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Translation EU-Type Examination Certificate 2 Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU 3. EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: BVS 17 ATEX E 099 4 Product Vibrating level switch type LBV3*0.GX"****** ! 5 Manufacturer; SICK AG 6 Address: Erwin-Sick-StraBe 1, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany 7 This product and any acceptable variations thereto are specified in the, the documents referred to therein 8 —_DEKRA EXAM GmbH, Notified Body number 0158, in aco 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council product has been found to comply with the Essential ‘Annex Il to the Directive Z ‘The examination and test results are recorded i ° Z EN 60079-0:2012 + A11:2013 EN 60079-31:2014 , 10 If the sign "X" is placed ‘after th Special Conditions for Use specified in the apps Vy AY 11 This EU-Type Exemination Certificate état product. Further requirements of the Direct product. These are not covered by nis ce ‘The marking of the product shall include 11D Exta iIl¢ T* Da / ® "120 Ex tate Mc T+ DayDb 12D Ex th IlIC T* Db 1P66 DEKRA EXAM GmbH Bochum, 2017-11-02 Signed: Jorg Koch ‘Signed: Dr. Franz Eickhoff Cerifier ‘Approver Pago 1 of 5 of BUS 17 ATEXE 000 t “This cerieate may only be epredce in ety ane without any change pais DEKRA EXAM GmbH, Olnnendahstasse 9, 44808 Boctum, Germany, telegnane 949-294 3696-108, fax +49 254 2606-110, 13 Appendix 14 EU-Type Examination Certificate BVS 17 ATEX E 099 15 Product description 15.1 Subject and type Vibrating level switch type type LBV3°0.GX" tn L additional features X= without Cable entry M=M20x1.5 = 1/2NPT enclosure / type of protection A= aluminium enclosure IP66 V= stainless steel er electronics C= contactless R Dc. Page 2of Sof BVS 17 ATEXE 098 be roprosuced ints er ‘This contcate may cl be reproduced ins ently and witout any change (patacs, oor DDEKRA EXAM Gr, Oinnendehisrasse 9, 44808 Bochum, Germany, teephane 49.236 3895105, fax oa8-294 2086-110, Vibrating level switch type VEGAWAVE type LBV320.GX* "* FFF LL additional features X= without cable entry M=M20x1,5 N= 1/2NPT| ‘enclosure / type of protection A= aluminium enclosure |P66 \V = stainless steel enclosure IP6S electronics C= contactless switch ACIDC 20...253 V R= relay output DC 20...72 VAC 20...253 V T= floating transistor (NPN/PNP) DC 10 N= NAMUR EN 60947-5-7-6 (intrinsio’Sa process connection see manual version/temperature rangt T= cable PURI-20 162 Yi The Vibrating Level Switch type LBV3" regulating in sos with dust generating m ‘The probe ofthe Vibatng Level Such the probe is covered with material, the 153 Parameters 15.3.1 Electrical data Type LBV3°0.GX'"C*** | with electronics insert WE6OC built in supply voltage output current load current min. max. Type LBV3"0. XR‘ with electronics insert WEGOR bull in supply voltage AC 20.253 VGA) or DC 20.72. V power consumption 1.8 VAimax. 1.6 W relay circuit max. values: 250V,3.A, 500 VA 250V, 1A, 54 W Page 3 of of 8VS 17 ATEXE 098 “Tis cerircate may aly be reproduced la 4 enrely and wihout any change. DEKRA EXAM Gib, Dacendanistase 8, 44808 Bochum, Germany telephone 040 294 9096-108, fax 4-294 9966-110, = axamgekra com