Colgate Palmolive India ltd. is a well-known FMCG company with a large product mix. Oral care is one of the most prominent segments of Colgate Palmolive. Colgate is rank 1st in Oral care. Its market share is also more than 52% in toothpaste segment. Colgate had been ranked as India¶s #1 Most Trusted Brand across all categories for four consecutive years from 2003 to 2007. Recently company introduced a brand Colgate Sensitive in market and want to increase its market share as like their other brands in market. For this purpose, company outsource this project to Market Source. Market Source is a SMO (Sales and Marketing Outsourcing) company and which is a part of the Allegis Group Company. 1.1 SELECTION OF TOPIC: Topic selection is one of the most important aspects of any project. It decides the course of action to be followed, the topic selected should be such that it helps in understanding the market concepts clearly, as per the topic given by the company itself. The topic selected ³Market Penetration of Colgate Sensitive in Nanded City & its Competitive Analysis´ covers all things related to market coverage and also the factors on which this brand should dominate the market. Market penetration is the proportion of a potential market who actually buy product in Nanded city and to study factors to be consider by Chemists while suggesting a particular competitive brand through OTC. For this project I had covers some chemists from Nanded city and provide them the detailed information about this brand and also collect their response to this brand in market along with its competitive brands. Market penetration is a key issue in assessing the growth prospects for an industry. It is usually fairly straightforward to assess the potential market for a product: the number of sales it could make if everyone who could reasonably buy it did. What proportion of those people actually become paying customers of an industry is another matter? Market penetration is an important concept in business planning and development. When you think in terms of market penetration you are figuring out the

type and number of customer you need in order to meet your revenue projections. Your market penetration strategy must also consider the types of businesses in terms of your geographic location.

In India, oral care market offers huge potential as penetration and per capita consumption of oral care products is very low. However, rising per capita income and increasing awareness is driving demand of oral care products. Consumers have started switching to value-added toothpastes like gels, mouth washes, and teeth whitening products. In rural areas, consumers are switching from toothpowders to toothpastes. towards natural products comprising of A key industry trend is the move herbs, vitamins and minerals.

A serious challenge for the industry is the low dentist-population ratio, with just one dentist for 10,000 people in urban areas and about 0.25 million people in rural areas. There is an urgent need of more dental health practitioners with relevant qualifications and training.

Government has taken various initiatives like dental health camps to promote good oral care. Manufacturers have used advertising campaigns to promote higher consumption of toothpastes and toothbrushes.


the company continued to support its brand and equity building activities with advertising and sales promotion expenditure at Rs. Currently. ³During the quarter ended June 30. Despite the economic recession. Dabur India Ltd is expanding its µmanufacturing capacity and distribution network¶ to pump up volumes. Colgate-Palmolive India is sharpening its focus on µconsumer promotions and brand building¶. Hawaii. Colgate.´ With diverse marketing strategies. HUL and Dabur are the major players. Colgate-Palmolive leads the pack with a 52% volume market share and HUL¶s share stands at 28% by value.Colgate and HUL together account for over two-thirds of the organized toothpaste market.3 crore. The Colgate Pro-Relief has been given its global rollout. an increase of 15% over the same period of the previous year. 2010 at Rs 468 crore. dental care majors are now fighting tooth and nail to gain market share in the overcrowded category. ³Indian oral care majors are pumping in a breath of freshness in marketing strategies. First unveiled at the 150th Annual Session of the American Dental Association in Honolulu. Colgate±Palmolive reported its net sales for the quarter ended June 30. as the company targets the market for sensitive teeth. Competition is tightening between local and global players in the Rs 4500 crore branded oral care sector. 2010. this sector is expected to clock in 20% growth in 2009". the formula is claimed to be a breakthrough in the 4 . 58. Even as Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) is drawing up µstrategic plans¶ to drive the performances of its oral care brands in 2009. In toothpowder market.

calcium carbonate. Colgate says that is the first time it has been used in this type of dental treatment. even under acid attack. Arginine is one of the 20 most common amino acids and plays an important part in cell division as well as the healing of wounds. ³This Pro-Argin Technology will make dentin hypersensitivity a patient complaint that can be easily addressed and managed as part of an ov erall treatment plan.´ said Dr. arginine. to seal open dentin tubules and help block stimuli of pain receptors within teeth. which Colgate says remains intact. and an insoluble calcium compound. giving it important restorative properties. chair of the Department of Cariology and Comprehensive Care.treatment of sensitive teeth as it incorporates the company¶s patented Pro-Argin technology. Mark Wolff. Technology works by binding to dentin surface The company says that the technology works by binding to the negatively charged dentin surface and helps attract a calcium-rich layer into the dentin tubules to effectively plug and seal them. This effectively provides an occlusion to the dentin tubules. 5 . The technology has been developed using an amino acid. New York University College of Dentistry. and helps to provide a barrier that gives pain relief after just several treatments.

Being part of this prestigious $5 billion human-capital services and 6 .1 MARKET SOURCE Market Source is an SMO (Sales and Marketing Outsourcing) company and part of the Allegis Group Company whose core competency lies in identifying and engaging the best talent.COMPANY PROFILE 1.

