~nd
building silt. conncclinp such srreel or sireels with any cxisring public slreel or privnre
(2) B e h r c u~ilising,selling or oiher\vise disposing o r any land under
sub-seclion (1)- rhc olvller rlureof st~allsend ro rhc Cornnlissioner a
rvrirren npplica~iontvilli :I lay-oul p1a11o i t b e Innd showing thc following
(a) Ihe p l o ~ sinlo which !lie land is proposed ro bc divided for
11ieerecr ion uf bui ldings thereon n~tdthe purposc or purposes
for wl~icbsuch buildings are to he used:
(b) thc reservaliou or allormcnl of any s i ~ eTor any slrezr, open
space, park, recrearion ground, schuol, m;~rkctor any orher
public purposc;
(c) ~ h cintcnded level. direc~ionand wid~huf slrcel or slreeis,
including lootpa~hsand drains;
(d) !he r q u l a r line or slrcel or slrccls;
LVIII or 1980.1

(e) thc arr;ulgcniet~~s

lo bc made Tor levellil~g,paving, n~eralling,
flagging, channelling, scwcring, draining, c o n s e ~ ~ ~ end
ligl~rirlgslrccr or srreers.
(3) No deed orlransl'cr sl~allbe rzgisrcrcrl under any law for the rime
any land ~ o v c r n e dby this section unlil 111elnyoul plans
bcing in force 11.
have bccn npprt~vcdby rhc commissioner and all infras~ruclurnl
cons~rucrionscolnplc~ed up ro n stage 10 llle salisfac~ionof rhc
Commissioner in nccordnnce rvitll such regularion as may hc lnndc in
this bchaIC.
.- -
. , . -.
. .
171. No person shall make any ncw srreeL \vilhour [he prior approval Prohibi~iun
or thc M a y o r - ~ I I - C O U ~ ~ C ~ I . 01making
nciv strwls.

172. (1) The Corpor~~ioii

sl~all- Pmviion for
lighking of
(a) [;kc measures Tor a suitilhlc manner, ~ h public
c public
srrccls, squares and gardens, mi~nicipnl markers and all
btiildi~lgsvcs~edin lhc Corporalion: .
z: : ;.
( b ) procurc, crccl and lnainlain such number of lamps, lamp- buildings,
posrs. orhcr appurlennnccs as ]tiny bc necessary for such
(c) causesuch lamps lo be lighlcd by mealis oroil. gas. eleclricity
o r such orhcr means as rhc Corporalio~lmay fronl lirue LO
Lime delenninc.
(2) The Corporarion may ilseli or in conjuncrio~twirh any -lirnl or
company, and in accordance with such regulations as may be made by
[he Corporarion, crccr plaiirs and machinerizs for lhege~~eration of power
and producrioo o r g:ls Tor 11ie purpose of lighling.
(3) The Corpornlion may plecc and lnain~ain-
(i) eleclric wircs 01. gas-pipcs for the-purpose of lighting such
lamps under, over, aIotlg or across any imrnovabIe property,
(ii) posrs, polcs, srandnrds, stays, slruls, bracke~s,runnels,
culverts or any ollier conlrivance For carrying, suspending
or suppor~ingsuch lamps, gas-pipes or elcclric wires in or
upon any irnmovnblc properry:
Provided [hat such pipes, wircs, posis, polcs, s~andards,
slays, s~rurs,brackcrs, runnels, culverts or orher cnnlrivancc
shall be so placed as Lo occasion as li~lledamagc. detriment.
inconvenicncc or uuisnncc 10 any person as ihe circun~s~ances
Tlrc Holi-rrrh Mroliciprrl Cur pomtin~zAct. 1980.
IWcsl Bco. Act

Fire prcvenlior~and Iirc safcly

Amngc- 172A. On [he coming inlo forcc uf thc Wcsl Bengal Fire Senvices IV,,, B ~ ~ ,
Inclil lor fin: 1950.
prc\.c~~rion Acl, 1950, i n any nrc:k within ~hcjurisdicrionof [lie Corporarion, [hc
and firc Corporalion shall. in ronsul~arionwill1 tlie Direclor of Firc Scwiccs or
sakiy. any orliccr ilulhoriscd by him ia [Itis belialr by general or special: ordcr.
requirc 111c owner or 111roccupicr o f all or any nf rhc prc~nisesin such
arch LO make, or lo carry, sucli arraiigcmc~~~s us may be uecessary For
Iirc prcvenlion and fire safcly in such ;ma. and issue a firz safery
cenificale on . F U C ~condilions as the Stare Governmenr Inxy prescri bc
from r i m e ro lime.
E.~pIrt~crrion.-"Ilircc~oror Firc Services'' shall mean rhc Dircc~rlr
of Fire Services rererrcd lo in clnuse (e) of section 3 of lhe WCSIUcngal
Fire Services Acl, 1950.


Usc oC land 173. No person shall use any piccc or Iiirld as a s i ~ efor errciian of
Tor crecrion
or new i~new cxcepl in accordance with the provisions of this Act and
building. of the rules and he rcgulaliuns madc under [his Acl i n relo~ionto such
ereclion of building.

Applicnlion 174. Every persol1 rvlio inlends In crccl u building shall apply for
Tor sancriun
Cor crccrion suncliotl by giving t~oticein tvrilif~gor his intcnlion 10 [he Commissioner
or building. in sucll form and conraining suul~infomiation or docurnenl as may bc

175. The Commissioner shall sanclion Lhc ereclion o r building

ordinarily wiihin a period o f sixly days ui~lcssany Fi~rrberinformalion
or document be called for or sailclion bc rrrused in rbe meantime on such
grounds as ]nay be prcscrihcd:
Provided lhnt a provisional snnclion may be given lor [he erection
of a building for rhe use of which a liccnce or pem~issioliis requircd
from any depnrrmenr nT Govcrnmcnt or starulory body undcr any law
far the iirne being in rorce in accordance villi such proccdurc ns may
bc pr~scribcd:

X I A war inrcrlcd by s. ?(I91 or rhc \ilcsl B c n p 1 Municipal C<>rponlion
LAWS (Amcndmcn~)ACI. 1995 (WwrR c n . Act XVll of lYl.5).
Provided lurthcr that i T i~ appears to the Cornmissioncr t11n1 the sire
of [he proposcd building is likely 10 be afrec~edby ;my scherne or
ncquisiliol~uF land Ibr :my public purpose or by any proposcd regular
linc o r public street or cx~cnsion.irnprove~nenr,widening or a[tcrntin~l
of any streel, the Commissioner may withhold sanclion lo the erec~ion
of [he building for a period tlot excecding cighl months.

'175A. (1) Nolwithsranding anytbiug cor~aincdin this Aclal. in any Bilr~o

mher law Tor Ihc time being in force, will1 erred from tlic dale o f c o r n j ~ ~ g
inlo forcc o r Lhc Howrnh Municipal Corpora~ion(Arrlcndnlclil) Acl, in ccnain
1990 (hereinaner rcrerrcd 10 in [his seaion as ttie snid Acl) and Inr a ~~~~~'
period of one year from such dart: (hcrcinafter referred 10 in this sccdon pried-
as ~ h said
c pcriod). no person shall apply Tor sanction of any plau LO erect
a building cxcccding ~hirleenand a ball- mclrcs in hcighr.
(2) Any application for sntlcdon or any plan to erecl a building
cxcccding Lhirlcen and a half ~netresi n height, submilred by any person-
(a) bcforc the coming inro force of rhc snid Acr and lying
pending Tor such s~u~ctiaii on d ~ dare
e o r coming inlo force
o f the said Acr, or
(b) a1 any Iimc during the said period, shall srilnd rejected
(3) Any pcrson, \vhose applic;ltio~~ for sni~crioiiof any plan ro crecl
a building cxcccding thineen and a hnlr mctrcs i l l heigtil stands rejccled
under sub-scclion (2), may apply afresl~for such sancrion in accordanac
with the provisions or this Acl a t ~ dthe rules madc thereunder on thc
expiry of the said pcriod.
(4) Any Tce paid by any person Tor sanction of any plan ro crccl a
buildiug excecding l h i ~ e e nand n 11alTmelrcs in height, rhe npplicalion
for ~vliicbslands rcjcctcd under sub-seclion (7). shall, at his oplior~.bc
rcfunded to him or ndjuslcd towards the fee pnynblc by him for f r e d
application for such sanc~ionundcr sub-seclion (3).
(5) Nolwidlstanding nnylhing contained in the loregoing provisions
of this scc~ion,[he Slare Govcrnmcnt may, if i t considers ncccssary or
expedieni so l o do in [be public intcrcsl, by nolificarion. exernpl any
applicalion Iar sanclion of any plan rronl thc opcr;rrion of the provisions
of this secrion.
E.rpIrrnnrion.-For the purposes o r this scclion, the expression "to
crcct a building" shall have the sarne rnraning ns in sub-secrion (1) or
\Vcsl Ben. section 390 o r the ?IKolkara] Mu~~icipal Corpornlinn Act, 1980.
Acl LIX of
'Scclion 175A wns il~scric~l
by c . 2 urth.: Ho*~*r;~h
Municipal Uor1)oralion(Arnsndn~cnr)
Acr. 1990 (Wcsl Bcn. ACI 11 of 1'11)U).
[West Bcn. Act '

T c r i d Tor176. ATicr a builrling plan is sanciioncd the pcrson who has given the
ofhu~ldin~. noticc shalt commzltcc work and conipletc the samc wilhin such period
or cxtended period as may bc prescribcd.

OrdcroC . 177. (1) IVhcre rl~ecrcclion or any building o r Ihc execulion of any
or sioppngc work in pursuance thereor has becn co~ntncnced,or is beiug carried on,
or buildings pr has been camplc~cdwithout or conlrary iu [he sanction or in
and works.
conkravenlion or ally oT [he provisions oC his Acl or (lie rulcs aud rhc
regulations nladc hereu under. the Commissioner ]]lay in addidon lo any
othcr actiotl rhal may bc lake11under this Act, makc an ordcr directing
Ihar such erection or wurk shall bc stappcd or demolished or such
nddirion or alreralion therelo be made as the Cornmissioflcr considers
necessary, by thc person n~ wllosc inswnce [he erection or rhc work has
been commenced, or is being carricd on, or has been cornplcrcd:
Providcd [hat no order undcr this provision shall be madc unIess such
person has bcen givcn a reasonable opportunily of being heard in
nccordancc wilh such procedure as may be prescribed.
(2) The Commissioncr may make an ordcr under sub-sec~ion(1).
nolwirl~standing~ l l eiacr thnr !hc asscssmeul or-such buildi~ighas been
made Tor thc levy of the '[properly lax] ralc on lands and buildings.

(3) Any person nggrievcd by an order or [he Cornmissioncr made

undcr sub-sectinn ( 1 ) may, within thirty days from the dale OF the order,
prcfer an appeal against the order to thc Municipal Building Tribunal
appoinred undcr r t ~ i sChapler.
(3) NO court shall have jurisdiclion in ally mnlter for which provision
is made under rhis Chapter for appeal to the Municipal Builditlg Tribunal.
Cunsrmc~inn ?177A. ( I ) Norwi~kslandinganything con~;linedin this Act or ~ h c
of building
in rulcs marlc thereunder or in any olhcr law Tor the lime being in force,
conImvcn- ally pcrson, who, being responsible by himself or by any other person
[ion or thc
provisions uf on hjs bchalf. so consrrucrs or altcmprs to so corlsrrucl or conspires to
~hcAcr or so cotlslrucr any building or addirionat floor or floors oi any building
the rulcs
r~radu in conlruvenlion oFIIie provisions of [his Ac! or the rulcs made lhereundcr
ihcrcundcr. as endangers or i s likely ro cndangrr human life, or any property of the
Corpuralion \vhcreupon the warcr-supply, drainngc or sewerage or [he
road lraffic is disrup~rdor is Iikely lo be disrupted, or is likely LO causc
a tire hnmrd, shat I be pi~nisliablewilh inlprisonnlen~or either description
for n ler~nwhich rnny cxtznd Lo five ycars and also with l i n t which may
extend to fiTiy thousand rupees.

'Scriion 177A w.u uiscrrcd by s. 2 u r i l ~ cHownh Municipal Corpor~rion(Amcndrncn~)

Act. 19W (iVcsi Acn. Ac! XL of 1993).
LVIII or 1980.1

E~~~1nrrrrriorr.-"Person"shall include an owner. occupier, lessee.

pronloler or Ilnancier, or a servaiil or agenl of an
morlagee, co~~sullaiil,
.. owncr. occupier, lessee. mortgagee, co~~sulla~it. promoler or financier.
who supervises or causes Ihe co~istructio~iof any building or additional
Roor or floors of ;lay building as afol-esaid.
(2) Thc orfence undcr sub-sccrion ( I ) shall bc cognizublc and lion-
:!or 197.1. bnil:tbl~ ~ U h i nthe meaning o r rile Code o r Crimin:ll Proccdurc, 1973.

(3) Whcre an ofrcncc under sub-seclion (1) has been commirted by

a company. evcry person who, at thc limc thc ofrcncc was commirted.
wax in charge or, and rvus rcsponsiblc ro, ~ h cornpimy
c for [he conduct
of the business 01the company, as well as thc company, shall he deemed
to be guilly or ~ h orrcnce
c and shall be liable lo be proceeded againsl
and punishcd accordingly:

Provided [hat norhing contnincd in this sub-section shall render any

such person liable to any punishmenr provided in tllis Acl i l Ile provcs
withoul his knowledge or thar he exercised
th;u thc orrccncc W ~ cornmil~ed

all due diligence to prevenl lIie comrnissio~~

01 such orrcnce.

"Colnpal~y"means a body corporarc, and includes

a firm or other association of individuals; and

(b) "Dircclor", in relalion lo ;r firm, means J. partner in thc firm.

(4) If a person fails to comply will1 a concluaivc order of the

Commissioner or the Tribunal. as the casc may bc, under [his seclion,
the Co~nmissionerlnny himsclr ciiusc thc ordcr lo be carried our and
rccover [he expenses thereof From sucl~person 21s an arcar of lax under
this ACI.
(5) Nolwirhsranding any[hingcnn~ainedin this Chapter, if rile Mayor-
in-Council is o r the opinion Ihi11immcdia~eaclioii is called for in relalion
lo a building or any work being carried O I ~in contravention of r l ~ c
provisions of this Chaprcr, i~ may, for reasons lo be rrcorded in writing,
causc such building or work 10 bc demolished fonhwith.

178. No new building ur n pafl of a new building shali be occupied ~on~p~c[ion

for use unlil and unlcss n certificate of co~npleliono r the building or a
pan of i t has been submitrcd l o the Corporalion.
T11cHo\v,nh M~rtricbcrl Cnrpur-cr/iotlAct, 1980.
[Wcst Ben. Act

l+ollibilinn 179. ( I ) NO pcrsoii slinll viihour any wrirret~ pcrnmission or the

on chn!igc or
1\51. oP; Cornmissioner cbnngc or allow thc cllange or [lie use or any building
buiiding. for ntly purpose ollier ~hanIIiar specified in thc sanclion or caiiverl or
allorv 111e conversion or a lcnemeat undcr a ~)nrric~tlnr
occupancy or use
group ro be a Lcncn~enlundcr analller occupancy or use group.
(2) LI cnsc tlic Co~t~missioner reruscs 10 give such permission he
shall give n reasonitblc oppor~unityof being hcrtrd to the pcrson seeking
(3) Any pcrson aggricvcd by an ordcr of rbe Commissioner under
sub-scctia~i( 2 ) may, witliir~thirty days [corn rhe dale o f lhc order, prcrcr
an appcal before thlr Municipal Building Tribunal.

Power IU 180. (1) If appears l o l l ~ eCornn~isdo~~er

it ;11 any rime that m y
mmll,.alof buildi~~g
is in minous condiriorl nr i s i n any way dangero~~s,
it 11ie
danscrous Commissioner mny by aa ordcr require thc ow~ieror ~ h occupier
c of such
building ro dernotisli. securc or repair such building.
(2) I1 i t appeal-s ro thc Co~~~tnissioner Ihal thc danger from such
buildit~gis i ~ n r n i ~ ~he
c nmay,
~ , bcfore making [he order :IS aforesaid. tnke
such s~cpsas ulny bc necessary lo prevelu thc danger.
(3) I1 Ihc o ~ v ~ ioerrthe occupier of the building docs no1 comply wirll
thc order under [his secrion. the Commissioner shall take such stcp in
relation lo [lie building as may he necessiiry 10 prevenl ally cnusc of
danger therefrom.
(4) A l l expenses inci~rredby [he Commissioner. in rcla~ionl o any
building, under this scctinn slinll bc rccoverablc from the owner or the
occupier ~hcrcof,as the cesc may be, as .m arrear or [ax under this Acl.

Municipal 181. ( I ) The Stale Govemmcn~stiall appoint a Municipat Building

U''ilding Tribunal for Howr:th In 11ear and decide appcals under this Chapter.
Tribunal for
~owmli. (2) Thc Tribunal shill1 consisl o f :I Chairman and two Assessors.
(3) The C l ~ n i n n ~slinll
m be an officer or thc W e s ~Bcngill Higher
Judicial Scrvice Ilaving such expcricnce as rnny bc prescribcd.
l appoin~edby the Slate Govcrn~nent
(4) 011eorlhe Assessors s l ~ a lbe
and the other shaIl be appuinred by thc Cnrporarion:
Providcd ilia1 no Councillor, I* *
* * or officer or employee o r
Ihc Corporalion sIlalI bc appointed as an Assessor.
(5') Tlie Chairman and the Assessors shall be appoinrcd for such
period ant! on such ICI-nlsa ~ l dcvridi[io~~s
;IS Ihc Stale Governmenl may.
by nolifica~ion,speciry.
- -

: "Aldtrlhdn'' wxsoniit(cdby s. 320) ~~Tlhc
\Vat Ucngal Mdnicipal Corpnt~lion
Laws (Amcndmcnr) ACI. 190.5 OVcqt Acn. ACI X V l l or 1995).

(6) The Cl~airmanor thc Tribur~nlshall nppoilll and maintain such

officers aad employees in his es~ablishoieiitand on such lcrrns and
conditions or service as may be prescribed.
(7) Thc business of [lie Tribunal shall bc condr~c~cd in such rnnnlier
as the Prcsideur of the Tribunal mny, lrorn time lo rime, will) [lie previous
approval of rhe Stnrc Govcrnmcn~.dclermil~e.
(8) All expenses or the Tribunal shall be paid o u of
~ the Municipal
(9) No~wiihstandingany~hingconrained in this Chnprcr. the Stale
Government may appoinr lor Howrilh any othcr Municipal Building
Tribunal under any o~hcrlaw in force Tor the time being and such
Tribunal shall excrcisr: polvcrs of ~ h Tribunnl
c under this Clinplel-.

182. The Com~~iissio~ier Inoy, from lirnrro lime and in suc11 rnantler Liccnscd
as may be prescribed, grant liucncc to a persot) lo act as a Licensed Aruhircc~
Building Archilccl or n Liccnsed Building Surveyor for the purp-posc of find
[his Chapter. Building

183. The S l a u Governrncnl nllry makc rules Tor- Mu~iicipal

(a) rcgulntion or rrsrric~iouor [he use of site of the building, Codc.
(b) regulation of fire pro~zc~ion nleasures and slrucrural and
o h e r safeties of lhr: huildil~g.
(c) regulation of conveniences and amet~i~ies in [he building
i n c l u d i t ~ gqualily of malerials, plumbing scrviccs,
workmanship and he like,
(d) regulation o r nrchitcclur:~l designs of b~tildings,nod
(e) regulation or building uses Tor the purpose of r e d .Ice,
hospitals, nursing homes, fac~ories.ware-houses, caling
houses, rheatres, cinernas. commerciul insliru~ions,
educntioual buiIdings and the like.

Prcscrvatiun and Conscrvalinn of Hcrilage B u i l d i ~ ~ g s
'183A. Evcry owner or occupicr of any heri~agcbuilding declared as Oivncr 10
such by ihe Corpuralion shall mainlain, prertervc and conserve il and
shall not changc its usc in contravcntion of rhz provisions of lhis Acl
or llie rules or [he ~ g u l n l i o n smade lllerrunder for its mnintesunce,
prescrvalion or conservalioi~.
'Chaplcr SI!A vnnlainins 3cclinn.i IR3A ro I X3P W;L$ inscrlcd by s. 17 of thc Hownll
M t r n i c i ~ n lCvmrarivn (Amcndrllcn~lACI. 1900 ( \ V c a ~ Ilcn. Acr X I (IT I W Q ) ,
771e Hunwih Mlirl irilrul Curpo~.rrtinrrAci. 191PO. i

[ W e s t Ben. Acl
(Pol? V.-L'ivic X I / ~ I . ~ - P r c s u n ~ r r ~crtld
Scn~icc.~.-'/CI:lll~l)fcr. iu~l
of I-iuritngc Blril~li~r~s.--Sec~io~~s IS3U-lf13D.)

E r ~ ~ l n r ~ n r iI.--The
or~ word "main~ain",wilh ils yamrnn~icaluarin~ions
;md cogrla~cexprtssioiis. shell includc f e ~ ~ c i n gcovering,
, repairing,
resioring or cleniising, or doing or ;my act which may bc 1iecess;Iry lor
h e purpose of przscrvil~gor conszrviiig, of, or securing convenienl
~ c c e s sLo. 3 lierila$c huilding. !I.-"Ownci' shall. non\lirhst:mding anything con~uincd
clsewl~ert:in this ACL,i~iclurlc.for thc purposcs of [his clup~er.-
(a) n join( owner of a I~eritagebuilding vesled wil11 lhc power
o f mimngeitIznL hereo or on behnlr of I~ilnszlrand ally olher
join1 owner, or successor-in t i ~ l cof any such join1 owner.
{b) n rnmiager. or L~.usrcc,vcstrd ivi~h[lie po~vcrof managemen!
oCn hcritage buiIdirig. or successor-ill-office of such rnniiager
or [ruslee.

