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Breaded, cooked chicken Breaded, cooked pork chop Cooked, 8 pc. cut-up fried chicken

Hold Production Conditions To the Nth Degree, and Duplicate Your Cooking Treatment Over and Over.
No other oven takes the variability out of cooking like the
Townsend ModularOven. It is the only continuous cooking
system that gives you repeatable treatment. When you set Suzanna’s Kitchen of Duluth, GA, a multi-million
the cooking parameters, you can rest assured that you will
dollar corporation that provides a broad range of
get the same treatment every single minute of every shift.
products to all types of foodservice customers,
Set point departures are nightmares of the past. Now, you don’t knows the value of the ModularOven. According
have to chase product due to cooking swings. The ModularOven to CEO & Chairman of the Board, Brad Howard,
holds set point conditions precisely. Your recipes get the same “Townsend Further Processing’s ModularOven
treatment every day. Outside conditions don’t influence set has provided Suzanna’s Kitchen with the ability
points in the ModularOven.
to process a wide range of products. We are
enthusiastic about its ability to create distinct
Two Towers
The ModularOven’s independently controlled twin towers provide cooking environments suitable for our diverse
totally separate cooking environments. True zone separation product lines.” He went on to say that he liked
makes it possible to employ two distinct cooking treatments its ability to improve yield and capacity over
simultaneously with no atmosphere migration between zones. former cooking technology.
For instance, you can do full steam in one zone and dry cook
in the other (or any combination desired).

Now you can develop more precise taste, texture and color
attributes, or make new products never before possible. You Temperature control between towers distinguishes the
can adjust the ModularOven to meet your product needs. ModularOven from all other technologies. You can maintain
No longer do you have to adjust your products to meet more than 100˚ F difference in temperature between towers
Dew point control is the key to holding precise humidity levels Airflow control provides uniform distribution of heat and
equipment limitations. in the ModularOven. That is a significantly greater difference
and maintaining precise yields. The ModularOven automatically humidity to all surfaces of the product. The ModularOven
than ever before seen in the industry.
holds each tower’s dew point precisely. What’s more, you can delivers air velocities up to 50% greater than conventional
Precision Controls
achieve nearly a 70˚ F difference in dew point levels between systems. In addition, you can set drastically different airflow
The ModularOven balances the combination of “dew point/ Now it’s your call. Learn more about taking greater control
towers, e.g., 140˚ F in one tower and 208˚ F in the other. That’s rates within each tower, which gives you a tremendous ability with the ModularOven. Call Townsend Further Processing:
airflow/temperature” accurately within each zone. Independently,
nearly double the capabilities of other ovens. to color product. 1-800-247-8609.
you can control the environment in each tower at the product
level throughout the spirals to an unprecedented degree.

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