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SUBJECT: Packaging Laws & Regulations;

SEM: VII (PPT) L: 02 P: 00 T: 00

At the end of the course, learners should be able to
1. Summarize the rules and regulations with respect to packaging in India and their impact in the
domestic market.
2. Identify and compare the international laws with relation to packaging.
3. Examine the labels and identify the regulation involve in it.
4. Discuss the regulatory act requirement for verity of different segment commodities.
5. Identify and rectify process involve in regulatory act.
6. Discuss the various Indian regulatory act required for food/pharma labels.
Reference Books:
1. G C P Ranga Rao,” Modern Food Packaging, Packaging Laws and Regulations”, CFTRI Mysore , IIP
Publications, 2005
2. The Standards of Weights and Measures act, (1976 & Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged
Commodities) Rules (1977),
3. Rule Book, Govt. Of India.
4. BIS Rule Book, Govt. Of India.
5. Various International Standards and regulations book.

Unit Lect Topics Planned Cognitiv Instructi CO Date

No. . No. e Level onal
Strategy Planned Conducted
1 Introduction, Laws and regulations-
Need/Importance, Ministries
involved. The Standards of weights
and Measures Act (SWMA)
2 Standard Units, declaration on
package, standard package, class A
commodities and class B
commodities - introduction,
3 General provision relating to
declaration of quantity, Bureau of
Indian Standards (BIS) – overview,
organization, history, Various
Module - 1: Indian Regulatory System

activities of BIS: standard

formulation, certification, testing &
calibration etc.
4 Agricultural Produce (Grading and
Marketing) Act – overview, ministry
involved, functions packages for
chillies, chilli powder, turmeric,
ginger, garlic etc.
5 Food label & its importance, labeling
- general requirements as per Food
safety & standards. Ingredients,
nutritional information, fat
declaration, veg. & Non-veg. mark,
declaration regarding net weight and
drained weight
6 Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,
- food adulteration definition,
conditions for food to be deemed
adulterated, Packaging and storage
requirements, other packaging
requirements under PFA
7 PFA – declaration and labeling,
misbranded package, enforcement of
PFA, “white list” of food additives
permitted in packaging material
8 Codex Standard Act – General
overview of codex, national codex
contact points, national codex
committees, India’s contribution in
global food trade, Codex
Alimentarius commission,
9 India’s Import Export policy, EXIM
code, Export (Quality Control and
Regulatory System
Module - 1: Indian

Inspection) Act, restricted,

canalized, prohibited goods
10 Chemical storage – relief system
need/importance, types-spring
operated, rupture disc, Location of
relief, guidelines for specifying relief
position, advantages & limitations.
Federal trade commission –
deceptive packaging - case study -
12 Interstate commerce commission
(ICC) - introduction, purpose,
functions, department of
Module - 2: Declarations on Packaged

transportation (DOT) – introduction,

13 Package printing – the labeling and
marking for food, drugs, cosmetics,
the fair packaging & labeling act.

Standard Packages, Maximum

Permissible Error,
14 Label Declarations – labels for
hazardous materials such as
corrosive, poison, radioactive,
flammable liquid, explosive etc.
Standard Quantity specifications for
various products, Symbols and Units
15 Carrier rules – rail, Air cargo-
requirements, restrictions,
specification-dimensions of
package, weight of package, express
shipment- requirements
16 Uniform Weights and Measures Law
Module - 4: Packaging Storage Requirements

–overview, requirements Uniform

Packaging and Labeling Regulation
(UPLR)-overview, requirements
Module - 3: International Laws

Uniform Unit Pricing Regulation

(UPR), Details of Violations,
offences, Penalties under various
17 CE Marking, EU-REACH
Regulations in packaging –
introduction, requirements, restricted
goods/packages under REACH -
RoHS – introduction,
need/importance, requirement
18 ISO 14000 Environment
Management System – introduction,
need/importance, requirements,
regulatory body
19 IMDG (International Maritime for
Dangerous Goods) –introduction,
need/importance, requirement,
20 FSSAI – introduction,
need/importance, issues with
existing regulatory system, need for
Module - 5: FoodPackaging

new law, review of all Indian food

Requirements & Others

laws Various storage requirements of

21 FSSAI act, Salient feature of the act,
scope of the act, Functions of the
22 Role & responsibilities of food safety
commissioner, Designated officer,
Food safety officer , Licensing and
registration of food business -
Procedure for licensing &
registration of food business,
enforcement of the act, offences,
23 Fruit Products Order (FPO) –
Module - 5: FoodPackaging
overview, introduction,
Requirements & Others
requirements, ministry involved and
functions. Meat Food Products Order
(MFPO)- overview, introduction,
requirements, ministry involved and
24 Edible Oil Packaging ( Regulatory)
Order – overview, packaging
requirements, ministry involved.
Laws and regulations with respect to
packaging of Toys, Jewelry –
introduction, packaging material,
# Cognitive Level: Recall(RL),Understand(UD), Apply(AP), Analyze(AN), Evaluate(EV), Create(CR).

*Instructional strategy: Traditional class(TC), Flipped Class,(FC), Think-pair-share (TPS), Visualization (VIS),
Peer Instruction.(PI)

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