Powcr uf ?1833. Wherc Lhe Curpora~ion.on lhe rrconime~~dadcln of thc Herirage

In dcclarc a Conserv:ttion Conlnlirree 2nd also of the Mayor-in-Council, i s of the
building ;IS n opiniun tlia~any building ill Howrail sllould be prcscn~edand co~ucrvcd
hcriragc for historical. nrchiteclural, environn~z~~ral o r ecolo~icalpurposc, il may
declarc such bi~ildizigas :I heritagc building: -
Provided hut during he period whelk any oroposaI Sor declaring a
building ns a heri1:ige building is under consideration o f [he Hcrirase
Conscrv:~~ionC o ~ n n ~ i l ~orc crhc Mnyor-in-Couucil, no otvrlcr o f stlch
building. or no lessee or sub-Iesscc lo whom such building has bee11
Ici~scdour, shall transfer such building by wny of sale, leiuc or morlgage
wilhoul thc prior approval of ltle Conimissioner.

G ~ l d n ~ i oorn ?183C. Thc gmdniion or ;I hcrilage building according 10its historical,

building. or evolagicaI purpose shall be such ;IS may
ilrchirrclural, enviraiii~~enlnt
bc prescribed.

?183D. (1) Thc Mayor-in-Council shal I conhrirule a Cominiitec 10be

called r l ~ zHcrilage Cunservalion Cornmil~eewith he Comrnissioncr as
ils Chairtnan aiid an orficer or lie Corpomlion ils ils Convenor.
(2) The Colnmir~eeshell have. in nddirion Lo h e Chairman and lhe
Convenor. seven uther ~ncmhersor who~n-
(a) one shnll be 3, flornioee o!' the '[Kolkata] Mclropolilun
(b) one shnll be thc Direc~orof[lie Dcparlmenl of Arcl~acolagy,
Gavernmctlt 01 Wesr Bcngal, or his nornincc,
(c) one shall be an cminenl arclii~rcr,
-- --
'Src laol-nolc 1 on pagc 489, O I I ~ ~ .
'.Tcr, Cool-nolc I on pagc 4Sq,urtlt..
'Scc ~OOI-norc 2 on page 317, u~rrc,.
(d) one shall bc :In artisr.
(c) one shill1 bt: an environmenrnlist,
(f) one sliall bc a historian. and
(g) otie shall bc the ChieF VnIuer and Survcyor of the
(3) The Commiliee niay co-op1 one person to bc ~~orniiintcd
by the
concerned dcparlment of Ihc Slale Governmeilr wl~iledealing wirh any
land or building undcr the tnanagerncnt of [he said dcparlmenl.
(4) Thc Corn~nittee shall, in accordance w i ~ h(he provisions of this
Act and the rules and lhe regulations made thereunder, scrutinize every
applicarion or proposal for declarat ion of a building xq a hheri~agebuilding,
and recommend ro. and also advise, r l ~ eMayor-in-Council in respcct or
[he preservation and conservntion of such building as a heritagc building.
( 5 ) The Commillcc shall meel a1 such periodical interval as may be
de~crminedby ~ h Mayor-in-Council.
(6) The Commissioner shall. in the case of cmergency. rake such
measures as may be necessary for [be prescrv:~tion and conserv:~tionor
a herjtagc building, provided thar such measures s h ~ l bc l rcquired to be
approved by ~ h cHerilage Conscrvatioo Co~ninirtccnt ils ~neeting.

'183I5. The Herilagc Conservarion Cornmiltee sl1a11 havc he power P~,V,, ,d

LO funcuonindependcn~lyfor [he purposc or preservatiun, conservarion r~nr1ion~ur
and mainlenance of heri~agebuildings in so far as such power does nal c~~,,,,.
orrend any other provisions of lhis Acl or [he rules made ll~ereunder
relaring 10 conslruclion or use of building:
Provided [hat for erect ion or re-erection in a heritage bui ldirig or parl
thereor. or lor resloralion of any heritage building to its old shape, design
or beiuly in the cnsc a l unlawful demolition. or for making any change
or internal or cxlcmal wall. strucrural palten), floor, roof, interinr or
exterior architcclural floor, facadc or skyliue, or Tor any other change.
of a hcritagz building, the provisions of Chaplcr XI1 of [his Act and the
rules made lhereunder shall apply ~~lrrra~is ~~irrrrrrrllis.

'183F. Subject lo the orher provisions of lhis Acl. the Corporation po\ o f
may acquire. purchase or hkc on lease any hcritlegc building fur ihe
purpose or preservatio~~
and conserva~ionrhcrcor:
rake on Ic.~sc
Providcd [hat in the case or n heritage building declared as such Ibr ,lcri,ngc
the purpose of preservsltion and conservation ns rcquired undcr sub- building. . .

clause (ii] o f clausc (a) of sub-secdon (4) or secrion 31 or 111eWest

WCSIHC~. Bengal Town and Cou~ltry(Planning and Developmcnl) Acr, 1979, thc
Acr X l l l or
1979. approval or the concerned deparlmen~of the Slare Gover~ir~lent shall be
[.'irt- roo!-nolt 1 on pacc 489, orltr.
Tile IIo~vrflhMlo~ir~pcxl
Act, 1980.

[ W a l Ben. Act '

Tnnsfcr nT '1113G. When rhe orvner of any hcrilagc building is no1 willing 10 prcsente or uunservt. ;my l~erilagebuilding. thc Comrnissioncr tuay, for
the lhe purpose of acquisjtio~lor such heritage buiIdi11g by agrcemenL ar:d
purposc of on the rzcorninendatiorl of ttlc Heritage Conservil~ionCommirtee and
atquisiriorl wi{h rhc approval of rllc M a y n r - i n - t n i ~ n c i l .allo\v ihe ~ransferof right
agrccrncpr. of dcvelopment of such heritage builditlg, which shall be I~eritablcand thc o w ~ ~ofc rsuch heri~agebuildinu, in such manuec, ;u~d
subject to such conditions, as may bc prescribed.
L.~plonorionI.-"Developrncnr" shall have the same meaning as in
clausc (7) of sec~ion2 of the Wesl Bcngal Town and Counlry (Planning ivcsr Den. , .

arid Dcvelopmenr) Ac!. 1979. n c XIII

~ or - . ,
E.ylrtnurior~Ii.-"Righ~ or devcl~prncn~ of such hcri tage building"
shall mean [he r i g h ~01 develop men^. in thc prescribed manncr, 01such
potcnlials as tnay be available i n respec1 o i sucli hcri~agebuilding on
a plol OF Innd differen1 From tile land and building comprising rhc
hcriiagc building but in the same ward 01 the Corporiuiot~.
Righr or
.WCC5S 10 '183H. Subjcct lo such rules or regulations as may be n ~ a d cunder
ierirngc lhis Act, evcry person shall l~ilvzrllt: riglir or access lo any herilage
building building acquired by thc Corporation.
xquircd by

Suh-ICJSCfll' '1831. Thc Corporation shall have ll~eright lo allow h e lronsfer of

building. right of development lo the lessee of a herilage building where the
unexpired period of the term of leasc is Tur 90 years. and la lake the
hcriragc building on sub-lcilse by agrecmenr, if lhefc is provision Tor such
sub-lease in ihc deed execuLed bclweed the owner and [he Irssee. provided
tltal Ihe queslion of payment of prcmium or renl in such casc lo ~ h owncr
shall nol, nolwidista~~ding any agreemcnr in fhis bchalf, arise. and if thc
owncr as confirming par& lo the agreement waives ihe righl 10receive
:my rurrlier paymen[ or such premium or rent.

Pcnnissio~i '1835. IF the Corporation considers rl~arit is necessary 10 acquire any

dcpanmcnt building dcclxcd as il heritage building for lhc purpose or preservation
or Srm and consen~n~ion 3s required under sub-clause (ii) of clause (a) of sub-
Governnlcnr sec~ion(4) orsection 3 1 orthe W e s ~
Bcngal Turvn :lnd Col~n~ry(PIanning
arquisi~inn and DevcIopmcnl) Aa,1979, by agreement or under rhe h n d Acquisilion
u r 1894.
of hcrir;lge Act, 1894, pern~ission or the concerned departmen[ of rhc S r a ~ e I
Govcn~rncntshall be lakcn befare such acquisiiion.
Po~vcr(0 '183K. I f the owner of a hcri~agcbuilding enters into an agreement
cxtnrp\ c a t s
nnd lanrs, wilh the Corporation 10 maintain, preserve and conserve such hcrirage
UICon building pmperly a1 his ow11 expenses. the Corporation may, in such
hcri~a~c c x e , exempi tvholly or parlly 11le uurnerof such herirage build~ngfrom
payment of rates or taxcs or rces for supply of water or any olhcr charge
in rcspect of such heriiage building.
'Sce roo[-nu~c I rln pagc 184,mrtc
I183L. ( I ) The Cort~inissioncrmay. pending acquisilion of a herilagc Asrccnicnl
with uwncr
building by he Corporation under tllis Act and rvi~hthe approval of llle hcrir;,gc
Mayor-ill-Council, propost to the owner of sucl~heritage building to tluilding
e n k r illlo an agreemen1 with the Corporation for a specified pcriod Tor ncr,uisi,inn,
the niaintenance of such heri~agebuilding.
(2) The agreement as albrcsnid may providc for aIl or any of the
lollowing mar1ers:-
(a) nii~intenanceof the 1icrit;lgc building by ~ h owner
c or by any
oil~erperson willing lo 111ainlain [he said heritage building;
(b) cusrody of the heritage buildin: and the duties of lhc perso11
who may be ernploycd to rvarch it;
(c) tlic rcstricriorls on [he owncr's rigllc-
(i) lo use the heritagc building for any other purpose
delrin~enralto ils conservation,
(ii) to chargc any ree lor enrry into, or inspection of, thc
hcrirage buildi~ig,and
(iii) to build on or ]]ear the silt of the heri~agebuilding.

'183M. (1) The Commissioner may receivc veluulary conlributions

towards Ihe cost ofmainlaining any heriragc building and may ziveordcr
contriburion !
and I
as 10 the ~aanagementand applicalio~~ or such contribulions for thc agrzcrncnt
purpose of prcacrvnlion and conservalion or such herilage building. with any
(2) Subjcct Lo lhe approval of the Mayor-in-Council, the orgnnlsarlon. !
pcnon nr
Commissioner may enter into any ilgreemeru with any pcrson or valun~ary cilmpany.
orgnnisarion or company, whclhcr incorporated a r nor, willing to preserve
and conserve any h e r i ~ a g cbuilding on such lcrms and condilions as thc
Commissioner may dc~crmiae.
I183N. (1) IT the Conin~i>sioncr.on receipt OF any inrormation, is Taking over
s;itislied rhar the owner of3hcritage building Fails Lo presemeor conserve managclncn~
and uonirnl
rhe heritnge building, ~ h Commjssioner
c may, when the Rerilage building of hcrilagc
is vncnnl and ~lflerhearing the owner. by ordcr in wriling. lakc ovcr the building.

management and control of sucll heri tagc building for [he purpose oT
preservariali and conservalion lhereob suspending the r i g h ~or Lhe owner
to transfer such hcriwge building for zl maximum period or five years,
subjec~ro ilcquisilion eirher by agrccmcnt or under the provisions of the
1iI . Lzlnd Acquisition ACI, 1894.
(2) The Commissioner shall thereafter notify Lhe herilage building
Tor leuing it out by agrecmenl ro any person as lenant for the purpose
as aforesaid. ;lad the owncr shall be entillcd lo an amounr cqunl 10 thc
reasonable lelting value of the heriiage building as reiir less [he cosl on
account of preservation and conservation or the heritage building.
[West Ben. Acl
(Part V.--Civi~.Selvices.-'[Clrup~er XIIA. /-Prcsersctfir~~~
Cotrsen)ulion of Herirnge B~tilrli~rgs.-Sccfio~rs
1830, 183P.-
r i n ~ i~85.)
C l 1 r t j ~ ~ ~ ~ r ' X I I I . - B u s 1 c c s . 4 c c184, s

iv hen'" '1830. IT rhe Corpora~iondecidcs Ihal ilny llerirage building has

llcrilagc ceased lo be o l public inrerrs~o r 113s lost i ~ simporlnnce for any reason
ccnscs 10 be whnlsoever. ir may, with llie approval of rile S t a e Govcrnmen~,declarc
I~cri~ngc !fiat such lieririige building has ceased 10 be a hcrilage building far Ihe
purposes of this Acr.
'163P. ( I ) Any person who destroys. re~novcs.alters, defaces or
misuses any heritagc building or docs any nti. or abcLs in d ~ rcorn : tnission
thercof. in c o n ~ r a v e n ~ ior i provision o r [his chap~cror ~ h rules
o ~any c or
the regulations made thereunder. shall he punishablc wilt) rigorous
ilzlptisoor~ientIbr a t e r m which nlrry cxrend ro three years a l ~ dalso with
fine which (nay cxtend la tirly hausand rupecs and, in delaul~,with
furher rigorous in~prisonmentTor six rnanlhs.
(2) Any courl convjcring any persol) under this seclion shall, by
ordcr, direcl suc11 pcrsou lo restorc he hcri~agebuilding 10 ils former
shnpc and beauly aL his c o s ~ and . any [ai'ailurc 10 cornply wiib such ordcr
shall bc deelncd lo be n continui~igoffence and such person shall bc
punishablc wilh an addilionaI linc of rupces Lwo hundred and fihy for
cvery dny during which such contnvcnriot~or failuce continues after
conviction for thc firs1 such conrrave~~~ion.
E.r~~ln~rafiur~.-For lhc pu rpclses or !his section, "person" shall include
an owaer, occupier, Icssee. mortgngcc, consul ran^, promoler or financier
who supewiscs or causes ereclion, dcsrruc[ion, retnoval, deracement or
misusc of ally heritagc building.


Puwcr or 184. Thecorporation may dcline the external lirnirs orany brrsrer. and
10 dcfinc and may from time lo rirne alter such lirnirs.
nIfcr limiloi
Power al 185. (1) The Corporntio~~ may, with the approval of [he Stale
lo prcp>rC
Governmcnl, prepare and cxecurc improvcrnenl scheme Tor the purpose
?nd c v c c l ~ ~ c or cffecting e\~vironmeulalor general improvemcn~of braleus. Such
Imprnvt- scheme may provjdc for wnlcr-supply, sanilntion, pathways, lighdng and
scllcmt< o l the likc.
~ 1 1 . 5 1 ~ ~ ~ .
(2) N o ~ w i t h s t a n d i n g nnyrhing contained hereinbefore the
Com~njssionermay, for reasons of e~lvironrnenlalsanilalion, cause the
following works lo be executed in any bra~c*e:-
(a) Sinking of mbcwells inside a hrrstcr including laying of
warer-pipe lincs, ins[nllalio~~ 01 overhcnd reservoirs and
other appunenances aeccssary lo maintian flushing ror pprjvics
and sewers.
(b) Laying 01 drains and diversion of existing drains.
(c) Conversion of service privics illlo connecred privies or septic
rank privics.
(d) Removal of solid or liquid ivastcs from [he b ~ a r e e includiiig
removal of silt from sewers, slurlge from scptic ~ a n k sor
clcatlsing of squuting plalfor~ns.
(e) Repair work relndng to ally of thc above acrivi~ics.
186. If. aL any lime, il beconles ncccssary lo acquirc the right of uscr ,,,,p
in any land i l l or arou~ld any Dirr~ee lor the purpurc or erfecti~rg ~ i ~ u ~ ; ~ f l
improvemenr. thc Corporalion shall Ibllow such procedure as may bc nci,, ,,f
prescribed: iiscr i i I:tnd
in or nruund
Provided thal the colnpensation pajF;lbleto any pcrson whose right nbrrsrcr.
of enjoymcn~ in such land h:is bccn prejudicially elected by such
acquisilion shall bc cnlcula~edat lei1 prr ccrll, o r thc markel value of
sucll land on the date the Cnrporil~iondeclares its intention lo acquirc
such righr.

187. Subject ro thc provisions of thc '[Kolkala] Tlriku Tcnancy Act, Silnc~io~loT i
1949, thc Corporation itiay sanclion building plans-submilled by n rllikn plans i
tellan1 fur [he purpose of pzrrnanent construcrion in thc nnlure of snbmil[cd by
renovs~ions,addirions :~ndal~eraliolisto and conversion or [be exisling fllikn
lluts into pucca slructurcs :~ndalso for construc!ion of new structures
undcr such building regulil~ioualld upnl1 payment of such rccs as may
bc determined by thc Corporalio~iby regulation:
Provided that a lay-out plan of a hrr.~reeo r such suhstanlinl
unfrngmcn~edpotlion ~hcrcofas is in actual occupation o r Ihc 111iJ;rr
tenam or a group o r 111ikt1tenants occupyirlg conliguous parcels or lai~ds
in rerrns of Ici~veand liceilcc granted by the landlord has been prcpurcd
and suhmirted to the Corporation lo indicnlc thc exisling arrangcments
of h u ~ sslreets,
. pathways, drains and other colninon F;lcili~iesalong with
the propnwcd alterations and rnodiLcalions thercto.

Solid Wasles

188. (1) For [he purpose of securing erhcielil scnvenging and cleansiag ~ull<ction,
of all streets. public places and premises in how rat^. tlie Corporurion ~ m ~ ~ ; ~ l ~ ., n... d.. ,.
disposal or
shall underrake the function oicollec~ion,rcrnovnl nrtd disposal o r solid solid wifi~Lc,
. . .

(2) All nlarrers dcposiled in public rcccplacles. depols and placcs
provided or appointed by ~ h Corporarion
c For collcctiol~of solid waslcs
shall bc the properly of [lie Corporution.
Tl~cHlowrah M~ir~icipn! Acl. 1980.

[West Ben. Acl

(Port V.-Civic Senircs.-Cl~ol~re,.XV.-I~~.~/)er.!iorr and regrt/u~iorrof

is.c.7 ntrd offilctol-iar.~t,ork-.~I!o~~.t -
nt![Iplncilr oJpr I blic rc*~~o)?.
S ~ ~ c ~169.)

(3) Thc Corpcl:ation may, by regulation. specify dlt: du~iesof ihc

owncrs or occupiers of Ihc przn~isesin lie maltcr of collecrion or solid
lvasres and dillereor provisions may be made for premises in difrercn~
lypes or occuputional uses.
(4) The Corpo~niianshill provide vchicles or alhcr suitnblc rnrdns
for removal of solid rvasles.
(5) The Corpornrion shall provide of appoini in proper : ~ n dcon-
public recepl;~cles,dcl;ols and placcs for lhe temporary
deposil of solid ivastcs including rubbish, carcasses and orhcr olfcnsivz
(6) The Corporatiuu may dispuse orthc solid wastes In such manner
as may bc approved by [he Slale Governmcnl and a! such place within
or ourside H o ~ v r i ~ash i~ co~~siders
Providcd that n o pli~cewhicli has no1 becn used beforc lhe commencc-
mcnt or t h i s Act for [hc purpose or disposal of solid rvasles shall be so !
used excepl in conformi~ywith the provisions of ~ h West
c Bengal Town \VCS~B~~.
Act Xlll or
and Counlry (Planning and Dcvelopmeiit) ACI. 1979. 1'179.
(7) Nol~virhstwdingany~hingro the conlrary conraincd i n nny other
law in force for the limc being, no rnelhor or othcr employee o f the
Corporrtrior~ who is en~ployed lo remnve or n[her\vise 10 deal with
wilhoul giving rhc Commissioner
difrerenl kinds of solid waslcs st~:~ll.
any noricc of his inlen~ionso to du or without the permission of the
Commissioner. wilhdrnw from his dulies.

lnspcclion and rcgulatbn of premises and of factoria,
work-shaps and places ol public rcsort.

189. I[, Tor any reasou, a n y building or porlion of a building, intendcd

For, or uscd as. a dwelling place appears to the Co~nmissionerlo be
unfil for human hilbitniion. he may. if he considers 111ar the building
or the portion thercoi can he nlrered lo n ~ a k ci t f i t for human hnbira-
[ion, by at] order in rvriling require [he urvtler of such building to make
such alleralions in the building or the porlio~lthereof us he thinks
necessary ~vithina pcriod specified in rhc order, wl~ere[he Commissioner
considen rhal rhz building ar the portion thrrcof cannot hc so nllered
as 10 ~nrtbcit fil for human habitation or where Lhe building or the porlion
lhercof is not so allered as required by rhc Commissioner, the
Co~nmissioncrsIl:lIl ~ a k scu c h steps us may bt: ~ieccssaryro enrurce such
LVIII 01 1980.1

- 190. (1) No person shall, without the previous permission of the Wnrchousc
Commissioner, '[and subject to ~ h cpayrncnr o r such rccs ;~smay be ~~~~~~ bc
de~ennincdby regula~ions,es~ablish]or ma~erialIyaller, enlarge or exlend cslablishcd
the use of any premises as n wnrchousc or godown or Tor ruuning a goods Fmishic,n,
transport business either by his ow11carriers or by arrange men^ wit11 1t1e
orvners of such uarrims.
(2) The Cornmissioncr may rcluse to givc such pcrmission o r impost
such condition as it thinks fit, iT in his opi~lionSLICII 11sc would bc
objectionable due to ~rafficcons~rain~s in the vicinily o r such premises
or illadcquaoy of spncc lor parking o r vchiclcs or londirlg or unloading
o r goods; or would constirurc a firc hnzard or othcl- nuisance.

191. (1) No person shalI, without [he prcvious writren pcrrnission of Ficlory, crc..
rhc Commissioner '[and subject to 111epayment of sucll fees as may be ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ c
delermitied by regulations] establish in any premises, o r materially aller, crc., ivirhrluL
cnlargc or cxlend, any ractory or work-shop or work-place in which ii or
is inrended ro employ srenm, electricity, w a ~ c ror othcr mechanical ?O1lllllis-
(2) The Commissioner may, in :~ccordnnccwirh such rcgula~ionsas
may be madc by thc Corporation, r c r ~ ~ ro s c givc pcrmission under sub-
section (1) if he is of opinion [hat ~heesl;lblisli~nent,
aIteration, enlargement
or extension of such ractory, work-shop or work-place in 111eproposed
position would be objeclio~~able
by reason of the density of the popula~ion
in tbc ncighbourhood thcrcor or would be nuisnncc to thc inhabitants
of the neighbourhood.

