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PNU conducts convocation

Convocation was held on Philippine Normal University (PNU) with a theme “The Role of the
School, Home and church in the Development of Values” last Augusust15.

“The word Filipino is synonyms to respect, humility, kindness and hospitality.” Dean Alfonso
Santiago said.

He proudly added, “The Philippines is known throughout the world for its beautiful customs and

“Where in the world could you find children kissing the hands of the elderly when they come
home from the church or from school except in the Philippines?”, according to him.

Santiago also complemented, “The home, the school, and the church have an important role in the
development of the children.”

“The parents and the teachers are partners. They should work hand-in-hand in the upbringing of
the children.”, he further encourage.

He requested, “I am appealing to the parents and teacher to take have good care of our children,
who according to Dr. Jose Rizal, are the hope our country.”

Student Council sponsored the convention.