relationship-based culture is at the core of who they are. consumer electronics. Eye to eye. information technology. another powerful by product of their culture is personal commitment. Market Source's leadership team is comprised of an extremely talented and diverse group of executives. intuition and skills necessary to identify and develop top performing managers. What makes their team so unique is their ability to deliver performance and value in a variety of ways. So when you walk in their halls you undoubtedly feel the respect. they all share insight and experience to design sales and marketing programs that meet or exceed the stated ROI metrics. High Performance Culture: They believe that for properly representing any brand.000 people. from its functional and emotional benefits to its personality and positioning in the marketplace. one customer at a time." They believe that captures there spirit and passion for building valuable relationships.000 employees and a talent force of 6. While each of their executives possess unique backgrounds and expertise. Because their sales teams possess higher 7 . the increasingly important mid-market sector. When they say "Face to face. integrity and dedication they have for one another. over 75. we need to embody everything it stands for. As a leading integrated sales and marketing firm. Market Source provides the unique skill and expertise to integrate brand-centric marketing and sales programs in the automotive. they pride themselves on their unparalleled ability to provide the talent and expertise necessary to maximize one¶s sales and deliver a positive organization opens the door to extensive resources that are backed by 30 years' experience with Fortune 500 companies. They recognize that their people are their greatest assets and that is something that drives their corporate culture. FMCG and telecom vertical industries and relevant routes to market including Retail and B2B. their clients and their company. not to mention the passion. Company¶s high-performance. If that weren't enough.

there is no margin for error and definitely no tolerance for unbranded interactions.from awareness to consideration to investigation to actual purchase must be optimized by infusing the brand's positioning and essence. integrity. honesty. What they believe: WITH EVERY SALE. Continuously tailoring specific approaches to meet the needs of your industry. respect and personal responsibility.levels of commitment. they have employee satisfaction. and customer segments is what they do best. Integrated Sales & Marketing Service: 8 . why settle for anything less than the knowledge and passion of an integrated sales and marketing organization committed to your success? CORE VALUES: Their high-performance. relationship-based culture is grounded in core values such as trust. So when the time comes for you to drive revenue. but rather they are part of their DNA and constantly guide their behaviours and actions. distribution channels. management and the results you require. MAINTAINING A BRAND'S PRESENCE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PURCHASE CYCLE: Given today's hyper-competitive marketplace. loyalty and commitment scores that rank in the top 10 percent of companies included in a national normative database. it is essential that each and every stage . Because of this. Therefore. Their values as an organization aren't just a set of words plastered on a sign in their lobby. MORE THAN MONEY CHANGES HANDS: They believe that every customer interaction can and should be of greater quality-of higher performance-than simply making a sale. They know their job is to increase sales and advance what your brand represents. they have the ability to promise you superior program design.

Market analytics & Field Research Client needs (ROI Metrics) Marketing Services Sales Services Fig 1: Core values of MarketSource MarketSource provides the unique skills and expertise to integrate brand-centric sales and marketing programs in the Automotive. their integrated approach service is designed to deliver meaningful results. IT (Computer Hardware & Software) and Telecommunications vertical industries and relevant routes to market including Retail and B2B. This offering is consultative in nature and has been designed as a real-time responsive system that is flexible and continuously adjusts the elements of the program toward the goal of greater cost effectiveness and specific ROI metrics.At the core. including sales improvement. Consumer Electronics. marketing and marketplace analytics. Built as a dynamic model that connects sales. they integrated sales and marketing offering is unlike any other. There deep experience in these 9 .

verticals and routes to market. can offer their clients the unique advantage of their multi-faceted experience. therefore. they certainly offer great value and benefit to clients seeking assistance with their route-to-market strategies and programs. allows them to help you design highly effective sales and marketing programs. Market Source was founded on the platform of providing a consultative approach and superior service in the route-to-market arena. Fig 2: Routes of marketing PROVIDING THE DUAL EXPERTISE OF ROUTE-TO-MARKET AND VERTICAL INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: They approach the marketplace from both a route-to-market and vertical industry perspective and. along with their knowledge of channel nuances. While clients benefit when their services overlap. SERVICE LIST Sales Services o o Sales Channel Development Sales Coverage Modelling 10 . There newly enhanced vertical market expertise provides the ability to overlay specific industry knowledge to their already powerful route-to-market offerings.

o o o o o o Field Sales Teams Inside Sales Customer Sales Centres Channel Management and Partner Acquisition Sales Process Support Managed Staffing    Sales Rep and Call Centres Event Marketing Retail Marketing Services o o o o o o o Brand Strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Program Development & Delivery Product Launches Channel Marketing Planning & Delivery Lead Generation/Business Development Centres Field Marketing Experiential Program Design and Implementation     Events and Promotion Services Product Training and Marketing Initiatives Demo Day Services Relationship Development and Brand Advocacy Services o o o Training Merchandising POP/POS Program Development & Delivery Market Analytics. Research & Insight o o o o Brand Health Measures Consumer Field Research Sales Channel Research Real-Time Sales Analysis    Effectiveness Surveys Integrated Programs Analysis Instant New Product Launch Metrics o Retail Operations Audits 11 .

perseverance. rewards and benefits. they offer competitive compensation. This is proven by their employee satisfaction scores. high energy.  The company is designed to give you the opportunity to be a part of a progressive organization and to experience professional growth. demand results and embark upon new adventures. respect. they are experiencing exponential growth.o Return Analysis and Reduction Programs Career Centre:  Market Source celebrates ambition and wholeheartedly believes in giving people the opportunity to achieve their dreams. BENEFITS OF COMPANY: 12 . and their team is the reason of their success. Integrity. they would love to hear from you . knowledge and real-world experience across a diverse range of industries and Fortune 500 companies. they are hired by some of the world's most formidable companies to provide sales and marketing best practices. Even more important. strong communication skills and leadership abilities are all qualities they seek in prospective team members.  Market Source is committed to attracting.  If you have an interest in joining a winning team. if you are passionate and committed to sales and marketing. So. which rank among the highest in the country.  As a leading provider of sales and marketing services in North America. developing and retaining a diverse workforce of people who share their core values of integrity. intelligence. They are always looking for people who would appreciate a relationship-based culture and a high-performance work environment. bonuses.  If you join their team they will give you the tools you need to be a key contributor within their company and to achieve your most precious personal goals. Right now. Market Source is the ideal place to advance your learning. you would be empowered to manage your own career path. In addition. They are searching for those who are willing to embrace change. honesty and an understanding that personal relationships are central to who we are as a company.

