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Jane Yuster Kimberly Hines
Sophia Layne
Freya McCamant
September 20, 2018 Robert Pappalardo
Kirk Riemer

John Ullom

Re: Response to September 10 California Public Records Act Request

Dear Mr. Ullom:

On September 10, 2018, you sent an email to the District seeking records under the California Public
Records Act (“CPRA”). Specifically, your email sought:

1) All reproducible communications regarding the Thanks For M flyer sent from the office of the
superintendent [sic].
2) A copy of the invoice for the flyer.
3) A copy of the check or credit card statement used to pay for the Thanks For M Flyer.
4) A copy of the resolution authorizing the expenditure.

The above categories of records shall be referred to collectively as the “Request.”

The District has determined your Request does seek disclosable documents. The District will produce all
disclosable documents responsive to your Request, but to the extent your Request seeks the disclosure of
any protected or exempted categories of information, the District objects, as detailed below, and will not
produce that information (See Govt. Code, §§ 6252-6255.)

To the extent your Request seeks preliminary drafts, notes, or interagency memoranda, the District
objects. (Govt. Code, § 6254, subd. (a).) The District further objects to your Request to the extent that it
seeks disclosure of records protected by the “deliberative process privilege.” (See, e.g., California First
Amendment Coalition v. Superior Court (1998) 67 Cal. App. 4th 159, 169.) The District further objects to
the extent that the public interest served by not disclosing clearly outweighs the public interest served by
disclosure. (Govt. § 6255.) The District further objects to the extent that your Request seeks records
exempted from disclosure or prohibited pursuant to state or federal law, including but not limited to
provisions of the Evidence Code relating to official information privilege, as well as confidential and/or
privileged information. (Govt. Code, § 5254, subd. (k), Evid. Code, §§ 1040, 1060.)

As the CPRA applies only to existing documents and does not require the District to create documents
(Govt. Code, § 6252, subd. (e); Haynie v. Superior Court (2001) 26 Cal. 4th 1061; Rackauckas v.
Superior Court (2002) 104 Cal. App. 4th 169), the District further objects to the extent your Request
seeks records not existing or not in the District’s care, custody, or control.

Finally, the District objects to the extent your Request seeks records exempt from disclosure under the
Government Code section 6254, et seq., or other applicable law.
Half Moon Bay High School • Pilarcitos High School • Cabrillo Adult School • Cunha Intermediate School
Alvin S. Hatch Elementary • El Granada Elementary • Farallone View Elementary • Kings Mountain Elementary
Without waiving the full scope of objections that may apply, the District will produce those disclosable,
responsive documents not subject to objection. To the extent documents contain non-disclosable and
disclosable information, the reasonably segregable non-disclosable information will be redacted. (Govt.
Code, § 6253, subd. (a); ACLU Foundation v. Deukmejian (1982) 32 Cal. 3d 440.)

The District has identified disclosable documents in response to Item 1 of your Request. Electronic
copies of those documents are included with this letter. Disclosable documents responsive to Items 2, 3,
and 4 of your Request do not exist, and therefore none will be produced in response to those Items.

Your CPRA Request is now fully resolved.


Crystal Leach
Chief Business Official
Cabrillo Unified School District

cc: Jane Yuster, Superintendent