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Student Number 20172187, 20174580, 20174207, 20171308

Student Name Peter Matthys, Mahalia Odquin, Ebony Smith, Aleesha Matic

Unit Code EDUC1231

Unit Title Environmental Science, Technology and Enterprise

Assessment 2: ESTE Excursion and Reflection

Unit Lecturer Rebecca Mola Date Received

Unit Tutor Louise Moroney

Due Date 18 September 2018

Word Count


Your assignment must meet the formatting and referencing requirements noted in the unit outline. By signing below you are
confirming that you have met those requirements.

This assignment is my own original work. No part of this work has been copied from any other source or person except
where due acknowledgement is made, and no part of the work has been previously submitted for assessment at this or any
other institution. I have read the Student Academic Integrity Policy and understand its implications. For the purposes of
assessment and standards, I give the University permission to retain this assignment; provide a copy to other assessors; and
evaluate its academic integrity through the use of a plagiarism checking service (which may store a copy of the assignment
on its database for future plagiarism checks).

Peter Matthys, Mahalia

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Typed name is permitted if submitting via Odquin, Ebony Smith, Date 18 Sept 2018
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Aleesha Matic


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