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2. Give at least three uses or functions of Educational Technology.

Categorize them
either as Technology as Teacher (source of knowledge) or technology as partner in
learning (one that engages student in thinking and in the construction of knowledge
and meaning). Use the table given below. An example for each category is given
for you.

Technology as Teacher Technology as Partner in Learning

1. Technology as source of 1. Technology as a Tutor. Technology
knowledge with the teacher as is set to guide students who has
facilitator difficulties in comprehension which
can be assess by tutoring
2. Technology as Support of Student- 2. Technology in support with CAI or
Centered Learning. Through the Computer Assisted Instruction. It
technology, students will be able helps the students to foster
to gain their first-hand experiences learning even they are distant from
or hands on experiences in doing school or other learning resource
something or learning from it center
3. 3.
3. The Constructivists thinking skills is this:

I agree to what Constructivist learning intended. Learning is a process which not

always includes teacher who will always serves as lecturers and they will just discuss
what the students need to learn. Learning can also happen without their full attention
and in this situation, teachers can clearly see how the students will act so that they can
foster their learning without the support of the teacher. An example of this is group
activities such as debates or oral performances. In this kind of activities, students will be
accountable for their learning and their classmates. Through this, teachers can clearly
identify whether the students learn of they need reinforcements.

5. Why use technology in Teaching? Answer this question based on what you learned
from this lesson. Present it……

As a future educator, we must indicate the application of Technology as it

supports the students learning and as it helps to bridge the gaps between the diverse
types/kinds of learner. We also use technology as help in teaching. In particularly in
making our Instructional Materials. Instead of cutting out strip of papers, cartolina,
charts or visual aids we can use different software that can the same thing in a better
way. Applications like PowerPoints Presentations, Movie Maker, Audio Editor and Prezi
which are software that can help us to foster learning and so that we are able to not
just give the student knowledge but also to be entertained.