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NURS 604 Abstract Review Guidelines

Please copy and paste the information below into a new document, starting with the “Name and Abstract #
below. You DO NOT need a cover page.

Your Name Abstract #

Dara Yastrzemski 3

Scoring, Recommendation, and Comments

5 = Very strong 4 = Strong 3 = Neutral 2 = Weak 1 = Very weak

Area of Abstract Score (from 5 – 1)

Title/topic 5
Learning outcomes/ Instructional methods 5
Identified gap 5
Focus of presentation 4
Abstract Text 4
Overall Clarity 4
Total 27

Recommendation: After reviewing and scoring each of the abstract sections, calculate a mean score (add all of
the score together, divide by 6 (# of scored areas in abstract). Please provide your final vote on this abstract
here, using the following abstract rating scale (your recommendation can differ from the mean abstract score).

Mean Abstract Recommended

Rating Score (Y/N)
4.5 y

Abstract Rating Scale

 5 = Recommendation (I vote to recommend this abstract for acceptance in the conference program.)
 4= Weak Recommendation (I cannot completely support to accept, but I won’t argue against it.)
 3= Neutral (I’m not impressed but I don’t feel strongly for or against it.)
 2= Weak Decline (I don’t like it, but I won’t vote to completely decline it.)
 1= Total Decline (I vote to decline this abstract for acceptance in the conference program.)

Comments for the Author:

 Please provide professional and collegial comments (at least two paragraphs) to the author
 If there are low ratings, they should be supported by comments for the author’s benefit, but please be


I enjoyed reading your abstract on the importance of nursing research, as it was well structured and
had some sound ideas. Your instructional methods correlate with your learning outcomes. There is a
tremendous need for the education of nursing students in the art of research. Your abstract identified
the need and the knowledge gap noted in an ASN program and the benefit for more courses geared
toward research to give a stronger foundation in that program.
NURS 604 Abstract Review Guidelines
Nursing research is critical for an increasing knowledge base and should be introduced in the
undergraduate levels. The ideas you presented in your abstract will bring the needed exposure and
experiences to educate students on the concepts of nursing research. The abstract points out the need
for a more curriculum focused on research and I am intrigued to learn more from your presentation.