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My name is Jenn Jaynes, I’m 26, my husband and I own M1 Sportriders in La Habra; your best source for aftermarket parts and apparel. After 7 years of riding and having a family my husband and I took a leap of faith and opened M1 Sportriders. We continually strive to carry products that you cannot find anywhere else. We are here for our customers 7 days a week and 24/7 at m1sportriders.com. We are very involved in the motorcycle community, attending most professional events, bike nights and being the official Toyride store. Ride safe and if you are in the area, stop by M1 Sportriders. Find us on Facebook and myspace.




Does your bike have a nickname? It’s my green machine! How long have you been riding? I have been street riding for 7 years and just started track days in 2010. My husband and I have 5 kids; so riding is off and on, depending on the kid’s schedule. We would go out for a ride, and have no place in mind to go, but being out there is so much better than sitting in a car driving. How you got started riding bikes? I was a passenger for a few years before actually getting on a bike myself. One day while riding as a passenger I realized that if anything should happen, I have no control what so ever—I’m just along for the ride. The next day I signed up for MSF course and received my license about a week later. What bikes do you own? I currently own a green 2005 Kawasaki zx636 with custom Two Brothers “Twilight” twin under tail exhaust and custom lime green LEDs. Favorite riding spot? My favorite riding spot right now is on the track at Streets of Willow Springs. Especially since they have re-paved the track, its smoother and tires just stick to the track, so I can push myself further. I love the tight turns and the technicality of it. Do you ride your bike around town? Yes, we ride to local bike nights, Cantina Lounge in Fullerton on Wednesdays and Frisco’s in City of Industry on Thursdays. We have a few friends that we cruise around with every now and again. Riding around town is a great stress reliever after a long day/week. What kind of looks do you get when people see you riding? I get a lot of surprised looks when they see me riding. Sometimes people will roll down their window at a stoplight to tell me that it’s good to see women riding more. What is your favorite Motorcycle? My favorite bike is my own. I love the twin under tail and the performance of the bike. The 2005 zx636 is the fastest 600 that Kawasaki has made to date, so performance can only get better from here on out. I love the aggressive body positioning. Funniest riding moment? My funniest riding moment was coming home from bike night with the guys. We had split traffic to the red light and was waiting for it to change. Right when the other light turned yellow, CJ hit my kill switch and turned my key off before taking off. I’m sitting there trying to find neutral to turn the bike back on and take off with cars and the rest of the bikes behind me. You can call that my most embarrassing moment too! Scariest riding moment? My scariest riding moment was at SOW, my second track day, July 2010. In my attempt to catch and pass my husband on the front straightaway, I forgot to lean right for turn 1 and I went right over the top of the ledge into the dirt. I was so focused on passing him, I lost focus of where the track was going. Luckily, I saved the bike from falling by dragging my feet, but I came to a sudden stop and didn’t pull the clutch and it stalled out in gear. I had to walk back to the top of the ledge to tell the flag guy because no one saw me go off the track. I was so scared that I was going to lose it and my geen machine would be wrecked. Ive seen people crash and break bones and I did not want to experience first hand what that feels like. Canyons or highway? Both. We ride canyons when we have a free day and a sitter for the kids. Highways mainly when we ride to an event like moto gp or AMA’s. We also do Toyride, a 60 mile Freeway charity ride every year in November. (see toyride.org for info) Do you ride track? We just started riding track this year and its awesome. We rode at Streets of Willow twice this summer and I’m addicted. It’s a great place to open up the bike and not worry about cars or cops. You can push yourself as far as you want. I drug my knee on my second track day, it was such an awesome feeling, I came off the track and was jumping around with excitement. Who is your favorite racer? My favorite racer is Roger Lee Hayden of WSBK. I followed him through AMA’s and wild card for Moto Gp. His AMA pit crew knows me on a first name basis and they are awesome people. When Tommy Hayden was riding with him in 2005, I received his windscreen off his race bike after AMA race in Fontana, CA. Then to have Tommy Hayden sign it, was icing on the cake. Even though the windscreen would fit my Green Machine, I would cry if it got stolen at bike night. I have it hanging in the garage next to my Kawasaki banners. What is the future plans for the shop? We continually strive to carry the products in stock that our customers are requesting. I am planning on bringing in a Women’s line of leathers, boots, and gloves. As a woman, it’s hard to find variety and/or the size that you are looking for. Our dream is to expand and be a dealer for bikes and host a bike night.


