Malcolm Shabazz City High School

The Quarterly Report
“40 Years of Innovative Education”
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20101st Quarter, 2010-11
Greetings from the Principal: Getting and giving feedback is important. In some ways, feedback is at the heart of a learning experience. In order to master a skill, we need feedback that indicates whether we are on the right track. Quality, unbiased, and non-judgmental feedback assists all of us in determining if we are moving in the right direction. We adjust our behaviors according to feedback. In the classroom, teachers are constantly assessing students to determine what they know and can do, and they provide feedback to students to encourage growth and learning. Providing feedback sounds simple, yet, providing feedback to others in a way that can be heard and used can be very difficult. Many times, we have not defined what quality means and may have difficulty in identifying it. What is a quality paragraph or a quality presentation? How do we describe and model quality writing for our students? Once we have a student’s work in front of us further questions are raised. How do we give students unbiased feedback on their mastery of a skill? How do we communicate our genuine support and acceptance of the student for who they are, and, at the same time, have high expectations for their ability to learn and develop new skills? How do we communicate our feedback without judgment, in an educational system that has historically used grades as a means to divide students into groups rather than provide feedback for learning? These are all difficult questions. At Shabazz we believe that if we create an environment where students feel safe, are treated with dignity and respect, are provided opportunities to develop habits of work and mind, are given opportunities to solve conflicts, are asked to engage in the world as active citizens through authentic service learning opportunities, and are provided opportunities to take on leadership roles, then our students will thrive, grow and learn. So how are we doing? What feedback are our students providing us? At the end of last year, students

completed a lengthy survey that addressed these issues. Below, I have summarized some of these findings as they relate to our core mission at Shabazz. Ninety nine students responded to our survey. On the issue of a safe and harassment free school, our students responded in this way: 90.5% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel the teachers at Shabazz have treated me with respect and fairness.” The remaining 9.5% somewhat agreed. 94.6% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel safe while attending Shabazz.” The remaining 5.4% somewhat agreed. 87.1% agreed or strongly agreed to the statement “I have opportunities to be heard and valued at Shabazz.” The remaining 12.9% somewhat agreed. 91.6% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I felt like I could ask questions, ask for assistance, and take the risks needed to learn.” No one disagreed. 97.9 % agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I felt like I was accepted for whom I was regardless of my gender, race, or sexual orientation.” No one disagreed. In regard to student engagement, conflict resolution, and habits of work and mind, the students responded in this way: 83.9% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I am thinking about my future in more positive ways since attending Shabazz.” 11.5% of respondents somewhat agreed. 82% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I have been more productive (worked harder) at Shabazz than in my previous schools.” 12.4% somewhat agreed. 85.4% of students agreed or strongly agreed to the statement “I wanted to participate in learning activities in my classes at Shabazz.” 12.4% of respondents somewhat agreed. 83.2% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “While at Shabazz, I have learned better ways to resolve conflicts.” 13.5% of respondents somewhat agreed. Finally, on the issue of civic engagement, our students responded in this way: 75.8% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “Since attending Shabazz, I am more likely to do community service work.” 17.2% of the respondents somewhat agreed. 80.7% of students agreed or strongly agreed to the statement, “Since attending Shabazz, I am more aware of current issues and events that affect my community, my city, my state and my country.” 14.8% of respondents somewhat agreed.

In a recent discussion with a student around expectations at Shabazz, the student said, “At Shabazz, we have high expectations around service, leadership, problem solving, and making decisions. At Shabazz, I have learned to challenge myself.” This is an amazing statement coming from a high school student. I listen to this feedback and read the results from this survey and I know something great is happening at Shabazz. Even more amazing than these results, is the commitment of the staff and students at Shabazz to make it even better. We are excited by the prospects of this new school year and school years to come, as the Shabazz community works and learns together and continues its 40 year tradition as a leader and model for effective and innovative practices in education.