192. (1) No person shall, wilhout or otherwise than in conrormiry Euring-

will, [he [errns o r a [icence granted by the Commissioner in [his bchnlr, .a.:i:;y:k
keep any eating-house, tea-shop, holel. boarding house. bakcry, aera~ed uscd willlout
licencc Iron1
water factory, icc kctory or othcr p1:ct: whcrc rood is sold or preparcd ,-,i,.
[or salc. sioncr.

(2) The Cornmissioncr may at any timc cimccl or suspcnd any liccncc
granted under sub-seclion (1) if 11eis oropinion that Ihe premiscs covcrcd
by il are 1101 kepl in conformity with the tcrrns or such liccnce or [he
provisions orany rules and regularions. relaling lo such premnjses, whether
the liceuce is proscculed under [his Acr or not.
'Tlic ivr.urtLs wirhin tllc souarc bnckcls \vcrc subsli~u~cd
for thc word "usc" hv s. 10
or rhc Hownh Municipal ~orponlion(Sccond Alncndl~icnr)Acl. 1991) (Wcsl ~ f n Act .
XXIX [9'H),
T h c words wi~hinrhc squarc bnckcts wcrc inscrrcd by s. I I. ibid.
[Wcst Dcn.Act

Liccking 193. No pcrson shall. withour or othrrivise than i l l c o ~ ~ f o m i with

and corlrrol
o i thcnrrcs. the lcrms of n licence grat~iedby the Con~n~issioner
in lhis behalf, keep
circuscs and
placcs of
open any Illtarre, circus, cincma-housc, dancing hall or othcr similar
public place of public resorl. rccreatio~lar amusemcnt:
Provided thnl this seclion shall 1101i~pplyto privnre perrormilnces in
any suct~place.

Poivcr of 194. I1 thc Comn~issioncris of opinion that ally eating house, lca-
sioncr lo shop. hotcl, boarding house. bakcry, aeraed water Fac~ory,ice L~ctory
stop rjsc or or olhcr place ~ybercrood is sold or preparcd for sale or any lhcarre,
whcn uscd circus, cinema-hause, dancing hdl or similar other place of public resarr,
wiihnul or recrenlion or lrmuserncnl as rl~ecasc may be, is kept open withou~or
tllnn ill olherwise lhan i n conrormily wirll lhc lerins or n licence gri~nledundcr
\rnilh r c m s seclion 193 he may by an ordcr in writing stop r l ~ euse of any such
uT liccncc. prcmises for any such purposr: for such period as may be specified in
[he ordcr after recording reasons or such opinio~l:
l such order shall be made unril [he liccnsec or other
Providcd ~ h a110
pcrson keeping thc premises so ope11 has been given an opportunity or
being heard.

Prcmiscs 1101 '191A. No person shi~lluse ally Innd or prcmises for kccpillg horsc,
lo hc uscd
Tor kccpi~lg c w l e or other quadruped animals a r birds for transponalion. sale or hirc
aniilli11s. or lor sale of he producc thereor wi~houtor othcnvise than in couformily
birds, clc.
ivilhou~ with the terms of a licelice granted by thc Co~nmissioneron paynlenl
liccncc. of such fees as may be determined by thc Corporarion by regutations:
Providcd ha^ the rccs shall not exceed,-
(a) in the case or any race horse, four hundred rupees ;~nntinlly;
( b ) in Ihe case of any animal, olher than n race horsc, or bird.
one liundrcd rupees irnnually.

'193n. (1) IT nny horse. cattIe or other lour-fooled animal or bird is

kept 011any land or prcmises ill convavention or the provision of srclion
191A or is found roaming or lcthered on any srreei or public place or
on any land belonging to the Corporation. lhe Commissioner or any
employee or lhc Corporation nu~hodsedby him in [his behalf may seize
such horsc, catlle or four-foo~cdanimal or bird and cause it to be
impounded or reinovcd lo, or rnuin~ai~ied ill, such place as may be
'Scc~ionsLYlA lo 19JE x v c c ~111scrrcdby s. 12 of lhc I,lowraIi Municip~lC~>rpunrion
r ) 1Y5)U (\Vr.rl I3cn. Acr XXlX or 19901.
(Sccond A n ~ c n d l l ~ c nAcr.
T11eHowralr MLrnichipnlCorl~orn~iorr
Act, 1880.

(Prtrl \'.-Civic Services.-Cltnprrr XV.-l~ryccriotl U I Ircprlrr~io~r

~ of

prutttis~snrrri UJfncrories ivurk-rlrops arrd l~lacesof p~rblicImesolml.-
IBIC, 194.U.)

appoin~edby [he S h l e Gover~lnlcnlor lhc Corporalion for this purposc;

and tlie cost of such seizure and impounding or relnoviiig and mainrcnance
as aforesaid sllall be recovcrablc by sale of such horsc, callle or four-
rooted imimal or bird by nuclion:
Provided thal any person cluirnir~gsuch horse, catllc or rour-roored
animal or bird may within scvcn days of sucli scizurc get it released on
his paying all [he expcrlscs incurred by !lie Cclrpornrioll ill seizing,
impounding or removing or ~nnin~nining such horsc, cnlllz or four-fooled
animal or bird and on his produciiig such evidence ill support of his
claims as ~ h cCommissioner may thi~tksulficienl.
(2) The proceeds of salc or any horse. ca~tteor four-fooled :tnimnl
or bird by auction under sub-srclion (1) shall bc npplicd in meeling [he
expenses incurrcd on account of scizurc, impounding or removal, and
niajnlenancc of such horse. c a ~ l eor ro~~r-fooled animal or bird and of
holding such sale; and [he surplus, if any. shall be held in dcposit by
lhc Commissioner and shall, if nor claimed by !he owner of such horse.
caltIe or four-fooled animal or bird wilhiii a period or nincly days from
the dale o f sale, be crcdilcd ro [he Municipal Fund.

'194C. Thc Corporalion may, by rcgulalions lnrrde in [his hehalf,- Rcgislraticln

and cun!ri~l
(a) require the regisrra[iou to be donc aT all dogs kepi within ordo~s.
(b) rcquire that every regislered dog shnll wear a collar 10 which
shall be at~achedu mela1 token to be issued by the
Commissioncr, and Iix the fee payable fur ~ h issue
c thereof:
n ~ dog which has nor bee11re~isleredor which
(c) require t l ~ any
is no1 wearing such rokcn shnll, i l found in any public placc,
bc detained at a placc scl aparl for h e purpose; and
(d) fix lhe Fee which shall be charged for such dctcntinn, and
providc thnl any stlc11 dog shall be liablc lo bc dzstroyed
or olhcnvise disposed o f unless i~is chimed and [he frc in
respccr thereof is paid witliin onc week fro111 h e date of
such claim.

'194D. The Commissioner may- I'otvcr to

(a) cause io be dcslroycd, or confined for such period ils hc may and r~ihcr
dirtxi, any dog or orher anitnal which is, or is suspcclcd lo
be, suffering rrom rabies, or which has becn bitlen by :lny
dog or other atlimal suffering or suspcc~cdto be suffering
from rabies:
[Wcsi Dcn. Act
-Clzrrp~cr. X V.-ltrxj~ec~iotrnrtrl reg ~ d l cIr~ O I Iof
(Pt1t.1 I/.-Ci~~icSctvice.~.
a d of<rct:.~
prrr~~kcr. of yrrblic rc.~orf.--
Sccriut~I 9q.E -Clrrrprcr- X V1.-Mr1r.X-er.7 r r d Sl~lrrgllfo.-horrsus.-

(b) by public nolice d i m 1 t h a ~after such date as may he specified

in the norice. any dog which is willioul a collar or without
any mark distinguishing ir as n private properly and is round
srraying ou h e slrcct or beyond the e~lclosureor thc house
of j~ own, i f ally, may bedesrroycd 01. caused lo be desrrayed

Po\\.cr 10 '194E. (1) Wlienevcr the Commissioner is or opinion that the ilscr
nui53r?ce of any prcn~isesTor keeping any animal or bird [herein is causing a
Iroln nuisance and Ilia[ such nuisance should i~nmcdiatelybc slopped, the
Comnijssioncr may, by order, rcquirc he owner or the occupier of sach
premiscs to slop such nuisaacc within such period as may be spzcified
in [lie ordcr.
(2) IT, tile end of sucll pcriod, the nuisoi~ceis nor sropped, [he
Cornmissio~~er or ilny other officer autboriscd by him in ~liisbehalf ivay
cause such use olsuc ti premises ro be s~oppcdforrl~wilhby posling police
pickers nr by such orher means ;a he lhinks fit at the cost of silch owner
or occupier.
(3) IT such owner or occupier Joca not deposi~the cosl as aforesaid
within such limc as inay be specified by rhc Commissioner or any officer
aurhorised by him in this heliali or, i T the nuis:ince is not uhated, ~ h c
nuisance sl~allbc slopped by rhc Co~~unissioner or by rhcufficer aurhorised
by Iiim in this beliallind [he cost may bc realised by seizure and auction
or lhe aniclcs or the propcrries found in [he premises.

Markcts and Slaughler-l~ouscs

Power or 195. (1) Tlle Corporalion may own, pi~rcliaseor rake on Ieasc any
,oprllvidc Ia11d or building Tor il~epurpose of esrablishiug nlunicipal market or
and mainrain sInugh~er-houseor srock-yard or improviug any existing municipal
rnnrkc~s. mar kc^, slnughtcr-hause or s11,ck-yard and make provision for [heir
slnuglllcr- tnainlcn;uice.
bnuscs nr~d
s~rrck-~3rd~. (2) The Corporarion may afler giving g e ~ ~ e r anorice
l close any
rnunicipaI inarket or slaugliter-t~oirscorslock-yard or any porlion thereor
;tnd [he premises occupied for m ~ ymunicipal milrket, slaughter-house
or stock-yard or any porlion rherror so closed shall bc vacated by 11ie
orcupallis in accorda~iccwith such nolice.
_ . .. . ... -.... .
. ..
. -
- .....
. r,.

T1lc Hulvrn11Mrlrzicipnl Corporatio~zAcr. 1980.

[Wesl Ben. Act
X VI.-M{rrX.ets otid Slulrghtrr-
(Purr V.-Civic Sen~iccs.--Cj;iq~~er
hurrrcs.-Secliotl 201.-Food mld dr~rgs.-Scc!io~~s 202-206.)

Licenccror 201. NO person shall, otherwise than in conforrnily wirh ;I licence

p ~ u l l r yor Trom thc Cornrnissionrr and othcr provisions as may be made by rcgulalion
flcsh. by rhc Corpor~tionin this bchnli, carry on a rrade of a bulchcr, fish
monger, poultcrer or itnponer or flesh intended for human food or use
of any place rot [he sale o r flcsh, fish or pouluy intended for human

Food arrd drrigs

Prollibi~ion 202. No person shall dircctly or indireclly, himself or by any olher

or salt. CIC.
or person on his behalf, sell, exposc or hawk about ror sale or manuraclure
~ d ~ l r c n ~ c d or store Tor thc prepanrion ol any h o d or drug or Tor sale any food o r
misbnnded dmg which i s adulrerated or misbranded.
r o d or drug,

RcsisIr~lion 203.
Evcry manufactory of mustard ojI. edible oil or edible Tat or glrcc
mnnutaclory, butler wirhin Howrah shall bc regislered by the owner or thc person
in charge thercor iu the office u l the Corporarion in such manner as the
Corporation rniy from time to time direcl. -

Prohibition 204. No person shat l keep in any shop or placc in which milk is stored
adullcnnLc or in any manufacrory, shop or plncc, in which butter, ghee or any othm
in placc milk product or wheal, nour, niuslard oil, lea, edible oil, cdible fa[, sugar
buecr. x~,cc. or grrr i s manufaclurcd or stored, any substance intended to be used Tor
CIC. arc [he purpose of adu1lcr;ltion.
turtd or

Placc of 205. (1) Every place used Tor thc manufaclure. prcparalion, slonge
prcpmlion. or pficking fur sale of any aniclz o r rood or drug shall be open a1 all
crc. forsaic timc ror inspecrion by the oFficers 01thc Corporalion aurhorised in his
ofany drug
or md to bc behall by he Carn~nissionerand such orliccrs shall have thc right to enter
opcn ID inlo such places For such inspeclion al all lime.
(2) I n every place used for manufacture, preparation, storage or
packing for sale of any aflicle of food or drug, such article of food or
drug or any rccepiacle and malerial used Tor such manufacture, prepara-
tion, slonge or packing shall be protected from dusl, flies and other
insecls by such mcasures as may be specified by [he Corporalion in this
bchnl f.

Lircnsingur 206. (1) No person shall keep any shop or placc for relail sale of
hhnps and
pllccs Tor drugs no1 bcing aaicles or ordinary domestic consurnplian wirhour or
retail snlc OT o~hcrwiseLhan in conformiry wirh the lzrms o r a licence grafltcd by [he
l h c Huvmh M~rrriril)olCurl~orcrliotrAcr, 1980.

(7) Evcry person 10\\:horn n t icciice is gmn~cdunder su b-secricln ( I )

in respccr or any shop or place shall display i t in sotne conspicuous part
o f such shop or place.

207. If any manufac~ory01. placc of sroragc or sale o l any ariiclc oC M n n u T ~ ~ r ~ ~ ~

rood is kept in conlravenliun of ~ b cprnvisiorls of [his Chapltr Lhc 0rp'"c"r
srorqc or
Cornmissioncr may causc the snmc lo be closcd. S ~ I Cor fad
k c p ~in
lion of
pryisions o f
thls Chaplcr
may bc
208. I1 sh;lll be [lie duly of [he Corpora~ion10 take such measurcs as ~0,wion
arc necessary for prevznling or chccking [he spread of any dangcrclus Julakc
nlcaFu* rm
discnse i n Howrah or of any epjdcmic disease anlonp any animals prcvcnrfon
[hercin. and
checking or
209. Any person bcing it1 charge of, or in at~enbancc,whethcr as a obIisalinn
mcdical praclidoner or otherwise, upon, any perso11whom lie knows or G~VC
has reasons Lo believe lo be s u r f i n g from a dangerous disensc. shall or~,g,,,,,
10rthw ith givc in formaiion respecling the existence or such discnse ro discmu.
Ihe Cornmissioncr.


210. The Cornmissioncr nr any pcrson nulhorised by hi111 in ihis Powcrof

bchalf may, at any lime by day or by night w i ~ h o unotice
~ or aher giving cO1nmis-
sioncr lo
such no~iccas may in the circums~ancesappear lo him io be rcaso~lablc, i n s ~ c l
inspccr any place in which any dangerous disease is repofled or suspeclcd ""'
lo cxist and take such measures as he may t h i n k fir 10 prevenl thc spread jncaurcs la
of such disense beyond such place atd shall forthwith s u b m i ~a report ~ ~ ~ ~
lo the Slate Government. dangtrous

211. If [he Cornn~issioneror any person authorised by him in [his rowcr nr

behalf is of opinion [ha[ [hc cleaning or disinlccting of nny building or
any part of a building or any arliclc ~hereinwhich is likcly to r c ~ o i n disinlcc~
infcclion or of m y lank, pool or well ildjocellt lo n building is likely lo
prevcnl or check the spread of any dangerous discase. he may cleanse LS-CII.

or disinfect such building or any par1 thcreof, arlicle, lank. pool or well
and lnay by ;l written notice irqui:e Ihe occupier oTsucli building or any
pafl thcreof ro vacale the same Tor such pcriod as, may be specified in
-1. .,-
T11cHoabrcrhM ~ u i i c i l ~ nG'orl~nr-crrintl
l Acr, 1980.

[West Bcn. Acl

212. (1) II be Colnmissio~ieris or the opirlio~irl~althe waler in any

well. ~nrtkor olller place is likely, if used Ibr tiriltking, 10 elldanger or
cause Ihe spread o f any disease. he may, hy public norice, prohibit the
rel~iovalof such wilrcr I'ol. drinking :~ndby nuticc in writing rcql~ircLIIC
owllei- or person hi~vingcoiltrol or s u c l ~wcll, lank or plncc to takc such
s ~ c p s a she may considcr c x p c d i e ~lo~ ~prevznl llie public rrom having
iicuess ro or horn i ~ s i r ~stlch
g ivnler.
(2) ITHowrah or ally o." ir is visitcd or tl~rcetcncdby ;m oulbrcnk
o r any dengcrous discasc, llie Cornrnissiorler may, by public nolice,
rcslricl or prohibil the sale or przpnr;~lio~~ o r any nrlicle o r rood or ([rink
for ln~rnnnconsii~npiion.

Rcgislralion r ) l births and doalhs and dispusal {IT t l ~ cdcad

Rcgisrrxion !212A. Siibjec~10 111e provisio~lsof 1l1e Regisrmtion of Births and

of binhs and
dcakhr. Deaths Act, 1969, the Corporation shall cause regislra~iol~ o r birtlls and 18 or 1969-
~ ~ , exlracrs or
tlearhs laking place within rlie area of he C o r p o r a ~ i o and
i n formarion rherel'rom shall be supplied, on applicariou, ill such form of
a ccrtit'icate, and 011 paymenl of such fee, as may be delerlnined by

'212B. 11 shall hc rhc duty or rhc rarher or ~ h cmnlhcr of every cliiId

born within lhc arca o r ~ h cCorpor;l~ionor, i l l dcliull of thc Ialher or
!tic morhcr, o r any rcl;~~ir)no r lhc child living in !hc snnlc prcmiscs or,
in dcf:lull o r such rcln~ion.or 111c person hhving chargc of ~ h child c to
give, 10 the besl of his or her knowledge and belier, lo the officer
e~tipoweredill Ihe area o l !he Corporalion ill [his behalf. will~iurwenly-
one days from Ihe dale o i birlh of rlle child. ioformhrioo containing such
parliculars as are required under [lie Registra~ionof Rirlhs aud Dealhs
Act, 1969. or [lie rules made hereu under:
Provided lhar-
(a) in lhe case of an illegil imale chi Id, no person shall, as Fa~her
of such child, be requircd tn give any informn~ionunder this
Act con~nining~ h particulars
c o r birth nf such child, and the
orficcr cn~powcrcdundcr this sccrion shall 11ol cnlcr in lhc
rcgistcr lhc nnmc of iiny pcrsoll ns rathur of such child
cxcepl nL thc joint rcqucsl o r lhc molhcr and of (he person
acknowledging llin~selrro be Ihz r;~lherof such child. and
such person sl~nll.i n such case, sign the regisler rogelhcr
wirh [he rnorhel-;

,, , ., , . ,fin,- 1.. r, .
. .-,
'Scuiions 2 11A lo 212Ci tvcrc inscr~cdby s. I Y ol'thc I l o ~ v n blunicipnl
r 3nnn,
l~ Corporalion
(b) 11 person rcquirctl ro ;ii7e irlrormalion only in dchulr o r
somc utlicr person sllilll 1101 hc hound ro give suuIl inionnn~ion
if tic helievet! nrirl had rcaronnble grounds for believing i l u t
sucli i ~ i f o r ~ n n ~ had
i o n 1,e.e~ givcn;
(c) when n child i s born ill ;I hc~spitnlor :I nursing t l o n ~ eor a

nl;~lcrniLY Iio~nc.nunc hi11 lie nl'licer-in-charge !he~vofshal I

bc t~oundtu rurtv:~rd I'orlh~vilil to 111c ollicer elnpotvcred
uudzr rllis scc~icln;I !e[lorl or 3ucli t)i~.lIlill such ~i and
ill such rvrm 3 s may. I'ronl ~ i m uIn lime. be spccilicd by Ihr:
Stale Governrncll~.

'212C. I n casc any iie~v-bornchild i s Tclunc: exposzd, ii shall be thc Inror~i~niirun

g child or o l a s y p c r ~ o nill \vIiose charge ~ ~ ~ n
duly ol'any pcrsun f i ~ i r l i i ~such ~ ' ' ~
such child may be placcd ~c)sive,10i l ~ bchr e urliis knowledge and belizl; n c w - b o r ~ ~
Lo lie oChcet emoo~vcrcdu ~ t l e ~ r t ~ ~31i 7R. - ~ ~ ic'lild.
o n \vi[!li11 l t i ~ ~ ~ l yL1:1ys e
from rtlc dale o r finding or sucli child. such i~lforlnnlionconlaining Ille I

pnrliculnrs of b i r ~ l oi r sucli child as such persoli possesses. i


'212D. Ir shal[ bc thc duly of [lie ncarcsr r e l n t i o ~prchcnl

~ at ille lime ~ll~,,,l,~lli,l,
o f [he tlenrll or ill ariz~itlnncztIurin_r the lasi ill~izssor any person rlyilig rcg"dilT
ulilhio tIlc arc3 of' the Corporation a ~ i d ,i n C]CC;ILIIL of SIIC~~ r c I ; l ~ i ~ of
ally person pruscnl 01- in n~rcrldalicea[ rlie r imc or ilic deal11 and or Ihe
occi~picruT~tic premises in which. to liis knorvlcrlgc, tlledeath rook place
:md. in d e h u l l o r thc pcrson hereinberorc m c ~ ~ r i o ~ oe rdc;ch
, i111naleo r
such penniscs :adof [he 11ndcrl:tkcr or o r l ~ r person
r causing the corpse
or lhc deceased p c r s v ~ro ~ be disposcd of 10 givc, to thc hcst o l liis
knoitjledge and bclicl', lo the orficcr spezinlly empowcrcd in [his bchnlr
lor tlic area williin whicli he death look place, inror~nnlionc o ~ ~ n i n i n :
i o nBirhs iind
such parriculars ;IS arc rcquirtd u ~ i d c rltie R e g i s ~ r i ~ ~ol'
1s 19a. Dcarhs Act. 196'3. and ~ I l rules
e made lliereu~lder,within Lweury-ouc days
from thc J;~reof irs occurrcnuc:
Provided lhnr-
(a) if rhe case ul'dca~his known l o bc a da~~geroirs disease, Ihe
i n r o r n i a ~ i uas
~ i al'oresi~idshall be given w11hi11iwelve hours
01' ils occurrence;
(h) i F rl~cdcutli (IT any person w c u l s in e bospiri~lor tl nursing
I ~ o m cor a, il sl~allbc r l ~ ed u ~ y01' n o i ~ chu!
thc medical 01ficcr or orher officer-in-charge ttizrcuf !D
forward rorlh\r,iih 3 reporr o r such dzalh i n such for111
as may. from tilnr lo time. be specified by i l ~ eS1:1te
Mcdthl '212E. In the case of a person who had been allended in his lust illncss
pnc~iiio~icr by it duly qualified mcdical pracli~ioner,sucl~praclilioner shall. within
to ccnity
cause of three days or his becomirig c o g ~ i i z of
a ~the
~ ~ deal11 of such pcrson, sign
dcntlr. and lorward to thc orliccr special ly empowered ~ Illlis
I bel~alfa certilicatc
of [he cnuse or death of such pcrson in sucli iroin as may, from lime
lo rirne, be specified by the Stutc Govcnimcnr, :uid the cause of dealh
as stated in such cer~ificnteshaIl be cntrrcd in 1l1c rcgisrcr logelher wit11
the name of lie cerlifying medical parclitioncr.