EyE candy
swEEt not sour


weet not sour, the first look makes your mouth water like eating a candy apple Jolly Rancher. This Los Angeles native who grew up in the City of Commerce, Jesus Rendon built this sweet candy apple Green Harley out of his Garage with a little help form his twin brother Ruben. He first started out riding a 2005 Suzuki GSXR 750 that he customized. He felt he was getting a bit crazy on it so he thought he would trade it in for a Harley. Ironically he had a very bad accident on the Harley. While in the hospital he was going to give up riding, but he soon felt that he get back on the bike and ride. This Santa Monica car dealership automotive technician who started out building lowrider cars (as you can tell by the beautiful detail) Jesus bought a basic Harley Davidson rode it home took it apart to start the transforming it into a beautiful show bike. He felt he can handle it so he picked up a manuel for torque specs and went at it. He did all the Disassembling himself after work and on the weekends in his spare time. His twin brother did the paint in his garage. They painted the bike not once but twice cause he didn’t like the first color. Wanting it to really pop so they went with two different candy apple green shades with two different flakes. Now to top it off he took it to Edgar from Maxima Imagen for the silver leaf. Jesus went all out with one off rims with a staggered fitment, etched cylinders, custom air filter, and chrome everything down to every bolt. This LA native really shows the true lowrider culture.


Does your bike have a nickname? Eye Candy How long have you been riding? Been riding for about six years If you can change one thing, what would it be? I would not change anything for now Do you plan on building another bike? Yes I do plan building another bike when I can afford to take it to next level What if any problems did you run into when building? Problems I ran in to were a lot of things to do on a limited work time on work days and weekends How did you decide on the color? The color came about from various color samples we shot using different bases and candys. This was the second candy paint job the first never made past buffing I did not like how it looked. It did not have the pop I was looking for so we went with a lime green with flake. How you got started riding bikes? I always wanted to ride so I went to the dealer and purchased a motorcycle. What was the first bike you rode? First bike I rode was a Suzuki What other bikes do you own? Other bikes I own are a pair of Yamaha ATVs What was the first bike you owner? First bike I owned was 2005 Suzuki gsxr 750

Favorite riding spot? Favorite riding spot is any so cal freeway Do you ride this bike around town? Yes I do ride the bike around town as much as I can What kind of looks do you get when people see you riding? When people see me riding I get long looks, mostly stares that kind of stuff What are your future plans for your bike? Future plans for the bike are to continue to make it better until I purchase my next Harley What is your favorite Motorcycle? My favorite motorcycle is

my Harley Davidson Funniest riding moment? I cant remember a funny riding moment Scariest riding moment? Scariest riding moment came in Dec 2007 when I was cut off by a vehicle and ended up in the hospital with a broken pelvis. Canyons or highway? Highway Street or dirt? Street





night in So Cal.





All young men want to join the circus. Well at age of ten Ryan rode his first motorcycle and the passion began for two-wheeled machines. He watched his cousins ride and they taught him. Ryan lived in the city and he began to dream about owning a street bike. He worked his way from his first ride on a 1995 Yamaha 400 dirt bike to a 1999 Honda CBR 600. The dream came true, now he began to want a bike that was like no other. The Honda was a good start on learning the basics of customizing and riding. Soon he purchased his GSXR and it was on. At first it started out as mayhem buying parts here and there. He went on ebay and bought part after part, but when they came some that said chrome were just polished and it didn’t look correct. So back to the drawing board he went. Ryan took the gsxr apart and chromed everything. Now it was on to the paint. First mayhem got a sick wrap and it was time to show it off. After attending a few shows he felt it was time to take it to that next level. Ryan had become friends with Tony Sesto, a master builder that has created works of art. Tony put his hands on Mayhem and with that Circus Mayhem came about. A beautiful white paint job some flake and top shelf airbrushing gave the gsxr that push it needed for the next level. Still not satisfied and always wanting to go forward we might see Circus mayhem going back to tony for a little 240 makeover. Look for this beauty at a show taking top honors or at a bike



Does your bike have a nickname? Circus Mayhem How long have you been riding? Well dirt since I was 10 If you can change one thing, what would it be? Conventional swing arm to extended single sided 240 tire Do you plan on building another bike? Eventually What if any problems did you run into when building? Thinking of a theme for the bike that you don’t see everyday. So thinking of that how did you decide on the color? We basically stayed with the Suzuki blue and white theme How you got started riding bikes? Well all my cousins rode dirt bikes and I live in the city so my closest thing was a street bike What was the first bike you rode? 1995 Yamahas 400 What bike builder’s style do you like? Tony Sesto What other bikes do you own? None What was the first bike you owner? A 1999 Honda CBR 600 Favorite riding spot? Southern California lol Do you ride this bike around town? All the time What kind of looks do you get when people see you riding? Looks like why would a guy be riding something that nice on the street What are your future plans for your bike? Extended swingarm and a new theme on the paint



