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Ali ate too much for lunch.1. A baby crawls on hands and C ear _________. Zamri has no hair. D tail A whiskers B tails C paws D spots . After laying its eggs. Big cats like tigers. the turtle quickly covers them with sand by moving its 4. A forehead A tall B cheek B short C nose C fat D chin D bald 2. B horn leopards use their _________ to C scales catch their prey. He is _________ . He is right __________. Sarah kissed her mother on the 6. lions and . B hair A fins C cheeks B scales D eyes C gills D eyes 9. a joey will front __________. We wear watches on our 7. A wrists A legs B knees B head C arms C stomach D ankles D back 3. A fish swims and moves swiftly in 8. D feelers A stomach B pouch 10. The girl has rosy ___________. having ___________ ache. __________. crawl up into its mother's A hands __________ and suckles there until B flippers it is old and strong enough to fend C fingers for itself. The hard __________ on its back C arms protects the tortoise from its enemies D wrist or from a hard fall. D mouth A knees B head 5. water with the help of its tail and A chin __________. Minutes after it is born. A shell 11.

B head A trunk C wrist B tusk D neck C tail D ear 22.The __________ of an elephant 21. Zahrah wears her __________ on her neck. the __________. A ring A nose B anklet B ears C bracelet C ankle D necklace D face 23. B ears A neck C lips B back D teeth C throat D stomach .12. ring on her ___________. 16. Think with your ________ and 18. The woman is sick. The _________ is in the 19. When we breathe. He goes to the gym every day. Aiman has strong _________. A toes A tongue B fingers B forehead C hands C finger D legs D thumb 15. middle of our arm. Mohandas scalded his __________ drinking hot coffee. 17. We have two feet and ten 20. air gets into feel with your heart. by some for medicinal A arm purposes. The queen wears a diamond called ivory is sometimes used crown on her __________. Mike has a happy ________. A stomach A lungs B chest B heart C brain C kidney D face D liver 13. She has a A hair sore__________ . Maisara wears her wedding _______. A shoulder A feet B elbow B muscles C hands C nostrils D fingers D palm 14.

My mother accidentally cut her __________ while she was cutting 25. least twice a day to keep them A eyes healthy and without cavities. B nose A teeth C finger B eyes D elbow C nose D ears .24. A wrist A hand B ankle B head C knee C finger D neck D knee 35. We must brush our __________ at just had his __________ operation. A knees A ears B legs B toes C chest C hair D head D hands 33. Chandran cannot walk because he the vegetables. sprained his __________ yesterday. a healthy habit. will fit your's snugly. A finger A arm B toes B ankle C elbow C elbow D nose D neck 32. The girl likes to wear a red scarf on __________ to hit its prey before her __________. Those gloves are a little too small for the boy's __________ to hear his my __________ but I am sure they breathing. The doctor puts his stethoscope on 27. Washing our __________ with soap __________ when he rides a and water before and after a meal is motorcycle. A ear A head B chest B feet C head C hands D palm D elbows 34. The model wore a beautiful diamond __________ and a ruby ring on his ring on her middle __________ and middle finger. Encik Samad wore a watch on his 28. B head A tongue C hair B mouth D neck C tail D head 31. My father cannot read yet because he 29. Samad wears a helmet on his 26. The crocodile will use its long 30. a ruby necklace on her neck. dragging them down the river bed to A face drown them.

" said 38. __________ which is broad and A elbows strong. B legs A nose C hands B gills D fingers C eyes D ears 45. bicycle accident. Nora fell and injured her could not see the scratched __________ so she cannot walk to _________ that he got from the school. Pak Mat carried the large box on his __________ red. When she smiles. "I cannot wear your jeans because my __________ are too long. A ears A forehead B nose B elbow C ankle C knee D hand D chest 44. Mother likes to wear a bracelet on A arm her right __________. The __________ is the organ used D mouth for tasting the food that we eat. we can see her and catchy tune on the piano. beautiful white ________ just like A toes those in the toothpaste B noses advertisements. A tongue 41. B cheeks A knee C knees B shoulder D neck C feet D elbow 37. C hand A shoulder D ear B hip C shin D head . C fingers A ears D hands B teeth C nose 47. 39.36. The __________ is the organ on our Tom. Ikmal pulls his socks over his B tooth __________. After bathing Jusoh quickly combs his __________. Ahmad wore a pair of jeans so we 43. B teeth A finger C hair B hand D feet C arm D wrist 46. The clown painted his nose and 42. Using her long beautiful __________ Mary plays a lively 40. body we use for breathing and A toes smelling.