Student Comments from the 2009-2010 End of the Year Survey: “I have willingly learned a lot of new things at this school, and I had fun as I was doing it. I bet there are a lot of other kids in other schools that cannot say the same.” “Shabazz High School has really improved my point of view of life. I actually want to learn and move on to attend school after I graduate from high school.” “Coming to Shabazz has given me a more positive outlook on education. My home school made me into a stressed-out robot, and Shabazz has taught me to think about things in deeper way, rather than memorizing facts. Shabazz has also made me more independent, which has in turn made me feel more prepared about moving on to college.” “I feel the teachers at Shabazz have treated me with respect and fairness.” “Shabazz has been a very positive experience for me. I have learned how to discuss, think critically, support my opinion, and interact with others.” “It saved my life.” In 2011 we are celebrating 40 years of alternative education excellence at Malcolm Shabazz City High School. Aric Soderbloom, Principal Page 3

If you are interested in making book donations or contributions to our school’s reading initiatives, please contact Denise Aulik (204-2469) at Thanks for your support!

Are you familiar with the bone white walls of the past at Shabazz? Have you seen the colorful, warm, and inviting walls we have today? Last year we started to improve the physical environment of our school. After consulting Linda Mundt, a Feng Shui designer, we painted several rooms in more pleasing colors. The students have responded to the ‘new look’ and have taken very good care of our school. We would like to continue this process, and like last year, we need to raise the funds to finish the job. If you would like to contribute to this project, please make your check payable to Shabazz City High School, and write on the memo line, “F.S. Painting Project.” Thank you for making our space a good place to be.

Have an old karaoke machine? Donate it to us! We’ll put it to good use.

Our Shabazz Kitchen is actively used, and needs a bit of restocking. We are particularly looking for: • Jumbo sized stainless steel bowl (approx. 24” in diameter) • 1 or 2 tongs for frying bacon • Supply of drying towels (white flour sack towels are best) • Large non-stick waffle iron • Very large cast iron pan (the old fashioned type that needs “seasoning”) • Silverware • Dish soap • Scrubbies • Paper plates, bowls, and plastic cups • Paper napkins

Old habits die hard. For years you collected “Labels for Education” and Campbell’s Soup Labels for your kids’ schools. Now they’re “all grown up,” and what are you to do with those labels? Well, keep on clipping! It’s a waste to throw them away. Although they will accumulate slowly at Shabazz, they will still bring worthwhile items to the school. Send labels with your student, drop them off, or even mail them in. Every little bit helps!

Trip classes are looking for old, working wind-up watches. Please send them in to Tina (204-2468).

Page 4

The opportunity for students to learn through doing is a foundation of the Shabazz curriculum. Field trips provide fantastic opportunities for both experiential learning and service learning. Some of our field trips are extended trip classes taking students and staff out of the building for a week at a time. Others are half- or full-day visits to sites like Cherokee Marsh, Aldo Leopold Center, American Players Theatre, or the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives. Due to changes in district policy, schools now have to cover the costs of classroom coverage (substitute teachers) while instructors are off-site with a group of students. Substitute teachers cost us about $200/day. That is an additional expense above field trip admission fees, transportation costs, meals, supplies, and equipment. Even without the added expense of substitute teachers, many of our students cannot afford to pay the full costs of a field trip. In order to continue with this foundational piece of our curriculum and approach to education, we are asking for your financial support. Any contribution you can make to our field trip fund will significantly help our program and our students. Tax deductible donations may be made out to Shabazz City High School (with “Field Trip Subs” written in the memo line of your check). Thank you for your ongoing support!

We collect unused cell phones to raise money for our service learning programs. Please think of us when upgrading, and give us (instead of your provider) your old cell phone. It costs you nothing, and earns a couple hundred dollars a year for the school. Most folks have one or two old cell phones sitting in drawers or closets at home. Cell phones that find their way into the trash end up at a dump and leach into the ground. They are toxic to our environment. All the phones we collect get refurbished and sent to other countries, or are RESPONSIBLY RECYCLED. Please dig around your drawers to help Shabazz! Unused phones can be dropped off at the office.