What is the best question you were asked, and what was the answer? Damn how much money you got into that thing? I said not a lot if you know the right people lol What is your favorite Motorcycle? Any street bike that is nice and well taken care of. Favorite Motorcycle movie and why? Biker boyz cause it is part of the scene I love and it was filmed right here in L. A. Funniest riding moment?

People looking at the bike in traffic and bump the car in front of them....lol Scariest riding moment? Almost getting ran down by a semi. Canyons or highway? Highway Street or dirt? Street. Who is your favorite racer? Myself/don’t really have one

WestCoast BikeFest

The last weekend of September went out with a bang for the motorcycle community. Everyone was pulling into Laughlin, Nevada on Friday, September 24th as Bike Fest was getting the show on the road. Bike Fest kicked off the weekend with a pool party! As the stunters were practicing under the scorching sun for Stunt Farm’s Flatland Freestyle finals, the rest of the people were enjoying their day poolside. Several West Coast Bike Crews came out to join the fun and had a great time by the pool. As the pool party came to a close, the night continued into the morning at one of Laughlin’s hot spots, Club Inferno at the Edgewater Hotel. The next day began with the Flatland Freestyle Championship presented by Stunt Farm held in a 328x100 surface area. This entire event consisted of multiple vendors and a Bike Show-Off judged by Cycle Path Magazine. Even though Saturday was much like Friday, a blazing hot day in Laughlin, the turnout for the West Coast Bike Fest was unbelievable. As the event came to an end, the winner Chris Higdon was presented with a trophy for beating the competition in the Flatline Freestyle Championship & Brandon Hochman won best of show with the Hatti bike in the Bike ShowOff. Hugo “Juice” Tenorino from ELA Bikers won Best Chrome, Richard “Chrome” Corona from Illegal Riders won best paint, and John Morales won Best Performance Bike. The Flatline Freestyle Championship and Bike Show-Off along with the rest of the event festivities were a great success. Mack 10, Glasses Malone, Suga Free, DJ Quik, and a few other artists closed out The West Coast Bike Fest with an unforgettable concert! Glasses Malone started the line up followed by Mack 10 who brought back the WestSide Connection vibe from the past. The stage then welcomed with P-Town, Pomona’s one and only Suga Free. A huge roar from the crowd welcomed the grand finale performer on stage, DJ Quik. Being the true performer that he is, DJ Quick put on a great show providing the crowd with his own music and vocals. The crown could not get enough throughout the concert! The participants of this great event ended it with a night of partying once again at one of Laughlin’s hot spots, Club Inferno. We hope to be back at next year’s West Coast Bike Fest, Bigger and Better!



Street Bikes
hile searching for the midtown tunnel on my vacation in New York, I stumbled across a local bike shop. As I walked into the shop I notice gorgeous stretched street bikes with massive monster rear tires. And after seeing these bikes I had to write about and share these pieces of art with everyone. So I asked to talk with the owner and get his story. The name of the shop is called StreetBike NYC and the owner is John and his story starts with his passion for motorcycles and riding them on the open road. John started out in a small garage building bikes for himself in 1991. But fueled by his big ideas and competitive drive john started StreetBike NYC. The man was on a mission from day one to rewrite the book on custom street bike on the east coast. John always had ideas to do what hasn’t been done, from the custom building the exotic paint jobs. Johns bike builds are purely amazing he takes the blank canvas and brings out the true potential with the stretched out swing arm and massive rear tires. When asked. John stated the longest stretch he has done on a bike was 20 inches. That would be the longest stretch he’s done so far. He also went on to say that the largest tire he has put on a bike is a 360 because it was a legitimate size and comfortable to ride. These guys ride their bikes hard and fast so comfort is a must. Unlike Southern California our family on the East stretch and big tire everything. John commented that we take these bikes on the highway, track, or mountain roads and rip them up. Tire size/stretch, no problem. They do work mostly with street bikes but also have had the opportunity to build some choppers and Harleys. With John’s constant thirst to one up every bike he’s built lead him to his current project witch he only describes a Hayabusa with a crazy set up, that comes from a ma who’s definition of crazy is at a whole other level. So I look forward to seeing that project in the near future. What else is in the future for StreetBike NYC? Maybe Johns Diamond Bike idea with 150,000 handset diamonds on a street bike. What the future will hold for StreeBike NYC is that they will continue to crank out bikes that speak for themselves as art and machine.