 INCREASED MARKET SHARE. they have a vast library of successful case studies across many different categories. and modify programs without impacting HR or creating highly visible ramp-down actions  EFFECTIVE MARKET AND CHANNEL COVERAGE:  IMPROVED FOCUS  BOOST MARKET AND OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE  INCREASE YOUR SPEED TO MARKET  REDUCE AND CONTROL OPERATIONAL COSTS  MANAGE RISK COMPANY PERFORMANCE: With over 30 years' experience. Followings are broad sampling of their programs: AUTOMOTIVE OUTSIDE DIRECT SALES: 13 . decrease. REVENUE AND PROFITS: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Realize increased margins through lower cost of sales and marketing Satisfy ROI metrics Extend coverage with consultative research and analysis Increase sales efforts in previously neglected or underserved markets Manage your channels more efficiently and effectively Augment existing internal sales and marketing programs Open up internal resources to focus on your core competencies Gain customer and competitive intelligence Access operational feedback on a regular basis Leverage product life-cycle dynamics to your advantage Ensure you meet or exceed service level agreements Reduce legacy costs Improve productivity by outsourcing administrative sales support Improve budget control with fixed-cost programs Reduce costs of fully-burdened programs Leverage off balance sheet program to provide budget flexibility Reduce risk of inefficiency with flexible and scalable programs Increase.

OEM's and Dealers are focusing their efforts toward these profit centres to offset declines in margins in other areas of their businesses. Driving sales through business partners is paramount to the overall success of this client.A Detroit-based auto manufacturer turned to Market Source to assist in growing share and profits for their Extended Warranty product. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS: Market Source has been working with a Global Leader in Communications. Additionally. supporting the Top 200 Business Partners. and Services for many years. 14 . with over 16 percent growth year after year. Program: Extended Warranty business volume and share growth represent significant incremental profit opportunity to both OEM's and dealerships selling the products. the Client and Market Source have seen a dramatic increase in sales. Market Source provides the sales and partner program support for a significant segment of the client's channel. Market Source worked with the client to design a program where Market Source field representatives train dealership personnel on product features and benefits and the most effective means of selling. Market Source has increased headcount by over 100 percent to provide greater business partner coverage. Results: Client has experienced share growth ranging from 10-to 56 percentage points and F&I income PVR of 25 to 50 percent increases. Applications. Program: To focus on supporting and selling through a Business Partner Program. Results: Since the program inception. Systems.

3 COLGATE SENSITIVE TOOTHPASTE: Colgate Sensitive toothpaste soothes the nerve ends and builds a protective shield providing both relief from sudden shocks of pain and long term sensitivity 15 .PRODUCT PROFILE 1.

protection with regular use.  You will notice improvement in 2-4 weeks. INGRREDIENTS: Ingredients Benefits Relief from sensitivity by desensitising nerves Anti-calculus benefits Anti-caries agent Potassium Nitrate Copolymer / Pyrophosphate Sodium Monoflurophosphate Table 1: Ingredients & benefits of Colgate Sensitive Why should you use Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste? Colgate Sensitive provides you with:  Fast relief from the pain of sensitive teeth 16 .  Significant inhibitory effect on the formation of supra-gingival calculus  Has a pleasant taste. Fig 3: Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste  Fights pain due to sweet/sour/hot/cold foods by desensitising nerves.  Helps maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth. If your teeth are still sensitive after a month of consistent use. consult your dentist.

 Proven protection from sensitivity with regular use  Fresh breath

What Causes tooth sensitivity?  Poor oral hygiene. This may allow tartar to build up at the gum line.  Receding gums that expose the tooth's roots  Brushing teeth too hard. This wears away the enamel layer  Frequently eating acidic foods or drinking acidic beverages  An old filling with a crack or leak  Untreated cavities.  Gum surgeries that exposes a tooth¶s root.

Price of Colgate Sensitive Products: Sr.No. Product Amount Price(MRP) Rs. 1 2 3 Colgate sensitive toothpaste Colgate sensitive toothpaste Colgate sensitive toothbrush 50gm 100gm 1 35 62 40

Table 2: Price of Colgate Sensitive Products



Colgate sensitive toothbrush is with ultra-soft bristles which best suits for damaged and sensitive teeth. It prevents farther damage and also provide smooth feel of brushing. Ultra-soft bristles help make hypersensitive teeth &gum feel as if they¶ve been treated with real care. Its flexible neck help minimize pressure on gum & the rubber thumb grip ensures better control.

Fig 4: Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush



There are so many competitors for Colgate Sensitive like Sensoform, Thermoseal, Emoform, Sensodent, Senquel, Sensoform, and Sensodyne etc. But Sensoform, Thermoseal and Emoform are the major competitors of Colgate Sensitive; since, they are prescribed by the Dentist. Sensoform is product of Warren pharmaceutical company having largest share in medicated toothpaste market in Nanded city due to lower price and also as it is prescribed by Dentist. Second most selling is Thermoseal.

THERMOSEAL:  Dentinal hypersensitivity is a sharp pain produced in the teeth, in response to stimuli such as hot, cold, sweet, sour, or contact. It affects the quality of life and results in extreme discomfort or an inability to eat or drink certain foods.  RA Thermoseal builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity of teeth to hot, cold, sweet, sour, or contact.  Fluoride in RA Thermoseal helps in prevention of dental cavities. Ingredients:

Active ingredients: Potassium nitrate B.P. 5%, Sodium monofluorophosphate U.S.P. 0.7 %( available fluoride content 917 ppm).


Inactive ingredients: Sorbitol, Glycerine, Hydrated silica, Polyethylene glycol, Sodium lauryl sulphate,Flavour,Cellulose Gum, Titanium dioxide, Sodium saccharin, Sodium benzoate, Water.

RA Thermoseal does not contain sugar.


