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in the UK
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“World No.1
in Science & to the home of
Technology” world-leading
The Good Country Index 2016

From the workplace to the smart home, and how we

communicate and organise our cities. Across the
world, technology is changing lives, and wherever you
look — and whichever sector you look at — you’ll find
innovative UK tech companies leading the way.

The UK is one of the world’s great

technology ecosystems. It is home to
thousands of dynamic, high quality and
“The UK has the
innovative companies – from the most largest technology
exciting new startups to global brands
with centuries of history.
market in Europe”
TechNation report 2016

This guide will show you why

UK tech companies are the best in the world,
and how your organisation can benefit from
partnering with them.

Norwich, England
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Stoke, England

Learning to excel
A sector doesn’t achieve its success by chance. The
 ith 170 universities and higher
technology industry is highly skilled – and needs a
highly-skilled workforce to make it possible. education institutes the UK has the
highest number of graduates annually of
Computer coding is now part of the UK curriculum, any Western European nation
being taught to children from the age of five. Along
with a high level of general education the UK boasts
an academic infrastructure that has long been the
envy of the world. It’s hardly surprising that many of The UK has seven
our leading startups have strong connections to our
universities and colleges.
of the top ten
universities in Europe
The UK has also developed creative and scientific
industries that contribute to the innovation, 1  C
 ambridge University
analytical expertise and original thinking that have 2 Oxford University
become hallmarks of our tech industry. Because our
3 University College London
universities and industries are truly international, we
are able to attract the finest talent from across the 4 ETH, Zürich
world, creating a powerful mix of cultures, thinking 5 Imperial College London
and capabilities that together lay strong and flexible 6 EPFL, Lausanne
foundations upon which our tech industry can grow.
7 University of Edinburgh
8 King’s College London
9 University of Manchester

A culture of 41%
10 ENS, Paris
QS World University Rankings 2016/17

innovation of all technology jobs today are

in traditional sectors such as
The UK is at the forefront of a revolution. advertising, finance and healthcare
At the same time as consumer and business
TechNation report 2016
technology is rapidly changing the way we
all live, the rise of our tech industry is also

reshaping the way the UK works. It’s an
industry that’s creating thousands of new
and highly-skilled roles, and simultaneously
transforming the workplaces, capabilities
and practices of more traditional sectors. There are now 58,000 tech
businesses found across the UK
This culture of innovation and TechNation report 2016
entrepreneurial ambition continues

to propel the sector to exciting new
heights. The UK is experiencing six years
of continuous growth (and no signs of
stopping) and new tech jobs being created
2.8x faster than the rest of the economy.
Wherever you look, it’s evident the UK tech UK Digital Industry jobs
sector is really coming of age. TechNation 2017
Oxford University
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Growing stronger together of digital tech jobs are
based outside of London

£97 billion
Our technology industry thrives on partnerships. TechNation report 2016
It’s at its most dynamic when cross-border trade
and collaboration are encouraged. The number
of tech-related enterprises in the UK private
sector has risen by 31% since 2010. Through Year-on-year, tech fuels growth worth £87
DIT, Innovate UK, Research Councils and other billion to the UK economy
partner organisations the government is using TechNation 2017
its expertise, extensive network and variety of
tailored programmes to assist many of the UK’s
most exciting tech companies in taking the next
step of exporting into international markets.

Innovation across the nation

While the UK technology industry has a global But there are also others far from the populous
outlook, it’s also true many tech companies are South East. Up in Scotland, Dundee has built an
thriving due to the strength and advantages enviable reputation as a tech centre including
of their own local clusters. These create specialisms in app and software development and
different kinds of partnership, but ones where hardware.
idea-sharing, concentration of skills and research,
and minimal travel time This story is being replicated time
are helping these dynamic “If you start having and time again. Over the years,
‘ground-up’ enterprises to localised success stories from a
thrive and grow. one company, then few UK clusters have become a
two companies, sub nationwide explosion.
From seaside towns to
major industrial cities, groups for different Clustering provides competitive
areas of tech excellence applications, there advantages through partnerships,
have developed all across ideas sharing, supply-chain
the UK, often down to local is a very strong efficiencies and a concentration of
factors such as the presence ecosystem created.” skills and research. Our technology
of an academic institution clusters are playing a key role in
or historic strengths in Martin Mignot, Index Ventures supporting growth the length and
particular economy sectors. breadth of the UK by generating