1 What is the biggest tire you have applied to one of your builds? The biggest tire i have put on a bike was a 360 because it is a legitimate size and still a very enjoyable ride. 2 What is the longest stretch? 20’’ long is my longest stretch on a bike so far. 3 Do you build choppers or incorporated a chopper/street bike mix? Indeed we’ve built street bikes mixed with the chopper flavor and the results were amazing . 4 What or where do your inspirations come from? I am a very competitive person and very passionate about motorcycles . I have been inspired by the love of ridding and i always wanted to top myself by building amazing looking bikes that you could also enjoy ridding. Always wanted to do something completely different that will stand out anywhere. 5 What is the bike scene like in New York and how does it differ from California? Judging from television, NYC is portrayed as a street fighter type and not too much custom big tire bikes. In my opinion after visiting California and thinking of opening a shop out there, in New York there are definitely much more beautiful bikes, custom work not just for the looks. A lot of street fighters as well , as we know a different culture. I wasn’t drawn to California and building there, we are a very well known shop here in N.Y and definitely more inspiration comes from here. 6 What is the most expensive bike you have ever built? Most expensive bike ever built by me was 100.000 dollars. 7 In the auto world, there is a two million dollar custom car, would you ever think of building of bike of this caliber for the motorcycle industry? Diamond Bike. A million dollar bike. That was my idea as far as a most expensive custom bike ever built . 150.000 hand set stones . Being in the jewelery industry in the past and very good with my hands as a skill that was and still is something that i would like to do. Unfortunately not enough sponsors yet. 8 What is the fastest bike you built and how fast was it? Upgrades were done on the bikes i have built but our thing is building the nicest sexiest bikes out there. 9 Have you done any work for celebrities? We have built a bike for the president of A Life Company here in New York. 10 Favorite built and why? We take pride in building these bikes and everyday we enjoy doing it. 11 What do you see in the future of bike building to take it to the next level? to expand and keep doing quality work , work that speaks volumes , work that very few have seen and that stands out in the crowd.





TopSecret access granted

Johnny Hang a USC Trojan fan who enjoys football, basketball and was satisfied with his really sick ass Toyota Supra, and a 53 mph go ped. An Alhambra High Allum Married with child had every thing he needed. Well he thought until his cousin convinced him to think outside the box and buy a Honda Ruckus He must have been very convincing cause Johnny now had a Ruckus. If you look at his Supra you can tell he likes speed and style, So next Came

Rucksters and that over the top one off style. Johnny let Tony from Rucksters do his magic. Top Secret is the ultimate custom Ruckus from the Brembo Brakes to the totally custom center shock mount this is a one of a kind not so secret Ruckus. So if you are planning to attend a Ruckus Meet Don’t be surprised to see Top Secret, your access has been granted.


- Monster Drag Bars - Monster Kickers - Triple Tree - Dress Up Kit with Front Turn Signals - 12”x2.75” Daytona Front Wheel - Painted Gold Front & Rear Wheel with Polished lips - Trailtech HID Headlight Turtlehead light bracket - Billet Grips Black

- Handcrafted Shark Skin/Cow Hide Upholstery with embedded R Logo

- KCP Billet Gas Cap - Linex Main Frame, Gas Tank

Front Frame Cover

- Matte Orange & Gold Flakes Paint Job - Super Lo-Pro One-Piece Rear Frame - Custom Seat Pan with


