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September 2018 Volume 20 Issue 8

416 James Street

Ozark, Alabama 36360
Phone (334) 774-5480

Board of Directors

Marie Black
Imogene Mixson Beverly Raley
Marian Jenkins Jewnita Clark

Library Staff

Full Time Staff

Director Sandra J. Holmes
Genealogy/Reference Librarian Joni Wood

Part Time Staff

Admin Assist/Bookkeeper Jennifer Simpson
Children’s Librarian Cheryl Schwartzkopf
Processor Karen Speck
Circulation Clerk Darnell Johnson
Circulation Clerk/IT Andrew Godeke
Cataloger Lou Harry
Custodian Barbara Daniels
Circulation Clerk/Amazon Oscar Dunn

Statistics for July 2018

Circulation 6,888
Attendance 12,448
New Materials 343
Site Visits 201,089
Dale County Genealogical/ Historical Society
Borrowers on Roll 10,309
Employment Searches 5,404 The Society will not meet this month. Have a safe and
Internet Use 3,100 happy Labor Day.
E-Books 428
Genealogy 204
Quote of the Month Tuesday through Thursday
When you’re growing up, there are two
10:00 a.m.— 7:00 p.m.
institutional places that affect you most powerfully—
the church, which belongs to God and the public Friday and Saturday
Library which belongs to you. The public library is a 10:00 a.m.— 5:00 p.m.
great equalizer.
--Musician Keith Richards
Closed on Sunday & Monday
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Sandra Holmes losing his right hand earlier in the Civil War, was
Our children are now back in school with new determined to help defend the city.
classes and new teachers. We wish them a great Carmichael headed to the courthouse where he found a
experience in their schools this year. Don’t forget to group of men congregated later that evening. Carmichael
check out your library for assistance. We have an knew that their plan to place members of the Home Guard
array of materials available for you, from books, to around the town square to protect the city would not be
magazines, computers, and free Wi-Fi. Remember, enough protection. He suggested he scout out the enemy,
with the help of another man, in advance to give time for the
printing is free to students in grades one to 12, but only
if you are performing school-related work. men to prepare to either fight or get away. John McEntyre,
The Wiregrass United Way has now begun their also a former Confederate soldier in Company H, 15th
annual fund-raising drive for 2019. If you would like Alabama, volunteered to help Carmichael. They rode out of
to donate to this worthy cause, make your check town until they reached a fork in the road four miles outside
payable to Wiregrass United Way and drop it off at the of town. While discussing their next move, they saw the
Library. Because we are a recipient of Wiregrass enemy force of 44 mounted men charging their way to
United Way funds, we give our full support to this Newton. They quickly headed back to town where they
great organization. Remember that your dollars are raised a force of 33 men, including the Home Guard, and
used in the Wiregrass area to help people right here. prepared for an ambush at Hughes Spring a mile east of
It’s a good way to help our local people in need. town.
The Friends monthly Book Club will meet the Carmichael then left to picket alone; however, a short
second Tuesday in September at 2:00. They will time later a messenger arrived with news that the men were
discuss the book, The Book Club. Join us for a lively heading back to town. Although upset, there was nothing he
discussion. Lou Harry is the facilitator. could do but follow them back to town. The town was in a
It’s time for an auction to raise money for the new state of confusion when he arrived since Captain Breare,
Library building and are now collecting items that you commander of the Home Guards, refused to allow his men
no longer want or need to place in our auction. We to take orders from anyone but himself. Captain Breare then
already have many paintings and artwork that will be placed them on the west side of the square, even though he
sold. knew the raiders were coming from the east side.
Carmichael then rallied three other men, W.H. Kirksey,
FROM THE CREEL RICHARDSON ROOM Samuel F. Fain, and Daniel Carmichael to follow him and
By Joni Wood hide at the corner of the old hotel. Meanwhile, unbeknownst
Battle of Newton to each other, another group of men, P.M. Calloway, Daniel
This account of the Battle of Newton is based on an Duke, George Echols and three others, hid among the stores
article written by Jesse Carmichael for the April 12, in town.
1899, issue of The Southern Star. To read his full Daniel Carmichael left to picket and hurriedly returned
account and learn more about the Battle of Newton, exclaiming the men were at the Methodist Church and the
visit the Creel Richardson Room today. group waited until they passed before firing. Carmichael’s
men, using double barrel shotguns and muskets, fired upon
Jesse M. Carmichael, a former Confederate soldier the rear of Sanders’ force while Calloway’s men fired upon
in Company E, 15th Alabama, was passing through them head on, all to everyone’s complete surprise.
Newton on March 14, 1865, when he learned Captain Unfortunately, when Sanders’ men tried to return fire, the
Joseph G. Sanders and his men planned to raid Newton caps would burst and their guns failed to go off. This added
that night. Captain Sanders, a former Confederate to the confusion and they fled the town leaving three of their
soldier in Company C, 31st Georgia Regiment, men dead and dying while carrying away five wounded.
resigned in spring 1864 and enlisted in the U.S. Army Meanwhile, Newton’s group of 10 brave men were
Company F, 1st Florida Cavalry in June 1864. victorious with none of their own blood shed. This small
Newton was headquarters for the conscript bureau; victory struck terror in the minds of the outlaws and inspired
thus, it was often the target of threats and destruction confidence in the hearts of the Confederates, which led to a
by not only bushwhackers known for their outlawry, peaceful few days until the close of the War.
but men like Sanders who were former Confederates
intent to destroy records of their service. Carmichael,
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All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth Wiregrass United Way Doug Williamson
Avalanche by Mercedes Lackey Friends of the Library RJ Beyers
Beautiful Exiles by Meg Waite Clayton Ozark Literary Club Jim & Elaine Land
Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford Ozark Rotary Club Barbara Sink
Cottage By the Sea by Debbie Macomber DeAnn Medley Wanda Hawkins
Four Dominions by Eric Van Lustbader Claybank Master Gardners Melba Lassy
I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa De Los Santos Patricia Corbitt Sue Switzer
The Johnson Family Bill Libby
I’ve Got My Eyes on You by Mary Higgins Clark
The Davis Family Lesia Grice
Jane Seymour: the Haunted Queen by Alison Weir
Kismet by Luke Tredget
In Memory of Donor
Knowledge by Martha Grimes
Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly
Low Chicago by George R.R. Martin Roberta Hyers Dr. Imogen Mixson
Marry Me by Sundown by Johanna Lindsey Jewell Hudson ALPHA KAPPA
Chapter of Ozark
Mary B by Katherine J. Chen
Maze Master by Kathleen O’Near Gear Giselle Garrett Sara Carroll
Measure of Darkness by Jonathan Kellerman Roberta Hyers Claybank Master
Miss Julia Raises the Roof by Ann B. Ross Gardeners
Money Shot by Stuart Woods
Moscow Deception by Karen Robards NEW BUILDING DONATIONS
Moscow Offensive By Dale Brown
Mrs. By Caitlin Macy
My Kind of Christmas by Janet Dailey Patricia Corbitt
Names of Dead Girls by Eric Rickstad
Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer
Night Moves by Jonathan Kellerman
Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay
One Last Breath by Lisa Jackson
One on One by Michael Brandman
Other Lady Vanishes by Amanda Quick
Other Woman by Daniel Silva
Outsider by Stephen King
This is a program at the Library for any patron who
Pale as Death by Heather Graham
wishes to remove his/her fines without paying for
Paradox by Catherine Coulter
Pharaoh Key by Preston & Child them. If you owe fines, simply read in the Library
President is Missing by Bill Clinton and we will remove $15 for each 15 minutes of in-
Princess by James Patterson library reading. This program is available during
Privateer by Margaret Weis normal Library hours: Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00
Probable Claws by Rita Mae Brown to 7:00 and Friday-Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00. This
Queen Anne’s Lace by Susan Wittig Albert is a great opportunity for patrons with large fines.
Arms of Mercy by Ruth Reid E-Books
Come Home to Me by Liz Talley Simply log on
Dead Drift by Dani Pettrey and type in your Library card number, be sure
Dubiosity by Christy Barritt to include the entire 13-digit number, except
Heart of Eden by Caroline Fyffe the final number. Enjoy your chosen material
BESTSELLER NONFICTION on your computer, mobile device, Kindle, iPad,
Burden (305.8009 H) or other compatible devices.
By Lou Harry