Company IPCA Brand Thermo seal Thermoseal-RA Dr.reddy Stolin Stolin-R Senquel Senquel-F Warren Sensoform Sensodent-k Sensodent-KF J L Morison Ciens lab GSK FDC Emoform Sensicure Sensodyne Triclorogard Table 3: Competitive brands COMPITITORS PRODUCT PRISES: 20 .

PRODUCT NAME PRISE FOR 50gm PRISE FOR 100gm MARGINE % IN Thermoseal Thermoseal-RA Senquel Senquel-F Sensoform Sensicure-K Sensodent-KF Sensodent-k IPCO Hydent-K Kidodent Colgate sensitive 27.50 40 33 39 40 45 31 ------35 59 59 ------56 ---63 60 ---63 58 62 20 20 22 25 20 20 12 20 Table 4: Competitive product prises 1.4 NEED FOR THE STUDY: 21 .75 ---31.

As is somewhat different brand of toothpaste i. which is marketed by British pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline.    Targeting a worldwide market for sensitive teeth. medicated paste of Colgate and it come under OTC (over the counter) drug so company not treat this brand like their earlier brands (Promotional Activity) which come under FMCG. making eating or drinking often a painful experience.e. new customer is added and the market penetration done. prepared a questionnaires for Chemist to find out factors to be consider for selecting particular Medicated toothpaste to customer through OTC. following parameters are taken into consideration while dealing with Colgate Sensitive. It is new brand as compare to its competitor brands in market. 22 . y y y y y y y Demand Quality Price Profit Scheme Awareness Brand name Based on above parameter. Colgate says it is targeting a market that is estimated to affect 57 percent of the adult population at any given time. Currently the worldwide market for sensitive teeth oral care is dominated by the Sensodyne brand. In this way we come to know competitive aspects and also parameter for Market Penetration of Colgate Sensitive. Also by doing these questionnaires activity we also did the promotion and seeding activity in though stores where this brand is not available.  When we talk about the medicated toothpaste and toothbrush on OTC.


 To study factors consider by customers. In this my aim is to increase the sales in each medical store and also do the addition of new store for selling of this brand.  To study chemist behaviour of advising Medicated toothpaste. This was a fundamental objective of the whole research.1. while purchasing medicated toothpaste through OTC. Secondary Objective:  To determine the market share of different brands of medicated pastes available in market.  To study chemist opinion for this brand of Colgate and also the competitors brand of this category.5 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: Primary objective:  Market penetration of Colgate Sensitive in Nanded City.  To provide service to existing customers of Colgate Sensitive by solving their quarries and informing the facts of Colgate Sensitive. means to enhance sales turnover of Colgate Sensitive in Nanded city.  To identify pros and cons of the brand so that market penetration is easy and to build better brand having better image in long term market.  To search out new customers for the Colgate Sensitive. 24 .

It will also help the researcher to know chemists habitat which will add value to Colgate Sensitive to focus on the large target customer. price. and depending on their requirement company uses it.  Market survey is an important vehicle for collecting the customer¶s opinion and needs. competitive analysis. It allows the company to quickly capture the market information.  Customer satisfaction is the marketing yardstick. So that the long term brand trust is maintain and market penetration is maintain. 25 . The term satisfaction implies that one has reached an absolute level of customer acceptance means customer getting everything he desires.  Awareness level of Colgate sensitive is increased through maintain good ing relationship with the customer which will help in long term market. whether the consumer are concerned about quality. availability.  It will also help to know the perception of retailer regarding the supply of Colgate Sensitive.1.  The study was pertaining to questions like preference for a particular brand and also questions like.6 SCOPE OF STUDY:  Study will help in creating awareness of the brand on the basis of questionnaire and market research. taste and brand loyalty which help to determine consumer behavior and factors for selecting competitive brand.


it can gain new customers for these products. For example. when a firm creates new products. with advertising or other promotions. but frequently markets new burgers.  Market development (new markets. Market penetration is the least risky way for a company to grow. Other ways include attracting non-users of your product or convincing current clients to use more of your product/service (by advertising etc). as a strategy to earn more revenue for the firm. the point is that the product is new to the company). Virgin Megastores.  Product development (existing markets. Other ways include attracting non-users of your product or convincing current clients to use more of your product/service. Frequently. The best way to achieve this is by gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share). 27 .  Diversification (new markets.Market penetration is one of the four growth strategies of the ProductMarket Growth Matrix defined by Ansoff. This resulted in the company entering new markets where it had no presence before. new products): Virgin Cola. new products): A firm with a market for its current products might embark on a strategy of developing other products catering to the same market (although these new products need not be new to the market. existing products): Market penetration occurs when a company enters/penetrates a market with current products. Market penetration occurs when a company enters/penetrates a market with current products. Virgin Telecommunications are examples of new products created by the Virgin Group of UK. McDonald's is always within the fast-food industry. existing products): An established product in the marketplace can be tweaked or targeted to a different customer segment. This is a good example of developing a new market for an existing product. Lucozade was first marketed for sick children and then rebranded to target athletes. to leverage the Virgin brand. For example. Virgin Airlines. The best way to achieve this is by gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share). Most marketing activity revolves around penetration as it is least risky.  Market penetration (existing markets.

poor quality control. unavailability of materials. customer support facilities and logistical capabilities. recruiting policies. the extent of channel utilization. PRACTICAL ASPECTS: 28 . regulatory problems and the inability to properly and sufficiently explain the benefits of your company¶s products or services to the prospect. reputation. access to prospects and familiarity with your products or services   Technological efforts Availability of an adequate operating capital The strategy of market penetration is considered as the possibility of growing through achieving higher market participation on the products and the markets the company currently operates. employee benefit programs.  The enterprise infrastructure which comprises its organization.MARKET PENETRATION: Taking into consideration that the term market penetration is defined as a strategy of increasing sales of existing products into current markets. the analysis of the factors with influence over the costs to achieve the significant market penetration a company is looking for includes:   The company¶s marketing strength The possibility of having access to low cost materials as well as to effective production   The experience of your company The consideration of problems related to the introduction such as lack of adherence to industry standards.  Distribution effectiveness including history of relations. financial stability.

