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Furnish and install, where shown on the drawings a prefabricated contactless VACUUM PUMP DRIVE
claw vacuum system as manufactured by Amico Source. The Vacuum pump shall be direct driven. Torque is transmitted from the
motor to the pump through a shaft coupling.
The medical vacuum system must meet or exceed the requirements of NFPA VACUUM PUMP MOTOR
99. The package shall include contact-less claw vacuum pumps and The motor shall be a continuous duty, 3250 RPM, TEFC NEMA C-face, foot
associated equipment, one ASME air receiver and one control panel. The mounted and suitable for 208V or 230-460V, 60 hertz, 3 phase electrical
only field connections required will be system intake, exhaust and power service. The pump shall have the capacity at 19” Hg.
connection at the control panel. All components shall be completely pre-piped
and pre-wired to a single point service connection. All interconnecting piping VACUUM SYSTEM ACCESSORIES
and wiring shall be completed and operationally tested prior to shipment. The pump has an inlet air filter and is equipped with a vacuum relief valve to
Provide liquid tight conduit, fittings and junction boxes for all control and prevent backflow through off-cycle units, flexible connectors, isolation valve,
power wiring. high discharge temperature switch, high inlet vacuum switch, oil drain valve,
and oil sight glass.
The system shall include a UL listed control panel in a NEMA 12 enclosure INTAKE PIPING
with the following accessories: Each vacuum pump shall have a factory piped intake with integral fl ex
connector, isolation valve and check valve. Interconnecting piping shall
Externally operable circuit breaker with door interlock, control circuit consist of black iron pipe and fittings.
transformer with fused primary and secondary circuits, H-O-A switch,
magnetic starter with 3 leg overload protection, hour meter and motor running VACUUM RECEIVER
light. Provide audible and visual local alarm for the following: compressor The vacuum receiver shall be of ASME construction. The receiver shall be
temperature malfunction and reserve compressor in use. Provide manual rated for full vacuum service and shall be equipped with a vacuum gauge and
reset for thermal malfunction shutdown. All control and alarm functions shall manual valve drain. It should be rated for a minimum 200 PSIG design
remain energized while any compressor in the system remains electrically on- pressure.
line. The lag compressor shall be able to start automatically if the lead
compressor fails to operate. Alarm contacts should be provided for remote AVAILABLE OPTIONS
annunciation for all alarm points. Oxygen assured for oxygen content up to 60%
Variable Speed Drive
The medical vacuum pump shall be of the continuous duty, high efficiency, oil STATEMENT OF WARRANTY
less and frictionless compression contact-less claw type. The pumping Amico Source warrants its Vacuum Systems are to be free of defects in
chamber is oil free. The pump is completely air cooled with no water material and workmanship under normal use for a period not to exceed thirty
requirements. The pump has an inlet air cooled with no water requirements. (30) months from date of shipment, or twenty four (24) months from date of
The Maintenance shall be limited to changing the gear-box oil as needed. start-up.
The service of a factory trained representative shall be made available at jobsite to
check installation, start-up and instruct operating personnel in the proper operation
and maintenance.