Duiics or l212F. IL shall bc rhc dury of Ihe police to corlvey every unclaimed
plicc in
rcgad lu corpsc lo a registcrcd burial or burning ground or otlier place for disposal
unclaimed 01lhe dead or to n duly uppuiiilcd inonuary mid lo itlfornl rherenrrer thc
officer specialIy en~powcrcdin lhis bchalr within whose jiirisdiclion such
corpse was round.

Scxlons e ~ c . '212G. No sextoil or keeper or a registered burial or hurnillg ground

no1 lo bury
crc, cnrpsc.
o r orhcr placc for disposal of the dead, rvbelher sitl~aledwithin ~ h arca
of [he Corporalion or not, shall bury, burn or olherwisc dispose or or
allow lo be buried, bum1 o r olherwisc disposcd of any corpse. unless
such corpse is accon~pat~ied by a cerlificarc in such rorm as may be
perscribcd and signcd by an orficer specially empowcrcd in this behall
or by a regislcrcd medical pracrilio~~er or any other medical practilioner
aulhorised by thc Statc Governnien~in [his behalf.

213. [ A p p a i ~ l ~ ~ ~ofr eRegislrurs

nf crrrd Srrb-Regixfrrrls of Uirllrs arrd
Dcatlrx-O~~rittedbys.13 of 111cHo~iv-alrMwricipul Corporntion (Secorrd
Act, 1990 (Wesl Bell, Act XXlX of 1990)l.

~ s d i . ~ ~ ~ oof. ~the
214. [Registmtion of p l t ~ c for n l dead-O~nirred b y
s.14 nf the Ho~vrolrM~miciprrlCorpumrio~r(Secntrd A~r~o~drrrc~rr) Act.
I990 (Wesr Belt. Act X X I X (,I

Rulcs, rcguIalions and by-la~vs

Poscr to 215. (1) The Statc Government may, afler prcvidus publiwlioa i i the
mxkc NICS.
Official Guzrrre, makc rulcs for carrying out Ihe purpvscs of this Acr.
(2) In parlicular and withoul prejudice lo the generality or the
foregoing power, such rules may provide for all or any of the mnrtcrs
which under any provision of this Acl are rcquircd ro be prescribed or
Lo be provided Ibr by rulcs.
'See lm!-nulc I on pngc 5(H, mrir.
(Pnrt V.-Civic Sen~ice.~.-Cl~op~cr. 0114
XIX.--Rules, rt,grrln~io~rs

(3) All rules made under this Acl shall bc loid Tor no; less dlan
rourtcen days before the Slate Legislalure as soon as possible aftcr thcy
are made and stlall be subject to such modiLca~ionsas [he Stare Legislalurc
may make during [he session in which thcy arc so laid. Any modification
of [he said ruIcs made by [he Slate Legislau~reshall bc published in the
Oflcinl Gnzerre, and shall, unless some lalzr dare is appoin~cdby [he
Stale Governmetll, comc into rvrcc or) the dare o f such publication.

216. (1) The Corporalion may I * * * tnclke regulations not hwcrio

with Lhe provisions of this Act or the rules made [bereundcr
i~iconsisten~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~
for discharging its funclions under lhis Act.
(2) Such regulations may providc rhal aoy breach thereof shall bc
punishable wit11 such fine as may bc specified therein.
(3) Such regulations shall be published in [he OficiaI Gnzetre.

217. (1) The Corporalion may ?* * * make by-laws no1 Polvcrto

makc by-
inconsislent w i ~ hhe provisions of this Acl or Lhe rulcs or ~ h reguIalions
c la,vs.
made thereunder Tor discharging iu fu~iclionsundcr lhis ACI.
(2) Such by-laws may provide that any breach thereof shall bc
punishablc with such fine as ~rlaybe specilicd thcrcin.
(3) Such by-laws shall be published in he OJJcin! Gazrtte and in
such local newspapers as the Corporation may dclerrnine.

218. (1) If the Stale Government is a1 any time of opinion that aay ~o~~cro(
regulation or by-law madc by tlie Corporalion should be cancelled or GoycmmcnL
modified either wliolly or in pan, il shall cnusc the reasons for such !:i$,c'O
opinion to bc comrnunica~edlo rhe Corporation, and shall appoint a rcgulnlioni
reasonable period within which the Corporation may make any
represenlaliorl with rcgard ~herclo.
(2) Aftcr expiry of such period and on con side ratio^^ of lhe
represenlalion OF the Corporation. if any. !he Slnlc Government may a1
any lime by notification cancel or tnodify such regulalion or by-law
cithcr wholly or in par[.
(3) Any notification under sub-seclian (2) shall bc published in lcoal

' T h c words wirh thc previous snnc~ion01thc Statc Govcrnmcnl." wrrc omiucd by
s. 2(21) of B e Wcsl Bengal Municipi~lCorponiion h w s (Anicndnic~~t) Acl. 1935 (\Ycs~
Hen. Act X V l l nf 1995).
T h e words ", tuilh ~ h cprevious sanction o f thc Siaic Govurnmcnl," wcrc omi~rcdby
s. 322). ibid.
[Wcsl Ben. Act

219. The Sl:~tc Goverlime~urn:ly. on [he rccommendalion of [he

; ~ r l t I10. nmciid 01. iilrer any ScheduIe. !o [his
Corpomrion. by no~ilicalic~ti
Acl cxccpl Schedule I:

[his Acc. the Stare Govzrnmcllr lilny. i r i~ considers 1iecess;lryor expedient

so 10LJu, by no~ificniio~i.
add lo. tulie~irlor nlrcr any Sctizdr~lcto this Acl
excspt Schcdulc 1.
iLlisccllancous Proloisions

220. ?(1) Whocvcr conrmvet~rsany provison or any or the seclions,

sub-sec~iotis.clauses. or provisos or any orher provision of lhis Act
men~iuncdill colu~nn1 or Scliedtile V sh:lll he pul~ishablcwilh line
\\.hiclr may crrrcnd lo 1112amount. or wi1Ii i~npri>r)~~rne~ilFor a lerm ~vhich
may zsrend ro the period, specified in [ha1 bel~nlrin column 3 of thc said
Schedule or with both, :uid ill ~hc:c u c o r a conlisluing con~ravenlionor
railure, wit11aa ndditioilnl line ~vliichmay cxrend 10 Lhe amvunt sprcilicd
in column 4 of rl~csaid Sclicrlitlr: Tor cvcry J a y or such cor~tmvcntioii
or rililurc al'ler convicrion Cor [he firsr suvh cnntravznlion or failure.
'(2) Norwi~hsrnndinganything conlnincd in sub-section ( 1 ) of rllis
sec~ionor in scction 102 or else~.vhcrci l l rhis Acr. \r.itbi~ia period o r six
rnonrhq rrorn [lie dn~c:of conling inro rtrrcc of seclio~i4 of the Hoivnth
Municipal Corporarion [Amcndmen~)Acl, 1992 (hereinaT!cr i n lhis 5 t h -
seclion rcrcrred lo ns the said dale), every pcrsorl engaged on the said
date in any profession, iradc or callilig ill Hruorzlti as ~ ~ ~ c n r i o nillc d
Schedule 111. cithcr by hirusclf or by an agent or rcpresent~tivc,shall
obtain [lie cerrificetc of e ~ ~ l i s t m crcfcrrcd
o~ lo in sub-scclion (1) of
scction 102 in respeol or the period from [he 1 st April, 1990 lill the date
immcdiatcly belore thc said dare ill accordance wilh rhc provisions or
seclion 103 and [lie rnlcs. if any, lllnrle under section 215.
!(3) Wlloever cumlnirs any oflc~iccby c o ~ ~ l r a v c n [lie
i ~ ~provisions
01' sub-sec~ion(2) sl~nllbc punislled wirh fine in i~ccorrlanccwit11 ~ h c
provisioi~so i iliis seclion.

221. The Corporaiioil s1i;lll. Tor [he purpose or [his Acl, hilvc rhe
power ro acquire nl~rl hold niovable or immovable properly or ally
interest ll~ercin,wl;ellier ivi~liinor outside l l ~ elimits d Howmh.

'Pmviso nddcd hy *. 1 or ~ h Howr:lh

c Xlunicipnl Corponliun (Arncnd~ncni)Aul. 1'1113
(\\'c~I UCII.ACI X X I S nf 1983).
'Sccrion 220 W ~ rrnun?bcrcd
L ns suh-hcv~ion( I ) of Ihal .\dciicl-. and nlrcr sub-scctioi!
( I ) as so rcnu~llbcrcd,suh-hcclions (7) 311d (3) wcrc i~~scncd hy s. 4 or 111c Huwral~
Municipal Coqxirdtinn (A~ncndr~v:r.O Ac.1. I992 (Wcst Rcn, hcl X o r 1992).
[nvcnlrlry or ,, -
. -- -
222. The Commissio~~er stinll ~ i ~ i ~ i n t:in
a i ni n v e ~ ~ o of
r y ~ h cmovable
' pro~ily.
artd immovable prtoperties or Ihe Corpor~riunin such Corm n ~ ~Inanncr cl
as mhy be dclcrlili~ledhy the Corpor:jlior~ by regulalion.

223. Ttic Corporalion ]nay dispose of, by salc or o~hel.wisc. any Disp~salclC
movnblc or imrno\~:tblc propcrly bclorlgi~~g
10 rhc Curpornrion in such
rnalincr i1.s 111;ly bc prescribed.

224. ( I ) The Coinmissioner or any orhcr olhcer or cmployee of ~ h c Entry and . .

Corporalion. nutiinriscd by llie Cnnlrnissioner or cmpui~~ered under [his
Acl in [his behall; m a y enler info ar upon any 1:tnd or building with or
.- ..
wilt10111:issisrnnce for lhc pirrpose of cnsuiry, inspccrion, execurioii of
any work or disctiiirgc 01 ally I'unclioo authol.iscrl under tllis A c l or ttie
rulcs or llle r c g u l ~ i o n s111ndc~hzreunder.
(7) 11shall be lawful for rhc Com~i~issioncr or any pcrsoll : ~ ~ ~ t l ~ o r i s e d
by Ilim in this belialf lo mitke lorcihlc cnlry itlto any land or building
or brc:ik open ally door, gale or art;cr barrier, i f ~ h samec is considcrcd
necessary Tor carrying out 111cllurposes o f lhis Ac!. after calling upon
~ w uro lriore rcspcclnble i~~habiri~nts o f [he Iocnlily to witness such enlry
or opening.

225. 11 sl~allbe ~ h duly

c of every police officer in or o u ~ d d eHowrah Pulicc.
orficm 111
10 assist 1 1 1 ~Corpori~~ion,
the Mayor-in-Council, the Com~tiissioncror
;my other olliccr or elnploycc or [he Corporarion ill !lie discharge of ally Co~lr;l1i(jn.
or the po~vcrs.dn~iesand lunclions under lhis ACI or aity rulc or regulalion Co,lncil.
made thcrcunder 3s and when such assislance is cal tcd Tor. Cunirnis-
s i o ~ ~ cCIC.

226. Any suil or Icgal proceeding insrilu~edor which. but for ~ h c S:lvinp 2s 10
Howrah ~ ~ ~ . " "
by or ag;\ios~l l ~ e
passing nrrliis Acr, would have been i~tstilu~ed.
Municipaliry m:ky be conlil~ucdor inslituled by the Corporarian or lhc prncccdings.
Commissionti-. as the case n u y be. conslirutcd or appoinled under this

I226A. Subject to the provisio~lsaT r l ~ cConslilurion o l India. llw Rcswnsi-

bililics nC
Corpvrillion may. in irs discrelion, prnvidc Tor- rorponlio~i.
(a) the prepamlion oT plans for ecclnornic dzvelopmcnl and
social ju~ticc;
(b) Ihe pcrrormauce of t'unclions and [lie implcmrn~n~ion of
schcrncs us may be entrusicd to i~
irtcluding thosr in relation
lo rhc mnllers specified bc1ow:-
(i) 11rb:ln plnr~nirisincluding town pla~lning;

'S~crions2?hA and 21611 wcrc il~scrrcdby s. ?(I31 rlic ii'usl Bcngal Munivipll
Uorpora~ionL;ii\*s (Rltrd ,\lncnd~ncnr) Act, 1903 I I Y c s l Ucn. A c l XXXL'I or 1094).
Tllc Howruh Mroricil)ol C o r l ~ o r n t i o ~ ~ 1980.

[West Ben. Act

(ii) rcgulalion of land-use and construction or buildings;

(iii) planning lor cconomic and social developmenl;
( i v ) roads and bridges:
(v) wiilcr supply lor domes~ic,indusuinl and commercial
(vi) public hcnlrh. snniu[ion. conservancy and salid wasle
(vii) urban forestry, protecrion of rhc envi ronrnenl and
promolion of ecol~gicalaspeais;
(viii) safeguarding the inlcresls OF weaker scclions OF .
society, including the handicapped and mcntally
(ix) slum in~~ravemeot and upgdalian;
(x) urban povcrty alleviation;
(xi) provisian o r urban arnenitics and hcili~icssuch as
parks, gru-dcr~si ~ n dlaygr grounds;
a l aesthetic
(xii) promolion o l uuliurnl, e d u c a ~ i o ~ ~and
(xiii) burials and burial grounds; crcmn~ions,crcn~arior~
grounds and elecrric crcmaloriums;
(xiv) cattle pounds; prevenrion 01 cruehy lo animals;
(XV) vilal slilljs~icsincluding regis~ra~inn
of birihs and
(xvi) pubIic zlrneni~iesincluding street ligh~ing, parking
lors. bus slops and public conveniences;
(x vii) regulation of slaughler-houscs and tanneries.

holdiflg of
In l226B. Notivirhslanding anylhing conrained in [his Acl or in any other
ucnzln law for h e lime bcing in forcc. any yersun elccted lo the Corporation
office, as Alderman and holding officc as such irnmedialely before the
corntncncement of ~ h Wesl
c Bengal Municipal Carponlion Laws (Third
Amendment) Act, 1994. shall conrinuc to hold such office Lill the expiration
of his l e m of office in accordance with [he provisions of this Act in
forcc immcdiarely berore rhc commencement OF the W e s ~Bengal
Municipal Corporation Laws (Third Amendment) Act, 1994.
fip1nriotiot1.-"AIdermnn" shall mcan ;I person elec~edro the
Corporarion as Alderman by [he Councillors rererred lo in cIause (3) of
sub-recdon (1) of s e c d ~ n5 in accordance with rhe provisions of this Act,
and [he rules ~narlethereunder, i n force ~mmediarely before [he
conlrncncemcnl of the Wcst Bengal Municipal Corporailon Laws (Third
Amendment) Act, 1B4.
'SM Laa!-wtc I nn p a g 503, anrr
Tltc Howmll Mlrr~ici~)al Acr, 1980.

227. If any difficulty ariscs in givi~tgelfecr lo any 01 [he provisions Kcniov:ll

.- o r h i s Acl, lhe Sialc Govcmment may, as ocviwion [nay require. by
order. do or causc to bc done any~hingwhich may be necessary r ~ r
rcrnovi~lgthc difficul~y.

'228. Whcrc any norice. bill, ardcr or requisition i s ~ u c dvr made under
[his Ac[ or the rules or [hc rcgulatio~ismitdc rhcrcuttder, requirca :my~hing
to bc done, ror thc doing of which no time is fixed in this Acl or the
rules or [he regulalions made !hereunder. such notice, bill. ordcr or
requisition stjail specify fi arcnsonnble time far doing the same.

'229. (1) Every liccncc. ~vriirle~lpcnriissiun, nolice, bill, sunllnons or

other documenr, which is requircd by [his Acl or the rulcs or ~ h rcpl~latio~~s
rtiadc thcrcuoder to bear ~ h signature
c of he Commissioner or any ollier
officer of he Corpontinn, shall bc deemed ro be propcrly signed if il
bears a I~csimilcof he signarum of the Commissioner or such officer,
as Ihe case may be, slampcd thereupon.
(2) Nothing in sub-seclion (1) shall be deemed to apply to n cheque
drawn upon (lie Municipal Fund under sccrion 57,

'230 Every notirc, bill, sunirnons or othcr document required by h i s Noriccsc~c.

by whom rn
Act or the rules or the regulations made thereunder lo be served upon, b, scrvcd
or issued lo, any person shall be served or issucd by an officer or other issurd.
ernploycc of the Corporarion or by any person authoriscd by the
C o m ~ n i s s i o n c rin [hil~behalf.

'231. [I) Evcry nolice. bill, summons, rcquisilion or orher document Scryicc of
noIlccs PIC.
rcqi~iredor a u ~ h o r i s c dby [his Act or [he rules or [hc regularions made
thereunder lo be servcd ur issued by or on behalf or [he Corporation or
by any of Lhe municipal authorilics rcferred l o ~n seclion 3 or any orficer
or employcc or thc Carporalion shall, snvc :IS olherwise provided in this
Act or ~ h crules or tlte regulalions rnadc !hereunder, be deemcd lo bc
duly scrvcd,-
(a) where [lie persoil ro bc hcrved is a company, if ~ h docunlcnt
is addressed lo the secretary orlhe company ar ir.i regisrcrcd
nr principal office or ar i ~ place
s of businrss and is ei~lier-
(i) scnl by regislered p s l , or
(ji) delivered al [he rcgis~credprincipal office or a1 thc
place of business of lhc company:

'Sccliolls 228 to 238 wcrc inscncd by s 15 or thc Ho~%~rrh

ISccund hrncndrncnl) Acr, 1990 (JSit~i Ucn. Acl XXIX or IWO).
Acr, 1980.
T l ~ eHo\vr-nh M~lrriciprrlCorporrr/i<~tr
[Wesl Dcn. Act

(b) kvl~zre~ h cperson ID be scrved is ;l pamership firm. if !he

rlocumcnt i s addressed lo the pnru~crship;kr ils principal
place of business idcntil)ing ir by ~ h cnaiuc or 111esiylc
u~ldcrwtiich iis busincss is carried 011. and is cirlier-
(i) sen1 by regisrcrcd posl. or
(ii) deliucred a1 the place of busincss;
(c) where [he person lo bc servcd i s a public body,
co~pora~ion.socie[y ar any or her body, i T Ihc docunlcn~is
addrcsscrl ro rhc secreribry, treasurer or othcr officcr of such
body. corporatbi or souiciy a1 its principal officc. and is
ei llicr--

(ii) delivcrcd at iliat office;

(d) in any othcr case, irrhe documenr is addressed ro i l ~ epcrson
Lo be servcd n~td-
(i) is givcn or rcnderetl 10 him, or
(ii) if such person canna1 be found, is allixed on some
conspicuous pan or his !as[ known phac nf rcsidenl
or business. if within H o w a h or '[Kolka~a],or is given
or ~elldrrcdro any ;~duItmcrnber o r his L'amily or is
arfixed lo somc conspicuous par[ of tile land or the
building. if any. 10 which il rclates. or
(iii) is scnl by rcgisrered post ro s i ~ c lperson.
(2) Any document icquirerl or ilulhodscd to be scrved on the owncr
or the occupier or any land or bt~ildingmay bc addressed ro thc owncr
or 1\12 occupier, as the casc may be, of such land or buildir~g(naming
such land or building) without rurrl~ernnmt: or descripliun and shall be
deemed to be duly served,-
(a) iT the document so addressed is scnr or dclivercd in
nccordilnce wirh clause (d) o i sub-seclion ( I ) ; o r
(b) if lhe docu~ncnlor a copy ihercoT so addressed is delivacd
lo same person on the land or the building or, where illere
is no such person lo ivliom il call be dclivercd, is arhxcd
to some conspicuous pafl of such lar~rlor buildi~ig.
(3) Where a rbcun~cnris servcd on a pannership firm under lhis
scclion. the documenl shall bc dee~ncdlo havc heeu duly servcd on each
(4) For the purpase of enabling any documcnt lo br: served on [he
owner or any premises. lhe Cominissioner may, by 1101icc i r ~w r i l i n ~ ,
require ihe occupier of such premises io siale thc rlalne ;~ndaddrcss o r
lIie owner Lhcrrof.

'Srcr fool nnc 2 on page J 17. mlrcx.

LVIII of 1980.1

(5) lVhrre the person on whom n doc urn en^ is lo be served is a tilil~ar.
[he service upon his giiardian or any adult member of I ~ i sfntaily slinll
be dccmed ro be servicc upon llle minor.
(6) Nolliing in scctiuil 229 and 230 and in his scction shall apply
lo any summons issued undcr this Act by any courl.
(7) A scrvalll shnll not be dccmcd to bc a rile~nberof a hniily for
the purposes or Lhis stc~ioli.

'232. All orrences under this Acl a r the ri~lesor llie regulations mildc Cogniznncr
or O ~ ~ C I I C C S .
[hereunder, wherllcr com~nittedwirhin or uulsidc Bowrah. shnll be
congnizable by m y '[Judicial Magisrrate of rhc hrsr class] having
and such rnngistrnte shall 1101bc deemed ro bc incupitblc of
ofany such ofrcncc or any offence u ~ ~ danye r enactmcnl
repealed by [his Acl.