All these ways were used for carrying out this project and my work was as fallows.  Contacted regularly to the CDO (City Development Officer) for discussing work done and get guidance for my project.  At first.  Requested chemists to fill the questionnaire.  Visited chemist stores and informed about the Colgate Sensitive product and its competitive advantage is daily work. I had collected Chemist Data from Chemist Bhavan from Nanded and then selected out 150 chemist stores as a sample size on non-probability type of sampling. for primary data of this project. 29 .  Visited to stockist for discussing the supply chain.  Fill a excel sheet from information collected by daily visits as a part of DSR (Daily Service Report) which is further used for analysis purpose.  Sold the Colgate Sensitive Paste with Invoice.There can be three different ways to carry out this strategy of market penetration: a) the current customers purchase more of your products and services b) gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share) c) attract new potential customers that are not actually consuming your products.

CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design and Methodology: Research: 30 .

 Marketing research is as systematic and objectives study of the problems pertaining to the marketing of the goods and services.  It is a systematic and intensive study directed towards a more complete knowledge of the subject studied.  Its purpose is to find answers to questions through the application of the scientific method. In view of the major consideration. This type of research is by far the most popular form of market research. It is used extensively when the research purpose is to explain. For example. how many competitors a company faces. For instance. but is applied to all the phases and aspects. Marketers routinely conduct basic descriptive research using informal means. On the contrary. It is a moment from known to unknown.1 Type of research Design: This project ³Market Penetration of Colgate Sensitive in Nanded city & its competitive analysis´ is the case of Descriptive Market Research.  We may also say that marketing research is of both types problem solving and problem oriented. It may be emphasized that it is not restricted to any particular area of marketing. 3. it does not qualify as basic research. which group is buying a particular brand. monitor and test hypotheses. it tackles problems. and can also be used to a lesser extent to help make predictions and for discovery.  As marketing does not address itself to basic or fundamental question. Research is an art of scientific investigation through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. which seem to have immediate commercial potential. marketing research should be regarded as applied research. a product¶s market share within a certain industry. the head of marketing of Colgate Company may email a retailer to see 31 .  Research always starts with a question or a problem. Descriptive & diagnostic Market Research: The focus of descriptive research is to provide an accurate description for something that is occurring. etc.

Rather. to be useful. while widely undertaken.2 Data collection technique: The primary and secondary techniques of data collection were used to collect the data. the information should not be used as an important component in marketing decisions. 32 . descriptive research must be conducted in a way that adheres to a strict set of research requirements to capture relevant results. often fails to meet the tests of research validity and reliability and. RESEARCH PROCESS: Formation of objective Secondary data collection Selection of sample size Questionnair preparation Primary data collection Data analysis Findings and limitations Conclusion suggestion 3. But informal descriptive research. Under most circumstances this requires researchers have a good grasp of research methods including knowledge of data analysis. This often means that care must be taken to develop a structured research plan. the products are selling.

information manual. they refer to the data which have already been collected and analyzed by someone else. Here the major source used for primary data collection is Questionnaire. this has been used to know about the organization.  Interview schedule.  Discussion with some concerned people.  Questionnaire. 3. website etc. A structured questionnaire is type of questionnaire. which includes closed ended questions and is in structured and printed format.3 SAMPLING DESIGN: Population: 33 . Source of Primary data collection:  Observation. b) Secondary data collection technique: Secondary data means the data that are already available i. Here in this research the structured questionnaire prepared and chemists were asked to fill it individually.a) Primary technique of data collection: Primary data is that type of data which includes the first hand information which is being collected from the respondent through observation or direct communication with the respondent in one form or the other. sales policy.e.  Field observation. market share of the organization. Secondary data has been taken from the company booklets.

samples were taken from different Chemists form Nanded city which randomly selected from total number of chemist. Population means the aggregate of element from which a sample is to be drawn. Sampling errors: There were some pharmacies which were Hospital pharmacies and are not deals with toothpaste segment and were included in sampling. Sampling Unit: It means whom to be surveyed. Questionnaire structure and Type:  Project questionnaire is fall into structured questionnaire type. Source and method of data collection: Data includes facts and figures. Here sampling unit is a Chemist. in the case of this project it covers chemists of Nanded for the survey and it is a Non-Probability Sampling. Sampling Technique: Random sampling technique has been used to select the sample. In this project. Each subject from the population is chosen randomly and entirely by chance. which are required to be collected from chemists to achiever the objectives of the project which is used to determine the present position and expectation of customer from this brand. 34 . such that each subject has the same probability of being chosen at any stage during the sampling process.In statistical usage the term population is applied to any finite or infinite collection of individuals. Sample size: During the project 150 numbers of chemists were taken as a sample size. A Simple random sample is a group of subjects chosen from a larger group (population).

including the aims and objectives of the survey.  There are a number of issues to consider when designing a questionnaire. Approach of Chemist: few chemists were not entertaining the Questionnaire. Time constraint: It was very difficult to get the appointment of required person chosen who the busy person. so it is not possible to get perfect perception of interviewee. 4. Selective specialization: Only Medicated paste & brush of Colgate Sensitive were covered under project survey and the other medicated product of Colgate( C. 3. 3. Unavailability of authorized person: In most cases authoritative person means owner of medical store (chemist) was not available during the interview. It took very long time in waiting hence large number of sample size was not possible. including boxes to tick or question responses that have been assigned a code). 5. A structured questionnaire is a series of 'closed' questions asked in the order in which they are laid down. 35 . The method of data processing should also be considered and incorporated into the design of the questionnaire (for instance. Region: The survey was limited for Nanded city only. Total.  Questions must be personalized for use with a mixture of people and be userfriendly. it is important to think about possible answers and how they may affect the response to other questions. When designing the questionnaire.  Closed Questions: Where the only answers are yes/no/don't know. For example: 'Are you planning a holiday this year?' It is possible to anticipate the answer and results can be easily summarised. The method of data collection to be used must suit the nature of the sample and the questions you want to ask. 2. Plax).4 Limitation of the study: 1.