1. Does your bike have a nickname? TOP SECRET 2. How long have you been riding? I purchased my Ruckus in August 2009 3. If you can change one thing, what would it be? If you’re talking about my bike. NOTHING really, b/c RUCKSTERS built me exactly what I wanted. 4. Do you plan on building another bike? Not really, TOP SECRET is all I need. 5 What if any problems did you run into when building? Tolerance issues, b/c I wanted my bike to be low and sporty, everything on my bike is super tuck or tight. Something I’ll have to live with, but nothing major where I can’t ride or can’t function. 6 How did you decide on the color? I’ve always wanted a sick ass orange car with gold wheels, but never got around to it. 7. What was the first bike you rode? I think it was a YSR 50. 8. What bike builders style do you like? RUCKSTERS Customs 9. What was the first bike you owner? TOP SECRET 10. Favorite riding spot? Anywhere, as long as there are minimal pot holes. 11. Do you ride this bike around town? All the time 12. What kind of looks do you get when people see you riding? Riding my bike is like being a very hot super model, attention everywhere I go. 13. What are your future plans for your bike? RUCKSTERS is coming out with a revision of the rPRO Core Axis Center Shock Mount with Fox Shox Van RC application. That’s all I need to upgrade. 14. What is the best question you were asked, And what was the answer? What bike builders style do you like?? Answer....RUCKSTERS Customs 15. What is your favorite Motorcycle? I’m not really into big bikes, I love the RUCKUS too much. More so, I’m a father and don’t care to drive 150mph on a sport bike. Because I know I’ll love the speed too much. 16. Favorite Motorcycle movie and why? All About AhLong (1989) starring Chow Yun-Fat 17. Funniest riding moment? When my cousin who got me into the Ruckus ate shit on Valley Blvd. b/c of a big ass pot hole. 18. Scariest riding moment? When my cousin who got me into the Ruckus ate shit on Valley Blvd. b/c of a big ass pot hole. 19. Canyons or highway? I love canyons, but not on TOP SECRET, my ride is really built for the inner city or suburbs. 20. Who is your favorite racer? I’m not into racing so much. I’d have to say Jason Britton is one sick ass stunt guy.

- Ultra Wire Tuck


rear wheel/Suspensions/Brakes: - 12”X7” Rokstar Rear Fatty Wheel - rPRO Front & Rear Hubs - KN Kikaku Low-Down Forks - KN Kikaku Rear Shock (anodized & painted) - CNC Billet Master Cylinders - Dual Disc Brakes with BREMBO P32 Calipers - Braking 190mm (front) & KN Kikaku rotors (rear) - Maxxis Front Tire & Heidenau K61 Rear Tire - Spiegler Custom Steel Braided Brake Line “black on black” - Volk Racing Lug Nuts on the Rear Wheel

Engine & Performance: - 180cc GY6 Big Bore Engine - Koso Clutch - Dr. Pulley Variator - Composimo Anklebiter - Yoshimura TRI Exhaust “Shortened” - Custom 180cc big bore Header Pipe - BTX Custom Header Pipe - Mikuni TM28 Carburetor - Carbon Fiber Air Scoop - GY6 Fatty Swap Kit - Custom Engine Mount System & Hangers

rPRO Prototype Parts: - CORE AXIS Shock Mount - Rear Disc Brake Hub with Brembo P32 & KN Rotor - Custom Made Chin Bone - Super Lo-Pro OnePiece Rear Frame - Integrated Lower Chin Bone Mount & Coil Mount



Motion Pro – Pressure Gauge
For the guy who wants the most accurate pressure gauge he can get his hands on Motion Pro has this. It’s a liquid filled 2.5 in. dial gauge with protective rubber boot, is accurate to plus/minus 1.5 percent of maximum gauge reading and has a blue anodized 6061 T-6 body with pressure relief valve. Retail $92.50

Race Tech – Fork Cap Wrench

If you have a Honda or a bike with a Showa fork don’t even think about going in without this fork cap wrench from Race Tech It’s worth every penny at $44.99

Race Tech – Pro Fork Oil Level Tool

If you have ever tried to measure the oil level in your fork tube without one of these you know what a complete nightmare it is. The Pro Fork Oil Level Tool will make you want to change your fork oil. Any person doing service on motorcycle forks should have one of these. Get one for yourself or your pal at RaceTech for $99.99


Tusk Motorcycle Tire Bead Tool
No more fighting to keep bead down while installing off-road motorcycle tires. This tool makes installation of off-road motorcycle tires easier by holding the bead down while the tire is worked on the rim with tire irons. Helps keep the tire in the rim’s “Drop Center” making it easier to get the tire over the rim. Tusk Motorcycle Tire Bead Tool Regular price: $9.99

K&L Supply Co MC625R Lift

The MC625R airlift is the big mama of motorcycle lifts. It can easily lift 1,750 pounds up to 40 inches in seconds. One of the best features of this lift is it has both front and rear drop panels so both wheels of the bike can be removed while the bike is still on the stand. $1,849 www.klsupply.com (408) 727-6767