'233. (1) No pcrson shnll be liable 10 any punishment Tor an ul'rcncc Lin~itnliun
of lime r:>r
undcr this Act or the rules or h e rcgt~lurions11lade.theretindzr iinless a p,os,,llll,,,
coti~plainlu l such orrence is made beforc n -'[Judici:~lMagisimic of [lie
first class1 wirhin six months frotn-
(a) [he dare oi cooimission or such offcncc, or
(b) thc d a ~ con wtiich t t ~ ecommission or rhc con~inu;u~ce or
such offence is hrsl broush( lo 111enolice of [lie COI-porarion
or the Commissioner.
(2) For lhe avoidance of Joubw. il is hereby declared !hat any faiIure
to iakc nu[ a licence under this ACI or 10 pay tax undcr scclion 102 shnll,
for the purposes of sub-scction (I). be deemed lo be a conrinuing offcncc
unlil thc expiration of the period Tor which such licence is required 10
bc tnkcn.

'234. A copy of any rcceipl, npplicarion. plan, notice, order or other Adllli"ibi-
lily or
documen1 or any enlry it) a registcr in rhc possession o r any munic;pnl ~ O C U I ~ I ~ ~ I S

aulhari~yshnll, if duly cerlified by [lie legal keeper 111crcoror olhcr

persoil aull~orisedby [he Commissioner i n this betlaIi, be adlnissible in
evidelice of the exis~enceof such documcn~or entry.

foal-no~c1 on pagc 5 1 I , orlrtr,

The words within lhc squnrc brackca wcrc huha1i1u1r.dfar l i l t word.; " l n u n ~ c t l ~ ~ l
niagismrc" by s. 3 or lhc Howral~Municipal Corpon~ion(Scconfl Arncndrncnll Act, I994
(iVcst Bcn. Acl L11 o f 1994).
'Thc worrls within ~ h csqu:,rc. hrackcu rvcrc subsii~uicd for ~ h cwords "monicip:~l
mn~isrnlr"hv r 4 ihirt
Tlic Hulvrrrlr M~~tricipnl
Corporntiotr Act, 1980.

[ W a t Ben. Act
(Port V.-Civic XX.-Miscellutr~.o~rs
I: .- - ;.-
Cuuncillors l235. Evcry CounciIlor. every Alderman. ~ b CaJnrnissioner
c and cvery
and drficcrs
and athcr other officer or employee of the Corporalion shall be deerned lo be n
crnploytcs ~ i of
publicscrvan~withit1 [lie r n e a n i ~ ~ ~ o f s e c21 o nthe Indian Penal Code 43 ,,I rxm.
L Y the
C<iqmntion and, in lhe dcfini[ioii of legal relnuncralion in section 161 of rliai Code,
to bc public the word "Govcinmcnr" shall, Tor lhe purpsoc of [his scclio~~, bc dee~ncd
10 include ~ h cCorporarion as welt.

'336. Whc11~ h Co~n~nissioner

c rcquires Lhe owncr of any premjscs 10
carry oul any work, he may, if he corisidcrs ii desirable so io do. rcquire
[lie occupier of he said premises 10c x r y o u sucl~
~ work and Ihe occupier
shall be hound lo coniply with such requisition:
Provided ~ h a cxcepl
l in the case of any special nrrangcmenr ro llie
coolrary, such occupicr may deduct ihc itmounr of h e expenses incurred
or paid by him in respcci of such work Tro~nthe renl payablc to [he
owner or may recover [he same from him in any coun o f compctelll

(1) save with the wrillcn permission u l l h e Commissioner and

in such nianlier as he may aurhorise, srort: or use nighl-soil,
cow-dung, rnanurc, rubbish or any other suhs~ancee m i ~ ~ i n g
an orfeasive smell; or
(2) ube or permit to be used any premises Tor any purpose which
is, in [he opinion OF the Commissioner, dangerous ro life,
health or properry or is likcly lo cmale a nuisatice on any
[and or building or workshop or workplnce; Lhe
Commissioner or any officer empowered by him may, by
nolice in writing, requirc [he person or pcrsons by whose
acl. default or surrcrence [he nuisance arises or contiflues
or rhc owner, lessee or occupier o r he land. building,
worksl~opor workplace to remove or abate [he nuisnnce by
taking such rncasurc, in such mnnncrand within such period
os may bc specified in [he n ~ i i c eand, in d e l ~ ut lorcornpli;mce
wilh [he requisi~ion or Lhe nolicc. Ihe offender may bc
prosecuted and may bc imprisoned or fined ro the cxtenr of
live hundred rupees, and a daily fine or Iifiy rupees for so
lonp as the offence conlinues.

Poivcr to '238. Where any building o r wall or anything arfixed rherero or any
buildings. well. tank, reservoir, pool, dcprcssio~~or excavalion or any bank or lrtc
walls. CIC. 111 is, in the opinion of the Commissioner. dangerous lo persons passing
k rendered
sarc. by or dwelling or workillg in the neighhourhood, rhcCommjssioner may,
T f ~Ha Cor/mraliot~A cr, Ig8O.
e l ~ l r n l fM~r~iicil~nl

(Par! V.-Civic Services.-Clruprur- XX1.-Plnrr~iitlg ar~d

D e v e l o l ~ ~ n a l ~ . - ~ ~239.)

by nolice i n writing, require rhc owner or the occupier hereo or to remove

ihe same or may require him to rcpair, prolect, or enclose rhc same in
suck itlatuner as he thinks necessilry, and i f the danger is, in rhc opinion
of the Commissioner, imminenl, he shall forthwith rake such stcps as
hc thinks necessary to aven h e same, and on ~ h cloilurc of co~npliancc
wilh [he nolice Tor rcmoval or abatemen1 of such nuizance or danger,
the offender may be prosecuted and serltenced to ilnprisonmcnt or lo pay
a fine lo the extent of five hundrcd rupees, and a daily I i ~ i eof fifiy rupees
for so long as Ihc offence coluinues.

Planning and Devclopmenl

'239. (1) The Corporation shall prepare a D r d l Developmen~Plan ISmp~nlion

Tor Hawrah in consultition wilh ihc Dirtricl Planning Commi[lcc or [he ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Metropoliian Planning ~ h cusc c may be, for a period of m,n,rl,,.
five years, and shall submit to (he Urban Devclopmcnl Sub-Committee
o r the Metropoli~~n Planning Committee. as the case may be. lrasl
one year before compIelion a f the [erm of the preceding D r a f Develop-
mcnL Plan:
Provided [hat thc Corporatian shall prepare thc firs[ Draf Developmcnl
Plan in accordance with thc directions of the Dislricl Planning Colnmillcc
or rhe Melropoliran Planning Cornmitree, as the case may be.
(2) The Draft Developmenl Plan lor Howrall shall bc a wriltetl
slaternenl, and shall include-
(a) the schemes of the Corpomrion Tar the development and
other usc of land or for any dcscriprion OF development or
olher use of such land includi~lg,in either c:ise, such measurcs
as h e Corporalion thinks I 71 for the improvcrncnl of the
physical environmenr:
(b) detailed and specific scheme of [he Corporation lor
conducting developmenr progrdrnnies on such poinl or poinrs
as thc Corpora!ioa thinks fit;
(c) such maps and diagrams as rhc C o r p o r a ~ i o nthinks
(d) cxisring land use paucrn in maps or documcnrs;
(c) the scheme Tor future land use conuol by way of-
(i) ide~uificarionand preservafion of open spaces;
(ii) prohibi~ionof filling up of lanks or water courses:
(iii) filling up of insanilary warer courses;
'Chap~crXXI conraining scclions 239 io 742 w;fi inscncd by s. 19 o t rhc Hownli
Corporalion [Arncnd-mcn0 ACI. 1999 IWcsr Bcn. A c l X I o f 19l)Y)
The Holvr[~/zMirniciprt! Corpo~~rrriot~
Act, 191S0.

[WcsL Ben. Act

(iv) prolecliun or l a d surface through ivl~ichsub-sr~il

waler sourcss :~rcre-charged:
(v) provision Tor drnitlagc ilclwork aud oi11Palls;
(vi) provision of dumping :rounds for solid waslcs
(vii) slrccl alig~~menl:
(viii} prnvisio~~ Tor burning and biiri;~lgruluids;

(s) ncrivt~irsof similar narure;

(0 rcgulalion and reslriction of siles !or conslruc~ionoT
bviltlings, huls or srruclures Tor thc purposes OT si~rcly,dis-
i~~fection. deasily cnnrril or poIlu1ion ca~iirol;
(g) schcmc lor enviroumental improven~enlby way ol'resrricriou
on lclling or trees. plantii~gof liew lrees and flowering 01
plants in public places and adding of Ilouse grccncry a r ~ d
he like:
(h) scliernz for conlrol of polluiian rclnling lo water. soil. air,
iloise aud odour:
(i) scl~e~nc for acquisirion o l lnrtd ror thc purpose o r cnsuring
Ihat l t ~ ebcncfits of developlnenl activities are renpcd by
public ins~itu~ions h r coni~~lunily-wclffire'and no1 lor
speculalive gains by privale individu;lls.
(3) IT Ihc preceding Drnn Dcvclopmen~Plan has not been fully
impleme~aed,n statcmenl sllaIl be anncxcd wilh h e DraTt Dcvelopmeni
Plan, sliarving thc duc quantuol ol' work ilnd the reasons Tor such lion-

I-ynancia~ '240. A financial srntrmcn~shall be sub~nilicdwith 111e Drnrt

slalcrnrnl in
rcgnrdto Development Plail con[aiuinp--
Drab (a) delnilcd parriculars nhoul thc rluan~urnof Iitlnncc available
lilcnl Plan, for conducting the developmenl programme under Lhc said
Drah Dzvelopmcnr Plan from-
(I) own resources of he Corj)nration with sourcewise
break-ups; and
(ii) corporate seclor or houschold seclor;
(b) the folluwing particulars in dclail:-
(i) cfcdit plan or he lerms and condirions for nvailing of
the finance from corporvc sccror or tiousel~oldsetlor;
o r~ru~idfor repaylnenl or credit, if laken from
(ii) s o u r c ~
corporntc scclor or housel~oldscclor and the mnnncr
o r rcpaymenr.

'See Cflnr-norc I un pafc 5 15. utrtc.

LW1. Ttie Corporeiio~lmay, AI any time but not Inore 1h;in once ill Modihcalion
. .
: every lhrec years, propose lo the D i s ~ r i Planning
or ~nodiLcalionor [tie Dtaic Devclopmen! Plan.
c~ Committee my revision tcr~;&
lllcnr I1Ian.

'242. (1) The Carporalion shall prepare an Annual Developmei~rPlan A,,,,~I

for a period of one financial yrar, covcring only the relevant pori ton of Dcvclop-
mcnr Plan.
thc Dran Dzvclopment Plan Tor ~ h cotlczr~led
c period. in consultalion
ivirll tile Dislrict Plnnning Commitlcc. and submit the same ro the Srate
Governmeul within the Inst weck of the monlh OF Oclober of rhc year
preceding rhc period ror wliicl~the Annual Developrnenr Plan shall be
( 2 ) The Annual Devclopment Plan sliilll be preparcd in accordance
wilh rhe provisions or sub-seclion (2) of scclion 239 and scction 240,
which siiall apply rriri!~~fis tnutn~lrlis.
(3) Thc Srate Governmcnt shall, on receip~of rlle Annual Develop-
menl Plan, coiisidcr il on Ihe basis or rlle nvailnbili~yor hnd for the
piirposc and shall, thercafer, approve [he Annual Dcvelopn~en~ Plan
will1 necessary modificnrion, if any.
(4) The Corporation shall. wilhin six months I'rom lhc due o f reccipr
o r plan grailr under sub-seclion (3) of sccrion 6(iA, submit a repon,
slating rhc progress or work lowards implemrr~iingthc ,41111ual
Development Plan, eirher i n Iirll or i n parl, for which rhc %;lidgrant was
(5) Tlie Corporation may, 31 any ti~iiebut not ilrurc than oncc, revise
or modify lhc Annual Dcveloprncn~Flail with [he approval or the Stale
Provided that any modiFcation or revision o r d ~ eAnnual Develop-
men[ Plan shall nal contain i~nyrl~ing which is not includcd in [he DraTl
Developme111Plan for rhc period 10 which the Annual develop men^
Plan rclntes.

lSeu sectinn 2(4).]

naundarics or LIic Corporafinn

Srarring from Mouza Haltikuri whcre i~ mccts Holvrah Municipal

boundary, thence along castward a11 nloug the southern boundary or
Bally Municipality (up to river Hooglily) in [he Easl rrom ~ h waier
c edgc
31 lowest [idc of river I-Ioogllly and \ves~w;ad along its ivarer cdge at
lowest lidc 01 norlhcrn bank lo the pain1 wlierz i l meers thc easlem
boundary or Mouzn Podda in Sniikrail police s~il~ion; rhcnce norllrrvard
illone the weslcnl boundary of Mouza Godbaria and Movza Thilna
[West Ben. Acl

Makua: lhcnce along [he rvcstern boundary of Mouza Sul~anpurand

alo[~ghe soulhern boundary of Unsani and Puilya; [hcnce
along [hewcslern ;lnd norlhern boundary o f Puilya up to its mecling poinl
wit11 the westen1 boundary or Mouza U n s a ~ ~thence
i; 11nr1hwardalong
[he wcslern boundary or Mouza Unsani; [hence easlward along the
c northern boundary ofMauzrr Unsani up 10 [he Howrah Drainage Canal;
[hcnce crossing the r::~nnln l o ~ ~the
g ~orthernboundary of Mouza U~isani
up lo i ~ rnceting
s poin~with Maws Iagacha; ttlznce rlor~hwardalong ~ h c
weslcrn boundary orMouza Jagachn and Mouza Dharsa up lo its meeting
poinl with Mouzn OaIlikuri: (hence ;dong the wcwern boundary of hIou7.a
Ballikuri and eastward along lhe northern boundary of Mouza Bal~ikuri
up to the point \vhzre ir m e a s Mouza Koan; thence towards he wcstern
boundary of Mouza Kona up lo ils mecti~gpoinl with Chakpara; thcnce
easlwnrd along thc norlhern boundary of Mouaa Kona; lhcnce southward
along the eastern boundary of Mouza Kona ra the poiut wflerc il mccLs
Mouza Bal~ikuri:Ihencc easrward along the northern boundary of Mouza
Baltikuri ~o [he poinls where i t mrcts Howrah Municipal boundary.

Wards of Lhc Corporation

Wurd No. 1

Along ~iorlhernboundary of Girish Ghosh Byc Lanc, Joyn Bibi Road,

t k n rewards nonh through J~}e)laBib Lane and 10 he east along imaginary
Iinc through New Ccntral Jute Mill in he north up to [he river sidc, then
on ihe east along the river side up to Banerjee Ghat Road, rhencc on
the soulh along Bnnerjec Ghat Road up to J . N. Mukhcrjec Road, thence
on thc wesl along J. N. Mukherjee Road aiid alortg Girish Gl~oshLane
up to Girisll Gliosh Rye I .aae.

Ward No. 2

Slarting from the junclion of G.T . Road (North) and Thakurdas

Surekhn Road (Guha Road),ulong norrhcrn b u n d a r y Thakurdas Surekha
Road up to tiirisb Ghosh Lanc. thence along [he western side oTGirish
Ghosh Lalie and I. N. Mukherjee Road up lo [he juncrion of Naskarpara
Road, hence nloag Nas karpara Rod up 10G.T.Road (Norlh), thence
~owardsnoah along western boundary of G. T.Road (Norlh) up to
Thakurdas Surekha Road.

Ward No. 3

Slardng from G . T. Road (North) and Naskarpilra Road along the

sourhen1 side or Naskarpara R o d up to [he jutlclion aT Nitbin Ghosh
Lane, Lhence alo~lg~ h wcslern
c side of Nabin Ghosh Lalie and Mori
Chand Road i ~ 10p ils junclion will1 Shibn Gopal Bancrjcc Lnnc; thence
alollg ~ h westem
c sidc of Shiba Gopal Brrncrjcc Lnnc up to ils juac~ion
with Sreerilm Dhang Road; lhcncc aloug [he norhem sidc or Srrenm
Dhaiig Road up to the junc~ionof Rash Rehari Ghosal Lane, ~ l ~ r n c e
illon5 the easrcrn side of Rash I3chilri Ghosal Lane and Lal Bchari
Bose Lane up lo the junclion or G.T. Rond (Norrh). and lhcncc nlong
thc cnslzru side oC G. T. Road (Nonh) up 10 ~ h junclion
c of Naskarpara

Ward No. 4

S~arlingfrom ~ h cjunclivn or Nabin Ghosh Lanc and Nnskarpnra

Road along rhc southen\ side or Nasknrpara Road to ils junc~iunwilh
J. N. Mukherjee Road; rlieticc along (he western side of J. N. Mukhcrjee
Road up ro ils junction wilh Ranerjcc Ghal Road, Ilience along thc
southern sidr of Barlerjee G h a ~Road, up to river lhence along the rivcr
in ihe easl up l o Kisscnlal Burman Road; ihcncc nlong [he northern side
of Kissenla1 Burrnun Road and Sir Aurvbindo Road up lo irs junction
tvill~Salnbllu Haldcr Lane: Ihe~icealong Sambhu Halder Lane to irs
juiic~ianwilh Bhairab Gl~atakLanc; ~hcccr:nlong the easr side o f Bhilirab
Gbarak L a ~ up
e to irs juncrion with Sreerani Dhang Road; (hence along
Sreeram Dhang Road up to Shiva Gopal Bilncrjce Lane, [hence aloilg
Shiba Gopal Banerjee Lanc up Lo Moli Chand R o d , rhcncc along
Moli Chnnd Road and Nabin G11osh Lane up 10 irs junclion will1
Nasknrparn R o ~ d .

Ward No. 5

Starting lrom ~ h junc~ion

c of Sri Aurobindo Road and G. T. Road
(Nnrrh), along euslcrn side of G.T. Roxd (Norlh) up lo ils junction wirh
Lnl Behnri Bose Lane; thencc :[long 11iesoutl~ernside ulLal Bchari Bose
Lntlz up 10Rash Behari G h u s ~ lLane. ~ h e ~ i calong
e ~ h caslern
c side of
Rush Bchari Ghosni Lane up lo its junc~ionwill1 Sreeram Dhang Road,
[hence nlong sourher11side of Srccram Dbaug Road up to [he junc~ion
of Bhairab Gha~nliLane: [hence along Ihc wcstem side of Bhairab
Ghalnk Lnnc up to SIT Aurobindo Ro:~d, thence nlong Sri Aurobindo
Road up to G . T. Road (Norlli).
The lIo\vrull M~rrricipcrlCorporariorr Act, 1980.

[West Ben. Acl

Ward No. 6

Starting from rl~ejuncrion of G. T. Road (North) and Kali Mnzurndar

Road nlong Kali Mazumdar Road up lo the Eas~ernRailway lines; t hencc
nlong rhc Railway lines up lo ils mecling point with Municipal Drain:
lhcnce nlong !hc norltlern side of Municipal Drain up to ils juncrion of
Kaibampara Lane and Mohinalh PORI Lane; thetlce along [he easiern
sidc of Mohinalh Porel Lane up ro its junclion with Gliosepnra Lane;
lhencc along [he eastern side of Ghoseparn Lane up 10 its junc~ioilwith
Beneras Road; rhencc along [he norrhern side of Beneras Road up 10 the
junclion wilh G. T. Road (Nonh); thence along the wcstem side of
G . T. Road up to irs junction wilh Knli Mazumdar Road.

Ward No. 7

Staning horn Easlern Railway lines a l rhe n o r l l ~towards wesl along

lhe Municipal boundary up 10 the Municipal Drain (Khal); thence alang
the eastern side of thc drnin up to ils crossing wilh Beaeras Road; thence
along he northern side of Bcneras Road up LO Ghosepara Lane; ihencc
along ~ h rvestcrn
c side of Ghoscpara Lane up lo itsjunction with Mohinath
Porel Lane; thence along 111erveslern side or Mohinalh Parel Lane up
to i b junction wilh Kaibartapara Lane and Municipal Drain: thence along
the southern side 01Municipul Drain up roils rnecting point with Eas~crn
RaiIway lincs; [hence along the Railway lines up to its meering point
wirh [he Howrah MunicipnI boundary from where it sraris.

Ward No. 8

Starling from [he junclion of Benerx Road and F. Road along rhe
western side of F. Road up to the Howrah Municipal boundary ar the
norlh; thence along he Hotvrah Municipal boundary at [he north and
west up lo its meeling point wilh T. Road and rhcnce along Ihc northern
side of T.Road up to irs junclion wilh Q. Road along Ihe easlern side
o f Q. Road up lo i t s junclion wirh S. Road; lhencc along 11ie norrhern
sidc of S . Road up to Lhc junclion of Nnlabar Paul Road; thence along
the weslern side of Nalabitr Paul Road up lo ils junction with Benerns

Ward No. 9

S~artingfram thc ju~lclionof F. Road and Bcneras Road along Lhe

castern side of F. Road up to the Bowrah Municipal boundary at the
norlh; thence easiward dong rhc noflhcrn boundary of the Corporadon
up to [he Muriicipal Drain (Khnl); thence along [he western side of
T f ~ rHo~rmlrM ~ r ~ l i c i p n
l Acr, 1980.

. Municipal Draiii (Khal) up lo irs crossing wilh Ucncras Road: lhence

along the sourhcrn side or Beneras Road up ro E a s ~ c mRailway lines;
thence southward along [he Easlern Ririlway lines lo ils meeting poinls
with South-Eas~emRailway lints; thencea!o~ig[he Soulh-Enstem Rnilw:~y
lincs up lo rhc Howrilh Municipal boundary; rhence norlhwnrd along the
Howrah Municipal boundary to irs nlee~ingpoinl wilh T. Road; rhence
along the southern side of T. Road up LO ils junction with Q. Road; tl~eilce
along the western side of Q. Road up LO its junc~ionwilh S . Road; thence
along the southern sidc o r S. Road up ro its junclioil w i ~ hNalabar Paul
Road; [hence along [he easlern side of NaLnbar Paul road up lo [he
juncdon of Beneras Road.