If you have a Target REDcard credit card, Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases to Shabazz. Just visit to enroll in Take Charge of Education® and select Shabazz as your school of choice. It really adds up!

Monday, Oct. 11 EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development Thursday, Oct. 21 2nd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students ● 8:45 Seniors ● 9:30 Juniors ● 10:00 Sophs ● 10:45 Classes Begin Thu –Fri, Oct. 28 & 29 SCHOOL CLOSED – WEAC Convention Wednesday, Nov. 3 SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 1st Quarter Thursday, Nov. 4 NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation Day


Nearly every Friday, students and staff share good food and good company over a lunch prepared and served in the Shabazz Cafeteria. The students of the "Shabazz Experience" class guided by Gene Delcourt, plan, purchase and prepare the meals. The class is made up of students in their first quarter attending Shabazz. So far this year we've enjoyed Breakfast Burritos, with chorizo, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and Pico de Gallo; "Malcolm Melt" sandwiches, with turkey, ham, cheese, avocados, red onions, and tomatoes, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. There is no charge for the meal, but a donation for groceries is always welcome. We would love to have parents and guardians join us. Lunch is served from 11:30 to 12:25. If you would like to attend a Community Lunch, please call the office at 204-2440 on Friday morning to let us know you are coming. That way you can also make sure we are hosting a lunch that week, and find out what we are serving! When you arrive at the school, check in at the office before heading to the Cafeteria for a great meal!

The most common reason for failing to earn credit in a class at Shabazz is poor attendance. Missing more than 6 classes in a 9-week quarter jeopardizes a student’s chance to earn credit for successfully completing that class. It is important that students realize that the six “permissible” absences are intended as “sick days” to be used for illness. It is not always easy to decide if your child is sick enough to stay home or well enough to be in school. To guide in your decision-making, please remember a student with a high fever, diarrhea, or severe nausea should stay home until feeling better. If your child has an infectious disease, such as strep throat, they are welcome back at school after completing one course of medication. This is usually 24 hours, but please ask your doctor or pharmacist. Students at Shabazz are still subject to state truancy laws regarding unexcused absences. Please call the attendance line at 204-2441, if your child will be out. The absence will still count toward your child’s permissible absences, but this will prevent truancy and help the teachers know what’s up. If a student has not abused the attendance policy by using sick days as skip days, he/she should have no problem complying with both the Shabazz Attendance Policy and the District’s health policy. Please encourage your child to attend classes regularly, and to use good health habits of frequent hand washing and covering coughs to keep everyone healthy.

by Susan Kaye Hello and welcome back to all returning families. And, a special welcome to all of the families who are joining us for the first time this year! I want to (re)introduce myself and invite you to contact me if you think I could be of service to you or your student. My name is Susan Kaye, and I have been the Shabazz Social Worker for many years. My role at Shabazz is to assist families, students, and staff to help build on the strengths of our students, and to eliminate any barriers to success. I invite you to use me as a listening ear, a conflict mediator, and a resource for community services and information. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll help you find it. I want to help with any problems; none are too big or too small to talk about with me. Lots of families and students consult with me about issues as a confidential way to find out options, or just to have someone who listens and understands. To reach me, please stop by Room 219A, call 204-2470, or email This year, I am working at the Doyle building on Tuesdays, but I can be reached there if it’s an emergency. The Shabazz office staff will assist you in reaching me there. Shabazz is grateful to have a UW Social Work Graduate Student Intern again this year. We are happy to welcome Kristi Dahl who comes to us with lots of experience, enthusiasm, and excitement for learning. Kristi can be reached at 204-2449 or email We both look forward to assisting you in any way we can. – Susan

We encourage all parents and significant adults in our students’ lives to participate in our monthly parent meetings. This is a great way to network with other Shabazz families and to get involved with the school. Our meetings are the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Shabazz LMC. The meetings are informal, but informational. Our first meeting will be Thursday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the LMC. At this meeting we will brainstorm topics for future meetings
The 2010-11 schedule is: October 7 November 4 December 2 January 6 February 3 March 3 April 7 May 5