Park Tools – Protable Work Bench
Ever wish you could pick up your workbench and take it with you wherever you go? This workbench is perfect for taking to the track or just setting up at home. It folds up so it transports easily. It even offers specially sized slots, holes, and recesses and for holding tools, shop towels, lubes, beverages, etc. Folding steel legs provide a solid base for a toolbox and supplies. Get this workbench at your local Park Tools retailer. Retails: $129.00



Cardo Systems Inc. Scala Rider Q2 Bike-to-Bike Intercom
The Q2 is in the vast line of Bluetooth helmet-mounted headsets. This technological gem allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with the passenger on the back seat, conduct calls on their mobile phone and listen to the embedded FM radio. And of course the Q2 offers biker-to-biker communication. $209.99 www.cardowireless.com (800) 488-0363

HJC IS-33 Helmet
The IS-33 is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell with an integrated ventilation system. What really makes this helmet a stand out is the flip-up outer face shield with an inner smoke-tinted sun shield that could make riding glasses a thing of the past. $139.99 www.hjchelemts.com (562) 407-2186

Roland Sands Design Forged Mission Wheels

These wheels from RSD not only look cool, but when they are in the process of being forged, the highest material strength is placed in the same direction as the operating load, creating a strong wheel that is ultra light as well. $1,299 www.rolandsands.com (800) 479-4037



The Big Kid Sandbox


Survivals guide to the big kids sand box. Glamis California is famous to all off-road enthusiasts for it’s vast amount of sand dunes and riding space. It’s a great place to ride your motorcycle and offroad toys. For family and friends the dunes are a fun weekend escape from the stresses of life. For a family, the safer spots to camp at would be the washes. But if you are looking to camp closer to the big sand dune gecko road is the spot is that campsite for you. But what does it take to spend a weekend at Glamis? Well for starters you need a four-wheel drive vehicle to drive through the sand because without four-wheel drive you are most likely to get stuck. Next you’ll need a place to sleep so you can choose from camping in a tent or a trailer. Third on your list would be supplies such as food, drinks, and clothing for as long as your trip will last. Be sure to pack cloths to how the weather will be so before going check the weather forecast. Also you will need to pack tools, and fluids for your vehicles. You will also need firewood to keep warm at night a BBQ to grill up some food, a generator for power and depending on the way you ride

large amount of gasoline. Also don’t worry if you don’t pack everything on your trip because there is a store with almost everything you would need including showers for the people who pitch a tent. The stores called the beach store and it one of the only buildings around for miles. But if the beach store doesn’t have what you need there is always vender’s row witch it section of booths and food stands for campers. And the last thing on you list and most important item is your motorcycle and sand toys don’t forget them n also don’t forget to get your baby set of paddle tires to ride through the sand. The riding season in Glamis opens in the fall when the heat dies down. The holidays are great to spend in the dunes those weekend are busy but the real feeling of Glamis is alive in those busy days. When you go on those weekends don’t be afraid to follow the crowds to oldsmobile hill and the sand drags to see everyone ride. But really any weekend in the dunes is a great one as long as your bike your bike. And that’s your Survival guide.



Vendors Row

Miles of Dunes

Oldsmobile Hill

Mike Mason takes the chaMpionship


Mike Mason Adam Jones

Legends Metzger & Degan With the future of FMX

The 8th Annual ASA World Championships kick off the End Of Summer concert series, at the LA county fair Labor Day weekend. This year had all the heavy hitters show up to compete and watch. The Brian Deagan and the Metal Mulisha showed up in full force with 2-time champion Jeremy “ Twitch” Stenberg, Todd Potter, and Taka Higashino. Also there to watch the event was Godfather of FMX himself Mike Metzger. There to compete was 4-time champion Nate “The Destroyer” Adams and 2009 champion Mike Mason, along with Adam Jones, Rob Adelberg, and Levi Sherwood. They all competed in a head to head matches in round one it was Jeremy Stenberg vs. Adam Jones, Taka Higashino vs. Nate Adams, Rod Adelberg vs. Mike Mason, and Todd Potter vs. Levi Sherwood who crashed in his run with 15 sec left was hurt badly and sent to the hospital to be taken care of. The second round was Adam Jones vs. Nate Adams and Mike Mason vs. Todd Potter. The Final show down was the 4 time champion Nate Adams and the returning champion Mike Mason. Adams who had lost the in the 2009 Championship was out to reclaim his title but in his run he had mechanical problems and he was unable to complete his run and handing over win to Mike Mason, making Mason a back to back champion and wining the 2010 ASA world Champion.

Nate Adams Mike Sinclare

Metal Mulitia’s Twitch

Adams Taka


Todd Potter


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