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Electrical Panels

6.9 Control Panels for D.G. Sets:

Each control panel shall have extensin facility, freestanding & provided with followings:
 Degree of Protection IP-31
 Earthing Terminals
 Paint shade will be as per manufacturer's standard or shall be finalised during detail
 Space heater & illumination lamp in each panel.
 Cable entry from Bottom
 CT internal wiring shall be connected to terminal block for external connection

6.9.1 AMF Panel

This Panel shall be provided for auto start of DG when normal supply fails.
Amf Panel for DG set which is required to be automatically started shall be provided. Logic as
indicated in clause No. 6.2.2 shall be developed in AMF Panel.
6.9.2 Generator Control & Protection Panel (GCP):
a) Protections
Following minimum relays shall be provided, if D.G set shall operate under independent mode:-
i) Restricted Earth faulty Relay.
ii) Voltage controlled inverse time over current relay.
Iii) Earth Faulty Relay
iv) Under voltage Relay (2 Nos.) with /timer
v) Master Tripping Relay.
vi) Differential Protection Relay (if recommended)
Vendor to include additional protection, if required, for safe operation of D.G set.

b) Metering

One - Voltmeter with selector switch

One - Ameter with selector switch
One - Frequency meter
One - Power Factor Meter (0.5 lead to 0.5 lead)
One - KW Meter suitable for 3 phase, 4 wire
One - KWH Meter suitable for 3 phase, 4 wire
One - KVA Meter suitable for 3 phase, 4 wire
One - KVAR Meter.
One - Hour meter

Alternatively Multification meter can be offered.

6. Engine Panel & Engine control & Monitoring Panel:

Engine shall be provided with two Panels. One control panel shall be fitted on the Engine with
hand stop control of engine, thermometers for water, oil, fuel, air temperature, necessary gauge for
measurement of water/ tube oil/ fuel pressure, one electrical sto indication / control, etc ie. This
paenl shall be with minimum controls which has to be done from Engine. Breaker status indication
Lamps ('ON', 'OFF', and 'Trip') shall be provided on this Engine Panel.

Second Panel shall be Engine Control and Monitoring Panel (ECMP) with Digital indicators,
Analogue Gauges, Engine status indications, Alam conditions, Engine stop/ Trip conditions, speed
indications, Engne controls. Engine Starting / stopping shall be possible fro mthis control panel in
remote mode of operation.

AVR can be part of ECMP or separate Exciter panel shall be provided.

2Nos. Engine trouble contact shall be given from ECMP for client's use (Annuciation, etc.)