Ward Nu. 10

Starting horn the eastern side or Easlcm Railway lines ro~vardse m

along soulhem side of Bencms Road up ro the junclion of G. T. Road
(North); lhence along thc wcstern side of G . T. Road up lo its junction
with Bhairib Durln Lane: thence along the norlhcrn sidc orBhairnb Duttn
Lane up to ik mecling points wirh Emtern Railway lines; thence nortllward
nlong the Easizrn Railway lines la Bcncras Road.

Ward No. 11

From [he river Hooghly and ils mccling pojnr wilh Chhalu Babu's
Ghal Lane along norrhern sidc or Chharu Babu's Ghal Lane lo irs
juncdon with Kshcln Mitra Lane; thence along [he northern side or
Kshewa Milra Lnne lo ils junclion wilh Madan 8iswns Lnne; Lhcnce Lhc
norlhern side of Madan Biswas Lane up lo the junclion oTSrcc Aurobindo
Road; thence along the sourhern sidc of Srec Aurobindo Road to the
soulhem side of Kishcn La1 Burman road up 10 [he river Hooghly.

Ward No. 12

Slafling from [he river Hooghly along the nonhern side of Dr. Abani
Dutla Road up 10 its junction with Ramlal Mukherjee Lane, rhence along
easlem sidc of Rnmlal Mukherjee Lane up to Jeliapara Lane. thence
along [he sourhern side or Jeljapara Lane up to its j u ~ ~ c l i owith
n Sailendra
Narh Bose Road, thence along lhe rveslern side of Sailendra Narh Bose
Road up lo G.T. Road (Nonh), rhence along easten1 side of G . T. Road
(North) up ro Sri Aurobindo Road, thence nlong sauthcrn sidc or Sri
Aurobindo Road, up to Madan Biswns Lme, thencc along westcrn side
or MaJon Biswas Lane up to Kshetrn M i t n Lanc, thence along southern
side 01Kshevu Mitril Lane and Chhalu Babu's Ghat Lane up ro the river
Hnt3nIilv Ihencc alnnu Ihe river H-~nn?lilvrln tn Dr. Ahnrii D i ~ r l i aRnad.
[Wesl Bcn. Act

Ward No. 13

S~arringfrom the junction of G. T.Road (Nol-th) and Dr. Abani Dutu

Road along Lhc SDUI hcm side of Dr. Abani Dull3 Road LIPLO llle juncliou
LO Banshi Dhar Jnlaii Road; ihence alaig Ihe w c s ~ c rside
~ i or Banshi Dhar
Jalan Road up lo junclion af Kings Road; ~ t ~ e o nlong
c c lllr nonhern side
of Kings Road up to irs junclion with G. 'r. Road (North): lhc~icealong
he easlern side o r C;. T. Road (North) up lo [he junclion or Dr. Abani
Durta Road.

Ward No. 14

Starting from the junclion o f G. T. Road (Norlh) and Hnri Mohan

Bose Rond along rhz soulbern side of Hari Mollan nose Road up to the
junction or Abul Knlnm Azad Road, rhence along [he easrcrn side of
AbuI Knlam Axad Road up to Ihe junction or Kings Road; thencc alulig
the southern sidc of Kings Road up to irs junclion wit11 Bunshi Dhar Jalan
Road; [hence alovg ihe cxs~erasidc of Banshi Dhar Jillan Road up to
its junction with Golabari Ghat Road; thence along r11e soulhern side of
Golaban Ghat Road up ro the river Haogbly; thence along [he rivcr
Hooghly to iis meeling point wilh Nilyadhno Mukherjcc Road: thence
along thc norll~rmside of Nityndhan MukIierjee Road to its junc~ionwilh
Rishi Bankiln Chnndra Rond; [hence along Lhe caslern side of Rishi
Bankiln Chartdra Road up LO i ~ jsu ~ ~ c l i owilb
n Mnhalma Gandhi Road;
thence along the norlhern sidc of Mahatma Gandhi Rond up Lo ~ h c
junction 01 Church Road; lhcnce along the eastern side or Church
Road up to its juncrion wilh G. T. Road; lhcnce along the easlcrn side
of G. T.Road (Sourll): thcnce to rhc castem side of G. T. Road Worth)
up to thc junction of H x i M o l i u ~Bose Road.

Ward No. 15

Starling rrom the junclion or Rnrnlal Mukherjze Lnnc and Dr. Abani
Dulln Road. ulong lhe noahem sidc of Dr. Abnni D u r u Road up lo in
junclion with G. T. Road (Nor~h);thcnce sourhwards along the wcslern
side or G.T. Road (Norlh) up to its junc~ionwilh Pi Ikhana 3rd Bye Lane;
[hence along northern sidc of Pilkl~aria3rd Byc Lane up 10 ils junclion
wit11 Bnnwari Lal Roy Rw;ld; tl~eliccstraight througll Bnnwari L a l Roy
Road and Fakir Bagan Lnnc up to Easlcrn Railway lines; thence northward
nlong [he Raihvay hoes up lo irs m e l i n g poinrs with Bhnirab Dutia Lane;
thence along soulhcrn side and eastern side of Bhairab Dutlil Lane up
Lo G. T.Road (Norlh), [hence crossing G.T. Road (Norih) along Sailendra
Nalh Bose Road up lo Jeliaparit Lane, thence along Jeliapara Lane up
to tht junction w ~ l hRnrnlal Mukherjee Lane, lhcnce along Ramlal
Mukhcr-jee Lanc up 10 Dr. Abani D u ~ r aRoilrl.
Ward No. 16

Starling from the junction of G. T. Road (Norlh), and Pilkhana Third

Lane along the southern side of Pil khanil Third Lanc up ro Banwari Lnl
Roy Road; rhcace along the soulhcrn sidc of Banw'ui La1 Roy Road up
to i ~ jitnclion
s wirh Fakir Bagnn Lane; thence aIong [he sourhern side
of Fakir Bagan Lane up lo Easlern Railway Lines; lhcnce sourhwnrd
a1on.g [he Easrern Railway Lines ro its crossing wirh G. T. Road (Soulh);
thencc along the wesfern sidc of G.T. Road (Norlh) up to irs junction
with Hari Mohan Bosc Road; rhence along [he northern side of Hari
Mohan Bose Road up to its junction wirh Abul Kalam Azad Road; lhcncc
along [he western side oTAbul Kalani Azad Road up 10 its junction with
King's Road; lhence along [lie southcrn sidc or King's Road up to the
junclion of G.T. Road (Nonh); thencc northward along [he weslern side
or G. T. Road (Norlh) up 10 its junclion with Pilkhana Third Lane.

Ward No. 17

Slarling from the junc~ionof G.T. Road (Soulh)_nlong the norlhern

side or Nityadhan Mukherjee Road up 10 Rishi Bankim Chandra Road;
rhence along the weslern side a f Rishi Bankim Chandra Road up lo its
junction with Mahatma Gandhi Rond: thence along lhe soulhern side of
Mahatma Gandhi Road up ro its junclioa wirh Biplabi Harendn Nath
Ghosh Sarani (Church Road); lhence along eastern and northern side of
Biplabi Hircndra Narh Ghosh Sanni up [a the junction OF G. T.Road
(Soulh), hence along western side of G. T.Road (South) lo hc Eastcm
Railway Lines; lhence along a dircct linc parallel lo Easlern Railway
Lines up lo the poinr from where Belilious Road proceeding westward
from norlhward (just in rronl or [he norlhern gale of the old Howrah
Maidan Sralion); rhence along [he northern side of Belilious Rond up
to its juncrion wilh M. C. Ghosh Lane; [hence along with the calern
side of M. C. Ghosh Lane up to the junclion of Panchannntola Road;
thence crossing he road along he easlcrn sidc or Sndar Buxi Lone up
to Joynanyan Sanlra Lane; rhencc along Joynmynn Sanlra Lane to
Ainuddin Ghat Majhi Lane; rhcncc along ~ h eastern
c side ol Ainuddin
Gbal Majhi Lane up to the junclion of Chintnmoni Dey Road; lhence
along the norlhern side or Chinrnmoni Dey Road up to its junclion with
G. T. Road (South).

Ward No. 18

Starling from thc junction of Deshpran Sasrnal Road and Kali Kundu
Lnnc along h e castcm side of Kali Kundu Lane up to its junction with
Kali Hnneriee I . ~ n rrhencc
. along Ihe nnrlhem side o f Kali Baneriee Lanc
up 10 its junctioo wirh Girish Bunerjee Lane, up lo its junclion wilh
Krishna KrrmaI Bhat~achnrjceL;tnc; rhencc aloltg thc liorrhern sidc o f
Krishna Kamal Blin~~iwharjee Lane up lo irs junction wirh Ciiinrarnoni
Dey Rond; lhcnce along [he northcm side of Chinlnrnoni Dcy Road up
10 i ~jtmcrion
s wirh Ainuddiii Ghat Majhi Lalie; ~ h e n c cakng the rvestcrn
side o r Ainuddin Ghat Mnjhi Lane up lo ils jul~clionwith Joynarnynn
Santrn Lanc; tliencc along Joynarayan Sanrra Lnoe u p ro S;ldar Buxi
Lanc; [hence along easlcrn side of Sadar Buxi Lanc up ro Pi~nchannniala
Rond; thence along suu~bernside of Panchanan~alaRoild and Dcslipran
Snsm31 Road up i o Kali Kundu Lane.

Ward No. 19

Starling rrom the j11nctio11cllBelilious Road and I. R. Bclilious Lnrle

along rile easlerll sidc of I. R. ReIilious Lane up to ils j u t ~ c ~ i owirt~
Panchnnnntala Road; thc~icealc~ig(he norlliem side o r Palichanantala
Rnad t ~ plo irs junction with M. C. Gliosh Lenc; 11ienccalong he \ves~cr~i
sidc of M. C. Ghosh Lane up ro irs junction ivirh-Belilious Road; thencc
along [he southcrn sidc of Belilious Rond up lo ils junction with Bnsiruddin
Munshi Lane; Ihenuc along the easlcrn aud soudiern side or Bnsiruddin
Munshi Lalie up Lo Municipal Drain: rhcnce crossiug rhc culverl along
[he soulhern sidc of Joln Para Masjid Lane; rliencc alotlg the wcsrern
side or Jola Para Masjid Lane up lo irs juocrion with Belilious Road;
illcnce along the sou~hern+side of Bclilious Road up LO irs junc~ionwith
I. R. Belilious Lane.

Ward No. 20

Starting From [lie junction olSoulh-Eastern Railway Lines and Ashu

Bose Lane along the sourhcrr~sidc of Sourh-Easrem Railwily Lines up
lo its mee~ingpoint from where Bclilious Rond proceeding wesrwnrd
from nonhward QUSLin fronl or the gate or the old Howrah Maidan
Martin Slarion); thencc along the norlhcm side or BeliIious Road up lo
ils junction with B~siruddinMunshi Lane; thence along the wcslern and
norlhern side o l nasiruddin Munshi I,rrne up to ihc Municipal Drain;
Lhence crossing the culverls alons thc northcm side of Jola Para Masjid
Lane; thence along ~ h easlenl
c side of Jola Para Masjid Lane up to its
junction with Belilious Road: thence along the tlorlhern side of Belilious
Road up LO its junclion wilh Ashr~Bose Lonc: rltencc along [he easlcrn
sidc of Ashu Base Lane u p to irs. juliclion wirh Sourh-Eastcm Rihilway
Tile Ho~vrullMirrriciyol Coryoru~iorrAcr, 1980.

LVIII of 1980.1

,. or Ram Krislinapur Lane up to tbe jiinctiou of Nilratan Mukherjcc Lanc,

thence along [he norrhern side OF Nilmnn Mukherjee Lane up to ils
juncrion with Chandra Kuniar Banerjee Lane: thence along thc cnsrcm
side of Chnndra Kunlar Banerjee Lane up to iu junction with Nabin
Senapnti Lane; thence along 111ezaslern side of Nnbin Sennpati Lnne up
ro ils junclion with Kasundia Road; Ihence along the soulhern side or
Knsuodia Road up to i ~juaction
s with Raj Bnllav Diw Lane; thcnce along
h e easlern side of Raj Bzlllav Das Lane up to its junction wilh Netaji
Subhas Road.

Ward No. 27

Starling From he junctiol~of Knli Kundu Lane and Kali Banerjee

Lane along the southern side of Kali Banerjee Lane up to ils junction
wirlt Girish Bauerjee Lane: thence alang the soulhcm side of Girish
Banerjee Lane up lo ils junction with Krisllnakamal Bhaltacharjcc Lane;
rhence along thc southcrn sidc of Krishnukamal Bhat~acharjeeLane up
to i ~ jsu n c ~ i o awith Chin~nmoniDey Rond; Lhcnce along the southern
sidc orchinlanloni Dey Road up to ils junc~ionwill, G.T. Road (Soulh);
~liencealong the western side of G.T. Road (South) up lo its junction
wirh Raj Ballav Saha Lane; thence along [he norlhern side or Raj Ballav
Saha Lane up to iu junction rvirh Sidheswarilolu Lnne; lhence along the
eilslern side of Sidhcswaritola Lane up 10 i ~junclion
s with Nclaji Sublias
Road; thence along lhe norlhcm sidc of Neraji Subhas Road up 10 irs
junction with Kali Kundu Lane; thencc nlong Lhe easrern side o i Knli
Kundu Lane up to ils junclion wilh Kali 13anerjee Lane.

Ward No. 28

Starling from the junclion oTRaj BBlnv Saha Lane and Gopal Bane jee
Lane along the ensrern side o r Gopnl Banerjee Lane up 10 its junction
with 4Rnmkrishn;lpur Lane; lhence along the northern side of
Ra~nkrishnnpurLnnc up 10 its junction wilh Charu Singhn Lane; lhcnce
along thc norlhern side of Charu Singha Lane up 10 ils junclion wilh G.T.
Road (South); thence nlong the western side o l G.T. Rand (Soulh) up
to its junclion wilh Raj Ballav Saha Lane; rhence along l l ~ esoulhem sidc
of Raj BaIlav Saha Lane up to iu junction with Sidheswaritola Lane;
lhence d o n g the western side of Sidheswarirola Lanc up to ils junclion
wilh Nctaji Subhas Road; thence along the southcrn side of Nelaji
Subhas Road up lo irs junction with Nidhiram Majt~iLane; thence along
the eastern side of Nidhinm Mnjhi Lnne up lo ils junction with Gopal
Reneriee Lane.
Corporflliorr Act, 19811.
Tl~eHulvrnh M~r~iicipuI

[West Bcn. Act

Ward No. 29

Starling from [he river Hooghly along ~ h sou!

c hem sidc or Nityadhan
Mukherjee Rond up to its juncrion will1 G.T. Rond (South); thence along
the cuslern side of G.T. Road up lo ils junc~ionw i ~ hBonbehilri Bose
Road: rhcnce alof~grhc norrheni side of Bon behad Bosc Road up lo the
Foreshore Road (Upper): lhcnce along a d i r e c ~line up 10 [he rivcr

Ward No. 30

S!artiug from the junclion of C.T. Road (Soulh) and Charu Singha
Lanc dong the southern side of Cham Singlra Lanc up to ils junc~ion
wilh Ramkrislu~apurLane; ~hetlcealong the sourhcrn and easrcrn side
of Rarnkrish~inpurLanc up to i ~juuclion
s with Ali~tdmMukherjee Lnne;
thence along thc norlt~cmside o f Alittdra Mukherjee Lanc up lo its
junclion wirh G.T. Road; [hence along wilh weslcrn side of G.T. Road
up lo its juncrion with Dr. Cangadhar Mukhcrjee Road: lhence along the
northern side of Dr. Gangadhar Mukherjee R o d up to the rivcr Hooghly:
thcnce along [he rivcr HoogIlly lowards nonh up to !he houndnry of Ward
Na. 29; thence along the sourhcrn boundary of Ward No. 29 up 10
Bonbehilri Bose Road; lhcnce along thc soulliern sidc of Bonbehari Bose
Road up ro its junction wilh G.T. Rond (Soulh).

Ward No. 31

Stxdng horn [he junction of G.T.Road (Silulh) and Baje Shibpur

Road along thc narlhern side of Baje Shibpur Road up 10 irs juncrion
with Ramkrishnapur Lane: lhenuc along [he eastcm side of Ramkrishnapur
Lane up LO its juncrion wilh Atindra Mukhej e c Lnne; I11e11cealong the
sourhem side of Atindm Mukherjee Lnne up ro its junction with G.T.
Road (Soulh); thence along rhe wesrern side of G.T. Road up to thc
junction of Bajc Shibpur Roarl.

Ward No. 32

Slarling from Ihe junction of Nilratan Mukherjcc Road and Ram

Krishnapur Lnne along Ihc western sidc or Ran~krishnapurLane up to
i!s junction with Baje Shibpur Road; thencc along Ihe sou~hernside or
Bajc Shibpur Road up to ils junction wirh Dharmarala Lane; thcnce along
the wcstern sidc of Dharrnatala Lnne up lo its junclion will1 Rnmmohan
Mukberjce Lane; thence along the nonhcrn side ofRamrnohan Mukhcrjee
Lane up LO its junction wilh Shibpur Road; thence along the northern
side or Shibpur Road U ~ I10ils iunction with Anmkash Mukheriee I . : t n ~ :
The Ho~vralrMrmicipal Curporurio~~
Act, 1980.

[hence along [he eastcrn side or Aprakash Mukherjee Lanc up lo its

junclion with Kaipukur Lane: rhcnce along [he soulhern and cnsrem side
of Kaipukur Lune up 10 iw junc~ionwirh Chandrrr Kurnar Bancrjee Lanc;
thencc along rhc easlern sidc of Chandra Kumar Bancrjee Lanc up lo
its junclion with Nilrnran Mukherjee Road; thence along [he southert~
side of Nilratan Mukherjce Road up 10 its junclion w i ~ hRnrnkrishnapur

Ward No. 33

Starling from thejunc~ionof Aprakash Mukherjee Lane and Kaipukur

Lanc along the western sidc of Apmkxh Muklierjee Luoe up 10 its
junction wirh Sibpur Road; lhcnce along soulhern side of Sibpur Road
up to its junclion wirh Kashinalh Chatte j c e Lane: thence nlong wesiern
and nodhern side of Kwhinarh Challerjct Lane up to ils junction wirh
Madhab Dey Lane; thence aloug !he wesrern side a f Madh;lb Dey Lanc
and Kshelra Banerjee Lnnc; rhencc castward along saud~ernside or
Kslletra Banerjec Lnne up to Dinoo Mas~erLane; rhence along rhc
weslern side of Dinoo Masrcr Lane up 10 its junction of Dr. Sara[
Chatlerjee Road; thcnce along the norlhcm side of Dr. Sara[ Chalierjee
Road up ro its junclion with Abinash Banerjee Lane; lhcncc along the
southern sidc of Abinash Bane jce Lane up 10 iu juoclion with Musalman
Para Lane; thcnce along [he easlcrn side of Musalman Para Lane up 10
its junclion wirh OlabibiraluLane:thcnce along soulhern sideorolabibitala
Lane and Aprakash Mukherjee Lanc up lo the junclion of Kaipukur Lme.

Ward Nu. 34
S~aningFrom rhc juncdon of Bajc Shibpur Road and C3.T. Road
(South) along the weslern sidc of G.T. Road (Sourh) up to irs junction
wilh Shibpur Road; rhence along the norlhcm sidc of Shibpur Road up
to ils junc~ianwith Rammohau Mukherjee Lane; thcnce along the eastern
side or Rdmrnohirn Mukhcrjee Lanc up Lo ils junclion wirh Dliarmalala
Lane; lhrnce along the easlcrn side of Dliarmarala Lanc up lo i ~juncrion
of Baje Shibpur Road; thencc nlong thc souihern side of Bit Shibpur
Road up ro its junction wilh G.T. Road (South).

Ward No. 35

Starling from \he river Hooghly along he soulhern side of lhc Road
leading to Rajnarayan Roy Chowdhury Ghat Road and [hen along
Rajnarayan Roy Chowdhury Ghnt Road up lo its junclion with G.T. Road
(Soulh); thence along the easlern side of G.T. Road (South) up to its
junction with Bharpara Road; thence along [he easlern side of Bharpara
Road up lo ils iunction with Dehendr:~Nntl~Gnneulv Rnnrl ( T h r l ; ~ R r \ l i l l
Tire Holvrah M1r1iicipnl Curpornrio~lAcr, 1980.

[West Ben. Act

thence along the tlorthern and western sidc of Dcbcndrn N:lth Cnnguly
Road up ro Jagal Banerjee Ghar Rond, rhence eastward through lagat
Brrnerjcc Ghat Road and the Road Icnding lo the river Hoogl~ly;1t1e11ce
along l l ~ river
e Hooghly northwi~rdsup ro the road leading l o Rajnarayan
Roy Chowdhury Char RwilJ.

Ward No. 36

Starling from tlie river Hoaghly along soulhen1 side of G n n d Foreshore

Rond up lo Dr. Gangadhar Mukherjee Road, then along Gangadhar
Mukherjee Road up to its junctian with G.T. Road (South), lhence along
the eastern side of G.T Road (Soulb) up 10 its junction wilh Rajnurayan
Roy Chowdhury Ghat Road, thel~cealong Rajnarayan Roy Chowdhury
Ghat Road lo thc river Hoogbly through Porr Commissioners Rond:
thcnsc tolvnrds nonh alotlg the river Hnoghly up lo Grand Foreshore

Ward No. 37

Starting Cro~n[he juncrion of Sllibpur Road nltd G.T. Road (Soulh)

along the wesrern side or G.T. Road (Soulh) up lo ils junction wirh
MoIlapara Lane; !hence nlong the norlher~lside o f Mallapara Lanc up
to ils junclion wilh Dinoo Masrer Lane; thence along thc castcrn side
of Dinoo Maslei- Lunc up 10 irs junction wilh Ksherril Bnncrjec L:~nc;
hence along rhc northern and eastern side oF Kshctr:~Bnncrjcc Lane up
to ils junclion with Mndhab Dey Lanc; Lhcncc along the easrern side of
Madhab Dey Lane up ro its junclion with Kashinnd~Cl~auerjeeLane;
Ihcnct: along the soutller~larid castcm sidc oTKashinath Chalrerjee Lane,
up ro Shibpur Road; lhe~iccalong thc sourhern side of Shibpur Road up
10 its juncuon wilh G.T. Road (South).

