A voluntary organization registered under society registration act

What do we aim for
Develop learning centers for the underprivileged section of the society To impart education that will build knowledgeable, selfdependent, confident, socially conscious beings. To develop respect for moral values, and strong sense of belonging with India

Shiksha: Shiksha means education, not only to make machines out of people, but to produce socially sensitive, cultured and responsible citizen who will assets and not liabilities for society. Sanskar: Character building and inculcation of moral values to develop sense of altruism, feeling of patriotism and respect for humanity among its disciples and beneficiaries through regular practices is one of our main objectives. Swavlamban: Unemployment is one of the most serious problems of mankind. And the solution lies in developing respect for human labour. These include tailoring, handicrafts and production of consumable items such as candles, notebooks, etc. We are trying to give these skills together with education.

Our centers
Sopan Vidyalaya Evening Learning Centers, SAC, Ratanpur, Barasirohi Science Laboratory


This is a primary school presently up to class 6 mainly for children of Barasirohi. Mostly the parents are illiterate and earn livelihood by labour intensive work. Most of them are not in a position to send their children to other schools due to fee and other expenses. We provide some nutritious breakfast to the children as there is little awareness about nutrition in the village.


The Shiksha Sopan teachers have developed such intimate relation with the children that children spend most of the their time in the school even after the announced 5 hour duration.

Evening Centers
At the three evening centers children collect for two hours and Shiksha Sopan volunteers, mostly IITK students, help them in their education. The structure in very informal. Some 5-10 students of similar age group surround a volunteer on a mat and the discussion will go on. On the average 30-50 children are be benefited at each center.

The Evening center meetings start and end with different prayers. Often the last half an hour is used for telling inspiring stories, knowledge about Indian history and culture, understanding the importance of hygiene, environment and other social issues.

Occasionally classes on specialized topics such as creative model making, painting, drawing etc are conducted. In this way we try to bring these children in contact with eminent members of our society having special skills.

Science Lab Activities

Science, both as a subject and as a way of life, is given special attention in Shiksha Sopan. In a separate Science lab, children are encouraged to understand the phenomena in nature by doing experiments themselves.

Science Lab Activities

We organize science shows by experts whenever possible. Children not only enjoy Science, they inculcate scientific thinking and develop respect for nature.

Science Lab Activities

Many children of age group 13-16 years have developed themselves as good science communicators. They conduct science shows at various schools and other places.

Learning by doing

Shiksha Sopan brings children from nearby villages to various available platforms where creativity can be nurtured. Media Lab Asia, IIT Kanpur provide one such opportunity.


To show the village children various faces of the external world, we take them for excursion at least once a year.

Excursions, Goshala Bhaunti

Students keenly watching the ways muscular energy is used to produce electricity, driving pumps and other activities

Excursions, Bithoor

The place where the planning of 1st independence war against British rule was made

Learning various aspects of life

Special programmes are organized to bring out and nurture the talent among the children. Shikha Sopan believes that to live cohesively in a community and to take up responsibilities are very important qualities of a meaningful life. Through our Annual functions and other special programmes such as Independence day and Children’s day celebrations, we impart these facets to our children.

Regular Functions
Vivekanand Jayanti (12th January) Independence Day (15th August) Children’s Day (14th November)

Apart from personality development, these functions are very effective in developing a sense of belonging with the society and the Nation.

From Annual Function programmes

From Independence day programme, Remembering Freedom struggle

Bringing all sections of society together

Shiksha Sopan believes that all sections of the society must work together towards sinking all kinds of hatred and building up a new social order where all get opportunities to nurture their talents. A business person Mr Mohan Lal Gupta, An IITK Professor Manoj Kumar Harbola, and Classical singer Mrs Pragya Khandekar addressing in the Vivekanand Jayanti Programme.

Summer Programs
Special classes in summer are conducted. We have so far conducted Spoken English, Spoken Sanskrit, Tailoring and Computer literacy course.

Inauguration of Sopken Sanskrit Summer classes in 2004.

Summer Programs

Prof Harshvardhan addressing participants of Computer literacy course, Summer 2006. 25 children from class 8-12 were trained in Computer operations including MS WORD, EXCEL and POWEER POINT. Hands on Experiences were given by 15 IITK students and Staff at their respective PCs.

Future Plan of Shiksha Sopan
Sopan Vidyalaya is to be made the most productive school in the locality of Barasirohi and around. We need people who can guide us in this direction. Sports and Yoga will be given priority at all Evening centers and the School. Nutrition Programmes will be enriched in the school. Vocational training. We need to hire services of people from various areas. Moving into the society to eradicate social evils such as Liquor, Gutka, Dowry, discrimination against girls, superstition, etc.

Future Plan of Shiksha Sopan

Shiksha Sopan library will be enriched. Literature related to Indian culture, tradition, freedom struggle etc., will be made available and students and villagers will be encouraged to use them. CDs and films related to our history, culture and education will be screened time to time. Science experiments will be given prominence. Facilities will be set up where students even of primary classes can experiment with scientific ideas conceived by them. A team of students will be prepared who can give science shows at various schools.

Financial management
Almost solely on contributions from IIK family Major expenses: Rent, Honorarium, functions, Nutrition Programme Funds are becoming limiting factor

80G certificate available for income tax rebate on 50% donation

Let there be smile at every face

Contact addresses
Dr Sameer Kandekar Dept of Mechanical engg. samkhan@iitk.ac.in Dr Kunal Ghosh Dept of Aerospace engg. kunal@iitk.ac.in Dr Leelavati Krishnan Dept of HSS lk@iitk.ac.in Dr H C Verma Dept of Physics hcverma@iitk.ac.in

Brajesh Pandey PhD Physics bpandey@iitk.ac.in Kalpesh Mehta M.Tech. EE kalpesh@iitk.ac.in Bhoomija Ranjan M.Sc. Maths bhoomija@iitk.ac.in