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Megan Hinton talks to the people transforming

Speaking the way victims are being treated.

out to
ccording I also spoke to Adam Shaikh who was
to the abused by a family member from the age
NSPCC’s of nine. He is now using his experience to
data one educate others. Adam began his campaign

in twenty journey at Shape Youth Forum where he
children aimed to raise awareness for child sexual
in the UK exploitation amongst the public.
have been
sexually Through this he became a youth police

abused or crime commissioner which is where he
exploited. So, how are the professionals mak- began his next campaign. This campaign was
ing sure they are treating victims right? aimed at Asian males who were victims of
The Survivors Trust is a charity that child sexual exploitation, “I wanted to urge
I spoke to Siobhan Pyburn who was represents specialist sexual violence support them to come forward and speak up about
sexually abused by her father from a young services, their member agencies work with their abuse.” This campaign was broadcasted
age. Siobhan is now using her personal lived around 90,000 victims, aged 3 and up, each on ITV’s six o’clock news and it resonated
experience of sexual abuse to spur change year. The Trust has been providing help and with the public. Adam said, “After my broad-
and has been campaigning for 10 years. Over support in many different forms from play cast aired people reached out to me to show
the past 10 years Siobhan has trained around therapy to training professionals with the their support and sympathy’s, it humbled
1000 professionals and has reached around help of survivors for 15 years. me and made me want to continue with the
100 to 200 survivors through her campaign work I’m doing.”
work. I spoke to Fay Maxted OBE, the CEO of
the charity who said, “our aim is to provide There has been a slight rise with the Asian
She mainly speaks at conferences held a voice for victims and survivors to improve male demographic in reporting child sexual
for professionals, these conferences aim to the response they get from society”. “now abuse since Adam has been campaigning.
train professionals to be able to deal with more people are coming forward reporting “I feel like there may be a slight correlation
victims of child sexual exploitation correctly. and seeking support. We like to think we between this and the work me and my youth
Lots of past mistakes have been made and have been a part of that process. We know forum have been doing, it’s nice to see people
conferences like this enable professionals that we have made a difference in terms of aren't keeping silent anymore.”
such as police, NHS staff, social services and government bodies hearing directly what
teachers to hear first-hand what support survivors need and what makes a difference.” Adam has now started to run education-
victims need. al workshops for parents in schools about
internet safety and how to protect their chil-
Siobhan has now branched out and is dren from abuse online. Although he cannot
starting to run her own safeguarding work- bring his personal experience to this he feels

“’s nice to
shop called Dare to Ask. Everyone who will he has ‘a lot to give’ as there is only a limited
be speaking at dare to ask as lived experience amount you can do to protect children of
of child sexual abuse. The workshop will abuse within the family. He wants to help
give an exclusive insight into what needs to
change when dealing with victims. Siobhan see people aren’t protect children from all sorts of abuse and
the internet is a good place to start.
said, “if we break even I will be proud never
mind going beyond that.”
Although talking about her abuse is still
keeping silent Whilst there is still a long way to go to
help victims of child sexual exploitation, it’s

difficult, Siobhan says “it’s worth it” when amazing to see survivors using their experi-
she hears back from professionals saying ence to help others. Professionals are finally
they’ve put into practice the advice she gave realising that the best way to make sure
with victims they’ve recently dealt with. they’re getting it right is by being educated
by survivors themselves. Professionals now
are not only listening but putting into prac-
tice the advice the survivors are giving and
making sure future victims have the support
and respect they need.

Survivors of Child Sexual

Exploitation are using their
experience to make a change.