IVard No. 38

Starting horn [he junction or G.T. Road (Sourh) and Onkarmall Je~in
Road.along [he wesIern side oFOnkamnll Jelia Road up ro irs junction
with Dr. Snrat Charterjee Road; thcncc along ~ h csouthern side or Dr.
Sara1 Chat~erjeeRoad up to its juncrion with Gume Road; rhence nlong
the eastern side of Gurrie Road up ro ils ju~lclion will] Audul Road;
lhcncc nlong the ilorlhcrn sidc o r Andul Road up lo its juiicrion wirh
College Ghnl R o d ; lhcnce along lhe weslern side o f thc Collcgc Ghal
Road up lo ils junc~ionwith Botanical Gardcn Road; thence along the
southern side of Bo~anicalGarden Roi~dup lo its junction wit11 College
Rond; thcncc along ~ h norlhcm
c side of College Road up 10 i t s ju~ictioll
wilh G.T. Rclnrl (Sot~lh)2nd O~tknrnmllJelin Rnad-

Ward No. 39
Starling rro~nS o u ~ hE~71ern
Railway Lines and College Road. cutwiwd
along southcrn portion oTRailwily Lines up 10 the Rivcr HoogIily, ll~ence
along the river Hooghly up to its meerinz point wilh [he hound:rry of
Bolanical Garden; [hence northward along the boundary or Botanical
Garden up 10 he junction of Botanical Gudcn Road; thc~icealong
Bolanical Gardell Road up lo thc ju~~clion or Botanical Garden Lane;
then tot+ards wcsr along thc soulhem side at tlot:mical Gardcn Lanc up
ro the Horvrah municipal limit; hence ~~orlhward along lie boundary
limits or Holvrab Municipali~yup 10 AnduI Rond; thence along ihe
norrhcrn sidc of Anrlul Road up 10 the junction wirh College Gt~nlRuad
(Laxmi NarayanraIa Road) up lo irs juncrion wirh Bolanical Garden
Road: thence along soulhem side of Botanical Garden Road ttp 10 CoHegc
Road: thence along lhe easlern side of College Road up to the Sourh
Eastern Railway Lines.

Ward No. 40
Starling from lhe junctio~lof G.T. Road (Soulh) and Mollapilra Lane
along the caslzrn side of G.T. Roi~rl(Souih) up to ils juuclion w i ~ h
Bharpara Roud, thcnce along the eastcn sidc of Bharpara Roar[ up lo
its junction wit11 Dcbendra Nath Ganguly Road (Duke Road); lhzncc
along thc southern and easlcrn sidc of Debendrn Nalh Cianguly Roud up
lo ils juncliou with Jagat Banerjec Ghal Road: lhence easitvard along
Jugni Dnncrjce Ghai Road and Pon Commiss~onenRoad s ~ r a i g hLo the
river Hooghly; [hen along the river Hooghly towards wesl up lo the
western podion of thc Sourh Easlern Railir,ay Lines; [hen along the
Railway Lines up 10 College Rnad: thence along ColIegc Road up lo thc
junclion 01 G.T. Road (South); thence along G.T. Road (South) to
Onkarmall Jc~iaRoad; hence along 0nk;trniall Jetia Road up ro
Dr. Sara1 Chatterjee Road; rhencc along Dr. Sara1 Chalerjee Road up
ra Dinao Masrer Lxue: [hence alotlg Dinoo Mastcr Lane up \a the
junclion of Mollapara Lane; lhence along Mollapara Lane tip lo G.T.
Road (Sou~h).

Ward No. 41
Slardng from the junclion of Dr. Snral Chnuerjec Road and Curry
Road along the southcrn side or Dr. Sara( Chattcrjcc Road up tu its
junclian wiih Kankrapnra Lane; rhcncz along the casrern side of
Krtnkrapara Lane up to i ~ juncriun
s w i ~ hSouth Easlern Railway Lines;
lhence along Lhe Suulh Easlern Railway Lines up 10 Howrah Municipal
buundury In the wesl: rhencc along the easteril side oiBnja Narh Lal~iri
Lane: rhencc along thc easlcrn sidc OF Buznnh Village Road up LO its
junclion wirh Andul Road; lhence along the norihcni sidc of Andul Road
up to its junction with Curry Rond; thcnce along rhc tvcstcrn side or
Curry Rond up ro its jurlclion wilh Dr. Sarat rhnlrrriec R n d
The Ho~7ruhMlrtricipnl Cor/)omfiflrtAct, 1980.

Ward No. 42

From the juncrion o f Mahendm Rhattacharjee Road i~ndNciv H.I.T.

Road along (hc weslern side of H.I.T. Road up lo ils junclion with
Puratan Shirc Lane; lhencc nlolig the norlhern side oTPuratan Shire Lanc
up to its crossing wilh Nandalnl Cha~terjeeLune; hence along the
riorthcrn side of Nandalal Chattcrjce L ~ i up
e LO its junction wi!h Kazi
Bagan Lane; rhencc along thc nortllern sidc or Kazi Bagan Lane up 10
i&junction with Naudalal Mukherjee Lanc; thence along thc eas~ernside
or Naadalal Mukherjee Lune up to its junclior, with Abinash Banerjee
Lane; [hencc along lhc northern sidc or Abinuh Bmerjee Lane up 10
ils juncrion wirh Musillmanpara Lune: d~encenlong the weslern sidc or
Musalmanpara Lanc up 10 its junction w i ~ hOlnbibitdn Lane; thence
along lhe rvestcrn side of Olitbibi~alalLwc up io iu junc~ion with
Kasundia Road; rhence along the no~lhernside of Kasundiil Road up ro
irs juncrion with Gadadl~arMistry 1,ane: [hence along ~ h cwtsreni side
of Gadadhar Mislry Lanc up lo irsjuncion with Tantipam Lnl~e;lhcncc
along Ihe western side of Tantip:~raLane up lo its jurlctioil w i ~ hPriya
Nath Ghosh L.anc: [hence along Ihe wesrcm side of Priya Nnlh Ghosl~
Lane up ro its junction wilh Mahendra Bhnt~actiarjccRoad: [hencealong
the sourhern side of Mahcndra Bhattilcharjee Road up to ils junction with

Ward No. 43

From the junction of Icl~apurRond and municipal lin~itsalong the

direct line detnarcatcd by boundary tnarks wcslrvard to the junclion of
Ram Charan Sell Road; rhence along the easlern side or Ram Charan
Selt Road soulhwilrds lo the crossing o r Ram Cllaran Scll Road and
Mnhcndra Bhartachnrjee R o d ; thence nlong the norlhcrn side of Neraji
Subhas Road up lo ils crossing with Brindabon M ~ ~ l l i cLane;
k lhcnce
along the western sidc of Brindnbon Mullick Lane lo irs junction with
Kanrapukur Lane; thence along ihe western side of Kantlrpukur Lane up
ro irs junction with Ichapur Rond; thence along the soulhcm side of
Iclrnpur road up 10 ils junction wilh wcslcm municipal limits.

Ward No. 44

S~artingFrom [hejunclioii oTH.1.T. Road and MaheiidraI3hnttacharjee

Road nlong [he northern side oTMahendr:) Dhnrlacharjcc Rond up to thc
junc~ionof Ram Chandra Sctl Road, thence along the caslern and norlhern
side of Ran1 Chandra Sctl Road up to Ilie junc!ion of Ainbika Kundu
Lane; t hcnce aloug h c weslern side or Ambiku Ku~lduLanc and Brnjanail~
Lahiri Lane along the ljrni~sor H o w a h Mutiicipal area up to South
LVILI of 1980.1

Ei~stcmRailway Lines, thelice alori: the Sou[ll Easrern Rai lwuy Lines
up to the svulhern mee~ingpoint wirh Hawrah Drainage Canal; [hence
along 111eDrainage Canal up lo he inecli~i: point wi!h Kankra Para Limc;
lhcncc along Knnkra Parn Lane up to rhc junction o r Dr. S i ~ r Chatierjee
Road (near the juaclio~iof Nnndnlal Chntterjee Lanc): thcnce along
Dr. Sara1 Clialtcrjcc Road up 10thc junction uf Abinilsh Banel-jee Lane;
rbence along Abinash Banerjee Lane up lo Nandalal Mukherjee Lanc:
thcnce nlong Nandalal Mukherjee Lane up ro irs junclion wilh Knzi
Bagan Lane; thetlce aloug the soulllern side o r Kazi Bagan Lanc up lo
~ L Smecring point wilh Nandalal Charlerjee Lanc; thcnce along he northern
side of NandalaI Chiltlcrjee Lane up lo ils junction will1 Puraran Shirc
Lane; thence along [he norlhern side of Pura!an Shire Lane up 10 Ncw
H.I.T. Road; lhence northward along the western side of H.I.T. Road
up lo Mal~endraBattachnrjee Road.

Ward No. 45

Along Botanical Garden Road horn ils mee~ingpoint wirh rhc river
Hooghly norlhward up 10 its junction with Bolailical Garden Lane:
lhcncc along nor~hcrnand cnslcrn boundary of Botanical Garden up to
[he point where it rneels Andul Road; hence along !be soulhcm sidc or
Andul Road up to rhc point whcrc il mecrs [he castern boundary o r
Mou'a Thana Makua; lhence wesrward along the soulher11side of Andul
Road up ro its junclion will1 Burah Village Road; thence northward all
nlong the weslem side o r Buxarah Village Road up 10 its junclion with
Brojnnath Lahiri Lane; [hence along the western side oFBroja11nr11Lahiri
Lane u p to i u meeling point wilh Purba Buxarah Cram Sava; [hence
along the norlhern boundary or Purba Buxarah Gram Sava the Soulh
Easlern Railrvny Lincs; up to lhcncc weslward along the Soulh Ensrern
Railway Lines up !o its neer ring paint with Railway Iine connecting
Raymond Engineering Works: thence sourhwnrd along thc Railway liiles
connccring Raymond Engineering Works up lo its metring poinr with
C.M.D.A. pucco rond: thence irocs[ward along the soulhern side of
C.M.D.A.pucca road up 10its junction wit11 a pucca rond brlwccn Dag
No. 87 and No. 88 under Mouza UHar Buxaral~;llience soulhward along
the easlenl side oC tha! pucca road up t ~ 11s
r mecling poiru wilh Mouza
Sulranpur; thcnce easrward along thesouthern boundilry of Utrar Buxxih;
lhcnce along the weslern boundary o r Noflhcm Buxurah up to rhe Howrah
Drainage Canal; hence crossing !lie calla1 westward along the northern
boundary or Mouza Thona Makua and Gobaria up to llle waler edgc a1
the lowcst tide of the river Hooghly; thence nlong thc water edgc at
lowest lide 01thc northcrn bank or lhe rivcr Hooghly eastward up to lhe
poinr where it meets lhe Botanical Garden Road.
[ W u l Ben. Act

(Schedrrlc I!.)

Ward No. 46

S ~ i l r l i l ~fro111
g the poinl where itleers ~ l i cweslern boundary o f Mouzil
Tllan;~Makuz wilh Lhe sourhcrn bou~idaryo f 1Mo11zaSuIlanpur: 111encc
i~orlhrvorddong the wesrcrn boundary or Mnuza Sultanpur up to rhc
poinr where il mcets \lie southcm houndnry of Mouzn IJnsuni; [hence
westward along the soulhcnu boundary of Mouza IJusani up ro Ilie poinr
where it mcc~s Mouza Ptilya: thcncc alol~gthe sou~11-weaen~ and nortl~ern
boundnry or Mouza Pulya up 10 ~ I l cpoinr wllcrc i t ineets thc wcsbern
boundary o f Mouza Unsa~ii:tl~enccnoflhxvardnlong the ivesrern boundary
of Mouza Unsani; thence ensrwerd nlorig [he nurlhern bound:~ry af
Mouza Unsani up l o thc poi111ivhert: i r meets the wcsrem boundary of
M o ~ iJirgaclia;
l lhencc southward nlong thc easlern boundary o f Mouzn
Unsani up ro ils meeting puint tviili Sourh Enstern Railway lines; tl~encc
easlward i h n g [lie Soul11 E:~slcr~l Railway lincs up lo its mcciing pojnr
with rile RniIway liues connecting Rayn~ondE~lgineeringWorks; I h e ~ ~ c e
soutluvnrd along 11ie Railway lines connec~ingRayrrlond Blginceri~lg
Works tip lo i l s rnceli~lgpoinl \ v i l l ~the C.M.D.A. pucca road; rlieiice
wes~wnrdalong [he northcrn side o f Ihe pucca road up Lo i ~ [neeling s
point wirh R PIICC~ road procecding soud~wardhclween Dnz No.57 ant1
No. 88 under Mouzil Utlar Buxririth; thcuce sou~hwarda l o n ~111cwcsrern
side of hat puccn road up lo ils meeting pclin~wit11rllc norllieru bo~u~dury
oTMouzil Sullatlpur: lhcncc along the north-cx51enland south en^ boundary
of Mouzn Sultanpur t ~ tu p lhc poi111wherc IL meek thc point Vro~nwhcm
i t starls.

Ward No. 47

Slar~ingfrorn Ihe ~lor~hcrn

boul~dnryor Mouzn Unsani and weslcrn
boul~daryor Mouza Jagac ha nnrrhward aIung llie wtsrern boundary o r
Mouzn Jngacha and Mour;! Dliarsa up 10 lhc poizit whcrc il nieels the
northcrn boundary of Mal[ickpara Grijm Sava; the~lccalong [he llorthcrn
boundary of Mallickp:tra Gram Sava: ~ l ~ c n ceaslerrl
e and southcrn
boundary or Mallickpar;~ Gram Savn up lo \lie errsrern boundary or
Uralifaanpara Gram Snva: ihcncc sou~liwartlnlong rl~eeastcm houndnry
or Brdlmanpam Gram Sava up to its meeting pnint with lhc easrern
boundary of Urlar Jngacha Gram Sav.~;[hence along the eastern bouiidary
of Utrar Jagnchn Gram Snva trp lo ils tneeiing poinl wjlh lhc northeru
boundary o f Jagacha Gram Save: thence nlong the noril~ernimd easlenl
boundary o f Jugucha Gram Sava up 10 its meeting point wilh Lhc castern
boundary o f Purba Jagaclla Gram Snva; Ibencc nlnng the easlcrn and
sourhcrn boundary or Yurba Jagacha Gram Savn up to 11stileering p o i n ~
wilh the Souih easlem Railway lines: rhcncc along rhc norlhern sidc of
South Eastern Railway lines up 10 i l s ]neeling poinl wilh [he tiwrcni
houndary orMouza Unsani: thence norlhward aton2 ttle casrern boundary
of Mouza Uns;mi up to ihe point from wtlerc its stnrls.
The Holvrah Mlr~iici/)crlCu~porciliot~
Acr, 1980.

Ward No. 48

Starling f r a a ~Ru11i Charan Set1 Road along llie westen) boundary 01'
Ward No. 49 up to its junction wit11 H o w r ~ hAmla Rond: thcnce along
tlie sourlier~iside o r Rowrah Amla Road up to its nize~ingp o i n ~with
rhc wcslcrll boundary or Mrluza t3alilikuri; llicncc sourhwartl alo~lgthe
castcm sidc of Motizn Balitikuri up lo i ~ s[neeling point w i ~ hr~orth-
caslcrn boundnry o f Wnrd No. 47 up ro its lneeting poinr wit11 IIIC
r~orihernboundary o r Wnrd No. 45: thcncc eastward along thc il~rtlizrn
boundary or Ward No. 45 up to its mcctins point with Wnrd N o 44;
thence ~iortl~tvard a101lg Llic boundary o r Ward No. 44 tip lo the point
from where it narts.

Ward No. 49

Along t l ~ cn o ~ l h e r rboundary
~ o r Utlar Saliar~purGra111Sabl~arrom
its junction will1 the weslern boundary of Uttar Saliilnpur G m ~ nSabha
tip 10 its mccting point with thc nurther~ibountlary o r Sibtala Gram
Sabtu: ~benccalong tlie norlhern ; ~ n dcusrcr11boiuldnry of Sibtala Grnnl
Sabha up to its incctin: point \villi thc castern boundary of Dakshin
Sahanptir Gram Sabha; thence along thc c:jsLern boundary or I3akshin
Sahanpur Gram Sahh3 up 10 ils lnee~ingpuinr ivilh easIern brlundary or
Purba Icl~apurGram Sahha; theace ;llon,o thc cilstern boundary of Purbn
Ichapur Gram Sabha up LO its meelin: point with souther11boundary of
Mi~jhcrpara Grnm Sahha: thcuce along lhc s o u t t i e r ~boundary ~ of
Majhcrpara Gram Sabhil up lo irs meeting poinl with [lie eastern boundary
of Dakshi~ilcliapur Grnm Snhhn; [hence along thc uasrern, soutbern and
westcrn boundary 01 Diikahi~~ lchapur Gram Snbha up 10 its mccling
point with [he soutl~ernboundary of Ichapur Uttur-Paschimparn Cranl
Sabl~a:Lhcncc along soutliern and wes1el-n boti~idaryof Icliap~irUttar-
l'aschi[npnra Gram Sabhn wherc il mccrs the norrhern boundary or
Ichilpur Urtar-Paschimpara Gram Snbhn; thence along tlic tlortllrrn
boundary OF Icl~apurUt~ar-I'ilscliinipara Gram Snhha eastward up 10 its
111ee~ingpoinr wit11 the citslcm br>~~ndary 01 Sciildanga Gram Silhlia;
thence along the iveslern, soulhcm and again \vcstcrn boundary or
Sealdauga Grain Sabha uplo irs rnccling point with thc western boundary
o f Paschim Dasiingar Gram S a b h ~ thcnce ; a l o ~ ~thc
g western boul~dery
or Paschim Diunagnr and Utt:~rSahunpur G n n Sabha-5 ~ up to its mccting
puin~with Ihc northern boul~daryor Uttar Sat~anpurGram Sablin.

Ward No. 50

Starling lrr~nl11ie juuction of I-Towri~hAmta Road and rllz wcslcrn

boundary oTMouza Ralittknri northward along l l ~ eweslcrn boundary o r
Mouza Raljlikt~ri;theilce east~vnrdnlony Ihc n o r ~ h e nboundary
~ of Mouza
The How?-rrh Mrr~ricipnlCorporn~iotlAcr, I980. I

[West Ben. Act I

Balilikuri up to its rr.ccting point with the weslern boundary or Mouza

Kona; lhence oorlhwnrd along the wcstcrn b o u t ~ d a r yof Mouza Konn;
lhence eastward along r he norlhcrn baundary and southward along thc
casrenl boundary of Mouza Koun up to its mcering poinl wit11 [he
norlhcrn boundary of Mouza Balilikuri nr Bdading; thence eas~ward
along thc northern boundary of Mouza Balitikuri up Lo the weslern
boundary 01 Ward No. 3: rhcnce southward along the weslcrn boundary
of Ward No, 8 up ro irs meering p o i n ~wirh Ward No. 49: lhcncc
westward along the nonhern side of lhe boundary of Ward No. 49 up
to its junclion wilh Howrali Amra Road: lhencc wcslward along the
northcrn sidc o f Hotvrah Amra Road up lo the poinr rrom where i t slarts.

Class of profwion, tradc and calling

Serial Class of professio~i,~radeand calling


1. Compatly or associalion ur body of individuals, engngcd in any

professiotl, lrade or calling whalsoever for profit o r as a bcnclic
society, nor being n rcgislcrcd co-operalive sociery.
2. Stalurory corporilion set up by the Goverumenl, or kading
concern sponsored by lhc Governmen 1, and carrying on busi ncss
for prohi.
3. Company, club, association or body o r individuals, having no
pnid-up capilal. engaged in any profession. rradc or calling
whnlsoever for profit or as it beneFi t society (no1 being n rcgisrered
co-operative socie~y).merchiln~,banker (not being a regis~crcd
co-operative society). money-lcndcr, whoIesale rrader, owner
OF occupier of a market, bazar or rhcillre or place of public
cnrertainment, broker or dalal in jule, colton, precious slones,
landed property, country produce. silk or other merchandise.
rctail lnderorshop-keeper, boxding-housc-kceper, holel-keeper,
lodging-house-keeper, tea-srall-keeper and cating-house-keeper.

'Schcdulc 111 was subslilulcd by s. 5 o r thc Hnwrjh Municipal Carponlion (Amcnd-

mcni) Acr, 2 0 0 (IVcsi Ucn. Act V o f 2 0 ) . Prior to rhir .ruhrti~u~ion. , original
L n ~ l ythe
.ichcdulc w& subslilurcd by s. 2(23) oC thc \VL<I Rrngal Municipal Corponlion L a w s
(A~t~cndmcnl) Acr, 1995 (\Vest Ucn. ACLXVIl or 1995). Secondly. lhc simc scl~edulc\L,L<
runher si~bsririircdby s. 20 oirhc Howrhh Municipal Corponlion (A~ncndmcnl)Aci. 19119
W u c ' Rrn. Acr XI or 19411).
Cotporuliorr Acr, 1980.
The Ho~vmliM~t~ricipul

LVIII of 1980.1

(Scherlrrle IV.)

4. Comnlission ngenl, broker 1101 included in seriaI tluntber 3,

nrchirec!, engineer, conlmctor, medical practitioner, denrisl,
barrisrer, and legal praclilioner.
5. Ilineranl vendors I~nwkinggoods for sale,
6. Auy other [lade, profession nr calling no1 cnumcrarcd in serial
numbers 1 LO 5.

Tax- on Advcrlisemcnls
[See seclion 3.1

Pcr month Per ycilr

Rs. P. Rs. P.