ATTENTION ALL FRIENDS! The Friends of The Ozark-Dale County Library needs
your help. The year is coming to an end, and we need to select a slate of officers for
2019. At our last meeting, there were no volunteers for nominating committee. Help!
Please come to our monthly meeting on
September 12 with your suggestions. We meet in the West Wing at 10:30.
The Book Club will review Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe. Please join us Tuesday
September 11 at 2:00 P.M. This is a great story about older women and their adventures in
Refreshments will be served.
We continue with plans for new Library. This is an exciting time and we invite you to
join us.


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

9-10—Computer Class
10:30—Kids’ Art

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Closed—Labor Day 10:30—FOL Planning Noon—AA 10:30—Story Time Noon—AA 9-10—Computer Class
4—Lego Club 4:30—Story Time 2—Tech Class 12:45—Popcorn & a
5:30—AA 6:30—NAR-ANON Movie

9 10 11 12 13 14 15
10—Book Work Day 2—FOL Book Club 9—Library Board Mtg 10:30—Story Time Noon—AA 9-10—Computer Class
Noon—AA 5:30—AA 10:30—FOL Board Mtg 2:00—Writer’s Forum 2—Tech Class 1—Pokémon
6—Friends of Ozark Noon—AA 4:30—Story Time 6:30—NAR-ANON

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
10—Book Work Day 4—Lego Club Noon—AA 10:30—Tail Waggin’ Noon—AA 9-10—Computer Class
Noon—AA 5:30—AA Tutors 2—Tech Class 10:30—Kids’ Art
6—Concerned Citizens 2:00—Writer’s Forum 6:30—NAR-ANON 1—Pokémon
4:30—Tail Waggin’

23 24 25 26 27 28 29
10—Book Work Day 5:30—AA Noon—AA 10:30—Story Time Noon—AA 9-1—Computer Class
Noon—AA 2:00—Writer’s Forum 2—Tech Class 1—Pokémon
30 6—GEN/HIS 4:30—Story Time 6:30—NAR-ANON