B eyes A nose C teeth B legs D arms C fingers D hair 58. A toes A toes B hair B fingers C fingers C nose D neck D elbows 56. A feet 60. Necklaces are worn around the neck A eyes while bangles are worn on the B ears __________. Jamil C body accidentally cut his __________. Some people have straight to play a game of badminton. Shoes and socks are worn to protect right __________. C lips A wrist D chin B finger C head 53. Manisah puts red lipstick on her __________. Sarah held tightly to her mother's 49. 59. Girls with long __________ should her __________ when she uses tie them up. the __________. __________ but some have curly A ears ones.48. We wore hats and helmets on our barefooted in the garden and __________ to protect them. B head A hand C hands B leg D neck C foot D knee 52. them during a meal. Mei Ling holds the chopsticks with 55. A cheek A hands B hand B thigh C nose C legs D leg D feet 57. My father has broad __________ D thigh and he looks good in a jacket. We should exercise every day so as B shoulders to keep our __________ fit and C arms healthy. D waist A head B legs 54. D face A chin B nose C wrist D forehead . Samsul's left __________ was bleeding badly when he walked 51. While shaving his beard. accidentally stepped on a broken A eyes glass. A person needs a strong __________ 50.

helps us to taste all our food. having a headache. 70. D hair A shoulders B neck 65. One of the most glaring features of when the actress walked into the Europeans is their sharp crowded hall wearing a glittering __________. Ahmad lost a A beard lot of weight and had to wear a B moustache belt around his __________ C eyelashes as most of his trousers were loose. A legs A temple B toes B stomach C knees C knuckle D feet D collarbone 68. Aminah is applying some ointment because she could not reach the on her __________ because she is highest shelf. C eyes A head D eyelashes B nose C face 64. Mother stood on her __________ 61. During all formal ceremonies. Keeping long __________ can C fingers cause stomachache or other D toes diseases if they are not kept or cleaned properly especially before 66. All the ladies watched with envy 62. My sister is wearing a beautiful pair C knee of earrings on her __________. D waist A ears B hands 71. You must dry your __________ D neck thoroughly before wearing it in a bun to avoid having split ends. Princess will put on the diamond A hair tiara on her __________ as a B eyebrows symbol of her royalty. diamond necklace around her A nails __________. B noses A hand C eyes B neck D teeth C waist D head 63. After a long illness. Most Asians have dark brown __________ while Europeans 69. A nails A tongue B fingers B finger C hair C mouth D eyelashes D nose . the usually have blue or green. 67. The tiny nodules on our __________ touching your food.

D fingernails A eye B arm 82. he hurt his __________. We greeted our grandparents _____________ when we arrived 77. A monkey swings from tree to tree with 74. B hair A elbows C trunk B thumbs D finger C knees D wrists 81. before and after eating on how to wash our __________ is necessary to ensure there are no to ensure they are truly clean before we touch our food. announcer announced the A tail arrival of the King into the hall. answers during the exam A hair because he broke his right B fur __________ after he slipped and C eyelashes fell into a drain. A feet A toe nails B hands B legs C arms C hands D legs D finger nails 80. 76. She gently holds on to me with her A tongue small __________. Ali could not walk for three months 78. After sipping the hot boiling soup. C fingernail my __________ felt numb and could D leg not taste my food for more than ten minutes. The villagers knelt on their the help of its strong limbs and long __________ when the __________. head with its hind __________. Ai Ling has long and straight __________ which she usually wears 75. A shyly A leg B lovingly B feet C happily C knee D grumpily D calf . Ramli cannot wear shoes because home. dirt collected under our __________. The nurses showed us the seven steps the toilet. A hand A tail B leg B feathers C arm C horns D finger D legs 73.72. Washing our hands after going to 79. The old man was bleeding badly after he was knocked down by a and was sent to the hospital after speeding motorcyclist and broke the angry bull kicked him on the his left __________. B mouth A arms C teeth B legs D nose C heads D shoulders 83. Faizul was not able to write his in a pony-tail.

she is suffering from a stiff A angrily __________. A generous man put some money on B eyelashes the beggar’s ___________. C wrist A hand D ankle B eye C mouth 90. The __________ is one part of our D ear body that joins the hand to the lower arm. The singer uses false __________ D face to make herself look beautiful. Nathan puts his __________ close A wrist to the wall to listen to what the robbers B elbow are planning to do. Ramlan’s __________ began to tremble when he saw the fierce dog. 94. C legs A eyes D face B mouth C stomach 88. Every time she opens her B neck __________. sharp A ears __________.84. it is just to complain. 97. C forehead A skull D eyeballs B calf C hand 89. The __________ is the part which A thumb joins the head to the shoulders. Jesline has difficulty turning her head as ___________ for breaking the window. 93. B mouth A heel C whiskers B neck D ears C tongue D shin 87. B knees A tail C ankles B hair D fingers C legs D beak 86. Selvi hurt both her ___________ when she tripped and fell on the road. Mrs Chong scolded her children 91. C cheek A eyes D ankle B nose C ears D mouth . Amilia had trouble keeping her A shoulder ___________ open because she was B scales really sleepy. Birds have scaly legs and a hard. 92. B fiercely A wrist C soundly B neck D nervously C heel D leg 85. A stomach 95. My little sister put the toy into her __________. Encik Suhaimi wears a necktie around D palm his __________. A hip 96.

His father gave him a pat on the __________ for getting first in his class. Jasmin used a handkerchief to blow her __________. A neck B face C shoulder D head 100. A arms B legs C head D hair . A nose B ear C teeth D eye 99.98. There were mosquito bites on his __________ after he came out of the bushes wearing his short-sleeved shirt.