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Aug. 3

Electoral Grants to States: Voting 50-47,

Y Y the Senate failed to reach 60 votes needed to
provide $250 million in grants to help states
upgrade their electoral systems. A yes vote
was to restore funding that the underlying bill
(HR 6147, below) would eliminate in the fiscal
year starting Oct. 1.
D.C. Individual Mandate: Voting 54-44, the
Y Y Senate tabled an amendment to HR 6147
(below) that sought to repeal the individual
mandate in the District of Columbia’s health
law. A yes vote was to allow D.C. to retain the
requirement as an incentive for its residents
to obtain medical insurance.
$154.2 Billion Spending Bill: The Senate
Y Y passed, 92-6, a bill (HR 6147) combining four
of the 12 appropriations bills that fund the
government into a package totaling $154.2
billion. A yes vote was to approve fiscal 2019
budgets for five cabinet departments and a
wide array of agencies.
$717 Billion for Military: Voting 87-10, the
Y Y Senate gave final congressional approval to a
bill that would authorize a $717 billion military
budget for fiscal 2019, including $69 billion for
war-fighting overseas and $57 billion for
retiree and active-duty health care. A yes vote
supported HR 5515.
Extension of Flood Insurance: The Senate
Y Y passed, 88-12, a bill (S 1182) to extend the
National Flood Insurance Program through
Nov. 30, giving lawmakers more time to
consider reforms of a program now running a
$20 billion deficit even after receiving a $16
billion taxpayer bailout.
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Both chambers are in recess in the week of Aug. 6.