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World Drug Report 2018

Pre-briefing to the Member States

Vienna, 20 June 2018
Latest trends
Latest trends
Latest trends
Latest trends
Trends in global drug use
First Global estimate of cannabis use among students
Trends and patterns in drug related deaths
Trends in treatment
Heroin trafficking flows
Heroin and morphine seizures
Opiate use trends
Opiate use trends in
Eastern Europe
Cocaine trafficking
Cocaine use
Cannabis herb seizures
Cannabis resin seizures
Cannabis use in
different regions
Cannabis use and its
health consequences
in Colorado
ATS seizures
Methamphetamine trafficking
New Psychoactive Substances
Seizures of
New Psychoactive Substances
Drug use and age
Factors determining pathways to substance use
Cannabis use – consequences
Spectrum of drug use in young people

Nightlife Street
setting children
Proportion arrested under age 18
Drugs and older people
Drug use prevalence – by gender
Drug related arrests and women
World Drug Report 2018