The UK is Europe’s No.1 market for software
Cambridge is a prime example of this, with its
famous university playing a central role. It is
home to one of the oldest and best-established
products, services and expertise of a quality it’s
hard to replicate in another country.

clusters in the UK, and alone has given rise to 15

and IT services (approx. £58 billion a year)
tech companies worth over $1 billion.
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London is ranked the number one
Proudly made in the UK
city in Europe for supporting both
startups and scale-ups The UK technology industry is at the vanguard of scientific and technological research. Yet many of the
qualities differentiating UK tech from our competitors have been synonymous with British manufacturing
European Digital City Index
and services since long before the digital age.

A global reputation for quality, reliability and ethics endures to this day. As the world changes, our
uncompromising quality standards remain the hallmark of British-made goods wherever they’re found.
Whether it’s tech products or services being purchased, if it says “Made in the UK” consumers across the
world understand it’s made properly.

“UK-based BSI is one of the

largest providers of quality
standards in the world”

of growth in London tech sector
enterprises 2010-15 Consumers in developing economies
TechMonitor UK survey
are willing to spend an extra 7% for
products with the “Made in Britain” label

A global tech city

A global city and financial centre. London is Europe’s fastest

growing tech capital and the booming UK tech industry’s
biggest and most important centre with 155,600 tech-based

Outside the US, London is unrivalled for major companies and 18 of the 47 European
contracts. London boasts more European headquarters than Unicorns* are in the UK
any other European city, is home to 42 of the UK’s leading 100
GB Bullhound
tech companies and offers over 50 incubators, accelerators
and innovation centres. Global tech companies choose to make

Garforth, Leeds, England

London their International headquarters. *So called because of their
legendary rarity, a Unicorn is
The UK’s biggest city is the centre for European tech investment, any tech startup worth over
a hotspot for many exciting tech subsectors (including AI, Cloud $1 billion.
computing and Communications) and home to 42 of the UK’s
leading 100 tech companies based here (Source:Techtrack 100).
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Selling to the
5 reasons to choose
Dynamic. Connected. Global.

UK technology products, services and

UK technology
expertise are making a positive difference
to the way the world lives. Wherever you
happen to be while reading this – and
whichever model of phone sits in your
pocket – chances are UK tech played an
important role in creating it. 1. Extraordinary technology
A wealth of successful companies designing and making innovative,
As an outward-looking nation, trade has
high-quality tech.
always been integral to the UK. Many
companies in the UK tech sector are
already thriving internationally, and at the 2. Global expertise
Department for International Trade we’re Strong intercontinental ties, world-class servicing, supply-chain
focused on helping more British companies security and a focus on overseas markets.
internationalise their business through
trade and mutually beneficial partnerships. 3. Ready to trade
Government policies and cultural attitudes that make it easy and
Today’s tech isn’t constrained by national
competitive to trade with the UK.
borders and, similarly, we’re seeing that our
ambitious tech companies refuse to let their
potential markets be constrained either. 4. Consumer preference
They’re busy forming trading partnerships The reputation of British-made helps sell to your markets on the
with companies and governments the basis of innovation, reliability and quality.
length and breadth of the globe. With a wide
range of world-class tech specialisms to
choose from, there are huge opportunities
5. Commercial help and support
Global support, advice and a range of focused schemes make it
for international organisations to take easy to source, switch to and buy British technology.

UK tech is present in 95% of the world’s
Discover how to partner
with the UK’s world-leading
mobile phones
ARM® technology tech sector at

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