1. Which type of Product Categories available in your store? 36 .CHAPTER 4 DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRITATION: Product categories available in Medical Store. Q.

Do you Stock Medicated Toothpaste & Toothbrush in your store? Response No.22.67% 93. Availability of Medi ated Segment of Oral Care in Medi al Store: .33% 92% 92% Me c es osme cs Toothpaste Toothbrush Mouthwash Graph 6: Product Categories available i medical store.67 Mouthwash Table 5: Product Categories available i medical store.e. Produ t C t ori s 100% 100 80 60 40 20 0 22.2. If we deal with another oral care product Mouthwash the availability is very poor i. Of Responses 37 Percentage ¢¡ ¡   ¥¤ £ .33 92 92 22.67%. Cosmetic category covers the toothpaste and toothbrush 92%.Product C t ori M dici Cosmetics Toot Toot ste rush 140 138 138 34 il ilit il ilit 93. Remaining all are Hospital Pharmacy. Interpretati n: As per the research it was anal ed that cosmetics category is available in near about 94% of chemist store in Nanded.

it is absent in 8% of Chemist Store & that are basically Hospital Pharmacy & these store¶s even not store general oral care product & cosmetic product.Yes No Total 138 12 150 92 8 Table 6: Availability of medicated segment of oral care Medi ted egment f ral Care 92% 100 80 60 40 8% 20 Yes No 0 Yes No Graph7: Availability of medicated segment of oral care Interpretation: Medicated toothpaste & toothbrush are present in 92% of Chemist Store i. in almost all Chemist store. whereas. Of Responses 38 Percentage . Awareness of Colgate Sensitive brand: .3 Are you aware of Colgate Sensitive brand? Response No.e.

39 . Competitive Analysis of Colgate Sensitive toothpaste: .4. Brand Awareness 94% 00 80 Interpretation: Almost all Chemists 94% in Nanded are aware about Colgate Sensitive brand means it is easy to deal with them for the detailing and to convince them.Aware Not aware Total 141 9 150 94 6 Table7: Awareness of Colgate Sensitive Brand to Chemist. Also from this analysis it is interpreted that brand awareness is alread down the only this y remains is the product penetration. Which medicated toothpaste/s are available in your store? Brand Name No. of Response Percentage ¦ 60 40 Aware Not aware 20 0 6% Aware Not aware Graph8: Awareness of Colgate Sensitive Brand to Chemist. The 6% population which is not aware this brand is belonging to special Hospital Pharmacy and they are not aware as they are not deal with the oral care products.

Sensoform is the strongest competitor for Colgate Sensitive toothpaste.5.  Other stronger competitors are Thermoseal and Emoform. Competitive Analysis of Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush: .Colgate Sensitive Thermo seal Emoform Sensoform Other 66 84 72 117 51 44 56 48 78 34 Table8: Competitive Analysis Medicated Toothpaste Competitive Analysis 78% 80 56% 60 40 44% 48% Therm seal lgate en itive Therm seal Em f rm Sens f rm Other Other Graph 9: Competitive Analysis Medicated Toothpast Interpretation: Above analysis interprets that.  The other all brands are found in few of Medical Store. its share is low as compare with other competitors this due to long brand history of competitor and also due to high dentist prescription.  About Colgate Sensitive toothpaste in Nanded. Which Medicated toothbrush/s are available in your store? 40  0 Sens f rm  20 Em f rm   34% lgate Sensitive ¨¨ ¨¨ ¨  © ¨§ .  In Nanded.

in Nanded city. Nature of selling: Q.67 64 53.67% Colgate Sensitive Colgate 360* Oral-B Cross Action Oral-B 123 40 20 0 olgate Sensitive Colgate 360* Oral-B Cross Action Oral-B 123 Other Other Interpretation: Above analysis interprets that.  In this case all other brand sum is about 53.  Strongest competitor of Colgate Sensitive toothbrush is Oral B 123.  Other two competitor are its own brand Colgate 360* & Oral B CrossAction.Brand Name Colgate Sensitive Colgate 360* Oral B CrossAction Oral B 123 Other No.33% 44% 42% 26.33 Table 9: Competitive Analysis Toothbrush Competiti e Anal sis 80 60 64% 53.6 How medicated toothpaste & toothbrush are sold mostly?  Graph 10: Competitive Analysis Toothbrush 41 .  Colgate Sensitive toothbrush is having second most market share in medicated toothbrush. of Response 66 63 40 96 80 Percentage 44 42 26.33% which means there is scope to increase the market capturing for Colgate Sensitive toothbrush.

e.Nature of selling On OTC On Prescription Total No. Customer behaviour for Medi ated Toothpaste on OTC Q. 42% percent medicated toothpaste is sold as a OTC (Over the Counter) way i. there is scope for promoting & convincing to the Chemist for advice this brand so that sale increase. of Response 63 87 150 Table 10: Nature of selling Percentage 42 58 Nature of selling 58% 60 50 40 30 42% On OTC On rescription 20 10 0 Graph 11: Nature of selling Interpretation: Above analysis interpret as.7 On which factor/s customer purchase medicated toothpaste by OTC? 42  On OTC On rescription  . Other fact in this case is 58% of prescription selling is though Dentist so cove them by appointing Marketing executive so that these prescriptions are about Colgate Sensitive.