1. Advcrliscmcnls on hoardings, walIs or posrs or in the form

o r non-iIluminnled sky-signs-
(a) For n spacc up lo 1 squi~rcrncirc ..
(b) Tor u space over 1 squ,ue melre and up to 7.5 square
meres ..
(c) for cvcry additional 2.5 square mcrres or less ..
2. Advenisements on cloth hung across srreels o r Iborpnlhs-
(a) in ;l strcet up 10 6 melrcs wide .. 1-00 .. ... . .. .
(per runtling 30 cetl~imctres)* - . .

(b) in a strccr over 6 melrcs wide .. 1.50 ..

(pcr running 30 ccnrimcrres)* . .

3. (i) Advcrriscmenrs which are Iixcd to or agilinst the wall

or outcr Faze of a building and
(1) no part 01 which projccrion on or over n slrecl:
(a) for a space up to 1 square rnerre
(b) lor a space over 1 squnrc mclrc and up to
2.5 square metres
(c) for every additional 2.5 square lnelres or Iess
.In addirion 101l1c usunl amount on thc bxqis of lhc sudacc .ma or thc cloth, calcula~cdat tlic ntcs as irl iicin I, rcduccd
intcrnis of a ~nonlli.
N.0.-11 h c ndvcnisc~ncn~ hoard projcu~cmom thm sixty ccnti~nctw< ovcr or across srrcc~s-Rs. 4 fur cvcry udditionnl
30 cenlirnelrcs in addirion ro thc tns prcscribcd nbovc.
N.u!--~irhc bowd cccccrlf I 5 ccntlmctrcs in thickncss 2 pcr 30 ccntirnclrcs or thc thickncss in addilion to thc a x ahovc.
[Wcsl Ben. Act ,

,, .- -
, . . ,
Per mooth Per ycar I - -

Rs. P. Rs. 1'.

(2) \vtiich arc placed i n a posilion i ~ i c l i ~ ~l oc rlle
i'ellicnl or. o~lierir~isc
projecl on o r ovcr a slreel:
(a) IOI-
:i sp;~cc up l o 1 stluare melrc . .
(b) Tor a spncc uver 1 squarc lnerre and up l o
2.5 square mc~rcs . .
( c ) for cvcry additiol~al2.5 sclume inelres or less
(ii) Arlverliserncnl suspended over or across strzcl-
(a) for a spncc up to 1 square nlelrc ..
(b) for a spnce over 1 square niclre and up 2.5
square mcrres ..
( c ) f i r every addirionnl 2.5 sclunrt: nlctres or lcss ..
4. Adveflisernenr hoarding srantling hlurik bur bcarir~grhc
uamc of the itdverliser or wilh ~ h canaouncerncnl 'To bc
lei' displayed rhcrcon:
(a) for a space up lo I square rnclre ..
(6) Tor a spncc over 1 srluilre lnelrc :uid up l o 5 square
(c) for every ~ d d i l i o n a 2.5
l squi~rcnletres or less
5. Adverlisetnenl board carried on vellicles ( o r adverliscmenrs
displayed on 11ie body uT veliiclcs)-
(a) lor a spncc up l o 1 square nlclrc ..
(b) for a spice over 1 square metre and up to 2.5 square
mctres ..
(c) Tor sp;~cto v w 2.5 srluare ~nerrcsand up ro 5 square
mc1rcs .-
. (d) for evcry nddi~ional5 srl~rare~uelresor less . .

Provided that i n 111e casc o f a person advenising ill

- - ' silore than one vchicfe a[ a lime 1I1e lola1 space ndvcrrised
in all lhc vcIiicles iaken logzlhcr shall bc laken iu(u
nccounl Cor [he pnrpose of dcrcr~ninniionor [he rnx.
6. lllurniriated advcrrisemenr hoards carried on vcliicles (or
illurninared ndvcriisetncnls displnycd 011 [he body of
(a) Vor space up ro 2.5 square melrcs
;) ..
(h) for a spice over 2.5 squnrc melres and up 10 5 scluiu-e
me~res ..
( c ) for cvery :tdditionnl 5 square mclres o r lcss . .
. .. ..
. . .
Per month Per year ,. ..
Rs. P. 11s. P.
7. A d v c r ~ i s c m e i ~hoards
l carried by sand~vichboardmen-
(a) for cacli board up ro 1 square me11.e ..
{b) lor cncli board ovzr 1 square meLrc and LIP to 2.5
squarz metrcs ..
(c) For evcry nddilional 1 stluerc metre or less ..

8. Illunlinaled advcr~isemrnrboards curried by sandwich

(a) for each board up ID 1 square merre ..
(b) for each bonrd over 1 squarc nlclre and up 10 3.5
squarc melres ..
(c) Ibr cvery additional 1 square ~ n e l r eor Icss ..

9. I l l u ~ n i n a ~ esky-signs
d ntld advertiscrncnts olher tlian rhosc
referred 10 in iicnis 6 and 8-
(a) for a space over 2.0110 squart: c r ~ ~ t i ~ n e l r e s ..
(b) for a spacc ovcr 1,000squarc ccnlimetres and up lo
5,000 scluarc c r ~ u i u ~ z l r e s ..
(c) ror il space over 5,000 sq11:irzceruime~rc*;1r5J 11p lo
2.5 square rnelrcs ..
(d) for evcry nddilional 2.5 srluarr: metres or less ..
N.B.-In the case or projected advcrtisemenrs i n
addilion ro rhc tax prescribed ahovc, Ihe same rale w i l l
apply rcgnrding projec~ionand thickness, as givcn in
itcnl 3 above.

10. Adverlise~nen~s exhihilcd on screens by mcilns of lnllrerr~

slides or similar devices-
(a) Tor a space up 10 5,000 squarc ceutimerres ..
(b) for a space over 5,000 square centime~rcs:~ndup lo
2.5 square nlerres ..
(c) Tor every additional 2.5 squurc nlelres or less ..

11. Pos~erson wnlls, bonrdings, frames, posts, kiosks. upon or

in vehicles-
(a) for a spilcc no1 cxcccding a singtc royal ..
(b) lor a space not exceeding douhlc royal ..
(c) fnr evcry i~rldilional1 square ~netrc ..
[Wesl Ben. Act

Per month Per year ,

Rs. P. Rs. P.
If a posicr for which tax has already been paid has LO
bc replaced due 10 darnagz or o ~ h e r ~ v i sberorc
e the expiry
of the period for which the rnx has been paid. a stamp may
be aflixcd l o thc new posler l o the efrecl lhat il is covered
by thc originaI rcccipl for payment, Ihe number and dare
whereol shouId bc specihcd on [he body o l the poster:
Provided lhar [he previous approval or thc Co~nmis-
sioner shall be lakcn beiorc crccling such new poslers.
Fly-posrcrs or hand-posters-
(a) or a sizc up ro 96 square ccn~imelrts .. 1 paisa tach.
(6) of 3 size ovcr 96 square cenlimelres nnd up to
192 square ccntitnr~rcs .. 2 paise each.
(c) of n size ovcr 192 square rcnrinierres and up lo
320 square cenlimerres .. 3 paise each.
(d) ol' a sizc over 320 squnrc ceruimrtrcs and up lo
480 square centimz~rrs .. 5 paise each. 1
(e) o r every nddilionnl 96 square ccr~~irnetres
or less .. 1 paisa each.


1. In calcularing the spilcc or arcn referred lo abovc all the faces

of ihc adverlisemenl hoardings, boards, c ~ c . ,utilised Tor purposcs of
display shall bc taken into account:
Provided Lhd ju rhc case or a sky-sign, in arldi~ionto the abovc, the
race surface of lhe suppufling pillars or raised plnlrurrns. if any, bclow
the aciual displaying area shall also be iakcn inlo accounl.

2. An ildver~isemcnl shall not be dee~ned lo be an illuminilred

ndverlisemen1 within [he meaning of this Schedule ii such advcrtise-
men1 is illuminated mereIy by light tvhicll. in the apinian or the
Cummissioner, is no1 more [Inn ivhal is nccessnry lo fnakc the same
visible nl nigh^.
[See section 220.1

Sec~ionand sub- Subjcct Maximum Fine or Maximum d:hily fine

section, clausc or imprisoninent that may bc imposed
proviso may bc imposed

Section 77, sub- Requisilion by auditors 10 produce T,~, hundred rupees. if^^
section (3) documents, ro appear in pcrson or
to make and sign dcvl;lraliot~ lo
answcr q u c s ~ i o no r ro submil

'[Section 102,sub- Failure LO take out ccrrilicalr: or One housald rupeesJ

seclion ( 1) enlislmcnl.

Scction 103 A d vcrtiscmcn 1 made w i (houl Oncthousnnd rupccs. one hundred rupees,
psymrnr or mxes.

Scction 1 I 1. sub- Defilullin fumislling slaternent and Onc hundrcd rupccs. T,, rupees,
(2) and (3) produclion of books and accounts.

Sccrion 142 Conslruclion of privale streets. One lhousand rupccs. onellundred rupees,
walls, rcnce,erc. on municipal drain,
channcl, elc. wilhoul permission.

Sccrion 144, sub- Unlawrul conneclion of housedrain Oiic thousand rupccs. onehundred rupees.
seclion ( I) with municipal drain.

Secrion 145 Requisilion LOowncr I0 amnge for One I housandrupees. One hundred rupees.
suCCicient mcans of effectual

Section 148 Throwing, emplyiug or turning One thousandrupccs. ~ i f rupees,

i ~
terrain rnarters no1 to be passed
lhrough municipal drains.

Section 153, sub- Keeping or maintaining toilet or Five I~undredrupees. ~ i f rupees, i ~

sec~ion(3) urinal for public usc withour
'Tllc cntricswithin rhc squnrc bncltcrs tvcrc inscned by s. 7 oflhc Howrali Muliicipal Corpra!ion(Anlcndmcnl)Acr. 1992
(Wcst Hen. Act X 01 1992).
-Thc Collowing cn~ricsin columns 1.2 and 3-
"Scction 102A. sub-scclion (5). Fnilurc ro apply Tor tcrrihcarc T w o hundrcd and fifty rupccs."
wen: Tmt inscncd hy S. 2 I(l)oirhc liownh MuniciFlCofponrion (A~nc~id!ilcnt) Acl, 1994(Wcsl Ben. Acl XI of 1999 Thcn
thcrrmcclllrirs~vr~~~~~~i~~cd (Arn~:ndrncn~)Acl.
hys. 60lthc H o w n I i . unlc~PillCoqmmlion Z O O O ~ V U S I RAcIVo?iUOO).
ic-iylrl CCITIIOIT[~~O~I
Tlrc thwt-uk MHII A d , 1980.

[Wcsi Bcn. Act

- --
'(Scctiun 1.54 Failurclaconvcr~scrviceprivp inlo Five[llDusand rupaes. Fivetlulldrtd rupees.]
sanitary loilel.
Sec~ion155, sub- Fnilurc lo provide privy, urinal. Fivc li~~ndrcd
rupccs. Fifry rlrpces.
scclin~i(2) bathing or washing place.
Seclion 156 FaiIure lo provide privy or ~nitbc f i v e hunllred ruprcs. Firry rupees.
fil~era(ionor subsiill~tionof service
privy by olher sysrem.
Section 157. sub- Construcrion o f ccsspool i n Fivc hundfed rupees. Tweflly-five rupczs.
section (1) violation of provision.

Scclioll 157, sub- Rcquisi~ionDn owncr lo fill up or Fivc hundrcd rupccs. Ttvcn~y-fiverupces.
sec~ian(2) remove unlirwrul cesspnol.

Scction 163 Failure lo conlply rvith a t ~ o ~ i Tor

c c 011ethousand rupees. Fifty rupees.
removal or allerarion of verandah,
ptalform, building elc.
Section ICfl Failure to rcniove w:ill, fence, rail. Five d~ousandrupees. Fiiry pees.
plaiform, elc.
Seclion 165 of animals Two hundred rupces.
Prohibi~ionor ~e[l~ering T C rupecs.
and milking of catllc.
Seclion 166, sub- Consrrucrion or rcco~~slrucrinn in One hundred nrpccs. ...
section (5) violalion or [he regular line oT a
shreer or building line wirhoulpropcr
Section 170, sub- Ulilisnlion or sale ol land Tor 0r~e~hous;lndrupees. . ,

seclion ( I ) cons~ruc~ion of buildings without

provision for streets giving access
LO the site.

Seclion 170. sub- Utilisatioi~ or disposal of land One lhousnnd rupecs. ..-
section (2) willlour scnding n wrirren npplica-
lion wi111a lay aul plan.
Pruhibilion of making new slrccls. Oncthousand rupees. ..
Section 171
Scctian 173 Uiiaulhoriseduse ortatid as building Two rhousa~ldarid Onc hundrcd rupees.
site. five hundred rupees per square metre.
or imprisonmeni Tor
six months o r bo~h.
Secrion 177, sub- U~iaulhorisederectionof3 buildirlg- TWOthousaitd nnd Two I~undrcdrupees.
scclion (1) live llundred nlpces or
imprisonrnenl Tor six
monrlis or borh.
'Thc cnlric* willlin lhc squnrc hr;lclcts wcrt inscncd hy s. 2 l(2) o f ~ h Hn~r.r;~h
c Municip~lCorpr;liioll (Amcndnlcnt) Acr.
199'1(\Vcst Ucn AciXIor 1999)
The Hoir,~.rrlrMrrl~icipolCorpornriorl Acr, 1980.

( , Y ~ ~ l l ~ ~ )~ l l / l ~ ~

Sccrion 178 Occuparion bllildin~\t'illloul a Five hundred rupees. Tweluy-fiverupees.

Section 179. sub- Chimgc olthc use of premises snnc- T w o r l ~ o u s a l ~and
d Two~ ~ ~ l ~rllpccs.
seclion (1) ~ionedlor specified purposes. I i v c hundred rupees
or imprisonmc~i~ for
six rnonlhs or bolh.

Scction 188, sull- Failure lo perrorm durics in the T l ~ r e e b u a d r u d ~ e T\vrnty-fivc

s. rupees.
sccrio~i(3) mnurr ol'collccrion of solid wastes.
Seclion 190, sub- Use, nllera~ion,clc. or prcmises as Two rliousnnd and Two llvntlred rupccs.
secrion ( 1 ) godowns, ~varcl~ouses, elc. ~itholrr fivc hundred rupccs
perinission. or imprisonine~lr Tor
six months or both.

Section 191, sub- E s ~ a b l i s l ~ i n ng Pucrclry ivirlioul Two rhousand a n d Two hundrcd rupees.
section (1) permission or altcring or cxreuding live hundrcd rupees
rhe samc o~liertvise rhan in or ilnpriso~lmenrror
confomi1y wirh the condi~ions- sir rnonlhs or bolh.

Section 192. sub- Kccping eating house, erc. withoul TWOtIlousrr~~d and Two hundred rupees.
seclion ( 1 ) pcrmissioii or otherwise ~ h : min five tlulldred rupees
c o n ~ o m i t ywill1 a licence. or imprisonlnen~lor
six nlonths or bolh.
Seclion 193 Keeping open ~healres.circuses. c k . One thousalld rupccx. Olie Ilundrcd rupces.
without permission or olher\vise
lhanill conibrmily wirh e licence.

Seclion 196 Keepillg OPCn :illy prit'ale marker, T w o ~ h o u s a n ~and

l Two l~iindrcdrupees.
elc. orllenvisc thim in cooforrnily five hundred rupees
wirh a licencc. or irnprisoiiii~enllor
six lnonrhs or both.
Seclion 197, Carryihg on ihc, trade of a butcl~er T,VU lhous;lnd alld Twollundredandfiny
clause (a) otherwise lhmi il~con~ormily with a five hundred mpecs rupees,
licencc. ol- imprisonment for
six nic~nthsor borh.
Secrioo 197, Prollibirion of sclliilg of flesh, fish Fivc hulldred rupccs. Twenty-five rupccs.
clause (b) or anillla1 wirhnur licence.

S e c t i o ~20
~t Prnhibirio~iorcarrying on rrade of^ ~i~~ ],u,,drcd rupees. Twenly-live rupccs.
butcher, fish lnongcr, CLC. n~lierwise
rhan i n conrormi~y~ v i ~n hlicer~cc.
The Hmvroh 1Cfroricipal Corpomlio~fAcr, 1980.

[Wesl Bcn. Act LVlII of 1980.1

Seclion 202 Prohibilioll o r sale, elc- T w o rhousand and Two hundrcd rupees
adullcnled or misbranded food or five hundred mpccs
drug. or imprisonment Tor
sir; months or both.
Scclion 203 Failure lo rcgisrer manufaclory. I'wo lhousand and T w o hundred rupccs.
five hundred nrpces
or imprisonment for
six mon!hs or both.

Seclion 203 Prohibition of keeping adulieranrs One thousandrupccs. Two hundred rupees.
in u place where buuer, ghee, ctc.
are manufac~urrdor stored.

Scc~ion205, sub- Failure lo provide prorecrion LO TWO

hundred rupees. FiTty rupees.
sec~ion(2) ariicles of rood drug, recep~acle,
erc. I
Seclion 206 Kccping of shops, elc. olhcrwise One lhousnnd rupees. One hundred rupees.
rhan in confonnily wirha Iicenccor
hilure lo display the liccnce.
Seclion 209 Failure lo give informalion or One hundred rupees.
dangerous discases.

Section 212 Failure to lake lnensurcs to prevent One hundred rupces.

sprcad of dangcrous diseases.

'Thc following cnirics in columns 1.2 and 3-

"Scclion 114, sub-see- Non-rcgislr~lian

or piacc Tor d i s p s d Onc hundrcd rupccc."
lion (1). of lhc dead nnd bilurc lo dcposi~plan
in municipal oilice.

(Sccond Amendnicnr) ACI. 1990 (Wc~rUcn. Act XXlXol1990).

wcrc o~nii:cdby s. 16 nrihc IIowmh Municipal Ct>rpura~ion :

West Bengal Act V of 2000

[Passed by the West Bellgal hgislarrrre.]

[Assen~of h e Governor was first published in h e Calcutta Gazette,

Exrraordinary,of the 3 1st March, 2000.1

[31st March, 2000.J

An Acr to aonrend the Howrali Murricipal CorporationACI,1980.

West Ben. WHEREAS i t is expedient to amend h e Howrah Municipal Corporation

1980. Act, 1980, for h e purposes and in the manner h e r e i d e r appearing;

It is hereby enacted in the Filly-Erst Year of the Republic of India. by

Lhe Legislature of West Bengal, as follows:-

1. [I) This Acr may be called fie Howrah Municipal Corporalion Shorl ~ille
(Amendment) Act, 2000. commence-
(2) It shall come into lorce on such dateas the StaleGovemment may,
by notificalion in the Oflcial Gazerre. appoint.

2. For seclion 102 of h e Howrah Municipal Corpor;ltion Acl, 1980 Substi~uuon

of new
(hereinalter referred to as the principal Acl), the following secuon shall sccLjon for
be subsliruted:- sccrjon 102
"Ctrrific3te or Wes~Ben.
ofeolisimenl 102. ( 1 ) Every personengagedor intendingrokengaged Act LVIII of
for in any class of profession, uade or calling in Howrah, as
,df and r himself or by an agent or
specified in Schedule 111, e i ~ e by
calling. represenlalive, shall obtain a certificale of enlistment from,
or, as the case may be, get h e same renewed annually by, h e
Commissianer upon presentation of an application logeher wih such
applicalian fee, not exceeding rupees five hundred. as may be delemined
by the Corporatian:
Provided h a t such enlistment or renewal thereof shall not absolve
such person from any liability to take out any licenceunder this Act orany
other law for the time being in force.
nre Hawrah Mtmicipal Corporation (Amendnrenl) Act, 2000.

West Ben. Act I

(Sections 3-5.) !

(2) The Commissioner shall, afkr making such enquiry as may be

4 necessary and within Lhirry days of the receipl of the application, grant him
such certificate if the applicalion is in order, or shall rejecl the application
if it is not iil order.".

Omision or 3. Section 1 0 2 of
~ thdprincipal Act shall be ornilled.

Omission or 4. Section 102B of the principal Act shalI be omitted.


Subsululion 5. For Schedule III of the principal Act, h e following Schedule shall
or new
Schcdulc lor be subsrimled:-
Schcdulc m.
C l w of profession, trade and calling
[See section 102(1).]

Serial Class of profession, ~radeand calling.


1. Company or kssocialjon or body of individuals,engaged in any

profession, bade or calQngwhatsoever for prof3 or as a benefit
society, not being a regislered co-operative society.

2. Statutory corponrion set up by the Governrnedt, or trading

concern sponsored bytheGovernment,andcarryingonbusiness
for profit.

3. Company, club, association or body of individuals, having no

paid-up capital, engaged in any profession, rnde or calling
whatsoever for profit or as a benefil sociecy (not being a
registered co-operatives ~ i e t y )merchant,
, banker [not being a
- registeredc~opentivesocicty), money-lender,wholesale trader,
owner or occupier of a markel, bazar.or theate or place of
public entertainment, broker or dalal in jute. cotlon, precious
slones, landed property, country produce, silk or other
merchandise. retail trader or shop-keeper, boarding-house-
. keeper, hotel-keeper, lodging-house-keeper, tea-stall-keeper

and eating-house-keeper.
The H ~ ~ v r aMrrnicipal
h Corporation (Aniendmenr) Acl, 2000.

4. Commission agent, broker not included in serial number 3,

archi~ect,engineer, convactor, medical practitioner. dentist,
barrister, and legal pracutioner.

5. Itinerant vendors hawking goods for sale.

6. Any other mde, profession or calling not enurneraled in serial

numbers 1 to 5.".

6. In Schedule V of [he principal Act, the entry "section 102A, sub- Amendmcn[
section (5)." in column 1 headed "Seclion and sub-seclion. clause or ;:SchCdu1~
proviso". and the corresponding enuies "Failure lo apply for certificateof
enlismenl." in column 2 headed "Subject', and ' T w o hundred and fifty
rupees." in column 3 headed "Maximum fine or imprisonment that may be
imposed" shall be omitted.

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