“Children need love, especially when they don’t deserve it.”
Harold S. Hulbert
Page 7

by Anita Simansky Welcome back returning students and parents, and welcome to our new students and families. I’m looking forward to working together this year. We’ve already gotten off to a good start, with students stopping in to talk about high school and post high school plans, Youth Options, Certified Nursing Assistant classes, work credit, youth apprenticeships, etc. We’ve had a presentation from a recruiter at the Madison College (formerly known as MATC), and other colleges are scheduled to visit in the coming weeks. (See the college visit article on opposite page.) This year we are fortunate to have two graduate students from the UW Counseling Psychology program doing their practica with us: Emily Meier will be the Shabazz Counseling Intern for the entire school year; Jessie Abegglen will be here for first quarter and the start of second quarter.

Conferences: Senior Conferences

I would like to meet with all seniors during first quarter. If we didn’t meet for a junior conference last spring, it’s best to have parents join us for this conference. Parents can call me (204-2450) or email to set up a time. I will also be available during Parent Conferences on Oct.1. For senior conferences, remember that the student has to be there, too, and it would be best to make an appointment. Otherwise, I’m glad to talk with parents who just stop in during ParentTeacher Conferences.

Test: ACT Test If you are planning on taking the ACT this school year please note the following test and registration dates. Seniors who haven’t taken the ACT and want to submit a score with college applications this fall should register to take the test in December, if you haven’t already registered for the October date. Juniors generally take the ACT in April.
Test Date October 23, 2010 December 11, 2010 February 12, 2011 April 9, 2011 June 11, 2011 Registration Deadline September 17,2010 November 5, 2010 January 7, 2011 March 4, 2011 May 6, 2011 Late Fee Required 9/18 – 10/1/10 11/6– 9/10 1/8–21/11 3/5–18/11 5/7–20/11

Cost: $33 for ACT (No Writing), $48 for ACT Plus Writing. It is typically suggested that students take the ACT Plus Writing test, as more and more colleges are requiring the writing portion of the test. Fee waivers are available to those on Free or Reduced Lunch.
Register online at The Shabazz student code is 501-159. Practice booklets are available in the counseling office and online. Students may take a free practice ACT by calling for an appointment at Kaplan Test Prep Center 255-0575.

Sandy Hall, the director of Madison College’s (formerly MATC) Disability Resource Services, will hold an informational meeting for students with disabilities and their parents on Wednesday, October 6, at 3:30 p.m. in the LMC. She will present information concerning available services, applications, deadlines, entrance requirements, and financial aid. Afterwards, she will be available to answer your questions. This meeting is especially important for seniors and their parents/guardians, but students from all grade levels who may attend MATC at some point in their future are also encouraged to attend. Please contact Lori (204-2451, Rm. 30) if you are planning to come or would like more information.

Shabazz hosts a variety of post high school educational recruiters. College representatives visit throughout the year. All students are welcome, not just juniors and seniors. It is a great opportunity for students to become familiar with the process and start thinking about college choices. Missing class for a College Visit will not count as an absence, as long as a student gets permission from his/her teacher be-forehand. Upcoming visits include: • Naropa University, located in Boulder, Colorado, 4th Period on October 18; and • Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, 4th Period on November 10. Beloit College and Northern Michigan University will also be coming soon. Students should listen to the announcements for dates.



If you are interested in taking the PSAT this fall please note the following registration dates, testing dates, and costs for your home high school. To register, go to your home high school or see Anita or Emily in the guidance office. Malcolm Shabazz’s High School Code is 501159. WEST HIGH: Test date: October 16th @ 7:30 am Registration dates: Oct. 4th – Oct. 8th Cost: $20 EAST HIGH: Test date: October 13th @ 7:30 am Registration dates: Oct. 4th – Oct. 8th Cost: $25 LA FOLLETTE HIGH: Test date: October 13th @ 7:30 am Registration date: As soon as possible Cost: $18 MEMORIAL HIGH: Test date: October 16th @ 7:30 am Registration date: October 4th Cost: $20 Page 9