Factors Price Scheme Brand Name Chemist Advice No.8 Do you suggest Colgate Sensitive toothpaste on OTC? 43 . of Responses 112 57 93 126 Percentage 74.67% 80 60 40 38% 62% Price Scheme 20 0 Brand Name Chemist Advice Price Scheme Brand Name Chemist Advice Graph12: Customer behaviour on OTC Interpretation: On OTC.  Brand name of paste is also a deciding parameter (62%) for selection byOTC.  Scheme is also the factor to consider while purchase of paste (38%). as per Colgate product concerned brand image of this product is far most parameter in OTC.  Most number of customers go for Chemist advice (84%).67 38 62 84 Table11: Customer behaviour on OTC Customer behaviour on OTC 100 84% 74.67%). customer behaviour for medicated toothpaste is.  Second most parameter for purchase is price of paste (74. Chemist Role in OTC: Q.

Chemist view about Colgate Sensitive: Q. of Responses 48 102 Percentage 32 68 Table12: Chemist suggestion to Colgate Sensitive Chemist Role in OTC 68% 70 60 50 40 30 Yes NO 32% 20 10 0 Yes NO Graph13: Chemist suggestion to Colgate Sensitive Interpretation: From above graph it shows that. But for other 68% of customer Chemist advice other medicated product. Why? 44 .Response Yes NO No.9 If No. to the 32% of customer Chemist advice Colgate Sensitive.

Factors Lack of Knowledge Less margin Higher price Less therapeutic effect Total No.8% 45% Lack of Knowledge 6.  45% of chemists not suggest this brand due to its high price than its competitors. of Responses 23 62 46 17 102 Percentage 22.8 45 16.67% of Chemists not suggests this brand due to its less therapeutic effect on sensitive teeth.  16.5% of Chemists not suggests this brand due to lack of proper pharmacological knowledge.5% 60. Chemists¶ consideration for Medicated toothpaste: 45   .67 Table13: Chemist view about Colgate Sensitive 70 60 50 40 30 20 0 22.5 60.  22.67% Less margin Higher price Less therapeutic effect 0 Lack of Less margin Knowledge Higher price Less therapeutic effect Graph14: Chemist view about Colgate Sensitive Interpretation: From graph it is interpreted that.  60.8% Chemists not suggest Colgate Sensitive because of its less margin then the competitors.

 Most number of Chemists (88%) considers Demand of medicated toothpaste for making available in their store. Chemists expectations from company: 46  High Margin Better Scheme Good Service emand  G d Service .67 88 Table14: Chemists¶ consideration for Medicated toothpaste Chemists consideration 88% 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 78. of Responses 118 93 72 132 Percentage 78.67% think good service is factor for making available in their store.33 62 47.  78.33% sample population of Chemists considers Higher margin as their factor for making available in their store. it include the fast supply chain. after sale service and expiry.  47.  62% of chemists are attracted toward better scheme.10 Which factor/s you consider for making available medicated toothpaste? Factors High Margin Better Scheme Good Service Demand No.Q.33% 62% 47.67% High Margin Better Scheme emand Graph15: Chemists¶ consideration for Medicated toothpaste Interpretation: From graph it is interpreted that.

Variants analysis ! 80% 46.67 37.33% More Advertisement Credit Facility Good supply chain Dentist call High Margin Graph16: Chemists expectations from company 47 .  85.  80% of chemists expect more advertisement from company for this product.33% of chemists expect good supply chain from company so that it make an image in market and is easily available.67% Interpretation: From above chart it is interpreted that. of Responses 120 70 56 91 128 Percentage 80 46. dentist call by company and convince them to prescribe this brand.  46.67% 80 60 40 20 0 37.67 85.33 Table15: Chemists expectations from company Chemi 00 ex ectatio 85.67% of chemists wants credit facility from company.33% of chemists (most) expect higher margin from company.33% 60.11 What are your expectations from company? Factors More Advertisement Credit Facility Good supply chain Dentist call High Margin No.  37.Q.  60.33 60.67% of chemists expect more no.

50gm is due to less investment and 100gm is due to long usage of this brand for regular interval. 48 . of Responses 81 69 Table16: Variants analysis Percentage 54 46 Variants anal sise 54% 54% 52% 50% 48% 50gm 46% 46% 44% 42% 50gm 100gm 100gm Graph17: Variants analysis Interpretation: From graph it shows that. 50gm of Colgate Sensitive are mostly 54% sold.12 Which variants of Colgate sensitive are sold mostly? Variants 50gm 100gm No. while 100gm of Colgate Sensitive is sold by 46%.Q.

33 56 56 Table17: Purchase order Purchase ordere 56% 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 37. 49 .  56% of Chemists purchased Colgate Sensitive toothbrush.Purchase order: Q.13 Purchase order? Type of product Colgate sensitive toothpaste 100gm Colgate sensitive toothpaste 50gm Colgate sensitive toothbrush No. Of stores 56 84 84 Percentage 37.  56% of Chemists purchased Colgate Sensitive toothpaste 50gm.33% 56% Colgate sensitive toothpaste 100gm Colgate sensitive toothpaste 50gm Colgate sensitive toothbrush Colgate sensitive toothpaste 100gm Colgate sensitive toothpaste 50gm Colgate sensitive toothbrush Graph18: Purchase order Interpretation: From graph it is interpreted that.33% of Chemists purchased Colgate Sensitive toothpaste 100gm. That means fast moving variant is 50gm of Colgate Sensitive and also some stores keep both variant and the store which purchase toothpaste also purchase toothbrush.  37.


