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Lara Buchmann-Duck

Lesson Plan: Lucy Calkins Reading Workshop – Session 9

Grade: Kindergarten Unit: Reading Workshop
Topic: Session 9 – Readers Sound Like Teachers… Date: Wed. Feb. 7th ‘18
Length of Lesson: 30 min. Subject: Early Literacy
General Learning Early Literacy:
Outcomes  The child listens, speaks, reads, writes, views and represents to comprehend
and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts.
 The child listens, speaks, reads, writes, views and represents to enhance the
clarity and artistry of communication.
 The child listens, speaks, reads, writes, views and represents to respect, support
and collaborate with others.

Specific Learning Early Literacy:

Outcomes The child:
 Uses Strategies and Cues:
 Uses comprehension strategies:
 begins to use language prediction skills when stories are read
 asks questions and makes comments during listening and
reading activities
 recalls events and characters in familiar stories read aloud by
 Uses phonics and structural analysis:
 begins to make connections among sounds, letters, words, pictures
and meaning
 Responds to texts:
 Experiences various texts:
 participates in shared listening, reading and viewing
experiences, using oral, print and other media texts from a
variety of cultural traditions and genres, such as picture
books, fairy tales, rhymes, stories, photographs, illustrations
and video programs
 listens and views attentively
 identifies favourite stories and books
 Presents and shares:
 Demonstrates attentive listening and viewing:
 follows one- or two-step instructions
 makes comments that relate to the topic being discussed
 Works within a group:
 Cooperates with others:
 participates in class and group activities
 finds ways to be helpful to others

Instructional - To practice sounding like an expert when sharing a familiar book with a
Objectives partner.
Lara Buchmann-Duck

Lesson Focus - How can you sound like an expert when sharing a familiar book with a
Question and Key friend?
Materials  Post-it-note “We Sound Like Teachers”
 “We are Readers” anchor chart
 3 tubs of “Learn About the World” non-fiction books for tables
 Private/partner reading poster
 “Beetle Alphabet Book”
 “3 Billy Goats Gruff” big book

Resources Unit 1 – We are Readers by Lucy Calkins

Introduction 1. Get the class’s attention at the carpet area. Explain that it is time for Reading
(15 min.) Workshop.
2. Begin by reading them the “3 Billy Goats Gruff” once again having the
students join in on reading the pages they know.
3. After the story, remind the students that they have been working on
reading “Learn About the World” books on their own and in partners.
4. Talk about how when they read a “Learn About the World” book again
and again they begin to sound like a teacher or an expert.
5. Have the student helper help add the “We Sound Like Teachers” post-it-
note to the anchor chart.
6. Model reading a familiar page or two from the “Beetle Alphabet Book”
using an authoritative “expert” voice appropriately, showing students
how to read non-fiction. Invite students to join in and practice.
7. Have students practice “expert” phrases like “I have something to teach
you”, “listen to this it is important to know,” and “there are three things
to know about this…”
8. Dismiss students to privately read at their tables and practice sounding
like an expert or a teacher with their “Learn About the World” books.
Set the timer for 5 minutes.
Body of Lesson 1. Circulate amongst the students reminding them this is private reading
(12 min.) and listening to them read. Use positive reinforcement reminding them
to read the pictures and the words they may know.
2. When the timer goes have the students come back to the carpet with 1
3. Partner the students up and have them partner read for 7 minutes at
partner chairs. Remind them to take turns sharing their book and to
practice “sounding like a teacher” when they share with their partner.
Remind them they are the “expert” on their book and they are teaching
their partner about it.

Closure 1. Have the students bring their books to the carpet. Pick a few students to
(3 min.) demonstrate reading their book like an expert or teacher.
2. Thank the students for their attention and participation. Ask them to put
Lara Buchmann-Duck

their books away and transition to the next lesson.

Sponge Activity All students will finish the lesson together at the carpet area.
Assessment Observational: Observe/converse/question the students as they work private reading
and partner reading. Encourage them to practice “sounding like a teacher”. Take
anecdotal notes on individual students on if they are using the reading skills they have
learnt up to now and if they are trying to “sound like a teacher” and teach their partner
about their book.

Specific Learner Some students may need some extra encouragement to continue reading and stay
Considerations focused. Be aware of these students and provide extra support as needed. Give students
and Adaptations extra examples of how to read privately and as a partner, and on how to practice
“sounding like a teacher”.