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Assignment - 5

1. Why grab strength of fabrics is more than strip strength? Discuss the effect of fabric extension
in the test direction and the gauge length on the measured values of strength in case of grab and
strip test methods.

2. Match the following

1. C R T A. Instron tensile tester

2. C R E B. Stelometer
3. C R L C. Pendulum lever tensile tester

3. Match the following

1. Handle A. Drapability
2. Comfort B. Bending rigidity
3. Aesthetics C. Air permeability

4. If 5 grams of a bone dry fibre absorbs 1.25 grams of moisture under the standard conditions
(65% rh,20 0c), the moisture regain (MR) and moisture content (MC) of the fibre are

5) 30 bales of 3.5 Mi and 40 bales of 4.0 Mi cotton fibers (Mi is micronaire value of cotton fiber)
are already available in the raw material inventory of the mill. What is the approximate
micronaire value required of another 30 bales so that the resultant mean Mi of the total 100 bales
will be 4.00.