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Estimated 2018 MYDFL Convention Agenda

Time​1 May 21, 2018

Minneapolis American Indian Center

12:00 1. Call to Order by Minnesota Young DFL President

(30 Minutes) a. Remarks by Minnesota Young DFL President (10 Minutes)
2. Adoption of Agenda
3. Central Committee Attendance
12:30 5​. Breakouts
(60 Minutes) a. Young and Running for Office
i. Presented by Margarita Ortega and Hunter Cantrell
b. The DFL: History and structure
i. Presented by Brandon Schorsch, CD5 Chair
1:30 Recess (15 Minutes)
1:45 6. Resolutions (15 Minutes)
(90 Minutes) 7. Presentation of the Constitution & Bylaws (15 Minutes)
a. Constitutional Amendments
b. Adoption of Constitution
c. Bylaw Amendments
d. Adoption of Bylaws
8. Presentation of Endorsement Rules by Minnesota Young DFL Political Director (5
a. Amendments
b. Adoption
9. Endorsement Consideration for 2018 Election
3:15 Recess (15 Minutes)

3:30 10. Executive Committee Elections

(45 Minutes) a. Secretary
b. Treasurer
c. Political Director
d. Finance Director
e. Outreach and Inclusion Director
f. Communications Director
g. Events Director
h. Administrative Director
11. Swearing in of new Minnesota Young DFL Officers
12. Adjournment

1. It is expected that we will not use the full time allotted for our convention and may move quicker than estimated.
2. Individuals invited to speak at our convention does not imply that the MYDFL has endorsed their candidacy

Oath of Office for newly elected Minnesota Young DFL Officers: I (name) do solemnly swear that I will
support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Minnesota, and uphold the platform of
the Minnesota DFL Party. I swear to be an advocate for our generation within the Minnesota DFL Party
and in the public. I swear to faithfully and impartially discharge my duties as an officer of the Minnesota
Young , to the best of my abilities

*In order to be eligible for MYDFL Office, an individual must be a member who has satisfied the
requirements of Article IV, Section 3. An individual must have also resided in the State of Minnesota for
at least one month preceding the assumption of the office. Officers who reside outside the State of
Minnesota for four (4) consecutive months automatically vacate their office.