 By doing personal selling I had seeded (added) 84 medical stores and start new business in these stores. more then all above chemist wants more & more demand of particular product from customer  Chemist expect higher margin.  Now.  About purchasing. second is Tharmoseal. as they want more profit from product.  Near about all chemist shop store medicated toothpaste & toothbrush & other oral care product. then the price. 42% of customer purchase medicated toothpaste by OTC.  While purchasing on OTC customer consider mostly Chemist suggestion.  Chemist while trading medicated toothpaste & toothbrush want high margin also want better scheme and good service of company. also they having less knowledge about Colgate Sensitive. then they say¶s that Colgate Sensitive having higher price.  Competitors having larger share of market then Colgate Sensitive in Nanded city. 51 .FINDINGS: By doing data analysis we found that in Nanded. also some chemist say they observe less therapeutic effect then its competitor over hypersensitivity.  Chemist does not suggest Colgate Sensitive on OTC. also they want good supply chain.  Almost all chemists are aware Colgate Sensitive brand but they are not having full knowledge about it. then brand name and the scheme on the product.  In case of toothbrush segment Oral-B 123 is strongest competitor of Colgate Sensitive toothbrush in Nanded city. all over Nanded Colgate Sensitive is Present in 82% of medical store. other main competitor is Emoform for Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste in Nanded city.  Mostly chemist does not suggest Colgate Sensitive on OTC. more advertisement & promotion and continuous Dentist call¶s so the demand increase through prescription generation.  Strong competitor is Sensoform.  50gm variant of Colgate Sensitive toothpaste is highly demanded in market of Nanded city then its 100gm variant.

Some of them are chemist margin.  We found some parameters on which the competitor runs their product in this market. this is done by doing the detailing and sharing information during questionnaire filling.  Now Colgate Sensitive brand is available in 82% of Chemists stores in Nanded city.  Colgate Sensitive is now available with those chemists who were not engaged in selling this paste (Seeding of Colgate Sensitive).  We found that medicated pastes are mostly sold through OTC. company consider all these factors for improvement which will be used for market penetration of this brand.CONCLUSION: It is concluded that. 52 . From project we can conclude that. That means selling of medicated paste is largely depend on chemist. dentists¶ calls and also schemes. in Nanded city Colgate Sensitive is penetrated up to some extent but still there is further scope for improvement of its market share.  By this project. price.


 Company should observe & improve supply chain. I want to suggest. For this appoint a sales executive in each district. 54 . For enhancing sales volume company provide schemes on higher purchase.  Chemist wants better scheme so provide some schemes.  Do promotion through Dentist. it helps in market penetration of product.  As this product having high price then its competitor so reduce it to the competitor¶s price.By observing the findings from data analysis of Nanded city.  For consumer awareness there should be more emphasis on advertisements though different media. which will generate more prescription and ultimately demand will increases.  Company also make sure the chemist should have proper knowledge of Colgate Sensitive.  Company should increase Profit margin to the Chemist as 42% of selling is done through OTC.


in/url?q=http://www.glencoe. 2.html ) 1 1 ) ' 2 # " &% # " ( $ " " ( ( " ( 0 # 56 .in/url?q= 3.1.bplans. Ramaswamy.shtml&sa=X&ei=Zml7TIf7EsuHcZvc8IQG&ved=0CA QpAM oAw&usg=AFQjCNGLD9OeIRF4tSiu2TuCpgpJXjL8dQ et ing/dp/ad_serv/ er_mar e ting_glossary.R. ³Marketing Management´ 12th edition by Philip eting/glossary A&usg=AFQjCNG_jc33fIY9bnuxcryJsfuI06Ospw  http://www. =AFQjCNEHv8TuLBsFAbSQhsMgIdnUn71ySg  http://www. Macmillan Publishers India ltd. Fourth sellingobjectives. Global Perspective Indian Context by ³Research Methodology´ by Web Pages:  http://www google co in/url?q=http://en wi ipedia org/wi i/Personal_selling&s a=X&ei=Zml7TIf7EsuHcZvc8IQ &ved=0C QpAMoAA&usg=AFQjC G2NCIT5dPu cj 1i_4fPMq6EgGx9A  http://www google co in/url?q=http://www quintcareers. Marketing 656g oyZce-dgitu8baA  http://www.htm&sa=X&ei=Zml7TIf7EsuHcZvc8IQG&ved=0CAsQpAMoBQ&usg=AFQjCNEZ ClNRDDwasW4BGTU_CocY4mCnhw

CHAPTER 8 ANNEXURE MS Detailing Activity: Call Sheet Name of Store: 57 .

Which toothbrush/s are available in your store? a) Col Sensitive 58 .Address: Mobile No.: Stamp: (Tick appropriate options) 1. Which medicated toothpaste/s are available in your store? a) Colgate Sensitive b) Thermo seal c) Emoform d) Sensoform e) Other 5. Are you aware of Colgate Sensitive brand? a) Yes b) No 4. Do you stock medicated toothpaste & toothbrush in your store? a) Yes b) No 3. Which type of Product categories available in your store? a) Medicines b) Cosmetics c) Toothpaste d) Toothbrush e) Mouthwash 2.

On which factor/s customer purchase medicated toothpaste by OTC? a) Price b) Scheme c) Brand name d) Your advice 8. How medicated toothpaste & toothbrush are sold mostly? a) On OTC b) On Prescription 7. Why? a) Lack of knowledge b) Less margin c) Higher price d) Less therapeutic effect 10.b) Oral-B Crosspower c) Col 360* d) Oral-B123 e) Other 6. Do you suggest Colgate Sensitive toothpaste on OTC? a) Yes b) No 9. Which factor/s you consider for making available medicated toothpaste in your Store? 59 . If No.

1 2 3 Type of product Colgate sensitive toothpaste 100gm Colgate sensitive toothpaste 50gm Colgate sensitive toothbrush ** Thanks for your valuable time and Feedback** Quantity 60 . What are your expectations from company? a) More Advertisement b) Credit facility c) Good Supply Chain d) Dentist call e) High Margin 12.a) High Margin b) Better Scheme c) d) Good Service Demand 11. Which variants of Colgate sensitive are sold mostly? a) 50 gm b) 100 gm 13. No. Purchase order details: Sr.

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