After the heartwarming and often heart-rending process of getting your child’s Senior pictures taken, you finally have the finished product. Now what? If you would like to be included in your home school’s yearbook, now is the time they will be looking for your picture and your bio. Please contact your home school as soon as possible as to their needs. As for Shabazz, seniors don’t need to submit their pictures until April 1 – however, the sooner the safer from a parent perspective. We will happily accept them at any time. The picture needs to be a “hard copy” not digital. Also, please don’t rely on your photographer to submit pictures to Shabazz. Instead, mail a hard copy to Colleen Kellogg here at Shabazz, or send the photo with your child to give to her (or place in her school mailbox). This year we will be selling yearbooks through the first week of the 4th Quarter which is April 6th. They cost $15.00 and can be ordered in the Shabazz Office.

Mark Your Calendars

Turkey Day is a highly anticipated annual event, which takes place the day before Thanksgiving – this year that’s November 24. Shabazz hosts fun activities culminating in an all-school Thanksgiving feast which students, staff members, and Alumni attend. A Talent Show is the first event of the day, with songs, dances, skits, and poetry created and performed by students and teachers. After the talent show, we join in a variety of activities around the school. Then the Feast begins! The food is authentic, filling, and accommodating to our vegan and vegetarian students, who have specially prepared dishes. After everyone is sated, school is dismissed for the day, and we have our long weekend to be thankful with others in our lives. More information on Turkey Day will be coming out in November, but please mark your calendars now!

Please do not send balloon bouquets to students at school. Due to a serious latex allergy, we are not able to have helium balloons at Shabazz. Any deliveries sent to Shabazz and accidentally brought in will be stored in the LMC until the end of the day when the student can retrieve them. Thank you for your help in this. Page 10

2010 1st Quarter Club Dates: September 13 — October 22 2nd Quarter Clubs Begin Week of November 8th

Film Club [Mon – Thur] Denise’s Room
Come hang out and enjoy a variety of great films over lunch in Denise’s room. Watch them on her big screen and lounge on the cozy couches. Do you have a movie you would like to see? Speak with Denise and she can help make that happen.

Spoken Word [Wednesdays] Monica’s Room
Come share and write poetry with Ali Muldrow and Monica over lunch. Polish off your pieces, get feedback from your peers, and most importantly have fun. All skill and interest levels welcome. Get practice and help for Turkey Day if you’re performing.

Student Leadership and Action Council [Every Other Wednesday] Group Room
If you like planning and having your voice heard, then this is the group for you. Come join and help us write the By-Youth-For-Youth (BYFY) grant, plan the 1000 hour pledge and clebration, create new and cool clubs for Shabazz, volunteer in the community, and learn some great leadership and teambuilding skills. Come make a difference with SLAAC! First meeting was Wednesday, Septermber 29th

Young DJz – DJ Club and Workshops [Tuesdays 4 – 7pm] East Madison Community Center (8 Straubel Ct.)]
Do you want to learn how to mix music? Would you like to learn how to set up, use and break down DJ sound and lighting? Learn how to become a mix-master as the Speakerboxx DJz and other Madison Area DJ’s show you how it’s done. Have your mixes heard on the radio, internet, in the community, and more. We will be sponsoring and DJing some community and school events as well.

9th/10th Grade Intermediate Basketball League Girls Basketball League (grades 9 – 12) Ski/Snowboard/Tubing Trips (Winter) Shabazz Sha-Bang! (1000 or service celbration; Spring ’11) Shabazz Day Away (Spring ’11) For more info on MSCR R.E.C. Clubs at Shabazz contact Tauri Robinson @ 204-2445 or stop by room 212B or

