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Task: As a class, we will create a single issue of an e-zine or website,

“#How2Hum,” centered around our second unit and the timing of Black History
Month: see Heritage Month guide here (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site.. You will each contribute some individual learning, synthesis,
research, and analysis to it.

Chapter 2:
1) China
a) National Politics: Ming Dynasty (Prince of Yan)
i) New currency
ii) Agrarian
b) Zheng He’s voyage (1405 - 1433)
i) Route: Indonesia⇒ Melaka⇒ Indian Ocean ⇒ Calicut
ii) Purpose: Find Nephew + Show the flag + Encourage trading
iii) Significance: Stablish new trading route ⇒ economy growth + China’s
dominating position
iv) Silver
(1) Japan + Europe
(2) Contingency: self-insufficiency + new trade route
2) Indian Ocean
a) Importance: Important crossroad for the global exchange of goods ideas and
b) 3 periods:
i) Arab(650-1000)
ii) Asian(1000-1500)
iii) European(1500-)
c) 3 circuits
d) Armed Trading:
i) Impact:
(1) abrupt system
(2) muscle in the trade by selling passes
ii) Contingency
e) India
i) Fragmented political situation
ii) Economically thriving
3) Islamic Near
a) Ibn Battuta (1325)
i) Voyage range
ii) Spread of Islam
(1) Significance: a realm of common language and custom
(2) Impact of empire expansion: cut Europe off from the Indian Ocean
⇒ Dark Age
iii) Ottoman empire
(1) Constantinople: Europe marginalized
(2) Europe find an alternative route to Asia
4) Africa (East + West)
a) Trans-Sahara trade
b) Empires:
i) Ghana
ii) Mali
c) Slaves
i) Reason: absence of private property in land
d) Environment⇒ low population
e) Trade: Gold + slaves = manufactured goods
5) Europe
a) Political composition: city-states
b) Military
i) Gunpowder Epic:
(1) Origins: China⇒ Mongols⇒ Europe
ii) War:
(1) Reason: Attainment, maintenance, and enhancement of wealth
and power
(2) Costlier weapon: warfare
(3) Increasing wars
6) Mediterranean
a) The consequence of warfare:
i) New needs: salt + pepper
ii) Trade with Asian goods
b) Armed trading:
i) Contingency: Competition for goods + Improved cannons
7) Portuguese
a) Henry the Navigator (1415)
i) Route with Asia

Scavenger Hunt:
1) Black Community:
a) Famous people
i) Onesimus
ii) Gaspar Yanga
iii) Mary Seacole
iv) Charles Drew
v) Mariam E. Benjamin.
vi) Sarah Boone
vii) Sarah Goode
viii) Ellen Elgin
ix) Sojourner Truth
x) Granville Woods
xi) Shirley Chisholm
xii) Mary Ellen Pleasant
xiii) Granny Nanny
xiv) Madam C. J. Walker
b) Community
i) Black Wall Street

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