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Which Grip is ‘Write’ For Me?

The Crossover Grip The Pinch Grip The Pencil Grip
Added “wings” Balances structure Relieves tension
prevent the with freedom. and fatigue while
common problem of Provides gentle reinforcing proper
fingers crossing over support to guide positioning. Use this
each other. Provides fingers into proper grip for a lifetime of
maximum position. Allows for comfort and
reinforcement some flexibility control.
making it a great making it the
training tool for perfect transitional
beginners. tool.

for the earliest stages of grip development. Increases textile provide support up utensils. the only grip to fit on pencils. and helps to the second and markers. added texture of more support. knuckle. with the 40% larger for even fingers and hand. Ideal to stabilize fingers. It’s Flexible enough to small bumps. Which Grip is ‘Write’ For Me? The Bumpy Grip The JUMBO Grip The Writing Claw A slimmer design The same design as Provides the most than The Pencil The Pencil Grip but control over the Grip. . crayons feedback.