1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION (as used on label and list) Product Name: EVES CHOICE Product Information : VAGINAL CREAM Supplier : Green Pharmacy. 13, Yashashree. 3/3A, Karvenagar, Pune 411 052, INDIA

2. COMPOSITION, INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Each one gram contains : Aqueous extracts of : Symploccos racemosa 200mg Cyperus rotundus 50mg Rubia cordifolia 50mg Ricinus communis 50mg Tribulus terrestris 50mg Saraca asoka 50mg. Sesamum indicum 0.5ml Shorea robusta 70mg Rose water 0.750ml 3. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Boiling / melting point : ND Vapour pressure : NA Vapour density : NA Viscosity : Thick viscous cream. pH value : 5-7 (2% solution in water) Evaporation rate : NA Solubility in water : Fully miscible in water Appearance and odour : cloudy creamy, light odour

7. Get medical attention if symptoms persist. of exposure. Co2 Special Fire Fighting Procedures : None required Unusual fire and explosion hazards : NA ND : Not determined . Get immediate medical attention if symptoms persist. 8. FIRST AID MEASURES Routes of Entry : INHALATION: Remove from area. . EYE CONTACT: Flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Extinguishing Media : Water. Collect spilled material in appropriate container for disposal. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES OCCUPATIONAL RELEASE: Stop leak if possible without personal risk. Keep separated from incompatible substances. Small spills: Absorb with sand or other non-combustible material. Then get immediate medical attention if symptoms persist. HAZARDOUS IDENTIFICATION Flash Point (Method used) : NA Flammable limits : Not flammable LEL : NA UEL : NA 5. HANDLING AND STORAGE STORAGE: Store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards. SKIN CONTACT: In case of irritation. INGESTION: If a large amount is swallowed. Store at room temperature. get medical attention immediately. Wash skin with soap and water. NA : Non Applicable 6.4.

the product is not dangerous for the environment. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Inhalation : Inhalation of vapours at high amounts may cause irritation to the respiratory system. 11. sparks and other sources of ignition. Other protective measures : Not required. HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION: Thermal decomposition products: miscellaneous decomposition products POLYMERIZATION: Will not polymerize. flames. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Dispose in accordance with all applicable regulations. Eye contact : Splashes in the eyes may cause irritation. 12. dizziness and drowziness. bases.9. 14. Avoid contact with incompatible materials. and oxidizers. INCOMPATIBILITIES: May be incompatible with acids. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION According to the available data. 13. Ingestion : Ingestion of larger amounts may cause the same symptoms as exposure by inhalation. EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL PROTECTION Respiratory Protection : Not required. TRANSPORT INFORMATION Land Transport : Not regulated Maritime Transport : Not regulated Air Transport : Not regulated . STABILITY AND REACTIVITY REACTIVITY: Stable at normal temperatures and pressure. 10. Skin contact : High amounts of use may cause irritation to the skin. CONDITIONS TO AVOID: Avoid heat.

MARKMAN IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED DOES NOT MAKE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY (INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE) REGARDING THE MSDS. 17. Anyone using this information agrees that MARKMAN IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED shall not be held liable (based on its negligence or otherwise) for any personal injury or other damage relating to. DISCLAIMER : The information contained in the MSDS is believed to be correct as of its date of issuance. BY MAKING THE MSDS AVAILABLE.15. REGULATORY INFORMATION U. .S. ALL DATA HEREIN ARE AS PER OUR SUPPLIER. 16. including direct. TSCA 12(b) EXPORT NOTIFICATION: Not listed. incidental. ITS ACCURACY OR THE PRODUCT TO WHICH IT RELATES.4): Not regulated. EUROPEAN REGULATIONS: EC CLASSIFICATION (CALCULATED): Not determined. OTHER INFORMATION This product can be accepted for air transportation as a not restricted chemical / product. or consequential damage and such user agrees to indemnify MARKMAN IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED for any claims arising out of its use. or arising from such use. REGULATIONS: CERCLA SECTIONS 102a/103 HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES (40 CFR 302.

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