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PC704 Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Plan (3-1-0) 4

 Introduction and need for impact assessment.

 Methodologies.
 Application of Impact assessment methods in specific
developmental projects.
 Ranking of impacts, environmental management plan.
 Legislation and pollution control acts and notifications.
 Environmental audits, waste audit, life cycle assessments,
Industrial symbiosis.
 Clean Technology -options.

1. Peter Wathern, Environmental Impact Assessment-Theory and practice, Unwin

Hyman Ltd, 1988.
2. Environmental Health and Safety Auditing Hand Book, McGraw Hill Inc, NY,

WR 708 Sustainable Water Management (3-0-0) 3

→ Water resources management-purpose, water managers,
→ Comprehensive framework for sustainable water management.
→ Water and environmental law.
→ Financial planning and management-economic analysis,
benefit cost ratio, total economic value evaluation, water
→ Reservoir operation- deterministic flow, reservoir sizing, sequent
peak analysis, conjunctive use management- water budget,
models, water harvesting.

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