2010-11 Shabazz Calendar
October 1 October 1 October 1 October 4 – 8 October 7 October 11 October 21 Picture Retake Morning @ 10:45-11:30 AM 1st Quarter Newsletter Mailed Home and Posted on Website 1st Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home (for parents who didn’t come to conferences) E3 Outdoor Education Trip Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development 2nd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students • 8:45 AM for Seniors • 9:30 AM for Juniors • 10:00 AM for Sophomores • 10:45 AM Classes Begin SCHOOL CLOSED – WEAC Convention Parent Portal Grades View Closed SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 1st Quarter NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation Day Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 2nd Quarter Begins 1st Quarter Report Cards Mailed Home 2nd Quarter Newsletter Mailed Home and Posted on Website Turkey Day @ 10 AM – 2:30 PM Great Shabazz Talent Show @ 10 AM in Sherman Gym The Feast @ 1:15 PM in Sherman Cafeteria SCHOOL CLOSED – Thanksgiving Holiday Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 2nd Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home SCHOOL CLOSED – Winter Break SCHOOL REOPENS Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development 3rd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students • 8:45 AM for Seniors • 9:30 AM for Juniors • 9:55 AM for Sophomores • 10:15 AM for Freshmen • 10:45 Classes Begin Parent Portal Grades View Closed SCHOOL CLOSED – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

October 28 & 29 Oct. 29–Nov 9 November 3 November 4 November 4 November 5 November 11 November 18 November 24 Nov. 25 & 26 December 2 December 14 Dec. 20 – 31 January 3 January 6 January 10 January 13

January 14–25 January 17

January 20 & 21 January 24 January 25 January 28 February 3 February 9 February 24 February 25 February 25 March 3 March 14 March 17

SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 2nd Quarter NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation Day 3rd Quarter Begins 2nd Quarter Report Cards Mailed Home Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 3rd Quarter Newsletter Mailed Home and Posted on Website NO SCHOOL for Students – Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 10:30AM - 6:30 PM SCHOOL CLOSED – SWEIO Convention 3rd Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development 3rd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students • 8:45 AM for Seniors • 9:30 AM for Juniors • 9:55 AM for Sophomores • 10:15 AM for Freshman • 10:45 Classes Begin Parent Portal Grade View Closed SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 3rd Quarter NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation Day 4th Quarter Begins Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC NO SCHOOL for Students – Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM 3rd Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home (for parents who didn’t come to conferences) 4th Quarter Newsletter Mailed Home and Posted on Website SCHOOL CLOSED – Spring Break SCHOOL REOPENS (NOTE: This is a Monday!) Take Your Child to Work Day Teacher Appreciation Week National Teacher Day Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 4th Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home Malcolm’s Birthday SCHOOL CLOSED – Memorial Day Parent Portal Grade View Closed End of 4th Quarter SCHOOL CLOSED – Graduation Ceremony @ 6:00 PM 4th Quarter Report Cards Mailed Home First Day of Summer School

March 18–29 March 28 March 29 March 30 April 7 April 8 April 8 April 14 April 18-22 April 25 April 28 May 2 – 6 May 3 May 5 May 7 May 19 May 30 June 3–17 June 8 June 9 June 17 June 20

1601 N. Sherman Avenue • Madison, Wisconsin 53704 • (608) 204-2440 Name Position Phone Email

Administration and Support Staff
Soderbloom, Aric Chance, Donna Curtis, Susan Gutzmer, Jackie Honer, Steve Kaye, Susan Kirch, Connie Meier, Emily Moss, Anna Robinson, Tauri Simansky, Anita Wess, Donna Aulik, Denise Banks, Robert Bennett, Lori Brennan, Caroline Delcourt, Gene Fee, Peter Jones, Katie Kellogg, Colleen Kim, Kathleen Muraski, Monica Murray, Tina Szpak, Joe Vasquez, Martha Young, Steve Principal Secretary Nurse Attendance Psychologist Social Worker Kitchen Manager Guidance Intern Librarian MSCR Guidance Custodian English Science Resource Resource Social Studies Math/Science Social Studies English Spanish English Computers Phy Ed/Health Art Math 204-2443 204-2440 204-2109 204-2441 204-2462 204-2470 204-2117 204-2450 204-2453 204-2445 204-2450 204-2119

204-2469 204-2465 204-2451 204-2454 204-2460 204-2467 204-2464 204-2458 204-2461 204-2466 204-2468 204-2455 204-2459 204-2467

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