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Six opinion

________________________ Light our paths Peter A. Collins

ACROSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


1. Reverberate
5. Jerks
13 14 15

The official student newspaper of Last year a safety concern was brought
10. Flat ___ pancake
13. Appear
16 17 18

about regarding the crosswalk to Huron

Huron High School High on Huron Parkway. To aid in making
14. Detroit Pistons great
19 20 21 22

________________________ drivers more cautious with students crossing 15. Zodiac symbol 23 24

the road during dark mornings, Ann Arbor’s 16. Pepper grinder
25 26 27 28 29 30
17. Rodeo rope
city council approved a grant to add lights to
18. "At Last" singer James
31 32 33 34 35 36 37
the crosswalk signs. This school year, parents 19. Slip away secretly
are again expressing a safety concern for the 21. Like many musical wonders 38 39 40 41
crosswalk on Fuller Road after an Ann Arbor 23. Crude shelters
Harley Hagen - Editor- in- Chief student passed away tragically two weeks ago. 24. Horizon 42 43 44

Community High junior Qi-Xuan “Justin” 25. "Tuesdays With Morrie"

45 46 47 48 49 50
Staff Writers Tang was crossing Fuller road on Oct. 26
when a car struck him. We are deeply sad-
28. Cry of understanding 51 52 53 54 55
30. Line of Canon cameras
dened by this loss for Justin’s family, friends 31. Simple Simon met one
Jack Harrison and our community. To avoid the safety 33. One who works at home?
56 57 58 59 60

Kara Kozma issues, lights must be added to the crosswalk 35. ___ Friday's (restaurant 61 62 63 64
Jack Kroll on Fuller as well.
38. What 24-Across, 51- 65 66 67
In 2013, 4,735 pedestrians were killed in Across, and 29-Down all
Karley Misek traffic crashes in the United States according are
68 69 70

Sydney Neeb to the CDC. This averages to one crash-re- 42. "To Kill a Mockingbird"
© Peter A. Collins (Published via Across Lite)
lated pedestrian death every two hours. To author Harper
Anna Weigel decrease the chances of anything like this 43. Commotion 3. Place for a patch 32. Org. for Curry, Durant, and
George White happening in the future, the crosswalks 44. "Peter Pan" author
45. Large tub
4. Tulsa's state James
5. Amelia Earhart, for one 34. Banned chemical
around not only Huron High school but all 48. Mich. neighbor 6. Patriotic chant at the 36. Smooth-talking
schools in Ann Arbor should be lit. 50. "It's possible" Olympics 37. Cry of understanding
We urge you to make our community safe 51. Covered wagon passenger 7. Shopping aid 39. Smell
54. Genuine
Adviser: Sara-Beth Badalamente for pedestrians by contacting the city admin-
56. Friends
___ Vegas
40. Fatah rival
41. Spoken test
istrator Howard Lazarus at hlazarus@a2gov.
57. Part of VCR 10. Class that studies Manet 46. "West Side Story" girl
org or by phone at 734.794.6110. You may 61. Lose on purpose? and Monet, maybe 47. Casual shirt, casually
also contact the city council at CityCouncil@ 62. Mob enforcers 11. Silky fabric 49. Ill-fated, visit the Ann Arbor website a2gov. 64. Medical image 12. Let up 51. San Diego baseball player
org to find more information. 65. ___ temperature (was
________________________ feverish)
15. "Forget You" singer Green 52. Trojan War epic
20. 2004 movie "Harold & ___ 53. ___ Lauder cosmetics
66. Bizarre Go to White Castle" 55. Over half of assassins?
67. Assistant 22. "Bill ___, The Science Guy" 57. Medical breakthrough
68. Summer hours in A- 24. Costco competitor, for 58. Destiny's Child, for example
Get more info Squared short 59. Small amounts
69. Business bigwigs 25. "Be ___!" ("C'mon, help me 60. Peer group?
at 70. Swamp growth out!") 63. Base 16, for short
26. Geometry class topic
DOWN 27. Big-hearted
1. Shade trees 29. River through Gallup Park
2. Invent, as a phrase

Conservative Corner
Why do you believe what you believe?
Jack Harrison | Sometimes being accepted by our friends in really thinking not just about what you
With the presidential elec- becomes too important that we risk letting believe, but the why behind the what. As you
others do our thinking for us. Social media go through this process, you may come to
The Emery tion just around the corner,
it is the perfect time to ask also inundates us with partial news, such as realize what you once believed no longer lines
ourselves the question: Why sound bites from debates, edited video clips up with what you now feel is important and
Staff Policy do we believe what we believe? from protests or biased commentary from becoming more passionate about. Or, perhaps
The purpose of posing this reporters. This can make it hard to evaluate it will line up with your own life experiences
question is not necessarily the facts and come to our own beliefs about and be a direct reflection of what is important
The Emery, a newspaper produced to encourage a change of mind or get us to an issue or an event. Latching onto one sided to you, deepening your passion and convic-
for and by the students of Huron High deem our views and opinions invalid. Rather, reporting is a mistake I have made, not giving tion for those beliefs.
asking ourselves this question may be an myself the opportunity to hear both sides of As I have gone through this process of
School, will provide the student body with opportunity to develop a greater conviction an issue before making a decision about what evaluating why I believe what I believe, I have
information pertinent to events, activities for our beliefs because we have a better I believe. realized I sometimes side with my political
and issues that affect HHS students. understanding of why we hold the beliefs that One of the reasons America is so unique is party without always fully understanding the
we do. that people are allowed to express their opin- position of the party. For example, although I
Letters to the editor are encouraged by ions and share their beliefs as stated in the consider myself a conservative, as I investi-
So how do we come to believe what we
The Emery’s staff. Letters may pertain to believe? At a young age, many of us get our first amendment. “Congress shall make no gated the party’s position on the environment
an article written or simply act as a form beliefs from our parents, adopting similar law respecting an establishment of religion… and spending, I found I actually lean more
views and opinions because we tend to trust or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the left. I encourage you to take the time to
of student expression. All letters must press; or the right of the people peaceably to reflect on your beliefs to understand why you
them. As we get older, this can make ques-
be deemed publishable by the Editorial tioning our beliefs difficult because we may assemble…” While this provides the oppor- believe what you believe. That way you can
Board including the adviser. They should realize we no longer agree with many of the tunity for free and open exchange of different stand behind them and own them as yours!
be 200 words or less but may be edited fundamental, long standing beliefs we have perspectives and ideas, whether between If you are interested in learning more
grown up with all our lives. Some of us may friends, family or what is available in the about the Youth Conservatives Club, please
for content of length. All letters to the take the complete opposite view of our par- media, it can be overwhelming as our own come to a meeting directly after school on
Editor must be signed. To send a letter to ents, solely because we do not want to agree beliefs can get lost in the shuffle. Mondays in 4203 starting next week. If
the Editor students may drop them in the with anything our parents believe. As high school students, some of whom you have any questions about the club or
Our peers also have a major influence will be voting in next month’s election, I comments on the article please email me at
publications room (room 4203) challenge you to invest some time and effort
on our beliefs, especially as teenagers.